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Nifty - Lesbian - Athletics - Ginas Lesbian Seduction

Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 14:24:29 EDT
From: karen jordan <>
Subject: Gina's Lesbian Seduction

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Gina's Lesbian Seduction

My name's Gina. I'm 26 and I've been happily married to my husband Michael
for 4 years. This story seems a little unbelievable to me, even now, 4
months later. I work as a child-care worker at a local day care centre for
disturbed kids. Michael works as a computer technician for one of these companies and he's making a ton of money now. We've had a good
marriage and I attribute our successful 4 years to our commitment to the
Catholic Church.

My job was starting to get really stressful so I joined a local women's
health club. It's a very upscale club, but we could afford it now. I
started going almost every day after work just to work out and get some of
my pent-up energy out of me in a healthy way. The woman who runs the club,
Karen, came to me one day and said that she was starting a special workout
class with selected members of the club and asked if I'd be interested. I
asked her for more details and she just said "I'm still putting together the
final details but I know you, and all the other selected women will love the
program. You know some of the women - Angela, Frances, Cathy, Tracy and
Ursula. I want to make it so good that you'll consider it addictive!"
Karen laughed and walked away. The women she listed were all between 17 and
25 years old and every single one of them was stunningly beautiful. I
started to feel a little flattered and after my workout, I looked at myself
in the mirror. "Not bad," I thought. I had spent a lot of time and effort
looking good for Michael. Five foot five inches, 105 lbs with natural
blonde hair. As I looked at myself, I thought, "I'm just as good looking
as those other girls. I don't have to feel intimidated at all." I
have a nice, flat tummy, shapely legs, and full breasts and am considered
quite attractive.

The next day at the club, Karen came up to me. "If you have time to see me
after your workout, I'd like to talk to you about the new program. I'll be
in my office at 6:30. Why don't you come by after your shower?"

"Okay Karen, no problem," I said. The workout went by quickly and after my
shower, I went to see Karen.

"Hi Karen," I said.

"Hi Gina. Glad you could make it by. I can't help but notice how great
you're looking these days. The club must be treating you right. I wanted
to tell you a little about the program so you can decide if you'd like to
participate. We'll get together two or three nights a week starting at 8
p.m. right after the club closes. It will involve some special workout
routines designed to tone
your body even more than it is now. As you can tell from the list of girls
that I've picked, the program could be quite intense. All of you are in
great shape, as you know. I also want the program to be fun. In fact, I'd
like it to be so much fun that you'll want to spend more time here than
anywhere else. But that's all I'm going to say for now. I have a workout
outfit for you here
that you can take with you now. So what do you think?" Karen asked.

"Well Karen, it sounds pretty interesting, even though you haven't given me
too many details. I have the time and I'm always into doing anything that
improves my body so I'll give a tentative 'Yes' for now and give it a try.
When do we start?" I asked Karen.

"Tomorrow evening at 8:00 o'clock sharp. All the other girls have said yes
so it's a go. See you tomorrow night Gina." Karen handed me my outfit and
I walked out of her office.

I got home and immediately tried on the outfit. It was about the skimpiest
outfit I had ever tried on. It fit me like a glove and had the high cut
legs. It was tight fitting and was in a very subtle way, a little
see-through - barely. Michael saw me in the outfit and said "Wow, I'm glad
there's not going to be any men there to see you in that. It's like a
second skin." I felt somewhat uncomfortable in the outfit but I had to
admit, I looked unbelievably sexy in it.

The next day went slowly at work and I found myself thinking about the
program. The day ended and I went home, had dinner, said goodbye to Michael
and went over to the club. I arrived and went to the change-room. All the
other girls were already there and getting ready. I was the oldest.
Angela was 21 and gorgeous - 5-8, about 115 lbs and legs to die for. Tracy
was the youngest at 17 - she was like a super-model - in fact, she had
aspirations to get into modeling. Ursula had recently arrived from Hungary
- 21, spoke little English but stunningly beautiful. Frances was 24, quiet,
academic looking but in such spectacular physical shape and really pretty.
Cathy was 22, recently married, a swimmer and sultry looking. All the women
were in various states of undress getting ready for the program to start.
No one was really talking to anyone. We all were in our own world at this
point - perhaps a little nervous. Karen came in and said, "Okay everyone,
we're ready to start. Let's all go up to the aerobics room."

