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Nifty - Lesbian - Authoritarian - New Teacher

Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 14:17:50 +0000
Subject: New Teacher

The themes and subject matter in this story are adult, if you are easily
offended then stop now and exit this website. All characters are
fictional though some of them may bear a resemblence to persons known to
me. All characters in the story are over the age of consent in the U.K.

This is a fantasy. In reality, I recommend risk awareness; safe, sane and
consensual sex and always observe safe sex guidelines. Safe Sex is away
of life and could save yours.

If you like my stories, please write to let me know and maybe put forward
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The New Teacher

I sat at my desk working on the staff rotas for the coming term when
there was a knock at the door.

`Enter'. I looked up to see the new gym teacher, Miss Morgan , standing
in the doorway. `Come in, I won't be a moment.'

Linda Morgan was in her twenties, fair haired and tanned from the
glorious summer that we'd just had, with the firmest toned body I had
ever seen. She had come to the school highly recommended after spending
her probationary year at a nearby comprehensive, but she fully understood
the workings of a girls boarding school having been privately educated

`Well, Miss Morgan, welcome to The Grange.'

`Thank you, it's good to be here.'

`We run a strict establishment here, and expect the same high standards
of work and personal conduct from our staff and pupils both on, and off,
the premises. As head, I reserve the right to punish any misconduct as
appropriate. The parents are all aware that this includes corporal
punishment, and are in agreement that discipline is very important.'

`I couldn't agree more Headmistress. There is far too little discipline in
schools these days.' A twinkle appears in her eyes as she says this and I
become aware that she looks flushed.

`Have you ever administered corporal punishment, Miss Morgan, or do you
require instruction?'. I cross my fingers and wait for her reply.

`I haven't , perhaps you would be willing to teach me.'

` Very well . Come back after you've had time to settle in to your
rooms. Shall we say one hour?'

`Certainly headmistress, I look forward to it.'

As she leaves, she drops the folder that she had been carrying and bends
over to pick it up. I'm sure she wasn't wearing anything under her
cream linen trousers , and my mind started to race ahead to our next
meeting. I was going to enjoy training this one.

I finished my work and prepared the office for my next meeting with Miss
Morgan. Clearing my desk of everything except the PC, which I pushed to
one side, I take out my punishment bag from the cupboard and place it's
contents on the desk. Satisfied that all is ready I sit back with a well
deserved G&T. A gentle tap on the door set's my pulse off at a pace.
`Come in.'

Linda Morgan enters the office wearing her standard work attire, a navy
blue hockey skirt and white polo shirt with the school badge embroidered
on the left breast, her name and title just above. I had to fight to keep
my face from revealing exactly what I was thinking.

`Thank you for being punctual Miss Morgan, I can't abide tardiness.
Now, first things first, you have never administered corporal punishment
correct? Have you ever been punished?'

` No Headmistress, on both counts. So I don't really know where to

`Alright then, I'll talk you through things first. On my desk you will
notice that I have a leather glove, a wooden ruler, a paddle and a cane.
Each item has a specific use. The ruler and cane may be applied to the
palms, knuckles, or buttocks; while the glove and paddle are for use on
the buttocks only. Are you with me so far?'

`Yes Headmistress. May I ask how you decide which is most appropriate to

`In general the ruler or cane would be used only on the hands in the
classroom, but for serious offences any of the items you see here could
be applied to the buttocks behind closed doors. In one extreme case last
year a girl was paddled on front of the whole school before being
expelled, but as I say, this was an extreme case.'

`Perhaps you could demonstrate the correct use of each for me,
headmistress. As I say I've never received any form of corporal
punishment, I feel that I should know the effects as well as the correct

Her pupils are dilated and I can see her nipples already starting to
harden. I suspect that our young teacher is beginning to enjoy this
almost as much as I am.

`As you wish.' I smile 'hold out your right hand palm up.' She
obliges and I pick up the ruler from my desk. Taking aim, I bring the
ruler down on her palm with a sharp slap, checking for her reaction. She
winces slightly but doesn't move an inch.

`Are you ready to continue?'

`Yes.' Her eyes lock on mine as if to dare me to try harder.

I pick up the cane and flex it a little before flicking it through the
air a few times for practice. `Left hand, palm up.' She does as
instructed and takes a deep breath. The cane slices through the air and
raises a thin red line across the centre of her hand. `Right hand.'
Again, another perfect strike. 'You may rest now.'

