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Nifty - Lesbian - Encounters - The Teacher

Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 14:56:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: Marie LeClare <>
Subject: The Teacher - a lesbian encounter story

              This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters,
places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or
are used fictitiously.

              Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons,
living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

The Teacher FFF
By Marie LeClare
Copyright 2009

When I retired from my modeling and acting in those lesbian films due to my
health I told my Mom that I had to find some other kind of work to do. So
she asked what I had experience for and I suggested "Town Crier" laughing,
to which she said I was a couple of centuries too late. But she was happy
that I would no longer be appearing in lesbian movies and modeling shoots.

She swore up and down that I was just going through a faze being a lesbian,
and although I had told her many times it wasn't a faze, till I was blue in
the face, so I just left it,

I decided that I could be a school teacher, and I had a friend with the
local school board who could make up a fake teaching certificate, so I
decided dat was what I was going to do and I might try my hand at writing
some mystery stories.

The first day at school I met the other teachers and I knew just from
looking that two of them were lesbians. So as I was introducing myself to
all of the rest I winked at them, and that was the signal that we might be
able to play, especially since they blushed.

As I walked back to the classroom, the students were already there and they
looked like a bunch of Bible students, but wow was I in for some funning
about sex with them.

I had read the book about the teaching and so after i had a hard day I was
just preparing to leave when the 2 teachers came to the classroom to invite
me for coffee, and I accepted.

No sooner as we had our coffee and were sitting, one teacher on one side
and the other teacher on the other side, and asked me if I was a top or a
bottom and I said I could be either, with a big smile.

Then the older of the two who had been staring at my chest, said, "You have
a nice bust", as she took her finger and traced in a circle around my
blouse covered breast, and you could see quite clearly my big nipples
standing at attention.

The other teacher, as she was now cupping my breast asked me, "are you
getting hot now", and I said, "oh God yes I am", so she looked at her
friend the other teacher and winked and led me to the restroom so we
wouldn't be bothered.

As soon as we got to the restroom both of them got me undressed in under 5
minutes, and each was sucking on a breast. Soon the older one switched to
my back and started licking my back bone while the younger one was licking
just under my breasts and working her way down.

I must admit I was getting so fucking hot with both of them licking and
kissing me, that I started emiting a little moan. My moans got louder as
the one teacher licked all the way down to my ass and parted my ass cheeks
to lick my lil asshole. I knew it was going to be all over when the one who
was making love to my front reached my hot wet pussy and so it was.

I was lubricating like crazy and when her tongue licked my swollen clit I
had to bite my lip so I wouldn't scream. Wow did I gush. It was so much
that the girl in front was almost choking and the teacher in the back was
helping her by licking between my legs. It was amazing but we all said we
had to get out of there because the cleaning staff would be there soon, so
we got dressed as fast as we could and said our thanks and left the

The next day went fine with the exception that this one senior girl was
like staring at me, and if I looked her way she would smile until I looked
away. I really didn't know what it was other than she liked me as a
teacher, so I would smile back.

After school I was locking the school room and started down the hall to my
car when this beautiful girl with the sexy smile came rushing up to me, out
of breath, and saying, "Oh thank goodness I caught you", and then she asked
me if she could talk to me on a personal question, of course I said yes,
and suggested the teachers lounge, so off we went.

When we got there and had sat down she came right out and told me, "I think
that I'm a lesbian", I was astonished that she would come out like that to
a stranger teacher but she went on before I could say anything. She said,
"I saw you yesterday with Ms. English and Ms. Smithers, in the restroom
having sex, and it got me so hot I wanted to make you cum too."

With that she placed her hand on my breast and squeezed slightly, before
running her fingernail on my nipple, which has this amazing effect on me,
getting me hot.

I told her we didn't have much time and she said she just wanted to suck my
pussy and I didn't have to do anything, and then added please, so I told
her to go for it.

With that she knelt in front of me and lifted my skirt up to my lap and had
me raise my butt up a little bit so she could remove my panties, which were
soaking wet by now, and after she had removed my panties she smelled them
and sucked the crotch, before she got back to me.

She couldn't wait any longer and dove into my hot wet pussy and started
licking furiously, in a little circle around my swollen clit, while my
fingers played with her hair. I also felt one hand reach between my legs to
play with my ass. Just after she plunged her tongue deep in my pussy to
probe my pussy walls she plunged a finger in my pussy and was finger
fucking me as she licked and moments later she plunged a finger deep in my
ass. That was all it took for the volcano to run over the damn and I felt
my pussy juice running as she licked, and it was amazing, all the
explosions I felt, as I had multiples given to me from her.

As we hurriedly got presentable I made a date with her to come over to my

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Nifty - Lesbian - Encounters - The Teacher