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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Mother Daughter Bonding

Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 23:57:19 +0000
From: Sensual Peach <>
Subject: Story Submission - Mother Daughter Bonding


This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and
incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used
fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locals, or persons
living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Mother Daughter Bonding (Ff, Incest, Anal, Adult-Youth)
Sensual Peach
Copyright (c) 2008

Gwen was exhausted, and she had to admit, a little drunk. After
meeting with some clients to finalize a contract for her boss, she
had been talked her into celebrating the new arrangement at the
local pub. These were very valuable business partners and Gwen
had no choice but drink every glass of wine that was bought for her.
They celebrated enthusiastically, toasting to everyone's health, to
good fortune, and whichever whim Mr. Sanders thought up. She cringed
slightly and began to rub the bridge of her nose as she remembered
she had to leave her car and get a taxi ride home. All those details
would need to be worked out in the morning because right now she
needed to get a grip fast.

Clumsily, Gwen stumbled into the elevator of her apartment
complex and lightly propped herself up on the sidebar. A grin began
to spread across her face as she remembered who was waiting for her
up in the bedroom ...

***** 3 Hours ago *****

"I'm still in a meeting Elise," Gwen Swanson sighed into her
cellphone. "I don't know when this is going to finish up."

"*tsk* You know I hate waiting for you." Elise sighed.

"I know, I know. I didn't know I was going to get this stuff thrown
on me today." Gwen said as she peered over her shoulder into the

"So, what? Do I just twiddle my thumbs until you decide to show up?"

"Come'on Elise. You know I can't help this" Gwen pleaded. "Just ...
Just use your key and wait for me up in the apartment. I'll be there
as soon as I can. I want to see you."

"I want to see you too. We never get to be alone together."

Gwen smiled as she spoke, "Well now we'll have plenty of time
together because Kim will be gone for the entire weekend. We can do
whatever we want and there's a few things I've been meaning to try."

"You better not be teasing me." Elise said playfully.

The two women finished the conversation with a few whispered words of
affection. Gwen closed her cell-phone and inhaled deeply. This
unplanned meeting with the company's clients had almost ruined what
was supposed to be a perfect evening with her girlfriend. Being a
single mother there wasn't much opportunity to meet new people and
Gwen regretted the last few years of her relationship drought. After
a chance meeting with Elise Branch in a clothing store the two had
become fast friends and passionate lovers. Elise was able to open up a
world of happiness and pleasure that Gwen never knew existed. Still,
Gwen had to step carefully around her new lovelife knowing that her
daughter probably wouldn't be able to handle the situation. Kimberly
had just turned thirteen and was always in emotional turmoil. Any
imbalance in her life caused her to fly off the handle at a moment's
notice and Gwen struggled to stay on top of her daughter's troubles.

"Just a few more hours of hammering out these details and I can jump
into bed with Elise." Gwen thought to herself as she shuffled
through a few papers.

Gwen's mind drifted from her work for a moment as she thought of Elise's
perfect breasts. Small and firm with dark pink nipples always
pointing perkily upward. Her skin was so smooth and golden, the result
of many hours spent at the tanning salon. The very thought of touching
her was causing her heart to beat faster.


"Was that Mom?" Kimberly Swanson asked. The new teenaged girl looked
expectantly at the woman holding the phone.

"Yes, she was just letting me know she'd be a little late."

"Well you should have let me talk to her!" Kim said raising her voice
to a loud whine. "Because Patty is a loser and I won't be going over
there tonight."

The glistening in the young girl's eyes were apparent and Elise
immediately knew the story. "Did you two have another fight? Why now?"

"What do you mean why now? Is this an inconvenient time?" Kimberly

"That's not what I mean, Kim."

"Oh sure you don't. You're always taking someone else's side!"

"Kim, that's enough." Elise said sternly. "Now call Patty and apologize
for whatever it is you're fighting about. Be the bigger woman."

"You so don't get it!" Kim cried. "I'm not calling anyone! You just
want to get rid of me."

Elise half wanted to admit that Kim's statement was probably true.
There definitely wouldn't be any fooling around with Gwen if her
daughter was hanging around all weekend.

"Isn't there another friend you can see this weekend? Why don't you
have a boyfriend or something."

Elise's word cut right into the girl's heart. Statements like that were
like icy swords right into a teenager's soul and it made the girl well
up immediately.

"You are such a BITCH." Kimberly shouted. "Why does my Mom even let you
hang around? Oh, that's right ... `cause you're such a slut!"

"Kim ... Shut up!" Elise snarled.

"You ARE a slut, Elise. You just hang around sponging off my Mom!"

With those last words Elise's palm reared back and came back in a swift
slap across the girl's face. "Shut your little brat mouth!"

Stunned for a moment from the strike against her, Kim ran away bawling
and locked herself in her mother's room.

