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Nifty - Lesbian - Adult Youth - Neighbors Daughter

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 09:14:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jan None <>
Subject: Neighbors Daughter, (lesbian/adult youth, oral,lactation, F/g, F/FF)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a girl
and a woman. If this type of content offends you or
you are under the age of 18 do not read it.

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Neighbors Daughter

       One afternoon I noticed my neighbor's
daughter, named Connie, peeking through the privacy
fence. She had found a gap caused by the settling
of the fence separating the mortar from the blocks.
I had watched her growing up. She was a precocious
pre-teen. She was developing quickly. Knowing that
I was being watched by a girl that was obviously
becoming sexually aware excited me.

       I knew that she was watching me, because I
was sunning myself in my back yard and it turned me
on. I only had on a halter top and very tight short
shorts. I couldn't resist putting on a show for my
little peeping Toni. I sat up and untied my top
letting the cups fall. After tossing my top aside, I
lifted each breast and played with my nipples. I
knew that my spy was getting an eye full. I can
honestly say that she had good reason to get

       Like so many American's I am a mix of several
northern European ethnic countries. It is definitely
hard to identify the dominant country of origin. My
hair is a dark chestnut color, and long enough to
reach my waist in soft waves. My eyes are natural
blue. I had received my father's genes, because I
am fairly tall with a slender body. The one feature
that attracts both men and women to me is the size
and shape of my breasts. They are so perfect that
a lot of people think they are implants. I do enjoy
the size of my nipples because the friction of
clothing turns me on. I was enjoying performing for
my young audience.

       I lay back on my chaise lounge, and unbuttoned
the four buttons on my shorts. I made a big show
of sliding my right hand into my little thong. I stuck
a couple of fingers into my pussy and slowly started
finger fucking myself. After playing with myself for
a little while, I made another show of pulling my
hand out of my shorts, and smelling my fingers
before sucking the juice off of them. I suspected
that Connie was probably massaging her own pussy, if
not finger fucking her own pussy by that time.

       Over the next couple of days I noticed Connie
a lot more. I happened to see her standing on her
front porch rubbing her crotch against the porch
posts, and she was going out of her way to flash her
panties for my benefit.

       One afternoon when I was talking to Shelia,
Connie's mother, she stood next to me and I felt her
brushing against my body. It turned me on. I
wondered if her mother knew just how sexually
precocious her daughter was.

       Another day after sunbathing for Connie's
benefit I decided to finish the show by taking off
my shorts and thong. I made sure that she was
looking at my pussy. I trim my pubic hair to an even
length, with a bikini cut. I spread my pussy and
proceeded to finger fuck myself to a satisfying cum.
When I was finished I gathered up my clothes and
went into the house. I felt particularly intrigued by
the thought of seducing my neighbor's daughter.

       I felt the need to shower and change clothes,
even though I did enjoy smelling my fingers. I put
on my most delicate panties and a lightweight yellow
summer cotton gingham dress with a tight bodice
that showed off my breasts. My nipples were plainly
visible through the dress without a bra. I put on a
touch of perfume and fresh lipstick. I was planning
how I was going to get in the panties of Connie, when
I heard my doorbell ring.

       I made my way to the front door. When I
opened it, Shelia was standing there with Connie
standing just behind her left shoulder. My first
thought was that her mother had seen her peeking
through the fence. Instead the comfortably robust
housewife asked, "I just got an emergency phone call
from my mother. She needs me to take her to the
doctors. I suspect she is passing gallstones. Can I
impose on you to look after Commie for a few hours?
I promise I will be back as soon as I can!"

       How could I turn down a neighbor in distress?
I assured her that I would be happy to keep an eye
on Connie for her. I suggested that she better run
along. I was sure her mother was in desperate need
of help. Gallstones can be very painful."

       She thanked me and headed next door to get in
her white soccermom minivan. I invited Connie into
my house. As she passed me I had to check her out.

