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Nifty - Lesbian - Adult Youth - Inside Kasey Bigbutt

Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 12:22:43 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: "Inside Kasey Bigbutt" by Moonglow (Lesbian, Adult/Youth)

Disclaimer: This story is a work of pure fiction. The characters, places,
and events are entirely fictional. This story contains graphic depictions
of homosexual acts between minors and between minors and adults. The
author does not engage in nor condone such behavior in real life.

Note: This story is a sequel to "The Adventures of Kasey Bigbutt" which can
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"Inside Kasey Bigbutt" by Moonglow (f/f/F/F)

A change had come over 12-year-old Kasey Burkett in the last few days and
most everyone who knew her had noticed it, friends and family included,
even though none of them could quite explain it. She was one of the
prettiest girls at Milton Junior high, no one would deny that, with long,
fine sunshine blonde hair, straight-cut bangs, bright blue eyes, smooth tan
skin, lovely little breasts which had just recently developed from immature
buds to the perky breasts of a young woman, a narrow waist, and slender,
toned legs.

But Kasey had always been self-conscious about her plump, round butt, which
would have looked big on an 18-year-old but looked huge on her petite
frame. Her backside was much larger than any of the other girls at her
school (and most of the teachers, too) and she had always been painfully
embarrassed about it. Until recently, anyway. Kasey had learned that, far
from feeling uncomfortable about her overdeveloped rear-end, it was
actually something to be proud of and that all those who had teased her and
called her "Kasey Bigbutt" were simply jealous.

Kasey had also learned that she could have a lot of fun with her butt. She
had been educated by her gym teacher, Coach Miranda, in the importance of
keeping her anus clean and healthy. At the same time, she had discovered
the joy of anal masturbation. She knew about normal masturbation, of
course, but the revelation that she could achieve even greater heights of
pleasure by stimulating her sensitive little anus had set her down a road
of exploration - beginning with her fingers, then the handle of her
hairbrush, then one of the vegetables her mother kept in the frigerators,
and (her favorite) the buttplug that Coach Miranda had given Kasey to
encourage her in unlocking the hidden delights of her tight back passage.

One Thursday evening, Kasey had finished her dinner, and asked to be
excused. She had told her parents, Jessie and Chuck Burkett, that she
wanted to go up to her room and do homework. In fact, Kasey had something
else entirely in mind. Once she was in her room, she quickly stripped
naked, and found the zucchini she had hidden under her bed earlier that
afternoon. Before she began her fun, however, she decided to inspect her
body in her full-length mirror, in the way all girls going through puberty
often do (even if they don't admit it).

Kasey examined the tiny cones of her budding breasts which were both capped
with a puffy pink nipple and tried to press them together to form cleavage
although they still weren't quite big enough. Next, Kasey inspected her
delicate, pink vagina closely to see if there was any hint of hair
beginning to grow and found none. She knew that many of her friends had
begun sprouting fine, delicate pubic hairs but, even at 12-years-old,
Kasey's vagina was still completely smooth. Finally, she turned her back
to the mirror and, peering over her shoulder, admired her own curvaceous
rear-end. It was plump and perfectly round, each cheek so smooth and soft
and without blemish, separated by a long, deep buttcrack with twin clefts
at the bottom of each cheek where they hung in the air above her thighs,
seemingly in defiance of gravity. Kasey placed a small hand on each
buttcheek and slowly pulled them apart, revealing a tight, pink anus that
seemed to wink at her in anticipation of the naughty fun they were about to

After coating her pilfered zucchini with baby oil, Kasey climbed on to her
bed on her hands and knees. Gripping one end of the long, thick vegetable,
Kasey reached back and pressed the tip against her puckered little rosebud.
Then she relaxed her butthole as she applied pressure to her sphincter with
the zucchini. She groaned softly in discomfort as her body tried to resist
the intrusion but her groan suddenly turned into a moan of intense
satisfaction as she felt the zucchini at last penetrate her tight sphincter
and slide with ease deep into her hungry 12-year-old rectum.

She pushed the zucchini in as far as it would go, her enjoyment increasing
with every inch, until at last she began to withdraw it. Just as she felt
her sphincter beginning to tighten, Kasey forced the vegetable deeper
inside once again, this time meeting much less resistance as her
rapidly-loosening butthole greedily swallowed her improvised anal toy.
Kasey could feel the juices trickling from her hairless vagina down her
smooth thighs. She rested her head, shoulders, and upper chest on the
mattress and used her left hand to probe the delicate folds of her immature
preteen pussy. Kasey was soon unaware of anything but the waves of intense
pleasure rippling through her body . . . unaware, even of the sound of her
mother knocking on her door.

Jessie Burkett, getting no answer to her knock, assumed Kasey must have her
headphones on and so gently pushed open the door. She was so shocked by
what she saw that, for a moment, she simply stopped and stared. Here was
her lovely young daughter, her innocent little girl, on all fours with her
big, overdeveloped backside in the air, glistening with sweat, working a
zucchini in and out of her tiny butthole and moaning desperately as if the
large vegetable were not nearly adequate to satisfy her.

"So what's where all my vegetables went," Jessie said at last.

