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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - I Seduced My Mother

Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 21:47:16 -0800 (PST)
From: Jan None <>
Subject: I Seduced my mother (lesbian/incest, oral, g/g..., g/FF)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts incest between a
young girl and girls and her mother. If this type of
content offends you or you are under the age of 18
do not read it.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be
downloaded for personal reading, pleasure, or sending
to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them on your
own site, please contact the author for permission.

Copyright 2013 Jan, All rights reserved

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I Seduced My Mother

       I grew up in a middle class neighborhood that
was a mix of nationalities. Most of them were second
or third generation Americans. My family was a mix
of English and Irish Americans that had migrated
from the 'Dust Bowl' during the end of the thirties to
California looking for work as farmers or dairymen.
By the time we were second generation Californians
my parents had settled in San Diego working for the
San Diego Water Authority.

       I was a natural tow headed blonde with blue-
green eyes, and a skinny little girl. I spent enough
time running around almost naked that my shoulders
were almost one big freckle. I loved to go to the
beach as much as I could. The neighborhood children
played in the street because we lived on a dead end
street. We also played in the back yards of all of the

       One spring day when I was 7-years-old, we were
all playing in the street and it started raining, so we
broke up the game and we headed for various homes.
My mother was not home for some reason, so I went
home with an older girl that I admired. She was an
Italian-Mexican, named Mary Domini, and was 10-
years-old with an older sister that was two years
older. Their mother was busy sewing in a room in the
back of the house.

       We started playing with a board game. She was
the one that brought up the subject of sex. She told
me that her older sister had taught her all about sex.
I was very interested in the subject, because I only
had a vague idea what went on between men and
women. Mary was a dark skinned girl with dark hair
and cow like brown eyes. We started off by sticking
our hands inside each other's panties and playing with
each other's pussy. I loved the feelings she was
giving me. She even pulled my panties aside and
smelled and licked my pussy. I had to do the same
thing to her. After that we found ways to find a
secluded location to play with each other every
chance we got.

       She invited me to have a sleep over with her.
Our mothers didn't object, so the night I stayed with
her was thrilling for me. Mary and her older sister,
named Ester and I had to take a bath before
bedtime, so we got into the tub together.

       Ester was a lot more mature than us. She had B
sized tits that were capped with large brown areolas,
and her vulva had dark pubic hair starting to grow on
it. There were only a few hairs, but that was exciting
for me to look at. We horsed around in the tub by
playing with each other's breasts and crotches until
the water got too cold to remain in the tub.

       When we were dry we made our way to their
bedroom in our naked glory. We put on our
nightgowns. Ester got in her bed and Mary and I got
in her bed together. Neither of us was very big, but
two girls in a twin bed is still crowded. We were only
in bed a few minutes before their mother came in to
wish us a goodnight. She was a very attractive
Mexican woman with large breasts that were viable
through her nightgown. I thought she was the
sexiest thing I had ever seen.

       As soon as she kissed the three of us goodnight
and left the room Ester got out of her bed and took
off her nightgown. She made both of us get up to
remove our nightgowns, before she wedged me
between the two of them. We kissed each other on
the mouth while they played with my body. My chest
was as flat as a boy's but my nipples were very
sensitive. Each of them claimed a nipple with their
mouths, and they had a hand between my legs playing
with my pussy. It was exciting beyond belief. Mary
went down on me to suck my pussy, at the same time
Ester mounted my head and rubbed her pussy against
my face. I got a thrill out of sucking on Ester's tits
and finger fucking her pussy. I was attracted to
Ester because she was almost a woman.

       Before long I was seducing every girl in the
neighborhood and at least half of the girls in my
classroom at school. I was such a wanton little tramp
that older teenagers heard about me and sought me
out. I was only too happy to have sex with all of

       When I was a twelve-year-old one of the high
school seniors was the daughter of a Navy Chief
stationed on an aircraft carrier. He was at sea for
long periods of time, so there was just her and her
mother at home most of the time.

       They were from Missouri, so they didn't have
any family in the area. The mother was very lonely.
When she caught me sucking the pussy of her
daughter she didn't reproach me at all. She took me
into her arms and hugged me right in front of her
daughter. When she kissed me on the mouth, I knew
she could taste her daughter's pussy. While she was
tongue kissing me I grew bold and placed my hands on
her large tits. She moaned into my mouth.

       When she pulled her heavy tits out of her dress
I sucked on her nipples like a baby for a long time.
She was so sexually stimulated that I could smell the
musky odor of her pussy through her dress. I ran my
hand under her dress and sought out the wet crotch
of her panties. When she laid back against the arm
of the couch I struggled to remove her panties. I
knelt on the couch and buried my head between her
legs. While I was sucking her hairy pussy, her
daughter was eating my pussy and asshole from

       My mother must have suspected something
going on because I was spending so much time with
older teenagers. When I found the Navy wife I was
visiting her almost every day. I would sleep with
them at every opportunity. For me it was special to
have those 38-DD's to suck on and her hairy pussy to
suck. It was hard to keep up with both mother and

       I spent so much time with them that they even
took me shopping at the Navy store, where I was
introduced to other West Pack Widows as they were
known. My circle of mature women to have sex with
was almost limitless. I met the wife of a rear
admiral. She was a very attractive woman in her
fifties. She was the first woman that I had sex with
that had gray pubic hair. She turned out to be a very
erotic woman. She not only liked to eat my pussy, she
actually got off tongue fucking my asshole. That was
a new skill I learned from her. I added that to my
relationship with other girls and women.

