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Nifty - Lesbian - Authoritarian - Female Teacher Addicted To A Cruel Teen Girl - Female Teacher Addicted To A Cruel Teen Girl 3

Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 14:01:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Faye Duncan <>
Subject: Female Teacher Addicted to a Cruel Teen Girl: Chapter Three

Female Teacher Addicted to a Cruel Teen Girl: Chapter Three
By Faye Duncan
f/F Reluctant

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. None of the characters or
events herein are based on real people, either living or dead.

It was written for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains
descriptions of explicit gay sex with a minor. If you are not an adult, or
if reading stories of a sexual nature upsets you, do not read any further!
By reading further, you certify that you have accessed/requested access to
this material willfully, and that you are an adult 21 years of age or

You also certify that to your knowledge, this material does not offend the
standards in your area, nor is it in violation of any of local, state, or
federal law.

Sammie wetsy doll and karen both helped with this chapter. Aren't they
sweet to do that?

After fourteen-year-old Madison had completely emptied her bladder's golden
droplets into the thirsty mouth of Julia, her thirty-seven-year-old former
teacher and current submissive slut, the young girl focused her penetrating
gaze on her subbie's blissfully smiling face. Julia's visage actually
glowed with peaceful contentment. It was so obvious to Madison that the
older woman had really enjoyed not only the degrading act of what she had
been doing but also it's sick implications for her future servitude to

But Madison didn't want Julia to be blissfully happy, even because of so
degrading a thing as drinking the girl's pee. She wanted the older woman
to suffer, and by suffering, prove just how much she loved the young girl.

Madison leaned her lean, naked body far over Julia's relaxed and recumbent
and totally vulnerable frame.

"Now isn't that a fair pay off, Julia baby, to show you just how much you
mean to me: both my nasty sweet girl spit and my salty hot girl piss, just
for you." Madison giggled as she reached over and viciously pinched one of
Julia's taut nipples between the fingernails of her thumb and index

"Unnnnnn huhhhhh," the once relaxed but now obviously tormented Julia
replied, not able to form her lips into real words because of the sudden,
vicious pain she felt in her nipple.

Madison, the devilish fourteen-year-old, wasn't satisfied at all with
Julia's inarticulate response. She wanted a real answer from her grown up
subbie slut, not a series of pitiful, animalistic grunts. So the evil
young girl twisted her former teacher's turgid nipple until she made Julia
squeal a long series of high-pitched little piggy squeals. Then Madison
viciously yanked up on Julia's tormented nipple until the older woman
almost had to rise up off her bed to keep the pain from overwhelming her

"Well, Julia slut. Answer me."

The highly distressed older woman knew that Madison was more than capable
of tearing the sore and distended nipple right off her abused, tender
breast if she did not answer the diabolical young girl's question correctly
and immediately, too. Through her stark agony, Julia forced herself to
pant out what she knew to be the right answer under the circumstances.

"Yes, Madison. It's a wonderful pay off. I'm so happy you want me to be
your sick little big girl doll, Madison. And I am so glad to be your
slutty little teacher dear. You know how much I crave all the
pain/pleasure experiences you give me and I will always be your dirty girl.
And yes, I am begging for more from you because I love you so, and I know
giving me pain makes you happy. And I will gladly beg for more, more, more
just to make you happy."

Julia said the words as fast as she could and them pressed her lips
devotedly upon Madison's soppy smooth pussy. The young girl laughed out
loud when she saw how eager Julia was to get back to her slit. Satisfied
for the moment that her torment had succeeded in demonstrating once more
who held the upper hand, Madison let go of Julia's tortured nipple.

"So you like my little girl pussy, do you, teacher dear?"

Julia raised her face slightly.

"Oh, your young pussy is so delicious, Madison. And all the time I am
eating you, I am thinking and repeating to myself, I belong to Madison
now... I belong to Madison now."

Madison rewarded her subbie's intense carnal sucking by reaching over and
running her fingers along the puffy lips that pouted so hungrily at the
older woman's crotch. Julia wriggled and whined for more. It was way past
obvious that she was starved for sexual release and she didn't mind showing
it. She was past minding how depraved she appeared to the young girl who
now owned her. She was past having any last shreds of self-control or
pride. She was broken in spirit, consumed by her sex hungry, and
completely meek before her young domme.

