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Nifty - Lesbian - Authoritarian - Model Sex Slave

Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2011 14:06:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: SirWolf2006
Subject: Model Sex Slave

Model Sex Slave (F/F, D/s, Spanking, Interracial, Consensual) by
sirwolf2006, 40 M

Model Sex Slave Ch. 01

Diana entered the modeling agency, almost on a lark. At the desk, a pretty
brunette by the name of Miss Jackie Janic, according to the nameplate,
asked what she wanted.

"I would like to sign up as a model, " she blurted out, smiling nervously.

"Do you have a resume, a photo spread?"



"At the high school only."

"OK, " came the disinterested reply, "fill out this application." She sat
down at a desk across the room feeling the brunettes' eyes on her body. It
took her about ten minutes and she returned to the desk.

"I'm finished, what do I do now?"

"OK I need identification, birth certificate or drivers license, what ever
you have."

"I have both of those, " Diana dug into her purse and produced them. The
brunette wrote down some of the information on her application. Well, the
boss isn't here right now, we'll call you and set up an interview." Just
then, a statuesque, full bosomed blond woman walked in. She was at least
six-foot tall and appeared to be about forty.

"Any calls Jackie?"

"No Marg but this young lady is here looking for work as a model."

"So, you want to be a model, girl?"

"Oh, yes Ma'am, I really do."

The woman looked her over. `Not bad, ` she thought, `but definitely model
material.' Five feet six, 120 pounds, 38- 26- 36. Black Hispanic descent,
very pretty face.' She was an expert on body sizes and hardly ever wrong.
She felt the black girl's eyes all over her body. "That was a good sign,
this girl could have real potential. "Come on in, we'll talk." The brunette
handed the application to the lady who then held the door open for Diana.
She had a good look at Diana's rear end and winked at Jackie as she closed
the door behind her. It was a large office with a desk, large bookshelves
full of books and magazines, a couch and some chairs. The walls were covered
with posters and pictures of models. "Sit there on the couch and get comfy.

She sat down at her desk right across from her. Diana tugged on her short
skirt trying not to show too many thighs but with the couch being so low,
her panties were probably showing. She crossed her legs when the lady seemed
to focus on her crotch, "Well now lets see, your name is Diana and you've
just turned 18. You are still in high school and finished this month." She
looked into Diana's eyes. "You know you are too short and well build to
fit the ideal models body, of course."

"Oh yes Ma'am, I know that but I thought there were opening for other body
types sometimes."

"Well yes that's true but not very many and there is more to it than that
you think, like poise, body structure, personality, persistence, talent,

"Yes ma'am I've read about that. I am willing to work hard and take
training and all that but I can't afford modeling school. I have younger
brothers and sisters and my dad left years ago. It's hard for my mom to cope."

"OK, lets see you walk. Pretend that carpet runner is a runway." Diana got
up and started to walk back and forth on a three-foot wide carpet
stretching from one side of the room to the other. "That skirt you're wearing, the
material is too thick; I can't judge whether your proportions are right.
Take it off please."

"Take it off?"

"I am woman Diana, and a professional, if you want to show me your stuff,
do what I tell you." Her voice took on an irritated edge.

"I'm sorry Ma'am I've never had an interview before." She undid her skirt
and slid it down over her sculptured thighs. Bending down she stepped out
of it and picked it up. She stood there looking a bit confused in her cheap
coarse underpants and panty hose.

"Pantyhose is an absolute no, no; take it off. Put it on this chair, in
front of my desk and start showing again. She removed them as she was told
and stepped into her high heels. She continued her walk and after a couple of
times back and forth, she got another order. "I think your proportions are
good but that's terrible looking underwear. This business is about beauty,
Diana. Your clothes are distracting my creative and artistic judgment. I
usually tell recruits to go home and come back with proper clothing but
since I'm very busy and you probably don't have any, I will give you a chance
now. Take off your clothes."

Diana obeyed, bashfully, afraid not to get another chance. She removed
her top, then her bra and finally her panties, placing each item on the
chair. Totally naked, flushed and embarrassed, she put on her heels again and
continued her walk. Marg got up from her chair and walked around her desk
watching Diana's shapely naked body as she turned around walking away. She sat
down on a straight chair at on end of the carpet, as Diana turned around
and walked toward her. She watched the young girls large firm torpedo shaped
breasts, with perky nipples set in two inch aureoles, bounce in a gravity
defying dance beckoning fondling. Diana turned a short distance from her,
presenting her large perfectly shaped protruding buttocks, near enough for
Marg to have touched. Next time she came back and turned,

Marg ordered her to stop. She got up, barely able to keep her hands of
Diana's luscious body. Getting in front of her she said that, she wasn't
moving her hips right. She then put her hands on Diana's hips and told her to
start walking again. As she walked backwards, pretending to be rotating Diana
's hips, she was actually fondling her flesh. "That's it my girl, on the
runway you walk with your hips not your feet." Diana felt like there were
electricity going through her body, as Marg's hands touched her skin,
guiding her motion. As they walked, their large breasts bumped together several
times. Diana's knees began to feel weak, as a strange warm feeling rushed
through her veins. Her whole body felt like it was on fire. Finally, she
almost fainted, collapsing into Marg's arms.

"What's wrong my dear are you sick?"

"I don't know, I just suddenly feel weak like my legs wouldn't carry me."

"I hope I didn't make you feel bad by touching you, or are you embarrassed
being nude." Marg half carried her to the couch where they sat down, She
put one arm around Diana's shoulder and with the other hand, stroked her
stomach gently.

"Oh no Ma'am, it's funny I was embarrassed at first but after you touched
me, I mean it's strange, like I got all warm inside." Marg knew she had
seduced her and it was only a matter of time before she would be in bed with
this luscious creature. She was now barely able to contain her lusts. She
kissed her forehead gently.

"Oh I'm glad you feel that way because I really think you have something
but you need a lot of personal attention. Have you got a boyfriend dear?"

"No ma'am I'm afraid of boys."

"It's good for your career that you don't but why are you afraid? There
must be a lot of them after a beautiful girl like you."

"My mom had me before she was 16. I don't want that to happen to me. I
want a career." Marg kissed her again and Diana, trembling, snuggled in to her

"Here, sometimes a little hug helps." She took Diana's hand and placed it
on the back of her own neck. As Diana turned into her embrace, she moved
her right hand from Diana's stomach to her hip, then her buttock, patting it
gently. Marg then sat up a bit and told Diana's to put her left arm around
her waist. They embraced tightly as Marg kissed her earlobe softly.

"Don't tell me your still a virgin, " she whispered, while stroking and
fondling her large black rear end.

"Yes Ma'am. I never did it, only necking and they won't stop there, so I
don't go out any more. The other girls in school call me a whore though."

"A whore. Why?

"Because they say that I have a whores body."

Marg's pussy was getting wet, as she hugged Diana's innocent young body. "
Go slow, " she told herself. "Wow! Her husband would go nuts over this
one." She could barely wait to see his face when she would present her,
hopefully willing naked body and subservient personality to his sexual
pleasures. This was the easiest seduction she had ever experienced; the girl was
probably a nymph. Diana would become their latest and the most voluptuous
sex slave.

"Well now my dear, we will have to get you trained."

"But how Ma'am, I don't have any money for modeling school?"

"Don't worry I'll train you myself. You can live at my house in return for
doing some housekeeping and cooking. I have another girl there as well; it'
s a big house and we need more help."

"Really? You mean that?"

"Yes my dear. We can work on your Modeling career every day when I'm at
home and you can help keep house for me and my husband."

"Your husband?"

"Yes dear, he is a physical health instructor consultant but he is out of
the house most of time."

"But you want me to train naked?"

"Oh no my Dear, only sometimes during special drills, I have plenty of
pretty clothes to fit you at home. Don't worry, my husband won't bother you.
He is very nice; you'll see." Marg kissed her on the cheek this time and
her hands move from Diana's buttocks down around her hip to the outside of
her thigh, stroking it. Diana cuddled up closer as she gazed into Marg's
face a few inches away. She then put her head on Marg's shoulder cooing with

"You're so nice to me I really feel so good and warm inside." "Marg lost
all control and moved her hand from the outside of Diana's right thigh to
the inside of her left. She kissed her softly on her full sultry lips. Diana
responded as in a hypnotic trance, breathing deeply, spreading her thighs
unconsciously to Marg's probing fingers. Marg slowly massaged her inside
thigh, carefully, moving her fingers up her shapely soft flesh towards the
curly bush. She kissed her earlobe, licking it and then her neck. Diana
lifted her head of Marg's shoulder as Marg kissed her way to her lips. As their
lips met, Marg's fingers found her clitoris. Diana's gasped and her body
trembled as her clit were touched by someone for the first time and her
thighs closed tightly on Marg's hand. Her chest heaved rapidly as Marg's
tongue explored her mouth while Diana's thighs opened and closed in time with
her breathing. As Marg fingers continued to explore her vagina, she kissed
her way down to her breast, licking and sucking on one of her nipples. That
triggered Diana to climax and she shook like a leaf as her body savored an
orgasm. The ultimate human pleasure brought about by her first sexual

Marg kissed her lips softly letting her relax and enjoy the rush. She was
breathing rapidly and heavily "Did you enjoy that my dear?"

