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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Aunt Seduced Her Niece

Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 22:49:06 -0800
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Subject: Aunt Seduced Her Niece (lesbian /incest, F/g)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts between young
teenager and a woman. If this type of content
offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not
read it.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be
downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending
to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your
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Aunt seduces her niece

       It all started in the year 1985 when a well to do
Canadian visited Delhi, India and married a girl from a
wealthy family. Simran was born soon after. She
spent the first eight years in Delhi playing with the
other children. Eventually their family moved to
Ontario, Canada.

       When they settled in Ontario they bought a
home near Simran's aunt, her dad's sister. Her name
was Nancy. She was in her forties. At first Simran
did not like her aunt because every time they met her
aunt had to greet her with hugs and kisses. Simran
was just not that type of person. She resented her
personal space being invaded that much. Having
someone hugging, pinching her cheek and kissing her
on the mouth was disturbing. It was natural that she
tried to avoid her aunt as much as possible.

       Simran was thirteen when her parents planned
on going to a dinner party that would have them away
most of the night. It happened on the same day that
was the housemaid's day off. Her parents told her
that she would have to stay with her aunt Nancy.
She tried to convince her parents that she did not
need someone to baby-sit for her. They did not
listen to her at all. They insisted on dropping her off
at Nancy's on their way to the party.

       As soon as her parents left on their date aunt
Nancy gave Simran a wicked smile. She didn't
understand what the smile meant at the time. She
just felt uncomfortable.

       Nancy insisted on giving her a tight hug while
she said, "You look so beautiful today baby."

       Simran pulled away from her and sought refuge
in another part of the spacious house. She could hear
her aunt laughing as she fled her presence. She tired
to avoid her as much as she could but as the evening
progressed the time came when they would have to go
to bed.

       Nancy suggested that she sleep in bed with her.
Simran didn't want to sleep with her but as luck would
have it a thunder storm came in and the lightning
flashes followed by the clap of thunder frightened
her. As a result she put on her nightgown and
followed Nancy to her bedroom. She watched Nancy
put on a very low cut nightie. Half of her large
breasts were visible. Simran was uncomfortable
seeing her aunt's almost naked body. She was even
more uncomfortable when her aunt pulled her close
and pressed her body against hers and kissed her on
the mouth as she said, "Good night sweetie."

       When they got into bed Simran pulled the
blankets up to her head and closed her eyes against
the flashes of light and shut out the sound of
thunder and drifted off to sleep.

       In her sleep she dreamed that someone was
touching her breasts and pulling on her nipples. At
one point she felt a hand lightly touch her pussy. She
felt her nightgown being pulled up her body. At that
point she woke up and sat up in bed.

       There was not a lot of light in the room but she
saw her aunt had pulled her nightgown up and was
struggling to pull it over her head. She shouted out
in anger, "What are you doing?" Then she started to
get out of the bed.

       Nancy grabbed her by the shoulders and forced
her back down on the bed. She was much stronger
than the thirteen year old girl after all Nancy weighs
about 645 kg. There was no chance that Simran was
going to be able to extricate herself from the grasp
of her aunt. She continued to struggle but it was like
a deer in the grasp of the jaws of a lion. During her
struggles Nancy slapped her face hard. That stunned
her and she stopped struggling. Nancy commanded,
"Keep quiet."

       Simran could not believe she had slapped her.
Even her parents had never slapped her before. She
started to cry. Nancy slapped her face again. She
demanded, "Shut up. No one can hear you. If you
don't stop I will beat you."

       Simran believed her. She knew there was no
one in the house to come to her rescue. She stopped
struggling and choked back the tears. She just lay
there silently on the bed.

       When Nancy saw that she had given up the
struggle she relaxed her grip on her body and started
to kiss her on the mouth again. She nibbled on her
lips like they were sweet candy. She inserted her
tongue into Simran's mouth. At the same time she
placed her hands on Simran's breasts. Simran was
just starting to develop breasts. They were hardly a
handful. They were about the size of a guava.

       Nancy ran her hands under her nightgown and
grasping her tits and twisting her nipples vigorously.
Simran pleaded with Nancy to stop because she was
naturally shy and no one had ever touched her that
way before. She still felt guilty about masturbating
in private. She felt that she had a weak character
because she could not stop from playing with herself
in ways that she had been taught were wrong. She
had never let a boy touch her private parts before.

       She made one more attempt to get free of her
aunt's grasp. All she managed to do was anger Nancy.
She slapped her face with her right hand and again on
the back stroke. She reached under the bed and
pulled out a cane. Simran had no idea that she kept
such things under her bed. She pleaded with her not
to use it on her but Nancy physically drug Simran
over her lap and striped her naked butt with red
marks that stung like she was being branded. Simran
pleaded with her to stop through her sobs. The
caning didn't stop until there were at least ten
stripes across her butt and the backs of her thighs.
At that point Nancy said, "Be quiet and do as you're
told or I will resume caning you."

       Simran said, "I promise to behave."

       Nancy lifted Simran's head and kissed her on
the mouth. "If you let me do what ever I want to
you, I'm sure you will enjoy it."