She rubs her hands together without taking her eyes from mine. ' Thank
you, Headmistress. That was most enlightening.'

`My pleasure' I reply ' shall we go on, or would you prefer to return

`No, please continue. Perhaps you could demonstrate the glove next, I'm
intrigued to know how something so flimsy might cause pain.'

` It's not the glove that actually causes the pain my dear, the glove
is to protect the wearers hand .Having said that, a tightly fitting firm
leather glove will smart considerably more than a soft hand. Allow me to
show you.'

My mouth suddenly becomes very dry and I am acutely aware of the
throbbing between my legs, I realise that I am going to need every ounce
of self control for what comes next.

` Assume the position. Bend over the desk feet apart and take hold of
the opposite side.' As she bends I get my first glimpse of the soft firm
flesh of her backside covered by only the flimsiest of silk panties. I
lift her skirt above her waist.

`Is this what you mean Headmistress' she says as she wriggles slightly
from side to side, `or should my feet be further apart?'

` Just a little further I think.' I place one hand between her thighs
and push her right leg wider. ` About here should be just fine.'

The movement causes her panties to slip in towards the crack of her
backside and expose even more of her sun tanned skin. I take hold of the
top of her panties and pull upward to expose her almost completely,
noting that she makes no objection.

Slipping on the glove I position myself to one side and check that the
angle is just right. Without warning I raise by arm and place the first
blow squarely on her right cheek, she yelps in surprise but remains
stationary. The next blow falls on her left cheek and is swiftly followed
by half a dozen more strokes to alternate cheeks. I stand back to admire
the bright red glow that has spread across her rear and notice that a wet
patch is appearing between her legs.

I move around behind my desk and lift her chin. Her eyes are bright and
her breathing rapid, I sense a kindred spirit here.

`Well Miss Morgan, do you wish to retire now, or shall we continue?

` May we continue Headmistress? I wouldn't want to have to take up more
of your valuable time on another occasion. Should I remain here for the
next stage or would you like me to move?'

` Right there will be just fine, but drop your panties.'

She releases her grip on the desk and slowly slides her thumbs into the
side of her knickers. Pushing them down as far as her position will
allow. Her obviously wet pussy exposed, she takes hold of the desk once

Picking up the paddle I walk to the far side of the office. By now, I
know exactly how far away I need to be to get a good momentum when coming
in to strike. She flinches as she hears me stride in behind her and
braces herself for the first blow. I aim for a point half way between her
backside and the centre of the desk... lets see just how much she can
take. She moans as the leather slaps hard against her already stinging
skin. I turn and prepare for another run.

`You must remain silent Miss Morgan ,or I shall have to commence the
beating again. Only five more to go if you take it quietly. Now raise
your backside a little, and straighten your legs.'

The next five blows make perfect contact with her buttocks and soaking
wet lips, leaving the leather smeared with her excitement.

As the final blow lands she lets out a cry of pain and immediately looks
back to see if I noticed.

'What did I tell you about staying silent?'

`That you would begin again if I weren't Headmistress.' She has a look
of desperation on her face and small beads of sweat are beginning to

`That's right. But maybe I shouldn't be so hard on your first time.
Let me inspect the damage first.'

I put the paddle on the desk where she can see it, and see the wet mark
that her pussy has made on it; I want her to know that I'm aware of how
much she's enjoying this. Reaching into the refrigerator that I keep in
the office I take out a large ice pack and hold it against her burning
skin. The sudden cold makes her gasps and she tries to get away, but I
hold her down with a hand in the middle of her back.

`Let me check that the skin isn't broken or too badly bruised.'

I run my fingers down over her backside and stop just short of her open
lips, lingering for signs of a response. As she begins to tremble I slide
two fingers in to her, gently at first, but then thrusting harder as she
begins to buck against my hand. Sensing that she is about to come, I
place my other hand over her mouth.

`Ssshhh, we don't want to be heard now do we?'

She shakes her head and pushes harder onto my fingers. I work hard on the
G spot and place the end of my thumb flat against her anus, rubbing with
a circular motion. She bucks hard and her legs give way as the first
orgasm hits her. Pulling my fingers sharply from her tightening grip, I
pull her to her feet and turn her to face me. With a swift movement I
grip her waist and lift her onto the desk. Placing the glove in her mouth
as a gag I push her back wards and pull her towards me, kneeling with my
head between her legs.

`Now then Miss Morgan, do you think you've learned all you need to?'

She grunts and shakes her head frantically.

