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Nifty - Lesbian - Adult Youth - Naughty Girl

Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 14:21:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jan None <>
Subject: Naughty Girl (lesbian/adult youth, oral anal, g/g..., g/F..., F/g...)


This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions
of explicit sexual acts between a young girl and older
women. If this type of content offends you or you are
under the age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be
downloaded for personal reading, pleasure, or sending to
a friend, but if you wish to re-post them on your own
site, please contact the author for permission.

Copyright 2010 Jan, All rights reserved

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Naughty Girl

       I have to admit that I was always a bad Girl. I
was too young to remember all of the facts but I have
been told repeatedly that I had always been a bad little
girl. They tell me that I hated diapers and was forever
pulling them off. I would run away to keep adults from
putting them back on me. They tell me I would go
running down the street naked as the proverbial
jaybird. That was just the beginning of my fascination
with the physical difference between boys and girls.

       They tell me I asked everyone why boys had a
thing down there and girls didn't. It is reported that I
was forever pulling down the underwear of local boys
and girls and looking at their private parts and feeling
them. I am told that no matter how many times I was
punished for my behavior, I continued my exploration of
the differences. I didn't understand why some boys
had a covering of skin over that funny little knob that
was a darker pink color. The girls I inspected had
subtle differences too.

       I do remember the time when I was a little older,
placing a hand mirror on the corner of the foot of my
bed so that I could straddle the corner. I used both
hands to spread my pussy so that I could inspect my
own pussy. I had discovered early on that when I
touched that little nub, above the opening that my pee
came out of, it did feel good. When I heard a noise I
jumped up quickly, causing the mirror to fall to the
hardwood floor and the glass shattered. The noise
brought my mother into my room and she caught me
standing over the broken mirror totally naked. I didn't
know that she could smell the odor of my sex as soon as
she entered my room. I just thought she had some
special power that told her what I had been doing. She
sat on my bed and pulled me across her lap as she
spanked my bare butt while telling me that good girls
don't play with their pussies.

       Guilt forced me to become more secretive about
my desires. It sure didn't stop me from indulging in my
exploration of the sexual organs of other children. I
didn't differentiate between boys and girls. I was
fascinated with the things between the boy's legs. That
little wrinkled sack was funny. I found that if I
squeezed too hard they cried in pain. They did like me
pulling on the loose skin. Their little penises did get
longer and harder when I played with them. They also
liked me to suck on them too.

       Most of the girls liked me to play with their
pussies. I was drawn to the smell of their urine soaked
flesh that had a meaty odor too. After sucking on boys
it was natural that I wanted to taste girl's pussies.
They sure liked that too. Now and then when I would
ask some girls to show me their pussies, they may do it
but later tell their mothers. That would bring down the
wrath of the mothers and my mother on me.

       By the time I was 8-years-old the women in my
neighborhood forbade me from playing with their
children. I had the reputation of being a bad girl.
Punishment didn't discourage me at all. If I was
restricted to my own room I would play with myself. I
had broken my own hymen early on by sticking the
handle of my hair brush in my pussy. I can't even guess
the number of times my mother caught me
masturbating and physically punished me. About that
time one mother in the neighborhood took an interest in

       At the end of the dead end block lived a family
that had three older boys. They were teenagers. The
boys were always gone. If they were not at school they
were off pursuing some physical activity. They loved all
kinds of sports and they traveled on skate board and
BMX bicycles. I assumed their mother was lonely when
she started talking to me.

       She told me she had always wanted a girl but
never had one. The offer of refreshments was all it
took to induce me to come into her home. She would sit
beside me while we ate cookies and drank milk. She told
me that she had heard that I was a naughty girl.

       I couldn't look her in the eye as I blushed.

       She put her finger under my chin and tilted my
head up as she assured me, "Every girl eventually wants
to know why they are different from boys! It is a
shame that people don't understand that you just
wanted to know about that earlier than some. Does
your mom punish you when she finds you playing with
yourself or other boys and girls?"

