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Nifty - Lesbian - Celebrity - Hogwarts Lesbian History - Hogwarts Lesbian History 1

Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 03:18:46 -0500
From: bloop bleep <>
Subject: Hogwarts: A Lesbian History: Chapter 1: The Quidditch Trio

I would like to preface this story with the fact that I am over 18. As this
story deals with sexual relationships between women, please make sure that
you are of age and legally allowed to access this material.

I would also like to explain that I am in no way affiliated with J.K.
Rowling or the Harry Potter Universe which is copyrighted to herself and
trademarked to Warner Brothers. The actions between the characters in this
story are not characteristic of them, and are just ideas in my head. This is
purely fiction and does not intent on implying anything about the actual
sexuality of the characters mentioned.

The following story deals with group sex between women. If it isn't your cup
of tea, I suggest moving on.

Ginny Weasley liked to pretend that she wasn't a snoop... But when you grow
up with six older brothers, you tend to be the type of kid who hides in
closets and watches for your siblings to do something wrong so you can go
tattle on them-- Or at least when you hear strange noises coming from the
locker room after your shower, you decide it would be better to investigate
then to be surprised when some shithead like Draco Malfoy hexes you into
oblivion while you're pulling up your knickers... So of course, she had to
go check it out.

The noises, Ginny decided, were most definitely those of pain. Little
whimpers, short cries-- She couldn't quite put her finger on them. The 5th
year stood in the doorway leading to the showers, having just come out of
the shower. Her deep red hair was still dripping water onto the floor, and a
fluffy white towel was wrapped around her thin, but developing figure. What
she saw, standing there, was unlike anything she had ever seen in her life.

Laying on one of the benches between two rows of lockers was Katie Bell, the
current team captain. And if the blonde laying on her back wasn't strange
enough, she was completely naked. Her blonde hair was still damp from her
previous shower, though it had started to dry and was slightly wavy. Her
pale skin was still damp as well, glistening a little in the warm light that
came from overhead... Her breasts, which were firm and perky were currently
being attended to by another female, this one with dark hair, that had not
yet been touched by the shower water. Katie's mouth was wide open, the
little noises escaping her lips as the lips of the other female closed
around Katie's pointed, pink nipple.

Ginny was pertrified. She couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't even
blink... Because Katie and Alicia Spinnet, naked and writhing together
wasn't even the crowning point of the whole scene before her. Another body
was laying across the bench, though she was on her stomach, and her black,
braided hair was covering her face, as what Ginny could only assume by the
noises Katie was making, was her tongue flicking against the clitoris of her
current Quidditch captain.

Alicia and Angelina had come to check up on the Quidditch Team for a week or
so. They wanted to see how Harry was handling the team, and of course, to
visit their old friends. They were staying in Hogsmeade, and had come down
that day to practice with their old quidditch team, but Ginny had no idea
that they had also come to visit Hogwarts to do THIS with their former
quidditch teammate.

Katie's long body was being pleased in nearly every way possible. Her legs
her dangling off of the bench, straddling it, with each foot planted firmly
on the floor. Her shaved pussy was then exposed, for Angelina's soft, pink
tongue to explore however she felt the need to. Ginny couldn't quite see
Alicia's body, but as her own tongue swirled around Katie's nipples, the
red-headed girl felt a tingling traveling down her body. She'd never seen
girls make love to each other like this, but it was definitely turning her
on. At sixteen, she wasn't the most sexually experienced girl at Hogwarts,
but she'd had dreams and ideas in her mind all the same.

Ginny wanted to stand there and keep watching, but she knew she'd be caught
before long. She continued to peer around the corner, dropping her hand down
to her own pussy, which was completely free of hair, and began to probe
between her now-slick lips. She bit her lower lip as her index finger gently
circled her clit, following the pattern that Angelina's tongue was taking on
Katie's. The more Ginny watched, the hotter she got, and it wasn't long
until she had two fingers deep inside of her pussy, wishing for one of the
girls' tongues to be on it instead, and a soft moan escaped her lips, which
she instantly regretted.

Everything in the locker room stopped. Angelina's dark eyes scanned the
locker room, and she just saw a flash of Ginny's bright red hair as it
dashed around the corner.

"Weasley?" She said, glaring. Of course, she would think it was Fred or
George, even though they weren't at the school anymore. Katie was the only
one who realized. Her blue eyes widened as she stared at the spot where
Ginny had just been standing,

"Ginny? Ginny... Come on out..." She called, a grin playing on her lips as
she looked at the other two girls.

Slowly but surely, Ginny appeared around the corner. She was blushing from
head to toe, and clutching her towel against her body.

"I-I'm sorry I just heard you and I came to look and I--"

"Thought you'd just spy on us, eh?" Came Angelina's voice as she wiped some
of Katie's juices off of her chin and licked them from her fingers. "Why
don't you come on over here, Gin..."

