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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Loving Granny

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This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts of incest between
a girl and her grandmother along with other women.
If this type of content offends you or you are under
the age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be
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Loving Granny

       I loved my grandmother as far back as I can
remember. I can't remember everything I did as a
child but my family has told me that almost as soon as
I could walk I would run away to Granny's every
chance I got. At the time she lived in a house about
two miles away from my parents and the most
repeated story was about the time I took my little
tricycle and headed for her house. When my mother
missed me she took the car and headed down the hill
and found me stuck in the sand at the bottom of a
wash. When she asked me where I was headed I told
her I was going to Granny's. You can be sure I got a
whipping and my tricycle was loaded in the car and I
was taken home for another ass warming. That never
stopped me. Every chance I got I would insist on
staying with her.

       Her home was not the neatest or cleanest house
around but her house was always filled with the smell
of cooking. She baked her own breads. She had the
sweet tooth of a child. She baked cookies and cakes
all of the time. She was known for her southern

       As a preteen she had been thrown from a horse
and broke her right leg. The bone was not set
properly and it did not heal correctly. As a result of
the fracture her right leg was shorter than the left.
She walked on her tip toe the rest of her life. She
was only five-foot one and would have been the ideal
model for Mrs. Santa Claus.

       Her black hair had turned gray. She had kept
her hair braided most of her life and coiled up on the
back of her head like the old fashioned Dutch woman
she was. I was a teenager before she cut her hair
shorter for easier care. Her breasts were so large
that they almost covered all of her lap when she sat
down. It was a struggle to stay sitting on her lap. It
was much easer to sit in the chair next to her.

       She did have a sweet tooth. The one habit she
had was a passion for mint candy. She kept a full
bowl of the same kind of mints that restaurants keep
by the cash register. Her breath smelled of the mint
as strongly as her clothes smelled of her cheap
perfume. But that was the smell I loved.

       She had a childlike passion for ceramic
figurines. On her birthdays family members always
bought her practical gifts like bras, dresses and
nightgowns. She didn't care for them at all; she slept
in her white cotton slips and she lived in the same
simple silk print dress. She probably hadn't worn a
bra since she was a teenager. She could wash it on
Saturday and be back in it on Sunday. She would
much rather have paperback books - romance novels
and westerns being her favorite. She loved dolls too.

       She was a contradiction in her beliefs. She had
been brought up in southern fundamental church and
taught to believe that every word in the King James
Bible is the true word of God. At the same time she
professed to believe every word as written in the
bible, any time something like the dietary laws
prohibiting the consumption of pork or fish without
scales conflicted with her desire to eat bacon, ham,
shrimp and catfish she ignored the word. It was
convenient for her to justify not following every word
by saying they didn't have refrigeration back then.

       At the same time she could quote chapter and
verse she could also tell a dirty joke or curse like a
sailor. The first dirty joke I can remember hearing
was told to me by Granny as I cuddled up against her
big soft breast.

       When I stayed over night with Granny I cuddled
up against her warm body and clung to one of her big
tits. My youngest aunt was four years older than me.
She had stopped breast feeding her years before I
was born so her breasts were dry but that did not
stop me from wanting to suck on her big nipples when
we were in bed. Granny never stopped me from
sucking on her breasts.

       When I stayed with her she bathed me and
braided my hair. I didn't mind the pain of her
brushing and pulling of my hair, as I sat on the floor
between her legs. It was very comforting having her
thick thigh cradling my head. Her female odor was
added to the fragrance of her Avon perfume and the
candy mints. It was a smell I loved and missed when
I was not with her.

       We used to sit on the front porch in an old
glider where she taught me how to embroidery,
crochet and knit. One of the things about sitting in
an old double glider facing Granny was that I could
look up her dress. Her short little legs could hardly
touch the floor of the glider but as long as the dress
and slip were they would creep up her legs exposing
her panties. There were times when Granny didn't
have panties on at all. To me the graying hair on her
vulva was the sexiest sight I had ever seen. I could
not believe my father and aunts and uncles came out
of that small opening.

