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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Kelly Seduces Mother And Daughter

Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2010 13:53:56 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Kelly Seduces Mother and Daughter (lesbian/incest, oral, anal, F/Fg, F/F...)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a woman
and a mother and daughter. If this type of content
offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not
read it.

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Kelly Seduces Mother and Daughter

       The sound of the bedroom door slamming shut
was the first I was aware that someone had been in
the room. I was too absorbed in my activities with
Jenna. I had her legs draped over my shoulders with
her smooth thighs pressed against my ears. That
was probably why I didn't hear the door open.
Without looking I knew that Maria had caught me
sucking the pussy of her daughter.

       There was nothing I could do about it at that
moment. I was not going to stop sucking this sweet
pussy until the girl had learned to enjoy the
pleasures of oral sex. I would have to find Maria
later and do my best to make her understand why I
could not resist the charms of her daughter's
delicious body.

       When I looked up at Jenna's face from my
position all I could see was that her eyes were closed
and her mouth was open. She was moaning in the
thralls of her complete surrender to the
administrations of my mouth and tongue. I would
feel the juices of her pussy clinging to my face.
How can you describe the beauty of a young girl just
starting to change from girl to woman?

       Jenna is one of those girls that look far more
mature than her chronological age would suggest.
The same way people couldn't believe that the
actress Brigid Bazlen was only 13-years old when she
was cast to play Salome in the 1961 movie King of
Kings. Jenna's looks reminded me of that girl from
the day I met her.

       She has black hair the color a of anthracite
coal. The bangs cover her forehead. Her eyes were
a blue as sapphires. Her skin is as creamy as milk.
You would think that her flesh has never seen
sunlight. Her breasts are just starting to develop
and are pear-shaped. The areolas are a pinkish color
and the nipples are inverted. Her vulva is just
starting to swell and the first strands of black pubic
hair are starting to grow. Her hips are just starting
to widen. She is at that age when girls find out
what a climax really feels like. I couldn't resist the
opportunity to be the one to introduce her to the
pleasures of sex.

       When Jenna gave me every sign that she was
recovering from climaxing I lifted my head up and
disengaged my body from hers. I told her, "Stay
there while I look for her mother to apologize for
taking advantage of you."

       Jenna looked at me with terror on her face,
"Mama knows what we were doing?"

       "Honey, she opened the door and slammed it
while you were deep in a climax!"

       She tried to get up, but I placed my hand on
her tummy and held her down, "Stay here while I
talk to your mother!"

       I got up and wrapped my negligee around my
body while seeking the sleeves with my hands. I
knew that I was going to catch a lot of hell for
cheating on Maria with her daughter. Jenna was
scrambling to get her clothes on as I exited her

       I suspected that I would find Maria in her
bedroom. When I opened her bedroom door I found
her sobbing into one of her pillows. I cautiously
entered the room and closed the door behind me.
When I softy called out her name, Maria gave out
one last sob, sat up and confronted me with, "Kelly
how could you do that to my daughter?"

       She was pounding on my chest and shoulders
with her fists. I wrapped my arms around her and
held her close while she cried herself out. I was
thinking about the first time I met Maria. It had
been at the party of a couple of friends of mine
three years ago. The party was a combination
birthday party and 10-year anniversary of a couple.
Gail was a 50-year-old woman that owned a
successful retail business. It was also Anna's
thirtieth birthday. She was a professional cellist
for a philharmonic orchestra and recording house
musician. I had known both of them long before
they had become a couple. I had planned to stop by
to congratulate them and slip away quietly.

       The party was in full swing by the time I
arrived. I congratulated both of them and jokingly
teased Gail that I regretted not stealing Anna from
her ten years ago. The house was crowded with
people. The stereo was playing dance music. The
room was so crowded that couples were hardly able
to move. I made my way to the kitchen to get a
drink before returning to the recreation room. I
was standing near the door and chatting with
another gal that I knew, when I spotted a woman I
had never seen before.

