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Nifty - Lesbian - Adult Youth - My Neighbors Daughter

Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 10:55:55 -0800 (PST)
From: Jan None <>
Subject: My Neighbors Daughter (lesian/adult youth, oral, anal, F/f)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a young
girl and older women. If this type of content offends
you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be
downloaded for personal reading, pleasure, or sending
to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them on your
own site, please contact the author for permission.

Copyright 2013 Jan, All rights reserved

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My Neighbor's Daughter

       I was working in my back yard flower bed the
other day, and was able to see through the gaps in
the boards of the common fence between my yard
and my next door neighbor's. What I witnessed was
very erotic.

       My neighbors were a middle-aged couple with an
attractive teenaged daughter. Her name is Gina, a
very sexy Greek girl with dark flowing hair and blue
eyes. She seemed to be a typical high school
freshman. I thought she was boy crazy like most
girls her age, but what I witnessed put a new light on

       Our back yards have a distinct slope down a
common hill. What I witnessed was Gina in the back
yard with two girls obviously her age engaged
definitely in lesbian activity. I was fascinated by
their activity, and watched them for almost an hour.

       They had been dressed very casually to start
with. They had on little half T-shirts or halter tops
and cutoff-jeans that were so short that half of
their tight little butt cheeks were exposed. At first
I expected to see them just do a little sunbathing
and paid very little attention. After a few minutes I
casually checked out what they were doing and was
surprised to see Gina lying on the ground between her
two friends, and they were totally naked. Her
friends were sucking on her tits like hungry little
beasts. Both of them were finger fucking her

       I couldn't take my eyes off the action. There
was a lot of kissing and tongue sucking while one or
the other continued sucking her little breasts. One
of the girls moved down hill to position herself
between Gina's legs so that she could suck Gina's
pussy. The other girl got on top of her, and sat on
her chest before moving forward to force Gina to
suck her pussy. All three of them were clean shaven,
which made them look younger than they obviously
were. Before they were finished Gina had sucked
both of their pussies and they had sucked hers until
Gina had obviously experienced a couple of orgasms.

       I was so shaken by their obviously liberal sexual
behavior, and found that my own pussy was sopping
wet. When the three of them got dressed and
retreated into the house, I sat there on my own lawn
and stuffed my hand into my baggy work coveralls and
sought out my baggy old panties. I finger-fucked
myself until I experienced a heart throbbing orgasm.

       It took several minutes before I recovered.
When I did, I found that I was sweating so much that
my bangs were plastered against my forehead. I was
so weak that my knees almost buckled when I tried to
stand. I made my way into my house and took a long
hot bath. Every time I closed my eyes I was
visualizing the image of Gina's naked body and those
two girls making love to her.

       I had played around with my girlfriends when I
was her age, but had not had a lesbian encounter in
more than ten years. Witnessing Gina's behavior
awakened a sexual desire that was making my heart
race. I started plotting how I was going to seduce

       The next morning when I got my husband off to
work I got dressed myself and drank coffee while
watching for evidence of Gina getting ready for
school. When I witnessed activity through the
kitchen window I went outside and got into my car
and warmed up the engine. I pulled the car out of the
driveway to the edge of the apron. When Gina came
out of her front door I lowered my driver side
window and asked her, "Honey, would you like me to
drive you to school?"

       Gina came bounding around my car and opened
the passenger door. She thanked me as she piled into
the seat. She buckled the safety belt and placed her
book bag on her lap. I admired how attractive she
looked in her school clothes.

       She had her hair pulled back into a ponytail with
a colorful scrunchy holding it in place. She had on
white flat shoes without socks. Her skirt was so
short that a large amount of white thigh was
revealed. She had on a sweater fighting against the
morning coolness. There was only the collar of her
blouse visible. Looking at her was hard to picture her
as she had been the day before lying on the grass
naked with the other two naked girls sucking and
being sucked.

       As I drove her to school I mentioned, "Does
your mother know what you were doing in the
backyard yesterday with your friends?"

       There was a panicked look on her face, "You saw
what we were doing yesterday?"

       "Don't worry I did the same thing when I was
your age. I have had some girlfriends over the years
too! I thought that the three of you looked
absolutely charming."

       I deliberately didn't say anymore. I wanted her
to think about what I had said. She was obviously
distressed as I dropped her off at school. I added,
"I will be here this afternoon to take you home! I
deliberately made it a statement rather that a
question or offer.

