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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Dream Love

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 07:17:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: Trish M. <>
Subject: "Dream Love"

If you're not of the age-of-consent in your state or territory or are
repelled by the depiction of lovemaking between a mother and her teenaged
daughter, stop reading this now. Otherwise continue and, hopefully, enjoy.

"Dream Love"
Trish M.

"Mmmmmmmmmm. Yessssssss, right there. God, that is soooooooooo fucking

On my way to bed, I stopped before my daughter Kristin's bedroom door when
I heard this. It was definitely her voice, and I thought for a few moments
she might have someone with her. But then it occurred to me that it was
more likely that she was dreaming: Kristin is a deep sleeper, but quite
vocal when she dreamed. Still, I decided to peek in to make sure she was
indeed alone. Too, I was curious: I've heard her murmuring in her sleep as
though she was talking to a friend, her brother, me, or even having a
nightmare; but never had her dream talk sounded so...erotic.

I slowly opened the door and peeked in; by the glow of the streetlight
outside her window, she was easy to see. She lay in her full-sized bed on
her back, wearing what I knew to be just a tank top and panties, and was
obviously writhing; as she continued to murmur ("oooooooooh, Jesus,
yessssssssss, suck them, suck them hard...bite them! Ahhhhhhhh..."), her
arms and legs moved up and down, side to side; her fingers gripped the
sheets; her back arched and her hips thrust up; and her head thrashed back
and forth as she panted. This display of lovely, sinuous delight was very
captivating; quite unconsciously I opened the door more widely and entered
my daughter's room, slowly walking toward her bed. I also hoped she might
give me some idea as to whom she was with.

I stood above Kristin as she moved in seemingly increasing pleasure,
alternately gasping and biting her lower lip. In the streetlamp's light I
could see beads of perspiration on her smooth, soft skin; see her small,
round breasts quivering, and her rose-petal nipples becoming tight and hard
under the thin tank top; and quite to my surprise and confused fascination,
smell the sweet-salty scent of her arousal. My gaze traveled down her
slender body to the crotch of her panties; I took in a quick, quiet breath
as I saw the small but spreading stain there.

Watching my daughter's erotic dreaming, I couldn't help but look at her in
a way different, yet somehow complementary, than I usually did; as my
beloved child but also as a sexual being, delighting in herself and her
capacity for pleasure. Only 16, Kristin was lovely: around 5'4 and 105
pounds; shoulder-length chestnut hair; oval face with large, jade eyes and
a small, full mouth; slim-formed, with round, high breasts; a narrow waist
and a flat tummy with the cutest slit of a navel; gently rounded hips; long
legs with full thighs and narrow calves; tiny feet with long toes, curling
now in her abandon; and glowing, silken, pale skin over every inch. I was
maternally proud of my daughter's beauty, and now was taking a certain
perverse pride in her sensuality nakedly on show before me. Plus, I found
that my curiosity about Kristin's dream-loving was turning more...personal.

As I stared, seemingly hypnotized, I found myself becoming aroused:
breathing faster, my nipples tightening, and squeezing my thighs together;
quite unconsciously for us both, Kristin's delight was turning me on. At
the first touch of my fingers to my aching breasts, I jerked back to
myself: what was I doing; becoming excited, then even more so, as I spied
on my daughter's erotic dreams? At that point I knew, morally and
ethically, that I should have withdrawn and let her have her delightful
visions alone. But...I've long known myself to be a highly erotic person;
easily aroused, if rather shy about seeking its fulfillment with someone
else. So, seeing someone so obviously in the throes of passion, despite
that person being a young woman and my own daughter, I simply couldn't help
being caught in the delicious trap of becoming turned on,
too...I-simply-couldn't. Even the sudden, shocking, and self-disgusted
realization that my spying on Kristin, asleep and unaware, was increasing
my arousal could stop me from continuing. Throwing convention to the wind,
I cupped my breasts and pinched my now-erect nipples between my fingers as
I watched my child's erotic display.

