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Nifty - Lesbian - Adult Friends - Woman Police Constable

Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 17:45:17 +1100 (EST)
From: Belinda Hamilton <>
Subject: Woman Police Constable 1916

During the First World War, many regular policemen were recalled to the
armed services. Many more volunteered to serve. For those who remained,
conditions worsened. And, their workload as police officers increased.
This contributed to the recruiting of policewomen. At first, they were
unpaid volunteers. And, unofficial patrols of uniformed policewomen in
uniform were seen for the first time in London, as they attempted to do
moral `welfare work' with young women working in munitions factories, or
those seen on the city streets with soldiers and sailors. Eventually,
policewomen were recruited by London's `Metropolitan Police'.........

Elizabeth stirred. It must've been well after midnight when she opened
her eyes...

"Sofia?" she sighed. She had gone to bed with her girlfriend earlier.
Yet, she was now alone beneath the bed-sheets.

"I'm here, Elizabeth..." a familiar voice answered. Policewoman Sofia
Tennyson stood at the dressing table.

"What are you doing?" Elizabeth enquired.

"I'm going to work, sweetie..." the dark-haired policewoman sighed.

"But, " protested her girlfriend, "I want to be with you tonight?"

"I have been rostered on duty..."

"Come back to bed?"

"Shhh..." Sofia purred. Turning to Elizabeth, the policewoman put her
finger to her mouth and smiled.

"You know that I want to `taste' you again, Policewoman?" Elizabeth teased.
Illuminated by the streetlights outside, Sofia stepped to the bed. She
wore only her white long-sleeved shirt, black ankle-length uniform skirt
and polished high-heeled boots...

"Please?" Elizabeth begged. She pulled back the bed-sheets and invited her
girlfriend back into their bed.

"I will make it worth your while, Sofia?"

It had been eighteen months since Sofia had joined the `Metropolitan
Police' -- it had either been a career as a policewoman or joining the
`Women's Auxiliary Army Corps' to serve in France. The youngest daughter
of an aristocratic family, she had been unable to gain a commission with
the `Women's Auxiliary Army Corps' as she'd once been expelled from an
exclusive school for lesbianism. Indeed, she had been able to use her
`sexuality' to convince Lady Jennifer McMillan to allow her to join the

Elizabeth sat up in bed. She said nothing as Sofia resumed dressing...

"I'll be home at lunchtime, Elizabeth..." the Policewoman sighed. It had
been the first time in a week, that she'd been able to share a bed with her
girlfriend. A discarded policewoman's skirt still lay on the bed.
Elizabeth had been `lesbianizing' Sofia for several hours. And, it took a
great deal of self-discipline to not accept her girlfriend's offer of more

"We can `finish' what we started then?"

"Maybe...?" Elizabeth sighed.

"Or, maybe I could wander downtown later and meet up with you in that
alleyway off the High Street, Policewoman?"

Constable Sophia Tennyson smiled wickedly.

"Yes...?" she whispered, adjusting her uniform skirt as she listened to her

"You know the alleyway..." Elizabeth purred.

"You remember when I caught you in that alleyway and `tongued' your fucking

"I remember..." the policewoman answered. Elizabeth had followed her into
the alleyway. And, although she was still `on duty' and in uniform, she
had forced Sofia against the back-door of the `The Arms' Public House and
mercilessly `tongued' her...

"You're going to get me into `trouble' if you keep this up, Elizabeth!"
Sofia whispered.

It had been fourteen months since they'd met outside the `Women Police'
Office in King Charles Street. Sofia had not long been a policewoman.
And, Elizabeth was a `convicted' prostitute with a lengthy `criminal

"Well, if the `Metropolitan Police' knew about us, you would be,
Policewoman...?" teased Elizabeth. She lay back in the bed and buried
herself under the bed sheets again. Immediately attracted to each other,
they'd soon moved in together. Elizabeth had even adopted the surname of
`Tennyson' as she settled down to an illicit `relationship' with the

Lesbianism was still quite `taboo' in England. And, the prostitute had
been quite surprised to find a `queer' policewoman...!

Elizabeth was still coming to terms with the whole idea of uniformed

"Fancy that, " the prostitute had joked, "A flipping `queer'
policewoman...must be the war, Miss Sophia?"

They had just kissed. Constable Sophia Tennyson had convinced her
colleague to keep `an eye' out as she enjoyed a moment of `intimacy' with
the prostitute -- the other policewoman making sure that Elizabeth and
Sophia were not disturbed in the doorway.