       I nodded my head up and down.

       "Answer me, honey!"


       "That is terrible. Your mother should understand
your desire for knowledge. Your mother has a very
narrow mind. If you want to learn about sex I will tell
you if you don't go around telling everyone what you
know or who taught you!"

       The prospect of being able to talk to an
understanding adult woman almost had me crying. I
assured her, "Oh, Mrs. Williams I would never tell

       Mrs. Williams kissed me on the cheek and said,
"Honey, you can call me Carol when we are alone."

       The first question I asked was, "Why do some
boys have skin over the little knob?"

       Carol didn't laugh or reproach me. "Honey, all
males are born with that skin. It is called 'foreskin.'
Normally in western society children have that skin cut
off at birth because having that skin can cause
infection if the male doesn't keep it clean underneath.

       That answered that question with logical
explanation. "Why don't girls have one too?"

       Carol smiled sweetly, "The penis on boys is their
external sex organ. The female sex organs are internal.
We had a tube of flesh called a barrel that the penis
goes into to deposit sperm. We have a little nub, called
a clitoris that is our equivalent to the penis. She told
me a lot more about the female reproductive organs.

       While she was telling me all of these facts she
had her hand on my back right at the shoulders. She
was winding my brown hair around her finger.

       I was processing all of the information she told
me. Then I asked, "Do women with big tits have more
milk that a woman with small tits?"

       Carol had to chuckle at that question. "The size
of a woman's breasts has nothing to do with the amount
of milk they produce. It had more to do with heredity
and the amount of body fat a woman retains. Some fat
women have small breasts and some slender gals can
have large breasts. You tend to think skinny women
with large breasts have had breast implants.

       I was thrilled that she was telling me so much.
The next question was, "Why do adults have hair under
their arms and between their legs?"

       Carol paused before she answered, "If you believe
in 'evolution of the species' you have to understand
before we became humans we had hair covering our
bodies. Those that came from warm climates didn't
need hair for warmth, or as we learned to make clothing
to keep warm they didn't need hair.

       We are the only mammal that developed sweat
glands to regulate body temperature. The sweat serves
a couple of purposes. When we are frightened the
smell is stronger. Our smell was meant to repel other
animals. When women are fertile we produce a
pheromone that is nature's way telling males we are
ready to mate. The hair under our arms and between
our legs retains the odor better than bare flesh does.
That is as good an answer to your question as I can give

       I was impressed with her candid answers to my

       Carol said, "Now if you promise not to tell anyone
about it I will let you see my body and you can touch me

       I felt that tingle between my legs, like I played
with boys and girls. I must have babbled when I said, "I

       That was when Carol unbuttoned her blouse and
pulled both of her breasts out of her brassiere. To me
her breasts looked even larger than my own mother's. I
was fascinated by the size and color of her areolas and
nipples. She had dark brown hair and creamy white
skin, but her areolas were as brown as I had ever seen.
The nipples were large too. I tentatively reached out
and felt her right breast.

       Carol smiled at me, "They won't break baby! Go
ahead and feel them all you like!"

       The fact that she was giving me permission was all
I needed to really take a firm hold on her breast.
While I was squeezing her tit Carol placed her hand
behind my neck and pulled my head towards her tit. As
my face drew close I opened my mouth and took the
nipple into my mouth and sucked on it as hard as I
could. She seemed to enjoy the feeling of me sucking
on her tit.

       While I was busy sucking on her tit she casually
asked, "Would you like to play with my pussy?"

       I nodded my head without letting go of the nipple.
Carol had to pry my mouth off of her tit. She left her
tits out as she lifted her body up just enough to reach
up under her skirt and take hold of her panties and pull
them down to her knees before she sat back down. She
had gathered her skirt up and tucked the front into the
waist band until her body was clearly visible to me. She
didn't have a lot of pubic hair down there. I could
clearly see her pussy when she spread her legs. Unlike
the young girls I had inspected there were a couple of
rubbery looking flaps of skin dangling well beyond the
opening of her pussy.