Panting now myself, I continued to touch and caress myself as I
concentrated on Kristin's murmured gasps: "Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, that is
soooooooooo fucking fine! I love what you're doing with your tongue!
Yessssssssssss, put your fingers there, oh right there...ahhhhhhhhh fuck,
what you're doing to me...ohhhhhhhhhh!" Need I mention that her foul
language, so unlike my darling, baby girl, was turning on me even more?
And, oh my God...was that the sound of *wetness* I heard as my daughter's
thighs thrashed in her ever-heightening ecstasy? My hands glided, quite
without control now, down over my heaving tummy and over my hips, pressing
on my soft cunt, now becoming moist with my own excitement. Even the
thought of discovering who she was dreaming of had completely slipped my
mind in the haze of my growing arousal.

Any hope I had of ending this madness was rapidly fading.

Breathing so hard and fast Kristin thrust up her hips again and again, the
stain now spreading all over the crotch of her panties and her scent
filling the room with a heady sweetness. She whispered, "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
God, when you lick me there, you drive me fucking crazy! So, so, sooooooooo
fucking gooooooood!" Her soft hair, now matting with her perspiration, was
thrown over her face as she shook her head wildly. Again, without conscious
thought, I reached down to move her hair from her face; as I did, I almost
jerked my hand back when Kristin smiled and murmured, "I adore your touch;
so soft and loving". With that, and with being struck by the silken,
baby-like softness of her skin, I knew I had to touch more of her. So, my
fingers slid, ever so gently, down over her temple, her cheek, her
mouth...and I almost climaxed right then and there when she opened her
lips, then closed them around my finger. She sucked my finger gently at
first, then harder, as I struggled to not let my now-weak knees cause me to
collapse to the floor; I trembled as I felt my pussy's nectar flow over the
swollen lips and trickle down my thighs. An involuntary moan escaped my
lips as Kristin's soft, wet tongue snaked over my finger.

Not wanting to, but desiring to continue my fingertip exploration, I gently
took my now-glistening finger from my daughter's warm mouth, and glided all
my fingers down the fevered skin of her throat; as I did this, Kristin
sighed and threw her head back. My fingers found their way down onto her
chest, then circled her small, quivering breasts; she panted, "Uh-huh,
uh-huh, oooooooooh, I love having my boobs touched and played with, and you
do it sooooooo nicely!" I smiled to myself as my fingers spiraled inward,
ever closer to her tiny, hard nipples. When my forefinger touched her left
nipple she gasped, and her back arched again. She whispered,
"Yessssssssssssss!" She thrashed all over the bed as I first caressed, then
flicked, then pinched her erect nipples. She gasped and cried out, and her
hands covered mine; I almost stopped touching her, but she did this only to
push my palm onto her lovely, ever-so-soft breast.

Suddenly, she whispered, "I can't stand this anymore!", and for a
heartbroken moment I thought she wanted to stop. Instead, she continued:
"Your touching me is soooooooooooo fucking good, I'm about to cum! Fucking
god, make me naked right now; I need to feel your hands and mouth all over
me!" I gaped stupidly for a few moments, only slowly realizing my own
daughter wanted me to undress her so I could further take advantage of her!
Well, sad to say that by this time any compunction and self-control I might
have had was long gone; I was almost mindless in my arousal, and wanted
nothing more than to make love with this beautiful young girl, writhing and
panting before me...who happened to be my own flesh-and-blood, and only
dreaming this. Those facts made the prospect almost unbearably

My heart in my throat, my tummy almost painfully knotted, and my cunt
pulsing with need, I whispered, "Sit up, darling." And Kristin immediately
sat up, and without my prompting raised her arms over head; her eyes still
closed and she seemingly still deeply asleep. With trembling fingers, I
fumbled with the hem of the thin tank top and then pulled the shirt over
her head and off, tossing it uncaringly away. I stopped a few moments to
admire my daughter's exposed beauty in the lamplight: those small, high
breasts, quivering with her heartbeat and breathing; those nipples, usually
round and plump like pink rose petals, now tiny, dark and hard; her flat,
soft tummy with its delightful little navel slit, gently undulating as she
breathed; her pale skin showing tiny glints of sweat. I'd only seen her
nude recently in passing, and paid attention to other girls her age only
when I was a teenager too and we played our little, erotic games; I'd never
fully appreciated how gorgeous she was becoming, nor had I any idea that
she could arouse me so...far more than anyone, man or woman, had before. I
realized that my danger was not only possibly alienating my daughter if she
discovered that I'd had sex with her while she was asleep, or getting
caught during or after the act by others; no, it was occurring to me that I
would have to fight falling in love with Kristin...

