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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Wrestling Boys - Wrestling Boys 1

Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2014 09:55:29 -0400
From: Mack Lane <>
Subject: Wrestling Boys Chapter one

       First I would like to thank you for reading this story. As always,
on a top of the story that you see here, we have to go through the usual
please don't do this and disclaimer stuff. Please do not copy this story
without my written permission. Please note as you have most likely seen
now, I am a horrible writer. Thus if you have any corrections to submit,
please email them to me. Please note while the locations are actually
found on a map, the people and events are not real in this story. It is a
work of function, so it never happened. Please note this this story will
contain sexual events, so if you don't want to read about it, please go
someplace else.

       Also since I am not a good writer (already mentioned that) I am
looking for a proof reader and an editor. One proof reader will need to
check grammar and things like that, while the editor will need to make sure
that the ideas are being illustrated to the fullest effects.

       Finally for those who wishes to contact me, contribute new ideas or
characters, or just wanting to talk to me please email me at

       And once again, thank you for reading this story

       Joe Belinsky was in sixth grade in the month of March of 2014.
Spring had gotten off to a very rainy start, even for the standards of the
small town of Neah Bay, Washington. The only good thing that Joe could
think of that sixth grade would soon be over with. The best way to
describe Joe was that he was a boy who was always trying to prove himself,
just to have the results end up in a disaster. The only thing he seemed to
be good at was running. When I mean running, I mean running away from
things. This skill sure helped him in cross country and track and field,
which he was currently in. The school that he attended had both middle
school and high school students.

       What made Joe different wasn't that his penis size stood at 3.5
inches hard. It wasn't that he had just entered puberty and he noticed
that he was changing. It wasn't that he towered over everyone else,
standing at 5'5". It was that he only weighed 70 pounds. With his parents
being concerned with his weight, they were always going to many doctors in
Seattle trying to figure out why he so small. The doctors did extensive
testing, just to find that there was nothing wrong with him. Or at least
that is what they told Joe.

       Joe could not have disagreed with them more. They weren't the ones
being made fun of, nor were they the ones having to run away in fear of
fights. He was often known as the weak kid to many adults. Who could
blame them? It only took one punch for him to be laid out cold. It wasn't
that Joe was a problem child either. While he was not popular, he was not
hated either. In fact, he thought he was well respected. While he did get
into an occasional fight, it was not often. It just was he was weak and
everyone knew that.

       Joe had many nicknames in school. It was not too long ago when Joe
had changed from briefs to boxerbriefs. He was trying to stay up with the
popularity race, which of course meant changing his underwear to a more
desirable fitting. He thought of boxers, but he did not like the feeling
of them. They did not have enough support for his balls, so he ended in
Hanes Boxerbriefs. Because of this change, his first nickname came to
past, which was "Twitchy". All of the boys in his grade knew that Joe got
hard-on a lot. Not only was it hard for Joe to hide it, but it twitched
for all to see. Joe would play basketball; it twitched while going up and
down the basketball court. It would twitch when he would go up in front of
the class room. There were days that Joe that that is all it did. Joe had
not yet figured out the joys of masturbation yet, which seemed to magnify
the problem. The other name was "Sticks." That was because of his weight.

       Another thing that made Joe different was that he was white. Many
of his class mates were Indian. His family owns a small fishing company
that fishes in the Pacific Ocean. Neah Bay just happened to have a port
that was mainly protected from the waves and wind. That made it ideal for
fisherman, not that many fishermen knew about Neah Bay. So every year when
pictures were taken for the year book, he would stick out like a sore
thumb, his brown hair, blue eyes and freckled face. Here is where we begin
our story, with a tall, but light 6th grade boy in a middle of a rainy day.

       Track and field practice had ended, and Joe was walking home with
some of his friends all sop and wet. The topic that they were discussing
were girls, like it was ever day. How hot they were, or how ugly they
were. Joe always found this topic very awkward. It did not help that he
found boys to be hotter. His friends would always tell stories of their
sexual adventures with girls, with many of them being tall tales to make
them look good, or just all out lies. Joe would just listen to them, laugh
when he was suppose to. Joe had to endure this for about a mile, until he
got to his house.. They walked by a museum that always had special tours
going on. However today, they saw what had to be an older high school
student in a red jacket. He was about 6'1" and weighed around 160. He was
much more muscular then anyone that Joe had ever seen. He was standing
with someone else who was smaller. Joe saw them pointing at him.