I part her lips and lick gently at her clitoris, making her moan softly.
Slowly I lick and suck at her clit until she is almost ready to climax
again. At the crucial moment I move down to her pussy and flick the end
of my tongue just inside. She starts to buck, so I pull away and slap her
hard across her swollen genitals.

`Wait.' I snap `I'll decide when or if you come.'

She looks up pleadingly. Her back arches as I return my attention to her
clitoris, sucking and nibbling until she just can't wait any longer and
she starts to shudder and thrash about as wave after wave of orgasm takes
over her body. She wraps her legs around my back and bites down on the
gag for fear of being heard, God forbid we should be discovered now.

When she is satisfied I help her to her feet and straighten her clothing.

`Take a seat for a moment my dear. Would you like a drink?'

`Yes please.'

I pour two G&T's and bring them to the sofa where she is waiting.

`Well Miss Morgan, do you feel that this evenings instruction was

`Very, Headmistress. Do you think that perhaps I should try
administering the punishment now?'

` No, not yet, I feel you still have more to learn about what it's like
to be properly punished. We haven't yet caned your behind, and it was
you who said that you should know the effects as well as correct
application. Report to me again tomorrow after supper and before your
dormitory checks.'

`I'm sure you know best Headmistress. May I be excused now, I have to
prepare for the girls arrival tomorrow.'

`Certainly.' I smile, and she rises to leave.

`One other thing Miss Morgan, I really don't consider your underwear
appropriate for working hours. Perhaps something a little more plain in
cotton if you have it. We don't want the girls getting over excited now
do we? As house mistress you will be responsible for punishing those
girls found masturbating.'

`Very well Headmistress, good night.'

`Good night .'

The New Teacher Part 2

Just as I prepare to retire for the night there is a knock at my study


Miss Morgan enters the study followed by two pupils clad in pyjamas and
dressing gowns, and the younger girl a more than slightly embarrassed

I recognise the girl on the right as Jemma Simpson, a sixth former this
year and the bane of my life for the last five. Although academically
gifted, and a fair hockey player, Simpson and I had have many meetings in
my office as one after another of the staff came to report her various
misdemeanours. If it wasn't for the considerable donations that her
Father regularly made to the school she would have been expelled long

The girl on the left is unknown to me though as this is her first term at
The Grange.

"What can I do for you Miss Morgan?"

"I was making my final bed check in the dorm before going to bed myself
when I found Jemma in bed with Anne. They were kissing and petting each
other, Headmistress."

"What have you got to say for yourself Jemma?"

Jemma shrugs her shoulders and looks at the floor.

"This isn't the first time you've been caught indulging in lesbian
practices with other pupils young lady, and don't think the dumb
insolence routine will make you look any better to Anne here. By the time
I've finished with you both you'll be lucky if she even talks to you
again; and she certainly won't let you back into her bed."

Anne's expression changed from embarrassed to worried as she looked
first at Jemma and then at me.

" This is hardly a good start to your time with us is it, Anne?"

" No Headmistress."

" And just what do you have to say for yourself? Give me one good reason
why I shouldn't send you straight back home to your parents in the
morning. You`d have a pretty tough time getting a sixth form place at
another school of this calibre if you're expelled from here on your
first day. "

" I was feeling homesick Miss and Jemma offered to cuddle me until I
fell asleep. When she started to kiss me and feel my breasts I tried to
stop her, but she's stronger than me. I was about to call out when Miss
Morgan came into the dorm."

"You will address me as Headmistress, not miss." I snap." Now wait
outside both of you, I want to discuss your punishment with Miss

As the girls left I could see Anne was beginning to tremble slightly and
tears were welling up I her eyes, but my resolve to nip this in the bud
did not weaken.

"Is Anne's account of events plausible Miss Morgan, or is there more
that she is not telling me?"

"Anne hardly looked like the unwilling victim to me Headmistress. I was
alongside the bed before they were even aware of me, and Anne's hand was
inside Jemma's pyjama bottoms when I pulled back the covers."

"Very well. I intend to teach these two a lesson. Take them both to the
lavatory and then return here, I want to be sure their bladders are empty
before I administer their punishment. The newcomer looks like she might
pee her pants when she finds out what's in store."

It's been a long day and my temper is not improved by having my rest
disturbed by these two miscreants. While the others are away I clear a
space in the centre of my desk and place a thin flexible cane and a newly
arrived two inch wide leather tawse at one end. I haven't had the
opportunity for a few practice swipes against the velvet cushions on my
sofa with this new instrument of pain yet, but no matter I'm sure I'll
become quite proficient with it tonight.

