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Nifty - Lesbian - Adult Youth - Catholic Girl And Nun - Catholic Girl And Nun 2

Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 16:31:52 -0500
Subject: Catholic Girl and Nun-Part 2

The writing of this story is entirely fictional, as are the characters

A few days had passed since Jan had experienced the "rath" of Sister
Margaret. The whole episode had left her feeling uneasy yet aroused at
the thought of another encouter with her. Jan was not late to class and
Sister Margaret eyed her closely. Jan had not shared her encounter with
any of her friends, preferring for the time being, not to talk about it.
On the evening of the 3rd day, Jan was seated in the main dining room
surrounded by a close group of her classmates and friends. They were
chatting amicably in regard to the play they were practicing for in the
auditorium. Everyone was excited about it. While eating their evening
meal, Jan looked across the room and noticed Sister Margaret standing
next to Sister Bernadine, they were whispering to each other. Sister
Margaret's eyes caught Jans from across the room and she winked at her.
Jan quickly looked away. Her classmate and closest friend Connie noticed
Jan's sudden quietness.
"Heyy Jan, what's wrong?", asked Connie.
"Uh n-nothing", Jan replied, giving her friend a brief smile. "I'm ok".
"Are you sure?", Connie persisted, "you're acting kind of funny all of a
"Um, yeah, I'm fine", Jan insisted as she resumed eating.
Jan looked up again, and both Sister Margaret and Sister Bernadine were
watching her intently. Sister Bernadine was nearly 62, a matronly looking
woman with a dark and foreboding manner about her. She was tall, about
5'8", weighing nearly 300 lbs. If she weren't wearing a habit she could
easily pass for a Sumo wrestler thought Jan. The meal was finished and
the girls stood to leave the dining area. Jan tried to stay as close to
her friends as possible as she attempted to exit the room.
"Jan!", Sister Margaret called out to her. "May we see you for a
moment?", she added.
"Uh-hh sure", Jan said quietly, wondering what this was about. The young
girl walked over to the nuns and stood before them. Sister Bernadine
placed her hand on Jan's shoulder and gently rubbed it, causing her to
shiver and feel uncomfortable.
"Jan", Sister Bernadine said, "I understand you are quite talented", she
mused, her jowls quivering as she spoke.
"W-what d-do you mean?", Jan nervously asked, knowing very well what the
old nun was referring to.
Both Sisters giggled now as they observed the warm flush creep up Jan's
neck and face. Jan shifted her feet in order to steady herself.
"Jan Jan Jan", Sister Bernadine said, "you know very well what I am
talking about young lady. When you are ready for bed, I want you to come
to my room this evening, say around 8pm", she told her.
"W-why?", Jan asked, her voice quivering.
"Why? To be tutored of course!", the old nun bellowed. "You and I are
going to have a nice little chat my dear, come in your nightie, Sister
Bernadine said. Jan looked up at Sister Margaret who was beaming from ear
to ear.
"Don't worry sweetie, I will be there also", Sister Margaret informed
her. And with that, both of the old nuns giggled even more and turned and
left the dining room, leaving Jan shaking in her shoes. What am I going
to do now, she wondered to herself. However, her little panties were
already becoming damp, inspite of her fears.
Jan quickly went to her room, one that she shared with a roommate. Patsy
was a mousey girl, extremely shy, introverted but an excellent student.
She obeyed all the rules and never allowed herself to get into any
trouble. As Jan was preparing for bed, she began to pace around the room,
absentmindedly, as though in a trance.
"Are you ok?", Patsy asked.
"Yeah, I'm ok, I just have a tummy ache and think I will go and see the
campus nurse", Jan told her, trying to think of a reason for her soon to
be absence. Jan removed her skirt and blouse and slipped on a pale pink
cotton gown and slippers.
"I will be back later", she told her roommate, and headed out the door.
Jan nervously crept down the dark hallway, her slippers not making any
sound at all on the polished wooden floors. Up the staircase she climbed
to the 3rd floor, where the nuns convent was located. She didn't know
which room was Sister Bernadine's but as she walked down several closed
doors she came upon one that was partially opened. She peeked in and to
her amazement, she saw Sister Bernadine standing nude near the bed. Jan
wanted to puke at the sight of her. Oh no she cringed, her eyes taking in
the large body, rippling with rolls of fat. Sister Bernadine had massive
breasts that hung like watermelons to her waist. Her pubic hair was most
grey and resembled a large brillo pad between her legs. Jan could not
believe her eyes and turned to leave when she saw Sister Margaret walked
into the center of the room, also fully nude and saw her.