She smiled and whispered, "Now...", and laid back down on the bed, pushing
her hips up; it was obvious what she wanted. I smiled an affectionate,
aroused smile as I took the elastic of her now-sodden panties in my fingers
and pulled them down and off of her smooth, soft legs, tossing them away,
as well. Now my daughter laid naked before me: her gently flaring hips
heaved slowly; her neatly trimmed pubic hair glistened with her honey; her
legs splayed in naked invitation; her delicate, swollen pussy lips opened
and closed. Her eyes were still closed as her body undulated gently, her
breath came in small, fast gasps, her fingers clutched and released the
damp sheets. I trembled again as I gazed upon her, a last whisper of sanity
dying in my mind as my desire surged: I was going to make love to my
sleeping, dreaming daughter, and to hell with the consequences.

Kristin reached up to touch me for the first time (a hazy part of my mind
was amazed that she could detect so much in her sleep, such as where I was
at the moment); my whole body jerked and I inhaled sharply as she laid her
hands on my hips. I was heartbroken when I saw her frown as she caressed
me; I thought she was disappointed with the way I felt. In fact she was,
but not in the manner I thought; she let me know this by murmuring, "You're
not naked, too? Ohhhhhhhhh..." I laughed softly but giddily with my relief,
and whispered, "Just a minute, precious". I straightened to unbutton the
top of my satin pajamas, then shrug it off. It was followed by the bottoms,
then my quite-soaked panties. As I turned slightly to throw the pajama
bottoms to the side, I caught my reflection in the full-length mirror
attached to the wall. I turned fully to look at myself in the mirror for a
few moments, perhaps to see myself as Kristin might see me: a 37-year-old
woman, about 5'7 and around 135 pounds; shoulder-length, dark brown hair,
surrounding an oval face with hazel eyes and a wide mouth; fairly bosomy,
with large, round, brown nipples now tightened to aching points; a narrow
waist, and a slightly-rounded tummy with a wide slit of a navel; a bit
hippier with age, but not too much; a mound covered thickly with long,
straight, dark hair, now dewed with droplets of my excitement. I turned
once more, enough to see my bottom: round, high, full, but with no big
pocks of cellulite. I smiled, and thought to myself: "all in all, Trish,
not bad for a part-time college English instructor with two kids. Except
for the maddening horniness, divorcing Ron hasn't hurt you a bit. And now,
to claim the best of all possible rewards..."

I turned fully back to Kristin, who was still writhing on the bed. She
whispered just as I finished turning, "Mmmmmmmmm. That's the way I adore
seeing you. You're so beautiful and soooooooo fucking hot, I want and need
you to fuck me right now, so hard and so long that I pass out. Come
on...fuck me!" Had I been in my right mind I might have wondered if she was
still asleep, despite her eyes being closed; either she was awake and fully
consenting to this delicious insanity, or her erotic dream was perfectly
timed with reality. Sadly, I was far beyond caring; I wasn't thinking, only

I laid down beside Kristin; immediately, she took me into her arms and
pulled me close. The feel of her hot, moist skin against mine was
intoxicating. She took her face between her hands and pressed her lips to
mine; she kissed me with a passionate abandon, and I returned it in equal
measure. Her tongue glided over my lips, then pushed into my mouth,
entwining my tongue as I closed my lips and sucked. My fingers slid over
the soft skin of her back, up over her shoulders then down, down, down over
her spine to the small of her back; I gave in to temptation and took her
round, quivering bottom in my palms, squeezing both cheeks; she giggled
into my mouth, then gasped as my fingers glided over them into the cleft of
her bottom. Her fingers tightened painfully in my hair, where they had been
just caressing. The now-combined aromas of our flowing cunts were growing
thicker and headier by the moment. I wrapped my legs around my daughter,
and felt her do the same to me.