Why Ginny accepted the invitation, she herself might not ever know, but she
couldn't help herself. She wanted to know what this wonderful world of
girl-fucking entailed... So she walked over to them. By now, Katie had
straightened up and was sitting regularly on the bench, Angelina sat down as
well, and Alicia was standing up. Now, Ginny could see their bodies fully.
Alicia's was tan, her dark, slightly curly hair was pulled up into a loose
bun at the back of her head. Her breasts were smaller than Katie's, with
darker nipples, and Ginny could see the gloss of girly pre-cum on her pussy
lips. Angelina sat in a more manly position, her legs spread and exposing
the bright pink pussy that was in such a stark contrast to her dark
chocolate skin. Ginny could barely make out the slightest bit of black, hair
just above her pussy, and she honestly couldn't wait to feel the scratch of
it on her cheeks. Angelina's breasts were the largest, with dark, pointed
nipples, and her long, black braids swung from her head.

Ginny eagerly came over and sat down between Katie and Angelina, with Alicia
standing behind her. Alicia reached forward and tugged at Ginny's towel,
pulling it off and laying it down on the floor. This exposed Ginny's own
body-- She was thin, with slender hips and small, lightly freckled breasts
with puffy pink nipples. Her pussy was completely soaked, and not a strand
of hair was to be found.

"Mmm, looks like someone's been busy." Katie said with a smirk as she
reached for Ginny's hand. She saw it sticky with her juices, and she brought
it to her own mouth, sliding the appendages against her warm, soft tongue.
Ginny almost came from the feeling. "And you taste pretty good." She
smirked. Ginny was trembling from anticipation.

"Now tell me, Ginny..." Said Angelina as she brushed some of Ginny's now
drying hair out of her face, and placed soft kisses down her neck. "Have you
ever been with a woman before?"

Ginny was just trying to keep herself under control. She was being suddenly
quite distracted as Alicia slid her hands down her front, while standing
behind her. The girl's tanned hands came to her budding breasts, and gave
them a slight squeeze, before rolling her nipples between her index fingers
and thumbs, causing them to go stiff.

"I... N-no. I haven't." She managed to stammer out, her heart pounding in
her chest.

"Well, would you like to?" Katie questioned as she bit her lower lip, eyeing
Ginny's newly formed body.

It was now or never, Ginny had decided, and she looked to the three girls
separately before deciding on a definite yes. She nodded firmly, and the
three older girls simultaneously grinned.

"Welcome to the dark side." Katie murmured in her ear, before her lips
traveled slowly down her neck. Alicia's hands continued to massage the red
head's breasts. At the granted permission, Angelina immediately moved to sit
on her knees in front of Ginny, and while she was rather tall, her face was
nearly level with Ginny's even though she was sitting on the bench. Angelina
reached up to cup the back of Ginny's neck with her hand, and pulled her
forward to press their lips against each other. Ginny could taste Katie's
pussy on Angelina's lips, and it was intoxicating. This was so different
from kissing a guy. When Ginny kissed Dean, it was like his tongue was a
snake trying to strike at her mouth, and when she kissed Michael it was
tight and awkward... But this-- Oh god THIS was amazing. Angelina's lips
were soft and pillowy, and she slowly eased open the younger girl's mouth,
probing her tongue inside. The taste of Angelina's breath and Katie's pussy
was driving her wild, and she clutched at Angelina's head as well, kissing
her with more passion than she knew she had within herself.

Slowly, the girls all moved onto the floor to allow them for more room.
Ginny was laid down on her back, and the other three crowded around her.
Angelina was above her head, with her knees kneeling down behind Ginny's red
tendrils, leaning down and continuing with their kissing. The black girl
found Ginny's sweet lips to be just as intoxicating as Ginny found hers.
Alicia had continued on with Ginny's breasts, kneeling down at her side, and
had captured her right nipple in her mouth, nibbling and swirling it around
with her tongue. Tingles of electricity shot from her nipples straight down
to her clit, causing the girl to squeeze her thighs together in hopes to
create some friction from her slick lips on the nub of nerves. Finally, it
came to Katie. The pale, blonde girl was preparing Ginny's sweet pussy for
it's first lick ever. She had first spread the girl's legs and watched as
her outer lips stuck together from the sticky juice, and it made her mouth
water. She then kneeled down between them, and began to slide a cool finger
up her slit, from where her entrance was, up to her clit, just coating her
finger slightly with Ginny's goo. Katie tasted it, and bit her lower lip as
she watched the other girls above her enjoying the little redhead.

Katie moved down between her legs, wiggling her tight ass in the air as she
used her fingers to pry Ginny's lips apart. The redhead wasn't even aware of
what was going on between her legs... As Angelina's feisty tongue and hers
were dueling passionately, and Alicia's mouth and fingers were hard at work
on her perky, young tits, but when Alicia's tongue made contact for the
first time with Ginny's little clit, the girl gasped.