"Jan sweetie, come in, come in", she called out to her. Both of the old
nuns reached out to pull her into the small room and closed and locked
the door behind her. Jan averted her eyes and looked down at her feet,
unwilling to look at either of them as she folded her arms across her

Sister Bernadine climbed up on the bed and lay on her back, her massive
legs spread wide, her jowls hung almost to the pillow. She looked like a
mountain of flesh. Jan stood nervously, shifting from one foot to the
other, feeling her panties moistening as Sister Margaret stroked her arms
and face.
"Sweetie, are you cold?", the nun asked.
"No", Jan whispered.

Sister Margaret then pulled her close to her and hugged her, mashing her
face against her large breasts. Feeling somewhat close to the old nun,
Jan lightly returned the hug, seeking her protection from the bigger nun
on the bed. Jan looked over at Sister Bernadine who was now massaging one
of her own breasts and pulling on the large nipple, one of her large
hands was already between her legs, rubbing and stroking. As big as the
woman was, it was an erotic sight to Jan.

Sister Margaret reached down to Jan's nightie and cupped her small breast
encased in the thin fabric she used two fingers to grasp the little
nipple, already hardening and massaged it. Jan moaned, feeling a sudden
gush into her panties. This old nun sure had an effect on her, she knew
what she was doing. Jan had her face to the side of Sister Margaret's
large breast and her hand reached up to stroke the underside of it, she
kept her eyes open as she watched Sister Bernadine on the bed, her
fingers massing her clit in circles as she tugged on her nipples, first
one then the other.

Jan felt a hand slide between her legs and realized Sister Margaret was
reaching for her pussy, she spread her legs slightly. The nuns meaty hand
slide down into the waistband and crept towards her little slit, her
middle finger felt the wetness there.

"Ohhh-hhh Sister Bernadine, she cooed, "our little sweetie is already
wet", Sister Margaret said, as she stroked and petted Jan's little vuvla
with her thick fingers.

"Mmmm-mm how nice", breathed Sister Bernadine", watching them, her
fingers moving in perfect rhythm between her massive legs. Jan was sure
she could smell her aroma, even standing 5 feet away. Jan could not help
it, she moved her mouth down lower in order to reach Sister Margaret's
rubbery nipple and lightly flicked her tongue over it.

"O-Oooo", gasped the old nun, "you are getting the hang of it young
lady", she cooed, enjoying the young woman's mouth on her nipple.

"SHOW HER TO ME!", bellowed sister Bernadine from her bed, "take that
gown off of her", she barked.

Sister Margaret stepped back and lifted the gown off of Jan and stood
behind her, putting her on display for the older, heavier nun on the bed.
Jan shivered in her nakedness, her nipples standing like twin points
above her small, nicely rounded and pert breasts. Sister Margaret reached
beneath both of her arms and up to take both breasts in her large hands,
massaging them for the old nun to view. Then sister Margaret dropped one
hand down to the girls vuvlva and resumed stroking it, breathing into her
ear and licking the lobe. Jan groaned in response, her lithe body
becoming highly aroused. Sister Margaret ground her wirey pubic mound
into Jan's buttocks, rubbing her now distended clit into her from behind.
Jan groaned once again, leaning back into the old nun and resigning
herself to the softness of her breasts on her back, enjoying the feel of
her large fingers rubbing her small clitoris.

"Bring her to me", Sister Bernadine almost whispered, "I want to taste
her", she said, licking her dry lips, her fingers still moving between
her rubbery labia.

Jan was gently moved forward until she stood by the bed in front of
Sister Bernadine, she looked down and could see the wetness between the
old nun's legs. Her clitoris was even bigger than Sister Margaret's as
the old nun splayed herself open with two meaty fingers, exposing it for
the young girl to see. Her big belly moved up and down with her heavy
breathing, causing her breasts to rise and fall like twin capped
mountains. Despite her fatness, Jan found her to be highly erotic in her

"Climb up here child", Sister Bernadine told her, wiggling her tongue
out, indicating where she wanted her to sit. Jan easily climbed her lithe
frame up and sat on the old nuns chest, her little vuvla inline with her
"Mmmm-mmm, yes, Ooooo-oooo", the old nun moaned, swiping her tongue
across her wet labia. "So sweet you are", she said, as she licked Jan up
and down, side to side and across her little clit, causing Jan to shiver
with excitment. Her tongue felt so good. Jan shifted her hips and moved
them in rhythm to the tonguing she was getting, enjoying it immensely.
Sister Margaret moved to stand next to Jan, lifting her breast up to her
lips, rubbing her nipple across them. Jan opened her mouth and eagerly
sucked in the large, rubbery, gum drop sized nipple. Jan reached down to
Sister Margaret's meaty thighs and found her pussy, gaping and wet as she
sought her large clitoris, remembering the size from her first
experience. She stroked it with her entire palm, her hand quickly sticky
with her wetness. Sister Margaret moaned her approval and bucked her hips
against the hand.