       About that time my father announced that he
wanted a divorce because he was in love with a
secretary at work that was carrying his child. After
the divorce mother was devastated. She hardly got
out of bed for days on end. Her eyes had dark
shadows and looked hollow. She was so detached that
I was able to date women almost openly. I would even
allow them to pick me up at my home.

       I had always been curious about Mother's body.
She had been very attractive until she let herself go.
As a little girl I had always enjoyed seeing her naked.
She had large soft breasts that felt so soft when I
had a chance to squeeze them. She also had a puffy
vulva that had dark blonde pubic hair that she
trimmed bikini style. When she fell apart she not
only didn't bathe regularly, she stopped shaving her
underarms, crotch or legs.

       Mother confronted me on afternoon after
school about why I was spending so much time visiting
so many other women's homes. She knew that some
of the women I visited didn't have girls anywhere
near my age or any at all.

       I was so disgusted with the way she had let
herself go that I didn't care about trying to lie to
her. "I have been dating girls and women for years.
I love having sex with them."

       The blunt statement sent mother into a crying
jag. I felt a strange attraction and loathing about
her at the same time. I wrapped my arm around her
body and hugged her like she was the child. It was
obvious by the smell that she hadn't bathed in days,
but the odor also stimulated me sexually. She only
had on a nightgown and panties.

       I started feeling her tits; she tried to protest
but didn't put up much of a fight. I pulled both of
her tits over the neck of her nightgown. The
material held them tightly against each other and
even helped hold them up. They looked so attractive.
I squeezed them before bending over and sucking on
her nipples. She placed her hands on my head and
tried to push my head away as she protested that I
shouldn't do that. I refused to let go of her nipple.
There was a struggle for a little while before she
gave up and pulled my head against her soft tit. She
almost smothered me with her flesh.

       I forced her to sit up so that I could pull her
nightgown over her head. While her arms were up I
couldn't resist smelling her hairy armpit, and licking
it. Mother whimpered as she surrendered to her
sexual desire for gratification. The odor emitted
from her crotch was strong. There were dark brown
hairs sticking out from under the leg openings of her
panties. I pulled them out from under her butt and
down her legs.

       When I had the panties free of her feet I
inspected them. The crotch was stained with brown
hash-marks and the front was stained yellow. There
was no telling how long she had worn them. I started
finger fucking her pussy. She grabbed my wrist but
didn't protest too much. When she let go of my wrist
I had to smell my fingers. She moaned when I
withdrew my hand, and blushed when she saw me
smelling my fingers. I had never smelled a pussy with
a stronger odor before. I said, "We are going to have
to clean you up after this, Mother!"

       She was crying by that time. I forced her to lie
back on the bed, even the sheets smelled of her odor.
I went down on her and sucked her pussy. She tried
to protest, "I am too dirty for you to be doing that to

       She gave up protesting when I got my tongue
into her pussy. I got a lot of pubic hair in my mouth
while eating her pussy. When I started wiping her
pussy with the flat of my tongue I started at her
asshole all the way up to her hooded clit. She tasted
sweeter than I would have thought, and she
responded with animal moans of pleasure. She
eventually gave up resisting and had several orgasms.

       When she recovered I helped her into the
bathroom and we bathed together. I eventually
shaved her under arms, legs, and all of her pubic hair
on her pussy. When I took her back to bed, I even
put fresh sheets on her bed. I made love to her all
over again. It was like making love to a different

       Mother became my lover that night. She gave
up and allowed me to do anything I wanted. I even
brought home the teenager and her mother that had
been my first adult. The teenager got off sitting on
my mother's face while I ate her pussy. The other
mother got off watching the action. She even ate
Mom's asshole.

       Mother recovered her pride and became a
welcome guest at the homes of all of my women
friends. They got off watching mother and daughter
sucking pussy and eating ass. I even introduced her
to some preteens that loved having her eat their
pussies and butts too.

       The best thing is that when we get home we
share the same bed. If I'm not eating her pussy I'm
using a strap-on dildo to fuck her in the pussy and
asshole. Mother is taking pride in her appearance
again. She never looked sexier.

       Even the last time my father saw her he
regrets leaving her for a younger woman. Because
she is seeing other men and he knows it. I find it
amusing that he is being cuckolded by his new wife.

       I met her in the supermarket one afternoon. I
followed her to her car. While she put her baby in
the car seat in the back seat, I felt her butt. She
didn't object at all, so I got in the car with her and
hugged and kissed her. I finger fucked her right
there in the parking lot. She drove me to her home
while Dad was at work. She put the baby to bed in
his crib. The house smelled of a dirty diaper pail.
We went into the master bedroom and we removed
our clothes. I had to admire my father's taste in
women. She was a sexy bitch even after having a
baby. We ate pussy and I fucked her with her own
dildo. In time I had her eating Mother's pussy too.

I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have a story
you would like told, please send your mail to

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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - I Seduced My Mother