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Nifty - Lesbian - Encounters - Steam Room Seduction

Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 14:04:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sarah Palm <>
Subject: Steam room Seduction

The following is a sexually explicit story of a true lesbian encounter. If
that offends you or you are under 18, you should go elsewhere. If you enjoy
it, I would love to hear from you. You can email me at

Steam Room Seduction
by Sarah Palm

It was about 10:30 at night, in a quite hotel. I took a long swim in the
indoor pool and then went into the locker room. I was the only one
around. I took off my swimsuit, both top and bottom, and wrapped myself in
a large white towel, from over my breasts to my thighs. Off the locker room
was a small girls-only steam room, with two levels of benches, in sort of a
u-shape, along three walls. It too was empty.

I sat on the upper level bench at one end, my back against the wall that
the door was on. My eyes were closed and I was really enjoying the steam
when another woman came into the steamroom. She looked to be in her
mid-twenties, and had dark hair in a pony tail. She was small and slim -
dainty even, and was quite cute, with a sharp little nose, full lips and
thick eyebrows. She was wearing a white two-piece swimsuit which looked
great against her dark tan, and had a towel around her shoulder. Her finger
and toe nails were painted pink. She said "I hope I'm not disturbing
you". I said "no, not at all. Welcome."

Ever since my week with Grace I have sought out encounters with other women
while traveling on business, and I have become quite good at it. In fact,
it was my main reason for being in the steam room in the first place
tonight. So the arrival of an attractive young woman raised my hopes, and
my pulse.

She spread her towel on the lower level bench in the opposite corner, and
sat down, also leaning back against her wall. If you imagine me facing
north, she was in the other corner to my left, facing east, so we could
easily see each other.

We made a little small talk, about why we were visiting here (both on
business), where we were from, etc. I told her I was Sarah, and she said
her name was Erin. I said "it's very nice to meet you." Then we just got
quiet and enjoyed the steam.

My eyes were mostly shut, but I would glance at her from time to time. As
she started to sweat, her swimsuit got wet and stuck to her, and I could
see the bumps of the nipples of her little breasts. As she relaxed, she
pulled her left knee up on the bench and let her right foot rest on the
floor. As a result, the crotch of her bikini bottom stretched tightly
across her mound, outlining her cleft, and I wondered if she was
intentionally showing herself to me.

She opened her eyes while I was looking at her, and I smiled. She smiled
back at me. I said "it's so hot in here, and since it's just us girls...",
and undid my towel and rolled it down to my waist, freeing my breasts. I
have very light creamy skin, and small nipples with large light-pink
areolas. "That feels better", I said.

After a few minutes, I opened my eyes again and caught her looking at me,
and she looked away. "That's okay," I said with a smile, "I kind of like
being looked at."

She grinned and turned her face back toward me, looking at me
unashamedly. "Yeah, why not?" she said. She leaned forward, reached behind
her back, and unsnapped her bra string, then pulled it off over her
head. She had firm little breasts, with stiff dark nipples.

I looked at her. "You're very pretty, you know?" I said with a warm
smile. I could see she was nervous, but I think she was also excited.

"Thank you. So - so are you," she said.

We sat there looking at each other. I had been playing with a strand of my
hair that was hanging down near my breast, and now I instead began to
finger my nipple while she watched.

"Let me ask you something, honey - have you ever been with another woman?"

"No, I haven't," she said softly.

"Well...I have some wine in the fridge in my room. Would you like to come
visit with me for a little while?" I asked.

She took a moment to answer, and then said, somewhat breathlessly, "yes, I
would like that."

"Wonderful", I said as I got up, wrapping the towel around me. "Let's go."

"Let me go back to my room first," she said. "I'll come down in a few
minutes. Is that okay?"

"Sure honey. I'm in 227. But you have to tell me where you are, so if you
don't show up, I can come looking for you."

She smiled. "418. But I am definitely going to show up."

"About fifteen minutes?" I asked.

"Yes, about that," she said.

"Okay. I can't wait. Don't forget - 227." I bit my lower lip and gazed at
her slim brown torso once again, smiled, and walked out of the steam
room. I gathered my few things from the locker and threw them in my bag,
then walked out and down the hallway and took the elevator to the second
floor and walked to my room. Walking through the hotel in nothing but a
towel and sandals added a bit to my arousal, although there was no one
around to wonder whether there was anything on underneath.

