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Nifty - Lesbian - Highschool - Miss Johnson - Miss Johnson 11

Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 05:42:12 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: MISS JOHNSON 11


This story contains descriptions of explicit lesbian sexual acts between
high school teenagers and adults. If this type of content offends you or
you are under the age of 18 do not read it.

This story is a work of fiction. The characters contained within do not
refer to any actual persons either living or dead. The "Everson School for
Girls" is a fictionalized place created solely for literary purposes and
does not in any way refer to an actual school under the same name, whether
wholly or in part.


Miss Johnson

Part XI -- Capitulation, part 1

"What's that on the bed?" Nicole took off her school blazer and put it on
the chair in the corner. First week of December -- exams would start in two

"Oh, just a little something that arrived in the mail today," Miss Johnson
had taken off her own blouse and was beginning to undo her skirt.

Nicole kicked slipped off her shoes, and then took a nervous breath as she
began to unbutton her uniform shirt. She stared briefly at the medium sized
parcel resting on the bedspread.

Miss Johnson took notice of Nicole's curiosity. Once again, just as she'd
hoped. "Would you like to have a look?" The older woman had removed her
garter and had started sliding one stocking down her leg. "I think you'll
find it interesting."

Nicole's skirt dropped to the floor. "What is it?"

Miss Johnson smiled at Nicole and stopped undressing. She walked over to
the teenager and kissed her lightly on the mouth. "It's a surprise," she

The now familiar feeling of very nervous butterflies instantly landed in
Nicole's stomach. Miss Johnson's surprises had a habit of winding up with
Nicole losing consciousness for several minutes from fervid amatory
bliss. Miss Johnson had that look in her eye, though, the one that said the
teacher would somehow have her way. Better to find out now. "Sure," Nicole
said bravely. "Why not?"

Miss Johnson kissed Nicole again, lingering the osculation before pulling
away and smiling. "I'll be right back," she whispered with a wink. She
turned and walked toward the bed, picking up the package before sauntering
off towards the bathroom.

Nicole finished undressing - save for her bra and panties - and climbed
into bed, pulling the covers up over herself, and waited. She was relieved
when Miss Johnson went to the bathroom so that she could finish taking off
her clothes. Though the teenager had progressed considerably since their
first encounter back in September, Nicole still found the idea of disrobing
in front of Miss Johnson somewhat intimidating. That they had been engaged
in an openly consensual sexual association for some time did not diminish
the 38 year old English teacher's foreboding aura whenever she was in the
room. This was something Nicole reflected on often, and found to be quite
odd. She rarely found anyone to be scary or threatening, yet Miss Johnson
always seemed to have the advantage of her emotionally, as if the older
woman knew more about what she was feeling more than she did.

It made sense, in a way. Nicole was in many ways a typical teenager,
wanting to spread her wings and fly like a full-fledged independent
adult. She loved her parents very much, but she couldn't wait to get to
college so that she could be on her own. At the same time, however, she
was very savvy and had enough youthful experiences to understand that she
was still only eighteen, and that there was a lot she didn't know. She had
long ago gotten over the whole "I'm the adult, you're the child, I know
better than you" frame of mind, because she was smart enough to know that
in a lot of ways it was true. She didn't mind; adulthood would be here soon

But this was different. Having her parents or someone older relating to her
because "they were eighteen once, too" was different. Miss Johnson took it
further, seeming to know more about want Nicole wanted & desired before
Nicole even understood what she wanted & desired. Even the episode with
Ms. Jackson which at first thought seemed repulsive turned out upon
reflection to be exciting far beyond anything she could have imagined. It
was as if the older woman knew instinctively that Nicole would be receptive
to such grandiose sexual performances - how else could Nicole explain her
presence now in the bed of a female high school English teacher nearly
twice her own age, almost fully naked and awaiting to be fucked profusely?

Nicole didn't think about it anymore but instead sighed nervously and
closed her eyes, waiting to see what Miss Johnson had in store for
them. The bathroom door finally opened, and Miss Johnson reemerged clad in
her beautiful black silk robe.

Nicole looked strangely at the garment and pointed. "Don't you already have
a robe like that, Miss Johnson?"

"Hmmm?" The older woman's eyebrows went up as she puzzled for a
moment. "Oh, no, no!" she said, finally understanding. "No, you are quite
right, Miss Taylor. This is the same robe you've seen me wear in the past."
She undid the sash. "No -- THIS is what came in the box." She slipped out
of the robe and let it fall to the floor, resting her hands on her hips.

Miss Johnson had strapped around her waist what looked like a new dildo,
though its appearance was quite different. It looked a great deal like an
actual man's penis, complete with testicles, pubic hair and a flesh colored
band surrounding the older woman's hips. It was almost as if Miss Johnson
had had a partial sex change operation -- except that the phallus itself
was only averaged sized.