"Oooooooooooooooh, oooh yes. Oh yes Ma'am, wha...what's happening to me?"

"You had an orgasm my dear. Isn't that a great feeling?"

"I. Yes. I mean I don't believe it. It was the greatest feeling I ever had
but what about you Ma'am I didn't do anything to you. Am I not supposed
to do something for you too?"

"Oh you did and you will do it to me later and more, if you want to, that

"Oh I do. I will do any thing you want me to."

"That's good to hear and I will teach you many ways of having sexual
pleasure. We will talk about it later, all in good time sweetheart. Right now, I
want you to get dressed and go home to pick up your things. Tell your
mother that you got a job and that you are moving in with your boss." She got
up and went to her desk picking up Diana's application. She was not wearing
panties and her juices were soaking her left thigh moistening the top of
her stocking. "Oh yes, You don't live too far from here. My house is close
enough that you can get to school. I'll give you some money for taxis and I
want you to be at my house by nine o'clock this evening. OK?"

"Yes Ma'am I'll be there for sure."
Marg walked back to the couch reached for Diana's hand and helped her up.
She kissed her on the lips and cupped one of her breast patting her soft
rear end.

"I want you to get dressed right now. I have some business to attend too
and I'll see you tonight."

"Oh yes Ma'am I will be there."

Model Sex Slave Ch. 02
She got there at nine fifteen. Marg opened the door and let her in.

"I'm sorry the traffic was murder."

"Never mind Diana, come in. Listen, I'm in a conference call right now. As
soon as I'm done, we'll talk. Your room is down the stairs, go left to
the last curtain on the left."

She walked down the stairs into a large room that looked like a combined
office exercise gym with a hardwood runway down the center. She turned left
into a hallway with three door openings on the left and three on the right.
All the doors had curtains on them, except the second on the right, which
had a door on it and a sign saying boys & girls. The curtains on the right
doors were open. One was a large room with an open shower, a bathtub, a hot
tub and a washer and dryer. The second was full of clothing racks and one
wall of shelves and drawers. She drew the curtains to her room. There was a
twin bed a dresser, a make up table with a large mirror, some chairs and
two footstools. There was one small window high on one wall. On the dresser
sat a small TV and a VCR. The floor was thickly carpeted. She opened her
bags, hung her clothes in a small closet, and put her undies and things in
the dresser.

Suddenly a voice came over a speaker on the wall. "Diana undress yourself
and shower, you will find a shower cap and everything else you need in the
bathroom. When you are finished, there are high-heeled slippers in the
clothing room. You will then come upstairs wearing only the slippers." Diana
followed her orders to the letter and headed, without a stitch on, for the
upstairs 15 minutes later.

She entered a sumptuously appointed living room where Marg sat on a couch,
dressed in a short elaborate lace housecoat, barely covering her long
shapely legs and exposing a long cleavage. She was still on the phone and she
motioned to Diana to sit next to her. They embraced while the conversation
continued, stealing kisses when Marg was listening. Diana cooed with pleasure
sitting there totally naked, with the woman with whom she would have her
first sexual experience. Marg pointed at her belt and motioned to Diana to
undo it. She untied it and opened the short garment exposing Marg's large
breast and large thick red bush. She then indicated to lift one breast with
her nearest hand and suck on the large raspberry nipple after which she
took a hold of Diana's other hand and pushed it into her vagina. Diana
gingerly probed her mistress's vagina with her fingertips, while kissing and
sucking the large nipple. Marg spread her milky white thighs to accommodate the
exploring black fingers while massaging the nape of Diana's neck. Diana
discovered her clitoris and inner labia looking down in astonishment at the
huge floppy inner lips. She pulled gently on one, amazed that she could
lift it out more than an inch from the outer lips she had always thought that
her own smooth labia were the norm.

Marg just then finished her call and placing a finger under Diana's chin
raised her faced to hers, kissing her passionately. Diana was still holding
her labia pulling it gingerly. "Surprised, Sweetie" she whispered looking
down at her probing hand as she moved her lips to nibble on Diana's earlobe
and then to her neck.

"Well, I've never seen another woman's vagina, Ma'am. I thought every one
was like mine."

"Most are, my labia is unusually large and I want you to refer to me as `
Mistress' from now on."

"Yes, Mistress." Marg began to fondle her breast while Diana continued to
explore Marg's vagina.

"Enter my vagina slave."

"Yes mistress, " she cooed with pleasure, at being told what her new
status was. She probed between the floppy lips until she found the orifice,
slowly inserting her middle finger into the hot wet hole still holding the lip
between her thumb and forefinger. Pushing it in as far as she could she
stopped, as Marg began vaginal contractions. She then began moving her finger
in and out in time with the contractions, jerking the lip with it.

"Oh, you do that well, ummm good, they French kissed. You now what it
means to be my sex slave?"

"I think so; it means that you own me and that I will submit my body to
your sexual pleasure, any time you want me to. Right?

"Yes, that is true but it also means that you belong to me, like this table
lamp for instance. You're my possession; which means that you are no
longer a person with your own free will. Your only purpose in life will be to
serve me and cater to my every wish. You will never have sex with anyone else
unless I order you to do so, nor will you masturbate without my
permission. I can also, if it pleases me, assign you to someone else for sexual
purposes, for an hour, a day, a month or whatever I want. Do you understand that?

"Ummm, Yes, Mistress. If you order me to submit my body to someone else, I
will do it without question, because it gives you pleasure. I am your
property; my submission and obedience to you is complete. I feel strangely warm
inside when you give me orders." They kissed passionately as Marg's hand
move to Diana's vagina. "Are you going to penetrate me now, Mistress?"

"No, that will be done with a penis someday. I'll decide who, when and
where some other time, when I think you have made enough progress in your
sexual training."

"Oh mistress, I don't have the right to ask but please, when I am being
deflowered will you hold me and kiss me, while it's being done?"

"Of course Diana, I wouldn't have it any other way. I am not going to
allow any more questions my little sex slave. You must accept that your future
is in my hands;
I control your life completely. From day to day, even hour by hour, you won
't know what you will be ordered to do next. Just remember that your
submission must be absolute. You will submit you body for sexual intercourse to
me, or if I decide to someone else, without hesitation, the instant I give
the order, any time of day or night. Remember that it doesn't matter who
that person is, what they look like, what race or what age. When I assign
you to someone else, that person will own you and has the right to use you
for his or her sexual enjoyment, until you are returned to me. You will
satisfy the sexual desires of that person, performing any sexual act ordered.
You will be totally at his or her mercy. You must submit yourself totally in
every sex act, no matter who you are assigned to. You are now in sexual
bondage and submitting your body to other people's lust is your only purpose in

"Oh yes, I understand mistress, I will. I'm so happy." Her voice trembled
with excitement as their lips meet and their tongues caressed.

"Now, slave, I am taking you to bed so I can begin your practical training.
I want you to become a perfect sex slave but there is so much for you to
learn. Giving sexual pleasure is an art that can only be perfected through
repeated practical experience. Tonight you will get some of that training by
submitting your luscious African flesh to any sexual act I demand. In the
future, I will teach you the finer details of how you give sexual pleasure.
Put on my slippers." Diana got on her knees and kissed her mistress's,
feet before fitting her slippers. She helped the tall woman up, carefully
closing her housecoat and neatly tying her belt. Marg bend down to match her
lips and kissed her naked black slave while gently caressing her voluptuous
virgin body. They walked upstairs slowly, fondling each other's buttocks
with one hand and Marg fondling her slave's breasts, while Diana fingering
her mistress's vagina, with the other. Their lips locked together, sucking,
tonguing probing and licking until they reached the bed room door.

They arrived in a huge bedroom, with a king-size canopy bed completely done
with pink lacy drapes and bedding. The decor matched Marg housecoat.
Diana stopped and stared in amazement. "It's beautiful, like a Hollywood movie
set. I can't believe it, " She said, while still fondling her Mistress's
white buttocks and wet vagina.