Sister Bernadine licked around and around Jan's small clit, back and
forth, side to side here jowls moved, enjoying the taste of the young
woman. Jan knew she was going to cum and bucked her narrow hips forward,
lowering her pussing even more onto the old nuns mouth.

"Ohhh, Unghhh-hhhh", Jan moaned, feeling her orgasm building as she
rubbed her palm over the bulbous clit of the old nun. Jans littlte
buttocks bounced up and down on Sister Bernadine, who seemed not to
notice her weight at all. The wide tongue stroked and slid over her clit
with ease, teasing and causing Jan to quiver.
"I'm getting close", she moaned, "keep licking me, Ohhhh-hhh", she let
out a long groan. Sister Bernadine used her mouth like a suction now and
encased the entire clit and labia into her lips, gently applying pressure
as her tongue moved and danced.

"Yesss-ssss", Jan hissed through clenched teeth, "Oh God yessss-ssss,
it's so good", she moaned as her orgasm neared. Her hips bucked up and
down against the mouth giving her so much pleasure.
Suddenly Jans thighs tightened like a vise around the old nuns face as
her orgasm raced through her young body. The nun continued to lap and
suck, unrelenting on her clit.

"UNNNGGG-GGGggggghhh", Jan moaned, "Oh Oh, Mmmmm-mmmmm", she said, as her
pleasure overtook her. Her hips moved up then down as she fell forward
above the old nuns head. Sister Bernadine licked her little vuvla until
her breathing subsided, feeling the young woman relax.

After a few moments, Jan climbed off the bed and slumped to the floor in
front of Sister Margaret. Sister Margaret gently took her head into her
hands and pulled it towards her musky crotch.

"Jan honey, please....", she encouraged, thrusting her gaping slit at the
young woman. Jan leaned forward and eagerly lapped at the old nun's wet,
rubbery lips. Jan moaned at the taste, creamy and salty. Sister
Margaret's clit was largely distended, peaking out over the top of her
slit, Jan used her nose against it as she licked and pulled on the labia
with her lips. Sister Bernandine watched from her bed, her massive hips
bucking up and down against the mattress in her excitement of seeing the
young woman lick her fellow nun. Anticipating that tongue against her own
pussy soon.

Sister Margaret bent her knees slightly now causing Jan's mouth to move
higher and she was able to suck the entire clit into her mouth, it felt
like a fat thumb as she gently applied pressure.

"Ohhhh-hh heavens yesss-sss", Sister Margaret moaned, her eyes fluttering
as her big body heaved into the young woman. "Oh myyyyyyyyy, Oh Good
God", she moaned, her legs quivering. Sister Margaret tugged and pulled
on her rubbery nipples, all the while bucking her hairy pussy against the
young girls mouth. Jan relished the large clit in her mouth, sucking
eagerly in order to please her superior. She know had aquired a taste for
the old pussy and loved it.

"I'm going to come, Oh God I am going to come", Sister Margaret moaned,
her fingers furiously pulling her own nipples. Jan contintued to suck,
her mouth never breaking contact with the nuns clit, her tongue swirled
around and around.

"HERE IT COMES, YESSSSSSSSSSSS-SSSSSS", the old nun bellowed as her wide
hips gave one last thrust, almost knocking Jan onto her back. She held
tightly to Jan's head, mashing her wet, hairy pussy against the tongue
giving her so much pleasure. The nuns large breasts flopped up and down
against the top of her big belly, as her breathing heaved, trying to
catch her breath. Her nipples hung like acorns, still rock hard from her
orgasm. Jan felt a sudden rush of wetness as it ran down the inside of
the nuns meaty thighs. She had never felt anything like it.

"Oh Jan, my sweet little Jan", she cooed, rubbing her fingers through her
hair, that was so good, you made an old nun very happy", she said,
praising the young woman.

"MY TURN!!", Sister Bernadine stated emphatcially, her legs spread wide
exposing her even larger clit as it poked up above her brillow pad vulva
like a minature penis. Sister Margaret licked her lips, she wanted to
taste her, she had to have it and now. Jan watched as Sister Margaret
stepped to the side of the bed and leaned forward, swiping her wide
tongue across that big clit. She pointed her tongue and stabbed at it,
then licked all around the base. Sister Bernadine let out a loud moan,
her belly jiggled up and down in response to the contact, her head
already rolling from side to side, causing her jowls to move like jello
in a bowl.
Jan kneeled at the side of the bed and could not take her eyes off the
massive flesh before her, once again, she was highly aroused at the sight
of Sister Bernadine. Both women were actuely aware of the smell of the
older woman's pussy, pungent, strong but not unpleasant. Jan's eyes
fastened on her massively large breasts, like water buoys on her wide
chest. The areola's were as big as Jan's fist with thick with a few stray
hairs surrounding it, chunky dark nipples topping them. Each nipple
resembled a thumb. Jan leaned down to grasp one large breast in both
hands and her mouth closed over a thick nipple causing the fat nun to
moan even louder. Jan licked, sucked and rolled the nipple all around her
mouth, enjoying the texture, knowing it was stimulating Sister Bernadine.

