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Nifty - Lesbian - Highschool - Miss Johnson - Miss Johnson 1

Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004 13:52:55 -0700 (PDT)


This story contains descriptions of explicit lesbian sexual acts between
high school teenagers and adults. If this type of content offends you or
you are under the age of 18 do not read it.

This story is a work of fiction. The characters contained within do not
refer to any actual persons either living or dead. The "Everson School for
Girls" is a fictionalized place created solely for literary purposes and
does not in any way refer to an actual school under the same name, whether
wholly or in part.


Miss Johnson

Part I - The Seduction

"Come on, Mandy, move your ass...we're going to be late!"

Amanda Martin ignored the plea from outside her dorm room. Her attention
was instead focused on something slightly more important: Finding her
history book. `Perfect,' she thought, `Not only am I going to be late, but
I'm also going to be without one of my fucking books!' She searched
frantically around the room looking for the lost text, already imagining
the scolding that was sure to come if she showed up to class without it.
She glanced over at the clock on her nightstand. It read 7:48 am. Classes
started at 8:00.

There was a knock at the door, followed quickly by the sound of it being
opened. The head of Amanda's best friend, Nicole Taylor, appeared in the
doorway. "Okay," she said, "what's going on?"

"I can't find by history book," replied Amanda. "I was sure I'd put it with
the rest of my stuff last night, but..."

Before she could finish, Nicole calmly walked over to the small desk in the
corner and picked it up. She held it up for her friend to see with a look
that spoke volumes.

Amanda let out a sigh of embarrassment. "Okay, I'm stupid," she said.

"Come on, let's go," said Nicole. "We've got about five minutes." The two
girls left the room and began making their way towards Hainsworth Hall, the
main academic building at the Everson School for Girls. It was the first
week of September, and fall had already started to set in around the New
England campus. A slight chill in the air, the leaves beginning to whither
and turn color -- signs that winter was on its way, and another school year
had begun.

Everson's campus was not very large - it didn't need to be, with less than
300 students in attendance. What it lacked in size, however, it more than
made up for in reputation as one of the finest college prepatory schools in
the north east. It was located in a remote part of western Massachusetts
near the little town of Pittsfield, some 35 minutes away from Albany, New
York. It had all the trappings of schools like Hanover and Exeter, and
wielded about as much academic clout when it came to college acceptance.
Some 77% of its graduates went on to schools in the Ivy League, and its
alumni included 3 CEOs of fortune five hundred companies, as well as two US
Senators. On this day, the bell in the high tower above Hainsworth Hall
tolled to welcome the start of the fall semester, including its two newest

Nicole and Amanda had been friends since they were five years old. Their
fathers had been computer wiz kids who dropped out of college to start
their own software company during the mid-seventies. Today, with a
multi-billion dollar conglomerate at their fingertips, their rags-to-riches
story was the stuff of legends, and their success was the standard by which
all other companies in the modern era measured their own achievements.

Of course, none of this mattered to Nicole and Amanda. Theirs were the
lives of two ordinary high school teenagers, caring about little else
except their latest boyfriends. They spent their first three years of high
school in southern California where they were popular and had many
friends. It was a happy time for both of them -- weekends at the beach,
summertime vacations to Mexico and Hawaii. And each September, school would
pick up again where it had left off. Naturally, it couldn't go on forever,
for they would both soon be seniors, and then graduate. But it made little
difference. Each was content to go to college near their home, carry out
their lives in happiness, and remain friends forever.

But fate got in the way, as it often does, playing what appeared to be the
cruelest trick possible. As part of an ongoing expansion plan, their
fathers' had decided to shift the company's corporate offices from Los
Angeles to just outside of Boston, which meant both families uprooting
completely and resettling in the north east. Nicole and Amanda were
heartbroken. Moving at the start of their senior year? This was so unfair!
This was supposed to be the best year of their lives, the last chance to be
wild & crazy with all of their friends before they took off for college.
And now they were asked to give all that up because their fathers wanted to
work in Boston? It just wasn't fair!

