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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Mother And Daughter Go Cruising

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 13:54:45 -0800
From: Jan 0 <>
Subject: Mother and Daughter go Cruising (lesbian / incest, F/ffg)


This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts between women. If this type of content
offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded
for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you
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for permission.

Copyright 2005 Jan, All Rights Reserved.

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Mother and Daughter go Cruising

       It was a cold and rainy day in the suburbs of Baltimore
Maryland. Danni's daughter, Amy, was in her bedroom playing
with two sisters that were friends of hers. They were having a
sleepover on this particular weekend.

       Danni was trying to be a good host when she made
refreshments for the three girls and took the tray to Amy's
room. When she opened the door to the bedroom she was
intrigued by what she saw. All three girls were sitting on the
carpeted floor in a triangle with their legs crossed in an Indian
style and their knees touching. The room was warm because of
the forced air heater but why would the girls be wearing only
their Tee-shirts and panties. She was certain that when she had
opened the door she had seen Amy jerking her arm back into
her own lap.

       Trying to maintain her composure she said, "How would
you girls like some hot coco and some cookies. She had a plate
piled high with macrons. As she placed her tray in the middle
of the three girls she could not help but notice that Amy was
wearing her newest silk panties. The ones she had bought her
for Christmas, and her friends were in simple cotton panties.
Amy and Mandy were both 12-years-olds. Mandy's younger
sister was an 11-year-old named Samantha or Sam.

       Amy and Mandy were just starting to develop. They
were about 4' 11" and about 80 pounds. They were both very
conscious of their changing figures and looking forward to
having breasts large enough to dictate that they get their first
bra. At the time they were just a very small B-cup size.

       Sam was a sweet looking girl a little smaller that the
other two. She was close to the same weight because she had
some baby fat on her body. Her chest was as flat as any boy
her age although her nipples were beginning to peak.

       Danni could see the outline of both Amy and Mandy's
vaginas as she sat the tray in the middle of the group. She
could swear that she could see the swell of Mandy's clit
through the panties. She also noticed that the crotch appeared
to be moist. There was a decided aroma of a female in heat that
permeated the air around the group. It finally dawned on her
that her daughter must have been playing with Mandy's pussy
when she had walked in.

       She felt her own pussy tingle at the thought of her
daughter starting to explore her sexuality with her playmates.
She was not sure what she should do so she simply said; "Have
fun girls." and left the room.

       She returned to the kitchen and thought about what she
suspected. She did not want to embarrass Amy in front of her
friends. Besides she found it very sexy to think about what the
girls were doing. The encounter took her back to her own
youth and the way in which she had drifted into her own

       Danni's husband had left them five years ago and since
then she had been without a sex partner. That night when she
was getting ready for bed she listened to the girls giggling. She
knew the three girls were sharing Amy's full sized bed. She
knew the three of them would be in close contact all night. She
had a mental picture of them feeling each other up and even
masturbating each other to climaxes. She could only hope they
were performing oral sex on each other. As she settled down in
her bed she could not resist pinching her nipples with one hand
while using her right hand to rub her clitoris vigorously until
she also reached an orgasm. Sleep still would not come. She
wound up masturbating three more time before she fell asleep
from exhaustion.

       She didn't say anything to Amy about what she suspected
about her relationship with Mandy and Sam. However she
spent a lot of time watching her daughter's activities after that.
It was a week or so later that when she was walking past her
daughter's room as she was gathering up the laundry to do the
weekly wash she saw Amy in her room with her back to the
door. She was bent over at the waist. All she had on was a

       The view she was afforded was of her daughter's bare
bottom. The way she was standing she could see her anus and
vulva at the same time. The girl's vagina looked so round and
hairless and her rectum looked, for all of the world, like a
puckered rose bud. She stopped by the door to stare at this
beautiful vision before her. She hung onto the door jam
because her head was spinning and her knees were weak.

       She wanted to rush into the room and toss her daughter
onto the bed and rape her. She had momentary visions of
making her daughter her love slave and of involving Mandy
and Sam as her love slaves too.

       She fantasized about using Amy dressed like a slut. Then
taking her to the White Marsh Mall and making her expose
herself to the ladies parading around the mall.

       Danni collected herself and left the room before Amy
knew she was there or so she thought. However Amy had been
aware of her presence all along and was thrilled by the
opportunity to expose herself before her mother. She had long
used visions of her mother's naked body as she lay in bed
fingering her young cunt.

       Amy had been enjoying teaching her friends the art of
masturbation the day her mother had walked in with the cookies
and coco. She had even seen the way her mother had looked at
Mandy's crotch. She had wanted to confront her mother about
her sexual desires but was unsure of how to proceed.

       She had longed to see her mother's pussy for a long time.
She had seen pictures of naked women before and knew what
most looked like but wanted to know if she would grow up to
look like her mother.

       With her brown hair and green eyes Danni was a nice
looking woman. She was five-foot six and weighted about 140
pounds. Her breasts measured a nice 36-D to go along with her
narrow waist and wide, child bearing hips.

       Amy's hair was just a little lighter colored. Her eyes are
blue. She also was starting to lighten streaks in her hair.