       There was something about her that aroused
me. She was average height with the loveliest black
hair I had ever seen and the creamiest skin. I could
not resist making my way across the room to
introduce myself. As I approached she was talking
to another woman. When she saw me approaching
she stopped talking and turned towards me. I
introduced myself to her.

       She held out her hand and told me her name
was Maria. I asked her how she knew the guests of
honor. She told me that she had been a long time
customer of Gail's. I told her that I was a long time
friend of both of them. I had to ask, "Why haven't
I ever met you before?"

       She smiled sweetly, "I'm sorry, I think you
assume that I am gay. I just happen to be a friend
of Gail. I could not pass up the opportunity to wish
her the best."

       I felt like such a fool I had assumed that she
was a lesbian. I didn't know how to apologize to her.
I asked her to dance without thinking. We moved
away from the wall and I assumed the lead as we
started slow dancing. I said, "I'm sorry if I
offended you with any of my comments!"

       She smiles a warm smile and assured me that
apologies were not necessary. "I was not offended
at all."

       One dance led to another and another. I
suggested that we get a drink and step outside to
get away from the body heat and noise. We made
our way to the kitchen to pour ourselves a couple of
glasses of vodka and 7-up. After that we went out
the back door. The breeze felt a little chilly but the
fresh air felt good. There was someone else in the
backyard smoking. I could smell the smoke. While
we were talking I found out that Gail was divorced
and had a nine-year-old. The knowledge that she
was divorced gave me hope that I could seduce her.
I told her, "I'm hungry and had only planned on
staying long enough to wish my friends well. Would
you like to join me for dinner?"

       I could see the indecision on her face.

       "Come on, I won't bite you...much!"

       She blushed and chuckled, "Okay!"

       With that we turned and went back through
the house, leaving our glasses in the sink and saying
our goodbyes to Gail and Anna. I noticed a smirk on
Gail's face and a wink as we went out the front door.
I offered to drive my car and bring her back to pick
up her car. We enjoyed each other's company so
much that we made a date to have dinner again. We
became friends over several months of dates.

       I had dinner at her house several times and
was impressed by how much mother and daughter
looked alike. The three of us even went to the
movies together several times. Our relationship was
becoming closer with every passing day. My sexual
preference had never been discussed until one
evening Gail asked me what it was like to have sex
with a woman.

       I felt a little uncomfortable discussing my
sexual desires with a woman that I was attracted to
so much. I had been struggling to keep my hands
off of her. I tried to tell her that it would be hard
for me to talk about sex. We were curled up on the
couch and Jenna was safely in her bed. It may have
been the wine we had consumed that had inspired
her to ask me the question in the first place. I tried
to change the subject but Gail turned towards me
and took hold of my cheeks and kissed me right on
the mouth.

       I was stunned for a moment. As she persisted
in kissing me, I gave up struggling and returned the
kiss. There was no farther discussion about sex we
were too busy enjoying our first kiss. Gail did not
resist when I stuffed my hand down the bodice of
her dress and pulled her left tit out of her bra and
dress. I continued scooping out the right tit too. I
started manipulating her breasts while we kissed. I
just loved the feel of her luscious breasts. The
creamy white skin just called out for me to suck on
them. Her areolas were a nice looking mauve color.
I broke our kiss so that I could suck on those
marvelous nipples. Her chest was heaving as she
breathed heavily. While I was sucking on her
breasts I started pulling her dress up until I could
get my hand under the hem of her dress.

       That was when I placed my hand on her thigh
and started sliding my hand up her nylon clad thigh.
When my fingertips reached the top of the nylon
and felt the soft yielding flesh of her upper thigh I
let out a sigh. The heat being emitted by her nylon
clad pussy was thrilling to me. She accommodated
my efforts by spreading her legs. I slid my hand up
her vulva to find the elastic of the top of her

       When I slipped my hand down the inside of the
front of her panties I discovered that her pubic hair
was trimmed to and even short length. She was
moaning as my fingers discovered the feel of her
hooded clit. I just loved the feeling of her moist
flesh. I slid to the floor and knelt between her legs.
When I reached under her dress for her panties she
even lifted her butt enough for me to pull them
down to her thighs. It was a simple task to pull
them down her legs and free of her pumps. I let
them fall to the floor before returning to inspect
her pussy.

