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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Tommys Initiation

Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 04:34:25 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Tommy's Initiation

Tommy's Initiation

The afternoon sun, visible in slanting blocks of golden light, cut through
the dusty air of the old abandoned wooden house that stood next to a small,
still inlet backwater of the nearby slow-moving river. Five boys had
entered the largest room of the deserted structure on this midsummer day to
participate in a ceremony, a rite of passage. Four of the boys were there
to initiate the fifth. The initiate was anxious and uncertain; he wanted
to belong to the group, but he knew, in the most general way, what he would
be facing.

"Bobby has told us you wanted to join our club. Is that correct?"


"The club has voted to allow you to try to join. Are you ready to begin?"

The candidate for initiation gulped and replied, "Yes."

"Strip off," directed the leader of the troupe, "put your clothes over
there on that chair."

The eleven year old boy went over to the spindly, broken-backed chair that
was one of the few pieces of furniture left by the long gone occupants. He
removed his white T-shirt revealing his slim torso. He used his instep on
the rubber heel of his low top black Chucks to pry them from his sockless
feet. He unbuckled his belt, undid the top snap to his dungarees and let
them drop, stepping out of them one foot at a time. After folding them in
half and putting them on the seat of the chair, he hesitated for just a
moment before sliding his cotton briefs down over his buttocks. The boy
carefully raised each foot so as not to get the dirt that clung to the
soles of his bare feet on the white fabric. After putting his underpants
on top of his dungarees he turned towards his older companions.

"Stand in the center of the room," ordered the oldest boy.

The naked boy did as he was told. He stood before them.

"Bobby told you that you have to pass the initiation to join, didn't he?"


"You know you have to pass the tests without complaint, right?"


"You know in order to pass your initiation you have to do anything and
everything anyone asks you to do, no matter what?"


"You know that this is a secret club and that once you agree to begin the
initiation there is no changing your mind. You know that any club member
who reveals the secrets of the club, no matter who they are, will be dealt
with. You understand this don't you?"


"This is your last chance to change your mind. Are you sure you want to

The boy nervously licked his dry lips with his tongue. He looked over to
his twelve year old friend Bobby who had told him about belonging to a
secret club where boys got together to do "stuff" together. Bobby didn't
give many details, but he said it was worth it to go through the initiation
to join. Bobby did say that in order to join you had to do anything and
everything the other boys said. When Tommy asked what Bobby meant by
anything, Bobby lowered his voice and declared ominously, "anything means
anything." Tommy looked his friend in the eyes; Bobby looked back,
tightlipped. It was Tommy's decision to make.

The boy turned back to face the leader, took a deep breath and committed
himself, "I want to join."

"Are you sure? Once you begin there's no turning back."

"I'm sure."

"You've made your decision. Get on your knees."

The boy knelt on the dusty planks. The four older boys stood around the
candidate in a circle. The leader, thirteen year old Alan, spoke

"You have to prove yourself worthy of joining the club. It is a secret
brotherhood. Every member has to pass two stages of initiation. The first
stage is being cleansed of false pride. You must learn humility. Are you
ready to begin?"

"Yes," replied the kneeling boy.

The older boy, standing in front of Tommy, unzipped the fly of his jeans
and pulled out his penis. It hung there, its purple head visible before
the wide blue eyes of the eleven year old. The younger boy could see the
leader smile above him. Then the other boys unzipped as well. Tommy
looked, first to his left and then to his right and saw the other boys
hanging from their jeans. He knew from the sound of the zipper that Frank
behind him was ready as well.

Alan took his circumcised member in his right hand and unleashed a stream
of urine onto the face of the naked boy kneeling before him. The younger
boy closed his eyes and turned his head as the first stream splashed from
his face onto his shoulders. Tommy leaned forward slightly, unconsciously
trying to avoid having the liquid run down his torso. The leader stopped
his stream. He gave a one-word command.


The boy standing behind Tommy knew what the leader wanted. If the initiate
tried to avoid being splashed from one direction he would get it from
another. Frank, who had the longest cock among the boys unleashed his
stream. It hit Tommy on the knobby bumps of his spine in the middle of his
back. The copious stream ran down and over the crouching boy's buttocks.
Tommy realized at this point there was no avoiding being totally covered by
the pissing boys. Frank ran his thick stream over Tommy's back and up into
the boy's brown hair. Frank stopped his stream.