"Mom!" Kasey cried out, shocked and embarrassed. She pulled the zucchini
out of her butt out with an audible sucking noise and tried to stuff it
under her pillow.

"Come on, kiddo," her mom said, "the game is up. I saw what you were

"I was . . . umm . . ." Kasey tried to think up some plausible explanation
to offer, but her mind went blank. "I'm sorry, Mom," she finally said
instead, blushing bright red.

"You don't have to apologize," said her mother, sitting on the bed and
putting an arm around her. "It's natural to want to experiment at your
age. With all sorts of things. Heck, I was probably twelve or so when I
started sticking things up my butt."

"Really?" Kasey asked, intruiged. She never would have imagined her mother
doing anything like this.

"Everybody tries it at least once," Kasey's mom said. "Most try it more
than once. Some enjoy it so much they just keep on doing it. But there is
a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it, sweetie."

"What do you mean?" Kasey asked.

"I mean," her mother replied, "that you don't want to hurt yourself.
Tomorrow, when you go to school, I want you to visit the school nurse and
ask her to check you out back there and make sure you aren't doing any
damage and that it's safe for you to keep playing with your butt."

"OK, I will," Kasey promised.

"Alright, good," said Jessie Burkett, kissing her daughter on the head.
Then she slapped her knees and stood up. "Well, I'll leave you to your
fun. Just be careful, honey."

Kasey hugged her mom and watched as she walked out the door and gently shut
it behind her. With a giggle of excitement, Kasey retrieved her toy from
under the pillow and assumed the position once again. Jessie pressed her
ear close to her daughter's door until she began to hear those same excited
moans again. She laughed softly and shook her head. It was hard to
believe how fast her little girl had grown up.

The next day was Friday and Kasey was excited about the upcoming weekend
because she was going to be spending two nights at her best friend Abby
Greene's house while Kasey's parents were away visiting relatives. She
couldn't wait to play some of the fun anal games she had been playing on
her own with her friend. Kasey thought back to the day that Coach Miranda
had taught Kasey, Abby, and their other classmates all about anal hygiene
and remembered the look of bliss on Abby's face as their friend Jill
cleaned Abby's butthole for her, her soapy fingers working deep inside
Abby's anal cavity. Kasey knew that if Abby had liked that, she would LOVE
to play with the buttplug that Coach Miranda had given Kasey.

Kasey had a free period during the middle of the day and, as she had
promised her mother, she was going to visit the school nurse for an anal
examination. As Kasey was walking down the hall of Milton Junior High
towards the nurse's office, she saw Coach Miranda coming the other
direction. Kasey smiled, waved, and ran up to her for a hug.

"Hey sweetie!" said Coach Miranda, stooping to hug the little girl.

"Hi, Coach Miranda," said Kasey.

"I hope you've been enjoying the little present I gave you," the older
woman said with a wink.

"I've been practicing with it every day and now I can get it all the way up
my butt on the very first try!" Kasey said proudly.

"That's awesome!" Coach Miranda said, giving her a high-five.

"I wish I could wear it all the time," Kasey said, grinning.

"You're not wearing it now, are you?" Coach Miranda asked, slipping her
hand down the back of Kasey's panties and playfully wriggling her fingers
between Kasey's plump buttcheeks.

"No!" said Kasey, giggling.

"That's good," said the teacher, "we can't have you playing with your butt
during class when you're supposed to be learning."

"You're the one playing with my butt, Coach!" Kasey said, still feeling the
older woman's long fingers gently teasing her small, sensitive anus.

"I can't help it," Coach Miranda said, reluctantly pulling her hand out of
Kasey's panties. "I just love this big, beautiful bottom so much." She
gave Kasey's chubby bum a final two-handed squeeze, which made Kasey giggle
again, and sent the girl on her way.

Once she had made it about twenty feet, Kasey stopped and called out, "Hey
Coach Miranda . . ."

As the teacher stopped and turned around, Kasey yanked down her pants and
her undies, her large, curvy backside spilling out, mooning the delighted
adult. "You're a very bad girl, Kasey Burkett," said Coach Miranda,

"Call me Kasey Bigbutt!" said the laughing girl and ran down the hall, her
round, white bumcheeks bouncing from side to side.

At last, Kasey reached the nurse's office and stepped inside. The office
consisted of a desk, four narrow beds with curtains in between them, a sink
and cabinet area, and a door leading to a private examination room. Megan
Kramer, the Milton Junior High school nurse, was looking through a folder
when Kasey walked in. Nurse Megan was about 29-years-old. She was tall
and slender, about 5'9", with long, dark blonde hair, and dark blue eyes.
Her breasts were impressive D-cups and she had long, well-toned legs and a
very tight, perky butt. Standing next to her was a nursing student, no
older than twenty, named Brooke, who was spending two weeks shadowing Nurse
Megan as part of her training to become a nurse herself. Brooke was about
5'6", with dark brown hair in a pixie cut, large brown eyes, and
nicely-tanned skin. Her legs even lovelier than Nurse Megan's, but she had
smaller (though still beautiful) B-cup breasts.

"Hey there," said Nurse Megan. "Are you feeling alright, Kasey?"

"Yes, I'm fine," said Kasey. "I'm came to see you because I need an anal

"You do?" Nurse Megan asked. "Is everything OK back there?"

