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Nifty - Lesbian - Celebrity - Lois Lane Wonder Woman

Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 14:54:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: John O'Connor <>
Subject: The Further Erotic Adventures of Lois Lane: Wonder Woman(1/1)

Title: The Further Erotic Adventures of Lois Lane:
Wonder Woman (lesbian celebrity)

Author: John O'Connor


Rating: NC-17.

Pairings: Lois Lane/Wonder Woman.

Category: First time.

Date: 8 October 2001.

Series: None.


Disclaimer: All characters are owned and copywritten
by DC Comics and Time-Warner. This story is for
entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged
hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The
original characters, situations, and story are the
property of the author.

Lois Lane, Superman and all related characters were
created by Jerry Seigel and Joe Schuster.

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston.

Summary: Seeking to discover why she is so special in
Superman's life, Wonder Woman strikes up a friendship
with Lois Lane.

Note: A) Spoilers for "Adventures of Superman" #761,
the storyline that starts in "Superman: Y2K" #1, as
well as partial spoilers for the "Kingdom Come" and
"The Kingdom" mini-series. Events take place
following the Braniac 2.5 storyline. (Collected in
the trade paperback "Superman: No Limits.")
B) Follows "Supergirl's Girlfriend: Lois Lane" and
"Superman's Girlfriends: Lois and Lana: Sharing
Secrets" as well as a story I didn't write but used
for inspiration; the Voice' story "The Adventures of
Lois and Clark: Lois and Cat" (which can be found at
Wonder Woman

Diana, princess of Themyscira but known to the world
at large as Wonder Woman, floated far above the
strangely changed Metropolis. It was always a
futuristic-looking city compared to Boston or Gateway
City but now it was even more so. And with the coming
of night, the lighted towers emphasized the

Aware of the damage caused by Braniac-13's attempted
take over of Earth on New Year's Day 2000, Diana
marveled that the rest of the world seemed to cope,
and even revert to it's original patterns.
Metropolis, on the other hand, had been radically
altered after that near-disaster. She recalled J'onn
Jonz saying something about the proximity of the city
to the core of Braniac's operations.

She shook her head, that was irrelevant now. She was
here for a more personal mission. She had not pursued
this until now, telling herself she had been too busy
with the League and her own life. In truth,
she was not looking forward to the potential
denouement of this meeting.

Drifting down towards the gleaming towers, Diana
looked for, and found, her quarry. She soared along
the steep-walled, artificial canyons high above her
target until the woman entered a residential building.

Waiting until she had a chance to reach her place,
Diana settled onto the narrow balcony and knocked on
the glass door. The curtain was pulled back and a
startled Lois Lane looked at her visitor.

Dropping the curtain back into place, Lois opened the
door and said curtly, "He's not here."

"I know," Diana replied, nodding. "He's at the
Watchtower. I'm not here to see Kal. I actually
wanted to talk to you."

Clearly puzzled, Lois stood aside and gestured the
tall Amazon into her apartment. As Diana stepped in,
Lois looked at her and thought, 'She is magnificent!
No wonder the men at the Planet are practically
drooling whenever one of her pictures comes over the

"Well, have a seat." Diana sat on the love seat and
crossed her legs. Lois watched, thinking 'She does
that so easily and naturally. Does she even know how
sexy that is?'

Lois had become aware of her interest in other women
several years before. In fact, just recently she had
learned that interest stretched back even further. A
fact she was still coming to terms with. But she
had never felt the desire so strongly before.

Masking her quiet desire, Lois asked tersely, "What do
you want?"

"As I said, I merely wish to talk. I'd like to get to
know you better."

Lois' pulse quickened but she refused to show any sign
of the affect this woman was having on her.

"Why?" There, that sounded nicely formal.

"Kal, uh, Clark is devoted to you. I find that
incredibly admirable." Diana paused for a moment.
"What did he tell you of the time we were

"You mean that Sunday last fall? Just that you and he
helped Thor defeat some demons attacking Valhalla,"
Lois said matter-of-factly. In reality, she still
couldn't bring herself to believe any of it. Or even
Wonder Woman's claim to be from some ancient Greek

"Yes, the vgrtsmyth. Evil creatures bent on
destroying anything good or righteous. It was a
monumental battle. The Aesir fell, the vgrtsmyth
fell. But through it all, Kal stood strong. He,
Thor, and I were there at the end, victorious. And
through it all..." Diana paused again.


"Over that millennia-long battle, he stayed true to
you, to his love. I merely wish to see what kind of
woman can inspire such loyalty. She would be one I
would like to consider my friend..."

"Whoa! Back up a minute. Millennia-long? What the
hell are you talking about? Clark was back the next
day!" Lois said, pacing quickly about the room.

"Time in the Upper Realms passes at a different rate.
To us, over a thousand years had passed. To you, it
was just over a day. It is hard to explain," Diana

"Okay, this is just a little much. But..." Lois held
up her hand in a placating gesture. "Alright, let's
just say you're right. This means Clark's immortal?"