For her part, young Madison just could not get enough of watching her adult
subbie degrade and humiliate herself. The only thing better for the young
girl would have been if she could cause even more humiliation and pain to
her former teacher. But the night was still young and her mom would soon
be there to add sick, incestuous interest to the spectacle.

Eventually, at Madison's languid order, Julia reluctantly pulled her cum
slick face away from her owner's itching crotch and looked inquiringly over
at Madison for new instructions.

"OK, Julia. You ate me out real good. And for a treat, why don't you
slide over so I can lie down beside you on my stomach so you can get at my
cute little butt hole. I bet I'll just love it as soon as you begin using
that nasty teacher tongue of yours on my puckery little rosette."

While the words were still coming out of Madison's mouth, Julia was already
sliding over to make room for the young girl on her bed. Madison sighed,
stretched, and lay prone on the older woman's bed, her thighs wantonly
splayed because she knew what was coming next. Once Madison was settled,
Julia gently spread the girl's firm, smooth butt cheeks apart with her
hungry, groping fingers and moved her face between them. Her nose was
rewarded by a faint, whiff of Madison's girl musk that only encouraged her
all the more to do as her teen owner had told her.

Now that Madison had conquered her, Julia wanted so, so much. She wanted
badly to hear her former student's sexy cum noises. She wanted to be the
cause of them. She wanted Madison to love her as much as she loved the
girl whose rosette she was about to lick so slavishly. Her soft lips
instantly latched onto her young owner's tiny, puckered rose, and her
tongue began to lick softly all around it and gently to probe and prod.

Madison stirred at the touch of the older woman's wet tongue skittering
around her tight hole and began making happy sex sounds as Julia continued
rimming her. The young girl humped her hips slightly, thrusting back
against the older woman's proffered tongue. Julia responded by snuffeling
around even deeper into her owner's slowly opening rosette. Madison
serenely pillowed her face on her arms and then proceeded to emit a long,
contented series of little animal like girl squeals and squeaks.

"I really like your slutty teacher tongue licking around my pooper, Julia,"
Madison whispered huskily as her grown up slave girl continued to poke and
probe with her hungry tongue. Madison reached around and patted Julia's
head as a sign of encouragement while the older woman continued to lick and
slurp away at her pleasurable task.

"But I'll really come unglued when you put that sick, nasty little tongue
of yours to good use right inside my butt hole. You just know you want to
lick inside my yummy little poop lane. Don't you, little slut teacher?"

Julia did in fact want to jab her tongue as deep as she could into her
young owner's butt hole in the worst kind of way, and she wasted no time
following Madison's orders. As she licked down the young girl's butt crack
to lodge her probing tongue as far as she could in her owner's relaxed
hole, Julia's pussy began oozing hot sex mucus. This was such a turn on
for the submissive teacher; blatantly eating out her little girl owner's
butt hole.

Julia was in paradise as she thrust her tongue as far as it would go into
Madison's moist hole. The musky flavor of this young girl owner of hers
was strong and therefore especially stimulating to the sex hungry older
woman. Madison was a real sexy meal. Julia hungered to partake fully of
every course. And from the way that Madison was squirming in response to
the older woman's erotic tonguing, it was going to be a feast, indeed.

Feeling in control of Julia as never before Madison decided that the time
was right to carry her plans for the older woman's total downfall to the
next level.

"Stop licking me, Julia. I want to play with you some more. Humiliating
you has made me hungry to abuse you some more."

Julia reluctantly took her ravenous tongue out of Madison's puckered hole
and slowly and carefully rolled her owner over once more so that now she
was face up on her bed, wantonly displayed with turgid nipples and spread

"Jill me off, slut. I want to feel your fat teacher fingers stroking my
slit right this minute."

Julia happily slid her hand along her young owner's tiny, smooth pussy lips
and began stroking her slowly. After a few happy minutes of this action,
Madison felt the first stirrings of a great orgasm.

"If you keep that up, teacher dear, I'm going to squirt all over your fat,
piggy fingers," Madison announced as she began to wriggle and pant.
Julia's mind, budding with unconsummated lust, continued to slide her
fingers to their obscene work of sliding along the young girl's blood
gorged pussy lips. Then, she thrust two fingers deep inside the girl's
slippery slit. In and out. In and out. Slowly, then faster.