A tap at the door. "Enter"

"Anne, do you wish to tell me the truth now about what happened

"I did Headmistress." The panic is starting to rise in her voice.

"So you deny that you had your hand inside Jemma's pyjama bottoms, and
that you were fondling her?"

"I wasn't fondling her, honest." As she tries to fight back the tears
I instruct her to hold her hands out flat in front of her. Sniffing her
fingers there is no doubting the musky aroma that still lingers there
despite having washed her hands.

"Well either you've been playing with Jemma's pussy or your own, which
is it?"


The wretched girl is lost for words and looks around as if seeking
reassurance from Jemma. Suddenly she spots the cane and tawse; her face
turns white. I pick up the cane flexing it before I turn sharply and
swing it through the air landing firmly on the arm of a nearby chair .
The sound of the rattan as it displaces the air and the sharp slap when
it connects with the leather chair brings a gasp from Anne, and as I turn
around I can see that even Jemma is wincing as she remembers our previous
encounters. I place the cane back on the desk alongside the tawse and run
my fingers over the hard leather as I fix Jemma with my sternest look.

"Anne, remove your robe and bend over the desk."

"Please Headmistress, it won't happen again I swear."

"I know it won't, I'm about to see to that. Now bend over and take
hold of the far side of the desk."

She hesitates as her legs begin to tremble.

"Quickly girl or it'll be 12 strokes not 6 that you'll get."

She does as she's bid never taking her eyes off the cane and tawse.


Startled to hear her own name she takes her eyes off the prostrate figure
before her.

"Yes Headmistress?"

" Kneel behind my desk and take hold of Anne's arms. You will hold her
down while I stripe her backside. If she moves I'll double your
punishment, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Headmistress"

By this time Anne is trembling all over and breathing heavily, every
sinew in her body wants to run away from the pain she is already
imagining. Even a whispered word of encouragement from Jemma has no
effect. She is staring wide eyed at the cane and tawse not sure which
she's about to feel on her tender backside, and still unaware of the
final degradation about to befall her.

"Miss Morgan, lower her pyjamas I want to see the target clearly."

Anne's head falls forward and she slowly shakes it from side to side not
able to believe that her first night at The Grange has turned into this

"And her panties, Miss Morgan. This may be the first beating of the
term, but she's going to feel the full force of each and every stroke. I
don't intend to have to repeat myself with this one."

A moan and several sobs escape from the figure laying prone on the desk.

"Be quiet girl, I haven't touched you yet. If you can't control
yourself I'll have you gagged before you wake the whole school. I'm
sure you've had a good spanking in the past, this is just the same but
the pain is more focussed."

"I've never been slapped let alone spanked, Headmistress. Please don't
do this. I swear I'll be good."

" In my experience, young lady, I have found that girls who are released
from your current position because of promised future good behaviour
invariably find themselves right back there in a very sort space of time.
Now, spread your feet and raise your backside."

I take up the cane and lay it across the centre of her bare behind for
better aim. The first stroke is delivered with little backward movement
of my forearm and a firm flick of the wrist, but with the desk in front
of her the girl is unable to move away as it lands with a sharp sting.
She lets out a yelp but stays in position, probably believing that this
is as bad as it gets. The second stroke is aimed lower and parallel to
the first but with increased swing to notch the pain up a level. She
cries out and struggles to get free but Jemma knows better than to let
her go.

"Miss Morgan, gag the girl with the glove in my drawer. You know the one
I mean."

Miss Morgan flushes and takes the glove I'd used to gag her earlier from
the drawer. Folding it carefully she places it in Anne's mouth and walks
back around the desk to where she can clearly see the bright red lines
that the cane has made on the soft pink backside of our newest pupil.

"Anne, you will raise your backside this instant or I'll start again.
Do you hear me?"

The target area properly positioned I once again place the cane right
where I intend the next stroke to land. It's not that I particularly
need to take such time in preparing but it does help to heighten the
anticipation for the victim, and it's always good to make sure that they
know just who is in control. The third and fourth strokes are landed in
quick succession making Anne dance on the spot. Her performance over she
raises her backside once more in the hope of getting this over with.

"So tell me young lady, do you intend to break school rules again?"

She shakes her head vigorously.

"And do you intend to lie to me again?"

Again she shakes her head.

"Very good. But just as a reminder of the consequences..."