       I placed my hand on the bulge of her vulva and
felt the hairs under my hand. I could smell her pussy
from where I was sitting. The smell was making my own
pussy tingle. I was curious about those flaps of skin.
Carol told me, "They were called labia. Go ahead and
spread them and take a good look!"

       I leaned over close to her crotch and used both
hands to pull the flaps apart. Carol pointed out the
little nub of skin at the top of the junction of the labia.
"That little man in the boat at the top is my clitoris! It
is like the female equivalent of a male's penis. You can
play with it and make any girl or woman cum like a man."

       I had played with myself and other girl's clits
without knowing what it was called. Carol's clit was
obviously larger than the other girls I had played with.
Carol also told me, "When you reach puberty the smell
of your pussy does get stronger."

       I had already discovered that for myself.
Spreading her open allowed me to see deep into her
barrel. There was a lumpy ring where she had once had
a hymen. I could also see the hole where she peed. I
was curious to find out if I could stick my finger in the
hole. When I tried Carol grabbed my wrist, "Honey
that hurts. If you want to stick your finger in anything
put it in my pussy. You can actually stick your whole
hand into my cunt."

       I didn't believe that she was telling the truth. I
started sticking fingers into the barrel of her pussy.
True to her word I managed to get my entire fist into
her cunt. She took hold of my upper arm and pulled my
arm forward. My arm went into her half way up to my
elbow. When I started pumping my fist in and out of
her cunt I felt a very slippery bulb. Carol told me that
was her cervix or the opening to her womb.

       Carol was not about to let me do everything. She
pulled up my little play dress and started rubbing my
panty covered pussy. My panties were already moist.
She pulled the loose leg elastic of my panties aside and
played with my clit. I got so excited I forgot to keep
pumping my fist in her. Carol had to remind me. We
were sitting there with me pumping my fist in and out
of her while she rubbed my pussy.

       Carol found that I had already broken my hymen
with my hairbrush. She didn't ask any questions. She
stuck a long finger into my hole. She was finger fucking
me while I was fisting her. I was breathing as hard as
her. She eventually grabbed my arm and held my arm
still while she panted hard. She told me, "You just
made me have one of the best cums I have ever had. I
was very proud of myself even if I didn't understand
what I had done.

       Carol cleaned me up before sending me home. She
did invite me back if I wanted to play with her some
more. I played with my pussy for hours before I fell
asleep that night. As soon as I got home from school
and changed clothes I had to do my homework before I
could go out to play.

       When I knocked on Carol's door she opened the
door to allow me in. I was overwhelmed because of the
way she was dressed. She had on a black negligee that
I could see right through. It was very stimulating to
see those big brown areolas. Her heavy breasts sagged
just a little. The folds of the material partially hid her
pubic area. I could still see the hair covering her pussy.
She also had on dark self-supporting nylons and shiny
black high heels. I felt like I was going to pee in my
panties right then and there.

       As she wrapped her perfumed arm around me and
closed the door I smelled the odor of fresh baked
cookies. She led me right to the kitchen and showed me
all of the fresh cookies cooling on the dining table. She
had two large cookie trays greased and powdered ready
for the dough. She told me to pick up a tea spoon and
dip it in cold water as she did the same thing. She
demonstrated how to scoop up a ball of dough and use a
fingernail to separate the dough onto the tray. She
told me about how far apart they needed to be for the
cookies to spread out without connecting a neighbor
cookie. When we had the trays filled she placed the
trays in her oven and set the timer before closing the

       While we waited she had me remove my panties
and sat me on the breakfast bar. Then she scooped up
a teaspoon of cold cookie dough and stuck it in my
pussy. While she placed her hands on my thighs to
spread them she kneeled down and used her tongue and
mouth to coax the ball of dough out of my pussy. Her
efforts caused me to have the most delicious feelings.
When she managed to retrieve the ball of dough she
ate it.