       I had not been one to look at young girls as sex
objects before, but how could I not notice how
sensual she looked. When she entered my family
room she went directly to the sliding glass door and
stood there looking into my backyard. She was
focused on my white chaise lounge facing the wall
separating our yards. I couldn't resist standing
behind her and placing my left hand around her
waist. I had to ask, "Did you enjoy the show?"

       Connie took hold of my hand and brought it up
to her chest as she said, "I loved it!"

       I could feel her little nipples through the thin
T-shirt. I asked, "Have you ever played with
yourself like that?"

       "All of the time!" she said.

       "Did someone teach you?" I asked.

       Connie giggled, "An older cousin taught me!
Then Mrs. Wright played with me too."

       I knew Mrs. Wright. She was a local young
housewife that augmented her family income by
babysitting. She had a new infant daughter of her
own. I had to ask, "What does she do?"

       Connie giggled again, "When she breasts feeds
her baby she allows me to suck her other tit, while
she plays with my pussy."

       I had a hard time believing her statement. I
could visualize Mrs. Wright. She was a picture of
the new housewife. She had been the perfect
cheerleader in high school, married her boyfriend
the following June, and given birth to her baby the
following year. Like so many local girls she had a
pretty face at twenty years old and had added at
least 30 pounds to her figure after the birth of her
daughter. I just couldn't picture her seducing young
girls at all.

       While I was listening to her tale, I slipped my
right hand under her shorts and underwear. Connie
even spread her legs a little and let out a soft moan
as my fingers sought out and found her moist little
clamshell. I slid a finger into the valley and found
her little clitoris. Connie was rubbing her little butt
against my legs. She was responding to my efforts
to masturbate her like a girl that had done it many
times. When I tried to withdraw my hand, she
grabbed my wrist. I was too strong for her. I put
my fingers under my nose and smelled the fragrance
of her pussy.

       Connie suddenly turned around and stood on
tiptoe to kiss me on the mouth. She started pawing
at my breasts. I pulled my breasts over the top of
the dress for her benefit. I did like the way the
bodice of my dress held my tits together and held
them up. When Connie took one of my nipples into
her mouth I had to comment, "Honey, you're not
going to get any milk out of them!"

       Connie lifted her head up and said, "Your tits
are beautiful and the nipples are so large! I wanted
to suck on them the minute I saw them." With that
she went back to sucking on them hard. I stroked
the crotch of her shorts until they were damp.

       I led Connie to my bedroom where we could be
more comfortable. Connie quickly pulled her jersey
T-shirt over her head and stripped off her little
shorts. When I saw her panties I was surprised to
see that she had on tight little briefs. They were so
tight that they separated her vagina giving it that
popular 'camel toe' look. She pulled them down and
stepped out of them. When she was totally naked,
she rubbed her own pussy for my benefit. I
unfastened the back of my dress and pulled it up
over my head. That left me in only panties, nylons
and white 3-inch pumps. Connie went right for the
waistband of my panties. I stood there watching
her roll the low rise panties down my hips and thighs.
I stepped out of them and stood there for a moment
to allow Connie to inspect my pussy. She spread my
pussy open and looked at my pussy very carefully.
Having a young girl probing my pussy turned me on to
no end. I picked her up and placed her on top of my
bed. I started kissing her and feeling her up. I
loved the excitement she demonstrated while I was
playing with her nipples and pussy. I went down on
her and started sucking her little wet pussy. When
I stuck a finger in her pussy, I did not find any
resistance. I asked, "Who took your cherry, honey?"

       Connie was puzzled, "What do you mean?"

       "Honey, girls have a barrier of skin that blocks
the entrance to their vagina. Did someone stick
something in your pussy? It would have been painful,
and there would have been possibly a little blood!"

       Connie said, "I don't remember ever having felt
any pain when something was inserted in my pussy!"