       True to my statement I was there as soon as
her school day ended. When she saw my car she
approached slowly. She opened the door and sat
down quietly. While we were driving home I asked,
"Did you think about our discussion this morning?"

       Gina looked worried, "I thought about it almost
constantly. You didn't say anything about telling my
mother about what you saw. What do you want from

       "As I told you I did the same things you were
doing when I was your age. What you were doing is
perfectly natural. I'm sure that with all of my
experience that I could teach you a lot of things!"

       I knew what her parents did as well as she did.
Her father went directly to his lodge meeting from
work on Wednesdays, and her mother went to the
home of her friends to play cards all evening.
Neither of them would get home before eleven
o'clock. I suggested, "Why don't you spend the
evening with me?"

       Gina looked at me, "What about your husband?"

       I smiled, "James is out of town on business this
week. So you can come over as soon as your mother
heads to her card game."

       The look on Gina's face changed from the sweet
innocent school girl that she was into a wonton whore.
She kissed me on the lips before she got out of the
car and headed next door. I put my car away and
prepared for my visitor. I bathed carefully and
pampered myself with lotions and powders before I
selected my sexiest negligee. I waited in my living
room watching the evening news, and enjoying a glass
of wine. I heard Gina's mother's car pulling out of
their driveway. It was only a few minutes later that
there was a knock at my door.

       I enjoyed the look on Gina's face when I opened
the door. I'm sure she had not expected to see me so
scantily clad. Her eyes went directly to my breasts.
She was obviously impressed with my 38-DD
measurements. Nature had not only endowed me with
large tits, my areolas are as large as bar-room
coaster and my nipples stick out large and proudly. I
deliberately moved my right leg so that my negligee
parted enough to reveal my upper thigh, and she
would also see the dark triangle of my pubic bush.
When she looked down at my crotch she licked her

       I knew that she was fascinated by what she
saw. I ushered her into my living room and directed
her to the couch. There was already an extra wine
glass on the coffee table next to mine and the open
bottle of wine. She accepted my offer of wine, and I
poured her a glass before refilling mine. I tucked my
left leg under my body in such a way that my heel was
resting against my own pussy before picking up our
glasses. I handed her a glass and took a sip of my
own glass while I studied her behavior.

       She was not cowered by my appearance, and it
was obvious that she was stimulated by the way I had
presented myself in such a seductive fashion. I was
also aware that she had changed clothes before
coming to visit me in something she had deliberately
selected to arouse me.

       Gina had selected a dark blue shorty T-shirt
that showed off to the best advantage her 33-Bs,
and what looked like the same cutoff jeans as she sat
on the couch.

       After she took a sip of her red wine I asked,
"How long have you been playing with your

       Gina smiled, "The older sister of my best friend
taught us how to have fun with her when we were
seven. I enjoyed what she taught us, and have
continued doing it ever since."

       I placed the tips of my fingers on my right hand
under her chin and lifted her head so that I could
kiss her on the lips. She parted her lips as if to
invite me to stick my tongue into her mouth. I chose
not to act so boldly. I waited until she stuck out her
tongue. Then I touched the tip of my tongue against
the tip of her tongue. She moaned softly and tried
to capture my tongue, but I resisted her efforts.

       It was my desire to seduce her so thoroughly
that she would become my one and only lover. I took
my time kissing her and slowly feeling her up. I
wanted her body to be so stimulated that she would
beg me to fuck her. I slowly ran my hands over her
body, just barely touching her. She tried to grab my
wrist and force me to grasp her breasts, but I
slipped my left arm under her right armpit and
grasped her left arm from behind her body,
effectively handcuffing her arm from interfering
with my exploration of her body the way I wanted. I
toyed with the front of her little shorty T-shirt as I
slowly traced the shape of her small breasts. I
gently felt her small breast through the t-shirt, and
it was obvious that there was no bra under the T-
shirt. I knew that all I had to do was slip my hand
under the bottom of the T-shirt and I would be
feeling the warm flesh of her childish breast.

       She was practically crying as she begged me to
squeeze her tits harder. In response I deliberately
ran my hand down her flat tummy. I toyed with her
little navel. When I reached the top of her shorts I
tugged on the brass button closing the top of her cut
off-jeans, and when it popped open three of the
remaining five buttons popped open exposing the
little pink panties. Gina let out an anticipatory moan.

       I lightly traced the elastic band at the top of
her panties. She struggled with me trying to free
her arms, but I easily restrained her arms. She
begged, "Please touch my pussy!"

