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Nifty - Lesbian - Highschool - Karen

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 18:58:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Lisa Summers <>
Subject: Karen - Snapshots (g/g, anal)

This is a work of fiction. It has way too much graphic lesbian sex in it,
and some might include minors as characters. If you aren't supposed to be
reading it, then don't. Please support the free board that posts this,
because they're pretty nice to bring you such high quality literature for
nothing. So, send them a few bucks, okay?

If you've read "The seduction of Lisa Summers" and "Lisa spreads her
wings", both found on and other places, you know who Karen
is. These are brief glimpses into her life away from Lisa.


"You jerk!" Bridgette shouted at Karen, as Karen remerged from the soapy
water in the tub, like a dolphin jetting up out of the ocean, to splash
resoundingly in the water below. "You got me all wet!" Bridgette's grin
belied her mock anger.

"Well, duh, you ARE in the bathtub, Bridge. You already ARE wet!" Karen

"Not my hair, dummy," replied Bridgette sulkily, though she wasn't really
mad at Karen. After all, she knew what would inevitably result from two
highly sexed, beautiful 18 year old girls being naked together in an
average sized bathroom tub, and she was looking forward to it more than
anything before in her life.

"Come here, my beautiful princess," coaxed Karen. Bridgette swirled her
soap bubble-slicked, milky white body around from a position facing Karen
from across the tub, to a kneeling position between Karen's slim tanned
thighs, her face mere inches from Karen's. Karen's hands went to
Bridgette's full round breasts, and lightly stroked her.

"How's that, sweetie?" breathed Bridgette, brushing her lips lightly across

"God, how do you DO that?" asked Karen, quizzically.

"Do what?" asked Bridgette.

"Get your breath so sweet and nice. You really smell nice!" responded

"Oh, just those breath drops they advertise on TV," replied Bridgette. "You
know, where you have to send away for them, because they're `Not sold in
any stores!' My mom got `em. She said a girl should always make herself
attractive for the boys." She giggled at that, and slowly eased herself
into Karen's supple arms.

"Hold me, Karen," she said worriedly. Karen detected her mercurial change
in tone, and said, "What's up, squid?"

"Oh Karen, have you ever wanted to see a movie so bad, or go to a party so
much, that you were afraid that you'd throw up, or a meteor would hit you,
or something bad would happen, so that you'd NEVER get a chance to do that
thing? You know, like you'd die while you were waiting to get in to see the
movie?" This volley of words gushed out of Bridgette in a rush. Karen just
looked at her for a few seconds before replying.

"Bridgette, you're not gonna throw up, are you?" Karen asked.

"No, silly! But I want you so bad that I'm afraid something will happen
before we do it," Bridgette replied.

"Simple way out of that," Karen replied. "We start NOW! Kiss me, you fool."
Bridgette twisted herself around so that her C-cup breasts with their erect
pink nipples were pressing into Karen's slightly larger breasts. She
brought her mouth to Karen's with a rush of passion, and eased her tongue
into Karen's mouth. Karen welcomed Bridgette's hot, pink tongue against
hers, as she felt Bridgette exploring her for the first time. While
Bridgette explored Karen's mouth with her tongue, Karen brought her right
hand down to the soapy-slick vee of Bridgette's groin. Her fingers traced
the creases created by Bridgette's thighs intersecting her sweet little
mons veneris, eliciting smothered moans from Bridgette.

"Umm, that feels good," whispered Bridgette, though Karen felt the words
more than heard them, as their mouths were still locked together. Bridgette
lifted her hips up a little, to give Karen better access to her virgin
pussy with her long fingers. Pulling away from Karen's mouth, Bridgette
looked Karen in the eyes, and said, "You promised you'd be sweet to me, my
first time. Don't forget, please?" Bridgette asked pleadingly.

"I won't be like the boys, sweetheart, I promise," responded Karen, from
her heart. "Your boyfriend was SO bad to you, Bridge, but I want you to be
SO happy. Just relax with me, and let it flow, okay?"