Finally, Madison could hold back no more, and she spasmed in a hot,
delicious brace of blistering orgasms, gushing sex fluids all over Julia's
stroking fingers. Then Julia, unbidden by her young girl owner, slowly
raised her mucus-coated hand to her mouth and began to slurp and lick
Madison's sex juices right off her fingers. Julia continued licking until
her fingers were completely clean of the girl's sex discharge.

Madison rewarded Julia's action by smiling her sweet wicked little smile.
She reached out her own tiny hand, pushed two of her cunning fingers deep
into the older woman's gaping slit, slid the fluid-covered digits back out
again, and pushed them insistently into Julia's mouth. The older woman
licked the girl's fingers until they were also completely clean.

"Do you like tasting my pussy and then tasting yourself on my fingers'

The older woman nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes, I love the yummy taste of your pussy and the taste of my own pussy,
too. I know I must be a real slut for admitting that to you, Madison. But
you already know just what kind of a slut I am willing to be for you
because I love you so much. Till you conquered me, I used to imagine
tasting the pussy of almost every woman and girl I saw. But now, all I want
to do is to suck your sweet pussy and give you pleasure, suck on your clit,
stick my tongue deep in your pussy, and tongue your anus till you squirt on
my nose. Oh, what you do to me, Madison. I have never had so strong cums
in all my life. And they are all such wonderful cums, too!"

Madison smiled down at her woman lover and tousled her hair.

"I know, Julia. But for now, let's see what else my Julia slut is capable
of doing to please me.

Madison began to stroke the older woman's naked thigh; back and forth, up
and down. Julia began to writhe in stark sex hunger and unfulfilled need.
The older woman splayed her legs as wide as she could, and Madison took the
cue and slid her tiny hand right up against the older woman's drenched
pussy. Just as before, Julia wriggled and gurgled in purest lust as
Madison continued to tease and torment her with her masturbating fingers
until the older woman could stand it no longer and begged to be allowed to
cum. She begged and begged, using the most fowl language and promising to
do the most infamous things if Madison would only allow her just one single
cum. Of course, Madison refused, and only laughed out loud as the older
woman begged her more and more.

Just when she thought Julia was about to go over the edge of sanity,
Madison wickedly removed her stroking hand. Julia sobbed a great sob of
unfulfilled sex hunger, but did not move away from her young tormentor.

"Let's try something new," Madison suggested breezily, acting as if she
were totally oblivious to Julia's suffering.

Madison, who now was sitting right behind her subbie, reached around her
and began fondling Julia's thigh. Julia sighed and whimpered at the
depraved attention she was getting from her teen girl owner. She wanted so
badly to orgasm, but Madison was only in the mood to tease and distract
her. As she stroked her subbie's thigh and tantalized her former teacher
turned devoted sex slut, Madison thought about her overnight bag and its
assorted objects of pain and pleasure. Actually, as Madison let her hand
rove higher and higher to the accompaniment of Julia's little hunger
whimpers, she kind of hoped that her subbie WOULD balk at some of the
things she wanted to do to her. Because that would give the young girl all
the excuse she needed to torture the older woman's defenseless body and
soul with some of the terrible implements found within that little
overnight bag. The thought of a bareass naked screaming, squealing, and
pleading Julia groveling in front of her on her knees after she had used
some of her favorite devices to touch the older woman up a little turned
Madison on more than just a little bit. So, even if her obvious hold on
the older woman's body and soul did convince her subbie to do what she
said, Madison might just use some of those fiendish things on her anyway,
simply for the evil fun of it. All sorts of dissolute images involving the
painful and humiliating sexual abuse of her grown up subbie filtered
through Madison's lust flushed brain as she kept stroking her sex-hungry
former teacher. Madison had to admit that she had a pretty sick
imagination where Julia was concerned, sicker even than where her mom was
concerned. But that only made it all the more fun.

As for Julia, she was now panting and wriggling on the bed, parched and
famished for longed-for sexual release.

Madison was not making things any easier for her subbie teacher slut. One
of her groping hands had strayed up to Julia's large breasts, and the
fourteen year old was stroking and tweaking the smooth, soft skin in
sheerest delight. The young girl thought it would be just the neatest
thing to make her subbie squeal over and over just like a poor tormented
little piggy girl. So she pinched and scratched until Julia did just that.
Then she went back to slowly, devilishly stroking the older woman's now
painfully itching pussy.

