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Nifty - Lesbian - Highschool - I Love Band

Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 16:03:07 -0400
From: Kelly Hendricks <>
Subject: I Love Band (lesbian, highschool, ff,ff, ff, toys, orgy)

*This story is 100% real no names were changed and all is real. This
actually happened so enjoy.*

The excitement is building and everyone has their stuff together. The band
truck has been loaded properly and we were waiting for the greyhound bus to
get here. It is the much anticipated band trip to Disney World. This occurs
every other year. I managed to sell enough fruit and chocolates so neither
my parents nor I had to pay a damn dime for me to go. I am sitting with my
bags wearing a red t-shirt and black shorts, my blonde hair up in a
ponytail. As I am sitting there waiting, a group of girls Melisa,
Cassandra, Rebecca, Kelsey, and Jessica come up to me.

"Hey Kelly, we got a question for you?" Melisa asks looking down at me.

"What's up girls?"

"Do you have people to room with?" Cassandra asks.

"No, would you like me to room with you girls?"

"Please would you?" Kelsey asks.

I think about it and nod. All 5 of them squeal and hug me all at
once. Great, what did I get myself into is what I am thinking. Just as I
start going through what will go on, the bus pulls up to the high school. I
load my stuff up with my roommates' stuff and I get on the bus. I find my
seat and Jessica and Melisa sit in the two seats next to me, while
Cassandra, Kelsey and Rebecca sit the three in front of us. To describe
the girls:

First, Melisa, a junior with brown hair 5'8 C cup breasts, she is wearing a
white t-shirt that hugged her body and black booty shorts.

Next is Jessica, also a junior. She has dark blonde hair 5'6 about 45 C
breasts. Jess is wearing a green t-shirt that is slightly loose on her and
red cotton shorts.

The other junior is Kelsey. Light blonde hair 5'8 and 35 B breasts. She is
wearing a blue v-neck tank top and grey shorts.

Then there is Rebecca or Becca for short. She is a sophomore with red hair
and about 5'5 with nearly C cup breasts. She is wearing a light orange
t-shirt and black shorts.

The other sophomore is Cassandra. She has black hair, stands 5'4 and has D
breasts. She is wearing a tight grey t-shirt and tiny green shorts.

Finally there is me, Kelly. I am a senior. My blonde most of the time in a
ponytail. I am 6'0 and I have 34 C breasts that are hugged by my shirt. I
am also a lesbian. I don't have a girlfriend but I love to fuck girls. This
trip has now given me the chance at 5 very hot ones. I hope so at least.

The ride to Florida was pretty boring, except I snuck peaks at the girls'
breasts as they change seats to sit with me. We talk about the fun we are
going to have at the parks. Finally at 9 p.m. we get to the hotel we are
staying at. We gather our bags and head to our room. I get in and I forgot
that the rooms are big but there are only two beds. I climb into one of the
beds and start to relax. The next thing I know I feel the bed move and I
look over and Cassandra and Becca climb into the same bed with
me. Cassandra curls up next to me. The bed is big but it is a bit of
squeeze for three of us to share. I look over and Melisa, Kelsey and
Jessica climb into the other bed together. None of us can get to sleep, so
Jessica sits up and goes towards the door.

"I am going to walk around, anyone care to join me." Jessica asks.

At that point Melisa and Kelsey get up and the three girls leave the room
taking a spare room key with them. Becca gets up and sits on the other

"So what should we do?" she asks.

"I don't know what can we do?" Cassandra asks sitting up also.

I sit up looking over both girls licking my lips. I continue to look at the
girls and both notice me looking at them. That is when they stare back. I
get up and go to my one bag setting it on the bed.

"What do you have in mind Kelly?" Becca asks.

"Have you ever had sex with a girl before?" I ask back.

Both girls shake their heads no. I grin as I pull out a 10 inch long 5-inch
thick strap-on dildo. I strip naked putting it on.

"Who wants it first? It is just like being fucked by a guy but I can't get
you pregnant." I say licking my lips.

Becca smiles and strips naked, "Can you fuck my ass please?"

I nod as I lay down on floor, "This way we don't make much noise with the
bed banging around." I say looking at both girls.

Becca walks over and lowers herself down pushing the dildo into her
ass. She starts to groan as I push my hips up to help her out. Cassandra
watches in amazement. Once Becca is all the way down and on top of me, I
grab her hips and start to pound into her young ass.

"Ahhh, so hard yes!" she moans.