"Straighten up," commanded Alan.

Tommy did as he was told. The two boys standing to the left and the right
both stepped forward and, with wide smiles, one at a time, peed on the side
of Tommy's face. It ran down Tommy's chest and over the front of his
thighs. Then Alan stepped forward again. He waited for Tommy to open his
eyes. Urine still dripped from his hair.

"Open your mouth."

Tommy was stunned, but he complied.

"Stick out your tongue."

Tommy did. Alan unleashed a short burst into the open boy's mouth. Tommy
squeezed his eyes tightly shut. He could taste the hot, salty liquid as it
ran out of his mouth. It left a metallic taste on his tongue. Each of the
other three boys in turn stepped up and peed in Tommy's mouth. Tommy tried
not to swallow any of the urine, but it was unavoidable. Frank was the
last to piss in Tommy's mouth. When he was finished he circled back around
behind Tommy.

The first part of the initiation was coming to its conclusion. Alan began
again, pissing onto the boy's chest and then spraying up and down Tommy's
torso. The other two boys standing to each side in front of Tommy joined
in after a few moments. S-shaped streams of urine flew up and down. Tommy
was completely soaked. The urine ran in sheets down the boy's stomach and
thighs. He could feel the flow of urine that the three boys were pissing
pour over his penis and down around the sides of his balls. Alan finished
by aggressively aiming hot yellow liquid directly at the submitting boy's
genitals until his stream dropped to nothing. Bobby and Dougie, the boy's
to the right and the left, made sure the last of their yellow liquid
covered any part of Tommy's body that wasn't already wet. Frank finished
with decreasing arcs that glittered in the diffracted sunlight of the
abandoned room.

Tommy kneeled on the soaked pine redolent with the gang's combined efforts,
the dark stains clearly delineated in the dust of the boards. The boy's
brown locks were matted and dripped here and there. He blinked trying to
lessen the sting in his eyes. He snuffled; the excess liquid in his nose
went down the back of his throat.

Alan spoke, "You have passed the first stage of your initiation. You have
done well. Are you ready for the second stage?"

"Yes," Tommy hesitatingly replied.

"The second stage of your initiation is to show your dedication to the
members of the club and to seal the bond of loyalty between us. In order
to prove yourself you have to suck each of our cocks."

Tommy was stunned. He had never thought of such a thing.

"Are you ready to meet the test of loyalty and obedience?"


"Bobby, you can go first," Alan directed.

Bobby stepped up and stood in front of his friend. Tommy had seen Bobby's
penis before, it looked just like his. It was pale white, except for a
dark, irregular circumcision scar. It hung down from his friend's open
zipper about an inch and a half ending in a purple-hued knob.

"You have to suck each of us until you're told to stop. Open your mouth,"
Alan ordered.

Tommy opened, leaned forward and took his pal's wiener in his lips. It
felt spongy like rubber.

"Suck on it," Alan commanded.

Tommy sucked. He had a close up view of Bobby's zipper.

"That's it," Alan commented lewdly.

Tommy looked up at Alan to confirm that he was doing what he was supposed
to. Then Tommy noticed something Bobby's dick was getting longer and
harder in his mouth.

"How's he doing? You got a boner yet?" Alan asked Bobby.

"Good. I'm getting hard."

Tommy could hear the excitement in his twelve year old friend's voice.
Bobby was fully stiff and his dick stuck straight up from the open fly of
his dungarees. The tip of Tommy's nose was coming into contact with the
teeth of Bobby's open zipper.

Tommy's dick got hard sometimes; when riding his bike or climbing a tree or
sliding down a railing. It felt uncomfortable all stiff, but it felt good,
too. Tommy felt himself getting a little stiff.

"Okay, its Dougie's turn now."

Tommy stopped and Bobby stepped back. His boner stuck out of his jeans
under his t-shirt. Tommy saw that the boys had formed a semicircular line
and had been watching him suck his pal. Tommy also noticed that Alan's
penis had fattened up. It looked big to the boy down on his knees.