We all went up and Karen started things off by running through a 30-minute
workout that was grueling. When it ended, she called to Tracy to come up to
the front.

"I'm going to show you how this program will improve all parts of your body.
Tracy, take your outfit down to your waist." I was shocked but Tracy
wasn't at all. She just rolled her outfit down to her waist completely
exposing her breasts and stood in front of all of us. She looked
breathtaking. Her body was glistening with sweat and at 17 and beautiful,
none of us could take our eyes off her.

"You can see that Tracy has excellent form through here." And Karen gently
ran her hands across Tracy's stomach and up towards her breasts. Tracy
closed her eyes gently and her nipples hardened just a little. I couldn't
believe what was happening here. I looked at the other women and they were
all transfixed watching Karen gently running her hands over Tracy's body as
she pointed out different muscle groups. Tracy seemed to be comfortable
with this and the session went for another few minutes and then Karen said
"That's all for today girls. Time to hit the showers."

I went down to the showers and found myself watching the other girls. I
noticed that Tracy, Cathy and Angela had completely shaved their pubic hair.
Even Ursula was so neatly trimmed that I could barely see her hair at all.
Frances was a little trimmed but still had noticeable pubic hair. I
trimmed a little but not much. I left wondering if I might get picked to go
up and be a demonstration body for Karen. I was feeling uncomfortable but
there was something about the way that Karen had run the session that I felt
comfortable about. I got home and Michael had already gone to bed. I went
into the bathroom and I don't know what came over me but I had a bath and
decided to completely shave my pubic hair. I took the scissors and trimmed
as much as
I could then I used my shave cream and shaver and shaved myself completely
bald. I couldn't believe how sexy it felt. I touched my pussy and I almost
went into spasms. It felt so exposed.

The next session was two days later and I was pretty excited. I got to the
club and arrived in time to see Frances changing into her outfit. I noticed
that she had completely shaved her pussy.

We went to the aerobics room and Karen was there.

"Okay girls. Lie on your backs and do pelvic tilts." Karen went form
girl-to-girl and watched. Tracy was beside me. Karen leaned down over
Tracy and was saying something to her that I couldn't hear. As she was
talking, she ran her hands up Tracy's thighs to her pussy and just gently
stroked her pussy through the thin material of Tracy's outfit. Tracy let
out a brief moan. I know that Karen didn't think anyone was watching. Then
Karen got up and walked over to me. I was feeling a little uncomfortable
but I tried to put it out of my mind. The rest of the session went
uneventfully and we hit the showers again.

I took my time and one by one, the girls left until only I remained. On my
way out I walked past Karen's office. Her door was slightly open and I
could hear sounds in her office. I stopped and peaked in and what I saw
shocked me. Tracy was sitting in Karen's chair, kind of leaning back with
her legs spread open. She was completely naked and Karen was sucking at her
pussy slit. Karen looked to be in a state of absolute ecstasy. I could see
that her shaved pussy was soaking wet and Karen was ever so gently licking
and sucking at her slit with her tongue. I felt really shaky. I knew this
was totally wrong but I couldn't stop looking and I had never seen anyone
look so sexually satisfied as Tracy. I could hear their voices.

"Ohhhh Karen, please don't stop sucking my pussy slit. Ohhh, you were
right... lesbian sex is out of this world. I love your lips on my slit and
the way you suck the pussy juice right out of me... Ohhh Karen, I'm going to
explode ... suck me suck me ... make me cum ...," Tracy moaned.

"Tracy, you are so beautiful .. all the women in the class will want you ..
your pussy is so wet and smooth .. your clit just sticks out begging to be
sucked .. here, let me suck you to lesbian heaven ..." Then I just watched
as Karen sucked on Tracy's pussy slit until she couldn't stand it any longer
and started creaming pussy juice all over Karen.