"Not necessarily. In the Upper Realms, many things
are possible. Few are explainable by your science.
However, I do know that Clark will age slower than
most mortals." Diana felt it imprudent to mention
their encounter with their possible future-selves
through the newly revealed Hypertime link. She didn't
think Lois would take the revelation of her death and
the subsequent birth of the son of Superman and Wonder
Woman very well.

"Okay. Table that discussion for another time too.
What was that you said about Clark staying true to
me?" Lois asked.

"The Upper Realms women were, are incredibly
attractive. They were most willing to grant any
valiant warrior his, or her, desires. All would
partake of this pageant except K...Clark. He never
even looked at another female."

"What about you?" Lois asked, her nerves thrumming
with dread at the answer.

"I admit I find your husband to be possibly the most
attractive man I've ever met. He has every quality I
admire. However, one of his greatest strengths comes
not from within, but from without. You."

"You're not answering my question," Lois prompted her

"Please understand, Lois - May I call you Lois?
Please understand, we thought we had spent centuries
there. I was sure everything we knew was long gone.
I did offer myself to Kal. To Clark." Lois felt a
cold ball form in her stomach. She turned her back
and stared out into the night.

Diana came up behind Lois and gently placed her hands
on the shorter woman's shoulders. "He politely
declined. Even when we were certain that nothing
would remain after the passing of so centuries, he
remained true to you. He loves you more than I would
have believed possible."

Lois squeezed her eyes shut; still feeling the tears
trickle down her cheeks. Clark loved her! She knew
it but to hear it from this goddess he had turned
down, even when he was certain she was long dead...
She covered her face with her hands, quiet sobs of joy
and elation shaking her frame.

"Lois, I am sorry. I didn't mean to bring you hurt or

"Yo-you didn't. I'm such a fool... He does love me
more than..."

"Maybe I should leave," Diana said, stepping to the
French windows and the balcony beyond.

"Wait. Please..." Diana turned and looked at this
mortal she should be jealous of. Why wasn't she?
Why did she only feel admiration and...?

"Wonder Woman..."

"Please, my name is Diana," the tall Amazon said.

Lois smiled, her cheeks glistening with tears, "Diana,
I've been a terrible host. Please, sit down. I...I
guess I'd know you better too."

Smiling gently and shaking her head, Diana said,
"Perhaps it would be better another time. I would
like to get together. You are a woman I'd
like to know. Let me call you in a few days and..."

"Please do. I think I'd like to get to know you too.
I know so few from the other side of Clark's life.
Well, so few who aren't homicidal maniacs or
power-crazed idiots..." Lois laughed.

Diana stepped towards Lois and hugged the young woman
to her tightly. Lois held Diana, her face pressed
against the warm skin of the Amazon's shoulder.

"I will call you shortly. Your husband is on his way
and I believe he is anxious to spend the evening with
you," Diana said as she stepped onto the balcony.
"Until later, then."

Lois waved at slowly diminishing figure, her body
still tingling where it had touched the other woman.
Before she could indulge in any fantasy, the reality
of her man, her love, came in and grabbed her into a
fierce, loving embrace.

* * * * * *

Several days later, in the Daily Planet's bullpen,
Lois heard Jimmy call her, "Hey, Lois! You got a call
on line three."

"Thanks, Jimmy," Lois replied. Picking up the
receiver and pushing the flashing button, she said,
"This is Lois Lane."

"Lois, this is Diana." Lois immediately recognized
the voice, Wonder Woman!

"Yes. Diana, how are you?"

"Fine. I happen to be in Metropolis and was hoping
you were free for lunch?" the voice over the phone

Lois, feeling pleasant chills run along her spine,
said, "Yes. Where are you?"

"In Midtown. Any suggestions?"

Lois mentioned a cozy Italian place and arranged to
meet Diana there in an hour. After hanging up, she
hurried through her work, trying to clear up as much
time as she could for the afternoon. Fortunately, the

main story she was working on was an in-depth article
on the police department's SCU and was slated to be
the cover story of an upcoming Sunday Magazine

An hour later, Lois popped her head into the office
of the owner/editor of the paper, Perry White.
"Perry, I'm off. Gotta potentially big
interview and I may not be back. The SCU story is
coming along well and it'll be ready before the Sunday
Magazine deadline. Thanks."

Before Perry could begin to bellow at Lois about who
she was interviewing or how her other stories were
progressing, the pretty brunette had already
disappeared. 'Wonder if Clark's back in town,' Perry
mused. 'That could explain why Lois is so...'

Shaking his head and smiling, something he'd never let
any of his employees see, Perry turned back to
composing the front page for the early addition.

Lois strode into Luigi's looking for the familiar
blue, red, and gold costume. Instead she saw a tall,
raven-haired woman wave to her from a booth in the
back. It was Diana.