"Oh yeah," said Kasey, "it's just that my mom wanted me to get it checked
out and make sure everything was normal and healthy before she'll let me
play with it. Do you have time right now?"

"Of course," said the nurse. "Actually, your timing couldn't be better.
Brooke and I were just about to go talk to another student who's become
curious about her rear-end as well. Why don't you come into the exam room
and we can get you checked out?"

Nurse Megan and Brooke walked together towards the exam room with Kasey
following. Nurse Megan opened the door and the three stepped inside.
Kasey was last, wondering who the other student might be. Once Kasey shut
the door behind her, the two older women stepped apart and Kasey saw none
other than Julie Reese sitting on the exam table. Julie saw Kasey and her
eyes widened. Kasey half-expected one of Julie's mean comments, but Julie
only blushed and looked away. Kasey was taken aback, wondering why Julie
had reacted that way. She was not suprised, however, that this particular
classmate was interested in anal play. Kasey had heard and seen Julie's
reaction to having her butthole cleaned by Coach Miranda and Julie had
seemed, if anything, to enjoy the experience of being anally fingered by
another female even more than Abby had.

"OK girls," said Nurse Megan, "let's get you both undressed and up on the

"It looks like Kasey is one step ahead of you," Brooke said with a smirk.
It was only then that Kasey realized her big butt was still hanging out of
her pants.

Kasey only laughed nervously and began undressing - kicking off her
sneakers, then pulling down her pants and underwear before stepping out of
them. Next, she removed her tank top and bra. She handed them to Brooke,
who placed them off to one side. Meanwhile, Julie had stripped down to
only her socks and now stood nude in front of the two older women as well
as her classmate. Kasey couldn't help but admire Julie. She had lovely
green eyes, long, slightly curly, dark red hair and her face was lightly
freckled. Unlike Kasey, Julie had begun to grow pubic hair. She had a
tiny strip of fine, red hairs growing above her slit. What Kasey admired
most, however, was Julie's beautiful C-cup breasts capped with wide, puffy,
pale-pink nipples that made Kasey's A-cups look tiny by comparison. Kasey
suddenly realized she was staring and that Julie had caught her in the act.
Instead of being angry, however, Julie just blushed and seemed to puff her
chest out slightly, as if eager to show off her full breasts, which were so
surprising to see on a petite, 12-year-old girl.

Once both girls were naked, Nurse Megan instructed them to sit side-by-side
on the exam table while she explained to them that anal masturbation was
extremely common, quite natural, and completely safe if done properly. She
told them that a typical girl reached about ten years of age, she become
very curious about her body, and that included her anus. By twelve years
of age, most girls had begun to experiment with putting fingers, household
items, or even sex toys (typically "borrowed" from a mother or older
sister) in their rear-ends.

"Your friends have all tried it at least once, even if they won't admit
it," said Nurse Megan. "Go to the mall on any given afternoon and look at
any girl who has recently begun puberty and you can be almost certain that,
secretly in the privacy of her own home, that girl has put something up her

Nurse Megan talked for a few more minutes, telling the girls how to avoid
hurting themselves while masturbating, and answered both girls' various
questions. At last, Nurse Megan said it was time for the girls to be
examined. But first, she said, the girls would need their temperatures
taken, after which she and Brooke would administer enemas to each student
so the examination could be done properly and hygienically.

Nurse Megan instructed the girls to readjust themselves so they were on
their hands and knees on the table. Kasey got into position first while
Julie seemed to hesitate for a moment. Kasey realized that Julie was
admiring Kasey's soft, chubby bum much as Kasey had been admiring Julie's
breasts. Kasey remembered how wonderful it had been to feel Julie's soapy
fingers eagerly exploring her back entrance in the shower and she suddenly
felt her small, hairless vagina beginning to moisten. After another
moment, Nurse Megan cleared her throat and an embarrassed Julie climbed on
to the table next to Kasey.

Brooke opened a drawer and removed two thermometers and a bottle of sterile
lubricant. She applied the lube to both and handed one to Nurse Megan.
With one hand, the nurse pried Kasey's plump buttcheeks wide enough to find
her anus and gently inserted the thermometer. Kasey gasped slightly as she
felt the cold lube inside of her and a moment later heard Julie make the
same noise as Brooke inserted the other thermometer into Julie. Both
12-year-olds waited patiently for the rectal thermometers to register their
temperatures and soon both beeped.

Both temperatures were normal so now it was time for the girls to receive
their enemas. Nurse Megan explained the procedure as Brooke filled two
large, plastic bottles with warm water and hung each upside-down from one
of two IV stands that were positioned near each girl's feet. From each
bottle dangled a long, rubber hose and each hose had been clamped off to
prevent water from spilling on the floor. Nurse Megan and Brooke
lubricated the ends of each hose. Brooke easily inserted the tip into
Julie's backside while Nurse Megan waited for her to finish.

"Here is a problem you might encounter when giving enemas," Nurse Megan
explained to her nursing student. "Because Kasey has such a large bottom,
it can be tricky to insert the hose by yourself. You don't want to just go
poking blindly away and accidentally hurt her. So I'll hold her cheeks
apart for you to make it easier to find her anus."