"Mmmm..." Sophia had teased Elizabeth. It seems that, the `Women Police'
were turning a `blind eye' to lesbians...

"I'm not the only `queer' in the `Women Police' Division, my darling

The policewoman had really enjoyed the bemused `look' on her girlfriend's
pretty face...!

Walking along a deserted Silchester Road in Notting Hill, Constable Sophia
Tennyson was still thinking about her night with the prostitute. It was
still early. And, the only noise was from her footsteps as she headed
towards the police station. For a couple of months, she'd been stationed
at the Notting Hill Police Station. There were rumours that any
policewoman suspected of being `queer', would be moved away from the
`temptations' of London's notorious `Red Light' District. As the lodgings
she now shared with Elizabeth, were only a comparatively short distance
away, Sophia did not mind the transfer.

She paused. Sensing that she was no longer, she turned. Away in the
distance, she could hear the metropolis stirring...

"Sophia...?" a familiar voice called. It was Policewoman Charlotte
Wakefield -- the same policewoman who'd once allowed Sophia a moment of
`intimacy' with Elizabeth in privacy. Charlotte took hold of Sophia's arm.

"Charlotte?" Sophia sighed.

"I need you to come with me, Sophia?"


Tightening her grip on the policewoman's arm, Charlotte pulled Sophia back
the way they'd just come...

"She came to the police station, Sophia..." she explained. Sophia had no
idea what the policewoman was talking about.

"Who?" she queried. Saying nothing for a moment, Charlotte took hold of
Sophia's gloved hand.

"What is all this, Charlotte...Who are you talking about?"

"Shhhh..." hissed Constable Charlotte Wakefield. She ushered her colleague
into the alleyway -- the same alleyway where Elizabeth had once performed
`cunnilingus' on her...


"I told you, Policewoman!" a voice called. It was Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth...?" gasped Sophia. Charlotte let go of her colleague's hand.

For a minute, nobody said anything. A horse plodded slowly along
Silchester Road and they heard hurried footsteps along the footpath.
Hidden in the shadows, the two policewomen and the prostitute listened
until they could hear nothing...

"What are you doing here, Elizabeth?" Sophia demanded. The prostitute had
pushed her back against the brick wall.

"I told you..."

"But, you went to the police station?"

"Yes..." confessed the prostitute. Caressing the policewoman's cheek with
her fingertips, she pressed her mouth to Sophia's trembling lips and kissed
her. Charlotte uttered a muffled groan. She was quite jealous...

"I went to Notting Hill to find you, Sophia!" she whispered as their lips

"They might've recognised you - a prostitute looking for a policewoman,

"The only policewoman to `recognise' me..." the prostitute whispered. She
caressed the policewoman's mouth with her moist lips once again. Once
again, Charlotte groaned...

"...was Miss Charlotte!"

"Nobody else knew that Elizabeth was a prostitute!" Charlotte added. Once
again, there was a moment of silence.

Turning slightly, Sophia moved a little closer to the other policewoman.
As the notorious young prostitute watched, the two uniformed policewoman
kissed in front of her -- she could see her own girlfriend's tongue slide
into Charlotte's mouth as the policewomen `tongue-kissed' tenderly...

"I told you earlier, Sophia..." Elizabeth whispered, "I would come downtown
and `pleasure' you in an alleyway, again!"

"Oh..." groaned Sophia. A dribble of saliva hung between her mouth and
that of Constable Charlotte Wakefield. Caressing the other policewoman's
cheek with her fingertips, the prostitute whispered an `obscenity' to the
other policewoman...

"I want to `tongue' you fucking `oyster' please...Miss Charlotte?"

She kissed the policewoman's cheek.

"And, I'm quite prepared to `pleasure' the policewoman' you're working
with, Sophia?"

"Elizabeth..." Charlotte gasped. The prostitute reached beneath the
policewoman's uniform jacket.

"Mmmm..." sighed Sophia. As she watched intently, the prostitute then
kissed the other policewoman on the lips.

"After all, we do owe Charlotte...don't we, sweetie?" she added. Charlotte
was the only female police officer in the `Women Police' Division, who knew
of Elizabeth's `relationship' with Sophia. She had kept their illicit
`secret' to herself...

"I want you to `have' Charlotte too!"

As for Charlotte, she almost `orgasmed' with anticipation...THE END

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Nifty - Lesbian - Adult Friends - Woman Police Constable