Dougie now stood in front of Tommy. Dougie was Frank's little brother and
was twelve just like Bobby. Dougie was the only boy that was
uncircumcised. Frank had been uncircumcised up until last year, but he had
to have an operation because his foreskin became too tight when he hit
puberty and his penis grew.

"Pull your cap back and show Tommy your dickhead, Dougie," Frank told his

Dougie proudly skinned back his pointy sheath. Tommy studied it closely.
Dougie's exposed knob looked just like Tommy's except it was very red, not

"Enough looking. Let's get back to it," Alan admonished.

Dougie let his skin roll back and stepped up to the still wet boy on the
floor of the dilapidated house. Dougie looked half-hard already, Tommy
thought to himself as he put the boy's slim dick in his mouth. He sucked
just like he did with Bobby. Dougie got stiff just like Bobby did. He was
a little longer, though.

"Alright, Dougie" Alan called out after a minute or so passed.

Dougie stepped back dutifully. He stuck up out of his jeans just like

"Frank, I think I ought to go first," Alan suggested seeing Frank's
lengthy, half-erect cock prominently protruding from his buddy's fly.

"Yeah," Frank agreed.

Tommy was feeling apprehensive seeing their penises hanging from their
jeans. Both of the thirteen year olds were much bigger than the younger
boys; they were twice as thick and twice as long. Their penises looked
more like his Dad's, which he had seen once or twice.

Tommy didn't have much time to be scared. Alan stepped up to the kneeling
boy. He unbuckled and dropped his jeans to his knees; he then pulled his
underwear down to his thighs. This is what Tommy saw immediately before
him. Alan had a growing patch of dark, just-curling hair at the base of
his shaft. The thirteen year old's penis had a very prominent ridge around
the wide cockhead. Tommy could see a pearl of clear fluid suspended in its
pouty lips. Tommy looked up at Alan.

The older boy knew what Tommy was thinking. He reached down and squeezed
his shaft. The pearl doubled in size. Alan reached down with his middle
finger and wiped the tip. Tommy watched intently as the older boy put the
drop to his lips and licked it off with his tongue. Alan smiled. The
other boys laughed. Tommy smiled, too; this was a nifty club.

"Just take the end," Alan instructed Tommy. "Curve your lips over your
teeth so they don't scrape."

Tommy had to open his mouth wide to take the large glans of the thirteen
year old. It felt big and fat and filled Tommy's mouth completely.

"Use your tongue circle it around."

Tommy did his best, but it was awfully big. Tommy could feel the prominent
ridges on the underside of Alan's cockhead with his tongue as the older
boy's penis engorged. Tommy noticed something else the smell of the
older boy. It smelled good somehow. Tommy tingled with excitement. His
penis stood hard between his wet thighs.

"Ohhh ... nnhh," sighed Alan.

"I think he's getting the hang of it," Frank exclaimed amusingly.

"Yeah," the two younger boys agreed. They slowly fingered their erections
watching Tommy take Alan's rod. They knew exactly what it was like from
past experience.

"Go up and down on it, Tommy," Alan said huskily.

Alan took Tommy's head in both hands to guide him; his fingers entwined in
the urine-soaked locks. Tommy tried to go up and down on it like he did
with the other two boys, but it soon hit the back of his throat and Tommy
gagged a little.

Alan was getting very hard and Tommy was having trouble taking in the rigid
penis now that it had gone vertical.

"Okay, that's enough," Alan breathily declared as he slid Tommy off his
cock. "I was getting a little close there."

"My turn," Frank claimed.

He quickly dropped his pants. Frank had hardened watching Tommy do the
other three boys. His long shaft jutted forward nearly six inches, the end
was wet from excitement.

"Be careful with that thing, Frank," warned Alan mockingly.

"Yeah, be careful," echoed the two younger boys laughingly.

Tommy bit his lip. He was scared. He knew he couldn't take more than half
of Frank's length without choking. He looked up at Frank.

"Just lick it first," the older boy said to put Tommy at ease.

Tommy saw the glistening wetness. He licked it. Frank sighed. Tommy
licked some more. The other three boys masturbated openly at the sight.

"Suck it. Take as much as you can."

