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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Mother Caught Me

Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 09:22:05 -0800 (PST)
From: Jan None <>
Subject: Mother Caught Me (lesbian/incest, oral f/FF, FF/ff)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts between women
and girls, including incest. If this type of content
offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not
read it.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be
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Mother Caught Me

       Everything changed when my mother came
home unexpectedly. She walked in on me in my bed
with Gail, the daughter of my mother's best friend,
Molly. I was holding her down and pinching her
nipples, and grinding my panty clad pussy against
Gail's face. There was a certain amount of confusion
at that moment. Gail scrambled to cover up her
breasts and make a hasty exit. Mom was visibly
upset about what she had witnessed. She sat down
on my bed and asked me about what I had been

       I found it hard to tell my mother about my
sexual desires. Eventually I admitted to wanting to
find out what it was like to have sex with another
girl. She wanted to know what brought that on. I
told her that I had been having fantasies about
making love to big breasted older women. Upon
further questions, I admitted to Mom that I had
been attracted to her best friend, Molly.

       Mom asked, "Georgia, why are you so enamored
with Molly?"

       I blushed visibly when I admitted that I was
attracted to her big breasts. Molly was about five-
feet four inches tall with an impressive 38-DD bust
line. Not that my mother had anything to be
ashamed of. She was just as tall as Molly, and nice
firm 38-D breasts.

       Mom asked me why I was practically raping my
friend. I told her that we had just been wrestling
around on my bed, and I could not resist exposing
her tits and forcing her to suck my pussy. Mom was
visibly upset. She told me that I was grounded until
further notice. I was to be in my room when not at
school, no stopping anywhere going and coming from
school. Gail and I were fourteen-year-old freshmen
at John Marshal High School.

       We were all brunettes. Mom and Molly's hair
was below their shoulders, with gentle waves. Gail's
and my hair is almost long enough to reach my waist,
and deliberately straightened. Gail and I are just
starting to blossom. Our breasts are not even a
handful. Gail and I felt so grown up when we were
able to start shaving our legs, underarms and
pussies. We deliberately left a trimmed landing
strip above our cunts, like the nude pictures of
models in men's girly magazines. This was just the
first time my mother had caught me dominating Gail.

       I was disappointed that I was grounded, but
realized that she could have done much worse.
Apparently while I was at school Mom had a talk
with Molly, unknown to me at the time. When I got
home from school, Mother called me into the living
room to have a talk with me. She was sitting in her
favorite chair. She was dressed in a light jersey top
that looked like her breasts were going to spill out
of at any moment. She had on her typical faded
blue denim, low cut, and boot cut jeans. She also
had on her knee high, black, high heeled boots, with
the zippers on the inside. She did look particularly
fetching dressed like that.

       I sat on the end of the sofa nearest her. I
expected to have to sit there listening to her lecture
me about my behavior. I had on my typical school
uniform, white blouse and white knee high stockings,
saddle oxfords, along with the gray and navy blue
pleated plaid skirt. I had been wearing my clothes
for about ten hours. Perfume was not going to mask
my body odor. Besides I was nervous about more

       It took my mother a little time to start with
her commentary. She said, "Honey I'm disappointed
in you, not for what you were doing, but for how you
were going about it. Love is a beautiful thing to be
shared between lovers, but what I saw you doing was
more like an assault, than love making!"

       I sat there too intimidated by her to respond.
Anything I could think of to say would just get me in
more trouble.

       Mom told me that she had discussed it with
Molly. Molly was concerned that what I had done to
Gail could be described as rape. That scared me.

       She went on to tell me that she thought we
should continue our discussion in my bedroom. I
followed her to my room, but when she opened the
door for me to enter before her. I almost fainted,
because Molly was sitting on my bed. She looked
particularly attractive sitting there in a halter
topped summer dress in an olive green print on off
white. I looked at my mother for guidance. I didn't
know what was going to happen.