       That was virtually an admission that objects
had been inserted in her pussy. If she didn't
remember any pain, she might have been born with
so little hymen that she didn't experience any
substantial pain when objects were inserted. I
stimulated her little clitoris like a starved woman. I
finger fucked her while sucking her pussy. I kept up
the assault until she virtually fainted. When she
revived she was unbelievably relaxed. I kissed her
while she recovered. Then I assured her that I was
going to introduce her to a full range of sexual
experiences that she probably had never considered

       I rolled her over onto her tummy after
stuffing a firm pillow under her hips. That elevated
her little butt just where I wanted it, and I pried
her cheeks open to expose her tight little pink
asshole. Connie started whimpering when I blew my
warm breath at her asshole. She could not hold
herself still when I started licking her little asshole.
She soon was begging me to stick my tongue into her
asshole again. I tongue fucked her until she virtually
peed on my pillow. I held her while she quivered in
my arm. I kissed her and assured her that she had
just had another climax. When she calmed down she
pleaded with me to allow her to do to me what I had
just taught her.

       Now it was my turn to recline on my back and
pull my heels up to my butt and spread my legs wide
open. Connie got on top of me and started feeling
my breasts and sucking on them. She worked her
way down my body until she was between my legs.
She started combing my pubic hair before she
started prying my labia open. She was looking at my
pussy with intensity. I knew she could smell my
womanly odor. Would she be repulsed by my smell or
become stimulated by my odor? She started
inserting fingers in my cunt. She eventually got her
fist in my cunt half way up her forearm. She fist
fucked me until I was responding to her efforts.
Then she withdrew her fist, to my disappointment.
She smelled her hand and arm before she licked her
flesh. At some point she was emboldened and placed
her hands on my thighs and spread me open even
more. Then she stuck her face right into my wet
pussy. What she lacked in pussy eating skill was
made up for in enthusiasm. Her tongue and nose
were giving my clit a good workout. Then she stuck
her wet finger up my asshole. She did a good job of
finger fucking my ass while sucking on my pussy and
my clit. When I climaxed I slapped her ears with my

       We lounged around for a little while before I
invited her to join me for a shower together. We
eventually got dressed and I made her a sandwich
while we talked about sex. I was curious about Mrs.
Wright. The prospect of having sex with a woman
that was lactating was a turn on for me.

       When Shelia returned to pick up her daughter,
she was apologetic about having to impose on me. I
assured her that it was my pleasure. Her mother
was in the hospital and they were planning on
breaking up the gallstones with ultra sound. I
assured her that I would be happy to look after
Connie any time she liked. After they had gone
home I was thinking if I keep seeing Connie it would
be inevitable that we would get caught. I started
thinking the best thing to do was seduce Shelia
before that eventuality.

       The next day after her husband left for work
and Connie was off to school I went next door.
Shelia invited me in for a cup of coffee. We
chatted about everything from the health of her
mother, to the price of food, and politics until I
picked up on a statement of hers, about her lack of
sexual gratification. It was just a passing
statement that would have been ignored by anyone
not predisposed to explore the subject of sex. I got
her to complain about her husband's lack of interest
in having sex with her. She said that if she was
lucky he might fuck her on a Saturday night once a
month. He would simply spread her legs, give a fast
fuck, only to roll over and go to sleep without getting
her off. She complained about having to retreat to
the bathroom and finger fuck herself to finish the
job. That was music to my ears.

       I stood up behind Shelia and started rubbing
her shoulders and the back of her neck. I spoke
softly, close to her ear. When she relaxed I slid my
hands down the front of her body and into the top
of her dress. She only let out a moan when she felt
my hands slide over the swelling flesh of her
breasts. I leaned over and kissed her on the neck as
my hands slipped inside her bra and felt her large
soft tits. She let out a moan, and turned her head
as if to say something, only to kiss me on the mouth.