"Well, believe it, my little black sex object, here in this room you will
learn to satisfy my every sexual desire and here you will loose your
virginity, when I decide the time has come."

Diana fell to her knees and embraced her Mistress's thigh, just above her
knee, kissing it passionately. "Oh Mistress, please teach me to serve and
satisfy you and whoever you assign me to." She then kissed her way up her
thigh until she got near the crotch. Marg stopped her there and ordered her to
get up.

"You are being a wicked girl in your enthusiasm to satisfy me. You must
learn that, to please me you never take the lead, unless you are told to do
so. Therefore I will now punish you." She sat down on a chair and ordered
Diana to stand between her legs and bend over slightly. She corrected her
position making her arch her back, for maximum buttock protrusion. "When ever
you are asked to present you buttocks, this is the correct position." She
then put one hand on her vagina for balance and proceeded to spank her black
buttocks, caressing them between each smack. She didn't hit her hard, just
enough to make it sound loud, ten times. "Now thank me for spanking you."

"Thank you. Oh thank you, Mistress for spanking me. I'm sorry and I will
try not to be bad again but please spank me often. Presenting my derriere
to you like that and having you spank it, makes me feel totally vulnerable
and helpless. Yet, I am excited to be under your control and comforted by
your touch and with each slap my desire to please you becomes stronger."

"As your mistress and owner, I will indeed spank you many times each day
and now, my little submissive, remove my robe. "Diana untied her belt and
removed the robe draping it over a chair. They were now both naked. "I want
you to stand on that foot stool. Good, now place your fingers on your
shoulders. There, that forces your breasts to stand out. Shoulders back, arched
back, spread your feet about one foot, very nice posture. This is called
presenting your body for inspection and fondling to your exploiter, prior to
possible sexual intercourse. You will not smile when this is being done to
you; rather you should look afraid and scared in a submissive way. You should
imagine that you are a slave, being offered at a slave market. I want you
to pay attention to what I do now." She proceeded to fondle and kiss Diana'
s body for about five minutes. She never touched her vagina but stroked
the flesh close to it. "She did however suck her breast and run a finger
into her crack barely touching her anus, sending an electric shock through her
virgin body. "Now we change places and you do to me, what I did to you."

Diana began to fondle, kiss and caress her mistress's naked body, being
careful not to touch her vagina, since she hadn't touched hers. She also
stroked the inside of her thighs while she kissed her breasts and kneaded her
ample buttocks. She then ran a finger into her crack, touching her anus hard
by mistake. "Sorry mistress, I didn't mean to do that. She immediately
took up the spanking position. Marg stepped down and kissed her buttocks
passionately while she ran her finger in the crack to her anus. She then bend
over and told Diana to do the same to her. Diana kissed and fondled the huge
white fleshy globes presented to her. She fingered the crack barely
touching the anus. Diana then again presented her posterior for a spanking. "
Please Mistress, " she said with a sweet sorrowful expression on her face.

"OK you little twerp, you'll get your spanking." She gave her five loud
slaps and Diana thanked her profusely and kissed her. "Now Diana, I want you
to lie down on the edge of the bed with your feet on these two chairs." She
arranged the chairs and Diana took up the position, with her black cheeks
hanging over the edge as instructed. "Spread you thighs more. That's
good. This is position is called, maximum show." She sat down on a chair in
front of Diana's exposed crotch and enjoyed the view. "Beckon me to come and
lick your vagina, slave." Diana wasn't sure what she meant but she started
to contract and relax all the muscles in her lower body. "Excellent, keep
doing that. Move your buttocks up and down. Caress your breast that's it,
faster now. Look at me, blow me kisses, you want my tongue don't you?

Diana began to gasp and moan; her vagina was soaking wet in anticipation of
a tongue licking her clit. She didn't have to wait long. Marg could barely
restrain herself but she wanted to sit and enjoy her latest conquest. Diana
's motions were begging her to eat her out and she wanted to, as much as
her slave wanted to be eaten.

She dropped to her knees and cupped Diana's ample black cheeks with her
hands, burying her head in her delicious virgin crotch. Diana's thighs
unconsciously clamped around her mistress's head and she screamed with pleasure,
as her vagina was licked and sucked by an expert in the art. She climaxed
almost instantly covering her mistress's tongue and chin with her juices.
Marg then told her to lick it of her face, which Diana did with relish. After
that, they exchanged places.

Marg spread her thighs wide, exposing her hot wet crotch to her young
pupil, who seemed to have an obsession with her vagina. Diana, even after having
had one orgasm a few minutes before, became hypnotized with the sight
before her and the realization that she would finally be able to bury her face
in it and satisfy her mistress. Marg, who was sure now that she was a
nymph, teased her, rotating and twisting her body, opening and closing her
orifice. "Do you want to eat me out, slave?"

"Oh Mistress please, you torture me but I like that because it give you
pleasure" Diana was now gasping for air. She began so shake her whole body and
mind focused only on the matted hairy object in front of her. She could
see the large draping labia and the orifice. She knew better than to make a
move before she was ordered, specifically to start. Marg could barely
control herself. She had waited since late afternoon, when she first met Diana to
have this innocent young beauty dive into her crotch. That same crotch was
now burning with desire for her young slave's mouth.

"Eat me slave." Diana let out a moaning shriek of pleasure as she dropped
to her knees cupped her mistresses huge buttocks and drove her face wildly
into her juicy hot vagina. She licked and sucked madly, moaning loudly at
the same time. Marg was now in seventh heaven her orifice contracting
rapidly as Diana's tongue darted in and out. She dug her fingers in to Diana's
hair and directed her face into her crotch where she wanted it. Unable to
delay the inevitable, she climaxed, pouring out her love juice on the young,
pretty black face. Diana deliriously sucked and swallowed the flood of
nectar as it flowed out of her Mistress and into her mouth, her own pussy
burning and running wet in an unassisted climax. She then pulled Diana up and
kissed her feverishly; their bodies becoming one as they crawled to the
pillow savoring the satisfied feeling. There they rested their sweaty bodies,
embracing each other. Their legs intertwined kissing and sharing the vaginal
juices remaining in Diana's mouth.

They rested for an hour and Diana was asleep when suddenly lying on her
back she woke up when something was tickling her nose. She soon realized that
her Mistress was sitting on her face, rubbing her vagina on it. She began
licking and sucking the sticky wet hairy crotch, as her mistress fondled her
breast. Marg picked up her one hand and placed it on her own breast, Diana'
s other hand was placed on her vagina, ordering her to masturbate. After a
few minutes, Marg shifted her body in to the sixty-nine position and the
two women sucked each other. Diana climaxed quickly but continued to wield
her tongue, in the many folds and crevices of her mistress's delicious wet pu
ssy. Eventually she was rewarded with that inevitable discharge of juice,
as it moistened her face and eagerly sucking mouth.

Model Sex Slave Chapter 03
The following morning Diana washed her Mistress in the shower. She was
told what she would be wearing that day and Diana found every thing in the
walk in closet and the dresser, placing it then on a chair next to the bed.
She then dressed her mistress and helped with her hair and make-up. After
dressing Marg, she followed her downstairs to the kitchen where she met Lee.
She was making breakfast for everyone, naked like herself except for a small
apron barely covering her stomach. She was no more than five feet tall,
oriental and 19 years old. She had a very pretty face. Her thighs were thick
and short, the waist small and her breast dome shaped with little points
and large nipples. Her buttocks were large for her size. She would learn
later that she had an unquenchable sexual appetite. Marg kissed Lee
passionately. "Diana, this is your sister Lee, kiss her please." The girls kissed on
the lips. Marg sat down to eat her breakfast and informed Diana that she
was to refer to other sex slaves as sisters. "So tell me Lee, how did your
assignment go."

"Just fine, Mistress, everything went like you said and the client is
happy. Oh, sister Diana what can I get you for breakfast."

"Just cereal, sister, please."

"Your new sister is still going to school, Lee, at least for the next two
weeks. So, when she gets home this afternoon you will teach her the chores.
Oh, and show her how to enter her daily log on the computer and what she
has to include."

"Yes, Of course Mistress."

"As long as you are going to school, dear you will wear your own clothing
there. When you get home I decide what you wear, if anything. Lee will tell
you how to dress if I am not here." As Diana finished her cereal, Marg
looked at her and Lee. "Diana get up on the table on your back, " she said
suddenly. Diana obeyed immediately. "Lee, have sex with your sister, 69 style
keep in mind that your new sister is a virgin so go easy on her hymen." Lee
crawled on top of Diana, positioned her vagina so Diana could see it and
proceeded to munch on Diana's. Lee was experienced and soon had Diana
moaning with pleasure. Marg watched them closely as she ate her breakfast. Lee
had one hand fondling Diana's buttocks and the other in her crack
titillating her anus. That was new to Diana and she followed suit. Within five
minutes, they both had orgasms. They got up and Marg spanked them both lightly
ten times. They then kissed their mistress and thanked her for the orgasms. "
You're welcome girls, get your self ready now Diana and I will drop you of
at school. You will take the bus home."