Fair or not, the die was cast, and there wasn't any use fighting it.
Besides, their parents had wanted to leave California for other reasons as
well. Both fathers had long wanted to give their children the best possible
start in life, and that meant the finest education they could afford.
Camden High wasn't exactly renown for its academics, which would limit the
girls choices for going to college. Moving to New England with its many
reputed prep schools would solve that problem. After all, they were both
powerful and affluent. Why not use some of that power to help their

Neither Nicole nor Amanda wanted to rock the boat and risk upsetting their
parents, so despite being unhappy they decided to make the best of it. It
didn't all end unhappily, however. Both were fortunate to have parents with
enough sense to recognize that being a high school senior was both a
pivotal and tenuous time for an eighteen year old -- especially an eighteen
year old girl. They promised to send the girls to the same school together,
so that they would have each other for companionship.

It was decided, then, that they would go to Everson, the best school of its
kind on the eastern seaboard. Being on the other side of the state wasn't
exactly heartwarming, but their parents promised to fly to visit them once
a month. The one thing they did have was their friendship, and each was
grateful knowing the other would be there to help smooth the bumpy ride.

"I hate this skirt," Amanda complained. "It itches."

"Relax, you'll get used to it," replied Nicole.

"I hate these awful uniforms. I feel like I'm in grade school again."

"Oh, come on! We're rubbing elbows with major league players up here. All
the big shot families send their kids to Everson. I checked. Tell me you're
not the least bit excited about that."

"I could care less. I was perfectly happy back home."

Nicole sighed. "I thought we had an agreement not to talk about that."

"I know, I know...," said Amanda. Her tone was wistful.

Nicole took her friends arm and turned to look at her. "Look, it's just
like I said. You and I both know you wouldn't have had a shot in hell of
getting that international scholarship to Oxford, right? Well, take a look
around you. With your brains and the grades you're going to get from this
place you'll be a shoe in for just about any school in the country --
including Oxford." She looked closely at Amanda. "That is still what you
want, isn't it?"

"I guess so. I don't know..." Amanda just stared at the ground.


"Ok, Ok." She paused. "It's just that I HATE this -- new school, new place,
all our friends back home..." Tears were welling up now.

Despite being friends, Amanda and Nicole were very different in almost
every way. Amanda was the introvert --shy, conservative, and very resistant
to change. She had taken the move east much harder than Nicole, having left
a boyfriend of two years behind her. She was also the finest student at
Camden High, expected to be her graduating class' valedictorian - another
reason to be upset for leaving. Nicole on the other hand was definitely
more outgoing, almost to the point of being wild. She loved trying anything
new, even dangerous. She once was arrested by the Newport Beach Police for
driving her father's Porsche to the local mall when she was still only
fifteen. She wasn't the brainiac that Mandy was, but that didn't bother her
since she was still a better than average student. She was able to let the
hardships of youth simply slide off her shoulders, and although she wasn't
exactly happy to be away from home either, she dealt with being at Everson
a lot better than Mandy did.

Lending some of that strength to help comfort her best friend was Nicole's
concern at the moment. She put her arm on Amanda's shoulder. "I know. I
know how hard this is."

Amanda quickly composed herself and managed a smile. "You're right," she
said, "it's for the best. Thank goodness you're here, Nicky. I don't know
what I would've done without you."

"Hey, what are friends for?" Nicole smiled. "Come on, we're late."

And so began the New Year at Everson, with two unhappy but resilient young
ladies hurrying off to the first class of their senior year. Both were
confident the malaise of the present would soon be consumed by the new
experiences they would share and the education they would be receiving. And
an education did await them, although not the one either of them expected.


"Well?" Nicole asked.

"Ok, ok, you were right," said Amanda. She was in a much better mood than
before. The morning classes had gone as smooth as silk, and Amanda was
quite impressed with the teachers she'd been assigned. Everson was turning
out to be not so bad after all. "Thanks, Nicky."