Nurse Megan placed a hand on each of Kasey's ample buttcheeks and gently
pulled them apart, revealing her tight, pink rosebud. Kasey couldn't help
but feel a sense of naughty excitement at having her butthole so completely
exposed to the pretty, young nursing student. Her smooth preteen vagina
began to tingle a little at first, then much more intensly as she felt the
cold tip of the hose being gently inserted into her rectum.

Nurse Megan unclamped both hoses and Kasey felt a very strange but also
very pleasant sensation as warm water began filling her bowels. The nurse
told the girls she had to make some notes in their charts and she and
Brooke momentarily left the room.

For a moment, neither Kasey nor Julie spoke as they waited side-by-side on
their hands and knees as the water slowly flowed from the bottles, down the
long rubber hoses, and deep into their young rectums.

"I wanted to tell you something," Julie said, a bit nervously, breaking the

"Oh yeah . . ." Kasey said, not sure where this was going.

"I wanted to say I'm sorry for what I did to you," Julie said. Kasey
looked over at her, but Julie would not meet her eyes. "Cutting that hole
in your pants. That was really mean. My friends talked me into it. And I
know that doesn't excuse what I did. But I'm really, really sorry."

"How do I know you really mean it?" Kasey asked. "You're always such a
bitch to me."

"I know," said Julie, sounding more ashamed than ever. "I guess maybe it's
because I'm jealous of you."

"Jealous? Of me? Why?" Kasey asked, startled.

"Because you have such a sexy butt," Julie said. "Since we were, like,
9-years-old it seemed like all the boys in school were into you because of
your butt and you never even seemed to notice."

"I didn't notice!" Kasey said. "I was afraid the boys didn't like me.
I've always felt really embarrassed about my butt because it's so big. And
I've been really jealous of you because of your boobs."

"Really?" Julie asked, genuinely surprised. "You don't think they're too

"I think they are beautiful!" Kasey said. "I wish I had boobs like yours."

"Well, I wish I had a butt like yours," Julie said, beginning to smile.
"I'd play with it 24/7 if I were you."

"I think you've spent more time back there than anyone," Kasey pointed out.
". . . besides me, of course." Julie laughed and Kasey felt the last of
the tension between them disappear. "So do you think maybe we could try
being friends?" Kasey asked.

"I'd like that a lot," Julie said. The two girls looked at one another and
smiled warmly. Julie's green eyes met Kasey's blue ones and, just for a
fleeting moment, Kasey felt like something had passed between them. But
before anything else could be said, Nurse Megan and Brooke walked back into
the room.

"Looks good," Nurse Megan said after they checked to make sure the water
bottles were empty. "Now you just need to purge your bottoms and we can do
our examinations."

Both girls stood up from the exam table and now that she was upright, Kasey
felt the pressure inside her bowels. They were so full of warm liquid that
she felt she might burst at any second. With each step, it seemed to slosh
around inside her. Brooke took Julie by the hand and led her towards the
bathroom. Julie sat down on the toilet and immediately her eyes closed and
she sighed as water flowed out of her butt and into the toilet bowl.

Nurse Megan took Kasey's hand and led her towards the bathroom door. Kasey
had to go so badly she was forced to squeeze her big bumcheeks together
with two hands just to keep it inside. She waited impatiently as Brooke
instructed Julie to bend over at the waist. With a moist toilette in her
hand, Brooke wiped up the entire length of the busty 12-year-old buttcrack
then threw the towelette in the trashcan. She used a second one to
throughly clean Julie's anus. When she was finished, Brooke instructed
Julie to spread her cheeks apart, which the girl obediently did without
hesitation. Brooke knelt down and inspected it closely, pronounced it
clean, and sent Julie back into the exam room after flushing the toilet.

Finally, it was Kasey's turn. She rushed into the bathroom, bottom
jiggling, and plopped her huge butt down on the seat. She moaned with
relief as her sphincter released a torrent of water into the toilet bowl
while Julie and the two nurses watched. Once she was fully purged, Kasey
stood up once again. Nurse Megan instructed Kasey to bend over at the
waist. Then she instructed Brooke to hold the little girl's round cheeks
open so she could properly clean her. Kasey felt the cool towelette glide
slowly from her vagina all the way up the deep valley of her buttcrack.
She trembled slightly as she felt Nurse Megan's fingers touching her
sensitive anus through the towelette. Nurse Megan had to use more
towelettes to clean Kasey's backside than Brooke had used to clean Julie's,
not because it was dirtier, but because there was just so much more
backside to be cleaned. After Nurse Megan had closely inspected Kasey's
anus and found it immaculately clean, she sent the little blonde girl back
into the exam room with a gentle pat on the bum.

Kasey and Julie were told to climb back on the table, again on all fours,
but this time they were instructed to position themselves length-wise,
facing one another, so that each nurse could stand at one end of the table.
The two seventh-graders waited patiently, their exposed bottoms open and
vulnerable, faces inches away from one another. Nurse Megan and Brooke
each put on a pair of latex gloves, taking their time, as Kasey secretly
grew more excited at the thought of one of the two attractive older ladies
probing her tight butthole with long, slender fingers. Her blue eyes met
Julie's green ones and the two exchanged mischevious smiles. Apparently,
Julie was as excited as Kasey.