       Then she used her spoon to scoop up a ball of
dough and rolled it in flour as she sat down on one of
the dining chairs and spread her legs, parting her
negligee and I watched in fascination as she inserted
the ball into her pussy. She invited me to come to her
and suck the ball of cookie dough out of her pussy. I
knelt between her legs and placed my hands on her soft
thighs and put my face between her legs and struggled
with my tongue to scoop the ball of raw dough out of
her pussy. I do love eating raw toll house cookies, but I
had never dreamed about eating the dough from a pussy
before. When the cookies were ready we removed them
and placed them on placemats to cool.

       Carol led me to her bedroom. As we were headed
for her room she told me that she had a talk with my
mother. My heart almost stopped. She squeezed me to
let me know everything was okay. She told me, "I told
your mom that you are not a naughty girl. You just
have a natural desire to learn about the differences
between boys and girls as well as what sex is all about.
I assured her that you need to have an adult friend
that can answer your questions honestly and teach you
what is appropriate and what is not. She agreed to let
you come to my house a couple of times a week. So
AND GIRLS CROTCHES' if you want to play with mine
give me a call and we can find a way for you to come

       When we were in her room she unbuttoned my
simple little cotton play dress and pulled it over my
head. I lay on her bed and watched her remove her
negligee. She looked so damned sexy as she exposed
her breasts and eventually showed me her pussy. She
deliberately left her self-supporting nylons on, along
with her high heels as she got on the bed with me. She
straddled my head and lowered her meaty pussy down
to my mouth. I welcomed her pussy and licked her while
looking up at her puckered asshole. Carol sucked on my
pussy until she had a climax that filled my mouth with
her pussy honey.

       When I got dressed Carol gave me a couple dozen
fresh cookies to take home. She made sure I smelled
of fresh cookies. GAWD forbid I should go home
smelling like her pussy.

       I was enjoying our little cookie baking parties
whenever I could visit Carol. Mother was pleased
because the other mothers were not complaining about
me seducing their children.

       One day after school a girl in my class, named
Denise, approached me. She wanted me to come home
with her. She told me in an excited voice that her
mother had just bought her a Beverly Hills 90210
Brando doll. (That was the most prized doll to be had
that year.) I was willing to follow her home. She
introduced me to her mother before we headed for her
bedroom. Her mother insisted on giving us a snack
before we headed for her bedroom. We carried our
sandwiches and glasses of milk to her room and closed
the door. Denise proudly showed me the doll and we
talked about the show. She changed the subject to

       Denise told me, "A girl who is a neighbor of yours
told me that you like to play with girls' pussies. Is that

       I didn't want to admit to her that it was true. I
didn't know why she was asking me that kind of
question. I figured it would be better to play it cool.
"I wouldn't believe everything I hear!"

       Denise smiled, "I was not accusing you of anything.
I was just asking because I like to play with other girls'
pussies myself."

       That news was enough for me to relax. To prove
her point she crossed her legs as we sat on the floor
and as her skirt came up she reached between her legs
and pulled aside her panties, exposing her little hairless
pussy. I recognized the smell, and my mouth started

       I had to ask, "What about your mother?"

       "Mom won't come in without asking first."

       I was not all that sure about the truth of her
statement, but it was too good to turn down. I reached
for her pussy and she took hold of my wrist and pulled
my hand against her pussy. I slipped my finger into her
barrel and did not find a barrier of skin. I was able to
insert my finger right up to the knuckle. I played with
her pussy for a little while. It was her idea to push me
onto my back. She crouched over me and pulled the
front of my panties down. She placed her mouth over
my pussy and started sucking on me while shaking her
head around wildly. She really knew what she was doing.
I responded by grabbing her head so that I could rub
my pussy against her face. I smeared my pussy juice all
over her face and loved the sight of her face.

       When I was finished I expected her to go to her
bathroom and wash her face at least. Instead she
simply straightened up her panties and led the way back
to the kitchen. Her mother followed us to the front
door to say goodbye. She took hold of both of my
hands and pulled them to her face to kiss them, as she
thanked me for coming home with her Denise.