I pull my arm right back and twist as if taking a swing at golf. The cane
flew through the air and struck with such force that at first there was
no reaction from the girl, the pain had failed to register in her brain.
When it did she went rigid and then passed out.

"Damn!" I move forward quickly to remove the gag.

"Jemma, get the smelling salts from the cupboard over there. Miss
Morgan, Help me move the girl to the sofa."

With her feet higher than her head and the pungent salts under her nose
the youngster came round and instantly started to cry, whether from the
pain in her rear or the shame of lying half naked in my office it was
hard to tell.

"Feeling better?" I ask.

Anne nods slowly and tries to sit up.

" Very well then. I promised you 6 strokes young lady and I have only
counted 5. Don't think I'm going to let you off just because you
fainted; I will however allow you to receive the final stroke by here.
Roll over onto your knees."

Fearful that I might threaten to repeat the whole punishment Jemma helped
Anne into position and whispered "I'm sorry." in her ear. Her head on
the arm of the sofa her back flat and arse in the air Anne was poised for
number 6.

I retrieved the cane from where I'd dropped it on the floor earlier and
stood alongside the sofa. Not wishing to have to waken Matron, the final
stroke was delivered across the legs with a flick of the wrist that
barely left a mark. The girl winced and visibly relaxed.

"Stay exactly where you are Anne, I want Jemma to get a good look at
your flame red butt and stripes while she receives her punishment."

I take off my teachers robe and suit jacket to lessen the restriction of
movement for the task ahead. This must be the 8th time I've had to
administer extreme punishment to Simpson so I know I have to make this
the most memorable yet. I pick up the tawse and place it on the sofa at
Anne's feet before going to the cupboard for a thicker cane.

As I face Jemma there are beads of sweat on her brow. She has been caned
before but she has never witnessed another girls beating or been forced
to hold one down while she receives it. Now she also had to look directly
at the results whilst getting ready to feel the fire on her own bottom.

"Right Simpson. Robe off, trousers and panties half way down your
thighs, hands on the sofa legs against the arm and head up."

Jemma moved into place quickly lest any delay should anger me.

"You will count each of the first 6 strokes of the cane and thank me for
them. Failure to count or to make yourself heard will cause a repeat of
the stroke until you get it right. I will allow Anne to count the
subsequent 6 with the tawse whilst she holds you down." I lean forward
and quietly ask " Do you think that she'll be able to count them

The New Teacher Part 3

Jemma closed her eyes and tried to prepare herself for the first bare
bottomed caning of her life. From the welts raised on her companion's
backside by the thin cane, she knew that her own rear would be in a far
worse state by the time this was over.

"Open your eyes girl and fix them on Anne's rump."

I turn to Miss Morgan and wink. " The cane I've selected for Jemma is
more than twice as thick as the previous one and provides greater
accuracy of control. With just a little practice it is possible to place
the strokes so close together that no white flesh can be seen between
them, or even to place each stroke on the exact same spot."

" Now remember Jemma, count each stroke and thank me for it."

The first stroke brings a grunt from the girls lips "One. Thank you

With the second stroke she gasps and shakes her head. "Two. Thank you

Not wishing to have another girl faint this evening I resist the urge to
use full force or speed at this stage; better to prolong the punishment
than have to abandon it.

" Does that hurt Simpson?"

" Yes Headmistress."

" It'll hurt a darn sight more when I take that belt to your cane

The third stroke takes her by surprise and she cries out in pain bring
her hands back to rub at her buttocks.

" Remove your hands and resume you position at once."

Jemma wipes tears from her face and places her self ready for the next

"Miss Morgan, how many is that?"

"That's two strokes I think Headmistress, at least I didn't hear a
count of three."

Jemma didn't fail to count the next three strokes through gritted teeth
and accompanied by yelps and tears, she had no desire to take any more of
this than she had to.

"Last one of these then Simpson but I think you'll find it the most
memorable in the next few days." I watch her squirm as I place the cane
at the point where her buttocks meet her thighs and rub it back and
forth. "You'll feel this one with every step you take, especially when
you do the cross country run that Miss Morgan has scheduled for tomorrow

This stroke is the most painful yet and, with little chance to prevent
pressure on the raised and reddened skin, there will be constant
discomfort for some time thus ensuring that the memory of tonight lingers
well after the girls leave my office.

"OWWWWWW!!!! Six. Thank you Headmistress."

"Stand up girl and move to the desk for part two of your punishment."