After kissing, tonguing, and caressing for what seemed a blissful eternity,
Kristin broke our kiss and trailed her tongue down my chin and onto my
throat. While I had given in completely to sin, I still knew what I wanted
first and foremost: to give pleasure to my darling daughter, and so receive
it in return. Thus, I regretfully lifted her head from my neck where she'd
been kissing, licking and sucking the skin of my throat, and whispered,
"Ah-ah, baby doll; you wanted pleasure, and you're going to get as much as
you can stand." She gave a mock pout, but then smiled and laid on her back,
her hand out to me, and her legs spread; her scent wafted even more
thickly, and I almost lost control. But as I moved to poise myself above
her I think we both knew she would get what she desired, and what I desired
above all else to give her.

I laid down on top of my nude daughter, my arms closing around her as her
arms and legs snaked around me. We pressed our breasts and pussies together
hungrily as I kissed her again; the heat of our need was almost
unbearable. This time it was my tongue that thrust into her mouth,
entwining itself around her tongue, and it was her lips that closed to
suck. I gasped into her mouth and pushed my breasts and cunt against her
even more forcefully as I felt her fingernails raking down my back. God,
she was a natural at this! Or had she lots of experience...? I pushed the
thought out of my mind as I tangled my fingers in Kristin's hair, first
caressing, then pulling; she cried out into my mouth as she wrapped her
legs more tightly about my hips and humped my mound even harder. I fucked
her pussy with mine until I felt the first glimmering of an orgasm start in
my erect, little clit. I then regretfully pulled my dripping cunt away from
hers despite her disappointment, then broke our kiss to trace my tongue
down onto her throat. There I licked and sucked the soft skin, to her
gasped cries of pleasure and her sinking her nails into the cheeks of my

After crazily making sure my daughter would have a hickey that would last a
while (and no doubt make her wonder how she could possibly have gotten it),
I glided my tongue down her chest and around her lovely breasts; her chest
and tummy heaved with her excitement. I swirled my tongue over the
silky-soft flesh of her left breast to the little nugget of a nipple
crowning it. As I licked her, I smiled as she whispered, "oooooooooh,
Jesus, yessssssssss, suck them again, suck them hard...bite them like you
did last time! Ahhhhhhhh..." I was happy to know my contribution to her
fantasy was as good as that of whomever she'd been with. I flicked my
tongue over the hard little button of flesh then took it between my lips,
sucking it in deep then gently closing my teeth around it. Kristin's
fingers delved into the cleft of my bottom as I sucked and nibbled her
nipple, squeezing my cheeks painfully as she gasped, "Yes, yes, yes, yes,
yessssssssssssssss!" and rubbed her sodden cunt over my tummy. Her skin was
delicious, especially marinated in her adolescent sweat.

I released her nipple to a small cry of disappointment; but she soon was
crooning in ecstasy again as I traced my tongue over to her other breast
and nipple, sucking the tiny nub of hard, sweet flesh into my mouth and
flicking it with my tongue tip, nibbling it with my teeth. Kristin buried
her face in my damp hair and whispered hoarsely, "I had no idea how good
you'd be, no idea at all. Oh, my fucking Godddddddd..." I smiled again as I
released her sensitive nipple and traced my tongue over to her armpit;
raising her arm, I buried my mouth in it, licking it to taste her
still-childish sweetness; she was almost crying in her pleasure.

I kissed and licked down further, over her side. At this she jumped and
giggled, whispering laughingly, "Stop it! I'm ticklish, ya know!" I did
know, but my pleasure at making love with my daughter had made me sillily
giddy, and I continued to tickle her. She laughed harder, though never
higher than a whisper, until she was gasping and hiccupping. I only
relented when she choked out, "Stoppppp---it! You're making me---pee
on---myself!" I nipped her skin with my teeth, catching a whiff of
something: yes, I guess I did make her wet herself; I supposed that I
should feel bad about it, but somehow it only aroused me all the more. I
let her lay there and catch her breath as I kissed and licked over her
heaving tummy, tasting milky sweetness of her young skin and the salt of
her sweat. She gasped almost loudly and gripped the wrought-iron headboard
when I plunged my tongue into her navel; she coughed out, "Oh, my fucking
God! I can't believe how good this is!"