       Granny must have known I was looking at her
because she never closed her legs and at times she
would reach down there and scratch her pussy. She
never failed to smell her fingers before returning to
her knitting.

       When I was much too old to be still being
bathed by my Granny she was washing my pussy with a
terrycloth washrag and I started trembling like I had
been out in the snow too long. She pulled my body
against her body and hugged me until I stopped
trembling. The front of her dress was soaking wet.
My wet hair was dripping water all over her head.

       Rather than being surprised by the reaction I
had from the way she was washing me she slipped a
finger into my pussy, the way I had been doing for
months. I had discovered that it felt good. I don't
even know when or how my hymen had been broken.
At that age of 9 I didn't even know I ever had one or
what it was.

       I started getting that feeling again I was
starting to thrust my hips forward to drive her
finger deeper into my body. I was starting to moan
uncontrollably but quit when I felt her finger slip into
my little butt hole. When the finger entered it hurt
but after it was in I could not believe the rush it gave
me. When I moved my hips forward to get away from
the finger in my ass the one in my pussy was driven
deeper into my pussy. When I pulled back from that
finger the one in my ass was driven deeper. I was
standing in a foot and a half of water having one
climax after another. When I almost blacked out
Granny pulled her fingers out and lifted me out of
the tub. There was not a dry spot on the front of
Granny's dress.

       Rather than getting upset she chuckled in her
homey way and said, "It needed to be washed anyway.
With that she unbuttoned her dress and stepped out
of her it and tossed it in the sink. The full slit was
just as wet and the underarms were stained from her
sweat. She pulled the slip over her head and
discarded it. She had removed her shoes and socks
before entering the bathroom so all she had on was a
well worn pair of underpants. They were wet too.
She pulled them off and knelt in front of me to dry
me off with a bath towel.

       I could see her vulva and the gray hairs. She
never trimmed it the hairs. It was just natural
friction that kept the hair trimmed. Her labia were
hidden by her chubby vulva. The skin on the inside of
her thighs was discolored by years of friction.

       To a 9-year old there was no thought about
whether that was attractive or not. It was just my
Granny, the most important person in my life and she
had just made me feel as good as I had ever felt.

       My mother had punished me when she caught
her playing with myself and called me a dirty little
pervert. Granny had never rejected my touches. I
waited until she had finished drying my hair before I
kissed her on the mouth.

       Granny didn't happen to have candy in her mouth
but the taste was there. It was just the way Granny
always tasted. When she stood up I reached out and
stuck my fingers into her pussy. The walls of her
pussy were moist and lumpy. When I started probing
she jerked like I had hurt her. My reflex was too
jerk my hand away. I mistook her moan as a sigh of

       Granny grabbed my hand and pulled it back
between her legs. My fingers were slippery from her
juices so the finger entered easily and she started
humping my fingers like a rabbit. When she climaxed
she whimpered like a quivering school girl and told me
that she loved me for making her cum.

       She picked me up and carried me to her bed.
No one had ever kissed me where she did. It did feel
good and I stroked her head while she stuck her
tongue into me and it thrilled me beyond belief. I
had a lot to think about afterwards. Was what she
did right or wrong?

       We continued to sleep together and I continued
to suck on her nipples. We didn't touch each other
down there for a few days while I struggled with my
feelings. One morning while she was still sleeping I
woke up and the bed covers were kicked off and her
slip was up around her waist. I slowly moved down the
bed in hope that she would not wake up. When I
moved my head between her legs I studied what her
pussy looked like. I could smell her moist flesh.
There was the odor of Dial soap she had washed with,
along with the strong odor of her womanhood. She
had been secreting body fluids all night and her
opening had liquid dripping out making the hairs
around the opening smell even stronger than normal.
I could not resist licking her pussy. The hairs felt like
they were sticking to my tongue and it almost gagged
me. At least my saliva soon plastered her hair against
her skin.