       Having broken the ice, I started to unbutton
the front of her house dress. She sat there as if
she didn't know what to do. I had to turn her chair
sideways to be able to get down in front of her.
When her dress was open I simply pushed her DD
bra up over her breasts. There is nothing like
making love to a robust woman. Each of her tits was
larger than both of my hands. I would hold onto one
of her breasts and try and take all of her areola into
my mouth. There was a moment I feared she might
reject my advances. Then she wrapped her arms
around my head, pulling my face even tighter against
her tit. I sucked on her tit hard before pulling my
right hand free, so that I could seek out her warm

       Shelia had on full white panties. The crotch
was permanently stained from possibly years of use
and washings. The elastic in the legs was stretched
too. They were positively baggy. My hand had no
trouble pulling them aside to expose her unshaven
pussy. There were hairs even growing on the inside
of her thighs and right into the crack of her ass to
surround her asshole. I set about licking and sucking
her pussy. Shelia was oohing and aahing. She said
that she couldn't believe that I had made her cum so

       When I stood up I exposed my tits and lifted
my dress up to show her I didn't have panties on.
Shelia was very complimentary about my breasts.
She lovingly felt them and enjoyed sucking on my
large nipples. She even sat on the edge of her chair
to get at my pussy. I held her head by her hair and
fucked her mouth. I didn't stop until I had smeared
her makeup with my pussy juice. I knew that if I
didn't keep fucking her, that if I let her rest for a
day, her guilt might overwhelm her. There was no
telling what she might do. She might reject my next
advance, or she might confess her guilt to her
husband or even the law.

       Got her out of her clothes and made love to
her all day. I hid her clocks so that she would not
realize how soon Connie would be getting home. I
had Shelia down there eating my pussy with my
thighs clamped against her ears when I heard the
front door open. I made a nice loud satisfying moan
to hide the sound of Connie coming in and to attract
Connie to the master bedroom.

       Connie opened the door to find her naked
mother sucking my pussy. When Shelia saw her
daughter she panicked. She tried to cover up her
naked pussy and tits with a pillow. Connie ran to her
mother and hugged her. There was a terribly
awkward moment when the two of them didn't know
what to do. Connie being the horny little tart she
was she grabbed one of her mother's tits. Connie
enjoyed sucking her mother's pussy as much as
Shelia enjoyed sucking Connie's pussy.

       We were cleaned up before Shelia had to get
dinner ready. I went home to think about what a
lucky bitch I was. I just had to get into Mrs.
Wright's panties too. The prospect of getting to
taste mother's milk was enough to get me wet
enough to masturbate myself to sleep.

       The next morning I had to go grocery shopping.
I drove to the local super market. I was working my
way up and down the aisles selecting items from my
shopping list. I really wasn't thinking about sex at
that moment. I was just trying to avoid impulse
buying. I was so absorbed by the items on display I
almost bumped into the back of a woman in front of
me. I quickly recognized that it was Mrs. Wright. I
knew that her name was Ann, so I said hello to her.
She had her infant sitting in her shopping cart. She
responded with a pleasant hello.

       While we were talking there was no mistaking
that her breasts were leaking because the front of
her dress was wet. When she saw that I was staring
at her tits she blushed. She commented, "The
damned things never stop leaking!"

       I looked at her and said, "I have always been
fascinated with lactating women!"

       Ann's face reflected a wicked thought, before
she flashed me a big smile. She simply said, "Are
you finished shopping?"

       You know I said, "YES!" I asked, "Would you
like to come to my house for a cup of coffee when
we get home?"

       Ann responded, "Why don't you come to my
home? It would require less effort on my part."

       I understood the problem of bringing along all
of the stuff a child would need. I accepted her
offer as we made our way to the checkouts.