"Well, what do you think?"

Nicole was really puzzled now. "'s...great!!!"

"A ringing endorsement, indeed," Miss Johnson frowned.

Nicole continued her look of bewilderment. "Well, I's...kind

"Small?" Miss Johnson raised a single eyebrow while finished the teenager's
sentence. "Is that what you were about to say?"

Nicole was backed into an embarrassing corner. "Well..."

"Miss Taylor, please: Stand up for me a moment."

Nicole hesitated, then pulled back the covers and stood up facing the older
woman, who then sighed and shook her head.

"Still, Miss Taylor? After all this time and after all we've experienced
together, you are still self-conscious of being unclothed in my presence?"

Nicole face twisted in guilty embarrassment.

"Come now, enough of this. Please. Remove your undergarments and let me see
you as nature intended. There is no need to be shy."

Nicole breathed nervously, then reached behind her and undid the clasp on
her brassiere. She slid the straps off her shoulders before slipping the
cups from her sizable breasts and dropping the article to the floor. Then,
she reached her thumbs into the elastic band of her panties and slowly slid
them down her legs, stepping out of them and leaving them alongside her bra
she was now standing completely naked, causing Miss Johnson to breathe a
soulful sigh of praise as she examined the female form before her.

"Hmmm," she exhaled, shaking her head. "Lovely." She reached down and began
to fondle her new toy, squeezing the penis & balls together and slowly
jerking on the shaft.

"You are a beautiful and sexy young lady, my dear Miss Taylor. It's about
time you discovered that fact for yourself and accepted it. As I have told
you on many a previous occasion, you have lovely physical attributes - you
should not hide them nor be ashamed to let the world revel in them whenever
you wish. Believe me, they are enough to awaken the appetites of even the
most chaste of men -- or women, as the case may be."

After a moment, her fondling stopped. She let go of the toy and let her
hand drop to her side.

Nicole still stood with a puzzled look, until she saw the dildo begin to
twitch. Then, it began growing, slowly getting longer and larger right in
front of her. Miss Johnson got that familiar lustful glint in her eye,
putting her hands back on her hips as she watched Nicole's stare, the
teenager's mouth now open in disbelief at what she was seeing.

The phallus grew longer and thicker, twitching the way a normal penis would
when becoming erect. It swelled to its full length, and its girth was so
wide Nicole was sure her hand could not completely take hold of it. The
fake penis continued throbbing as it rose slowly, the big, bulbous head
eventually staring Nicole right in the face, then rising even more until
the shaft was almost vertical. What had been only an average sized penis
had now grown to a raging hard-on twelve inches in length. Nicole's eyes
were wide with wonderment as she watched it throb, the veins on the
underside now pulsing with anticipation.

"What do you think now, Miss Taylor?" Miss Johnson's voice was husky.

Nicole opened her mouth to say somehthing, but stammered instead as she
started to speak. "How...How did - "

"I'm not entirely sure how it works," the older woman cut her
off. "Technology was never my strong suit. But it has an attachment that
fits inside of the wearer, so as the wearer becomes aroused, so the special
rubber expands. As you can see, it looks, feels, and reacts very much the
way a man's penis would. Better still, as it throbs inside someone else, so
does the attachment stimulate inside the wearer, so both engaging parties
can reach the boundaries of pleasure together."

Nicole shook her head. "My goodness..."

Miss Johnson walked closer to Nicole. "Come, my dear -- shall we give it a

"Miss Johnson, stop!" Nicole backed away and put up her hand. Her reaction
was more shocking to her than it was to Miss Johnson.

The older woman cringed her eyebrows, and her 'erection' began to
fail. "Miss Taylor?"

Nicole never took her eyes off the appendage. "I...don't..."

"What? You think it's too much? Oh, come now, Miss Taylor, you've..." The
teacher stopped midsentence and stood back. She eyed Nicole carefully,
examining the look of concern in the young girl's eyes. "Perhaps you're
right, Miss Taylor. Perhaps this is too big a step for this evening."

The dildo was now completely flaccid, and Miss Johnson took great care in
removing the secondary attachment from her own vagina as she climbed out of
the accoutrement, leaving Nicole to catch her breath in relief. She put a
hand on the night table to steady herself, raising the other to her chest
and closing her eyes.

The older woman walked over to Nicole and pushed the teenager down on the
bed before climbing on top of her, pinning her arms over her head. "Perhaps
tonight," she said, looking down at Nicole, "we'll be just women..." She
kissed Nicole, gently parting the lips and inserting her tongue deeply into
Nicole's mouth.