"Any time, kiddo."

It was lunchtime, and the girls were eating with the other students at the
school cafeteria shortly before the afternoon classes were due to begin.

Amanda looked at her watch. "We've got some time," she said. "You want to
go freshen up before we head to English Lit?"

"You know, that reminds me," Nicky said. "Have you heard anything weird
about our English teacher, Miss Johnson?"

"Weird? What do you mean?"

"Well, I'm not exactly sure, but something kind of strange happened to me
last night."

"You're kidding! What?"

Nicky slid her chair around to sit closer to Amanda and lowered her voice
as she spoke. "I was hanging out in the quad last night just relaxing in
front of the TV, and some of the other girls were in playing cards or
something. I heard them talking, but I wasn't paying much attention. I
heard them lower their voices when someone mentioned Miss Johnson."


"It's just like I told you -- weird. For the next ten minutes she was all
they could talk about -- "Miss Johnson" this and "Miss Johnson" that. They
were like...oh, I don't know -- giddy, almost, as if they were stoned or
something. And they were giggling constantly. Then all of a sudden, they
all looked over at me and REALLY started laughing."

Now it was Mandy's turn to be the consoling one. "Come on, Nicky. One of
them probably just made an offhanded comment about `the new girl', that's

Nicky shook her head. "I don't think so. You didn't see them, the looks on
their faces. It was really spooky."

"You've got to be kidding me," Mandy looked at her friend with a shocked
expression. "You? Spooked? About a conversation some girls were having?
Come on, Nicky! This is so beneath you."

Nicole shrugged. "Oh, maybe you're right. I don't know. But I still don't
like it. I haven't even MET Miss Johnson yet, and already she gives me the

Mandy wiped her mouth with a napkin and stood up. "We've got ten

"You think I'm full of it, don't you?"

Mandy bent down to look her friend in the eye. "I think you're one of the
bravest people I've ever met, and I think that for something to spook you
it must be really scary. That's why I'm having a hard time imagining
something like some ordinary school girl banter climbing under your skin."

"It's not the girls that bother me, it's Miss Johnson. You telling me you
haven't heard anything strange about her."

"Nothing, except that she's supposed to be one of the toughest teachers in
the school. You know what that means? Endless homework!"

"Great. Either I'm imagining things or I'm going completely nuts."

Amanda all of a sudden felt ashamed, even though this wasn't all that big a
deal. But it wasn't often Nicky looked to her for solace. Weird or not,
right now it was important for her to show support. "Look, you're not
nuts. If it'll make you feel better, I'll keep my eyes open during class,
and if I see anything out of the ordinary I'll let you know about it after
class, Ok?"

Nicky smiled. "Thanks pal."

"Anytime -- Kiddo!"

The girls laughed as they picked up their trays and left.


"...and that will take us through December. Next semester will be entirely
devoted to the works of Shakespeare, and that includes the senior play."

Sheila Marie Johnson, or simply "Miss Johnson" to her students, was a
formidable presence in the classroom to say the least. 38 years old,
holding three Bachelor of Arts degress, she was a doctoral expert in
Education and English Literature. She loved teaching, and had been doing so
for over 15 years, her last 6 having been spent at Everson. The faculty and
head master had long ago accepted her as the finest teacher in the school,
which was no surprise considering her training and background. In fact, the
only oddity was why she chose to remain at Everson. Her credentials could
have easily have landed her a position at any Ivy League school or other
top university in the country. But here at Everson she remained, content to
be an ordinary prep school English teacher because that's what she enjoyed
-- and for other reasons, too.