       That woke Granny up and she spread her legs
making it easer for me to get my tongue into her
pussy. When I started licking her pussy she could
not lay still. She was moving her big behind around on
the bed like there were ants crawling all over her. It
was all I could do to keep my mouth on her pussy. For
the strangest reason I actually enjoyed getting my
face covered in her juices. When she climaxed she
wrapped her legs around my neck. Her fat thighs
muffled the sound of her moaning and calling me all
kinds of dirty things. Even though I didn't
understand everything she was saying it made me feel
sexy. When it was all over there was not a lot of
talking as we bathed and got dressed.

       It was not until a couple of days later that
Granny sat down with me and asked me if I could
really handle a sexual relationship with her. I
answered a little too quickly. She placed her finger
on my lips and told me think about it a day or two
before I answered. There were things I would have
to understand about her. I could not understand
what she was talking about.

       To make it simpler she told me that she had
always been a lesbian. I only had a vague idea what
that meant. I had thought that all lesbians dressed
like men so you could tell they were lesbians. How
could my beloved grandmother have been married and
mothered my father and been a lesbian?

       Granny started stroking my hair and shoulders.
She assured me that there were plenty of people out
there that had same sex relations and still lived
otherwise normal lives. While she was talking her
hands slid down my body and I felt her hands graze
my nipples through my jersey top. The thrill was
electric. I was in no shape to argue with her. To
prove her point she told me to come to her house
after school the next day.

       I had no idea why she wanted me to stop by but
I sure wanted to find out what was on her mind. I
made sure to tell my mother that I was going to
catch the school bus to go visit her after school. I
got the normal bull shit about spending too much time
at her house but all she ended up saying was that I
better get my homework done or I would be in
serious trouble.

       When the school bus got to the corner of the
street Granny lived on I got off of the bus and
walked down the street to her house. When I got
close to her house I saw a couple of cars in the
driveway. As I got closer and got a good look at them
I recognized the cars. They belonged to women in
Granny's bridge club. I was disappointed that all she
was going to be doing was playing cards.

       When I opened the door and let myself in I
found the ladies in the parlor and the folding table
was set up. The ladies were all sitting around talking.
There was Mrs. Butler, one of Granny's neighbors,
Mrs. Mayfield, the owner of the first car in the
driveway, Mrs. Reynolds, and Mrs. Wheeler, the
owner of the other car in the driveway. Three of the
four ladies were grandmothers too.

       Mrs. Butler was built a lot like my Granny and
she was a German known for her pastries. Mrs.
Mayfield was a rather tall woman that had a pretty
good figure. She was the vainest member of the
group. She bleached her hair if an effort to defy her
age. Mrs. Reynolds was a skinny little woman about
the same age as Granny but did not drive a car. She
had to rely on the kindness of others to get around.
Mrs. Wheeler was a little chubby and the daughter of
Mrs. Butler.

       They were gathered around the card table and
were already playing cards. They had not played
bridge in years. When Texas Hold'm had become
popular on television they switched to the popular
form of seven card stud. It was a faster game. They
used poker chips to bet with but at the time I did not
know what the stakes were.

       Granny was fussing around as the host seeing
that they had what they wanted to drink and the chip
bowls were full and replenishing the dip bowls. Some
of the ladies smoked and she was emptying the
ashtrays as they were filled. She was playing the
host and didn't get to play cards.

       When I arrived, the ladies all insisted that I
move around the table and kiss each one on the cheek
in greeting. Of course Mrs. Mayfield insisted on
kissing me on the mouth. After I had made the
rounds Granny announced that her granddaughter had
joined the ranks of Sappho.

       There was an outburst of applause from the
women. I had never heard the word she had used but
I suspected what it meant and blushed. I was
standing next to Mrs. Reynolds and I felt her hand
touch the back of my knee and run up the inside of
my thigh. I froze when her hand actually came to
rest on the crotch of my panties. I could not believe
this sweet little old lady that had always been the
perfect host and never hinted that she was such a
lecherous woman had her hand under my skirt playing
with my pussy.

       Granny went on to say, "Ladies the stake of the
game today is the winner gets my granddaughter.
You can take her to the bedroom or do whatever you
want right here in the parlor."

