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Nifty - Lesbian - Celebrity - Shania Twain

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 12:01:44 +0000
From: TheIceMan <>
Subject: Shania Twain

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains
graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you,
leave now. This is fiction and is not intended to imply
anything about the sexuality of Ms. Shania Twain.
Also, Hypnosis does not work this way.
If you feel like trying this, seek help.

Yet another Mesmer Eyes suggestion. Also, Celeste
Reviews recently ran a challenge for stories with a
funhouse theme. While I don't put myself in the same
class as the people who grace Celeste's pages, I'd like
to send in this humble entry. All comments and
suggestions/scenarios welcomed. Enjoy.

Shania Twain
by TheIceMan(

The crowd cheered as the last song filled the large
tent. Shania Twain smiled and took a bow. Growing up in
Canada, she had never expected to get such a following
as a country music star. But the crowd at the benefit
fair in this small Texas town loved her as if she was a
native-born countrywoman. Well, Shania was never one to
argue with success.

She thanked the crowd before walking off stage. Her long
brown hair billowed out behind her in curls. She wore a
tight black outfit that she had chosen before stepping
outside and feeling the Texas heat. She was looking
forward to a long shower when she got back to her hotel,
but she decided to enjoy the festivities for a while. It
was still afternoon and she had time to kill. Besides,
the people were friendly and seemed to love her.

It was a nice sized carnival, a permanent one that
operated in the summer and drew visitors from miles
around. Shania had agreed to perform in a concert with
some other country stars, to help raise money for damage
a tornado had done to a nearby town. It was good
publicity and Shania truly enjoyed helping people out.
The festival was in its second day and the next act was
scheduled for that night. Shania told the band to relax
and enjoy the rides while she planned to do the same.

She ran into quite a few fans as she walked around. She
smiled, signed autographs and posed for a few pictures.
She knew the folks meant well, but she was tired and was
hoping for some quiet. She caught sight of the Haunted
Manor, a large building with appropriately spooky
decorations. It was indoors, dark and probably air
conditioned. Shania felt it deserved a walk-through at

She brushed at her hair as she walked up, her boots
sliding into the fresh dirt. As she walked into the
building, she failed to see the smile on the face of the
attendant, who hit a button that sent a signal to a room
below the building. A smile lit up along with the

It was a shock entering the cool building after being
outside all day. Shania paused a moment to let the
goosebumps fade before walking forward. It was a
darkened hallway ahead and Shania could barely make out
anything in front of her. She took a few hesitant steps
forward, reaching out with her hands, trying to get a
feel for where she was. Just as her eyes were starting
to adjust to the darkness, the floor gave way underneath
her and she fell onto a slide. She slid down several
feet before landing on a mat inside a dim room.

Shania shook her head and sat up, trying to get her
bearings. This wasn't exactly what she was expecting.
Frightening people was one thing. Almost breaking their
necks was another. Before she could get up and
investigate the room, the walls suddenly lit up. The
effect was blinding, disorientating Shania. When her
vision returned, she could see that the walls were lit
with fluorescent lighting. They were in odd patterns,
spirals and waves that changed color and moved swiftly
and silently. Shania was bombarded by images and colors,
not knowing where to look. To add to the effect, a
strobe light flashed periodically from the ceiling,
bathing the entire room in a wild mess of color and

As Shania stared at the glowing walls and the patterns
they held, a sound filled the room. A mysterious
pounding combined with a lyrical organ penetrated
Shania's mind and began its work. The subminimal
messages inside the music worked at her mind, lowering
her resistance and her inhibitions. Shania felt herself
involuntarily relax, her eyes drawn to the spirals and
waves on the walls. They seemed to nice to her, so calm
and relaxing. She felt like she could just stare at them
forever. She'd tear her eyes away from a multi-colored
wave only to have her sight sucked in by a spinning,
changing spiral. Shania sat on the cot, transfixed as
the room slowly but surely brainwashed her.

It could have been five minutes or ten hours later when
the flashing lights stopped and the music ceased.
"Rise," a voice commanded over the loudspeakers.
Helpless to disobey, Shania stood up, swaying slightly
as she stared right at the wall in front of her.
"Disrobe completely," the voice stated. Shania began to
peel off her leather outfit. She was topless, her
sizeable breasts falling loose as she stripped off her
top. Her sweat-stained panties joined the outfit on the
floor and she kicked off her boots.

A door opened and a naked woman entered. She was middle-
aged but in good shape, her breasts sagging only
slightly. Her long blonde hair fell to her waist and she
smiled kindly at the mesmerized singer. If Shania had
been conscious, she might have recognized the woman as
one of the event's organizers. The woman took a few
steps forward and embraced Shania, kissing her hard.
Shania responded passionetly, her will removed by the
room's effects, her only desire to please. The woman
pushed her back onto the cot and straddled her.

They kissed for long moments before the older woman
broke off and moved down to Shania's chest. She buried
her head in between those gorgeous tits, pushing them
together with her face in the middle. She tickled one
nipple as she massaged the other with her palm. She
kneaded them together, loving the feel of them under her
hands. Shania moaned as she felt pleasure overtake her.
The woman pushed herself up and then turned Shania onto
her stomach. The woman slid her hands down the
Canadian's back, coming to the smooth ass. She began
massaging the buttocks, rubbing her hands around them.
Her fingers shot into Shania's clit as she rubbed, quick
jabs that elicited groans of pleasure from Shania. The
blonde pushed her face to Shania's pussy and began to
mouth at it, her tongue sliding in as her lips circled
the dark-haired lips. Her hands continued to massage
Shania as she ate her out, building Shania's pleasure up
more. The tongue dived deep into Shania's pussy, causing
her to wither on the couch, her breasts sliding on the
smooth mat. Shania came, exploding on the other woman
with a cry.

The woman spent several minutes licking away at Shania's
ass before lying back and spreading open her legs.
Shania needed no instructions. She moved in and buried
her face into the woman's lap, her tongue diving into
the blonde-haired twat. She lapped at the pussy, her
tongue jabbing in and out of the woman's lips. The woman
moaned and leaned back, wrapping her legs around
Shania's head, holding her in. She worked her pelvis as
if willing her juices down. Shania knew her mistress was
almost ready and it was her job to make her cum. She
did, the juices falling onto Shania's lips. She licked
away as the woman's thighs clamped around her head,
holding her in until she had licked away every singe
drop before her, the first of many such chores.

Shania grinned as she headed back to her trailer. It had
been a good day, with a lot of fun. It had been a long
time since she had enjoyed herself and the carnival was
a perfect place for it. Still, she'd want to come back
in different weather. It was probably the heat but for
some reason, she felt incredibly tired and dry.
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Nifty - Lesbian - Celebrity - Shania Twain