Whatever the case, her educational prowess was enough to intimidate even
the brightest of students. What made her even more daunting, however, were
her obvious physical charms, the likes of which she possessed in abundance
and took full advantage of -- in more ways than one. Soft brown hair piled
gently on top of her head framed a graceful face highlighted by a pair of
soft brown eyes, eyes so intensely dark they could melt steel when fixed
upon. A simple long, black skirt showed off her rounded hips and narrow
waist, and a white ruffled shirt fit just well enough to frame what
obviously a very ample bosom.

Such attributes would be enough to give any teenage boy enough to fantasize
about, but her allure didn't stop there. Whether it was walking, talking,
moving about the classroom, or simply standing still, Miss Johnson exuded
an aura that was almost unnerving, almost like a lion in a hen house taking
it's time choosing its prey. Her voice was deep and rich, and she had a way
of speaking that could only be described as sultry.

Nicky was right, Mandy thought. Miss Johnson WAS weird. Mandy had found
that part out herself after raising her hand to ask a question. All while
she was talking, Miss Johnson just stared right at her, her eyes boring
into Mandy's without fear or shame. Something else was strange as
well. Miss Johnson had made each student write out a hundred word essay on
whom they were and where they were from, sort of a quick "get to know you"
exercise to start the class. While she was writing her essay, Mandy had
noticed that Miss Johnson would every so often stop at a particular girl's
desk and lean over to see what they were writing, and in doing so touch
their arm or put her hand on their shoulder in a very familiar and
deliberate fashion. Mandy looked over at Nicky. Nicky didn't seem to be put
off by any of it. Strange, Mandy thought, Nicky came to me about Miss
Johnson being weird, yet here I am getting the willies.

The bell rang. "Class dismissed," Miss Johnson said at last. The students
began picking up their books and heading for the door. Mandy leaned over to
Nicky. "We need to talk. Let's get out..."

"Ah, Miss Taylor? May I see you for a moment, please?" Miss Johnson called

The girls exchanged strange glances. "Go ahead," Nicky said. "I'll meet you
outside. Wait for me." Mandy nodded and left the room.

Mandy stood impatiently in the hallway waiting for Nicky, more than just a
little worried. What could Nicky have done to warrant an after class
"chat?" It couldn't be a reprimand; neither she nor Nicole had done
anything to incur Miss Johnson's ire. In fact, neither of them said barely
a word all through class.

"I guess your friend made quite a first impression."

Mandy blinked. Three of the other girls had walked up to her. All three
were smiling strangely. One of them, a tall lanky blonde, had spoken to

"I'm sorry. What did you say?"

"Well, I mean Miss Johnson must, um, think very highly of her. She rarely
calls students after class unless she has good reason."

Mandy looked confused. "She didn't say anything during class for Miss
Johnson to think highly of her for."

"She didn't have to." The other two girls started giggling.

Mandy was getting mad. "What's going on here? Is this some kind of joke?"

"I'm sorry," the blonde said back. "Look, you're new here, and we just
thought someone should at least let you know about Miss Johnson's thing."

"Her `thing'?"

"Your friend's cute," one of the other girls said.


"Yeah, cute. You know - good looking, nice body. Cute."

"So? So what?"

The three girls just stood there and looked at each other, giggling

It hit Mandy like a freight train. Her eyes went wide. "What exactly are
you saying - that Miss Johnson is a lesbian? And that she's making a pass
at my best friend?!?"

"Oh, no, no!" the blonde went on. "Miss Johnson would NEVER do something
like that -- at least during school hours!" More giggling.

Mandy's jaw almost hit the floor. She couldn't believe it. A lesbian
teacher?!? In an all girls school?!?!?

The bell rang. "Uh-oh, we're gonna be late," the blonde said. "See you
later. Tell your friend to watch out -- Miss Johnson can be VERY
persuasive." The three girls took off laughing down the hall, leaving Mandy
standing weakly in the middle of the hall.

She still couldn't believe it. A lesbian teacher? Here, at a college prep
school? For girls?!? All of a sudden she realized Nicole was still in there
with her! Come on, Nicky, get out of there!