In my room, I took a real quick shower and freshened up just a bit; I
brushed my teeth, put on a little lipstick, a touch of perfume, and dried
and brushed out my hair. I hung up my towel and walked naked into my
room. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I was 40 at the time,
with an athletic build and 34-C breasts, with long wheat-blonde hair, and
even today I still have some freckles across my cheeks. I liked the way I
looked, including the trimmed and thin little rectangle of blonde hair
above my slit - the way I had kept it ever since Grace. I smiled wondering
how Erin would react if I was naked when I opened the door, but decided I
didn't want to give the poor girl a heart attack. I went to my drawer and
put on a pair of lacy white panties and a short dark blue silk robe, which
I tied at the belt.

I adjusted the light in the room so it was dim but not dark, and set two
water glasses on the coffee table - they would have to do. The room was
called a "suite", although the title was a bit grand for the reality. It
meant that it did have a small sitting area, with a coffee table between a
short couch and a soft chair. I took a couple of the pillows from the bed
and placed them on each side of the couch. As I waited I was reminded of my
first encounter with Grace. This time, the tables were turned. I was the
seducer, waiting for an excited but nervous younger woman to knock on the
door. I was enjoying the anticipation, and thinking about the thoughts that
must be going through her mind - the excitement of knowing, without a
doubt, that she would soon be naked with another woman for the first time;
wondering what it was going to be like to kiss another woman, to touch her
pussy, and maybe even taste it.

But I am not Grace. She was older then than I was now, and more wild with
more experience. I would never have the force of personality that she had,
and I wasn't going to 'dominate' this girl, although I would certainly be
taking the dominant role. I laid back on the bed and let myself think, in
an explicit and dirty way, with the intention of exciting myself, about
what was to come. I was eager, and was enjoying the feeling of being the
seducer. Yes, in part, I was looking forward to introducing this young
woman to the softness and sensuality of lesbian lovemaking. But this was
also about what I wanted - I thought with a smile about how nice it was
going to be to strip this hesitant but ultimately willing young girl, and
to get at her sweet little cunt. To make her moan and shudder with
pleasure, to feel her ass in my hands, and to watch her face get slick and
wet between my legs - yes, I thought, she will definitely be tasting me. I
am going to rub her face in it. I thought, maybe I am becoming a little
like Grace. My reveries were working; I was becoming very excited.

It occurred to me that it had been some time since I returned to my room -
certainly more than fifteen minutes - and I had just considered the
possibility that she had changed her mind, when there was a soft knock on
the door. I got up off the bed, cinched my robe tightly closed around me
and walked to the door. I unbolted the lock and opened the door.

"Hi there," I said with my sweetest smile. "Come on in."

"Hi," she said softly as she walked in. She tried a smile but was obviously
nervous. Her dark brown hair was loose, shoulder length. She was wearing a
pair of loose gray cotton sweat pants, a faded Northeastern University
t-shirt and flip-flops. She smelled very fresh and I could tell she had
taken a shower and had taken some time with her makeup, although it was
done lightly.

"S-sorry I'm late," she said. "It took me longer than I thought it would."

"You're not late at all. I'm just very glad you're here."

She stood there stiffly inside the door.

"Please," I said, "relax, have a seat. I won't bite." I smiled at her and
she did grin back at me. I indicated the large chair.

"I'll try," she said as she took a seat.

"Some white wine?" I asked.

"Yes, please. Thank you."

I opened the bottle and filled the two water glasses. I handed one to her
and sat on the couch, across the table from her. She took a couple quick
gulps, and I sipped mine.

"That's nice," she said.

I could see she was still quite nervous. I couldn't blame her - I was
nervous when I first went to see Grace even though I was quite drunk. We
made some small talk and I got her talking about herself to help her
relax. I was initially surprised when she told me she was an aerospace
engineer, but it made sense - she seemed like she might be a bit of a geek
- although a cute one. I told her I was impressed, and as she talked about
her job, which she obviously found exciting, she did start to relax a
little. When she finished her wine I refilled her glass. I asked what else
she did for fun, and she said that she hadn't had much time for anything
else since starting her job a few months earlier. She admitted that she was
a bit of a bookworm. I asked if she had a boyfriend, and she said no. She
volunteered that actually, she did not have much experience in that area
either, "although I'm not a virgin."

She had been looking mainly down, at her glass, at her hands, but now, as
she paused, halfway through her second glass of wine, she seemed to visibly
relax and lean back in her chair. She looked at me and smiled.

"Thank you for inviting me," she said. "It's nice to talk to someone."

"The pleasure is mine," I responded. "But . . . you didn't just come here
to talk, did you?"

"No, I guess I didn't."

"Come here and sit next to me, Erin." I moved to one side of the couch and
watched her toss back the rest of her wine. She got up and stepped around
the coffee table, and sat down on the couch to my right.

She seemed to still be looking down, so I looked down too, and said "you
have very pretty feet."