By now, the scrumptious scent of Kristin's glistening pussy was driving me
wild; I'd never tasted a woman's juices save my own, but there was nothing
more exciting, more intoxicating at this moment than the smell of my
daughter's cunt-nectar...mixed with the aroma of her urine, it somehow made
me even more needful. I kissed and licked my way down her tummy, holding
her more-or-less still by her hips. I pushed her soft, moist thighs further
apart, then kissed, licked and nibbled the satiny flesh of their inner
sides. The only idea I had as to what to do at this point was what I knew I
liked, so I employed it...and it seemed to be working, as my daughter
become increasingly agitated: gasping, moaning and cursing, and her pussy
was now saturated by its look and smell.

"Oh fuck, oh God, oh Jesus, please...I can't take anymore! Fuck me now,
lick me now, make me cum now. Fuck, fuck,, now, NOW!" Kristin
was almost crying again, thrashing, thrusting her cunt toward my mouth; I
looked up to see her pinching and pulling her nipples. I smiled and
relented once more; my darling was going to get what she

I pressed my lips to the soft, thin hair of her mound; she immediately
thrust her pussy up again. I kissed and traced my tongue over her mound,
then down between her inner thighs and her cuntlips; my first taste of her
honey was almost overwhelming: sweet, tart, and beyond divine. As I trailed
my tongue lightly over her swollen pussy lips, she gasped hard and fast
between her teeth, pushing her cunt up and out again and again. I tasted
her pee when I glided my tongue tip downward over her slit; lightly salty,
wholly delicious. After this delight, I opened her lips with my tongue and
pushed it inside my daughter. She reacted by arching her back and crying
out, pumping her oozing pussy to my mouth, fucking herself with my tongue;
I could feel her hard, little clit tickling my nose.

I didn't relent, this time; I thrust my tongue deeply inside her, tasting
her, swallowing her delectable cum as it flowed into my mouth, tracing my
tongue tip over her sugar walls as far as I could go...then pushed deeper
as Kristin grasped my hair and pushed my face deeper into her now-sloshing
cunt. I almost drowned, never dreaming and not caring that a girl her age
could get so copiously wet, only continuing to tonguefuck her, drink her,
relish her, love her. But, as it seemed she would last longer than me I
pulled my tongue out but continued to lick her inner and outer lips,
enjoying the mixed flavors of nectar and pee as I never thought I would.

By now Kristin had lifted her lovely legs until they were almost touching
her chest; when she did this, I saw by the dim glow of the streetlamp her
anal rosebud. I'd licked Ron's a few times and had him lick mine many more,
but never was I so tempted, so desirous, to taste someone's flower than I
was now. So, I gently pressed my mouth to her rose; her body jerked and she
gasped, but this turned into a cry when the tip of my tongue touched, then
glided, around it. As I licked and tasted her flower (a heady bouquet of
her own clean, natural odor combined with her ever-flowing cunt honey and
urine; I felt my own pussy clench and gush more as I enjoyed it). I wanted
to push my tongue within this lovely place too; but no matter how much I
coaxed her to relax, she was simply too tight. "Ah, well; hopefully another
time," I thought. I feasted on her lovely bottom for a long time before she
made her need apparent again: "Oh God, I'm so close, I can't believe it,
just fucking my cunt and licking my ass have almost made me cum! Please, oh
fucking, pleeeeeeeease make me cum now! Lick me here", she touched her
stiffly erect clit, then continued, "or I'll just die! Please...make me cum
now, pleeeeeeeease!"