Finally, Nicky emerged from the classroom. Mandy took her arm and marched
her down the hallway.


"She says she wants to see me at the end of the day."

"She said WHAT?!?"

"She says she wants to talk to me about my transcript from our old school."

"Now we've REALLY gotta talk!"

"What? What is it?"

Mandy stopped the two of them, then looked around to make sure they were
alone. "She's a dyke!"

Nicole just looked at her with a blank stare. "She's what?"

"You heard me!"

Now it was Nicky's turn to look bewildered. "Where did you hear this?"

"Three of the girls we were in class with told me just now!"

"Was one of them a blonde with a big mouth?"


"It figures. She was one of the ones in the quad last night."

"You should've seen her & her friends. They were just like you said, Nicky,
giggling all the time as they were telling me, like they were letting me in
on some big joke -- except this isn't funny. They told me that Miss Johnson
has her eye on YOU!!"

"What? You've got to be kidding me!"

"I'm telling you its true!"

Nicole thought for a moment then shook her head. "It can't be. This place
is way too old-fashioned for something like that. If there was any truth to
it, the head master would've bounced her out of here a long time ago."

"I don't believe this! You were the one at lunch today who said that she
was weird. And you were right! You saw her in class today. Doesn't anything
about this bother you?"

"Well, do you see the ridiculousness of it? Come on, Mandy, a lesbian
teacher at an all girl's school? Give me a break. Besides, did you get a
look at her? She looks like something out of a lingerie catalog!"

"A-hem!" It was Miss Grogins, the history teacher. "Don't you ladies have
another class?"

Nicole answered up. "Yes, Miss Grogins. We're going right now."

"Nicky, don't go back there today," Mandy said as they hurried along. "Even
if it isn't true, you were right - she's WAY too weird. And there's no
telling what'll happen if you two are alone."

"What am I going to do, not go? If I don't show, I'll be in trouble with
the headmaster! I've got to go back."

"Nicky, please..."

"Listen, does this look like the type of place that would tolerate a
lesbian English teacher? This school is so conservative I'm surprised they
have cable television. She wouldn't dare make a pass at a student & risk
ruining her reputation, not to mention going to jail!"

"I don't know. I still don't like it."

"Don't worry, I'll be careful. I'm sure it's just going to be friendly
conversation about my grades."

She was wrong.


Miss Johnson's classroom was remotely located at the end of the third hall
of the academic's building. By the time Nicole had returned, the hallway
was dark. The other classrooms had been locked up for the day, and there
was no one else around except for her.

Nicky's thoughts kept gravitating back to her conversation with Mandy
earlier that day. She kept thinking about was Mandy had said about Miss
Johnson - and about how insistent she was that Nicky take her seriously. It
couldn't be true, Nicky thought - a beautiful woman like Miss Johnson a
lesbian in a place like Everson? No Way! Still, Nicky felt more than just a
little nervous as she approached the classroom. She looked inside to see
Miss Johnson pouring over some papers, and then gently knocked on the door.

"Ah, Miss Taylor. Come in, come in. Please, sit down."

Nicky went to sit in one of the classroom chairs when Miss Johnson stopped

"No, no. Not there. Over here, in the corner. This is what I like to call
my tutoring area."

In the corner were two plush sitting chairs facing crossways. Nicky sat in
one just as Miss Johnson was finishing up.

"There, that's better," the teacher said out loud. She stood up and
stretched herself, her large breasts outlining the fabric of her
blouse. Nicole had to admit, she was a beautiful woman. She hoped she would
look that good when she got older.

Miss Johnson finished stretching and turned to take a good look at young
Nicole Taylor -- the latest in a long line of girls who, unbeknownst to
her, had fallen into Miss Johnson's sexy little trap.

Miss Johnson had coveted her young students for some time. A confirmed
lesbian since her days in college, she enjoyed nothing more than the sweet
seduction of an innocent girl, feasting herself on the supple young bodies
she ogled at day after day. To her, there was no greater pleasure than
enrapturing one of her own students, bringing them to heights they had only
dreamed of let alone experienced.