       Molly patted the bed next to her, and gave me
a slight smile as she told me, "Georgia, have a seat!"
I turned around to sit down next to her. I was too
shy to look her directly in the eye. Mother curled
one leg under her as she sat down on the other side
of me. Molly asked me, "Georgia, do you like girls

       I slowly nodded my head affirmatively, without
looking her directly in the eye.

       Molly said, "Georgia, making love to a girl can
be a beautiful thing. You just need to be gentle and
take your time. Allow your sexual partner to catch
up with you. Do you want me to teach you how to
make love to a woman?"

       Again I nodded my head, without speaking.

       I felt my mother place a reassuring hand on my
shoulder. Molly gently brushed my cheek with the
backs of her perfumed fingers. She brushed my
long hair behind my left ear, before she leaned so
close to my face that I could feel her breath on my
cheek. She was actually teasing me. I wanted her
to kiss me, but she didn't. She stroked my hair and
face gently with the backs of her fingers. When
she talked to me I felt the air coming out of her
mouth, as she told me that I should kiss a girl
gently. She barely touched my lips with hers, before
she continued with her narrative.

       "Georgia, your touch should be gentle too."
She trailed the backs of her fingers down my arm.
Just her touch made me shiver. I was also staring
at those gorgeous breasts that I envied so much. I
could even catch a glimpse of her lace bra. Her
perfumed breasts moved sexually every time she
breathed. Just when I was about to reach for one
of them I felt my mother stroke my hair, and pulled
it back over my shoulder. I realized where I was. A
woman old enough to be my mother was seducing me,
right in the presence of my own mother.

       Molly told me that she should teach me how to
kiss first. She gently pressed her lips against mine.
She kissed my cheek and nibbled my ear. She was
still stroking my arm. My mother started nibbling on
my other ear. While she was doing that Molly
started unbuttoning my blouse, starting at the top.
I just sat there with both hands resting on the
mattress behind me. When she pulled the blouse
free of my arms, they discovered that I had gone to
school without a bra. My little breasts were just
barely a handful. My little areolas were swollen and
my nipples were tender to the touch.

       My mother scolded me for not having a bra on.
Molly told me that if I didn't wear a bra now, by the
time I was her age my tits would sag like cow udders.
Molly also added that having a bra on, meant more
clothes to take off, before you have sex. They both
insisted that I promise to always wear a bra, at least
in public. When I promised, both of them started
playing with my nipples. I could hardly breathe.
While Mom started kissing my mouth, Molly started
sucking gently on my nipple. Mom was still playing
with my other tit.

       It was thrilling, when Molly wanted to kiss me
on my mouth, Mother moved down to suck on the tit
she was playing with. While she was sucking my tit
she reached down and placed her hand on my thigh.
My skin crawled as it gently moved up my leg until
her hand was resting on top of my white panties.
She stroked my warm panties. I could feel her hand
slipping up and down my wet panties.

       Molly asked, "Georgia, would you feel more
comfortable if we undressed too?"

       I whispered, "I guess so."

       With that Mom pulled her jersey over her head
and shook out her hair. She had on a very sexy
black laced bra. The bra was cut so that the tops of
her areolas were exposed, and the flesh was swelling
out over the top. Molly untied the halter and
allowed the front of the dress to fall free of her
breasts. She had on a bra I didn't expect. I would
have thought it would have been white or at least
matched her dress. It was a gray and lavender lace
thing that barely held her tits in. Both of them
pulled their shoulder straps off of their arms as
they reached behind themselves to unhook the backs
of their bras. I had seen Mother's breasts many
times, and I knew how perfect they looked. If
anything, they looked like she had undergone breast
implants. Molly's breasts were even larger, they
sagged more because of their weight. Both of them
had large areolas and large nipples.

       Mother sat back and unfastened her jeans.
She had to struggle to pull the pants down. She had
to sit up long enough to unzip the boots and pull
them off. Then she pulled the pants free of her
legs. I was impressed with her low-rise lace panties.
Mom was bikini shaved, so no hair was sticking out of
the legs. She lifted her butt long enough to pull the
panties out from under her butt. Then she pulled
them free, and tossed them. While she was doing
that Molly was getting undressed too.