Diana got home at ten after four and was met at the door by Lee. Lee was
wearing a knee length gray maid's uniform, buttoned at the neck, and low
heels. Not the way she expected a sex slave to be dressed but maybe their
mistress didn't want them to be alluring while she was out. She wondered if Lee
was wearing panties "I put the clothing you are to wear on your bed,
sister. I will be there in a minute to change you."

She headed for her room and waited for Lee, wondering why Lee had to change
her. On the bed, she found the same type of uniform that sister Lee was
wearing, a bra, stockings and a garter belt to hold them up. There were no
panties, so that answered her question. Lee came in and undressed her
explaining that they were not allowed to dress or undress themselves as long as
there were two of them in the house. After Lee had undressed her completely,
she watched Diana put the clothing away. She then dressed her, starting
with the garter belt, then the stockings. Everything fit except for the
two-inch heels, which were a little tight.

"Sit here next to me sister" She said when they arrived at the computer.
Diana did, looking at the screen. It said Diana log and yesterday's day
and date.

"OK, you first met our mistress at her office at what, 13.30 yesterday,

"Yes, I guess so."

"OK, now, you did runway walk for her?"

"Yes, most of it naked."

"OK, so in the first column you see: name of partner.
That's the Mistress. Next column, `type of assignment:
first interview. Type of action: present body to mistress.
Was there any foreplay or sex?"

"Well we kissed and hugged and ... well she played with my..." "Good:
masturbated by Mistress. Did you cum and did she."

"Yes, I had and orgasm, but I don't know...?"

"OK in this column, called result we will type orgasm and in the next a
question mark. Now you arrived at this house when?" Diana told her and they
went through the entire evening item by item. "OK, I know what happened at
breakfast, " Lee caught her eye, smiling shyly, "so I can fill that in. Now,
if you know about computers you won't have any problems with this. The
Mistress will give you a password that only you and her will know and every
day you update your log."

"Yes I know computers, I do it in school."

"OK next, in this program you will enter data, about your personal
information and your schedule. Lets see, the office has entered everything except
your measurements and your height and weight. Let me take your uniform off,
so I can take your measurements." She got a tape out of a drawer. She
measured her hips first: thirty-six. She entered that on the computer, then the
waist: twenty-nine and the bust: thirty-eight. "OK, your weight now, "
Diana got on the scales, it had a height ruler and Lee adjusted it and read: "
five foot six and you weigh one hundred and twenty- three." She entered
that on the computer and dressed Diana again.

When she finished, they sat down at the computer again and Lee explained to
her about the schedule. "Now, let's see its Friday, you are going to
school for the next two weeks so we will enter: `school 8:00 to 16:00 for each
day.' Diana told what day she would finish and also that she was off on
Monday. Lee entered the data. "OK, now, when was your last period?" Diana
told her the dates, they counted the days to the next, and she typed in `period
' for four days. Then she counted again and typed in the four days. "You
can see that each day has a square block with lines, we have entered your
cycle on the top line. The other lines are morning, afternoon, evening and
night and you school schedule has been entered in the morning and afternoon
sections. So for today we will add, `housework' in the afternoon section
and Mistress in the evening part. This computer is hooked up to the office
computer so sometimes the mistress will enter data and edit your schedule.
Then you know what day and time she has assignments for you. I know you
have I lot of questions, Sister but I'm not allowed to tell you any more."

"I know you can't, Sister but I am very happy that my future is in our
Mistress's hands."

"Me too" Lee smiled at her. "Good, now at 18:45 we meet in the shower room
and get each other ready for supper. I will get your clothes out for you.
If everything goes according to plan, the mistress will arrive at 19:00.
You will then go with her to the bedroom and get her ready for the evening.
Now, we have to get to work. You will clean the gym, this office space and
the bathroom. I am going to the kitchen to start supper for 19:30. There is
a closet in the shower room where you will find everything you need."

They met inside the shower room at 18:45 and undressed each other. While
washing and drying each other, Lee explained to her that no sexual contact
was allowed, including kissing, without the Mistress being present. Diana
found it very difficult to wash Lee without getting turned on; especially when
washing her crotch and breasts, since Lee said that wash cloths or sponges
were not allowed. Drying her was also a turn on and she could sense that
Lee had the same feeling.

Lee then dressed her in a yellow, low-cut, clinging mini dress. No bra or
panties only a garter belt and stockings, also very high heels. The dress
had a horizontal slit covered with a flap just below her breasts. Before she
dressed Lee, she was told to brush her vaginal hair. She didn't have a full
triangle more like an oval shape and it weren't curly but straight, some
of it three inches long. Lee told to brush it so it stuck out as much as
possible, the mistress liked it that way. She then dressed Lee in sort of a
school uniform with a very short flared, pleated skirt no panties and white
knee high stockings with low black shoes. The shirt was short and did not
tuck in to the skirt almost like a halter-top. Lee told her to set her hair
in two pigtails with white ribbons and flowers. She looked like a sweet
fourteen years old school girl. Finally Lee put a flower in Diana's hair and
told her to lift her dress so she could brush her curly bush. Diana spread
her legs a bit while Lee brushed her curls in different directions to fluff
it out as much as possible. She used her fingers to pull individual curls
out and then brushed again. Some times the brush or her fingers come in
direct contact with her flesh, giving Diana a tingling rush through her body.

The mistress arrived at 19:15, and they just managed to meet her at the
front door. She was with Jackie from the office. She kissed both of them and
so did Jackie, who stuck her tongue deep in Diana's mouth. Jackie went
downstairs with Lee and Diana followed her mistress upstairs. There she
undressed her and helped her in the tub that Lee had prepared. She was told to
sit on the edge and soap her mistress. After the bath, Diana dried and
dressed her, with clothing already laid out by Lee. There was a black bodice
with garters. The bodice of the type that supported the breasts from below
leaving the nipples and everything above exposed. Two lace straps held the
breast down. The Nylons were Fishnet with a black seam on the back. It took
Diana quite a while to get that seam straight and then she had to learn to
attach the garter straps to the nylons. A pink see-through very low cut mini
dress buttoned in the back that was more like lingerie. There were no
panties but a pair of spike heels. "Pull my dress down so the nipples show."
Marg told her, Diana took a hold of the scalloped lace edge and positioned it
below her mistress's nipples. She then said, to wet her nipples and to
make sure that they were always wet during the evening. "Do you like Jackie,

"Oh I think so Mistress, she is beautiful but I don't know her yet. Is she
my sister too?" She sucked on her nipples as ordered making sure that they
were both wet and shiny with her saliva.

"Well sort of, she is your big sister and that's how you will address her.
What I meant is that she is my sex slave too but of a higher rank. Not
because she is 23 and older than you are, but because she has more experience
and her own apartment. She has been my sex slave for 5 years. She has the
right to have sex with you when I am not here. That is after I assign you to
her by giving her permission once. After that, she can use you if you are
not on my schedule for that day. Well, it looks like we are ready for
supper; kiss me dear and we will go downstairs." They kissed passionately and
headed downstairs, hands on each other's buttocks. Marg fondled her breasts
on the way down, by inserting her hand through the horizontal slit in the
Diana's dress. Diana now knew what the slit was for. Every portion of a
slave's body should be readily available at all times. Before they reached
the bottom of the stairs the mistress pulled her Diana's dress down, so her
breasts were exposed.

They entered the formal dining room where Jackie was standing by the window
looking out at the indoor pool. She was wearing a thin clinging mini dress
cut below her perky breasts. Her garter belt was showing through the
material. The mini dress was cut higher in front, showing her shaven pussy.
Most of her rear end was also exposed. She came over and kissed her mistress
then stood back while Marg felt her nipples.
"Kiss your big sister Diana." They kissed,
Diana opening her mouth wide this time, letting Jackie explore her mouth. "
OK, Diana go to the kitchen and help sister Lee serve."