Unfortunately, being in a place like Everson made pursuing such a lustful
enterprise very tricky. It wasn't as if she could satisfy her appetites
openly. Inappropriate relationships between staff and students was still
considered taboo, and it was frowned on even more so at Everson. All it
took was one misconduct accusation from a disgruntled student and that
would be it. That wasn't acceptable for Sheila Johnson. She enjoyed
teaching and didn't want to endanger her career because of her wanton

To this end, she held a very special secret, one that allowed her to both
teach and indulge her own carnality as she wished. It was something that
enabled any young teenager with trepidations to release her inhibitions --
and allowed Miss Johnson to simply take what she wanted.

That brought her back here, and to the subject at hand. Miss Johnson's
oozing sensuality was no accident but instead a carefully crafted radar
intended to seek out the most desirable possibilities. It served her well
in years past, revealing a number of experiences that were both exciting
and satisfying. She intended that line to continue with her latest quarry,
a very nervously sitting Nicole Taylor.

Hmmm, lovely, Miss Johnson thought -- adorable face, hazel eyes, brown hair
in a Dutch boy hairdo. Athletic body, rounded in all the right places,
including a very sizeable bust carefully concealed underneath her school
uniform. Miss Johnson found women with big breasts particularly sexy, and
Nicole's endowment was one most adult women would die for, let alone her
classmates. But what caught Miss Johnson's eye the most was Nicole's mouth
-- smallish, with wonderful little lips. Yes, Miss Johnson thought,
lovely. This one will be enjoyable.

She spoke up. "Are you all right, my dear?"

"Yes, Miss Johnson."

"Relax, you aren't in any trouble. I just thought you and I could have a
little chat away from the hustle & bustle of the school day."

She sat down in the other chair and crossed her legs. "So, Miss Taylor,
what do you think of Everson so far?"

"Its fine, Miss Johnson. It's a little different than my school back home."

"I'll bet. It's your old school I wanted to talk to you about. I've looked
over your transcripts from your first three years in school. You've
struggled a bit, haven't you?"

Here it comes, Nicky thought. She had never been anything more than a
better than average student, something her father found hard to tolerate.

"Yes, Miss Johnson."

"Maybe I can help with that. I like to take on a small handful of students
each year, students who I think have the potential to really do well -- if
they had the proper guidance. What I do is set up a tutoring schedule with
them so that they can have a little more specialized attention than what I
can give in the classroom. Does this sound like it might interest you?"

"Yes, Miss Johnson." This perked Nicky's interest. She had always been
content knowing she wasn't overly talented academically, but that didn't
mean she didn't want to do better. She had long wanted to improve her
grades in the hopes of getting into a decent college.

"Good. Now, the areas I wanted to focus on with you would be English and
Advanced Math, since those appear to be your weakest areas. We'll set up a
schedule, review your assignments and your homework, reexamine any areas of
difficulty that crop up, and then monitor your progress throughout the

"I thought you only taught English Lit?"

The teacher smiled. "Trust me, Miss Taylor, I think you'll find me helpful
on almost any subject." Including a few that I'm sure exist nowhere but in
your wildest dreams, she thought silently.

"Wow." Nicky couldn't believe it. Here she was, a brand new student being
offered the opportunity to be personally tutored by the best teacher in the

"Of course, it will take some work, but I don't think there's any reason
not to expect reasonable improvement -- reasonable enough to get you into a
top undergraduate program at any one of a number of good universities. That
is your goal, isn't it?"

Nicky's eyes widened. "You mean like pre-law?"


Going to law school had been nothing more than a distant dream for Nicky
since she felt she didn't have the grades to get into undergraduate study
at any college with a prominent law program, even the ones with most
lenient of admission standards. This was the first time anyone outside her
family had even suggested that her dream just might be a realistic
possibility, and that made her very excited.