       Gail had trimmed her pubic hair not only an
even length she had shaved her hair into a small
triangle on her vulva. I used both hands to part her
mauve labia open, so that I could see what her cunt
looked like. I blew a puff of air on her clitoris
before I took it into my mouth and sucked on it. I
took my time sucking her pussy. I could tell just
how much I was stimulating her by the moans and
her inability to hold her butt still. My jaw was sore
by the time she was about to cum. That was when I
drove my tongue deep into her pussy and smashed
my nose against her clit.

       Gail suddenly went limp and relaxed heavily
against the back of the couch. I sat back on my
heels and watched her face as her body lay there
with her eyes closed, mouth open and her body
quivering. When she recovered she sat up and slid to
the floor in front of me with her legs wrapped
around my legs. She kissed me and asked me,
"Should I do that to you?"

       "Honey, you don't have to do anything! When
you're ready, you won't need to ask."

       She asked, "Would you stay with me tonight? I
don't want to be alone!"

       We made our way to her bedroom and
undressed for bed. Of course I was given one of her
nightgowns for the night. We kissed before I
wrapped my arms around her body and my legs
around hers before I drifted off to sleep. During
the night something woke me up. It took me a
moment to remember where I was. The bed was
very warm. Then I felt Gail's hand on my body. I
laid there because I was really not sure that I was
really awake. It was like the first time I had sex
with another girl as a child. The girl's hands were
barely touching my nipples because I didn't have
breasts at the time. I soon remembered that it was
Gail's bed. She sucked on my nipples until she knew
that I was awake. I simply stroked her hair. In
time she turned her body enough to take hold of the
nightgown and pulled it up to expose my pussy. With
her hands on my hips she placed her mouth on my
pussy. I don't know what she thought about my
pubic hair in her mouth. She lapped at my pussy and
sucked on my clit like I had done to hers. When I
could contain myself no longer I came in her mouth.

       Slowly I pulled her back up until she was lying
on top of me and kissed her. Her face was covered
with my cum. I licked her face clean. She had a lot
of questions, but eventually sleep overtook both of

       I had to get up early to get dressed and go
home to change before going to work. She begged
me for my phone number before I left. I gave her
my business card after putting my cell phone number
on the back. I was gone before Gail had to get
Jenna up for school.

       Close to lunch time I got a call on my cell
phone. Gail asked me to come by after work. I was
only too happy to take her up on it. We became
constant companions after that. We tried to keep
our relationship from Jenna. When I moved in with
them Jenna didn't suspect what was going on.

       One day when Jenna was 10-years-old, Gail was
shopping for groceries. She shocked me by asking
me if her Mom and I were lovers.

       I was taken aback by the blunt question,
"Where did you get that idea?"

       Jenna said, "Some of my friends at school told
me that when two women live together that they
were probably lesbian lovers. I'm not sure what
lesbian means."

       I was not sure just how much I should tell her,
"Jenna, some people don't understand what the word
means. I wouldn't suggest you use the word
'LESBIAN' to anyone. They might not understand!"

       "What does it mean?"

       "Honey, it is the names used to describe a
female homosexual." I could tell by her expression
that she had no idea what I was talking about. "It
means women that have sex with each other."

       There was a glimmer of understanding on her
face. "How do women have sex with each other?"

       Now I was really out of my field. How do I tell
a child how women make love to each other? "Jenna,
I don't think you're old enough to understand."

       Jenna's next question was even harder to
answer, "Are you and Mom lesbians?"

       "That is a very personal question. I am but
your mother may not be ready to admit that she is.
I wouldn't ask her until she is ready to tell you."

       For the next couple of years we were a family.
Gail and I made love to each other at night and
whenever we were alone long enough. We never
showed too much affection for each other in front
of Jenna. She seemed to accept that she had two
mothers and didn't go around telling her friends
about our relationship. Things began to change when
she reached puberty.