"Are they really going to put their fingers in our butts?" Kasey whispered
as the two nurses conferred off to one side.

"I hope so," said Julie. "It felt so nice when Coach Miranda had hers
inside me."

"Not as good as it felt to have yours inside me," Kasey replied and the two
girls both fought to stifle their giggles.

At last, the nurses were ready to begin the little girls' anal
examinations. Brooke stood at the foot of the table, by Julie's bottom,
while Nurse Megan stood at the head of the table, by Kasey's. Simply
because of the massive size of Kasey's bubble butt, Nurse Megan thought it
was best that she administer Kasey's exam, so that Brooke could practice on
Julie's smaller and more manageable rear-end.

Before they began, Nurse Megan explained that this would be a two-part
process. First, the nurses would inspect the girl's anal cavities for
anything which might suggest it would be unhealthy or potential harmful for
the girls to engage in anal masturbation. Secondly, the nurses would
perform something called an "anal elasticity test", which involved testing
to see how wide each girl's anus could be stretched. Kasey and Julie
looked at one another again and smiled. This was going to be FUN.

Kasey gasped and closed her eyes as she felt the tip of Nurse Megan's index
finger touch her tightly puckered bottomhole. Instantly, the young girl
felt her bald pussy begin to moisten. Nurse Megan wasted no time gently
but firmly pushing past Kasey's reluctant sphincter. Kasey did her best to
relax her anal muscles as the nurse's finger penetrated her tiny, pink
rosebud all the way to the knuckle. Kasey opened her eyes and looked at
Julie, whose eyes were closed shut, as the redheaded girl bit her bottom
lip and groaned softly. Julie's lightly-freckled breasts hung below her
chest, her nipples caressing the exam table as they swayed gently.

Kasey groaned and shut her eyes again as she began to feel Nurse Megan's
finger wriggling inside her, probing her most secret and sensitive oriface.
Kasey's smooth little vagina was dripping with excitement and she ached to
touch herself between her thighs, but felt such an overt act of sexual
arousal would be inappropriate and so she fought the urge. Soon Kasey's
sphincter began to relax and accept the intrusion as Nurse Megan explored
her big preteen butt with medical precision. Each time the nurse's finger
moved inside her eager rectum, Kasey felt chills coursing through her
pre-pubescent body. It was becoming more and more difficult to keep her
groans of pleasure contained. Judging from the noises Julie was beginning
to make, the busty redhead was having the same issue.

"Everything feels normal, Kasey," Nurse Megan said. "It seems you have a
perfectly healthy bottom. How are you doing? I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"No, Nurse Megan," Kasey managed to reply.

"And how is Julie looking?" the nurse asked Brooke.

"Everything feels normal in here, too," said the nursing student.

"Wonderful," said Nurse Megan. "Now we just need to do a visual inspection
and we can move on to the second part of the exam."

Nurse Megan withdrew her finger from Kasey's butt and the little girl
whimpered at the sensation of emptiness. But that wouldn't last long. The
nurse opened a drawer and withdrew two strange-looking devices and handed
one to Brooke. She explained to the girls that it was called a speculum.
It would be used to open each girl's anus and so the inside of the rectum
would be examined with a tiny light to visually confirm that each girl was
healthy enough for anal masturbation.

Both 12-year-olds squealed as they felt the cold metal of the speculums
being inserted into their rear-ends. A moment later, Kasey began to feel
the odd sensation of having her anus itself spread open. Once again, her
body instinctively resisted the foreign object, but she did her best to
relax and allow herself to be opened up. Once the speculum had fully
expanded, Nurse Megan knelt down behind Kasey and closely examined the
girl's inner workings.

"Very good," said Nurse Megan. "Everything looks perfect."

"Would you come and check Julie for me?" Brooke asked. "I don't see any
problems, but just to be on the safe side."

"Of course," said the nurse.

Nurse Megan left the speculum where it was, hanging out of Kasey's butthole
like some bizarre steel tail, and went to double-check Julie's. After a
quick look, she determined that Julie was completely healthy as well. When
that was done, she returned to her position on Kasey's side of the table.

"Would you like to see up inside your bottom, Kasey?" Nurse Megan asked.

"What do you mean?" Kasey asked, taken aback by the question. "How can I
do that?"

"I have a tiny camera that connects to the monitor on the wall over there,"
the nurse said. "You'll be able to see inside your own body."

"Wow, cool!" said Kasey enthusiastically.

Nurse Megan took a complex-looking device out of a hard, plastic case and
plugged one end into the monitor and turned the monitor on. It displayed a
real-time video image coming from a tiny lens at the end of a long, narrow
black tube that was rigid yet flexible. Nurse Megan pointed the lens at
Kasey's butt and both girls turned their heads to look at Kasey's exposed
backside displayed on the screen. The girl's chubby buttcheeks seemed like
they were about to swallow the speculum whole, but there was enough of a
gap for Nurse Megan to guide the probe inside the little girl's big bottom.
Kasey was able to see the smooth, clean, pink walls of her own rectum with
crystal clear definition.

"That's the coolest thing ever!" said Julie.

"It's a neat little toy," said Nurse Megan modestly.