Tommy did so. He bobbed up and down like he had with the others, but with
a newfound expertise. He could smell Frank. He smelled like Alan smelled.
Tommy squirmed with pleasure, the cleft of his buttocks slippery, still wet
with urine.

Frank moaned.

"I think we need to finish," Alan loudly suggested.

"Okayy ... ," Frank groaned. He pulled his cock free from Tommy's lips.

All four boys quickly formed a semicircle immediately in front of Tommy.
The two older boys were directly in front of Tommy, the two younger boys on
each side.

"Ready?" Alan asked.

"Yeah ... Yep ... Let's do it!"

All four boys began stroking their erections rapidly. Tommy could barely
take it all in. He looked from cock to cock. Bobby used his thumb and
first two fingers, the head was deep purple. Dougie pulled his, the
foreskin alternately exposing and hiding his redness. Both of the older
boys had dropped their pants and underwear to their ankles and pushed their
hips and cocks forward. They both held their shafts in a full-fisted grip.
It didn't take long before ...

"Unhh ... unhh ... I'm coming!" Bobby cried out.

Tommy looked over to see his friend grimacing like he was in pain. What
was happening?

"My balls are tight. I'm getting ready to shoot," Frank called out

"I'm almost there, too," Alan responded.

Tommy looked and saw the Frank was right, his sack had pulled up tight.
What did that mean?

"Here... here... here it comes!" Frank shouted.

All of a sudden something did shoot from Frank's penis. A glob of
something hit Tommy in the face.

"Don't move!" Alan commanded.

Tommy froze. Another glob landed in Tommy's hair.

"Unggh ... Unggh ... Unnggh!"

Frank continued to pump a few more sticky shots onto the kneeling boy's
chest. Tommy was going to look down and see what this stuff was when, out
of the corner of his eye, he saw Alan shove his swollen cockhead inches
from his face. Tommy turned and caught the first shot in his left eye just
as it erupted.

"Ohhh ... Shit! ... Fuck!"

Alan pumped spurt after spurt onto the face of the kneeling boy. Tommy
could smell the semen as it ran down. Tommy reached up with his left hand
and wiped the glop from his eye. It was sticky on his fingers.

"Ohhh ... Uhhn ... Uhhn ..."

Dougie came last, pumping his hips, watching the older boys come on Tommy's
freckled face. He staggered back a bit after he finished and checked for
signs of his own ejaculation. There was a drizzle of clear fluid that
leaked from the rolled tip of his prepuce.

Tommy wiped the dripping semen off his face and flung the runny discharge
from his fingers onto the wet pine boards of the floor. He then watched as
the older boys put their still semi-hard, but softening members into their
briefs, creating bulges that were finally covered by the loose material of
worn dungarees. The younger boys quickly tucked themselves away and zipped
up. One by one, they looked to Tommy as they finished. Alan spoke.

"Stand up."

Tommy stood obediently. His penis was still standing up hard. The boy felt
self-conscious about that. He could smell the urine, on his skin and in
his hair, as well as from the floor. His chest was still sticky with the
older boy's discharge. He wasn't too disturbed by that, interestingly

"Tommy ..."

Alan paused. Tommy waited.

"Congratulations! You passed the initiation. You're now a full-fledged
member of the club!"

There were smiles all around. All the boys came up and slapped Tommy on
the back and shoulders.

"Good job ... You did great! ... Congratulations."

Tommy felt proud.

"You better go rinse off, you're a mess," Frank suggested.

Tommy went outside to the small pier next to the abandoned house and jumped
into water. He splashed himself repeatedly and dunked himself to wash his
hair. He then ran back inside to get dressed. Tommy had lost his
erection, but not the novel air of erotic excitement that would occupy him
every day for the rest of the summer as the newest member in the shared
activities of the boy's club.

"Okay, guys, listen up. We meet here tomorrow at ten, so Tommy can start
to learn all the secrets of the club," Alan told the other boys.

They all agreed excitedly. There were weeks of instruction ahead.

Later on, without the others, Tommy asked Bobby some questions: What was
that white stuff? Why did his wiener feel tingly when it got hard? What
did "coming" mean?

Bobby told his friend, "Just wait until tomorrow!"

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Tommys Initiation