       I began to notice that she started spending a
lot of time alone. I suspected that she might be
getting into drugs. I took it upon myself to find out
without alarming Gail. I kept an eye on her and one
day when she slipped away I waited until I figured
she was doing whatever she was up to and I followed
her path to the garage. When I opened the door
and walked in, it took a moment for my eyes to
adjust to the dark of the garage. When my eyes
adjusted to the dim light I saw Jenna leaning against
the wall. Her jeans were down around her knees
along with her panties. She had one hand under her
T-shirt squeezing her budding breasts. Her other
hand was between her legs rubbing her pussy
furiously. She was grinding a finger against her
clitoris. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was
contorted in what looked like pain.

       I think it took her a moment to recognize that
the side door had been opened and light had
momentarily streamed across the room. When she
opened her eyes there was a moment before she
recognized me. Then there was a look of terror on
her face. She struggled in a flurry of action. She
was trying to pull her pants up while trying to cover
up her nudity. She started to cry and whined,
"Please don't tell Mom!"

       I watched her as she struggled to pull her
jeans and panties up at the same time. There was no
effort to straighten out her underpants. She was
more concerned with covering up her pussy. Not
before I got a glimpse of her little vulva. It was
just starting to sprout a few hairs. She still had
that childish little mound with the split down the
middle without exposing her labia.

       I had not tasted a virgin pussy since I was a
teenager. I felt my pussy tingle at the sight of her
pussy. I swear I could smell her pussy over the smell
of gas, oil and rubber in the garage. It was all I
could do to keep from rushing to her and kissing her
before pulling her pants down again. I had to act
the part of a parent.

       I steeled myself. "Honey, I'm not going to
reproach you for what you're doing. Every girl
discovers their sexuality eventually. What you are
doing is perfectly natural. I thought you were
taking drugs! I will hot tell your mother what you
are doing." With that I turned to leave.

       Jenna grabbed me by the arm. Her face
looked so pathetic. It almost broke my heart. She
pleaded with me, "Don't leave; teach me about sex!"

       "I can't do that. I love your mother too much
to betray her like that. All I can tell you is to keep
doing what you're doing now."

       "Don't really know what I'm doing! TEACH

       I pulled my arm free of her grasp and exited
the garage. I leaned against the door to collect my
wits. When my pulse rate returned to normal I
sought out Gail to ensure that Jenna could not
confront me. I made sure I was not alone with her.
I would even drive Gail to the grocery store. I didn't
trust myself to be alone with her.

       Jenna stopped pestering me after awhile. I
assumed that she had given up on getting me to show
her what lesbian sex was all about. I relaxed and
didn't think anything about it when Gail left me alone
one evening with Jenna while she went out of town
on business. When it was bedtime I prepared for
bed as usual. I had opted to take a shower and had
put on a shower cap before entering the shower. I
was busy soaping up my body when the bathroom
door opened. I knew it was Jenna, but was
unconcerned. I figured she just wanted to use the

       When she opened the shower door I felt the
cold draft of air. I turned to face her and ask,
"What is the problem, Jenna?"

       Jenna was naked and stepped into the shower
with me. "I want to shower with you!"

"Jenna, you shouldn't be in here with me!"

       Without responding she picked up a washcloth
and proceeded rub a bar of soap into the wet
material. She placed the soapy cloth on my breasts
and stared rubbing my body. Just the touch of her
hands turned me on. I couldn't resist any longer. I
pressed her against the tiled wall of the shower and
placed my hand between her legs at the same time I
kissed her on the mouth. She let out a satisfied
moan as her wet hair was plastered against the wall.
I played with her clitoris for a moment before I
slipped a finger into her cunt. I found that her
hymen was intact. I knelt on the shower floor and
proceeded to suck on her pussy. She draped her leg
over my shoulder followed by the other leg. She was
virtually sitting on my shoulders with her vulva
pressed against my face. I sucked on her pussy until
the hot water ran out and we were being chilled by
cold water.