"Can we look up Julie's butt, too?" Kasey asked. Julie smiled gratefully
at Kasey. She had been reluctant to ask the nurse herself.

"I don't see why not," said the nurse.

She handed the scope to Brooke. The young nursing student needed practice
and this was the perfect opportunity. As Nurse Megan had done, Brooke
guided the end of the probe into Julie's rectum. Both little girls stared
in fascination as the monitor displayed images from inside Julie's lovely
young butt. Like Kasey's, Julie's rectum was clean and smooth, but seemed
a darker shade of pink, almost red.

"Why is mine more red?" Julie asked. "Is that bad?"

"Not at all, sweetie," said Nurse Megan reassuringly. "Everybody's is a
little different."

"It's because you're a redhead!" Kasey suggested and all four of them

Once the demonstration was finished, Nurse Megan carefully put the scope
away. Brooke removed the speculum from Julie's bum and handed it to Nurse
Megan. The nurse then removed Kasey's speculum and placed it on the
counter by the sink. Now it was time for the second part of the exam. The
nurse and her student would each use one finger to stretch each girl's
bottomhole to the point where the sphincter muscle had relaxed sufficiently
around the finger, then insert a second. The nurses would see how many
fingers each girl could fit inside her butt and score them between 1 and 5.
Kasey knew for a fact that she could take three fingers up her butt and was
eager to show off for Julie.

Kasey waited patiently on the exam table, her back slightly arched,
presenting her big round butt to the pretty school nurse. A moment later,
she felt Nurse Megan's hand sliding in between her soft, white globes. Her
index finger pushed against Kasey's tight little anus, making the
12-year-old shiver. Her sphincter didn't resist for long and Kasey sighed
as the nurse's long, slender finger penetrated her back entrance. She let
it rest inside the girl, allowing her to become accustomed to the
sensation, then slowly pulled her finger back to the nail. Then she pushed
it back in once again. Kasey's pliant sphincter made no effort to resist
this time and Nurse Megan's finger slid easily into Kasey's butt, making
the pretty 7th-grader moan softly.

Nurse Megan began slowly and steadily, working her long finger in and out
of Kasey's butthole with even, deliberate strokes. Kasey instinctively
fell into a rhythm, thrusting her plump bottom against the nurse's hand
with the impatient eagerness of a child. Nurse Megan began pumping her
finger in and out of Kasey's anus faster and faster, feeling the grip of
the little girl's sphincter relax further with each pump.

Kasey kept her eyes closed most of the time, wanting to concentrate fully
on the beautiful experience taking place in her rear-end. Occasionally,
however, she would open her eyes to peek at Julie. She could Julie moaning
softly, like she was, of course. But seeing the pretty redhead's mouth
hanging wide open and seeing Julie's eyelids fluttering with each insertion
of Brooke's finger into her tender pink hole only made Kasey more excited.
Kasey wanted to rub herself between her legs so badly it almost hurt. She
could feel her juices leaking out of her bald vagina and slowly running
down the inside of her smooth thighs . . .

"OHHHHhhh nnnmmmmmmm!" Kasey moaned loudly as Nurse Megan shoved a second
finger up her fat preteen butt.

She had been so distracted by the throbbing ache in her young pussy that
she hadn't had the presence of mind to keep her moan subdued. She felt
embarrassed at the noise she had just made, but Nurse Megan did not scold
her. She only continued pumping her middle and index finger deep into
Kasey's all-too-willing bumhole. Julie, meanwhile, had smiled wickedly at
Kasey, making her blush bright red.

Nurse Megan kept up a steady pace as she worked her two fingers in and out
of Kasey's butt, starting slowly at first. Soon, Kasey heard Julie groan
quietly and knew that Brooke had two fingers in Julie's backside as well.
The nursing student mimicked her instructor's technique. After a few
minutes, Kasey and Julie were both rocking forward, then backward, then
forward again. They rocked forward as the fingers inside their bottoms
withdrew, then rocked backward to feel them penetrate once again. No one
spoke and all that could be heard were the subtle squelching noises as the
little girls' buttholes greedily swallowed the nurses' fingers fed to them,
coupled with their soft cooing and whimpering.

Kasey felt as if she were in a trance, caught in a wonderful rhythm she
could not have broken even if she wanted to. The room had become very warm
from the bodyheat the girls were giving off and the air smelled sweetly of
sweat and feminine excitement. Then, of course, there was the unique
fragrance of each girl's well-cleaned rectum wafting through the room as
well, adding to the wonderful aroma.

Kasey opened her eyes to see Julie's face mere inches away from hers. Each
time the girls rocked forward, their foreheads nearly touched. Julie's
bright green eyes were locked on Kasey's. She smiled at Kasey, a sweet,
loving smile. Kasey glanced away nervously but, when she looked back,
Julie was still smiling at her, still not breaking eye contact. Their
faces moved closer. Kasey bit her lower lip, unsure of herself. Julie
tilted her chin up a little higher and Kasey did the same.

Finally, Kasey summoned her courage, closed her eyes, and puckered her
lips. As Nurse Megan's fingers plunged deep into her backside, Kasey
rocked forward, and her lips met Julie's. The kiss was brief but it felt
like an eternity to Kasey. When she opened her eyes again, Julie smiled
warmly at her and Kasey smiled back.