As Lois came to the table, she saw the Amazon was
wearing a single piece, royal purple shift. It was
gathered at the waist by a slim gold chain. Her only
ornaments were the ever-present bracelets on her
wrists. The woman was stunning in her simplistic

"You look lovely," Lois said. She immediately
regretted it, thinking she was being too forward.

"Thank you. So do you," Diana replied with a heavenly

Lois waved off the compliment, she was in her typical
work clothes. "These are just work clothes..."

"Still, they enhance your appearance. Clark is a
lucky man..."

The waiter came and they both ordered drinks and sat
back to try to get acquainted.

"So, don't get me wrong, but why did you call me for
lunch?" Lois asked.

"I enjoyed our short visit and felt that I'd benefit
from getting to know you. You don't mind?"

"No, of course not. I'm just not used to goddesses
asking me to lunch," Lois joked. "But Clark is out of
town for the next two days so my time is wide open."

"Well, I don't have that much time. By the way, I'm
no goddess. I'm an Amazon," Diana replied.

'Not from where I'm sitting. Definite goddess
material there,' Lois thought. And not for the first

Since the brief meeting in her apartment, Lois had
been thinking of the tall beauty often. She had even
had an erotic dream or two about her. She never
thought she'd really meet the woman in person again.
Well, not without it involving a news story.

"Lois, I have so few normal friends. Uh, people that
aren't metahumans, I mean. Would you please tell me
about your life? What it was like to grow up in
America?" Diana asked.

"Only if you tell me about life on Paradise Island,"
Lois said. "Deal?"

"Deal. You go first?"

"Okay. Well, first, my life isn't the typical Brady
Bunch kind of life. My dad, Sam, was in the Army and
we travelled a lot. Also, he wanted a boy so I became
a surrogate son for a while. Until I rebelled..."

The afternoon was spent with the women relating
anecdotes about their pasts. Lois told of growing up
on different army posts, her sister's blindness and
subsequently the strange cure when the bizarre replica
of Superman, Bizarro, self-destructed.. Then she went
back and told about life at Metropolis University and
her life as a journalist.

Diana told about growing up on Themyscira, being the
only child there among all the immortal Amazons. How
she was trained to use virtually any weapon, including
her body as well as various arts. A most unusual
story that Lois found fascinating.

Lois was beginning to feel courageous enough to ask
about more personal aspects of Diana's life when the
Amazon stood and said, "Lois, I had a wonderful time
but I have to get back to Gateway City. I would love
to do this again."

Nodding in agreement, Lois said, "I would too. Please
call whenever you're in town."

"I will," Diana said as she grabbed the check.


"My...treat? That is the proper term?"

Lois nodded, "Yes, and thank you. It's on me next

Diana left the restaurant and walked to a nearby park
before taking to the air. As she flew west, away from
Metropolis, she decided then and there that the future
they glimpsed through the phenomenon of Hypertime
would never come to pass. Lois, and the rest of the
Daily Planet, would not die at the hands of a
pale-skinned, green-haired psychopath from Gotham.

That night, Lois finally fell asleep after
masturbating to several intense orgasms. All while
thinking of Diana, the lovely Amazon.

* * * * * *

It was over a month before Lois heard from her new
friend. Diana was again in town, this time for the
evening, and had hoped to have dinner with Lois.
Lois, of course, agreed.

They met at another cozy restaurant near Centennial
Park. Lois had rushed home and changed into one of
her newer dresses, a slinky black number slit from the
knee-length hem halfway up her thigh. It was held up
by spaghetti-thin straps, showing off the smooth,
white skin of her upper chest and shoulders. The
plunging back was proof she wasn't wearing a bra, a
fact that became more evident when she entered the
restaurant and saw her companion.

Diana was wearing a deep scarlet dress in a similar
cut to the royal purple shift she wore to their lunch
the month before. It was again tied with a thin gold
belt. She wore golden sandals and ruby earrings, and
the ever-present gold bracelets. Her hair was piled
up on the crown of her head, showing the silky smooth
skin of her neck. Lois was certain this was the most
gorgeous woman in Metropolis that night, if not all of
North America. Perhaps even the world.

If Lois had hoped for more that evening, she was to be
disappointed. But she had already discounted the
possibility of anything more than friendship with the
stunning superhero. She was very happy to be her
friend, and perhaps confidante.

"Diana, you look stunning! Absolutely stunning!" Lois
said as she took Diana's hands in hers.

"Lois, every time I see you, I understand more fully
why Clark is devoted to you. You are radiant tonight!
Did you do this for me?"

"Well," Lois smiled. "I don't normally dress like
this for the doorman..."

They again got a private booth in an alcove towards
the back of the main dining area. This curved booth
was in an alcove which ensured more privacy. It was
also smaller and they had to sit closer together,
their knees lightly touching. Lois tried to move her
legs but there was nowhere to move them. She decided
this sweet torture would just have to be endured.

"Lois, you never told me about meeting your husband
for the first time," Diana said.