"Well, what do you think?"

"Miss Johnson, if you can help me get into a good pre-law program, that
would be awesome!"

"A pleasure, my dear." So eager to please, this one, the teacher thought
silently. In the blink of an eye, Nicole had gone from apprehensive to
totally at ease, which was precisely what Miss Johnson intended -- and why
Nicky was completely oblivious to what happened next. Yes, quite enjoyable
indeed. It was time.

"By the way, didn't I also see in your transcripts that you had quite an
aptitude for art?" the teacher asked as she stood and walked to her desk.

"Yes, Miss Johnson."

"I have something here I think you'll find quite a liking for."

She reached into her desk and took out a small, gold pocket watch with a
matching gold chain.

She sat down again. "Here, have a look at this."

She showed the watch to Nicole, who couldn't help but marvel at its
beauty. The outside had an unusual design that could only have been hand

"That's beautiful, Miss Johnson. Is it a family air loom?"

"No, it's something I bought while I was traveling in Europe. The design on
the front gives off a unique glow when it catches the light, but you must
watch very carefully. Here..."

She moved closer and held the watch by its chain upto Nicole's face, who
leaned in closer to get a better look. "Do you see the light as it catches
the gold?"

"Yes, Miss Johnson."

"Good." She began swinging the watch in front of Nicole. "Now...keep your
eyes on the watch and look for the light to glow. You'll begin to see it in
a moment..yes, that's right, just relax...see how it moves, back and forth,
back and forth, so soothing and relaxing...very good, my dear..."

Miss Johnson continued her suggestive discourse, the watch maintaining its
pendulous motion in front of Nicole, who couldn't help but follow it's
every move with growing curiosity. The watch sparkled and danced as it
moved around, giving off an odd appearance, flickering in and about as the
lights from the classroom shown on it. Nicole found she had to focus her
attention quite closely in order to see it. The harder it was to see, the
more focused Nicole became.

Nicole stared intently, her eyes transfixed on the golden object as it
swayed gently in front of her. She found it captivating, unaware of its
true nature -- or where it was taking her. She could still hear Miss
Johnson in the background speaking to her, the teachers voice soft and
gentle, yet penetrating and commanding, as if Nicole had no choice but to
do as Miss Johnson told her. She began to feel strange.

"Miss, Johnso..." Her voice trailed off.

Miss Johnson smiled wickedly. "Just keep watching, my dear," she soothed.
"Yes, that's it, just relax and keep watching...feel yourself letting go,
all the tension in your body disappearing...let go of every thought except
the sound of my voice and that lovely glow in front of you...yes, very're beginning to feel very sleepy now, your
eyelids getting heavier and heavier..."

It was done. Nicole was hers. Even if the girl wanted to look away, she
couldn't. It was too late. The watch had her mesmerized, slowly luring her
in to a place from whence there was no escape, a place where Miss Johnson
could have her way with her without distraction or hesitation. She was, of
course, being hypnotized, Miss Johnson being a master of the technique that
she had used time and time again on students just like Nicole. She learned
how during her college years, having been seduced herself by her fifty
something English teacher who in turn introduced her to the pleasures of
loving women. Now, she was using her skills yet again to pursue the latest
apple of her lustful eye. And it worked to perfection as Nicole's face went
blank. Her mind thought of nothing else except that beautiful watch and the
sound of Miss Johnson, the two forces working in concert to surround
Nicole, enveloping her, gently breaking down her resistance and sending her
into a deep, deep sleep. A few moments more and she would belong completely
to the older woman to do with as she pleased.

And so it began. The trap had been sprung. Nicole had been caught totally
off guard without realizing what was happening to her, and because of it,
her whole life was about to change. She was now in the hands of her
tormentress, a master of seduction who used her talents to draw whomever
she desired into an inescapable web of sensuality. In a few short minutes,
Nicole was fast asleep.
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