"That's it!" Elise shouted. "I don't need this. To HELL with the both
of you!"

The petite brunette quickly gathered her coat and purse and slammed the
door on her way out.


Gwen fumbled with her keys for a moment as she slowly unlocked the
door to the apartment. The lights were off in the hallway, but she had
expected that. Elise wasn't the type to wait around for long when she
believed she had been stood up. She was a very punctual woman and
Gwen had tried desperately to show up early or exactly on time when
she had a date scheduled. Swiftly she made her way towards the master
bedroom, shrugging of her jacket, kicking off her heels, and
unbuttoning her blouse.

When she reached the bedroom door she held her breath as her eyes
adjusted to the dim light coming from the window. Gwen breathed a
sigh of relief when she saw a small shape beneath the covers. "Whew,
she's still here." she said to herself as she continued to undress.

Once completely naked, Gwen slid in under the covers beside her
lover. Elise would be greatly rewarded for staying, she would see to


Kim woke up, her eyes fluttering in the darkness of her mother's
bedroom. As her eyes adjusted to her surroundings, she was jolted by
the awareness that she was not alone. Someone was in the bed with her
and suddenly she felt what had awakened her.

A face was buried deep in her pussy causing her to instantly arch her
back. Kim's mouth fell open and she moaned throatily, for a moment
she was lost in the pleasure of the sensation she was feeling.

"Ummmmm, Mmmhmmm, feels good doesn't it Sweetheart? You taste so

Kimberly's heart began to thud in her chest as she recognized the
voice. It was her mother's!


Gwen was in heaven. Elise had been fast asleep, and although she
wasn't able to see her lover in the darkness, she could feel her.
Gwen caressed the warm skin of Elise's thighs as she watched the
writhing form before her.

Gwen had immediately dived in and hungrily kissed the moist
outer lips, her hands cupping Elise's firm, round behind. Sliding
her tongue along Elise's cunt, Gwen eagerly licked at her juices
and tender fleshy folds. Elise moaned, rocking her hips against
Gwen's face while savoring every second.

"Ummmmm, Mmmhmmm, feels good doesn't it Sweetheart?" Gwen
murmurmed. "You taste so good."

Gwen felt Elise's body stiffen, but she did that sometimes if a
tender part was touched. "I know how to take care of that," Gwen
said as she massaged Elise's pussy with several long, slow passes of
her tongue. Elise always loved that, and it seemed to be working
because her body finally relaxed and she heard her release a long,
trembling sigh.

Gwen moved up her lover's cunt, her tongue seeking and finding
the clit. She caressed it in her mouth, enjoying the feel of the
hard little numb against her lips. Sliding her hands up Elise's
lightly sweating body Gwen grabbed her breasts. They were warm
and firm, the nipples still soft. Gwen teased them with her
fingers until they were as hard as pebbles.

Elise shook ike a leaf in the wind, and Gwen held her firmly
back on the bed. She slowly worked on her lover's clit, pushing
back the hood and running the tip of her tongue along the sweet bud.
Gwen took it between her lips and nibbled. Elise jolted against
her mouth, her moans increasing.


"This is so wrong." Kim told herself as she moaned over and over.
"So, terribly wrong."

It was her mother, for chrissakes! But she couldn't bring herself to
stop her. Some of the boys at school had tried to go down on her,
but none of them had done it like her mother was doing it. She was
a magician and her mouth was her magic wand.

Between her mother's tongue sliding across her clit and her soft
fingers twisting her aching nipples, Kimberly was totally at her
mother's mercy. Then, when she felt her mom suck her clit between
her lips and nibble at it, that clenched it. With a wild scream, Kim
came, her body thrashing against the bed.


Gwen pressed Elise onto the bed as she orgasmed. She felt her
lover's cunt juices purl out into her mouth and Gwen pressed her
face tightly against Elise's cunt. She gulped and lapped like a mad
dog. Her fingers continued to squeeze Elise's breasts, her fingers
pinching and tugging the hard nipples. That always made her cum ...
and she did, her slender thighs clenching hard around Gwen's head.

Knowing exactly what to do next, Gwen moved her face away from
Elise's cunt and slid up her body. Elise had twisted so wildly on the
bed, her hair was all over her face. Gwen heard Elise whimper
slightly as her lips locked around her aching nipples, licking her
sweet areola. Soon, Gwen plunged two slim fingers into Elise's
honey-soaked slit. She watched as Elise's shadowed head was thrown
back in a deep groan. God she was tight! But Gwen didn't stop to
wonder about that fact, she just set forth to fuck her lover.


As Kimberly came down from her orgasm, she opened her eyes. Her hair
was all over her face, but she could see her mother had moved up
her body. Before she could draw in a labored breath, her mom's mouth
was on her right nipple. Kim whipdered quietly at the attention to
her breast. Suddenly, she felt her mother's fingers enter her. Kim's
back instinctively arched as she felt the digits thrusting inside her.
The girl tried to move the hair from her eyes but her mom quickly
grabbed her arm and then held both her wrists down above her head.

