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Nifty - Lesbian - Authoritarian - Lesbian Teachers In Discipline

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 16:38:20 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Lesbian Teachers in Discipline

Lesbian Teachers in Discipline (F/F, D/s, BD) by _lee120fs@datasync.com_
Lesbian Teachers in Discipline I
Mindy was a teacher and a lesbian at the city high school. Her lesbian
lover was also a teacher in the same school and both had kept the secret for
over 2 years. During the day, they avoided each other but at night they were
furious in bed testing their limits and enjoying a BDSM lifestyle that
they choose. They were both submissive but took turns trading off dominating
the other.

One summer evening in her class, Mindy noticed that one girl Kerry had her
legs wide underneath the desk and wearing no panties. She tried to avoid
looking at the young pussy before her but her glaze kept coming back to it
and the girl did nothing but smile at her. Her words were starting to stammer
so she gave the class the rest of the hour to do homework as she tried to
concentrate on the papers in front of her. Her glaze kept again glancing up
and starting at the mound. As the bell sounded for the last class of the
day, she started to gather her papers and await Jeannie her lover arrival to
go home. Her pussy was soaking wet from the view he had to endure
throughout the day. As she started to get up, she noticed Mindy still sitting there
with her shirt hiked farther back and her finger rubbing her mound. Mindy
was dying to get her tongue in their and tried to sound calm when she told
her class was over and she could go home.

Mindy just sat there. I don't want to go home. I think I prefer to have you
come here and lick my pussy. You and Mrs. Bain are lesbians I found out. I'
ve seen you rubbing and slapping her ass several times in the teacher
restroom when you thought no one was around. I also know you love to have your
fat ass spanked by her and now it's my turn to have some fun. Get undress
for me now.

Mindy was confused. She totally desired to be the young lady slave but at
the same time she had a professional job to maintain. Kerry awoke her from
her thoughts with a warning she was going to tell everyone unless she obeyed
her commands. Slowly she started removing all her cloths till she was down
to her panties and bra.

I said everything, said Kerry, rubbing her pussy mound more with Mindy
standing there licking her lips.

Mindy slowly removed her bra exposing her huge mounds and lowered her
panties. She was told to get the ornament paddle on the wall and put it in her
mouth and then crawl over to Kerry. She wiggled her ass in anticipation as
she walked and got the paddle, put the rope end in her mouth, and crawl
forward to Kerry desk wondering what was in store.
Kerry smiling at her picked up the paddle and demanded she laid belly down
on the desktop. As she complied to get in position she felt the paddle tap
her ass several times lightly as cum leak out her pussy exposing her to
the young student.

Such a naughty little slut said Kerry. I guess I'll have to punish you for
looking at young ladies pussies in class. I think 30 should be enough for a
large ass such as yours.

Yes mistress, said Mindy rubbing her mound on the desktop. Please don't hit
too hard.

Kerry leaned back and brought the paddle hard on the teacher upturned ass
causing her to yell in pain. That's just a starter she teased and continued
laying the paddle on the wide ass in front. By the fifteen hit, Mindy was
in tears begging her young mistress for mercy and promising anything she

Lesbian Teachers in Discipline II
I could stop at 20 if you promise to be my slave from now on instead of
Mrs. Bain. I plan to own her ass anyway when she gets here. So what do you
say teach? Do you want to be that bitch slave or mine? She slapped her ass
hard again with the paddle causing Mindy to ass to jump up and her pussy
juice to leak out.

Yours mistress, no more please. I promise to be a good slave and do
whatever you say. Make me your bitch and Jeannie too. No more please.
Kerry laid the paddle on the floor and told the teach to get under the
desktop and service her pussy. Mindy immediately got up and crawled underneath
and started lapping the pussy she had dreamed about all day. She felt the
young lady reach orgasm but continued as the door open and Jeannie walked
in stunned at the sight before her.

Kerry just smiled up at her. Your lover is now my slave. She's such as
little pussy licker. No wonder you like her so much. I told you when you
expelled me that day, I would get even and I got a camera hidden in this room
recording everything that is going on. Your ass is mine now.

Mindy was astonished at the words above but in such a state of arousal she
continued her licking.

What do you want, said Jeanie?

Why your ass of course. You will be a slave like her to me and do anything
I want. I'm going to pay you back for everything.