She smiled, kicked off her flip-flops and sat back, and looked at me. Her
eyes darted down my front, looking at my thin robe, my legs. Then she
looked me in the eyes.

"Pretty eyes, too." I put my hand on the side of her head, and ran it down
to her neck. I gently pulled her in toward me, brought her lips to mine,
and lightly kissed the corner of her mouth. She moved her lips to mine and
turned her head. I continued with gentle light kisses, which she started
returning. Her hands went to my shoulders as her mouth parted, and I
started pressing my lips firmly against hers, and our tongues met. She was
breathing heavily, and was a wonderful kisser. Her mouth opened wider and
my tongue went deeper with the invitation. Her tongue darted into my mouth
as she began to press against me. I was delighted by how eager she seemed.
I broke off the kiss and kissed the side of her neck as she turned on the
couch toward me and her arms went around me. She moved her head to further
expose her neck to me, and one of her hands found the back of my head and
pulled me in to her. She was a classic case of the nerd-type who seems
uptight and then gets wild when things start to heat up. She was already
making soft moaning sounds.

I am not a very large woman, but she seemed so small next to me. I turned
her and she moved as I directed, and was straddling my lap with her knees
on the couch, and we were kissing front-to-front. She pressed in against me
and I felt, through the material, her breasts against mine. My hands ran up
and down her back, and then underneath her t-shirt. As my hands moved up
her back, her t-shirt bunched up. She broke off the kiss and kneeled up
straight and pulled it off over her head, revealing a black bra. She
quickly leaned back in to continue kissing, but I said "wait, let me look
at you."

Still sitting over my lap (she was so light!) she leaned back, resting on
her arms behind her. I looked up at her and traced my fingers along her
neck, along the edges of her bra, down along her flat brown stomach. "You
are so sexy," I told her.

She smiled. "I want to see you, too." She straightened up, and looking in
my eyes, her fingers found the belt of my skimpy little robe and untied
it. She slowly pushed it open, exposing my breasts. I took her hands,
brought them to my face and kissed them, and then brought them down to my
own breasts. She gently squeezed me, caressed me, and ran her thumbs over
my nipples. It didn't matter that she had not done this before - girls know
what girls like.

With her hands still on my breasts, she leaned in for some more kissing,
which she seemed to love. Our mouths were wide open as we hungrily tongued
each other hotly. My hands found and released the hook at the back of her
bra strap. She sat up straight and pulled it away. I caressed her breasts
and rolled her nipples in my fingers as she did the same to me. "I love
this," she said. "Your breasts are so perfect, so soft."

She leaned in against me, and we continued to kiss. She put her arms on the
back of the couch and rubbed her firm little breasts against mine. I
reached behind me and held her hands and watched her body as she did.

After a few minutes of this exquisite torture and continued kissing, I
moved forward, and we stood in front of the couch. I dropped my robe and
let her gaze down my body. I put my hands on the drawstring of her
sweatpants, pulled her toward me for me a kiss, and tugged at the knot
until it was loose. I sank to my knees in front of her, and she kept her
hands on my head. I slid her sweatpants down to her ankles, enjoying seeing
her cotton panties with little flowers on them come into view. I pulled the
sweatpants away as she raised one foot and then the other. Then I stood and
kissed her again, took her by the hand, and led her over to the bed, where
we laid down on our sides, face to face, both of us wearing only panties.

It felt good to lay down with her. We kissed deeply and felt each other's
breasts. I rolled her on her back, slid off to the side, and moved my head
down, kissing her breasts and taking the nipple of one in my mouth, tracing
my fingers up and down her stomach to the waistband of her panties. She
held my head in her hands while she opened and closed her raised knees. I
did this for some time, then returned to kiss her, laying on top of her,
the full lengths of our bodies against each other. We were both savoring,
saving the best for last. But she was beginning to grind against me, and
the time had come.

I kissed her, nuzzled her neck, and then with my lips against her ear, I
whispered "I want your pussy." With her eyes closed, she just nodded. I
moved to the base of the bed and kneeled there, looking down at her. She
looked at me, with her feet drawn in, her knees up. I put my hands on her
knees and caressed her lower legs while she watched me. I moved in closer,
put my hands on the inside of her knees, and gently pressed them apart. I
could see that the crotch of her little panties was wet, and I could smell
her sex.

"Play with your nipples" I said softly. She did as I asked, and her hips
were involuntarily pressing upward. She was so ready, so eager. I traced my
fingers down the inside of her thighs, and she gasped when I first started
tracing the outlines of her pussy lips through her panties. I ran my
fingertip lightly around the outside of her lips, and up and down the
middle of her cleft, creasing the cloth into her slit. She clenched her
hips and raised up against my hand, and softly said "please, Sarah..."