       We had to turn the water off and get out to
dry off. We had to dry Jenna's hair with a blow
dryer before heading for her bedroom. Jenna
flopped on her back on top of the bed. I lay on top
of her and started kissing her. It had been decades
since the last time I had my mouth on the budding
breasts of a pre-teen. I sucked on her breasts and
nipples until her flesh was red. Jenna was squirming
around and begging for more. When my pussy
started itching I placed my hand on the back of
Jenna's head and pushed her head down.

       Jenna didn't resist until her head was close
enough to smell my pussy. She paused over my cunt
like she didn't like the smell. She used her hands to
part my lips. She studied the way my cunt looked.
She could see my clitoris, urethra and my gaping
cunt. She stuck a couple of fingers in the opening
and kept adding fingers until she actually had her
hand in my cunt up to the wrist. When she started
fist fucking me I could not help from moaning. In
response to my moaning she licked my clit. I guess
she decided it did not taste all that bad because she
started sucking on my labia and clit, while she
continued to fist fuck me. It took some time but I
actually had an overpowering climax that left me
weak as a baby.

       We spent the rest of the weekend exploring
every variety of ways I knew of to please a woman.
I had to stop well before Gail was due home and
straighten up the bedroom and wash the two of us
and get dressed. I tried to act as if everything was

       As the weeks passed Gail could not help but
notice that Jenna had a crush on me. She thought
it was cute that her daughter had become so
attached to me.

       When ever Gail was not around Jenna wanted
to make love to me. I had to fend off her advances
and caution her that if her mother found out that
she might kick me out. She was still always trying to
feel me up when she thought her mother was not

       There came another time when Gail called home
to say that she would not be home that night
because of business. When bedtime came I sent
Jenna off to her room and got ready for bed. I had
settled down in Gail's and my bed to get a night's
sleep by myself for the first time in months. I did
have lustful thoughts about Jenna's sweet little
body. I had to masturbate just to relax enough to
get to sleep. While I was finger fucking myself, the
bedroom door opened. My heart skipped a beat. I
knew without looking that it was Jenna and what she

       When I looked in her direction I could make
her out by the moonlight streaming through the
bedroom window. She was totally naked and her
body had that silvery blue glow from the moonlight.
She was crossing the room with one hand holding her
pussy. She pulled back the blanket and got into bed
with me.

       I could not resist hugging her and kissing her
face. I made love to her the same way I had that
first night. I had added anal sex to our lovemaking.
I licked her asshole as ardently as I had her pussy.
There was no sleeping that night we made love non-
stop all night. Whenever I was too exhausted to
continue Jenna would perform the same sexual acts
I had done to her.

       It was early morning and the sun had the room
in full daylight when I heard the door slam. I
scrambled out of bed and wrapped my body in a
dressing gown before I ran after Gail. I found her
in the living room curled up on the sofa crying.
When I approached her she tried to fight me off
with her fists. "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO

       There was very little I could say to excuse
what I had been doing with her daughter. I fended
off her blows the best that I could until I could get
hold of her wrists and swing her arms around behind
her back. That had me sitting on the edge of the
sofa next to her and our bodies pressed against each

       Gail struggled to get free. Our bodies were
being rubbed against each other. I tried to kiss her
but she kept whipping her head back and forth. She
eventually got one hand free and brought her hand
around quickly to slap my face as hard as she could.
The crack of her hand on my face echoed in the
room. As soon as her hand left my cheek there was
a perfect outline of her hand embossed on my face
in red. When she saw it she started crying and
kissing my face.

       We started clawing at each other's clothes. All
she had to do is pull the dressing gown off of my
shoulders and I was naked. I on the other hand had
to remove blouse, skirt, slip, bra and panties. I
didn't concern myself with the nylons, garter belt
and high heeled pumps. HELL, I thought she looked
sexier with them on. We positioned ourselves in a
69 position, with me on top. It was not until we had
both climaxed that we looked up to see Jenna
standing there in front of us with one hand holding
her little tit and the other stabbing her pussy.

       I pulled her down on the sofa between her
mother and me. We started kissing her and feeling
her up. We both sucked on her budding tits and
took turns sucking her pussy until she had cum a
couple of times. From that day on the bed was
crowded with the three of us but we somehow

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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Kelly Seduces Mother And Daughter