"Ohhhh Karen, suck me, suck my girl-slit and make me cum all over .. ohhh,
you're unbelievable.. Ohhhh Karen, I'm cuuummmiinnnggggg!!! OHHHHHHH just
keep sucking Karen ... keep sucking," Tracy said as she was obviously in
some sort of lesbian sex trance.

I was in total shock as I watched. I quickly turned and went home and
couldn't stop thinking about Tracy and Karen.

I got home and was talking to Michael. "I saw Karen and Tracy having sex in
Karen's office after the workout today," I said to Michael.

"Really? What happened?" he asked, obviously interested.

"Well, I was on my way out and I saw Tracy laying back in Karen's chair and
Karen was sucking at Tracy's pussy. Karen made Tracy cum," I told him.

"Well, what do you think about it?" he said to me.

"Well, I think it's disgusting. I don't need to be exposed to this sort of
behavior. I don't think being a lesbian is right," I said to Michael.

"Was it a turn-on to watch them?" he asked.

"Well, a little, of course it was. Watching anyone have sex would be a
turn-on but it doesn't make it alright. I don't think I feel comfortable
going back. I don't know what to do about the program. I know it's a great
program for my body development. And they weren't intending for anyone else
to see them," I said.

"Well, it's up to you. You'll make the right choice. All this talk about
lesbians, and very young, pretty ones at that, has got me all horny," he
said. Then Michael took down his pants and it was obvious that all this
talk about lesbian girls had him totally turned on. His cock was at that
hard stage and he motioned to me that he wanted me to suck him. I leaned
down and gently took his cock in my mouth and ran my tongue along the
underside, which always turns him on.

"Oh Gina, doesn't that image of a woman sucking on that young girl's
pussy-slit make you horny?" he asked. I felt his cock get a little harder
and I just kept my soft, moist lips wrapped around his cock and sucked him
gently, and then a little harder, running my tongue against the sensitive
part on the bottom. I stroked his balls and I felt him start to convulse as
I kept sucking - I kept my warm lips locked to his cock and sucked him until
I felt his cock start to gush his cum into my mouth. As he came, I just
kept my soft lips wrapped around his cock - gently sucking all his sex cum
out of his cock - I could feel his cock get really hard and I just kept
sucking and licking as his sex all came out his cock into my waiting warm

The next session with Karen wasn't for a few days but I couldn't stop
thinking about what I'd seen and I was in a quandary as to what I should do
about continuing. After thinking about it, I decided to continue with the
program and just ignore the scene I'd witnessed with Karen and Tracy.

I arrived first for the next session and Tracy came in shortly after. She
said hi and then proceeded to get changed. I was looking at her out of the
corner of my eye. I was staring at her pussy and was aware that it was
totally sexy looking. She had it completely shaved. She had one of those
pussies that comes up really far. I could see her pussy slit really
clearly. It was as if she had been masturbating or something because it
looked wet and puffy and I could see her clitoris jutting out very plainly.
She turned towards me and started talking.

"So how do you like the program so far Gina?" Tracy asked.

"Oh, I like it a lot. The workouts are really grueling and I'm feeling
better each day," I answered.

"Well, I think you're looking totally great. Your body is in terrific shape
and it just seems to be getting better all the time. I've been noticing,"
she said. I noticed that she was standing with her legs apart, looking
right at me. Her pussy was totally exposed to me and she had no hesitation
to present herself like this at all. I also couldn't help picking up some
tone in her voice as she was talking. I mean, saying how great I looked and
stuff, and she was a full-blown lesbian girl. Then she totally caught me
off-guard and said, "I think you're really beautiful - and really sexy. I
know you probably haven't tried this before, but I'd love to have sex with
you. I mean, you would absolutely love it - lesbian sex - it's the very
best. I would make you feel like your pussy is going to explode with sex -
Karen showed me that it's better than anything else. I know I'm still just
a girl but you could suck my girl-slit and make me cum - you'd love that
too. I know that you saw Karen making me cum the other day and you just
stood there and watched .. I know that you were turned on. There's nothing
better than lesbians, nothing! Would you let me touch
you now Gina?" Tracy was persistent.