There were only two places set at the large table, where the women were
sitting, when the sisters entered with the food. Diana placed the food for her
mistress and was then told to kneel on a footstool by her mistress's right
side. She was told to lie across her lap where her skirt was lifted and
ten light slaps were applied to her black fleshy rear. She could hear Lee get
the same treatment from Jackie. The sisters thanked their mistress's for
the spankings. "Marg then told Diana to watch Lee who was feeding Jackie
by putting the food in her own mouth, then kissing her transferring the
food. Diana picked up a fork as Marg's right arm cupped her buttocks and drew
her body tightly into her own. She picked up some food, put it in her own
mouth, and then kissed Marg's open mouth, shifting the food to her mistress.
After the second bite Marg held the back of Diana's head and pushed the
food back in Diana's mouth, nodding at her to eat it herself. The entire meal
was ingested in that manner while Marg's fondled Diana's fanny, breasts
and vagina.

After supper, the sisters put away the dishes while Marg and Jackie retired
to the living room. There they danced to slow music while they waited for
the sister sex slaves to arrive. When they did, they were told to dance
with each other and neck passionately but not to fondle each other. Lee being
much shorter put her arms around Diana's neck and Diana held her by the

Next Diana was told to dance with Jackie who was about three inches taller.
Jackie took her hands, placed them on her buttocks, and indicated she
wanted them fondled. She took Diana's head in her hands and kissed her
forcefully. Diana opened her mouth wide and responded submissively. Jackie then
moved one hand to Diana's breast squeezing it hard, pinching her nipple.
Her other hand was alternately clasping her fleshy ass and stroking her
crack. "Come on little sister, respond, fondle my body stroke my back, feel my
ass, kiss my tits." Diana obeyed stroking, fondling and kissing her firm
body. "That's better, don't stop, feel my pussy, that's it stick your finger
in there. Ummm, good. "Do you like my hard body, little sister?"

"Oh yes, big sister it's beautiful. You must work out a lot."

"I work out every day and I have sex every day with my mistress or a
sister. Sometimes I have sex with a man too. Do you like men, little sister?"

"I don't know, I have never made love to a man only to my mistress and
sister Lee. I will when my mistress decides to have me deflowered."

"Well little sister, tonight, you will make love to me. You will give me
orgasm after orgasm with that luscious black body of yours." She squeezed one
of her breasts and kissed her mouth passionately. Diana fingered her pussy
and kneaded her buttock. "Oh mistress, I can't stand it any more, please
let me take my little sisters body to bed?"

"Not yet Jackie the night is young." Marg was dancing with Lee's arms
around her neck and her short legs around her waist. She was holding the tiny
woman with by her buttocks. "I think it's time we switch." She lowered Lee
to the floor and took Diane into her arms, kissing her gently as they slow
danced with Diana's arms around her neck. Jackie made Lee stand on her
hands. Then picking her up by her waist, she buried her head in the little
woman's pussy. Lee wrapped her legs around her head and Jackie used one hand
to force her head into her own pussy. They were doing a dancing sixty niner.
After a few minutes, Jackie started to climax and she let herself fall
backwards onto a couch, with Lee on top of her. There they ate each other and
savored their orgasms.

After a few minutes they both got up and stood side by side with their
backs to their mistress and Diana. They then lifted their dresses up and bend
over slightly arching their backs, exposing their buttocks with maximum
protrusion. Marg stopped dancing with Diana and spanked her slaves, ten times
each. They then both kissed their mistress and thanked her for allowing
them to have orgasms.

Marg put her arms around Diana again and kissed her. "Now" she said, " it'
s time for the hot tub."
The women walked into the indoor pool area and the sisters undressed their
mistress and Jackie. They got into the tub while Diana undressed Lee and
Lee, her. Diana asked her mistress if she could go for a swim in the pool
for a while before she got in the tub. She gave her permission and Jackie
joined her. They jumped in together and raced ten lengths. Diana won easily.

"Mistress, she beat me can I spank her please."

"Yes Jackie, when you get back in the tub." They crawled out of the pool
and got into the tub. Jackie then made Diana get up on a seat to present her
buttocks for the spanking. Jackie put her left hand on Diana's vagina and
slapped her five times on her beautiful globular fleshy black cheeks. She
took her time caressing and kissing the fleshy black mounds between each

"Thank you big sister, " Diana whispered as they kissed and hugged after
the ritual.

"Tonight you are my meat, little sister. You will satisfy my every sexual
desire with that luscious black body of yours. You will lick and kiss every
inch of my body and some of the inside as well."

"As your little sister it is my duty, to my mistress, the woman who owns
me, to submit my body to any lusty sexual desire you may have. I just hope I
can make my mistress happy by giving you total satisfaction." They sat down
embracing each other and enjoyed the hot swirling water until their
Mistress ordered everyone to bed. Marg had listened closely to her young sex slave
's words, while she French kissed Lee sitting on her lap. It was only her
second day as a sex slave and already she spoke as if she was born to serve
and submit.

The sisters dried their superiors and then each other after which the four
naked women headed for the bedroom. When they got to the stairs Jackie
stopped and said: "Please Mistress, super hug." Marg agreed and her and Jackie
stood side by side facing the stairs. Lee then faced her mistress and
Diana, Jackie. Every one then put their arms around the woman in front and at
their side forming a square. They then began necking front to front or side
to side even across though it was difficult for four to do that. The other
two would kiss their ears or whatever they could, get their lips on. Then
the stair climb started Lee and Diana having to walk backwards. They would
take a step that meant the two women facing each other would have their
breasts sliding against each other's bodies. The other two women would then
step up and their breast would slide again in the opposite direction. Every
one would then have to kiss before another step was gained. It took about
fifteen minutes for them to get to the top.

Once they got there, they continued down the hallway and into the bedroom
in the same formation. Here the mistress lined up her three charges and
spanked them lovingly. After they thanked her, she made them do a sensuous bump
and grind for her, while she sat in a chair watching. Diana watched the
other girls and copied their movements. It was like a Hawaiian hula dance but
very slow and seductive; they would turn so the mistress could view their
bodies from all angles. One a the time they would get up on a foot stool
near their mistress and present their body and she would get up and fondle
that girl while the other two continued their dance. Finally, they crowded
close to her turned around spread their feet out and bend over touching the
floor. She sat there enjoying her three fully exposed crotches, fingering
and kissing them.

She then ordered every one to bed where the four women formed a square on
their sides licking each other. The Mistress ate Diana's pussy, Diana Jackie'
s, Jackie Lee's and Lee the mistress. They would also fondle whatever
breasts they could reach. After every one had climaxed, the Mistress let Jackie
take Diana to another bedroom for the night. Lee would sleep with the

Jackie was different from the soft sensual, sexual experiences she had with
the Mistress and sister Lee. She was wild in bed and sometimes rough like
the boys she had necked with before. They hardly got any sleep that night
or so it seemed to Diana. They ate pussy standing up with Jackie standing on
her head, sitting on a chair; lying in bed on the side, Diana on top,
Jackie on top; even a sixty-niner, where they rolled back and forth constantly.
It seemed to Diana that every time she was just falling to sleep, Jackie
would wake her up by spanking her and demand more action. Jackie must have
had four orgasms that night and Diana the same. The last time was at eight
in the morning after they had washed each other and that was on the floor in
the bathroom. That meant of course that they had to shower again before
they could go down for breakfast.

Model Sex Slave Chapter 04
Diana and Jackie arrived in the kitchen, where the Mistress dressed in a
robe and sister Lee, were just finishing their breakfast. Everyone kissed
good morning and the Mistress asked Diana if she had slept well looking at
her red eyes.

"Not much, " she said smiling shyly.

"Yes, " Jackie broke in "she kept me awake
all night"

"I can just imagine that being true," Marg replied, She kissed Diana's
sleepy face as she hugged her naked body on the chair next to her. Don't worry
dear you will sleep with me tonight and we will sleep, most of the time.
Diana put her arms around her Mistresses neck, kissed her softly, and then
began to eat her breakfast. This morning we will work on your runway
exercises and at 11.00 we leave for a fashion show at a local mall. You can help
me dressing some of the models and learn what it's like in the business.
Jackie, you and Lee have an assignment starting at 19:00 tonight, remember?"

"Yes, Mistress we won't forget, will we little sister Lee." Lee was busy
putting dishes in the dishwasher and just nodded. She came back to the table
sitting next to Jackie.

"I'm looking forward to it, " She said, smiling sweetly at Jackie. She
knew that Jackie was not that keen on that type of total submission
assignments any more. This couple demanded extreme subordination. You had to
approach them on your elbows and knees. Sometimes you had to lay flat on the floor
and kiss their feet. If you were allowed to stand up, your back had to be
bend so your torso was horizontal. Diana knew nothing of these assignments

The Mistress smiled at each of her three naked sex slaves. "Well, lets
get busy. Jackie, you are going to your apartment this morning, right?"