Jemma stays where she is still trying to catch her breath after the
initial beating. Even though she knows that she is only delaying the

"Come along girl, and bring the beltl with you I haven't got all

I take a drink of water before continuing, all this exercise is thirst

"You can get up now Anne, but leave your panties where they are. Come
around to the back of my desk and restrain Jemma as she did you.
There`ll be no need to count the strokes girl, just watch carefullyand
remember what awaits you if there should be any repeat of tonight's

With Jemma bent over the desk I walk to the far side and placing my hands
under her armpits I pull the girl toward me until her hips lay flat on
the desk and her legs are raised.

"Miss Morgan, take the girls ankles and hold her legs out straight
behind her. Anne you will hold down her shoulders; if she gets up from
there you`ll feel the belt in the morning before breakfast"

Picking up the leather glove I fold in the thumb and fingers then roll it
to create a gag for the sake of noise reduction. I don't want the whole
school awoken by the girls cries.

" Here, bite on this and be grateful that I don't allow your miserable
condition to be overheard by everyone else in the building."

I stuff the gag in Simpson's mouth and take up the tawse. I have been
advised that flicking the belt from over the shoulder gives the desired
effect; a serious sting without any danger of breaking the skin. The
girls behind suitably positioned I take a few practice swipes at the desk
along side her ;the sound has her squirming to be released before she's
even felt the first excruciating blow.

Taking up a position that will ensure maximum contact between leather and
skin I flick the belt backward and take aim. As the belt connects with
her already flaming backside a wide bright red band appears alongside and
over the cane marks. Jemma kicks her legs and almost strikes Miss Morgan
in the face.

"If the girl is going to thrash about so much, Miss Morgan, You may find
it easier to protect yourself if you sit on a chair and tuck one ankle
under each armpit. There's a suitable chair against the wall over

"Thank you Headmistress." she smiled, " I would want to have to punish
the girl for assaulting me on top of everything else."

Positioned as she was the girls wet pussy was on full display to both
myself and Miss Morgan, a fact which wasn't lost on either of the girls.
With a safer position established I continue, changing sides before each
stroke to maximise coverage and allowing enough time for each blow to be
felt in it's own right. The six strokes left every inch of Jemma's
tender young bottom glowing and it was a very different girl who removed
herself from my desk to the one who had entered half an hour ago.

"Let that be a lesson to both of you. I will not tolerate such behaviour
from my pupils. Now return quietly to your own beds."

The girls redressed and walked slowly to the door the friction of their
panties adding to their pain. As they closed the door I turned to Miss

"Well Linda, what do you think of my little demonstration? Do you think
you're ready to start punishing girls yourself?"

"I think so Headmistress, but it's going to take some practice I

She steps toward me and, with her face only inches from mine she takes
hold of my hand.

"Do you think this an unusual reaction to such a display?"

She pulls forward the front of her own nightwear and places my hand down
the front of her juice soaked knickers.

"Not unusual at all my dear," I smile " and not to be wasted."

The New Teacher Part 4

"It's a pity I had to cancel our planned meeting earlier, Linda. Had
you been trained, you could have assisted me further in the girls
punishment or even have dealt with them yourself under my watchful eye."

"As you say, Headmistress, a great pity indeed. Though I learned much
from watching you."

There was a sparkle in her eyes that I'd first noticed when she'd
arrived at my office yesterday for her first training session.

"Do you think so?" I raised my eyebrows. " In that case, perhaps
you'll want to see how it feels to be on the receiving end"

"I think that would be most appropriate. How do you propose we begin,
bent over the sofa perhaps?"

As she positioned herself in the same way that Jemma had just a short
while ago I asked "Are you sure about this? You don't have to you

"Oh quite sure, Headmistress, if for no other reason than I deserve to
be punished for my own behaviour. Placing your hand on my wetness as I

I couldn't believe that having witnessed the caning of the two girls
that she was now prepared to be subjected to the same pain and
degradation herself. This was going to be a rare treat indeed.

"As you wish, but we'll start with your bottom covered for
protection." I say running my hand over her backside. "Just two gentle
strokes to begin, then we'll see how you feel about continuing"

I take up the thin cane and take aim at the firm but relaxed backside in
front of me. She shows no fear as I bring back the cane and flick it
quickly across the centre of her rump, and barely flinches as the second
stroke falls close to the first.