"Well Tracy, I did see you and Karen but it's not what you think. I was
shocked and I think it's wrong and I'm not interested at all," I said. Then
Tracy just slouched back in a chair and started to stroke her smooth
pussy-slit and she spread her legs and stroked her hard clit and wet pussy
and held her breast with her other hand. She was a knock-out. She kept
stroking and saying "Gina, this pussy slit could be all yours - anytime you
want - you could put those gorgeous soft lips of yours around my pussy and
suck me to a lesbian cum that no man ever could. My pussy would be cumming
right inside your mouth. Then you could suck on my breasts and make my
nipples get all hard. I noticed you shaved your pussy. I'd love to suck on
your pussy - your beautiful soft wet pussy - my lips wrapped around your
pussy - I know exactly how to suck the sex juice right out through your
pussy - I'm a lesbian - I'll make you into a lesbian - you can't
resist - it's impossible - all the other girls here are lesbians - Cathy,
Frances - all of them - they're all lesbians because Karen and I showed them
that LESBIANS ARE THE VERY BEST! I just want you to watch us lick and suck
each other - you can't possibly resist - no woman can - let me suck you to a
lesbian cum right now GINA! Your husband doesn't need to know at all," she
continued to persist.

"No! I won't do it - it's wrong - lesbians can't make me feel better than
Michael - it's impossible - I'm not interested!" I was starting to get

"Oh you're wrong Gina - I thought the same - I had a boyfriend, Tom, and he
made me feel great. He was a caring, sensitive lover. Then I met Karen.
She seduced me one night here at the club and she had two other friends -
one was a woman about 27 and the other was a young girl about 14. Both were
stunningly beautiful. Karen started by giving me a massage. Then she asked
me to look over to the other massage table. The older woman was giving the
14 year old a
massage and as I watched, I saw the woman start to massage the girl's legs.
Her hands slowly worked their way up her thighs until I saw the girl spread
her legs a little and the woman took off the girl's panties exposing this
soft, little pussy slit with no hair. Her legs were thin and she was lying
back with her eyes closed. Then the woman leaned down and with her lips,
totally covered
in red lipstick, started sucking this little girl's pussy-slit and I watched
as the little girl started to moan. The woman was relentless. She sucked
gently but a little bit harder. I heard the girl say "No, stop" but the
woman said "it's okay.. I'm going to make you feel better than anything else
you've ever felt .. I'm going to turn you into a lesbian for life because
this will feel soooo good in your little girl pussy. Doesn't that feel
really good?" the woman asked gently. "yes" the girl whimpered and just
surrendered to the lesbian seduction that was happening. Karen leaned down
to me at that point and whispered to me "Tracy, every week we bring a young
girl and get her addicted to lesbian sex just like this. Sometimes we bring
in girls like you to watch so you'll get turned on too. It's pretty
addictive, isn't it?" Karen said to me. I replied that it was. The woman
kept sucking at the young girl's pussy slit until she started to convulse
into lesbian orgasm after orgasm. She couldn't stop cumming. This woman
knew exactly what she was doing and she knew how to make a woman's pussy
start cumming and cumming. Then the woman demanded
that the girl lick her pussy to make her cum. The girl was powerless at
this point and would have done anything to have more lesbian sex. Then the
woman whispered something to the girl and she came over to me, took down my
panties and planted her little girl mouth on my now sopping wet pussy and
sucked me to my first lesbian orgasm. I couldn't get enough. Karen knew
this and then she and the other woman leaned down and sucked my pussy slit
to explosive orgasms. My sex juice was oozing from my pussy slit and I
couldn't stop. I told Karen "You've got to stop or I'll never want another
man. This feels too good - way too good. You're making my pussy cum all
over. Please don't stop! Ever! No man has ever even come close to making my
pussy feel like that. Ohhhh, I'm a lesbian forever. You've made me into a
lesbian! Just suck like that, don't
stop - suck my girl pussy and keep making me cum - Oh I can't stop
cumming!!" You know Gina, I'm now totally addicted to lesbians. I can't
get enough. You won't be able to resist the power of lesbian sex. It's
impossible for any woman to resist. You have never experienced anything
even close to how Karen and I can make you feel. But the very best part is
when you get to suck a lesbian's pussy - imagine, but then imagine seducing
a straight woman and showing her that you can make her feel better than any
man - make her cum until she'll promise you anything just to have you suck
her to lesbian heaven and so she can get to suck you too!" and with that
Tracy was silent.