       I could not believe what my grandmother was
saying. I was going to be the prize in a card game.
What could she be thinking? What were these
women going to do with me? I had known all of them
all of my life. They had all been nice to me almost
like they were part of our family. I had never
thought about them even being sexual except for
Mrs. Mayfield. Even I could see that she wanted to
be younger than she was and a vamp. I just never
connected her attempt to be sexy as being for the
benefit of women.

       Granny interrupted my daydreaming by handing
me a bowl and telling me to go to the kitchen and
make a guacamole dip and fill a bowl with corn chips.
I was mixing fresh smashed avocados and cream
cheeses with Grandma's homemade salsa. There were
bags of natural corn chips and some red and green
ones. When I entered the parlor I almost dropped
the bowls because all five women were as naked as
the day they had been born.

       Granny told me to please serve the chips and
dip. I filled each woman's bowl with a mix of three
colored chips and laid the dip in a central location. I
could not take my eyes off of the women. I had seen
my Granny naked before but had never imagined the
other four women naked before.

       Mrs. Butler was not as gray as Granny but her
breasts were every bit as large as hers. Her breasts
were full and round. The areolas were no larger than
a woman with breasts half her size. Her nipples were
normal sized. I could not get a good look at her
crotch because of the card table. The most
noticeable thing about her aging skin was the wrinkles
and loose, sagging skin under her chin.

       Mrs. Mayfield was no surprise at all. She had
the dry sagging skin that goes with age but her
breasts were firm cones, at lead a D cup. (I learned
later that she had small breasts and had breast
implants after her husband passed away.) Everyone
thought she tried to look like a teenager because she
wanted to attract men. There were only a select
number of local women that knew the truth. You had
to admit the tits were right on beautiful. The bottle
blond hair just looked too harsh. It gave her the look
of an old hooker that would not admit she was too old
to be working.

       Mrs. Reynolds was not much taller than me. If
it were not for her face and the dry sagging skin she
could be mistaken for a child herself. Her figure was
good for her size. Her breasts were just the right
size for her body.

       Mrs. Wheeler was close to the age of my
mother. The full round figure made her look much
younger. There were no winkles on her body,
because, let's face it, she was fat. Her hair was dark
brown and very nice looking. She had a smile that was
disarming. She was divorced and had two daughters.
The oldest was 13 and the younger one was 10.

       I was standing there like a fool so Granny
swatted me on the ass hard to get me out of my
stupor. After I had done as I was told by Granny to
get undressed, I felt foolish getting undressed in
front of my granny's friends but I didn't want to
incur her wrath. I peeled off my school clothes and
discarded them, as I was directed. All of the women
were staring at me.

       Granny took me by the arm while I was standing
next to Mrs. Reynolds and forced me to my knees.
She made me get under the card table and pulled me
between Mrs. Butler's legs. All of the women had to
pull their feet under their chairs to give me enough
room under the table. It was almost like looking at
my grandmother's body. She had to spread her legs
to give me room to get between her legs.

       Mrs. Butler was unable to participate in the
next few hands of the card game while I sucked her
pussy. Apparently Mrs. Mayfield had removed her
shoes because I could feel her stocking toe rubbing
my little pussy while I was sucked the gray haired
pussy. Mrs. Butler was making all kinds of nasty
comments about what I was doing to her pussy. It
was a wonder the other three could continue to play
cards. When Mrs. Butler climaxed I was pushed to
the right. I was being turned clockwise to service
the second lady.

       It was just as well because that was Mrs.
Mayfield. Her stocking clad toe was driving me crazy.
She may have identified with being a blond but her
pubic hair gave testimony to the fact that she was a
brunet. It was her turn to pass on the next few
hands while she fucked my face with her pussy.
There was nothing shy about her letting everyone
know what I was doing to her pussy. When she was
finished it was time to move on.