Bridgette smiled happily at Karen's pledge, and returned her lips to
Karen's. Karen let her pointer finger, which had been resting during this
short conversation, return to the exploration of Bridgette's beautiful
body. She combed her fingers through Bridgette's wiry red pubic bush, which
was perched directly over her pink vaginal lips, alternately twisting and
straightening the curly red hairs, until Bridgette was cooing from
pleasure. Bridgette's hand went to Karen's, forcing her fingers down a
little lower, to Bridgette's soapy slit and prominent clitoris, which was
already peeking out from under its hood of skin. Karen lightly brushed the
very tip of her finger across Bridgette's erect button, which caused
Bridgette to shudder from the pleasure coursing through her body.

"God!" exclaimed Bridgette. "God!"

Karen giggled. "God?" she asked.

"Oh, geez, you know what I mean, Karen. I never felt anything like that. Is
that what an orgasm feels like? God!" replied Bridgette.

"That stud muffin boy friend of yours never does anything like that for
you?" asked Karen.

"He sucks!" replied Bridgette. "I never feel anything with him, I thought
that was the way it's supposed to be. He just makes me suck his slimy dick
until he shoots his wad, then he doesn't do anything at all for me. I have
to go home and finger myself, which feels really nice, but not as nice as
when you just did it!"

"Oh, no, my dear, let me show you a whole world of pleasure," whispered
Karen, returning her finger to stroking Bridgette's now bright-red
clit. Bridgette ceased talking and mumbled endearments to her new lover
Karen, as the waves of continuous pleasure crashed over her. Karen, knowing
that too much pleasure can quickly turn to pain, refrained from too much
attention to Bridgette's love center, and let her finger slide deep into
Bridgette's slick vaginal slit. Karen imagined that, had they been lying on
her bed doing this, instead of in her bathtub, Bridgette's tight pussy
would still be as slick and hot. Karen savored the sensation of her finger
sliding in and out of Bridgette's very tight hole, and watching Bridgette
alternately tense and then relax her legs with Karen's fucking motion.

Karen looked down at her finger sawing in and out of Bridgette's bright
pink cunt, enjoying the view as her vaginal lips opened up. "You're so pink
inside, Bridge. You're so beautiful! I could just eat you up!"

"You'd better, Kris," whispered Bridgette. "I've been aching for it ever
since you first whispered what you wanted to do to me. And saying it in the
middle of chemistry, too! I'm surprised old Mr. Whitaker didn't catch you,"
she giggled. Karen's lucky finger reached down even further, tracing the
smooth skin between Bridgette's sweet pink pussy and her puckered brown
anus, softly stroking that fragrant flesh.

"Oh! THAT really feels nice, too!" chirped Bridgette. "Please, do it
again." Karen certainly didn't need urging, and she continued stroking
around Bridgette's anus, bringing her finger closer and closer to that
secret cavern of delights, until her finger was poised directly under
Bridgette's hot anal hole. She let just the tip of her finger lightly
contact the puckered muscle guarding Bridgette's rectum, to see how she'd
respond. She was rewarded by feeling Bridgette slowly lower herself onto
Karen's finger.

Karen kept her finger steady so that it slowly entered Bridgette's hot
rectum, as Bridgette continued her downward motion with her shapely
ass. When Karen's finger was as deep inside Bridgette's lovely, tight ass
as it could get, and Karen could feel Bridgette's smooth, round ass cheeks
squeezing her hand, she noticed Bridgette reversing her motion, so that
Karen's slim finger slowly pulled out of Bridgette's beautiful white rear
end. Bridgette continued this alternating motion, in essence fucking
herself with Karen's stationary finger. She sped up her motion faster and
faster, until she gasped, then threw her mouth against Karen's mouth,
mumbling, "Fuck me, oh please fuck me! Oh god, I love the feel of your
finger up my ass! I want to be your dirty girl! Fuck my hole, eat me, suck,
lick me!!" With that, Bridgette collapsed with a grunt into Karen's naked,
wet lap, and slowly nuzzled Karen's smooth neck, nipping her there lightly,
as lovers do.


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Nifty - Lesbian - Highschool - Karen