"Well, I'm sure you heard the story by now. I was
covering the maiden flight of the first space plane
and it's historic landing at Metropolis Airport.
Historic, that's certainly an understatement. There
was a problem during reentry and we were almost
certainly doomed. Then, something lifted the ship and
set us down softly on the tarmac. Before I could get
off and see what happened, a man stared at me and then
flew off.

"I later learned that was Clark. He had just come to
Metropolis and hadn't even created the Superman
persona. When I met Clark face to face, I didn't
recognize him. He was so meek. And, of course, I
wasn't expecting my savior to become my coworker."
Lois paused as the waiter came up and took an order
for wine and a light appetizer of Oysters Rockefeller.
They also ordered their entrees, hoping to minimize
the intrusions by their server.

After the waiter left and returned with the wine, Lois
went on, "So, we didn't like each other at first.
Well, actually I didn't like Clark. But things
changed and soon, I realized that Superman would never
give me more than the time of day. Clark was a
constant in my life. And when I realized that, I also
realized that I did like him. Soon enough I was
willing to admit that I loved him. The rest, as they

Diana rested her chin on the tops of her interlaced
fingers, a small smile on her lips. "You are one of
the lucky ones, I believe. Too many of the people I
know are divorced or separated. A stable, loving's a rare thing." The waiter
returned with the appetizer.

"I know, that's why I am willing to deal with his
other life. There are also no secrets between us."
Lois dropped her eyes for a moment as she picked up
her wine glass, she was lying. There was one secret
she could never tell, she owed Lex Luthor one story of
his choosing. At his whim, she had to do everything
she could to quash the story, no matter what. To
allow Perry to keep the Planet, she had agreed and,
though regretting making a deal with that snake, she
was an honorable person and would keep her promise.

Diana then told Lois more about her life on Themyscira
and the contest held to determine who would represent
the Amazons to the world at large. How she had to
disguise herself, as her mother had forbidden her to

"You see, I grew up with the stories Mother told of
her days with the Justice Society and the All-Star
Squadron. It sounded like such fun to a child. And
later, when I realized my life would be little more
than idle pleasure with no real purpose, I desired the
adventure and excitement," Diana said.

"Have you ever regretted your decision?" Lois asked.

"No. Not once. Even when Artemis was sent to replace
me, I managed to remain and, as Clark once said, fight
the good fight. What about you? Ever regret marrying
your husband?"

Lois thought back, "No, there were times it was
trying. And once, when I thought I'd lost him, it was

Diana nodded, remembering all too well when Superman
had been killed fighting a living war machine called
Doomsday. She, like billions around the world, was
stunned and saddened by the news.

"I think the worst was that I couldn't even mourn
properly. We decided, the Kents and I, that Clark's
secret should be buried with him. It was safer for
us, keeping psychos like the Superman Revenge Squad
from coming after his loved ones. And then to get
those imitators and under-developed clones..." Lois
shook her head. Time to change the subject.

"Diana, what about you? Is there someone in your

The tall beauty shook her head, "No. I tried a couple
of relationships. The closest I came to anything
serious was with Arthur - Aquaman? But we shared too
many similarities and the differences were too great.
And he still harbored feelings for his lost love,
Mera." Diana looked at her salad then smiled,
"Besides, try keeping your hair like this underwater."

They both laughed at that. Shortly afterwards, their
meals came and they ate heartily. Another bottle of
wine helped add to the ambience. Lois was definitely
enjoying herself and, most especially, her companion.

At one point, Diana placed her hand lightly on Lois'
arm. Lois looked into Diana's eyes and saw a glimmer
there she hoped she wasn't misinterpreting.

"Diana, I'd like to ask you something..." Lois was
interrupted by the low beeping of Diana' JLA signaling

"Excuse me, Lois, I'm afraid I'll have to cut our
evening short," Diana said, the regret obvious in her

"I understand," Lois said, disappointed at the
intrusion of Diana's other life into this quiet
dinner. "Maybe we can pick this up again?"

"Yes, I'd like that. Here..." Diana quickly
scribbled a phone number on a cocktail napkin, "This
is a number in Gateway City where you can leave a
message for me. I'm sorry, but I don't have a regular

"Thank you, Diana," Lois said.

She stood as the lovely woman got up to leave. Diana
paused and kissed Lois lightly on the lips. A
fleeting gesture but one that sent sparks through
Lois. Then she was gone.

Lois played that scene over and over in her head for
the next several days. Was she imagining things? Or
was Diana attracted to her?

Then the logical, ego-crushing side of her stepped in
and questioned why a goddess would be interested in
her. Anyway, Lois told herself, she was happy this
woman wanted to be her friend. Lois felt an
unexpected closeness to the tall Amazon. And friends
don't become lovers... Usually.

However, even that cold, hard inner voice didn't stop
the fantasies that played through Lois' head late at
night. Even after a bout of supersex with her

* * * * * *

Well over a month later, the phone in the Kent condo
rang. Lois had just returned from a two-day press
junket in Washington and decided to let the machine
pick up.

After the beep, Lois heard, "Hello, Lois. This is
Diana. I was hoping to reach you but..."