       Turning to the right again I was between the
legs of Mrs. Reynolds. She was such a tiny little old
woman that she hardly filled the seat of her chair
and if she sat back in the chair her feet would only
reach the floor if she put her toes down. When I
sucked her gray pussy she rested her legs over my
back and they were light. I could not believe just
how wet she was. She was not as talkative as the
others but she let me know how much she was
enjoying what I was doing by stroking my hair. When
she was finished she moved her legs and pushed my
head away.

       Mrs. Wheeler was the last one. Being the
youngest woman at the party her skin was moist and
smooth. The fact that she was a chubby woman made
her skin like that of a baby. She must have slipped
one of Granny's mints in her pussy while I was sucking
the other ladies because when I stuck my tongue in
her pussy it tasted like mint. She was not as
talkative as her mother but everyone sure knew when
she came because she kicked the table spilling all of
the stacks of chips.

       Granny pulled me out from under the table. All
of that pussy juice was starting to dry on my face
but Granny was licking it off of my face while she
kissed me. She was also sticking a finger up my pussy
and jilling me.

       There was nothing to do but keep the ladies in
chips, drinks and cigarettes until the game was over.
Mrs. Wheeler was the first one to lose all of her
chips. She moved away from the table and took her
food with her to a couch. Mrs. Butler was the next to
exit the game. She sat by her daughter and cuddled
up with her while she stroked her pussy.

       The game was down to Mrs. Mayfield and Mrs.
Reynolds. I watched the game carefully because the
winner was going to be using me. Mrs. Mayfield was
an aggressive better and Mrs. Reynolds was much
more reserved. They were exchanging chips back and
forth. Reynolds didn't show any emotion but now and
then she would pull on an ear nervously. A couple of
times when she did that Mrs. Mayfield would bump
the ante and win. When Mrs. Reynolds had a slight
lead she pulled on her ear when all of the cards were
turned showing 3, 9, jack and king, king. There was
only the one pair. Mrs. Mayfield got a grin on her
face and pushed all of her chips in with the
statement, "I'm all in."

       She turned her hole cards over showing she had
a deuce, king, giving her three of a kind. Mrs.
Reynolds flipped her hole cards over and her two
cards were a 10 and a queen. That gave her a king
high straight.

       Mrs. Mayfield had been taken in by her fake ear
pull. That ended the game. Mrs. Reynolds stood up
and took hold of my hand and led me to Granny's
bedroom. I was pleased because I figured Mayfield
would have been harder to please. Little did I know!
Mrs. Reynolds sat on the bed with me and we started
kissing while she stroked my naked pussy. She
masturbated me until I could not stand it any longer.
Her next move was to stack a couple of pillows up and
then place me across them with my butt in the air.

       I wondered what she had in mind. I thought she
was going to spank me but when she used both hand
to spread the cheeks of my ass she blow air against
my asshole. I almost peed from the feeling but that
was just the start. She licked me from my small
little vulva to my asshole. When she reached it she
drilled her tongue into my ass. I almost passed out
before she was finished. While I recovered she sat
with her back against the headboard and pulled me up
to her lap and pulled my head right to her breasts. I
was sucking on her tit like a baby until I my jaw was
sore. Then it was my turn to suck her pussy again.
Only she also wanted her ass licked too. I had never
licked an asshole before. I thought I would be
repulsed by the smell but found that her ass smelled
rather sweet. I was exhausted by the time she was

       When we returned to the parlor the four women
were paired up and still enjoying cuddling because
they had done whatever they had been doing. There
was another round of applause because they could tell
that I was spent. It was late and everyone had to get
dressed to go home.

       The parties got even more interesting when
Mrs. Wheeler brought along her daughters. I became
friends with them and they introduced me to their
friends. At least my Mom stopped given me grief
about spending all of my time at Grandma's.

       Everything was going just fine until my father
got laid off and had to take a job in another state.
That was when I had a fit and insisted that I wanted
to stay in the school district I had always been in.
The only way I could do that was to live with my
Granny. My mother put up a fight but I won out in
the end. From the day my parents moved away I
shared Granny's bed. Weekends were great fun.

I hope you enjoyed the story and have a story you
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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Loving Granny