       It bothered me because; I knew my hands smelled
of her daughter's pussy. I tried to pull my hands back,
but she held them fast.

       As she let go of my hands, she turned to her
daughter and kissed cheek. To my surprise she licked
her daughter's cheek, as if to verify the taste of the
pussy smell on her daughter's face. She turned to me
and asked, "Maggie...would you like to come over Friday
and have a sleepover with Denise?"

       I'm sure by the heat of my cheeks that I was
blushing. My head was spinning with all of the lustful
thoughts going through my mind. I blurted out, "I will
have to ask my mother."

       She scribbled down her phone number on a piece
of paper. Then said, "Have your mother give me a call.
I will assure you mother that I will look after the two
of you!"

       The next day at school I asked Denise, "Does your
mother know what we were doing in your room?"

       Denise beamed, "Yes, she made love to me after
you went home yesterday!"

       I had to ask, "What about your father?"

       Denise casually said, "My daddy is a civilian
contractor working for the government overseas."

       I was puzzled by that statement. "What does
that mean?"

       "My daddy is a paid mercenary soldier. He is
overseas almost all of the time."

       I didn't understand what that fully meant but
didn't ask any more questions about him.

       "Are you telling me that if I come to your house
for a sleepover that your mom wants to make love to me

       Denise looked around to make sure no one was
close enough to hear what she said. That is exactly
what she wants!"

       I felt my pussy tingle and my throat went dry. I
assured Denise I would ask my mother to let me come
over Friday.

       I was standing there as Mom called Denise's
mother. I could tell that she was assuring mom that
she would look after us and see to it that we would have
a good time.

       The next day Mom made sure that I had my
toothbrush, hair brush, pajamas and a change of
clothes in my book-pack when I headed off to school.
There was a lot of excitement between Denise and
myself. The only thing that kept us in the moment was
the spelling and math tests. As soon as our school day
was over, we bolted for the doors. We rushed over to
her home.

       Her mother greeted us at the door. I was
impressed by the way her mother was dressed. She had
on a black dress with a low neckline that made her
breasts look like they were going to spill out as she bent
over to kiss both of us. The skirt was very short. I
could see a large portion of her thighs. Like Carol, she
had on dark nylons and shiny black high heels. She just
looked sexy. She told us to go put our stuff in Denise's
room and she would have a snack ready for us.

       We dropped our packs in Denise's bedroom and
returned to the kitchen. Her mom had sliced apples and
sandwiches ready for us along with glasses of milk. We
ate our snacks like a couple of puppies. I couldn't take
my eyes off of her mother. That simple black dress
just looked so sexy. When she moved around the
kitchen, the tight fitting dress crept up. Every now and
then I caught a glimpse of white thigh above the silky
tops of her nylons. I couldn't help the way my body
reacted. My pussy tingled and made my panties wet.
When we were finished her mom excused us to go play.

       We returned to her bedroom and started kissing
each other. Denise quickly started pulling on my
clothes. There was a moment that I struggled against
her efforts but soon I was peeling off her clothes. I
had Denise on her back on the floor and was starting to
lick the inside of her thighs on my way to her sweet
little pussy. We were starting to enjoy the feel of each
other when there was a knock at the door.

       I almost panicked. Denise calmly said, "Come in,

       The door opened and in came her mother. From
where I was kneeling I could see right up her dress. As
she approached I could see between her thighs. Her
pubic area was covered with a tangle of dark hairs. Her
labia dangled below the opening of her pussy, and it
wiggled as she walked. She stood there in front of me
as she reached behind her back to unfasten the dress
and pull down the zipper. When it was open she slipped
the short sleeves off of her shoulders and struggled to
pull the dress down over her hips. I watched in
fascination as those luscious breasts were fully
exposed. They were nicely shaped and every bit as
large as Mrs. Williams. When she managed to get the
dress over her wide hips I got my first unobstructed
view of her pussy. The hair was shaved to her panty
line but her hair was not trimmed. She discarded the
dress and stood there in front of the two of us with
her feet spread. She placed the palm of her hand right
on her pubic mound and rubbed herself.