       It turned out that we were parked just a few
cars apart. We put our groceries in our cars. I
followed her home, until I reach my own home. I
unloaded my car, and put the milk and ice cream
away first before putting my groceries away. I was
excited about the prospect of getting to suck the
breast of a young lactating woman. I checked my
hair and makeup carefully, and then had a wicked
thought. I paused before going out the door long
enough to remove my panties. I did not have a bra
on under my loose fitting blouse, so I was virtually
naked under my blouse and skirt. I couldn't resist
applying a little lip rouge to my areolas. Then I put a
splash of perfume on my vulva before walking the
block and a half to Ann's home.

       Ann ushered me into her home right away upon
hugging me. She assured me that her daughter was
asleep in her crib, and the coffee was brewing, as
she led me into her comfortable family room. The
room was cluttered with all of the trappings of an
infant in the house. There was a checkerboard
rubber mat on the floor, decorated like alphabet
blocks and numbers. A playpen rested on the mat.
Toys were scattered around all over the place. I
could picture the woman constantly picking up toys
and placing objects back in their proper places until
she finally gave up in frustration. She even had to
clear away books and toys from the couch before we
could sit down.

       She asked me if I would like scones or cookies
with my coffee and how I would like my coffee. I
accepted a scone, and assured her that artificial
sweetener was fine. She insisted that I be seated
while she went to the kitchen. I spent the time
flipping through the children's first readers. It
didn't take long and Ann returned with a tray with a
coffee urn, cups saucers, spoons, creamer, packets
of sweetener, a plate of scones along with butter
and jam.

       I sweetened my coffee to taste and spread a
little jam on my split scone. The conversation was
about her child for a short time before she
confessed that she was thrilled to have the company
of an adult to talk to. She stated with a laugh that
she was beginning to lose the ability to communicate
in anything but single syllable words.

       I drew her attention to the front of her dress
again. It was developing large wet spots on the
front of her dress. She apologized again. She
complained that she produced so much milk that she
had to milk them constantly. She asked if I minded
if she used a pump to milk them while we talked. I
assured her that I didn't mind at all. She got up and
came back with a bag containing the equipment
necessary to milk her breasts. She attached a baby
bottle to the pump, before she opened her dress and
opened the padded cup of her nursing bra to expose
her heavy breast. She attached the clear plastic
cup to her nipple and started pumping. I watched
the watery white opaque liquid flow into the pump
and run down into the baby bottle.

       Ann complained of the pressure in her tits
from so much milk. She complained about not being
able to dress up because her tits were always
leaking. I expressed sympathy, but added that I
had always had a strong desire to taste mother's
milk, because I had no memory of nursing from my
own mother's tits. Ann offered to let me taste her
milk. She asked, "Would you like it from the bottle,
or from the source?"

       I assured her, "I would love to drink it from
the source!"

       She beamed a smile and exposed the other
breast and managed to unfasten the bra from the
front and pulled the padded bra aside. I had full
access to her heavy breast. To make myself
comfortable I lay on the couch with my legs draped
over the arm of the chair and rested my head on her
lap. She cradled my head like I was a baby. I
claimed her nipple with my mouth and started
sucking milk vigorously from her tit. The warm
watery milk was sweeter that cow's milk. I sucked
so hard that Ann complained about it, as she stroked
my hair. To add to my enjoyment I reached down
and started rubbing my pussy. Ann saw what I was
doing, and rather than reproach me, she pulled up my
skirt and started playing with my pussy. She seemed
to enjoy the way I had my pubic hair trimmed. She
finger fucked me while I sucked her dry. I even
emptied the other tit too.

       With my head resting on her lap I became
aware of the smell of her pussy. I got up and knelt
in front of her and lifted her dress up. She rose up
enough to allow herself to pull her panties down. I
finished taking them off her legs for her, while I
buried my face in her wet pussy. I sucked her off a
couple of times. I was well satisfied sexually by the
time I had to get dressed and return home before
her husband was due home. I did promise her that
we would do it again and that I was sure Connie
would enjoy having to adult women pleasing her. I
left her to think about how I knew Connie would
enjoy sex with the two of us,

I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have a
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Nifty - Lesbian - Adult Youth - Neighbors Daughter