"Yes, Mistress, and I will be at the fashion show at 11:00. I should be
finished there at 13:30; back to my apartment and then I'll pick Lee up at
18:00, for the assignment."

"Good, now, Lee and Diana you have half an hour to pick up from last night.
Lee you will update your diary, while I train Diana on the runway. Diana
can do her diary then while Lee dresses me. You need time to select street
clothes and dress each other so we can leave at 10:45. I don't see any

"Mistress, you forgot me, Jackie interjected. Who will dress me now so I
can leave?"

"Oh yes, Jackie, you're ever the secretary aren't you? Diana, look after
your big sister so she can leave."

"Yes, Mistress, do I get dressed now, too?"

"No, Diana, as long as I am home you are to be naked at all times unless
your are told to dress."

"Sorry, Mistress."

"It's OK sweets, you have only been here three days." She kissed her and
caressed one of her breasts. "I want the naked bodies of my sex slaves,
available for my visual pleasure, every second that I am here. Now, go and
dress your big sister. Diana got up and leaned across the table assuming the
spanking positions. Marg paddled her black rear lovingly, watching her
fleshy globes shake with each impact. "Now go before I make love to you, we don'
t have time this morning. That goes for you too, Jackie" she said as the
two naked girls headed downstairs.

Diana met her mistress in the gym ready to train, wearing only high heels.
Marg was busy with paper work and told her to start walking, balancing two
books on her head. She would occasionally, make comments correcting her
posture, the way she held her hands and so on.

After half and hour the doorbell rang. Diana froze in her tracks, waiting
for her mistress to say something. " I haven't told you to stop dear."
Diana continued nervously, as they could hear Lee on the intercom, asking whom
it was.

"It's Doris, my dear I must talk to Marg before the show." Lee told her
that she would be right there.

"It's a close friend of mine, Diana, keep walking and don't pay any
attention to us." Diana did as she was told, scared but trusting her Mistress.
Lee still naked brought the lady into the gym, just as Diana had turned and
walked away from the end of the runway where Marg was sitting. The lady
padded Lee on her rear end and she left the room.

"Marg we have a problem, " she stopped talking as she noticed Diana's
naked body walking away from them. "What have we got here, Marg? Keeping
secrets from your best friend, are we?"

Just then Diana turned and walked towards them one hand on her waists and
the other up in the air her elbow bent at ninety degrees. She was swaying
her hips seductively as Marg had instructed.

"Oh, Diana, she only started Wednesday. She is in training, give me time."

"I bet, " Doris replied not taking her eyes of the naked girl. "Come here
child let me have a look at you. Diana gazed at her Mistress, who nodded
and then walked over and stood near the lady. She was a tall well-built woman
about five-foot eleven with black hair set in a bun at the back. Her oval
shaped face had a slightly curved nose and large almond dark eyes. She
appeared to be her Mistress's age. The lady gripped her upper arms and kissed
her on both cheeks, then she spun her around and looked at her rear. She
walked around her touching her here and there. This is just spectacular,
ravishing Marg and you didn't tell me; well I'll be! I always share new ones
with you."

"No you don't Doris, not after only three days, now what do you want. She
motioned to Diana to continue her exercise. She did, a little confused and
the two women began to discuss some problem with the upcoming show. About
ten minutes went by and Marg called her to the desk.

"Yes, Mistress?" She stood in front of the desk facing the two women and
she could feel Doris's eyes probing her naked body.

"We have a problem with the show, two of the girls can't make it. Jackie
can double for one of them but we need someone with your measurements to
model some swimwear. I don't think you have enough confidence yet, but Doris
think you are good enough."

"I will to do whatever you want me to, Mistress." "Come on Marg, give the
girl a chance, supper tonight at my place, OK?"

"Yes, I know what you're after Doris but OK, Diana we'll try." She got up
and hugged her black sex toy, who threw her arms around her neck kissing

"That's great Marg, thanks, " Doris Said. She came around the desk,
kissing Diana on the cheek while groping her fleshy rear end. "So we'll see you
at the show and don't forget dinner at my place tonight. By, by, I got to
run." She left and they sat down on a couch, hugging.

"Do you now why we're going for dinner at Doris's house tonight?" Diana
smiled and kissed her Mistress on the mouth and then she shook her head, a
sweet question mark on her face.

"She is going to make love to you." Diana smiled and kissed her Mistress
passionately. "Your not surprised, Diana?"

"No, Mistress, it doesn't matter; you've already told me that I must
submit to anyone, whenever you tell me. If she makes love to me tonight, it's
because you want her too and I do whatever you wish. Like just now when she
came in, I was frightened at first but then you told me to just keep
walking. After that, I was ashamed for not trusting you for a minute. Then I felt
good inside when she watched me, because you told me she could. Later when
she touched and kissed me I felt good, as if you were doing it, because you
were watching and didn't tell her not to. That meant to me that she had
your approval and anyone in the whole world can do anything they want to me,
if you approve. My will, Mistress, is inside your head, my pleasure is
following your orders." Lee walked in the gym just then.

"It's time for me to dress you, Mistress, please."

"Come here Lee and sit on my knee, the tiny woman happily did as she was
told, her short legs resting on Diana's thighs. Here, put one arm around my
neck and one around Diana and we will do the same. Lets kiss girls, " Marg
squeezed her two submissive sex slaves together, kissing each one in turn
and then kissing their cheeks as she let them kiss each other. "I am afraid
Lee is right, we must go. You can finish your computer diary, while Lee
dresses me. Oh, and you have to get ready too Lee, we're shorthanded today."

The fashion show turned put to be a success, Diana got to show three
different bikinis and her curvaceous sexy body got a big hand each time. There
were of course a lot of men in the Mall. Doris dressed Diana herself in the
busy crowded tent that served as a dressing room. She of course got her
hands on some of Diana's body parts unnecessarily. Diana knew that but she
reasoned that her Mistress knew it too, so that made it OK. She thought it
ironic though, that this woman was dressing and undressing her, in a way
serving her and tonight, she would be serving her. Well, not only serving her
but submitting her body totally for any kind of sexual intercourse Doris
wanted. It made her pussy tingle just thinking about it.

They arrived for the dinner. Marg had helped her pack a small case for the
clothes they would wear that evening; it wasn't exactly street clothes.
They were met at the door by one of the models from the show. She was white
and blonde and Diana remembered that her name was Wanda. Her beautiful five
feet ten model's body was naked except for a thin black lacy garter belt
holding up dark nylons, nearly reaching her crotch. She kissed both of them
and took the case, saying that she would get Diana ready and that she would
be in the guest bedroom in a minute to change Diana's Mistress.

Diana followed her down stairs and into her room. Here she undressed her
first then opened the case finding the white garter belt and nylons that
Diana was to wear. She fitted the nylons on Diana's shapely black legs and
fastened the garters carefully. Lastly she fitted her white high-heeled shoes
and buttoned the strap. "There she said you are done."

"No Diana said, there is a white mini in there I'm supposed to wear."

"I don't think so sister, not in this house but I will check with my
mistress." She pushed a button on the intercom, and told her mistress that Diana
had a dress with her.

Diana's mistress came on and said, "that's OK Diana the hostess decides
those things."

Wanda then told her to wait there; she would come back later and get her.
She waited eagerly for ten minutes. When Wanda finally came back she took
Diana's hand and the two naked slaves walked up stairs and in to the living
room. The two mistresses were sitting on a couch talking, in their top
less bodice's, garters and nylons. Doris was in white and Marg in black. The
girls positioned themselves in the middle of the room awaiting the pleasure
of their mistress's. Doris motioned for them to come over and present their
rear ends for spankings. They were told to face each other and embrace as
they bend over, Diana of course in front of Doris. Their faces were close
enough for them to kiss, which they were told to do. The mistresses then each
fondled the slave that they would make love to that evening. Doris spanked
much harder than her own mistress but the pain seem to travel to her
vagina making it hot and tingly. Wanda opened her mouth and thrust her tongue
into Diana's mouth exploring vigorously. When the spankings stopped, they
both thanked their Mistress's. The door from the dining room then opened and a
plumb Mexican maid about thirty entered announcing that dinner was ready.
She was fully dressed in a maid uniform and was completely oblivious to
the four women's lack of proper attire. "Thank you Maria, " Doris replied "
lets eat Marg." Marg remarked that Maria was getting heavier. Doris said
that a plumb body was refreshing once in a while and it was excellent
submission training for her sex slaves who had perfect bodies, to show complete
submission, to any body style.