I whispered, "Yes, my love; you'll be cumming very, very soon." I moved up
a little, then covered her clit with my mouth; just the touch of my lips
caused her to cry out, gasp for breath, and thrash wildly. I traced my
tongue around her clit; her hips moved in time to my tongue. Just when she
started begging again, I sucked her clit gently into my mouth and flicked
it with my tongue; at a moment's inspiration, I also traced a fingertip
over her swollen cuntlips, then thrust the wet finger into her spasming

This proved to be too much. Closer to orgasm than I'd thought, my daughter
Kristin came at the touch of my tongue and finger: and a more beautiful
sight I've never witnessed. Tightening her fingers painfully in my hair,
her back arched high; she thrust her cunt into my mouth again and again,
her hips pushing and pushing; her head thrown back, she screamed. Oh, it
wasn't a full-throated scream; still asleep, it was an almost-eerie,
drawn-out gasp, punctuated with words...words I'll treasure forever more:
was me she'd been dreaming of all along.

And I continued to fuck my daughter; I licked, sucked, and fingerfucked her
as she kept cumming. Her low scream becoming more hoarse, her whole
writhing and jerking, tearing at the sheets, the pillow, the headboard; but
I kept as tightly a hold of her as I was able. Finally, after a divine
infinity, she was crying and begging me to stop, gasping that she was
becoming too sensitive. But I wondered if she was that much like me (even
more than she'd already demonstrated) and could climax again when licked
long enough, no matter how sensitive she was at the moment. So, I
continued...and we were both rewarded when her pleas turned to new cries of
sucked her stiff clit, my mouth and tongue almost numb, but not wanting to
stop until my baby girl had had her fill of her mother's special love. So I
hung on and loved her as she thrashed and shrieked hoarsely, pulling my
hair without mercy, my nose and chin sore from her humping...but not
stopping until she at last quieted, laying limply on the soaked bed and

With a last kiss of her sweetest-of-pussies, I got up and laid beside my
marvelous daughter; taking her into my arms and caressing her damp hair as
she cuddled into me, whispering for her to relax, Mom is here, just lay
here and let her take of you. At this moment, sanity briefly returned to me
and I thought, "You can stop now, and perhaps she'll never know this
happened unless you choose to tell her". But it fled again as I gazed down
at my sweet Kristin in the lamplight: her gorgeous, slender, naked body
tucked against mine, pale skin softly glowing, hair pulled back from her
sleeping face, arms wrapped tightly about me; and I knew that while I could
probably fight the desire to fall in love with her, the desire to make love
to her again was overwhelming...unless she said no, awake or asleep, it
would happen again.

I'd thought perhaps Kristin had finally fallen into a deep, dreamless
sleep, and I was heading that way myself, when I was awoken by something
wonderful: my daughter's lips once again on my breast. I lay there for an
endless, magical time, feeling her suck my nipple back into hardness, deep
her mouth, sucking hard and flicking it with her tongue, sucking and
licking until my head was thrown back, my hands on her head pushing it
deeper into my breast, and my thighs squeezing and relaxing, causing my
honey to cover my pussy lips and trickle down over my rose bud.

I was beginning to gasp and feel the first touch of an orgasm approaching
when Kristin released my nipple from her mouth ("Oh god, please, no...")
and, her eyes still closed and her obviously asleep and dreaming, laid back
down on the bed. She smiled and murmured, "Come on, Mom; your turn. You
didn't think I would let you get away with just making me cum, did you? I
love you as much as you love me, and I want to give you as much pleasure as
you've given me. Come on; sit on my face." And with that she lay flat, her
arms up in invitation.

To be honest, I was shocked. I just assumed Kristin would go deeper into
sleep once she'd had her long climax; with her wanting to love me in the
same way, it made me wonder yet again: was she actually awake, in which
case this was going to get a lot more complicated? Or was this just such an
exciting dream for her that her subconscious mind couldn't let it go?
Whatever it was, my daughter wanted to give me the same ecstasy I'd just
bestowed on her. Did I want it? I almost laughed out loud: of course I did!

I smiled down at Kristin's beautiful, glowing face, and whispered, "Yes,
baby. Make Mom cum; make me cum hard, so you can drink me all up. " With
that I straddled her head, my oozing, thickly-haired pussy just an inch
from her delicate, full lips. Ever impatient, my darling daughter didn't
wait for me to press my cunt to her mouth; she grasped my bottom and pulled
it to her mouth; I had to catch myself by putting my hands on the wall to
keep from falling on her. But the sensations with the first touch of her
lips to my lips...dear god!