"Oh my god!" She groaned out, arching her back up. She was in such a
heightened state of passion that that one little lick sent a serious jolt
throughout her entire body.

"Shh, little one. Get those sweet lips back here." Angelina ordered, and
brought her face back towards hers for another kiss. Ginny eagerly went with
her, and as she did so, she began to grow a little more bold. While Ginny
couldn't necessarily reach all of the other girls, she could reach two of
them. With one hand, she began to reach backwards and for Angelina's massive
tits. She cupped one of them in her hand, letting herself feel the heavy
mound of flesh and weighing it in her palm. Angelina urged her on by moaning
into her mouth. Then, Ginny took one of Angelina's nipples, and feeling how
hard it was, she gave it a quick pinch before rolling it around in her
hands. She wanted so badly to suck on it, to nibble on it, but that would
have to wait. While one hand was busy with Angelina's perfectly round
breast, the other sought out Alicia's body, and once she found it, she
trailed a hand down until she reached the girl's hairless pussy. She let her
fingers dance around, feeling the folds of her hot, wet cunt, and Alicia
responded with soft moans. Ginny found Alicia's clit, feeling around for
that tiny little nub, and began to rub slowly circles around it. Soon, she
felt her fingers covered in girly juice, and when there was enough, she
carefully inserted one and felt the warm, wetness envelop her cold finger.
Alicia actually took a moment to lift her head from Ginny's nipples, and
moaned softly as she pressed her self against Ginny's finger so the entire
thing had been inserted.

"THIS. IS. SO. HOTT." Ginny thought to herself as she began to focus on
Katie's ministrations downstairs. Katie had started out with short,
tentative licks so as not to overwhelm Ginny's first experience with
receiving oral sex. She slowly sucked on her hairless lips, placed tiny
kisses on the mound of flesh above her clit, and gave long, slow licks with
her wide, flat tongue. Ginny was moaning now, and a light sheen of sweat had
developed over her body with the effort it took to keep herself still. She
didn't want to move and disrupt the other two girls, but at the same time,
she just wanted to writhe all over the floor. It didn't take long for Katie
to probe a finger into Ginny's tight pussy. She could tell from the lack of
hymen that Ginny had either been fingered before, or that the amount of
exercise or hard riding of a broom had broken it for her. It just made
things all the easier for Katie.

While Katie was slowly experimenting with Ginny's pussy, Ginny had tugged
Angelina forward a little, so that her soft tits hung down into her face.
The redhead had buried herself between the chocolate mounds momentarily,
showering them with tiny kisses before she took the left nipple into her
mouth. She sucked on it, let her tongue flick over it and experimented with
all the different things she could do. A tiny nibble brought the softest cry
from Angelina, and it turned Ginny on so much-- Making another woman moan
out in pleasure. She wanted to do it more and more. Ginny continued to roll
the other nipple between her thumb and forefinger, keeping it nice and hard
for when she decided to switch.

Alicia wasn't even playing with Ginny's breasts anymore. She was now laying
back on her elbows, her legs spread wide while Ginny fucked her with her
fingers. She had added another, and was pumping them easily in and out of
Alicia's slick pussy. The girl had taken Ginny's hand and positioned it so
that her thumb was rubbing against her clit, showing Ginny EXACTLY what she
wanted done to her.

After awhile, Angelina grew so horny and tired that her pussy was
practically the ONLY one not receiving any attention, that she pulled her
tit away from Ginny's mouth and looked down into her eyes.

"Are you ready to taste pussy for the first time, Little Weasley?" She
asked, a knowing twinkle in her eyes. Ginny was so flustered, so hott, that
she immediately nodded,

"I want your pussy on my face right now." She demanded, reaching for the
girl's buttocks eagerly, though futilely. Angelina laughed,

"As you wish." The girl sat up into a kneeling position, and moved over
Ginny's face, and leaned back. Her strong thigh muscles enabled her to hold
the position while Ginny was laying on the ground. With one hand, Ginny
reached back to grab a handful of Angelina's thick ass. She smacked it
playfully, before she leaned up to take her first lick. Her soft tongue
poked out of her mouth, and without any hesitation, she took her first lick.
The heady, salty taste of it was delicious-- To her. She immediately went
back for another, and then another, until she was successfully exploring
Angelina's vibrant, soaked cunt. The black girl was groaning, grabbing her
own tits and trying to keep herself from bouncing on Ginny's exploring
tongue. The ginger let her tongue delve between her inner and outer lips,
suck the juices from her cunt, and finally-- She reached her clit. Ginny
gave it a few experimental licks, just as Katie on her own pussy had done,
and when she heard Angelina gasp, she knew she'd found the sweet spot.
Ginny's tongue was attacking Angelina's pussy then, then eagerly flicking,
licking, sucking and nibbling on that one little bud... And down below,
Katie had sped up to the same position. She wanted to make Ginny cum from
oral for the first time, and Ginny was nearing that point now. She had to
momentarily pause from her ministrations on Angelina, which frustrated the
older girl, but she picked up where Ginny left off by violently fingering
her sensitive clit. Ginny reached up her free hand to stop her immediately,
and screamed out in pleasure as she began to hit orgasm.