There were two place settings and Diana cuddled right up to her new
Mistresses body, kneeling on her footstool. She sucked on her exposed nipples
and caressed her thighs above the stockings. She fed her mistress mouth to
mouth as Marg had taught her. Doris insisted that they had lip contact even
when they swallowed and anything Diana ate had to go from her mouth to Doris'
s and then back. While they ate, Doris explored Diana's body with both
hands. Marg who was being fed in a similar manner across the table reminded
Doris that she was fondling a virgin and that her hymen was to stay intact.
Doris wanted to know if she would be invited to witness the deflowering.
Marg assured her, that as her best friend, she would insist on her being

Maria served dessert and asked her Mistress if there was any thing else.
She was told no and that she had made an excellent meal. She immediately came
to her mistress's right side and lifting her short skirt presented her
naked plump buttocks, for her reward. Doris spanked her and she thanked her
mistress, kissing her lips. Marg then told her to present it for her too.
Maria walked around the table still holding up her skirt and presented her
rear end, which Marg slapped soundly. She thanked Marg, kissing her and Marg
told her to ask her mistress's permission to sleep with her and Wanda. Doris
laughed, telling Marg that she didn't need permission to have sex with one
of her sex slaves.

Later when Doris took Diana to her bedroom, Maria was there in the hallway
tapping on the door across the hall. She could hear her Mistress say: come
in. She just caught a glimpse of Wanda presenting her body on a footstool
and her mistress stroking her. Doris closed the door and took her borrowed
slave into her arms.

"Ah, my precious little black bomb shell, you will serve me tonight."

"Yes, Mistress my naked body is totally yours and your sexual satisfaction
is my only desire."

"Get up on the foot stool, slave." Diana obeyed, taking up the position,
trusting her rear end and breast out for her mistress's pleasure. Doris
walked around her, drinking in the beauty of the curvaceous black body. She
stopped behind and ran a finger lightly around her beefy buttocks, tracing
her crack from top to bottom and then under her right cheek. She walked
around her letting her finger glide on the smooth black skin, around her full
fleshy thigh to her stomach just above the thatch of curly black hair. There
she began making little circles working her way up the stomach, around her
navel. Diana was now starting to tremble slightly; her vagina was getting a
hot tingling feeling inside. Doris made eye contact with her easily
excitable prey. Her finger now moved up to her ribcage, making long horizontal
strokes instead of circles. Diana's eyes were riveted on her mistress's
large hypnotic dark almond eyes. Her breathing became little short gasps as the
finger stopped under her left breast. Slowly, Doris moved her finger out
under the large firm torpedo shaped breast. When she reached, the upward
curve towards her aureole she added her thumb, moving two fingers up either
side of the pointed breast squeezing it slightly and let her forefinger
circle the nipple.

Diana was now gasping for air. Her eyes, appearing to be begging her
mistress to ravish her frustrated body. Doris replaced her fingers with her lips
barely kissing the erect nipple as her hand moved slowly back down Diana's
heaving chest making large circles on her stomach. She moved her lips to
her left breast as she continued stroking her stomach with her right hand.
Her left hand then moved around her back and traced her spine to her neck
where she circled her finger in the nape. Her finger then moved slowly down
her spine as Diana gasped and moaned. The right hand now moved down around
her vagina, to her right inside thigh. Diana instinctively spread her feet
out as much as she could on the footstool, yearning for the finger to reach
her now throbbing vulva. The other finger now reached her rear cleft
entering, moving slowly toward the anus.

Doris knew instinctively that she was ready to explode. She lifted her
head taking her mouth of the nipple, looking into Diana's eyes, her mouth
open suggestively. Her left-hand finger reached her anus and the right her
clitoris at the same instant. Diana screamed in ecstasy as she started her
climaxed, throwing her arms around her Mistresses neck; their open mouth's
fusing together, while their tongues feverishly explored the others inside.
Doris caressed her trembling orgasmic girl gently, moving her lips to her neck
kissing her softly. Diana continued to cry out in short burst, her breasts
heaving as she breathed sharply, slowly coming down from her orgasmic
rush. Doris returned her hand to her wet vagina soaking her hand and fingers
and then sucked one tasting her discharge. She offered another wet finger to
Diana's full lips, letting her taste her own sweet nectar. Diana sucked
greedily on the digit savoring the taste. Doris offered another finger and
then her palm, which she licked and sucked. They kissed gently and as they did
Doris let her step down from the foot stool, guiding her to the bed where
she let her down, getting on top of her their lips locked together. Diana
wrapped her legs around her seductive temporary mistress and their hairy
mound's ground together.

"Now my dear, Doris whispered in her ear, "
It's time for you to satisfy me. I am going to turn around and I will
position my vagina on your face. You will know what to do won't you?"

"Oooooh, yes Mistress." She became excited again and her pelvis began
rocking her Mistress up and down. Please Mistress, don't tease me any more,
oooooooh, please do it now? Doris shifted her body around getting on all
fours above the eager black girls twisting body. She spread her knees slowly,
lowering Diana's priced goal towards her waiting lips. Diana, besides her
self with lust suddenly grasped her mistress's buttocks, pulling her vagina
into her face and wide-open mouth in one violent motion. She eagerly sucked
and licked the many folds hanging in her face, quickly finding the hole
for her probing tongue. Her pelvis was still jerking at a frantic pace but
subsided to a steady rhythm when Doris's lips and slender tongue met her
vagina. She closed her thighs around Doris's head and groaned with pleasure as
she tongued the woman's vagina. Trying but failing to delay another orgasm,
she moaned into the wet hairy crotch, as Doris's expert tongue brought her
pure rapture again. Her eager tongue boring in to the throbbing orifice
brought Doris to her climax. Both women continued to kiss and suck each other'
s juices as they relished the cheer pleasure of flesh touching flesh. Diana
's pelvis began to move again, which prompted Doris to roll off and make
her turn end for end, so she could embrace and kiss her insatiable black sex

"Oh no you don't'" she chuckled, "you'll get more later." Diana moaned
happily snuggling into her embrace as they savored their orgasms. They
french kissed, sharing and relishing the remaining vaginal nectar.

"Thank you mistress. Thank you for letting me serve you, " Diana cooed,
moaning happily awaiting her mistress's next demand for sexual gratification.

Model Sex Slave Chapter 05
Marg and Diana arrived back at the house before noon, after the night at
Doris's. During the drive back, she asked Diana to describe her feelings
about her first assignment. Diana gazed at Marg and smiled sweetly but with a
hint of worry in her face.

"I hope you were happy with me there, you and Doris did have a talk before
we left. I hope I didn't do anything wrong."

"Wrong? No dear, you did everything right, she was ecstatic about your
performance. She will be requesting you a lot in the future, but I wanted to
know how you felt about her."

"Well, she made me feel good, some times I felt that she was there to
satisfy me, not the other way around."

"Oh, that's the way Doris is, she gets pleasure out of giving it and she
is very good at seductive foreplay. I know!" Diana looked at her in

"You know, mistress?"

"Diana, Doris and I have known each other since we were sisters, with the
same Mistress when we were your age."

"My mistress was a sex slave!" They entered their driveway and Marg pushed
a button in the car opening the garage door.

"Some other time, Diana, Take the case and look after it. They met Lee in
the little stairway between the garage and the kitchen. She was still
dressed in her street closed. Jackie had dropped her off from their assignment
an hour before. She kissed her Mistress warmly and then Diana.

They took the case to their Mistress's bedroom and put away her clothing.
Then back down to the clothing room to put away Diana's assignment clothes.
Stripping each other naked in the hallway where the Mistress could see them
from the office area, they put their street clothes away in their own
bedrooms. Marg was reading something on the computer screen when they arrived.

"I see your assignment went well, Lee, did you get enough sleep?" Lee, by
now standing next to her Mistress, nodded as her rear end was being
fondled. She put her small arm around her Mistress's neck and kissed her. Marg
touched her vagina carefully; "you're not sore are you?"

"Just a little, Mistress. I'll be fine."
Marg kissed her again, rubbing her vagina gingerly.

"OK girls undress me, it's massage lesson time for Diana." The girl's
eager as always undressed their mistress. They then helped her onto a massage
table in the gym. Lee positioned her self at her left foot and told Diana
to stand at the other.

"Now you just try to do what I do, OK?" Diana nodded and started to pull
on her mistress's digits as Lee showed her. She then kneaded the soles
carefully watching Lee. For the next hour, Diana got her first lesson in the art
of body massage, while they fingering her entire body. They did not go
near her genitals or breasts but everything else. Marg finally got up and
kissed her two devoted submissive. She told Lee to get lunch ready and Diana
to work on her daily log.