       Danni had started picking up her daughter's panties from
the hamper or her bedroom floor and smelling the crotch. She
even had begun bringing them to her lips and sucking on them
before washing them. She fantasized about tasting her
daughter's cunt for real.

       Normally Amy could not care less about helping with the
laundry but she wanted to be close to her mother in hopes of
catching a look at her naked body. When she went by the
laundry room she saw her mother holding her Christmas present
panties in her hand and sucking on the crotch with the bottom
pressed against her nose. She felt a rush as she comprehended
that her mother was drawn to the smell of her pussy on her
panties. She stood there watching for a moment before Danni
caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye.
When she looked at her daughters face she was stunned for a
moment. She stood there with the red panties dangling from
her mouth.

       Amy grew bold, "If you want to smell my pussy, why not
just ask?"

       Danni was stunned and her face blushed red as her hand
swung around with her palm open. She slapped her daughter's
face so hard that a red handprint appeared instantly on the left
side of her face. "Don't you ever use that nasty language!"

       Amy started crying and immediately begged forgiveness.
Danni pulled her into her arms and kissed the salty tearstained
cheeks. The front of her housedress was getting tearstained too.

       Amy could feel her mother's nipple through the light
dress and bra pressed against her ear. She turned her head and
opened her mouth and covered the bulge with her mouth as she
began sucking. Danni started breathing hard causing her chest
to rise and fall. The feel of her daughter's mouth drawing the
blood into her now sensitive nipple was very exciting. Amy's
head was almost bobbing up and down. Amy pulled her head
back and stuffed her hand inside the top of her mother's dress
and pulled the right tit out of the dress and she was thrilled at
the sight of her large areola and nipple. She placed the palm of
her hand against the areola and found the size to be similar to
the size of her palm. Then she covered the nipple with her
mouth and sucked on it and flipped the nipple with her tongue.

       Danni laid Amy on the pile of soiled laundry. She
reached between Amy's legs and ran her hand up her leg until
she reached her daughter's warm panties. She felt around until
she found the waistband and stuffed her hand inside. She
thrilled at the touch of the smooth vulva. Using her index
finger to find her daughter's clit she began flipping it as fast as
Amy was flipping her nipple with her tongue. Amy climaxed
on the pile of clothes as her young body squirmed and her cunt
throbbed uncontrollably.

       Danni felt her child go ridged for several seconds and
then go limp as a rag. She gathered her up in her arms and
carried her to her bedroom where she laid her on her bed. Amy
offered no resistance as her mother removed her dress and
panties. She could hardly lift her legs as her mother removed
her shoes. She lay there watching Danni as her mother stood up
and removed her dress. The bra cup on her right breast was still
moist as Danni reached behind her back to unhook and remove
the garment. Amy watched the two large breasts tumble out of
the cups. They were larger than she had imagined and they
jiggled delicious before her face. When Danni dropped the bra
and started rolling the panties down over her hips Amy's eyes
were fixed on the emerging vulva.

       She had expected it to be covered with brown hair like
pictures she had seen of naked women. She found it strange
that her mother's pussy was as void of pubic hair as her own.

       "Mom, why don't you have any hair on your pussy?"

       Danni, "I shave myself two or three times a week."

       "Why would you do that?"

       "I just like the feeling of my naked flesh on the silken
material of my panties. Touch me darling and see if you don't
like the way it feels."

       Amy reached out and touched the skin with her
fingertips. She found the skin as smooth as her own butt. She
could see her mother's labia exposed and she ran her finger
between the rubbery lips. She felt how slippery the walls of her
cunt were. She found her mother's clitoris and she marveled at
her mother's response when she touched it. She diddled the clit
until her mother reached a mini climax.

       Danni climbed on the bed next to Amy and cuddled her
into her arms and covered her face with wet kisses. Then they
took turns exploring each others pussy with their mouths.

       Danni felt that her daughter's cunt was like a soft
clamshell. Her tongue filled the little vagina until her tongue
tip touched her hymen. She stiffened her tongue and drove it
through the thin membrane. Amy whimpered in the shock of
the stabbing pain. The feeling was replaced by the thrill of
another climax as her mother lapped up the thin traces of blood.

       Amy rolled her mother over and went down between her
legs to get her first close look at an adult pussy. She used her
fingers to part the labia and look at the gapping opening. She
could not get over how easy her fingers slipped into her mother
vagina. She put finger after finger until all four were in her
mother's cunt. Then she folded her thumb in and worked her
whole fist into the opening. She marveled when she felt the
flesh close around her wrist. She could not believe that she had
her whole hand inside her mother's pussy.

       "Oh my God Amy, wiggle your fingers and tickle my
cunt. Push it in deeper. Harder."

       Amy fist fucked her mother's pussy until Danni let out a
satisfied moan. "Oooooooooh that is sooooooo good,"

       The mother and daughter eventually showered together
and then sat down for a long talk about their feelings and
desires. Danni had a lot of unfulfilled desires. She wanted to
do things she had only dreamed of when she was a girl. Amy
found her mother's fantasies to be thrilling too.