       Not wanting to know why they were interested in him, he tried to
pick up the pace home. He was about fifteen minutes away anyways. However
the boy in red jacked followed him. They started to run. Something that
Joe was good at. However the other boy was way faster, and within a minute
the chase was over with. The boy had jumped onto of Joe and brought him
down with relative ease. Joe friends were stunned, standing there. The
boy said, "What are you both looking at, run! Scram!"

       Joe said while fighting the boy off, "What do you want of me?"

       The boy replied, "Just shut it! I thought you would be more

       Joe said while getting to his feet, "What!?"

       "Someone told me to be on the lookout for you. They said that you
are someone who I would be interested in, someone who is always trying to
prove themselves. All I see is a weak pathetic thing in front of me."

       "I can do anything; tell me what you want to do." Joe said hotly.

       The boy said, "Fight me!"

       That was the last thing that Joe wanted. What made this worse was
that no one was round him to help. Joe said, "Okay, fine!"

       Joe wished he did not agree to fight. He was feeling anything but
fine. He took a while swing at the boy, just to miss as the boy easily
ducked What made it worse that Joe had a erection, that was twitching.
That was the last thing that he needed. The boy roared with laughter. He
said, "Is that all you can do is get hard with that tiny little thing. I
bet you still wear briefs!"

       Joe said, "At least I don't pick fights with boys half my size!"

       The boy said, "Oh yeah?"

       The boy put Joe in a headlock with relative ease while delivering
two painful shots to Joe's penis with free right fist. Joe collapsed from
the pain. The boy then used his feet to kick Joe in the face. Joe was now
in the cradle position. He was surprised that he was still in this fight.
The boy taunted, "Wow, you are really weak. You don't even deserve to be
called a boy."

       Joe could not up come up with a reply. What he decided to do was
to escalate the situation. He had no idea what he had done, but he was not
going to stand by to let this boy pick on him. He gathered up his strength
and stood up. His world was spinning all around him as staggered back and
forth. The boy replied, "You are mister tough guy now?"

       Joe said with his two first up, "Stronger then you."

       He then stunned the boy by punching him in the face. The boy
laughed again. He said, "You hit like a girl! Let me show you how a real
man hits another man."

       The boy move his arms back, then all a sudden, move clenched his
fist into a ball and delivered the most powerful blow that Joe had ever
experience. It went right through his fists that he thought was going to
block the shot Joe sight went black within seconds. The last thing he
remembered was his face hitting the ground.

       It had to be some time later, when Joe came around. He was very
dizzy. He heard two boys talking, who sound much older and strong then
him. He was surprised to find that all of his clothes were taking off but
his boxerbriefs. He heard the boy who he just got into a fight say, "He
was downright impressive. I did not think that he was really going to
fight me. I did some research on him. You were right; he is on their
track and field and cross country team. Everyone says he is really good
and athletic there."

       "Seeing his size, and how he is built, I would have to agree with
them. He is an ideal runner, Palmer."

       "Johnny, he is weak for his size." Palmer said.

       Johnny said, "He is only in 6th grade. What else did you find out
about him?"

       "Well, he is awkward with others, but he loves to prove himself. I
think he is an ideal candidate. We have tried all of the others." Palmer

       "I would like to see how he wrestles." Johnny said.

       "Who are you going to put him against?" Palmer said.

       "Bones, they are similar in height and weight. Only major
difference is that Bones penis is bigger."

       Joe slowly lifted himself up so that he was now sitting. He saw
that he was in what obviously had to be a building of some sort. His head
was still pounding from the beaten he had taken. He looked to see that the
boy, who was in red, was now in a pair of shorts and a white t-shirt. He
had blond sandy hair, blue eyes. He was well built with muscles forming
his body. If looked like one chiseled him out of marble. Joe did not know
what he was even thinking to take on this boy. It didn't help that the boy
was in jeans and a coat when they first met. The boy held out his hand
while saying, "Nice to meet you Joe, I am Palmer."

       The other boy standing next to him was a lot smaller. He was maybe
5'4" inches and weighed around 140. He was also well built. What he
lacked in height was made up for in muscles. There was something that
looked familiar about him. Joe said, "Who are you? Why did you..."