       I stopped her pleading and complaining by
covering her mouth with my own. That did not stop
her from struggling to free her arms. I slid my
finger over the top of her tight little panties and the
material folded between the lips of her wet little
cunny. She moaned into my mouth.

       I felt that I had toyed with her enough and
released her arms, so that I could pull the T-shirt
over her head. She flung her arms up to allow me to
pull her T-shirt off. I absolutely loved her budding
breasts. They were just starting to develop, but
they promised to develop into magnificent tits
shortly. The areolas were little pink circles no larger
than a nickel and her nipples were nothing more than
the size of puffy rice. I couldn't resist bending over
and taking most of her little tit into my mouth. I
toyed with her nipple with my tongue. Gina was
moaning constantly while I was sucking on her tit.

       She was trying to grab my tits too. She pulled
my right tit out from behind the negligee. I can only
wish that my tits looked like those professional
models that had their tits enlarged with implants, but
the weight of double D's make my tits sag somewhat.
My nipples point towards the floor, rather that point
straight out in front of me. They are nice and
smooth though. She molded them like she was playing
with a ten pound block of modeling clay. I was
enjoying her efforts almost as much as the first time
a girlfriend played with them.

       My negligee came completely open during her
playing with my tit. Gina was staring at my crotch. It
was obvious that this was the first time she had been
that close to an adult pussy. I deliberately lifted my
right leg and placed my heel on the edge of the
cushion of the couch, so that she could get a good
look at my cunt. I trimmed my pubic hair, but I was
sure she was interested in seeing what an adult cunt
looked like. With age my labia got so large that the
lips hang past the opening of my pussy and the ridge
leading to my hooded clitoris also was visible. She
slid her hand down my body to run her fingers
through my pubic hair.

       I let her play with my pubic hair as long as she
wanted. She eventually sought out my clit and pulled
on it with her fingers. I have to say that she was
bringing me close to an orgasm. I was responding
orally with praises for her efforts. Then she stuck
two fingers into my moist vagina. She started finger
fucking me hard and fast. She eventually tested the
elasticity of my pussy by adding additional fingers
until she folded her thumb and inserted her fist all
the way up to her wrist. I was making noises like an
animal while she fist fucked me. I cried out when she
made me cum.

       I rested for a while, and she returned to toying
with my clit while my heart rate returned to normal.
We cuddled while kissing each other passionately
until I was ready to continue with my seduction of
her. I slipped to the floor and knelt between her
legs, so that I could reach under her butt and start
pulling off her cut-offs. By the time I had her
shorts free of her feet; I got my first close look at
the moist crotch of her panties.

       When I lifted her legs up rolling her up into a
ball I saw that she was wearing a thong. The narrow
strip of material didn't cover her asshole. I could see
the pink puckered hole. I couldn't resist pulling the
strip of material aside to expose her asshole. I bent
over and smelled her asshole. I did like the smell of
her asshole, and even blow a cool breath at her hole.
I enjoyed watching her asshole pucker with each
breath. I used the flat of my tongue to wipe her
crack from the dimples at the top of her ass all the
way up to her little clit.

       Gina was squirming around and moaning her
approval of getting her asshole used as a sexual
object for the first time. She really let out a howl
when I stuck my tongue into her tight little hole.
After giving her the best tongue fucking I had ever
given anyone I licked and sucked on her clit. It was
driving her crazy. While I was sucking on her clit I
stuck two fingers into her cunt and finger fucked her
until she grabbed two hands full of my hair and
smashed my face against her cunt.

       There were a lot of animal noises being
expressed by both of us. When she came she flung
her arms out and then pounded my shoulders with her
feet while she came. She was gasping for air while
she recovered her composure. While she was
recovering I licked my way up her body all the way up
to her mouth. There was a moment when she seemed
to recoil from smell of her own pussy and taste of
her cunt all over my face. Then she virtually started
licking the juice from my face. We were kissing
wildly and licking each other's face.

       When we calmed down we clung to each other
with our faces so close together that we were
actually breathing into each other's mouth. We were
both sweating all over each other. It took a long time
before we recovered enough to make our way to my
shower. We bathed each other and continued to kiss
passionately. While we dried off we opted to remain
naked because we truly enjoyed seeing each other's
naked bodies.

       Gina became a regular visitor. There were
plenty of times that she would spend the night in my
bed. There was no limit on her enthusiasm for sex.
She even discussed the prospect of including her
girlfriends into our bed.

I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have a story
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Nifty - Lesbian - Adult Youth - My Neighbors Daughter