       The first thing they did was to go shopping for shoes.
They selected a shop that had a young female click. As Amy
placed her foot on the stool for the girl to try on several shoes
they had selected they watched the clerk's face as she looked
between Amy's legs and saw that she wasn't wearing panties.
The girl was so nervous her hands were shaking. With Amy's
blessing the girl looked around to see if there was anyone
watching before she placed her hand between Amy's legs and
played with her little wet pussy.

       Danni slipped off her pump and placed her foot between
the girl's legs and rubbed her crotch with her big toe. Both of
the girls climaxed quickly as Danni looked on. They bought
the shoes and left the shop, never to see that girl again.

       Then she took Amy to the White Marsh Mall where they
walked around until they spotted a woman that they found
attractive and followed her until she stopped at a snack bar.
She bought a soft drink and sat down at a white porcelain table
to drink. Danni and Amy bought drinks too and sat down at a
table facing the woman. They both had short skirts on and
made sure that the woman could see their naked pussies.

       When the woman finally noticed their naked cunts she
watched them as they sat pretended they had no idea that she
could see their pussies. Then Danni placed her hand in Amy's
lap and tickled her daughter's cunt for the amusement of the

       The woman stood up and approached their table. "May I
join you ladies?"

       Danni beamed and said, "By all means dear. We were
hoping you might."

       The woman introduced herself as Shirley and said, "I
could not help noticing how lovely you each look between your

       Danni thanked her and asked if she was interested in a
party. The woman beamed and said, "Your place or mine?"

       The three of them laughed and they left the mall together.
They agreed to leave Danni's car in the mall and ride home in
her car. The remainder of the day was spent in a sweaty orgy of
sex. The woman introduced them to a form of sex new to them
both. As Amy sucked her mother's pussy Shirley knelt behind
Amy and put her face between the cheeks of her ass and licked
her asshole. It was such thrill for Amy that she was anxious to
do the same to both of the adults. Amy also got to see an adult
pussy with enough pubic hair to see what it was like to get hair
between her teeth.

       When they had satisfied themselves the woman drove
them back to the mall to retrieve their own car and parted

       Danni owns her own CPA office in Baltimore so she can
arrange her meeting schedule in order that she can work from
her home office any time she pleases.

       They planed it so that Amy could have Mandy and Sam
over for an afternoon of fun and games one day. Danni came
home early and slipped into the house quietly and slipped into
Amy's bedroom.

       As she entered Sam was lying on her tummy between
Amy's legs sucking on her pussy. Mandy was on her knees
beside Amy sucking on one of her nipples. Amy had her hand
between Mandy's legs with a finger in her cunt. Danni saw for
the first time that Mandy's clit did protrude past her pussy lips
when she was stimulated.

       When Mandy saw Danni she panicked and tried to cover
her nakedness with her hands as she sat up. Sammy saw her
sister and looked behind herself and tried to cover her own
nakedness by pressing her belly against the bed.

       Danni came in and sat down on the bed. She reached
over and stroked Sammy's backside with her hand. "Don't
worry girls I'm not mad at you and I promise not to tell

       The girls slowly relaxed in the presence of Amy's
mother. After they agreed to never tell anyone what went on in
their home Danni undressed in front of the girls. She allowed
both girls to inspect her body as much as they wanted. As they
talked about what they like to do with each other Sam
complained that Mandy made her suck her pussy many times
without doing it to her too.

       Danni stroked her blonde hair and cuddled her close to
her big tit and said, "I love young pussy child. Would you like
to sit on my face?"

       Sam was thrilled at the offer and shook her head up and
down. Danni lay on her back and lifted the young girl up and
positioned her young cunt directly over her face. Sam thrilled
at the feeling of her tongue probing the young pussy. She was
facing Danni's tits and started playing with them. As she
started rocking back and forth she was thrilled when Danni
stuck her tongue into her asshole. The youngster froze in the
thrill of the moment.

       Amy took the opportunity to put Sammy on her back and
started finger fucking her pussy until she broke her hymen.
Then she licked up the thin traces of blood like her mother had
done for her. Sam was a quivering wreck for awhile.

       She tolled over and placed her hand on one of Danni's
large breasts and pulled it towards her face so that she could
suck on the tit like she was a baby. While she was sucking on
the nipple she reached down and found Danni's clitoris. She
masturbated it until Danni was having one climax after another.

       Amy and Mandy were free to watch. They played with
each other's pussy and took turns sucking Danni's pussy too.
Mandy and Sam watched Amy lap at her mother's pussy and
stick her right index finger into her mother's dark bunghole. At
their urging she added one and then two additional fingers as
she spread the hole ever wider. It wasn't long before Danni
was teaching each of them how to fill her openings with their
youthful hands.

       At Amy's urging Danni had been allowing her pubic hair
to grow so that the three girls could see what they would look
like soon. When ever the girls spend the weekend with Danni
and Amy now they either sleep in Danni's bed or Danni takes
turns letting one of the three of them sleep with her. The other
two use Amy's bed that night.

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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Mother And Daughter Go Cruising