"Shut up not so loud." I growl as I reach around now and grab at her

Cassandra apparently got naked as well and walked over staring down at
us. My mouth was watering when I gazed up at her body. Cassandra got down
on the floor, spread her legs and slide in so her pussy was crushed against
Becca's pussy. As I fucked Becca's ass, her and Cassandra's pussys were
grinding hard against each other. Our bodies grind against one another. I
lean my head down a bit and suck on Becca's neck as I pound into her
harder. After 15 minutes both girls start to get tense.

"Fuck, cumming, cumming!" both started moaning, then it happened.

Both cam at the same time squirting cum on each other and me. Just as they
started squirting their cum everywhere the other three walk back in the
room. Becca and Cassandra freeze up when they see the other girls walk in.

"Hey girls have a nice walk? I ask as I pull out of Becca's ass and stand

"Um yea, but it looks like you girls had more fun." Jessica says grinning
enjoying the sight as Cassandra and Becca scramble to find their clothes.

"Yes we did, care to have some fun?" I ask looking over all three girls.

"Um no I am going to take a shower." Melisa says quickly grabbing clothes
heading into the bathroom.

Jessica and Kelsey walk over looking at me. I grin as I sit down on their
bed. I grab Jessica and push her to her knees. I then take her head and
force her to suck the dildo that was in Becca's ass. I look at Kelsey who
is just watching.

"Take off that tank top and let me suck on those breasts." I say licking my

Without hesitation, Kelsey removes her tank top throwing it somewhere. She
gets on the bed and I lean my head over and start sucking on her hard brown
nipples. Kelsey starts to moan as I force Jessica to suck my cock faster
and harder. I could tell she did this before because she didn't gag. Kelsey
then removes her shorts showing she was not wearing panties. I reach
between her legs and start rubbing her pussy hard. Jessica stands back up
and deeply kisses Kelsey who returns the kiss. I look up at both of them.

"Who wants to ride first?" I ask as I lay back on my back.

Without any argument Kelsey straddles my hips, slamming herself down on the
dildo. Jessica straddles my face and I slam my tongue up into her pussy
hard licking around. I feel Kelsey riding pretty hard. I also see Becca and
Cassandra get on the bed and start doing something with Kelsey and
Jessica. A few minutes later I hear muffled moans and all four girls cum on
me, squirting cum everywhere on the bed, on each other and on me. Jessica
and Kelsey switch spots and girls and we do it all over again. It did not
take long about 15 minutes before they cam again. All four girls fall on
the bed, soaked in their juices. I get up taking the strap-on off.

"I am going to take a shower," I say as I am also soaked in their juices.

The girls are all making out as I go into the bathroom where Melisa was
sitting on the sink rubbing her body. I smirk closing the door. I walk over
to her.

"Well how is that shower?" I ask.

She looks shocked to see me, "Oh um well you see."

I smirk kissing her softly. I start the shower and step in. Melisa gets in
front of me. I wrap my arms around her caressing her breasts getting them
soapy. Melisa reaches around resting her hand on my ass rubbing it. I move
my hand down her body and slam two fingers into her pussy.

"Oh yes fuck me." She moans leaning her head back and we start making out.

I go faster in and out of her pussy. Finally her body tenses up and she
cums all over my fingers. I pull them up to my mouth licking them
clean. The panting Melisa turns around kissing me softly.

"My turn to make you cum." She says pushing me against the wall of the

I spread my legs; she gets down on her knees. Then she slams her tongue
deep into my pussy. Oh her tongue is so smooth.

"Ohhh yeees, lick my pussy Mel!" I moan loudly, then 15 minutes later I
cum, squirting cum all over her face, "YEEEES!"

We start making out. I hold her against me, my leg shaking. She kisses my
breasts lightly.

"Let's go fuck some bitches," I say slapping her ass.

We both get out of the bathroom, naked. We see the four girls all on the
bed. Melisa grabs another strap-on same size from my bag. Little did I know
what would happen next. Jessica grabs my strap-on I used earlier and puts
it on. Melisa shoves me on their bed and Jessica pulls me onto her and
slams the dildo up my pussy.

"Ahhhh, oohhhh!" I moan.

Then I feel Melisa slam into my ass. Then she pulls my head back by my hair
and the others slam their pussies in my face. I start licking them all and
they squirt all over my body. During this I squirted multiple times. We
all stopped cumming around 1 a.m. surprisingly we didn't disturb anyone
else in the hotel. We decided that every night in the hotel and once we
got back to Port Clinton that we were going to fuck like horny lesbian
rabbits. I love my girls still, even though I see them 15 times a year
sometimes now.

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Nifty - Lesbian - Highschool - I Love Band