"MMmmmmMMMMM-mmmmm", Sister Bernadine moaned her approval, "Oh yessss, oh
yessss-sss", she hissed, her massive, meaty thighs opening and closing
like a large vise against the bed. "Both of you, keep sucking, oh
Goddddddddddd", she continued to moan. Jan's wetness leaked out of her
pussy once again, just hearing this big woman moan.

Sister Margaret was rubbing the meaty thighs as her tongue moved all
around the large, wet clit, flicking it before taking the whole thing
into her mouth. It felt like a small pickle, wide enough, big enough to
almost fuck. With that, she had a thought and stopped her sucking and
grabbed Jan, lifting her up and placing her on top of Sister Bernadine,
aligning her pussy against the bulbous organ.

"W-w-hwat...", Sister Bernadine questioned, her eyes opening at the feel
of Jan astride her pelvis.
Jan knew immediately what to do and raised up slightly, encasing that fat
clit inside her pussy lips, feeling it slide into her and stretching her
tight vaginal opening, just a few inches into the entrance. Jan ground
her pussy against it, enjoying the feeling of it just inside her. Jan
never knew a clit could be that large and feel that good.

"Oh my Goddddd-dd", moaned Jan, bucking her narrow hips up and down on
the fat clit, her juices matting down the old nuns stiff pubic hair. She
kept grinding her little pussy more and more, enjoying the feeling it was
giving her, as though someone had their thumb thrust inside her.

Sister Bernadine moaned loudly, pushing her pelvis up to meet Jan's,
thrusting her clit farther inside her. Up and down her big hips moved,
enjoying the feel of the young woman's pussy as it encased her entire fat
clitoris. Sister Margaret sucked the older nuns nipples, stimulating her
even further, pulling one and sucking on the other, making sure both
received attention. The fat, older nun rolled her head once again from
side to side, her hands gripped tightly on Jan's hips, steadying her,
holding her in place.

"Keep fucking me Jan, keep it going, don't stop, please whatever you do,
don't stop fucking me", she moaned. Her breasts heaving now against
Sister Margaret's mouth.
Jan felt her own pussy as it began to spasm, she knew she was going to
come soon, and kept grinding herself onto the old nuns distended clit, in
short, rapid movements. The fat nun's buttocks ground into the bed,
causing it to shake.

"Ohhhhh Jan, yessssssss-sssss, it feels so good sweetie", she moaned even
louder, bucking her hips up and down and side to side, increasing the
pressure on her clit inside the young woman's tight vaginal opening.
Suddenly, Jan let out a long wail, "UNGHHHHHHHH, Unghhhh", she groaned as
her spasmed in orgasm, causing her to grind down even harder. The opening
of her tight little vagina tightened even more, grasping the clit just
inside her even harder.

COMING.....YESSSS-SSSS", the old nun groaned loudly, her big hips moving
up and down like a bucking bull. Jan held onto the womans thighs now, to
keep from falling off, she could feel the old nun's clit as it throbbed
inside her vaginal opening. Sister Bernandine's belly heaved up and down,
rippling the folds of her fat.

"UNNNGGGGHHHHHH, Unggghhhhhh, Unngghhhh, Ooohhhhhhhh", she moaned,
clutching Jan's hips, keeping her in place as she rode out her orgasm.
Jan watched as Sister Margaret leaned into the other woman's mouth and
kissed her fully on the lips.

Jan could still feel the clit of the fat nun quivering as she slowed her
movment and simply sat astride her pelvis. She reached back and felt her
rubbery wet labia, completely saturated with musky juices from Sister
Finally Jan climbed down, her legs ached from being stretched so wide on
the woman's hips, but she felt completely relaxed, content. Once again,
she slid her lithe frame to the floor and closed her eyes. She could
already hear Sister Bernadine snoring on the bed, the old woman was
already asleep. Sister Margaret covered them both with a blanket and left
the room for the night. She was already anticipating tomorrow.

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Nifty - Lesbian - Adult Youth - Catholic Girl And Nun - Catholic Girl And Nun 2