I was shocked. I was disgusted and frozen there. Tracy then continued
stroking her girl slit and started to cum right there in front of me. She
was whimpering, "Oh Gina, I NEED you to suck my pussy slit with your mouth.
Just put your beautiful, soft, warm lips on my pussy and suck the girl juice
right out through my pussy into your mouth. You'll get addicted and you
won't be able
to have sex with a man again - you'll need pussy, just like I do, just like
all the women in the program. Make me cum ... just suck me... PLEASE SUCK
LOVE IT," she moaned.

I was reeling with all this from Tracy. She was having an effect on me but
I had to leave. I couldn't stay. Too much was going through my mind and I
couldn't stand it anymore. Of course I was turned on, but that didn't mean
I had to succumb to the desire. It didn't make it right. I loved Michael
and we wanted to have kids and a family. He was a good husband and I wanted
to make a good life with him. I ran out of the club and went home.

"How was the workout?" Michael asked.

"Well, the workout was fine but what happened after was rather disturbing.
Tracy tried to convince me to have lesbian sex with her. She said that it
was better than any man could even come close to and that after I had
lesbian sex, I'd never want another man," I told Michael.

"Wow, that's incredible. What did you do?" he asked.

"I ran out immediately - what do you think? - that I'd have lesbian sex?
No way, never!" I stated emphatically.

"Unbelievable - That's quite the club that you're going to," he said and
then he left. I thought there was something strange in the way he responded
to me.

"I'll get some food ready. Are you hungry?" I asked.

"Ya, I'll be down in a few minutes," he said. I thought there was something
strange in his reaction to this story so I went upstairs and saw him in the
bedroom. He was lying on the bed and was masturbating. He had his cock in
his hand and he was stroking it slowly but he was totally hard. It took
about 30 seconds and he started to shoot cream from his cock as he started
to cum. I
quickly went downstairs and finished preparing some food. I couldn't
believe that he did that but it was obvious that he found the idea of
lesbian sex very arousing. I was starting to wonder what was going on
around me - all this lesbian sex and Michael getting turned on by the idea.

The next program session was two days later and I decided to keep going. I
couldn't stop thinking about Tracy and how she was trying to get me to have
sex with her. The session started as usual with some aerobics and this
session went without any lesbian incidents. When it ended, Karen came up to
me and said that she'd like to talk to me after the workout if I had time.
She said to meet her in the massage room. I said okay.

I arrived at the massage room and she asked me if I'd like a massage while
we talked. I'm never one to turn down a massage but in this case, I just
figured that something was up. I thought about it and said okay. I mean,
really nothing had happened between Karen and me and she was totally nice to
me all the time. I had no reason not to accept the massage.

"Okay Gina, just take of your clothes and relax. There may be two other
women, or girls, I should say, joining us partway through but don't worry,
they won't bother us," Karen said.

"Okay Karen," I said tentatively. I couldn't help but get that picture in
my mind of the two women that Tracy had told me about. I laid back and let
Karen do her thing.

"So Gina, how do you like the program so far? Is it meeting your
expectations?" she asked.

"Oh yes, no problems. I'm enjoying. There is one thing though that I'd
like to talk about. I saw you and Tracy having sex a few days ago and then
Tracy tried to seduce me and told me that all the other women are lesbians -
actually she said that all the other women have become lesbians since
joining. Is this true?" I had to know.

"Yes, it's true Gina. I'm a lesbian and make no apologies for it. In fact,
I view it as me doing all of them a favor - showing them how amazing lesbian
sex is - better than anything you could imagine. Tracy told me that she
tried to seduce you but you would have no part of it. That's your choice -
absolutely. Here, I'm going to make myself a little more comfortable."
Karen then took
off her outfit and continued to massage me in the nude. Every once in a
while she would lean over and her breasts would brush against mine. Once
she leaned over and her nipple brushed against my lips. I was trying my
best just to ignore all this since the massage felt absolutely heavenly.
She worked her way up my legs and started stroking my inner thighs. "Spread
your legs a little Gina."