       When she was satisfied that there was no
resistance from Simran she removed the nightgown
and tossed it aside like it was a soiled rag she was

       Simran was shy about her nakedness and tried
to cover her breasts with one arm and her crotch
with her other hand. She closed her eyes tightly.
Nancy pulled her hand away from her tit and placed
her mouth over the entire breast. With her left
hand she pressed against the other breast. After
sucking the right tit until it was almost painful she
switched to the left tit. When she sat upright she
took hold of both nipples and twisted them. When
both of Simran's hand flew up to protect her tits
Nancy rammed her right hand down between her legs
and stuck a finger into her pussy.

       Simran reacted instinctually by trying to move
away from the invading finger. She pleaded, "Please,
for Gods sake stop this." It fell on deaf ears.

       Nancy used both hands to grasp both of her
legs and fold her backwards on the bed to expose her
bottom. Then she stuck a finger into her pussy. It
only took a little effort to penetrate the hymen. It
was over quickly. She started finger fucking her
niece vigorously. After sometime she noticed that
Simran was responding to her efforts. She could tell
that the girl was starting to enjoy the feelings she
was inducing in her body. Simran could not believe
the feelings she was starting to feel. She
surrendered to the feeling of her body like an
electrical shock that left her feeling spent.

       Nancy let go of her legs and placed her full
weight on top of her. She gathered up her arms over
her head and held both of her wrists with one hand.
Freeing up the other hand so that she could continue
to stab her fingers into wet pussy.

       Simran started to cry as she pleaded, "Aunty,
please stop. I'm going to die."

       Nancy said, "No worry honey you will not die
from what I am doing to you. Just keep quiet and let
me do what I am doing."

       Simran made one more effort to get up. Nancy
grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head down on
the bed roughly. She demanded, "Stop struggling or
I will pull every hair out of your head."

       Simran stopped resisting. Nancy increased the
pumping of her hand into the young girl's pussy until
something happened. It was as if something burst
inside of her. It felt like water was flowing between
her thighs. The bed felt wet under her butt. She
thought she has lost control of her bladder. She felt
exhausted and very tired. She wanted to lie still as a
dead person but her aunty was down between her legs
lapping at her pussy. She seemed to be enjoying the
taste of the juices she was lapping up. After some
time she let go of Simran's hands and moved up her
body to kiss her on the lips and say, "You are a very
tasty young girl."

       Nancy went to her armoire and took something
from it. With her back turned she stepped into what
looked like some sort of black thong. When she
turned around she was sporting something that
looked like a man's cock sticking out of the front of
the device she was tightly strapping around her waist.

       Simran asked, "What are you going to do with
that thing?"

       Nancy said in a very serious tone, "Tonight, I am
going to make you a complete woman."

       When the meaning struck Simran she bolted off
of the bed in an attempt to flee the room. Nancy
intercepted her before she could make it to the door.
She dragged her by the wrist back to the bed very
rudely and flung her on the bed.

       Nancy sat straddle of Simran's waist to hold
her down before she picked up the cane and laid a
few stripes across the girl's breasts. The caning hurt
terribly. She pleaded with Nancy, "Don't take my
virginity. You can do anything you want but not this."

       Nancy just laughed as if she were a foolish
person. She soothed her skin by stroking her breasts
with tender care. "Don't be afraid, honey, it will only
hurt for a little while."

       Simran said, "My friends that have had sex with
boys told me it hurts terribly."

       Nancy said, "Your friends are wrong. After the
stabbing pain subsides you will feel a pleasure like
nothing you have ever felt before. You will like it
very much.

       Simran had no choice when Nancy saw the
resignation to her fate in Simran's eyes she
proceeded to spread Simran's legs widely and
assumed the dominate position between her legs and
positioned the head of the dildo at the opening of her
pussy and thrusted her hips forward in one swift
motion. The great pain was as swift as a hot knife
cutting through butter. Simran tried to push Nancy
away but she was too heavy and much stronger.
Nancy inserted the full length of the dildo into her
pussy. She paused a moment to kiss Simran and
whisper in her ear, "I am very pleased that I was the
one to pop your cheery."

       After that Nancy pulled the dildo out of her
pussy and it was coated with blood. She removed the
dildo from the harness and sucked on it like a mad
person. She had a look in her eye that told Simran
not to interfere with her as she put the dildo back in
the harness and inserted it back into the girl's body

       Had Simran complained about the pain, it would
not have stopped Nancy, would not have deterred her
from thrusting her hips in and out, thrusting the
dildo like a mad person.

       Simran was crying because of the pain but the
pain changed to a feeling even stronger than when
she had masturbated. She even started thrusting
her hip upwards to meet the thrust of the woman.
She felt the orgasm build inside her body until she
was clinging to Nancy. She was clawing her back like
an animal. When the climax overtook her she flung
her arms out and there was blood under her nails.
Nancy must have climaxed too.

       She collapsed on top of Simran like a heavy
potato sack. Her head was resting next to Simran's
ear as she went to sleep. Her breathing was like the
roar of the ocean as she slept. Simran knew she was
asleep and the dildo was still in her. There was a dull
throbbing down there but she went to sleep too.

       The next morning they bathed in the tub
together. As the water cooled off they added more
hot water. The must have soaked for two hours.

       Simran fell in love with her aunt after that.
She no longer resented her touchy feely ways. The
strange thing was that over the years the roles
between them changed. Simran became the dominate
partner in their relationship. Simran would be the
one to strap on the dildo and fuck her aunt.

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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Aunt Seduced Her Niece