For her part, Madison knew that she would have no constraints whatsoever
imposed upon her own behavior by Julia, her mom, or anyone else. She could
play with the older women in any way she felt like at the moment. Nothing
would be beyond her this night.

Suddenly, and without warning, Madison jammed her little fist deep into
Julia's big, wet cunt. It hurt so much it made the older woman gasp in
agony and then cry out, but she still opened her legs to give the young
girl all the room she needed.

Then, little Madison wiggled her fist inside the older woman's pussy until
Julia could stand it no longer and treated the girl to the pleasure of
watching her as she had a truly uncontrollable cum. The older woman
writhed and wriggled on her bed and almost peed herself in sexual frenzy as
she came and came and came.

When Julia began to come down off her sexual high, the young girl made
Julia lick her own cum off the girl's little fist and then forced the older
woman to go down on her until she herself came, again and again and again.

After a while, a languid Madison decided that Julia should be made to
confess even more about her sordid fantasies than she had already done.

"You just adore little girl pussy like mine, don't you, Julia?"

The older woman couldn't stop herself from answering the girl's lurid

"Until you conquered me, Madison, I constantly fantasized about girls
twelve or fourteen years old teasing and humiliating me. I knew how wrong
it was but I wasn't able to control myself whenever they were around
me. And now, you control me so well, Madison. And you have proved to me
that it isn't about the actual things you make me do, degrading and
humiliating as they are. It is all about the sick mind games you play with
me. You know how humiliating and degrading it is that I obey you the way I
do and how much more sick and degrading it is that you reinforce those
feelings by making me admit them all to you. The debasing questions you
make me answer require me to degrade myself so much. They expose all my
vulnerabilities to you because I just know they will be used against me but
I'm just not able or even wanting to withhold them from you. And the evil
ways you know about to slowly drag the answers out of me. It is so erotic,
and I just can't fight it. You know your emotional hold over me will keep
me from fighting your physical control of me. You know it keeps me from
refusing you anything you want of me. You love it when you make me go down
into the pit one step at a time, each step more dangerous than the last.
But I know that if I don't take the next step I will lose you forever and
your love for me. And now your love means more than anything in the world
to me. "I so desperately want to make you happy and for you to tell me
what a good, loving, and obedient little teacher slut I am. I am so proud
whenever I can please you."

Madison looked over at her former teacher and smiled her most winsome

"I know all that dear teacher slut, but you still didn't answer my question
yet. Tell me right now. You just adore little girl pussy like mine, don't
you, Julia?"

Julia winced as if she had been slapped. She could not resist confessing
even more to her little girl owner.

"Yes, Madison. I confess. I adore little girl pussy. Just before the end
of this past school year, I looked out my classroom window one afternoon
and saw three little girls about twelve or thirteen. They had on their
school uniforms of short plaid skirts, oxford blue button down shirts, and
knee high white cotton stockings. They looked so delicious and suddenly
they noticed me staring at them. I was so hungry for them I didn't even
care that they caught me staring. They looked so good... good enough to
eat. I was getting wetter by the second looking at them. My pussy juice
was running down my thigh."

"Oh, those three young girls looked so delectable and delicious to me. I
would have liked to have gotten them back in the cloak closet all nice and
nude and suck on their budding, little, pointy breasts. And I would have
loved to suck each and every one of their smooth little pussies. I bet
they were hairless or maybe just had some downy peach fuzz on their
pussies. I probably could have put my lips entirely around their slits and
sucked the whole thing in my mouth, and sucked and sucked until each had
what would probably be their first cum. Then they would never have
forgotten me. They might even have fallen in love with me. They wouldn't
have had to touch me or do anything to me. I would have only wanted them
to be shown the ultimate pleasure for the first time."

Julia looked away from her young girl domme, she was just so embarrassed by
her lurid admission.

Madison stroked the older woman's hair with her fingers.

"Maybe this coming school year you can show my girl friends your tuff
little body while I reach around from behind and pinch your big girl
nipples for you till you squeal like a little piggy. Then maybe they'll
let you lick their pussies till they cum and cum."

Julia shuddered, then she looked back over at Madison with stark hunger in
her eyes.

"Yes, Madison. I want to do even more degrading things for you to prove
how much I love you. I don't mind the pain if you are the one to give it
to me, nor being your dirty girl. And yes, I would like to exhibit this
little slut body of mine to some cute young girls at school if that is what
you want me to do."