       I could smell her pussy, and she placed her hand
on my face and rubbed my mouth to insure I got the
full benefit of the taste of her pussy. I wrapped my
arms around the backs of her thighs, and buried my
face in that moist hair. I just love the smell and taste
of an adult woman. She stroked my hair while I sought
out her clit with my tongue. While I was doing that
Denise reversed her position and got her head between
my legs, so that she could glue her mouth to my pussy.
Her mother was the one to pull away.

       Her mother pulled me to Denise's bed and placed
me on my back. Denise lay down next to me and
wrapped her legs around my right leg and started
humping it. Her mother straddled our heads while she
went down on my pussy. I was looking at her pussy as it
came down to my mouth. While I was sucking on her
labia I was looking up at her asshole. It had a generous
amount of hair ringing the hole and the skin looked like
it was permanently stained brown. There was a sweet
aroma filling my nose telling me her asshole was dirty. I
had a strong desire to taste her asshole.

       As if the woman could read my mind she sat up.
As she sat up her asshole was rubbed right over my
nose and mouth. The smell was rubbed right into my
nose. I knew she liked the feeling of my tongue probing
her asshole because she was moaning in pure pleasure.
When she was sexually satisfied she dismounted.

       While Denise and I lay there hugging and kissing,
her mother found two battery powered dildos. She
knelt at the foot of the bed and pressed the tips of the
dildos against our clits. Both of us were wiggling around
and whimpering in ecstasy, before she inserted them
into our small cunts. We were clinging to each other
while we thrilled to the humming vibrators driving us to

       I don't even know how to describe what it was like
to be in bed with a mother and daughter all night. The
smell of the perfume of an adult woman and the odor of
her pussy and asshole all over me along with the clinging
mouth of her daughter with the smell of her young
pussy being rubbed against my nose was mind blowing.
Looking back now I don't think I was old enough to
climax, but that just made the night all the more

       We fell asleep sometime early in the morning. It
was almost noon before I woke up. My throat felt
rough. My throat was full of phlegm and tasted like I
had dirty socks in my mouth. I wanted to slip out of
bed and head for the bathroom to pee and brush my
teeth. The problem was I was between mother and
daughter and our arms and legs were all tangled. As I
tried to disengage myself from them it woke them up.

       Denise did untangle herself and headed for the
bathroom. Her mother started kissing me. Her mouth
tasted foul too. After she had swabbed the inside of
my mouth with her tongue a little while, I didn't notice
the taste of her mouth. I would have enjoyed the kiss
if it were not for the fact that my bladder was full.
The longer she kissed and felt me up the more urgently
I needed to relieve myself. I struggled to push the
woman away and tell her how badly I needed to pee.
She helped me up and took me to the bathroom. Denise
was still sitting on the toilet.

       Her mom sat me right on Denise's lap and I let go
and peed a river of yellow water all over Denise's little
mound. The warm water flowed over her vulva and some
of it flowed under her thighs before trickling into the
water in the bowl. When I was finished peeing Denise's
mother knelt in front of us and surprised me by licking
both of our pussies dry. The three of us brushed our
teeth and showered together.

       Her mother made breakfast for us before we got
dressed and they drove me home. Her mother assured
my mother that it had been a pleasure having me spend
the night with them and I was always welcome to visit

       Mother was pleased thinking I had outgrown my
preoccupation with sex. I continued having sex with
young girls and older women on the sly until I graduated
from high school. That was when I came out and told
Mom that I was a lesbian. She cried and lamented that
she would pray for my redemption. She has never
accepted my life style.

       I paid my own way through college. I had some
romances with classmates and even some of the
professors along the way. By the time I graduated
from college with a PhD in clinical philology. I
specialized in women and girls sexual problems. That
gave me access to a lot of girls and women I could play

I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have a story
you would like told, please send your mail to
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