Jeannie tried to plea for bargaining but knew it wasn't going to happen.
Not only did she have her lover on film but knew their secret. They would be
fired and never hired again anywhere. Finally she agreed with Kerry holding
Mindy head in her hand guiding it where she wanted.

I want you to strip naked now, she said.

Jeannie removed all her clothing and stood naked in the center of the room
till she was told to get down on her knees. Mindy head was pushed away and
Kerry demanded she crawl back to her desk and get under it with ass out
till she called for her. She walked over to Jeannie and started rubbing her
face cheeks.

My pussy has already came enough for now so what should you lick for me
slut and it better be the part I want licked.
Jeannie looked up with tears forming in her eyes. Please mistress, may I
lick your sweet ass.

Kerry turned around and pressed her ass in Jeannie face rubbing her nose
deep within the crack. Lick my asshole slut and if you don't do a good enough
job, I'm going to paddle that fat ass of yours and throw all your clothes
out the window so you can go home naked.

Jeannie stuck out her tongue and started rimming the brown hole in front of
her. She had done it several times in the past with Mindy, but for some
reason now it was more exciting. Her pussy was already wet. She knew she was
at the young lady mercy and was starting to enjoy it despite her better

Lesbian Teachers in Discipline III
Not bad for a old slut, said Kerry pushing her ass off Jeannie face. Now
crawl under the desk like Mindy there. I sure you both can squeeze in except
for those fat asses of yours.

Jeannie crawled forward and squeezed her way in with Mindy underneath the
desk. Neither could mover a muscle and was clenched in so tight they were
having trouble breathing. Kerry meanwhile had gotten the paddle and returned
sitting in the teacher seat and moving it forward so she had a perfect view
of the two large asses in front.

Time for punishment sluts, she said. By the way Mindy I lied. You'll get
the ten I didn't do earlier while Jeannie will get 30. Mindy was begging and
after the first ten on Jeannie ass, she started also. She continued to give
Jeannie two to Mindy one for the rest of the duration as the teachers
asses was totally red and begging for mercy below. Neither one of them could
move and their asses formed perfect targets.

Kerry got up temporary and returned with 2 pieces of chalk, which she
inserted slowly up their asses. I think I'll take you sluts home with me
tonight. Mother enjoys a good pussy and ass licking as well as I do. Do you think
that is a good idea? Maybe a little more paddling will convince you.

No mistress yelled both teachers. We'll be good little slaves. Please take
us home with you and let us lick your mother's pussy and ass.

I guess you'll do, said Kerry pushing the chalk into their asses till it
disappeared. Get your dresses on but nothing else.

Both teachers were finally dress except for their bras and panties, which
Kerry laughed and threw out the class window.

Maybe some boy will find them and smell your nasty ass smell on them; she
teased leading them with chalk still in ass out the class to her car. Both
teachers said nothing as they drove towards Kerry home and arrived at a two
story nice house. Kerry walked behind slapping their asses as they made
their way to the door. The chalk in their asses was melting from the heat as
if it was a laxative.

When they entered, Kerry called for her mother who showed up in her

These are the teachers I was telling you about mom. This one is the one
that expelled me and this is her toy. They just love playing with each other
and now they belong to me.

Kay smiled at the women and told them to strip. They were told to present
their tits for her inspection and then to spread their pussies as she
slipped a finger inside testing their sizes. As they were told to turn around,
she laughed at the sight of their white assholes as the chalk had melted on

Mindy, why don't you show toy Mindy the playroom and have some fun with
her. Meanwhile, I have a score to settle with this one for expelling one of my
family members from school. Jeannie was pleading for mercy as Kerry
grabbed Mindy by the hand and started leading her upstairs. Jeannie was told to
bend over the couch and awake her punishment.

Lesbian Teachers in Discipline IV
When Kerry opened the door to the playroom Mindy was in awe. There was
bondage equipment all on the walls, paddles and whips of all kinds, toys with
dildos in them, etc. At the same time, she was very excited at the thought
of their use when Kerry brought her back to the real world with a pinch on
her tits. She told her to get a hood she pointed at and return. Mindy
returned with the hood as Kerry put it over her head so the mouth and nose
openings were open but the eye patches were close. Her hair was strung up from
the hood in a ponytail. She was then dragged over to a rocking chair she saw
earlier and knew by the touch and told to straddle the dildo on it. When
she finally got it all the way in her pussy, Kerry put handcuffs on her
wrists behind her back and pressed her again the mane of the horse and tied her
tightly to it. She then moved in front of Mindy and grabbing her tits pull
her forward rocking the horse.