"That was my very first kiss," Kasey whispered.

"Mine too," replied Julie, blushing slightly.

"Did you like it?" Kasey asked hopefully.

"It was amazing," Julie told her. "Did you?"

"It was the best kiss of my life," Kasey said.

"It was the only kiss of your life," Julie said, giggling. Her laughter
was infectious and soon Kasey was giggling too.

"You silly girls," said Nurse Megan, in a mock exasperated tone. "Brooke,
I think they must be ready for another finger if they can giggle with two
in there."

"I think you're right, Megan," Brooke agreed. "I think we've been too easy
on them. Let's give them a real challenge."

Kasey sucked in her breath and let it out as a loud groan as she felt Nurse
Megan burying a third finger inside her little pink bottomhole, opening her
already well-stretched anus even wider. Julie made similar noises of
pleasure as she felt her own rosebud being probed by a third finger. The
girls could no longer contain the almost animalistic noises they made as
their rear-ends were deeply and thoroughly probed by the two nurses. As
Nurse Megan and Brooke increased the pace of their anal explorations, the
two 7th-graders moaned in ecstasy. Their young bodies writhed on the
table, Julie's big breasts swaying beneath her, Kasey's plump, round
buttcheeks bouncing and jiggling.

In her bed late at night, or locked away in the bathroom as she showered,
Julie had pleasured herself anally, giving in to the natural curiosity that
all pubescent girls feel about their own bodies. On her own, the most she
had been able to fit into her tight back entrance was two fingers, and the
sensation of feeling three of Brooke's inside her was nearly overwhelming.
Her juices were flowing steadily out of her small preteen vagina and she
knew she could not endure much longer. Her sphincter began clenching and
unclenching around Brooke's probing fingers.

"I think she's about to burst," Brooke said to Nurse Megan.

"That's OK," said the nurse. "I think she's had all she can take for

"Just relax, sweetie, and let it go," said Brooke in a reassuring tone.

Julie was only barely aware of what was being said about her. She was
nearly having an out-of-body experience. She cared only about the
incredibly satisfying sense of fullness in her backside and the dam about
to burst between her legs. Suddenly, Julie cried out, her entire body
began to tremble, and a long, hot jet of girlcum gushed out of her red,
swollen vagina and splashed against the table beneath her. She slumped
down, panting and trembling, and would have slid off the table if Brooke
had not steadied her. She helped Julie off the table and sat her on the
small couch in the corner of the exam room to recover.

Meanwhile, Kasey was delirious with pleasure as Nurse Megan pumped her
long, delicate fingers in and out of Kasey's butthole as fast as she could.
Kasey groaned and squealed with delight, the side of her face pressed
against the tabletop coated with fresh girlcum, her exquisitely huge bottom
up in the air jiggling wildly.

After making Julie comfortable, Brooke stood next to Nurse Megan, marveling
at the little girl's enormous white butt. Nurse Megan pulled her fingers
all the way out of Kasey's bumhole, making the girl whine impatiently. The
nurse spread Kasey's chubby buttcheeks wide and Brooke gasped as she saw
the pretty blonde preteen's gaping anus. She could hardly believe her
eyes. Just as the hole started to close, Nurse Megan shoved her fingers
back in, causing the girl to groan desperately.

"You can let go any time you want to, Kasey," said Nurse Megan.

"No, please," Kasey begged. "I want another finger in me."

"Are you sure?" the nurse asked. Kasey only nodded her head vigorously.
She needed to feel her anus stretched as wide as possible more than she had
ever needed anything in her life.

"Alright, honey, but we're going to need to loosen you up quite a bit more
before I can fit another in," said Nurse Megan.

"Please . . ." Kasey replied in the same urgent tone.

By now, Julie had recovered enough to stand. Not bothering to dress, she
stood naked next to Nurse Megan, amazed at how incredibly sexy Kasey's big
butt looked stuffed with a woman's fingers. Nurse Megan even paused to
spread Kasey's bumcheeks once again so Julie could see inside Kasey's
gaping bottomhole.

Julie thought Kasey's loose, slippery, pink rectum was the most beautiful
thing she had ever seen. And she loved the delightful scent eminating from
inside Kasey's body. Julie's only regret, although she wouldn't have
admitted it, was that it wasn't her fingers that had stretched open the
pretty blonde girl's butthole. Since that day in the shower after gym
class, Julie had wanted more than anything in the world to be able to play
with Kasey's butt again. That wasn't all, though. In fact, when Julie
played with her own bottom, she always imagined it was Kasey's fingers
inside her and not her own.

As Kasey eagerly took Nurse Megan's relentless anal pounding, she became
even more aroused knowing that Brooke and Julie were both openly staring at
her huge bottom and her well-used anus. She only wished more girls and
women had been present in that exam room so she could flaunt her massive
bare backside at all them. She had never been happier to be a big butt
girl than she was right now.

But the ache in Kasey's smooth preteen pussy was becoming unbearable. She
needed to rub herself there so badly it hurt. Her conscious mind wanted to
feel a fourth finger inside her (and wanted Julie to see it as well) but
her need for release was too strong. She plunged her right hand between
her wet, sticky thighs and began rubbing furiously.