And so yet another night of passion between the two ladies began as it had
on other occasions before now, with a fiery embrace and an insatiable Miss
Johnson soon descending down Nicole's supple form to eat her
senselessly. Pleasurable as it was, however, it was not the manner Miss
Johnson had intended. She truly wanted to try her new toy on Nicole,
convinced they would both experience heights of pleasure they hadn't dared
reach in all of their previous encounters, but she thought it best not to
push. No matter, though -- yet another opportunity would soon come for
Nicole to more than enjoy the latest addition to Miss Johnson's sexual
arsenal. It would begin the following week as Miss Johnson plan for having
Amanda join the fun was finally ready to initiate.


"She won't speak at all?" Headmistress Reed's pace was swift, and Nurse
Jones fought to keep up with her.

"No. She's trying, but every time she does she begins crying again. It's
all I can do just to get her to calm down. I tried giving her a sedative,
but she won't take it."

"You're sure it's not just a case of exam week jitters?"

"Not in this case, I don't think so."

"Did she say anything when she came to see you?"

"Only that she saw something."

Ms. Reed sighed heavily. "Not a very promising start to a Thursday morning
-- especially during mid-terms."

The two women reached the infirmary and went inside. Amanda was sitting on
a bunk, doubled over and shaking. She looked terrible -- her eyes were
bloodshot from crying and her hair was a mess. She hadn't slept the night
before, and wasn't able to eat anything at breakfast. It was all she could
do to make it to the infirmary at Hainsworth before the morning bell.

Ms. Reed sat down beside the teenager. "Amanda? Can you hear me?"

Amanda looked up, her eyes watering. "Ms. Reed...I'm sorry...I..."

Ms. Reed put a hand on the teenagers shoulder to steady her. "It's alright,
dear. It's alright. No one's going to hurt you." The headmistress took a
good look at Amanda before continuing. "Have you eaten anything yet today?"

Amanda shook her head.

"Do you think you could eat something?"

Amanda shook her head again.

"Alright." Ms. Reed paused again. "Amanda, look at me."

Amanda looked up.

"What happened?"

Amanda's lower lip quivered.

"Nurse Jones says that you saw something -- what did you see?"

Tears now. "I'm sorry...I just can't..." Amanda sobbed.

"Alright, dear. Alright. Just try to calm down." The headmistress leaned
back and sighed again. "Maybe if we called your parents..."

"NO!!!" Amanda's reaction was as violent as it was surprising -- even to
Amanda. "I mean, I can't tell my parents...not right now...I just..."

More sobbing.

Ms. Reed was truly puzzled. In thirty years of teaching, she'd seen more
than her share of student crises. This was different. She caught the eye of
Nurse Jones and nodded at the door. The two women walked outside and closed
the door. The headmistress spoke first.

"What do you think?"

"Well, whatever it was that she saw was major. I've never seen a student
physically react like this except in cases involving severe emotional

"But surely, if it was something that serious, we'd have heard about it by
now from the faculty or one of the other students."

"Not necessarily. In any event, we need to get her to open up about what
she saw. She's keeping something terrible inside her, and it's affecting
her physically. The only way she can deal with it is to get it out in the
open & talk about it."

"You want her to see a counselor?"

"Yes, exactly."

Ms. Reed looked inside the room and shrugged. "I agree. Do you have anyone
in mind?"

"Not for something like this. We haven't had cause for it for a long, long
time. But I can call the hospital in town and get a referral."

Ms. Reed shook her head. "That won't be necessary. I know someone I can
call directly. She's very good, and she's had a lot of experience in
dealing with troubled teens and situations like this. I'll call her today
and see if she can come up immediately. What do you suggest in the mean

"I'll keep her here and try & get her to eat something. She needs to
rest. She looks like she hasn't slept at all. I'll try one more time to get
her to take a sedative. Are you going to call her parents?"

The headmistress shook her head. "We can't - not without Amanda's
permission, and certainly not until we know what's wrong. Her parents
aren't local, and I don't want to have them come all this way just to keep
them in the dark. Let's see if the woman I'm going to contact can help
first; if she can't, then we'll see about contacting her parents. Keep me
informed as to how she's doing. Try to get her to eat something -- that
might help her sleep."

The nurse nodded and went back inside while Ms. Reed walked back to her

Friday afternoon came. Nicole calmly walked inside Miss Johnson's home and
shut the door. The key she used she'd discovered when she returned from
class that afternoon. It came in an envelope placed on the bed in her dorm
room, alone with a note:

"I may be a little indisposed this evening, so please come in and make
yourself at home. I had the key made for you. Not to worry, my dear -- I
trust you. Miss J."

There was lipstick on the paper where Miss Johnson had kissed the note
before putting it in the envelope.

Finding the key on her bed without knowing how Miss Johnson got it there
would've been cause enough for Nicole to be upset, as would having her post
exam collapse into a very badly needed state of restfulness interrupted by
having to come all this way to Miss Johnson's home. But Nicole's anger was
from a very different place, one that was much deeper and much more
personal - and a great deal more explosive.