Madison rewarded Julia's reply by pinching the older woman's erect clit
between thumb and forefinger till the older woman wriggled and writhed on
her bed. Suddenly the girl stopped.

"So you like it when I give you pain, too, my little teacher slut."

Julia took a deep breath before replying.

"I never was into pain, until you conquered me. But, just within the past
couple hours you have taught me all about the pleasure/pain you can give
me. Yes, Madison. I want to experience more of it and become your total
pain slut. Please, Madison"

The young girl looked hungrily at Julia. All this sex talk was making the
girl horny again.

"You're making me wet, teacher dear. And besides that, I have to pee."

Julia smiled as if it were Christmas morning and she was eight years old
again, opening her one lone present for which she had yearned all year

"I love it when I make you wet, Madison. And I want to go and watch you
pee again. Close up. Please! "I am your dirty, little, slutty girl. I
would like to watch you pee again and clean you with my tongue when you are
finished. What makes me say and think that? I have never thought of doing
that before. But just thinking of being close, watching you pee again and
licking you clean has me so wet."

Madison giggled cruelly, climbed off Julia's bed, and grabbed the older
woman by the arm.

"Well, if that is what my slutty teacher dear wants, that is what she shall
have. But Julia, I'm a little embarrassed walking around your house all
naked. Give me a nice fresh pair of your big girl panties to wear. After
tonight you won't need them any more 'cause you're going to buy some sexy
new little panties I'll help you pick out tomorrow; nice tight ones."

Julia immediately opened her dresser and pulled out a pair of sexy silk
panties that she wore only on special occasions to pleasure herself through
while she indulged her lewd fantasies of long nights of sexual bliss with
some young girl. She diffidently handed them to Madison.

"Will these do," she asked tentatively.

Madison snatched the panties out of the older woman's hand, stepped into
them, and then preceded, with Julia in tow, to the bathroom. As soon as
she got inside the door, Madison stopped, stepped into the panties, then
she sat down gingerly on the toilet.

"Well, silly. You wanted to watch me pee. So kneel down between my legs
and watch."

Julia immediately fell to her knees, her face mere inches from the young
girl's panty gusset. Then, she saw the spreading wetness that could only
mean that her former student was peeing into her beloved panties. For
Julia, this disgusting act by her teen domme was more degrading than
anything that had come before. Madison was demonstrating in a very primal
way what value she placed on the older woman's most precious treasures.
She was actually pissing in Julia's favorite panties. The older woman
began to sob as the reality of Madison's act sank in.

When Madison finished peeing, she flippantly removed Julia's wet panties
from her pussy and bought them down to Julia's upturned mouth. The girl's
urine odor was very strong but the older woman knew without a doubt what
was expected of her. Watching as her teacher's last vestiges of self
respect disappeared completely, Madison smiled broadly as the older woman
began to lick the sodden crotch of the panties. The taste was bitter,
acrid and salty and Julia gagged.

But Madison was in no mood to show mercy. As the older woman took a ragged
breath, Madison jammed the soppy panties deep inside her open mouth. Julia
started to gag again but fought it down. Then she did what she knew she
had to do and sucked the pee out of the young girl's discarded panties.
Some of the hot liquid dribbled down her chin, but she swallowed most of
it. For Julia, the pain/pleasure was suddenly the most exquisite and she
had a furious cum without even touching herself. When the older woman
finally came back to herself, Madison removed the saliva-covered panties
from Julia's open mouth.

"Now finish the job, Julia. Clean me with that slutty teacher tongue of

Julia immediately fell to the task she was beginning to love so well.

Madison looked down at her newest sexual conquest.

"When Mom comes over later, I think she should have the pleasure of peeing
in your mouth just like I did before. You don't mind, do you, teacher

Julia looked up at Madison with those always hungry eyes of hers.

"I would let your Mom pee in my mouth if you told me to. Then her pee
would run out of my mouth and down my neck. Of course, I would have to
swallow as much as I could. That would be so humiliating, dirty, and
slutty. But I would do it because I love you so much. I'd do anything you
say, Madison."

Madison only smiled, thinking of what lay ahead.

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Nifty - Lesbian - Authoritarian - Female Teacher Addicted To A Cruel Teen Girl - Female Teacher Addicted To A Cruel Teen Girl 3