She always kept a cordless phone near her in the
apartment, in case it was Clark calling. Lois jammed
the button on the handset trying to pick up the call
before Diana hung up. "Hello? Diana?"

"Lois, I'm glad you're home," a delighted voice said
over the phone.

"Yeah, Diana. I just got in. Long day... Are you in

"I'm on my way through your city from Paris. I thought
we might get together and resume our talk? Would you
like to get together? Dinner perhaps?"

Lois didn't hesitate in answering, "I'd love to."

"I'm in my...costume, if you will. I wanted you to be
prepared. My plane is wonderfully advanced by human
standards but it doesn't have a clothes closet," Diana
laughed over the line.

"It doesn't bother me but if you'd rather, we can eat
here. I can whip something up. Or call for a pizza
or something..."

"A Metropolis-style pizza sounds wonderful, Lois. I
can be there in thirty minutes. You're sure this
isn't a problem?" Diana asked.

"No, more of a pleasure," Lois replied. "See you

"Bye, Lois."

Lois quickly dialed the local House of Pizza and asked
for a large special to be delivered no earlier than an
hour from that moment.

After she hung up, Lois dashed into the bathroom and
took a quick shower to wash off the grime of the

The shower turned off, she wrapped her damp hair in a
towel as she looked for something casual but fit to
wear around a woman of style like Diana. She settled
on a white, open-necked, business blouse, shirttail
hanging, and a pair of black, hip-hugging slacks. She
didn't bother with shoes since the night was
comfortably warm.

Just as Lois questioned her attire, there was a gentle
tap on the French doors. She hurried over and opened
them to a vision on her balcony.

Diana stood there in her famous costume, one Lois had
seen countless times before off the wire and, more
recently, in person. She was mesmerized by the soft,
silky, black hair held in place by the gold tiara with
the sapphire star mesmerized her. The white skin of
her shoulders and chest disappearing into the tight,
eagle-emblazoned top. The incredibly short, blue
pants with stars that allowed an amazing amount of
shapely leg to be displayed above her gold-trimmed,
red boots.

Finally, clearing her throat, Lois managed, "Please
come in and make yourself comfortable." She squelched
the more-than-friendly thoughts she had. She dashed
into the kitchen to fetch some iced tea.

"Thank you," Diana replied with a gentle smile and a
nod of her head. She sat on the love seat and
casually crossed one leg over the other.

"Diana, I was wondering..." Lois began as she returned
from the kitchen, "I'd like to do an article about
you. You know, something about women's empowerment
and how you're such a positive role model?" Lois
stopped when she saw the sad look on Diana's face.

"I see," the tall raven-haired woman said. "Then this
was all for a story?"

"No! Not at all!" Lois hastened to say. "I really
have enjoyed spending this time with you. I really
like you. A lot." Lois paused, her face hot from
embarrassment. How could she have asked such a thing?
"I...I mean I like you as a fr-friend."

Diana looked up at Lois and smiled. "I'm sorry, Lois.
It's been a trying week. Donna asked for my help
with the Brotherhood of Evil and we spent the past few
days criss-crossing Europe looking for them."

The Amazon princess paused and looked directly into
Lois' eyes, "I like you too, Lois. A lot." She stood
and took the tray from Lois' hands and placed it on
the coffee table. "I like you as a friend. A very
good friend. But maybe...?"

The unspoken question burned through Lois like a
comet. This woman wanted her? The most desirable
woman on the planet wanted Lois Lane?

As Lois dared a peek at Diana, the princess, as if she
was a mind reader, said, "Yes, I do find you
incredibly attractive..."

The long, gentle fingers brushing Lois' cheek did
nothing to quench the fire raging in her veins. Nor
did the gentle kiss that followed.

Diana looked at Lois, "Do you...?"

Lois reached up and took Diana's face in her hands,
pulling the beautiful hero to her. She gently brushed
her lips to Diana's. It was one of the most exciting
close-mouthed kisses Lois had ever experienced. The
kiss was cut short as Diana pulled back. "Lois? Are
you sure you want to...?"

Taking Diana's hand in hers, Lois looked deep into the
Amazon's eyes. "Diana, I am sure. And this is not
the first time I've been with a woman."

Lois' thoughts, of course, went back to her affairs,
both short-lived and long-term, with other women. She
treasured the month she shared her bed with Mae, known
to the rest of the world as Supergirl... The magical
night in Smallville with Lana... Then, before her
wedding, there was the eye-opening night, that she had
believed was her first time, with Cat Grant... But it
was just a few months ago when another restored her
memories, a forgotten lover, and she discovered many
more treasured memories in her past...

"Diana, Clark is fine with this. He knows I'll always
love him. There can never be another man in my life.
But another woman..." The last was said teasingly
with a twinkle flashing in Lois' eye and a sweet, sexy
smile on her face.

Diana placed her hands on Lois' hips. Lois, in turn,
rested her hands on the taller woman's bare shoulders.
They moved together slowly and began to dance to
unheard music, looking deep into each other's eyes.