"We will shower after lunch and then Diana will learn about a different
kind of massage." Lee picked a housecoat from a hook on the wall and helped
her Mistress to put it on. Diana put the slippers on her feet kissing them
Marg bend down and kissed Lee and also Diana as she got up. Lee threw her
arms around her Mistress burying her head in her breasts kissing them and
Diana did the same. "OK girls later, now get at it!" Both girls presented
their rear ends looking at their Mistress with spank me please, expressions.
"Oh you two are incorrigible but all right, no more of that until after
lunch, I mean it!" She whacked them both a couple of times. "Now, scat!"

After lunch, they showered in the master bedroom suite.
As usual, they soaped their Mistress First, then each other. Finally, the
two slaves embraced their mistress, the three of them rubbing their soapy
bodies together. Diana was then told to use her breasts as wash cloths to
wash her Mistress's body especially her crotch from the front and then from
behind. She was also told to do the same to Lee, while the mistress lifted
her up.

After they dried her and then each other, they got on the huge bed, their
Mistress on her stomach at first. Lee then showed Diana how to stroke the
skin sensually, then lick, and kiss the same area. They each worked on one
leg from the soles of her feet until they reached the buttock crease. From
there they moved to her fingers and hands up to her shoulders, her neck and
then down her back finishing with her large white buttocks. The Mistress
then turned over and positioned herself with her feet over the edge of the
bed. The two girls knelt on the floor and Lee showed her sister how to suck
on each toe and lick the soles of the feet. They then stroked, licked and
sucked their way up her long legs working around her vaginal area and her
breasts to her shoulders. From there they went down her arms to her hands and
finished by sucking on each finger. Working their way back up her arms,
they moved to her neck and face. They didn't touch her mouth; moving lower,
they wetted her breasts lifting them up so they could cover the under sides.
Again, they didn't touch the most sensitive areas around her nipples.

Lastly, they moved slowly towards the most erotic area of the body licking
stroking and sucking around her vulva. Marg moved her body to the edge of
the bed where she put her feet on two chairs having been set there earlier
for that purpose. She then spread her thick thighs wide, giving them access
to her crotch. They kneeled on the floor side by side and proceeded to
stroke the inside of her thighs, kissing the fleshy white skin as they stroked
closer and closer to that magic area. Finally, when their heads were
touching Lee told Diana to watch while she worked her fingers expertly around
her Mistress's large hairy vulva. She told Diana that she should barely
touch with your fingertips as she worked the outside of the outer lips. She
then worked her fingers down to her anus circling it lightly and just touching
the center. She put her lips on it kissing and twirling her tongue at the
center. Marg began to breathe faster, moaning slightly as her pelvis began
to move.

Lee then described the taint or perineum to Diane, telling her that it was
very sensitive, supersensitive in some. She was starting to manipulate the
outer lips with her tiny fingers when Marg panted an order to Diana to
come and sit on her face as her pelvis began to move faster. Diana quickly got
on the bed squatting down and spreading her thighs around her mistress's
face. She watched Lee kissing and manipulating the heaving contracting pussy
as her own wet vagina was being tongued. The Mistress then ordered her to
stretch out on top of her, which she did wrapping her thighs around her
head. She kissed and licked her Mistress's stomach, placing her arms around
her hips grasping her cheeks as the Marg did the same to her.

She could watch Lee now ravishing her mistress's vagina, between Marg's
huge thighs, which were opening and closing on her head. Diana's body now
began to shake and twitch as she neared her orgasm. She climaxed flooding her
Mistress's face with her love juices, which were greedily swallowed by the
horny woman. Marg, herself was pouring her own delicious nectar into Lee's
diligent mouth. Lee swallowed as much as she could and then held the palm
or her hand against the flow raising her body to match Diana's face. Diana
saw Lee's closed lips and bloated cheeks. She turned her head on the side
and opened her mouth wide; receiving then a mouthful of creamy fluid, which
she swallowed with relish. Lee then returned to her mistress's throbbing
vagina and sucked out the remaining juices kissing and nipping on the lips and
folds until her Mistress was completely satiated.

Diana rolled off her mistress with a satisfied guttural groan. Marg looked
down at Lee standing now between her legs smiling shyly. Her face and neck
were covered with her creamy fluid with small rivulets of cum juice running
down her chest. Marg moved herself in on the bed and held her arms out for
her diminutive submissive. She rushed on the bed and on top of her Mistress
's into her open arms. They kissed and Marg started to lick her own cum
off Lee's face, neck and chest. Diana was then ordered to position her self
on her side with her vagina near Marg's face. Lee was made to twist her
lower body towards Diana's head who did not have to be told what to do. She
buried her face in the wet throbbing, sex starved sister's vagina presented to
her, while the short chubby thighs closed tightly around her head. The
Mistress and her black sex slave then brought the little oriental sex toy to a
wild climax, her body shaking and jerking Diana's head, nearly off her
body. Marg laughed at Diana, telling her that she had placed her head in a
very dangerous place during the preceding earthquake. She is tiny tiger who
erupts like a volcano. Diana only smiled as she made sure that all of Lee's
juiced were swallowed as Lee opened her thighs wide to let her access every
last drop of her lava flow.

Later that afternoon, Marg called Diana into the living room for a talk.
She motioned for the naked girl to sit on her lap and they embraced. She
kissed her full lips gingerly and squeezed her tight.

"It's time, Diana that we have a little talk." Diana looked at her
mistress with an anxious expression on her face. "Oh no my sweetie, there is
nothing wrong. Diana took a deep breath in relief and snuggled in to her
embrace. "I just want to talk to you about the future so you will know what I
have in mind for you.

"As a sex slave your duty is to provide sexual pleasure to anyone I lend
you to. The people you will be assigned to serve are people that I have known
for a long time. These people all agree to certain standards of behavior.

"One is cleanliness you will not be asked to lick or kiss any body parts
that are not clean. That is, all sexual activities involving your lip
touching anything other than someone's mouth is not permitted except after a bath.

"No one under eighteen will ever be part of our sex groups. As a matter of
fact, no one under that age can be present in the same premised whether
that is a house, an apartment or an office.

"No drugs of any kind are tolerated.

"As far as Alcohol is concerned, one glass of wine is OK usually for
supper. Sometimes when you are feeding food and drink's mouth to mouth; be very
careful that you don't get too much!

"Some sex acts are not allowed, anal intercourse is one! A finger to
accentuate pleasure, like Lee showed you at first is all right, provided only
partial penetration is performed.

"Assistance with bodily function in the bathroom is limited to # 1. You are
not allowed to be there for a # 2!

"No golden showers are allowed!

"Some times, you will be asked to talk dirty to your master of mistress.
That's all right, other times you will be asked to tell your assignee, that
you love them. That's fine but remember that there is nothing personal
involved. What you are saying in effect is, that you love submitting your body
and to serve that person. You are serving that person because you are mine.

"You must at all times appear submissive, cheerful and thrilled to be
serving your superior. There should be plenty of cooing and moaning, when you
are embraced or just paid attention to. Never unless you are told to act shy,
cover your breasts or genital areas with your hands. Even when you are
being inspected, you must show a rapturous desire to submit your body
sexually and show that you are barely able to control yourself from ravishing your
superior's body.

"There are of course many other ways of pleasing you mistress or master.
You may for instance be told to act like a slave, being sold at a market.
Here, it is important not to show any resentment towards your prospective
buyer, just embarrassment or humiliation, from being exhibited naked at a
public auction. In a case like this, you will usually be expected to avoid eye
contact, that is: bow you head perhaps sideways and lower your eyelashes. If
you are not shackled, never cover you breast or genitals with you hands.
That's considered an insult to the buyer. When they inspect you by touching,
you don't cringe unless you have been told to do so, Maybe just shiver
slightly. A trembling body is usually appreciated. After the deal is completed
you could fall to your knees and kiss your new owners feet and thank him
or her for selecting you."

Diana listened attentively to her mistress, as she snuggled into the
security of her bosom. "I do some of that with you already, don't I?"

"Yes you do, sweetheart and you did with Doris, she was very impressed.
Later you will serve other people some of them might not be so handsome or

"I don't care Mistress, if you tell me to serve someone it doesn't matter
what they look like or who they are, I will be serving you, nothing else
matters to me. I will submit my body completely and give that person my body
totally. I do it because it is your will for me to love them."

"Is that what you thought of, when you submitted to Doris?"

"I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking about. I just know that you
told me to submit my body to her, so it felt wonderful because I knew you
wanted me to give my body for her pleasure. Maybe, giving my body, is not the
right way to say it. I'm your possession, so when you assign me to someone;
then that person has the same right to my body that you do. It's not for me
to decide whether or not I want to respond erotically to that person. You
have already determined that for me and that makes me feel all tingly


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