Mindy had thought she had the hold dildo in her till the horse rocked and
felt at least two more inches slide in her pussy stretching it to the limit.
When her tits were released, it started to come out slightly by the same
amount. As she was slowing rocking, Kerry went behind and locked her back
legs to the hind legs of the wooden pony and got a small plug which she
inserted in her ass while she was rocking back. She then picked up a large
paddle and brought it down hard across her ass cheeks causing her to rock
forward quickly. Mindy was moaning in ecstasy and screaming from the pain of her
ass at the same time. She was begging Kerry for no more paddles and
promised she would be a good slave. The dildo in her pussy was soaking wet and
sliding in too easy so Kerry quit the paddling and move in front of the

She bent over so that her ass would feel the teacher face deep in its

Better lick it good while you rock or I get the paddle again.

Mindy tongue was out well ahead of the youth ass and plunged into it easily
when her face pounded the cheeks. She was using her as an ass dildo but
she didn't care. Her pussy was hot. Kerry would bend sideways every once in a
while so Mindy would have to aim for her target. When her ass was well
lubricated from Mindy tonguing she turned around and spread her pussy lips so
she could continue. Wait till you try the next toy she said as she
masturbated her pussy awaiting the tongue that was going to go in it.

Meanwhile, Kay had tied Jeannie hands behind her back and feet together
while she laid head first over the back of the sofa. Kay sat down and fussed
about her shitty attitude and slutty nature. Jeannie head was over the back
of her shoulder and rubbing her neck as Kay was holding her by the head.

Time to please your mistress, she said. Tongue my neck and work your way
down to my tits. I better enjoy it or your punishment later will be much

Lesbian Teachers in Discipline V
Jeannie was running her tongue all around her mistress daring not to
displease her. She could hear her moans as she started down to her neck and
finally reached her nipples. She started lapping them as a dog and then sucking
on the nipples. Kay was rubbing her pussy with one hand while gripping her
hair with the other to guide it where she wanted. Finally she gripped her
hair tightly and pulled her up almost over the sofa back so her face was
stuck in her pussy and her ass was even with the sofa back.

Time to earn your keep bitch, she said. You can lick my pussy while I slap
your ass. Since I masturbated earlier, you're going to have to do a good
job before your ass is bright red.

Slap, slap. Jeannie tongue was glued to the older woman hairy cunt as she
worked in earnest to get the bitch off. Her ass already sore was getting no
mercy from Kay who was slapping with all her might. No body expels my child
she said, slapping hard again. By the 30 slap, Kay quit and quip the
teacher head and came all over her face. She then turned around sideways on the
couch on her stomach and worked her ass up to the Jeannie sobbing face.

Keep that tongue of your wagging dear, she said and passed gas as the
teacher tongue started lapping her ass.

Oh my, I must be more careful. She laughed as Jeannie continued her rimming
of her ass.

After a while, she was pleased with her ass job and got up and helped
Jeanie to stand on her feet. She was told to get on all fours and follow her up
the stairs to the playroom Kerry and Mindy was in. With much difficulty,
she finally arrived at the top and followed Kay inside.

She saw Mindy with hood and dildo attached in her mouth on the rocking
horse. Kerry was riding in back and she could see a dildo was strap-on and was
being shoved up Mindy ass as she rocked. Kay grabbed another hood much like
Mindy and then placed it over Jeannie head. She was led crawling by the
hair sticking up to a table where she was told to lay on her back. Her legs
were attached to a chain of some type and then she felt her legs being
pulled directly over her head with her ass straight up. Kay teased her with tit
pulls and ass gropes and got two dildos, which she inserted in her mouth
under protest and then in her asshole. Both were turned on for slow

Time to go get something to eat, she told Kerry as the teen un-strapped her
dildo from her waist and joined her mother.

Aren't you going to remove the strap-on from her ass dear, Kay said?

Nope, I am going to leave it there. She needs a good stretching in that are
anyway. Her ex-lover only licked to lick it only.

Both ladies walked out the door and turned off the lights. Be good ill we
get back and we'll let you play some more, Kay said. By the way, the
playroom is on video so we can blackmail our slaves when we want.

When the door shut, Mindy and Jeannie could only hear the rocking sound of
the horse and buzz of the dildos. They knew their asses were now in deep

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Nifty - Lesbian - Authoritarian - Lesbian Teachers In Discipline