Feeling her body mold itself to Diana's, Lois knew her
fantasies would be more than fulfilled this night.
She slowly ground her hips into Diana. The young
reporter could feel the wetness building between her
legs. It was going to be a magical night, of that she
was certain. Lois had only rarely ever been this
turned on by merely dancing.

Leaning up, she brushed her lips against the Amazon's
soft, moist, full lips. Slowly sliding her tongue
along that exquisite mouth, Lois was thrilled as Diana
opened her mouth to allow Lois entry.

Diana led her back to the love seat, pulling Lois onto
her lap. Their lips quickly found each other again
and they began a long, passionate kiss, sharing each
other's taste, warmth, and breath.

Lois ran her fingers across Diana's chest, tracing the
the outline of the golden eagle and then the edge of
her top. She felt Diana's open-mouthed smile under
her lips and more forceful contact with her lissome

Suddenly, the top slipped down and Lois felt the round
fullness of Diana's breast in her hand, a rock hard
nipple pressing into her palm. Pinching the nipple
between her thumb and forefinger, Lois thrust her
tongue back into Diana's mouth. She wanted this so

Diana moaned into Lois' mouth. The reporter had
skillful fingers! Diana moved her hand to gently cup
Lois' breast through the woman's shirt. Diana
duplicated every motion of Lois' hand as the reporter
stroked and tantalized her breast.

Lois didn't want to break the kiss, she loved the
taste of Diana's mouth! But she wanted to explore
those wonderfully full breasts that so many fantasized

Reluctantly breaking the kiss, Lois moved her lips
softly down Diana's arching neck, sucking lightly when
she felt the woman's pulse throb against her lips.
Using her tongue, the brunette left a wet trail down
to the valley between the Amazon's perfect breasts.

While Lois was exploring Diana's upper chest, the
princess was slowly opening the white shirt to reveal
Lois' lovely, smaller breasts. Pulling the shirt off
after popping the last button, Diana played with the
erect nipples while erotic chills ran through her
every time Lois' tongue touched her.

Deciding to be a tease like she had been with her
college roommate, Lois circled the base of each
voluptuous mound with her tongue. Inadvertently, her
short, brown hair did brush against the Amazon's
straining nipples. As the beautiful woman moaned
loudly, Lois smiled as she continued her mild,
delicious torture.

A figure eight was traced across Diana's bosom by
Lois' mouth with slowly shrinking arcs. The
inevitable destination was centimeters from the
reporter's mouth and she was ready to give into her
own needs and take one of those perfect nipples in her
mouth. As she lowered her face towards the bright red

The doorbell rang!

Lois looked up in irritation. What...? The damned
pizza! Screw it! She had all she wanted right here
before her...

The doorbell rang again.

Flicking the rock hard nipple, Lois refused to give
in. So what if they were removed from the parlor's
delivery list...

Yet again the doorbell rang...

"Perhaps you should answer the door?" Diana said
softly. She may have been just as perturbed by the
interruption but refused to show it.

Grumbling, Lois jerked the door open...

Lisa had only been working for the pizza joint for a
few weeks but the sight before her was one she knew
she'd never see again. Nor would anyone believe
her... The brunette stood there topless. Behind her
on the small love seat was another, even more
beautiful woman, also with bare breasts! It was
obvious she had interrupted something.

Stammering an apology, Lisa said, "I-I-I'm s-s-sorry.
I-I-I have your p-pizza."

Lois, suddenly realizing that her breasts were
completely exposed, blushed. The young woman with the
pizza was staring at her, she had to know what was
going on. "Uh, how---how much?"

"Fifteen dollars. And fifty-three cents." Lisa had
managed to regain control of her voice.

"Here's twenty. Keep the change..."

"Okay. Have fun. Uh, Jeanne, my roommate, and I play
dress-up occasionally too..."

Lois felt a wave of relief, the girl didn't realize
her guest was really Wonder Woman! What a break!
"Yeah, uh, costumes are... Uh, thanks." Lois pushed
the door closed on the wide-eyed college student.

As she set the pizza on the table, Lois wondered if
the girl would like a more personal tip next time...
That train of thought was broken when she saw Diana's
clothes lying on the back of the couch, the tiara
resting atop them. Diana had somehow quickly removed
all of her attire, with the exception of her gold
wristbands, and was standing nude before the
half-naked reporter.

'Exquisite!' was Lois' sole thought as she gazed upon
what was possibly the most perfect female form in
existence. The long black hair now flowing loosely
over her shoulders. The firm, full breasts capped by
hard, eraser-sized nipples. The flat stomach and
narrow waist. The long, shapely legs that led to a
neatly trimmed thatch of raven curls, curls that hid a
wondrous treasure.

"I believe you are over-dressed, Lois. Let me help
you." Diana stepped up and slipper her fingers along
the waist band of the pants Lois was wearing. The
touch of those strong yet gentle fingers sent shivers
of ecstasy through Lois' body.