Nicole looked around for the older woman to no avail. "Miss Johnson?" she
called out.

"Miss Taylor? Is that you?" Miss Johnson called out from upstairs. "I'm up
here, Miss Taylor. Go ahead and come on up."

Nicole heard the voice and made for the staircase, careful to gather
herself and keep her anger under control as she started climbing upwards.

Amanda lay still on a comfortable chaise lounge, silently starting at the
wall. She was so tired, but didn't want to sleep anymore. She'd been
sleeping since being sent home from infirmary yesterday,getting out of bed
only long enough to speak with Nurse Jones and Ms. Reed earlier that

Ms. Reed explained to Amanda that she knew of an experienced counselor who
had great success in helping teenagers, and who had agreed on very short
notice to see Amanda at the Headmistress' request. Miss Reed was convinced
that, whatever it was that was bothering Amanda, her associate could help,
and she hoped Amanda would agree to go and talk to her.

Amanda wasn't initially sure it was such a good idea to reveal what she
knew to a complete stranger. She'd hoped to have more time to figure out
what to do, but there simply wasn't any. The events of the last several
months had to come out in the open eventually, and what she saw Wednesday
afternoon was simply the last straw. There wasn't a choice about it now -
she had to get it off her chest, if nothing else than for her own health
and peace of mind. Besides, talking about it with someone outside the
school might have it's advantages. So Amanda reluctantly agreed.

Amanda then washed and dressed, and rode with Nurse Jones into the
town. The nurse gave Amanda the counselor's name, and then dropped Amanda
off at the front door of a very comely colonial house. An elderly woman
answered the door, who then led Amanda downstairs to the basement, which
looked very much like an ordinary living room. Comfortable sitting chairs,
a writing desk in the corner, a fireplace, dark wood paneling, nice artwork
on the walls - all the trappings of an elegant and tastefully furnished New
England home.

Amanda sat down on the chaise and tried to relax. She closed her eyes and
breathed deeply, wondering how she was ever going to start to explain all
of this. The thought was too tiring to consider, so Amanda stopped thinking
about it and just waited, doing her best to relax - in the basement of Miss
Johnson's home.

The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs made Amanda sit up and make
herself ready. The door opened, and a very demure African American woman
stepped into the room and offered her hand to Amanda.

"Hello, Amanda. I'm Cynthia Jackson."

Nicole arrived at Miss Johnson's bedroom and went inside just as the older
woman was coming out of the bathroom. The teacher was wearing her robe and
applying a moist wash cloth to her face and neck.

"Greetings, Miss Taylor. Do come in, please."

Nicole just stood there and looked blankly at Miss Johnson as the older
woman continued. "I wasn't expecting you 'till later on." The older woman
then saw Nicole's odd expression & frowned. "Miss Taylor?"

Nicole said nothing.

Miss Johnson's frown continued. "Something's amiss, I see..."

Nicole began to speak. Her tone was flat. "Amanda hasn't been in class for
the last two days. She was in the infirmary yesterday morning, and then
sent back to the dorm. No one has seen her since."

Miss Johnson folded her arms. "Yes, I know. Something to do with her
nerves, I'm told."

"Nerves?" Nicole's anger was beginning to build. "You think this is all
because of nerves?"

"Miss Taylor, it's not uncommon for students to sometimes overexert
themselves during exams. They study too much, don't eat properly or get
enough sleep. Sometimes it results in physical symptoms. You should know
this as well as Ms. Martin. It happens all the time, and not just here at

Nicole fought to keep her voice level. "Amanda Martin is one of the best
and brightest and most dedicated students I know. She actually LIKES doing
homework instead of partying and shopping, which is strange since she's
still pretty much a kid. There isn't a subject or a teacher here at Everson
or anywhere else that she can't handle."

"Miss Taylor, I know it's difficult to understand, but even the best of

"But that's not the part that really bothers me." Nicole cut off the older
woman, clearly riding on the edge. "What REALLY bothers me is something
Nurse Jones said to me when I went to the infirmary to check on Amanda."

Miss Johnson paced a moment. "And? What did the nurse tell you?"

"Nothing." The expression on Nicole's face turned ice cold. "She couldn't
tell me what was wrong with Amanda, only that she was being looked after
and not to worry. But she knew Amanda and I were friends, so she asked me
if I talked to her recently. I asked her why. Wanna know what she said?"

The teacher paused, knowing what the answer would be. "Go ahead, Miss

Nicole paused and took a step towards Miss Johnson, her smoldering glare
never breaking contact with the English teacher's eyes. "She said Amanda
saw something."

The silence that passed in the air was thick enough to set on fire. All
that could be heard was the gentle tick-tick-tick from the clock nearby.
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Nifty - Lesbian - Highschool - Miss Johnson - Miss Johnson 11