       Molly had to unzip the tight fitting bodice,
before she could pull her dress over her head. She
pulled off her high heels one at a time. Then she
allowed me to pull her white panties down. She told
me to leave her pantyhose on. Without her panties
on I could see her pubic hair matted against her
flesh by her pantyhose. That was unexpected to

       Molly told me to lift my butt up long enough
for her to remove my white panties. Molly held up
my panties and felt the crouch before she said,
"Mmmm they are very wet. Feel them!" When I did,
she placed them under her nose and smelled them.
They both removed my saddle oxfords, but opted to
leave my socks on. They both commented on the way
I trimmed my pubic patch. Mother returned to
kissing me on the mouth. Molly asked me if she
could teach me how to suck a girl's pussy. I nodded
my head, with Mother's lips still glued to my own.

       Molly suggested that I make myself more
comfortable. Mom piled two pillows behind her back
and turned her body so that I could lie on my back
with my head resting on her right thigh. Her left
leg was stretched out alongside their bodies. Mom
continued kissing my mouth and toying with one of
my tits, while Molly positioned herself between my
outstretched legs. She used her fingers to part my
outer lips. She pointed out what she was doing, and
told me the names of the parts of my pussy. When
she gently touched my clit, she called it a clit or
clitoris. She assured me that there were a lot of
nerve endings in that little nub. She demonstrated
how intense the feelings could be by playing with it.
She pointed out that people refer to the labia
looking like a little boat with the clit kind of looked
like a little man standing at the bow of the boat.
With that she started licking my labia and clit.

       She looked up from my pubic bone and told me,
"Pay attention to the way I use my nose, tongue and
chin. I will expect you to demonstrate to me what I
teach you. With that she started licking my cunt.
She did things with her nose that drove my clit
crazy. She even rubbed my entire vagina with her
chin. She took one side of my labia into her lips and
sucked on it loosely so that the flesh vibrated
between her lips. It was taking on a trip to the edge
of oblivion. Mom was kissing me and playing with my
tits. I don't know which one of us was moaning the
loudest. I think I even fainted for a moment. When
it was over, Molly said, "Okay, Georgia, it is my turn!"

       She asked Mom for the pillows so that she
could prop up her back. I got on one side of her,
while Mom settled down on the other side of Molly.
I started kissing her gently, the same way she had
started kissing me. I even gently stroked her bare
arms before tracing the diameters of her areolas. I
kissed her with all of the passion I could muster, and
dueled with her tongue. Then I licked the inside of
her ear, and sucked hickies on her neck. Then I
started sucking on her nipples in turn. I placed my
hand on top of her pantyhose covered pussy. I
stroked her, while mother was giving Molly
passionate tongue kisses, and playing with her tits

       Molly told me, "Go ahead and rip my panties!"

       I used one hand to pick up the nylon material
and used my fingernail to poke a hole through the
nylon. When I opened the hole I forced both hands
into the opening, and pulled the material apart until
all of her crotch and most of her butt was exposed.
I moved around to get between her legs, so that I
could do the same things to her pussy that she had
done to me. I did everything I could to bring her to
a climax as fast as I could. Mom was helping by
kissing her and playing with her tits. When she was
satisfied, it was Mom's turn.

       Molly assumed the position Mom had for me.
Mom rested her head on Molly's thigh, while Molly
kissed her and played with her tits. I got between
Mom's legs, and sucked her pussy. I couldn't believe
how animated my mother was. She was crying out
with all kinds of obscenities and her legs were
quivering like she was getting an electrical shock. It
was the thrill of my life to make love to my mother's
pussy and then kiss her with my face covered with
her pussy juice. We had to rest afterwards.

       The next day when I got home from school,
Gail was waiting in my room. Mom was busy teaching
her all of the delicious things Molly had taught me
the day before. I shed my clothes and joined in on
the fun. Gail and I would have sleepovers with each
other and at other times we traded mothers. I
could never get enough of Molly's big breasts, and I
did love the taste of her pussy.

I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have a
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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Mother Caught Me