Noticing this, Diana chuckled and said, "Lois, I
believe you are a little too excited? Perhaps we
should wait..."

Eyes flashing, Lois declared, "Not on your life!"
Then, more quietly, "I've been waiting for this since
we first got together. Please, Diana. I want this!"

"As do I," Diana whispered into Lois' ear before
tracing it with her tongue.

"Oh God..." Lois' knees went weak and she probably
would have fallen but for Diana's strong grip on her

Folding her gently into strong arms, Diana embraced
Lois and whispered, "Perhaps you'd like to show me
your bedroom?"

Lois looked up and pressed her lips to Diana's. Diana
returned the kiss and they stood there sharing the
kiss for long, exciting minutes.

Finally, reluctantly, breaking the kiss, Lois took
Diana's hand and led her into the room and to the bed
she normally shared with her husband. "Please, make
yourself comfortable," the brown-haired woman invited.

Diana lay back on the silky sheets, sheets Lois had
put on the bed earlier in, what was then, a vain hope
that she might share her night with this beauty. The
night-dark hair fanned out over the pillows. Her
breasts proudly stood up from her chest as she lifted
one knee, opening herself to Lois' lust-filled gaze.

Quickly pulling the tight pants off, Lois crawled onto
the bed with her friend and new lover. Diana again
wrapped her arms around the woman and held her close
as they shared more long kisses.

Lois straddled Diana's smooth thigh, her mound spread
and pressing wetly against the warm skin. She
marveled at the strength of this woman hidden beneath
such lush softness. Her hands roamed over the curves
of the woman in her bed, exploring all the wonders but
never resting too long on any one spot. When her
fingers brushed the silken curls between Diana's legs,
Lois decided it was time to break the wondrous kiss.

She returned to the taut nipples and soon had Diana
moaning quietly from the actions of her mouth and
fingers. While never being much of a breast woman,
the young reporter could well understand men's
fixation with such lovely specimens as these she was

She sucked and nibbled on both breasts for several
minutes, enticing moans that increased in volume from
the lovely recipient. But, she couldn't resist the
temptations between Diana's thighs much longer. Lois
began to kiss her way down the perfect torso, her sex
sliding along the muscular leg leaving a trail of
wetness and sending sparks shooting into the
reporter's brain.

"Oooo..." Lois cooed as she slid over the Amazon's
knee. The brunette slid back up the woman's leg and
the back down, repeating the pressure of Diana's knee
on her spread mound. She grasped Diana's breasts and
kneaded them as she slid back and forth.

The wetness flowing down around her knee and the
alternating pressure on her chest made Diana even
hotter and she smiled to herself. This woman was
turning out to be all that the princess had hoped
she'd be.

Lois slid past over the knee once more and continued
on this time. As she slid off Diana's ankle, the
reporter was able to look at the center of her most
recent lesbian fantasies. She caught just a hint of
pinkness below the black, curly hair.

Kissing up the insides of the Amazon's thighs, Lois
settled down and inhaled the aroma of Diana's arousal.
It was almost intoxicating.

Using the tips of her fingers, Lois pulled apart the
sensitive flesh before her. The wet lips opened like
a dew-laden flower before her.

Not wasting anymore time, Lois pressed her closed lips
to Diana's labia and slowly snaked out her tongue to
finally taste the woman's juices.


Lois took special care to run her tongue up and down
the outer lips before tonguing and suckling the hot
inner lips. She gently took one of the inner lips in
her teeth and tugged on it, sliding her tongue across
the taut flesh between her teeth. After tasting all
the honey there, the intrepid reporter thrust her
tongue deep into the Amazon's vagina to scoop out as
much of Diana as she could.

Diana moaned loudly as Lois proceeded to french-kiss
her sex. The woman was a marvel. The princess was
already on the verge of an orgasm. This mortal was as
good, if not better, than most of her lovers on
Themyscira in her youth.

Lois had made a point of avoiding direct contact with
Diana's clitoris, with the exception of an occasional
teasing brush with the tip of her nose. She always
preferred to bring a woman to her first orgasm slowly
by stimulating her lips and slit before ravishing the
supersensitive little nub. However, Lois was a very
observant woman and could detect Diana's impending
climax by the pressure of the silky walls on her

Moving fractionally up to wrap her lips around the
Amazon's clit, Lois quickly replaced her tongue with
two fingers, gently thrusting in and out of the
raven-haired woman's heat. Her tongue now stroked the
little shaft and brushed across the tip of the
throbbing organ. Wrapping her lips around the base of
Diana's clit, Lois started to suck as she swiped her
tongue around and across the hypersensitive organ.

Diana turned her head and screamed into a pillow as
the suction on her clitoris and the piston action of
the slender fingers inside of her caused her to
explode in a wonderfully fulfilling climax.