Ron and a couple of other men before him had gone done on me, and one
teenaged girlfriend had thrust a finger inside me; these were all nothing
compared to the fantastic feel of my daughter's mouth on my cunt, and I had
to hold myself up all over again from the sheer force of the pleasure
surging through me. I didn't know if Kristin had ever done this before, but
again she seemed born to it: she kissed my hairy mound, rubbing her nose
playfully in it, catching hairs between her teeth and pulling them. Then
she licked my pubic thatch, coating the hairs with her sweet saliva. As I
gasped and humped her mouth she licked lower, tracing her tongue tip around
my swollen lips teasingly, causing me to thrust all the harder. I looked
down, and as she pulled away for a moment to get air, I saw Kristin's mouth
and chin glisten in the lamplight; she licked her lips before diving back
in. After that, I was no longer a thinking person: I rubbed my cunt over my
daughter's lips, pushing it, splaying my lips on her mouth so her tongue
could delve more deeply...and I grew ever closer to an orgasm I didn't
know, nor care, I would survive. I felt her lips and tongue on my inner
pussy; her nose teasing my clit; her tongue pushing up inside me...and I
gasped not only from the sheer delight of my daughter's tongue fucking me,
but how deep it was inside; after all this time, I had had no idea how long
Kristin's tongue was.

I could hear her gasping and snorting as my wetness flowed over her mouth
and chin, threatening to go into her nose, but she never let up. And just
when I could feel my climax forming in my clit as Kristin's tongue rolled
it around and flicked it inside her mouth I felt her wet finger, which had
been delightfully caressing my rosebud, suddenly penetrate it and go deeply
inside. That was what pushed me over the edge even faster: not just my
daughter's tongue loving my stiff clit, but her finger thrust and wriggling
within my sensitive bottom.

And I came. God, did I cum: whisper-shrieking, "KRISTINNNNNNNNNNNN! OH GOD
(there's no other, more exact, way to put it: I fucked my daughter's mouth,
long and hard), my body trembled and shook totally out of my control. I
whipped my head back and forth, holding back my screams only barely. I
reached down and grasped her hair hard, pushing her mouth deep into my
gushing pussy and rubbing it all over her soft lips and chin. And as my
second orgasm hit me, darling Kristin never stopped; her tongue clicked my
clit, her chin pushed inside my cunt canal, and her finger fucked my bottom
without mercy.

Finally, I simply fell away from her. I laid down beside her, gasping for
air, my body twitching as every move made my cunt throb. I curled up
against my daughter, my face against her leg and sobbed with joy and
exhaustion. She caressed my thighs, hips and tummy, murmuring, "Relax,
Mom. You came so good and hard; you turn me on so much I can hardly stand
it. Now relax and let me take care of you." Which she did, whispering to
me as I lay there and dozed, the scent of our cunts so thick in the air
nothing else could be smelled.

When I awoke from my doze, it was to find myself on my back with Kristin
embracing me, gently caressing me, and rubbing her sodden pussy on my
thigh. The feel, scent and sound of my daughter so close to me brought me
back to reality; the reality of our incredible, erotic closeness. As I lay
there, concentrating on the sensation of her wet cunt sliding over my moist
skin and her lips and tongue gliding over my throat, my need for her surged
in me yet again. So, as she giggled in dreamy surprise, I gently pushed
Kristin onto her back, then turned myself so that we were positioned
face-to-cunt; she beneath me, and my legs once more straddling her lovely
face. Without further ado, I lowered my sloppy pussy to her mouth as I dove
face-first into her glistening slit.

Kristin's croon of delight was cut off as my hairy, sodden cunt covered her
mouth. But being the erotic natural she was, she immediately reached up to
grasp my bottom then burrow her mouth deliciously into my overflowing
canal. The feel of her warm breath inside of me, as well as her exquisitely
long tongue penetrating me deeply, caused my hips to thrust as I rode her
mouth; rubbing that sloshing slit all over her mouth and chin...fucking my
child's mouth once more.