"No, Kasey, stop!" said Julie. "If you cum, you won't be able to keep

"She's right, Kasey," said Nurse Megan. "In the time it takes you to
recover, your anus will tighten up again."

"I can't stop! I have to cum so bad!" Kasey moaned, still rubbing.

"But don't you want a fourth finger in there?" Julie asked.

"Yes . . ." Kasey whimpered.

"Grab her hand, Julie!" Nurse Megan instructed, still mercilessly pumping
her finger in and out of the young blonde girl.

Julie did as she was told, reaching under Kasey's writhing body and
grabbing her right hand and pulling it away. Kasey fought to resist, but
Julie pulled as hard as she could and eventually succeeded. Nurse Megan
could feel Kasey's anus loosening almost enough to fit another finger, but
not just yet. Another minute or so would do it.

Suddenly, Kasey shoved her free left hand between her thighs and began
rubbing herself like mad. This time, Brooke reacted. She grabbed Kasey's
wrist and pulled her hand away. Kasey was practically sobbing, alternately
begging to be allowed to cum and begging to be stretched even wider, as
Julie and Brooke fought to keep her restrained and Nurse Megan rammed her
fingers up Kasey's butthole as hard and deep as she could.

Finally, Nurse Megan had enough wiggle room to slip in a fourth finger.
She warned Kasey it was coming, then shoved all four fingers inside the
little girl's gaping rectum. Kasey howled in ecstasy. She had never felt
anything this amazing in her entire life.

"Oh my gosh," Julie breathed. "It's so beautiful, Kasey . . ."

"Yes, it is," Nurse Megan agreed. "I've never met a girl your age who
could stretch so wide. Most women of any age can't. You are a very
special girl, Kasey."

"And such an incredible butt," added Brooke.

"It is incredible," said Nurse Megan. "One of the most incredibly I've
ever seen. And she knows it, you can tell. You're very proud of your big
bottom, aren't you sweetie?"

"Nnnnnn," Kasey said by way of agreement, nodding her head.

"Do you want me to show Julie how loose your bottomhole is now, princess?"
Nurse Megan asked. Kasey just nodded in response.

Nurse Megan pulled her fingers out of Kasey's sucking butthole and spread
the 12-year-old girl's huge fat bumcheeks as wide as she could. Julie
marveled at Kasey's incredibly loose, gaping anus. It could only fit four
of Nurse Megan's fingers but Julie believed she might be able to fit her
entire hand in there. The wonderful fragrance that wafted out of Kasey's
rear-end filled the room now and Julie thought it smelled better than any

"You've been a very good, very brave little girl," Nurse Megan said to
Kasey, "and I think you've earned your release. I just want you to relax
and let it all come out."

Nurse Megan continued working her four fingers in and out of the girl's
anus, but not so hard anymore. She did it lovingly, gently massaging the
inside of the 12-year-old's slippery rectum. Kasey's entire body began to
shake, making her chubby buttcheeks quiver. She opened her mouth wide and
closed her eyes tight. She could feel the tremendous pressure in her
tender little pussy building. Desperately, she reached out for Julie and
the redheaded girl grabbed Kasey's hand and squeezed tight.

Suddenly, Kasey's hips began to buck wildly as a flood of girlcum erupted
out of her vagina in a continous stream. Her vaginal muscles spasmed,
pumping out more and more hot, sticky, sweet-smelling girlcum. She was
moaning and crying and begging all at the same time. Kasey squeezed
Julie's hand hard as she continued gushing, forming a puddle underneath her
that dripped on to the floor. At last, the torrent slowed. Kasey lay down
on her belly on the girlcum-covered table, panting and twitching. Julie
held her hand. Brooke rubbed her back. Nurse Megan gently stroked her
big, bare bottom.

Eventually, Kasey recovered and was helped off the table. The two nurses
cleaned the girls using warm, wet washclothes and tried them with fluffy
towels. Once they were clean, the girls dressed again. They thanked the
two nurses, giving both of them hugs, and left the office.

"I want to ask you something . . ." Julie said, obviously nervous.

"Sure," said Kasey, "what is it?"

"I was wondering . . . umm . . . if you're not doing anything this weekend,
maybe you and me could do something together?" Julie asked hesitantly.

"Do you mean like a date?" Kasey asked, startled and delighted.

"Yeah, I guess," said Julie. Then, she backpedaled, worried Kasey might
reject her. "Or whatever. It doesn't have to be a date. We can just hang

"I want it to be a date," Kasey said, smiling.

"So do I," said Julie, smiling back at her.

"I kind of have plans this weekend, though," Julie said. "My parents are
going away so I'm staying at Abby's house." She thought for a moment.
"Let's do it next weekend!"

"OK, awesome!" said Julie.

Both girls stood there awkwardly for a moment, neither knowing what to say.
The bell rang and they both realized they had to get to class. The two
girls hugged, this shared experience having made them so very close.
Reluctantly, Kasey released Julie, then turned around, and walked away
after a final goodbye. She looked over her shoulder and saw Julie staring
at her as she walked away. Kasey laughed, blew a kiss, and continued
walking, a little extra wiggle in her beautiful, big butt.

End of Part 1.

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