"I'm uncomfortable doing that," I responded.

"Look Gina. I won't deny that I find you an incredibly beautiful, sexy
woman and I'd love to make love to you but nothing will happen here that you
don't want, okay?" Karen said.

"Okay," and with that I spread my legs a little.

Just then the door to the room opened and two girls walked in. One was
about 17 and the other was about 14. Both were gorgeous and both were nude.
The 14 year-old laid down on the other massage table and the 17 year-old
started to massage her slim, little girl body. Her breasts were starting to
form and she had hard nipples that jutted out. The 17 year-old started
stroking her legs
and worked her way up to her pussy. The 17 year-old had full, soft lips and
she leaned down and started gently sucking the little girl's pussy. The
little girl obviously loved this. I was awestruck and couldn't stop
looking. The 14 year-old spread her legs and the 17 year-old kept sucking.

"Oh, Carla, just suck my pussy slit and make my sex juice squirt like you
always do! Keep sucking ... make me cum .. make my little girl pussy all
wet .. make me squirt my pussy juice all over .. make me cum ... ohhhh Carla
..... make me cum .....," the little girl kept saying.

"Oh Tanya, your pussy is so hot and wet ... I can't get enough of it ...
just spread your legs and let me make you cum .. I absolutely adore your
little pussy .. it's soooo smooth and you cum so much ... I love the way
your girl juice squirts out from your pussy .. I love to suck it .. let me
make you cum ... oh you're a little lesbian girl .. and we're about to make
Gina a lesbian too .. she can't stop watching us ... I'm going to show her
my pussy..." Carla said. And then Carla
turned her pussy and ass towards me and let me see the most stunning pussy I
could imagine. At the same time I could see her sucking on Tanya's pussy
and making it all squirt pussy juice out. I couldn't stop watching. My
pussy was starting to leak juice and I had never felt so turned on in my
entire life.

Karen said, "You know this is wrong don't you Gina but you can't stop now,
can you? It's too addictive. Look at little Tanya have all those lesbian
cums and how her girl juice just squirts out - isn't it beautiful?" Then I
felt Karen lean down and her tongue just touched my pussy slit and my pussy
started to ooze juice. I felt an orgasm building and Karen knew it. She
put her beautiful lips around my pussy and sucked my pussy slit and stroked
my clit with her tongue as
she sucked me.

Tanya and Carla came over right then.

"Ohhh Gina, you'll never want anything but lesbians after this. Here, suck
my little girl pussy slit right now and make me cum. I'll leak my sex juice
all over your lips and you can make me cum while Karen makes you cum. You
won't be able to stop. I know you can't stop now. It's too addictive.
You'll never want your husband since he can't even come close to this
lesbian ecstasy.
I know exactly how hard to suck on your shaved pussy slit to make your pussy
juice shoot out and have your pussy cum all over my lips. I'll suck you to
heaven. You can suck Tanya's shaved girl pussy until she creams while I'm
sucking you. Karen can lick your nipples and you'll never, never, never
want anything but lesbians. We can make you feel so good you'll never want
to go
home. You feel that way now, don't you Gina. You can't stop yourself, even
though I'm only 14 years old. You need to suck my girl slit right now don't
you," Tanya taunted me.

"YES!! I need to suck your girl pussy ... I want to feel your pussy juice
squirt in my mouth. Let me do it NOW!! Suck my pussy slit now - MAKE ME
HAVE A LESBIAN CUM RIGHT NOW!!! I need to feel a pussy on my lips and I
need a lesbian to suck my pussy slit NOW!!! Make me cum ... suck my pussy
slit .... Suck me ... OHHH I'MMMM CCCUUUMMMIINNNGGGGG!!!!!! Suck me
...ohhhhhhh," and with that I fell back as Carla had her lips pasted to my
pussy and gently sucked the last bit of pussy juice from me.

"Oh Karen, you've made me into a lesbian. I'll come to the club every day
just to have lesbian sex with all the other women. I can't believe how good
this is. I need to have lesbian sex all the time now."

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