"Are you sure this is your first time?" I ask "I wouldn't want to
find out you'd been lying to me, Linda. You've seen how I deal with

"I promise you this is my first time, but I think that maybe the
adrenalin rush I'm still feeling is having a numbing effect. Maybe I
should drop my pyjamas and knickers too, at least that way I'll know
exactly how it felt for the girls."

With that she stood up straight and exposed her naked rump for my cane to
decorate; I swallowed hard. There's a vast difference between caning a
girl as punishment and the dynamic that was developing here, this was
having an arousing effect that I could not allow myself under other

"Very well, we'll continue with another two like the last," I say as
firmly as I can, "bend over and raise your behind."

This time the sting as the rattan connects with bare skin elicits an
audible reaction from the young teacher.

"Quiet now," I warn " we can't have anyone hear us. I'll gag you if
you're going make a fuss."

Without warning I snap the cane across Linda's rear with more force than
any previous stroke.

"Owwwww. That hurt." she yelped as she stood upright rubbing her
glowing posterior. " I think perhaps a gag would be best if you are
going to show me how it really feels to be caned. I know you're holding
back at the moment."

"Of course I'm holding back, my dear. This is meant to be instructional
not painful, though I can certainly apply a few strokes with the same
force as those delivered earlier if you want."

"Maybe just a couple then, but I'll need a gag first."

Linda walks across to my desk and picks up the glove we'd used earlier
to muffle the girls cries. Folding it as I'd shown her she places the
gag in her mouth and bends over the desk with her legs apart and her
hands firmly gripping the far side. The relaxed posture she took at the
start has gone as she prepares to receive her `punishment'.

"O.K. I am going to give you three punishment strokes, and from the wet
display you are making of your pussy you deserve them."

I run the tip of the cane between her outer lips from front to back and
prod gently at her flexing vulva. Her knees buckle and she lets out a low

"Are you ready?"

Breathing heavily she straightens her legs again and nods her assent.

"Bottom up and remember, you asked for this."

This cane swished through the air in a wide arc landing firmly on the
centre of her already pink behind raising a red line on both cheeks.

" nnnnnnngggghhh." A muffled grunt of pain escapes from behind the gag.

Without delay the second stroke creates another pair of stripes above the

"nnnnnnngggghhhh, owwwwwwww."

I didn't want to risk being heard, but the last stroke was to be the
hardest of all.

"Brace yourself," I warn " this next stroke is really gong to hurt"

Her body tense and her breathing so fast I think she might
hyper-ventilate at any minute Miss Morgan raises her backside as if in
defiance, daring me to strike. I bring back my arm and pivot my waist
away from the desk tightening my muscles like a spring. As I release the
full power behind the swing the cane lashes the waiting flesh and bounces
to create a second lesser blow on exactly the same spot.

Unable to control herself Miss Morgan kicks her legs and pummels on the
desk with her fists in a futile attempt to ease the fire that was burning
through her arse. She spit out the gag and cries openly, large wet tears
falling on the floor in front of her.

I place the cane on the desk and rub my hand gently over her backside.

"Stay where you are my dear," I say softly " I'll get something to
ease the pain"

I get a jar of cold cream from the cupboard and gently apply it to the
tender flesh of the young teacher. I've heard of some teachers who apply
ice packs to reduce the swelling but when the numbing effect wears off
the pain is worse than ever.

"Stand up, Linda." I coax. " Turn around and face me."

As she gets up her sobs start to ease and I take her in my arms. Holding
her close I whisper in her ear, " You did well my dear you deserve a
reward. Let me take your mind off the pain."

I unbutton her pyjama top and slip it from her shoulders. Her nipples
stand hard on small pert breasts just waiting to be sucked and nibbled.
Who am I to deny them? I lower my head and begin to lick and gently bite,
sucking the nipple and breast into my mouth. Kneeling on the floor I help
her step out of her bottoms and knickers, already around her knees, so
that she stands naked before me a small trickle of her juices running
down her inner thigh. It's only now that I can appreciate the full
beauty of the athletic young woman who has just joined our staff.

Apart from the cane marks across her behind, her skin is flawless and
tanned all over. A flat stomach with lightly defined abs, perfectly toned
limbs and excellent posture are a testament to the time and care that she
takes with her body.

" You must spend a lot of your free time working out to maintain such a
wonderful physique." I murmur as I run my hands up her calves and

There's a sharp intake of breath as I gently squeeze her buttocks and
run my tongue around her belly button. My hands wander up and around her
torso, nails gently scratching until they rest on her breasts; all the
while my tongue is exploring her stomach getting lower all the time . A
hand on my head encourages me to delve deeper but I pull away.