Sprawled between the long legs of her new lover, Lois
looked up, her fingers still buried in the hot
softness. With her other hand, Lois lightly stroked
the soft, moist pubic hair. Gazing across the
glistening, taut body, she smiled as she watched
Diana's ample chest rise and fall, her face serene in
the afterglow of ecstasy.

Finally, Diana looked down and said, "Lois, that was
wonderful! Come here. I want to reward you."

Planting a lingering kiss on the dark fur, Lois pulled
her fingers out and climbed up next to the beautiful
woman sharing her bed. She settled into the gentle
curves of Diana's body and looked into Diana's
beautiful eyes. The princess gently pulled her head
down and kiss her deeply.

Lois' head was spinning. She thrilled to the other
woman's tongue as it slid around hers, knowing that
Diana would be tasting her own juices in Lois' mouth.
By the time they broke the kiss, Lois was practically
breathless and her pulse was racing from her

"Now, for your reward..." Diana said quietly with a
twinkle in her eye.

Lois, still reeling from their latest kiss, could only
nod dumbly. Her cloudy thoughts tried to figure out
what could be better when Diana placed her hands on
Lois' hips and lifted the brunette over her head.

Hanging from the Amazon's strong hands, Lois felt the
other woman's lips brush her mound causing goose bumps
to form. When Diana's tongue slid across her nether
lips, Lois felt thrills running along her spine.

Utilizing techniques she learned in her youth on
Themyscira, Diana began to make love to Lois' sex.
She found that Lois, while already wet, was
practically gushing as the superheroine's tongue
delved deep into the reporter, thrusting again and

With a scream, Lois came quickly and hard. All that
had come before, the deep kisses as well as the chance
to finally fulfill her desires on Diana, combined to
push her past the point of no return and into bliss.

Diana smiled against Lois' labia as she again began to
orally please the young woman she held in the air.
The brunette was simply delicious and Diana wanted
quite simply wanted more.

Within a matter of a few minutes, Lois had two more
orgasms, each more powerful than the one before. She
was hardly aware of the world around her. All she did
know for certain was that she had never had such
powerful orgasms so close together. What she didn't
know was that Diana wasn't done with her yet.

As Lois hung limply in her hands, Diana finally moved
her mouth over the reporter's clit and began to suck.
Her Amazonian strength as she sucked on the small
fleshy nub and her skillful tongue-work on the organ
quickly brought Lois to a fourth orgasm.

As the waves of intense pleasure flowed through her,
Lois' body tightened and she screamed. Diana's mouth
on her pussy was fantastic! But four such powerful
orgasms so close together took their toll, Lois
actually passed out for a few moments.

When she awakened, Lois opened her eyes to see Diana
leaning over her, a gently smile spreading across her
beautiful face. Lois returned the smile, reaching up
and caressing Diana's cheek.

"Thank you," she whispered. Diana nodded and leaned
down to kiss Lois, her long, black curls falling
around their faces.

After a long, sweet kiss, Lois said, "That was
incredible. But you..."

"Lois, you pleasured me both with your wonderful
mouth," Diana paused and brushed her lips to Lois',
"And when you were being pleasured. I also had
several small orgasms as you were climaxing."

Lois looked puzzled and Diana explained, "On
Themyscira, we learn to be in tune with our bodies as
well as our lover's body. When our lover feels
pleasure, we feel pleasure. While some of us have
occasionally taken men as lovers, the effect is much
stronger between two women."

With a sly smile, Lois said, "I hope this doesn't mean
I can't enjoy you some more..."

In lieu of agreeing in words, Diana kissed Lois again,
another deep, passionate kiss.

Much later that night, the two lovers finally fell
asleep in each other's arms. They had long since lost
track of how many times each woman came.

As the sun rose over the tall towers to the east, Lois
sat up in bed and stretched. She had never felt so
sated after a night of lovemaking.

She suddenly realized the bed was empty. Her heart
beating fast, Lois leapt out of the bed and raced out
of the bedroom. There was no sign of Diana in the
living room, her clothes were no longer on the couch.

"She left..." Lois said in a small voice. "Without
even saying goodbye..."

With unseeing eyes, Lois sat on the couch. The pizza
box was still on the coffee table with a piece of
paper resting on it.

Slowly, realization came to her and she picked up the
paper. It was a note from Diana!

Settling back on the couch, Lois read:

Darling Lois,

I thoroughly enjoyed you last night. You are a
marvelous lover. I have rarely felt so much
satisfaction and joy with a lover. Clark is a
very lucky man.

Unfortunately, my League pager has gone off and
I must be off to the Watchtower. I wish I could
be there with you now though. Hopefully, another
time soon.

All my love,


Lois smiled wistfully and leaned forward, opening the
pizza box. The thick, cold pizza had remained
untouched since the evening before but she always did
like cold pizza for breakfast, brought back fond
memories of college.

As Lois took a bite, her thoughts were focused on her
new lover and the wonderful night of passion they had
shared. She hoped it was the first of many.

And if Lois Lane, the most tenacious reporter on the
Daily Planet, had anything to say about it, it would

The End.

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