"OH... Oh... Oh my god, fuck yes!" She screamed out as she pressed her pussy
eagerly up into Katie's mouth. "Fuck my clit... Yes, lick it oh... Mmm...
AH!" She gasped as she hit her peak, and a gush of her girly juices came
flowing out of her pussy easily and into Katie's awaiting mouth. Ginny lay
there for a moment, completely unable to move.

Once Ginny calmed down, the three older girls separated and came to sit
down, allowing Ginny to sit up.

"How was it?" Katie asked, a smirk on her lips. Ginny was beyond speechless.
She had no idea how to answer.

"My God. That was the most fabulous thing I have ever experienced."

The three older girls smiled to each other, and nodded in approval. "We
still have so many things to show you..." They murmured, "And we all need to
get off, too... You should help."

Ginny's dark brown eyes widened at their request, "Of course!" She
exclaimed, standing up suddenly.

"How about we move to the showers?" Alicia asked as she stood up, "I'm all
sweaty and could use a good lather." The other girls nodded in reply, and
together they all got up and moved into one of the stalls. It was a bit
cramped, but that was how they liked it. Alicia reached over and turned on
the shower, spraying the four with warm water. The girls all began to touch
each other, their hands roaming all over each others' bodies, dipping
fingers into soaking pussies and tweaking hardened nipples. Ginny was
liplocking with Katie, tasting her own pussy juices on the other girl's
mouth was giving her such a strange turn-on she couldn't even believe it.
Angelina and Alicia were kissing as well, though their hands were each
moving over one of the other two girls. It wasn't long before their fingers
ended up in a different girl's pussy, and the four of them were
simultaneously fingering each other with a relished vigor.

After the fingering, the four were a little tired of it... And Alicia went
and sat down on a bench in the corner. Ginny eagerly followed her-- Ready to
please her as she'd been fingering her earlier and hadn't quite been able to
get her off. The redhead moved towards Alicia, and pressed her lips down
against the older girl's, though she was still standing as she did. She
kissed her hotly for just a moment, before her mouth trailed down to
Alicia's tits. She nibbled playfully on each of her nipples before she moved
down to the brunette's pussy, which Alicia was playing with herself.

"Oh no, this won't do at all..." Ginny said, shaking her head as she kneeled
between Alicia's legs, and dove right in. She was attacking her pussy, her
tongue going wild and crazy against her clit as she slid two fingers inside
of her, curving them slightly and pressing against the spongy tissue she
felt inside. Alicia immediately began to groan, and spread her legs eagerly
to accommodate Ginny's tongue and fingers.

Katie and Angelina were watching, completely engrossed in how quickly Ginny
had taken to eating pussy. It was making them hott, and it wasn't long
before Angelina was standing up, one leg propped on the bench, and Katie
between her legs, flicking her clit with her tongue.

The entire ordeal took quite a while, with plenty more sucking, licking,
fingering and hot kisses exchanged between the four. At the end of it, they
sat on the floor of the shower, the water now running slightly cool.

"So how did you like it, Ginny?" Katie asked as she lazily tweaked the
nipples of Angelina, who was leaning back against her.

"I can't believe I'd never thought I'd like that." She said earnestly as she
looked over to Alicia who was sitting next to her. She leaned her head on
her shoulder, "How often do you guys do this?"

"Well, it started in our fifth year." Alicia explained, brushing some of
Ginny's hair back, "We were just drunk off of some firewhiskey and decided
to start experimenting..."

"One thing led to another..." Angelina chimed in.

"And we began to fuck like rabbits." Finished Katie. The group laughed, and
Ginny got another little chill.

"I've just never EVER imagined anything like this... It made me so fucking
horny and wow..."

"Well at least I'm always here." Katie said with a knowing smirk, "You'll
never have to go without. I'm always up to lick some pussy." She explained.

But by then, it was nearing dinner, and the four girls quickly exited the
shower and dressed, all the while grinning to themselves and basking in
their intense post-orgasmic bliss. Ginny found herself thinking that she'd
be hard-pressed to NOT come on to Katie after that. Who knows where this
newfound love for lesbian sex would find her throughout her next few years
at Hogwarts.

The End. For now.

I am very interested in hearing some feedback from readers. So please, email
me at and tell me what you think! If I get good feedback,
I'll definitely be willing to write more. So don't hold back! Thanks so

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