"Patience, my dear. All things come to those who wait."

Her growing excitement is matched by my own and I can feel my clit aching
for attention as I get wetter and wetter.

Standing, I take her hand and lead her to the sofa. Swiftly discarding my
own clothes I push Linda down onto the sofa and straddle her face, my
soaking wet pussy just inches from her lips.

"Stick out your tongue like a good girl," I instruct " and stay
perfectly still."

I take hold of her wrists and lower my sex onto her waiting tongue,
giving her a first taste of my nectar.

"Now hold that tongue perfectly still or I'll put you back over the
desk and take the belt to your backside. This is for my enjoyment not

I pull away from her slightly then begin to bob up and down, making and
breaking contact between her hot wet tongue and my open pussy. When I can
stand it no longer I lean forward to place my head between her legs. She
spreads them wide in anticipation and lets out a low moan as my tongue
flicks across her swollen nub. I pull my head away.

" Lick my clit and make me cum right now and maybe I'll let you bring
yourself off when I'm finished."

"Oh pleeeeease I need to come too," she pleads.

" NO! You'll come if I say so, but only if you can satisfy me first.

Linda set about her task with gusto and not a little expertise. In a
matter of minutes I was burying my head in her stomach to muffle my moans
as one orgasm after another shook my body. When I couldn't take any more
I slumped forward to get my twitching clit out of her reach.

" That was very good, my dear." I managed between pants, " you may
roll over on to all fours now, I intend to return the favour."

She didn't need telling twice and was quickly on her knees with her legs

"Wait right there I've got something special for you." I said as I get

I go to my desk and remove a key that I have hidden underneath. Unlocking
the large drawer on the right I take out a leather briefcase and place it
on the desk. The combination lock opened I carry it to the sofa and place
it on the floor out of Linda's sight. I can see that her curiosity is
aroused though she looks a little concerned.

" Trust me." I whisper in her ear, " Just do as I say and I promise
you'll enjoy it."

She nods but I can see she is still unsure.

"Get up on your knees and move toward the arm of the sofa."

I take a blindfold from the briefcase and slip it over her eyes. Next a
pair of padded leather cuffs secure her wrists with her hands in behind

" O.K.?"

" Yes." she barely whispers.

"Good. Now bend forward and let the sofa take your weight. That's it.
Spread your legs as wide as you can I want to see if your pussy is wet

I slip two fingers into her wetness and give her G spot a little prod.

" Very nice. I think you're ready for me." I laughed.

I take a leather harness from the briefcase and select a medium sized
silicon dildo. This is one of my particular favourites as it comes with a
bullet vibe to be inserted near the base, thus ensuring as much pleasure
for the wearer as the girl on the receiving end. I slip on the harness
and tighten the straps. Just a little lube on the end, one more item from
the case and I'm ready.

Kneeling between Linda's feet I take hold of her hips and place the
dildo against her hole inserting just the tip.

"I'm going to fuck you until you can't stand up."

With a firm thrust I push half the length of the dildo in to her. I pull
back slowly so that the tip is almost out then push in again, harder this
time and I feel the end hit the cervix and stop.

"Is that what you want? A Good hard fucking ?"

" Yes."

" Then I'm going to pound you senseless. But I've got one more
surprise for you."

I reach behind me and pick up the butt plug and lube I left waiting. A
squirt of cold KY on her anus makes her gasp.

" What the hell are you doing?" she asks.

"Just wait and see," I reply " I think you'll like this."

I press the plug against her bum hole and push gently.

" No, please. I've never done this before."

" Relax your muscles and it won't hurt." I snap impatiently.

At first she clenches her buttocks to prevent the intrusion, but a slap
on the arse and a promise to belt her if she doesn't behave reminds her
that things could be a lot more painful.

I push the plug in slowly allowing her muscles to relax and with a gentle
fucking motion I coax the whole thing in in just a few strokes. Having
got the plug right in I start to rhythmically fuck her pussy and her arse
at the same time, pulling out of one as I push into the other.

"Still want me to take the plug out?" I mock.

She shakes her head and moans. I can feel her orgasm building so I slam
the plug in hard and flick on the bullet vibe. The purring of the bullet
on my clit is almost too much to take as I grind the dildo into her
pussy. With my belly slamming against her tender and plug impaled butt I
lean forward and pinch her nipples hard , pulling them as she came. My
own orgasm hit me and I lost all control crying out for all to hear.

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