And I did exactly the same to her: caressing her slit with the tip of my
tongue, tickling her again-erect little clit with my nose, then splaying
her soft, swollen lips open with my mouth as I plunged mouth-first into my
darling daughter's matchless young pussy. As her honey coated my lips and
chin I held onto her as she humped my mouth frenetically, fucking my face
with abandon. Her body jerked and writhed above mine as I tongue-fucked
her, her breasts and tummy touching my tummy and breasts, her sweat rolling
off of her fevered skin onto mine.

And so we sixty-nined: thrusting our hungry mouths and tongues inside each
other; our thighs gripping each other's faces; our bodies undulating with
the mounting sensations; our moans and cries muffled by our wet folds. Our
lovemaking seemed to last a divine eternity; we each tried to give our best
to our loved one, making the feelings become excruciating in their
sublimity...licking sugar walls, lips and clits; sucking hard at soft, wet
flesh; nibbling and biting to cries of pain and ecstasy. At one point I
felt Kristin's wet fingers caress and explore the cleft of my bottom,
gliding over and tickling my spasming rosebud before slowly, agonizingly
pushing inside; first one, then two. I screamed into her cunt, fucking her
mouth all the harder for her delicious second intrusion. I reached between
her cheeks and stroked her flower, but succeeded only in getting the tip of
a finger inside; this still caused her to squeal softly and push her pussy
almost painfully over my mouth.

The anal sex pushed us both over the edge. Before I even knew that I was
climaxing, my body was convulsing, my breath stopped, and the orgasm
flooded through me like new life. I lost all thought and simply came; I
screamed into my daughter's flowing cunt: "BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! YOUR MOM IS
intelligible to her, I think the sound of my ecstasy helped her, as well: I
felt Kristin's rosebud clench around my fingertip, and her cunt spasm over
my mouth as I sucked and licked her clit deep in my mouth; her back arched
and she drove her flowing pussy into my mouth without regard. I heard and
felt her cries in my cunt, but could only make out an occasional, strangled

Our simultaneous climaxes went for an excruciating infinity; crying,
writhing, sucking, licking, swallowing, fucking, cumming. But finally
Kristin fell away from me, and I regretfully lost oral contact with her
overflowing pussy. She fell beside me, panting wildly, her body jerking as
her cuntlips and thighs made brushing contact with her oversensitive
clit. She managed to crawl into my arms, wrapping her arms and legs around
me and burying her face in my throat; there, she sobbed quietly in
exhaustion and overwrought delight. I smiled as I buried my face in her wet
hair, caressing her moist, hot skin and avidly breathing in her mixed scent
of child and woman. And in that way, we both fell into a deep, dreamless

When I awoke again, I blearily looked at Kristin's bedside table clock; it
read 5:07. I sighed quietly; I'd have to get her and her 14-year-old
brother Nick up in a couple of hours for school. I debated whether to
simply lay there and continue to enjoyed the matchless feel of my nude
daughter in my arms and fantasize about the encounters my darling Kristin
and I would have in the future, or get up and start the day early.

As I thought, an image came unbidden to my mind: Nick, asleep in his bed
and on his back; the sheet down around his waist, showing he wasn't wearing
a shirt; the silken skin of his slender, firm body glowing by the light of
streetlamp; and ohhhhhh...his sweet morning erection tenting the sheet,
even higher than I suspected it might. I smiled as I felt my cunt clench
yet again, and the at first trickle inside it; my nipples stiffened
swiftly. This image drove all other thoughts from my head; and gently but
regretfully disengaging myself from my sleeping daughter, I arose naked in
the lamplight, already aching for the touch and taste of my son...and I
knew him to be a deep sleeper and vivid, vocal dreamer, as well. But before
I left her room, I bent down over Kristin and kissed her lightly and
lingeringly on her satiny lips; I then whispered in her ear: "I love you,
precious, and I will love you again." She smiled faintly, nodded, and
trembled. I smiled affectionately, too; then collected my clothes and
tiptoed out of her room, knowing the way to my darling son's room.

The End

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