I pressed her knees back together and down, so her legs were straight on
the bed, grabbed the waistband of her panties on each side, and quickly
pulled them down and off of her.

Her light brown soft bush was sparse but untrimmed, which I kind of
expected. I lifted her knees together and then spread them apart. Her pussy
lips were red, wet and open. I could see the tip of her clitoris peeking
out from its hood. She was obviously very excited. My gaze moved back and
forth from her wet cunt, up across her body and her little brown tits to
her face, which was contorted with pleasure, and back down to her slit, as
I rubbed my middle finger up and down between her lips and then slowly slid
it into her. I drew it out, and then pressed it back in. As I slowly
finger-fucked her, I reached to the top of her slit with my other hand, and
made little circles around her clit with my finger. When started saying "Oh
God, yes, yes," I withdrew my hands and laid down between her legs, my face
inches from her lovely little cunt. I moved in and began licking her, up
and down her wet open slit. I stuck my tongue deep inside her as the lips
of my mouth pressed against her pussy lips. I withdrew and softly tongued
her clitoris. I then slid middle finger into her, stroking it in and out,
while my tongue flicked quickly on her clit. With the state she was in, I
knew it wouldn't take long. I looked up along her body to see her pinching
the nipples of both breasts. Beyond, I saw her head on the pillow, moaning,
with her eyes shut. I hooked my hands under her knees and pressed her legs
back far, so her pussy was stretched and facing up beneath me. I rubbed my
face in her, gently pulled her lips into my mouth, and returned to madly
flicking her clit with my tongue. She put one hand on the back of my head,
pulling me into her, as her legs began to jerk.

"Oh yeah, fuck yeah, yeah, fuck Sarah, lick me, oh God, yes, OH YEAH, YEAH,
FUCK, FUCK, OOOOH, OOOOOOH . . ." I grinded my face against her warm wet
cunt as both of her hands pressed my head against her and her hips bucked
and spasms racked her entire body. This continued for a surprisingly long
time as I kept my busy tongue moving against her opening.

Eventually, the shuddering subsided, and I let her legs back down to their
original, still spread with knees up state, while I gently licked her. She
was gradually catching her breath, and I heard her quietly whisper "oh my

I got off the bed and went into the bathroom, to wash my face but mainly to
give her some recovery time. I came back out and poured some wine into my
glass, which I sipped while standing next to the bed, looking down at her
slim brown body, her hard little nipples.

She smiled at me, and giggled a little. "That was incredible," she said.

I said "I'm glad you liked it." I walked away from her, feeling her eyes on
my back. I put the glass of wine down on the coffee table, turned the large
chair so it was facing toward her with nothing in front of it, and said
"come over here." She got off the bed and walked toward me, unashamed of
her nakedness. She was still smiling. She stood in front of me looking down
at my body.

"Erin, I want you to kneel between my legs, pull off my panties, and lick
my pussy," I said.

She sank to her knees in front of me, and I leaned forward to kiss her
again, and she responded as though she was still hot, her tongue darting,
her mouth hungry. She had already decided she was going to enjoy this. I
let her head slide down my neck, and she took turns taking each of my
nipples into her mouth, sucking them, lightly biting them, and swirling her
tongue around them. I lifted my heels off the floor and rubbed the insides
of my legs against her body. She stopped kissing my breasts and looked down
to the soft V of the top of my panties at my belly. She traced her
fingertips under the top of my lacy white panties until her hands reached
my sides, and then gently and slowly pulled them away and down to my
ankles, backing away so my legs could close as she did. I lifted my feet
off the floor and she pulled them away, and then I spread my legs and slid
down on my chair toward her. She took a moment to look at my cunt, and
smiled up and me and said "beautiful". Then she lowered her face between my
legs and licked my pussy as I had hers, separating my lips with her tongue,
putting her fingers into me, and finally rubbing her face in me and
flicking my clit with her tongue. With my hands I pulled her in hard
against me, and fucking rubbed my wet cunt against her chin, her mouth, her
nose, and she opened her mouth wide against me. I had been excited for a
long time now, and it did not take long for me to cum in a series of
shuddering orgasms.

Her face wet, she came back up to kiss me, and said "thank you so much,

We went to bed together, and kissed cuddled and nuzzled, and drifted off to
sleep in the smell of our sex. There would be more the next morning, and I
smiled to think that I had introduced another woman to lesbian sex as Grace
had done to me, and wondered if in the coming months or years the pretty
young engineer entwined with me would become the seducer, as I had.

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Nifty - Lesbian - Encounters - Steam Room Seduction