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Nifty - Lesbian - Authoritarian - My Gynecologist

Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 18:56:18 +0300
From: totti joker <>
Subject: my gynecologist

Disclaimer: this story is intended for adults above 18 , it contains acts
of sex between consenting females.

My Gynecologist (lesbian light bondage)
By Totti.

I have always hated going to gyn checkups, I felt they are so lame
with all the poking around and touching and I was forced to go by
my mother to check if I had anything transmitted to me. We used
to go to this really old male gynecologist who poked me all over
every time we gone there. Once I complained to my mother and
she told me that if I wanted to change him I must find someone
with similar expertise. I was over the moon with this at last no
more poking and inserting weird stuff into me.

But apparently it was a trick; every gynecologist our town had was
either old or young and doesn't know what they are doing so my
torture went on. After a few months from my trials our doctor called
to say that he is quitting his work and leaving his clinic to a new
young doctor whom he trusts. My mother suggested that we try
that new doctor before turning to someone else.

I agreed and we went for our regular checkup, when we entered the
clinic was completely renovated into a very nice modern clinic and
most of the nurses were also changed into younger ones and very
handsome as well. The doctor was this very lovely young woman
who was so cheerful and funny. She sat down and talked with my
mother about her fears and told her that she can trust me on my
health and wellbeing and said that I seemed to be old enough to
take care of myself.

I liked that doctor I thought to myself, and while she was talking I
was completely absorbed by watching her convince my mother to
leave me take some responsibility and that she will call her every
time I come for a checkup and inform her of my case regularly.
My mother was convinced after an hour and a half of talking and
got me to promise never to skip any checkup.

Satisfied with that she got up and left obeying the doctor's orders
that I should be alone with her. I was left with this doctor not
believing that my mother was actually convinced. The doctor told
me then to call her Melissa instead of doctor brown and that she will
call me Jen instead of Jennifer. She said that she wants to know
more about me and gave me a little paper gown to wear and kept
on asking me questions while I changed behind a curtain.

When I came out she has already set the examination table and
was waiting for me. I lied on the table and she sat on a stool and
checked my pulse and pressure, I asked her where the nurse is.
And she said in simple examinations she doesn't need one and that
she liked me and would want to chit chat while she checked me and
the nurse would just stand between us. I really liked her I said to
myself, she was so delicate when touching me and always warned
me ahead of doing anything with smiley remarks.

She said that she would take the gown off to hear my heartbeat and
I half sat and let her undo it, and she held my growing breasts so
lightly and softly and said that they are really beautiful and sweet. I
thanked her and said that my mom always says that they are too
large for me and she said that I should always be proud of
everything I have. She was quiet while listening to my heart but
kept that wide smile on her face.

She finished and put her stethoscope away and looked into my eyes
and said that my heart is very healthy. She slid the gown all down
and looked at my naked body very approvingly. I was slightly
embarrassed as never a doctor completely took the gown off me.
She said that she will examine my breasts and took one in each
hand and checked them thoroughly. Then she held them by the
nipples and tweaked a little till they were rock hard and I felt my
self get wet and red faced.

She looked at me and said they were alright and very responsive
and that I must be very sensitive from their stimulation and I
pronounced a very low yes I am and she giggled a little while still
playing with them. Next my vaginal check and she told me to lie
down as comfortable as possible because she is going to take her
time down there. I followed her with my eyes while she moved the
stool and sat at my legs, she started to manually touch my vagina
with her gloved hands and search it all over for anomalies.

Satisfied with her preliminary check, she got up and pushed some
buttons and pulled on some lever on the table and stirrups
appeared and spread my legs apart. I straightened my legs on them
revealing every minute detail of my private parts to her. The
stirrups kept on expanding till it nearly hurt and split me into two,
and even my butt cheeks were apart and my asshole was obviously

Next I felt her hands probing even deeper into me and inserting all
these weird stuff but strangely enough I was enjoying the
sensations she was producing. I felt like she was rubbing all the
spots that itched me before and I felt amazing but I was further
embarrassed when my sex started to smell and get sticky.

She was practically fucking me with the medical implements she put
inside me and I was starting to sweat and hold my breath so as not
to moan loudly. I guess she sensed my excitement and said that my
vaginal tissue is very sensitive and extremely soft and healthy
which sent me over the roof and I bucked against her touch.

She said that my continuous bucking was obstructing her view and
blocking her way so she needs to strap my legs to the stirrups so
she can concentrate. I found the idea extremely strange but I knew
that stirrups sometimes had straps on them and I thought they
were only to deliver babies but never the less I didn't argue.
She looked very happy I agreed and brought out some leather
straps from a drawer and strapped my thighs then my calves to the
table. She asked me to wiggle on the table but my legs were

She said perfect but my hands are still free and could cause her
some distraction, I figured that this is unreasonable but yet never
argued and she tied my hands above my head and that caused my
breasts to stand erect and extremely exposed. Next she stood at
my head and covered my face with little soft pecks from her mouth
and I tried to break free from her but couldn't due to my restraints.

She stopped kissing me and said if I don't like it she won't do
anything and just complete the checkup and send me home. I was
partially frustrated but couldn't bring my self to tell her to keep on
kissing me. Since I didn't give her an answer she reseated herself
on the stool and continued working on my vagina. After a while I
told her that I liked her a lot and loved what she had done to me
previously but I found it somehow strange that two girls kiss each

She looked at me rather strangely and asked me if I ever knew that
girls can kiss each other and that it is so nicer than when boys kiss
you. I said no I didn't know that, and then she continued kissing me
now with full lips and long kisses and exciting me even more.
She said not only they can kiss but they can also pleasure each
other, and asked if I wanted to try that. I again agreed and she
started licking my whole body and stopping again and again on
some strategic points that got me insane.

She licked my neck and then my breasts and nipples ever so slowly
and constantly concentrating on my nipples and aureoles, my body
got filled with goose pumps when she licked my tummy and belly
button. I was intoxicated when she went and sat down between my
splayed legs and gave me the most amazing massage ever. She
massaged all the area between my pussy and ass, she then kissed
every spot she massaged with little soft kisses and suddenly started
licking and sucking on my very sensitive skin down there.

In no time I was moaning loudly and begging her to suck harder on
my pussy and she dug through my labia till she found my little clit
and gave it a thrill of sucking and kissing driving me out of control.
Soon I was screaming and cumming very wildly and she didn't even
stop licking and drank all of my juices and was sucking me harder
and harder and kept me in my orgasm till I couldn't take it anymore
and begged her to stop.

She then had me rest and untied my restraints and sat down in my
place instead and told me to repay her. I was so hot and didn't
think of anything except giving her and orgasm like the marvelous
one she gave me. I licked and sucked her hard till she came and
found myself impulsively drinking her juices and liking it. After she
came down and rested she said that she will call my mother and tell
her that I am perfectly alright and have her sent me for a checkup
every three weeks. And of course I was thrilled to hear that.

It has been three years now since that time and I still go to Melissa
every three weeks for a checkup and every three days for a wonderful
session of love making.

You can reach me at: totti4nana@gmail.con

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Nifty - Lesbian - Authoritarian - My Gynecologist