       Johnny said, "I am Johnny, and what you are getting ready to do is
go into trail to see if you are worthy to be in this club. You are
currently in Forks."

       Joe heart dropped. He was at least an hour away from home. How
was he going to explain that he was so far away? His parents would be
terrified, if not horrified to find that he was away from them. It wasn't
even his fault. Joe said, "I have got to go home."

       Johnny said, "I wouldn't worry about that. I know your parents;
they know you are down here. I would be more worried about winning. If
you don't win, you don't get to join the club."

       Joe asked, "What is this club? How about if I don't want to join?"

       Both Johnny and Palmer laughed. Joe did not have an understanding
on what was going on. They both walked him into another room where there
was another boy standing on a wrestling mat. He had brown eyes and brown
hair. He was well tanned, but not like an Indian. He was standing at
5'2". Joe dropped his mouth. The boy was skinning like he was. He looked
like he weighed even less. Johnny said, "He weighs 74 pounds."

       Joe's eyes wondered down to the package. It had to be around 4.5
inches. Palmer said, "Meet Jones, the Bones, his first name is actually
Terry. We call him by his nickname."

       Johnny said to Joe, "It's real simple, if you want in, you have to
beat him in a wrestling match in your underwear."

       Terry asked, "How did he get a black and blue eye?"

       Palmer said, "He actually fought me. I did not think he was going
to do that. So I laid him out."

       Terry laughed while asking, "Well what are you waiting for? Are
you ready?"

       Joe thought that it would be better just to get it over with. So
he walked to the center of the ring, and shake hands with the other boy.
All a suddenly Johnny said, "Go."

       Terry moved extremely quickly, but Joe was able to catch him.
There was something different with this type of wrestling. Joe liked the
fact that there were no fists involved. There was a lot of rolling around,
as both boys tried to exert their strength over the other. Joe found
himself getting hard really fast. However it was a very even match as both
boys put each other in grapevines, pins, and headlocks. Joe even started
to enjoy this type of wrestling and thought that he actually might have a
chance of winning. It was about 15 minutes into the match when things
started to change. Terry made a grab for Joe's balls. Joe had no idea
what to do. Terry said, "Your penis is a part of your body, so it's fair

       Terry started to jack him off in his underwear. Joe never felt
anything that felt so good. It came at a cost. If felt like he was going
to pee his pants. He could not afford to do that. He thought that would
be extremely embarrassing. So he did what any boy his age would do, which
was to return the favor. He heard a groan from Terry. He could tell that
it had worked. Both boys continued to engage each other, with both of
their boners trying to escape the waistband of their underwear. He could
tell from Terry's reaction and by the looks of Johnny and Palmer, they did
not expect this match to be close, but it was.

       Both boys continued to exchange heavy blows from wrestling moves
while getting even closer to cumming. Joe was thinking that he was going
to pee his pants 40 mins into the match. He was trying to get Terry back,
but anything he did, Terry started to block. It wasn't that the match
wasn't still competitive, because it was very competitive, it was that Joe
had never wrestled this long and he was getting very tired. Terry was able
to pin Joe twice now and was able to jack off Joe for at least two minutes
each time. Joe penis was now twitching badly as he tried not to pee his
pants. He even started to beg to Terry to stop. Terry said, "Prove that
you are a man, hold it."

       Joe tried with all of his might to hold it, but the constant
rubbing of his penis had taken its toll. Joe penis was now even twitching
faster, as he tried to make it stop. Terry had even become more physical.
Finally Terry had him pin. Joe was disparate to get out of the situation.
Terry used his whole body as Joe struggled to get out from under him.
Terry all a suddenly moved his hips down to Joe's hips so that both of
their penises were touching. Electricity shot throughout Joe's body. He
tried to prevent himself from losing control. Terry used his penis to rub
Joe's penis and five powerful stroked later, Joe hips buckled. His was
short of breath. He was moaning trying not to pee his pants. He tried to
left up, but he knew he was trapped. Seconds later, he had his first
orgasms ever. He felt stuff come out of his penis onto his boxerbreifs.
He never felt anything feel so good. Terry rolled off of him. Joe was out
of breath and was very light headed. He had lost, and he knew he should
have felt bad, but at the same time, he never felt so good.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Wrestling Boys - Wrestling Boys 1