"Don't move, Sweetheart," her mother huffed. "Let me do the work.
Yeah, just lie there and let me fuck you Sweetie. Mmmm, yes, you like
that don't you Honey?"

Kimberly bit her lower lip, surprised at the tears forming in her eyes.
She knew she should stop this before it went any further. Once her
mother found out it was her, she would probably never forgive her. But
as her mother's tender fingers continued to fuck her, Kimberly didn't
want her stop. "Oh God forgive, but this feels good!" Kim thought to
herself as she felt another orgasm swelling inside her. The girl's
spine arched and she furiously began to grind her pussy up against
her mother's hand.


Gwen pumped her hand, increasing her rhythm as she continued to
build up friction between her fingers and the hot walls of Elise's
pussy. She could feel her own heart pounding like a drum and her
pussy burning from the excitement.

She still couldn't see Elise's face in the darkness, especially
now that her hair was covering it, but she could still hear her
harsh breathing. As she listened she could also hear the hard, fast
moans Elise made as she fucked her.

Elise's shadowed breasts bounced and jiggled wildly as Gwen
pistoned her fingers into her. Her cries were louder now, keeping
pace with Gwen's hard thrusts.

"Oh yes, Baby" Gwen groaned. "Feels so good doesn't it? You're
glad you stayed tonight aren't you? This is what you wanted. This
is what you were waiting for. Hard and deep hmmm?"

Elise's answer was a long, shuddering moan. Taking that as
encouragement, Gwen used her thumb to search out the same small
piece of sensitive flesh. She knew she achieved her goal when her
thumb brushed against a small nodule and Elise bucked up against her
with no control. Gwen began to increase the rhythm of her strokes
and the pressure of her thumb as the severity and level of Elise's
cries rose.

"Yes! Yes, that's it! Move with me, Baby. Move with me!"

Gwen felt Elise twisting and gyrating her hips against her. She
closed her yes and pushed her face into Elise's fragrant hair. Moving
her head onto Elise's neck, Gwen slid her tongue around the slick
and hot skin. Gwen felt Elise tremble beneath her, her lover's
ragged sighs rising to her ear. Releasing Elise's wrists, Gwen
slid her hand down under the woman's ass. She squeezed and rubbed
the warm, taut smoothness while continuing to suck on Elise's hot neck.

"You're so good." Gwen gasped as she probed the depths of Elise's
cunt. She used her free hand to lightly lift Elise's ass higher.

Gwen felt Elise slide her slender arms around her back, wincing
slightly as her nails scraped lightly at her skin.


When her mother let go of her wrists and moved her free hand under
her buttocks, Kimberly eased her arms around her mom's smooth back.
She held tight as she felt her mother's fingers fuck her. Kim dug her
nails into the slick, warm flesh of her mother's back and her hear
groan lustily. Feeling a hand squeezing her ass cheek, Kim was lifted
up by her Mom so she could be thrust into deeper. Kim cried out. She
had no idea she could feel this good. Mindless with lust now, Kim
gripped her Mom's back and matched the frenzied rhythm, stroke for
stroke, her young hips pulsing hard against her mother's hand.


As Gwen felt Elise lift her hips to meet her thrust, she increases
her pace. She was almost surprised at the frantic zeal Elise used to
match her pace.

The sweat poured off them, their bodies slithering and sliding against
each other. "My God, her cunt!" Gwen thought to herself. Elise's
cunt seemed to grip her fingers like a fist, the scorching walls
cleaving her digits with each fevered stroke.

Elise thrashed violently beneath Gwen, her lithe, sweat-drenched
body rubbing feverishly up and down. As Elise climaxed, her hot cunt
seemed to massage Gwen's fingers.

Finally, Gwen pulled out of Elise and fell beside her on the bed.
She panted, her heart beating wildly from Elise's passionate screams.
With a shaking hand, Gwen wiped the sweat pouring down her face.

"Darling," Gwen gasped. "I don't know what exercises you've been
doing to make your pussy so tight *pant* but keep it up!"

Staring up at the ceiling with her blurred vision, Gwen waited for
Elise to respond. Gwen turn on her side and leaned on her elbow.
Elise laid gasping on the bed with her arm over her eyes, her body
glistening with sweat. Her breasts heaving as she struggled to catch
her breath.

"Hey, Elise?" Gwen said as she touched her lover's shoulder. Elise
slowly lowered her arm and looked at her. Gwen's heart nearly
leapt out of her chest.

"Kimberly! What? What the Hell?!!? What're you .?"

"I-I'm sorry, Mom," Kim said softly. "I-I came home and-and I didn't
want to, I mean . I-I thought I'd just sleep in your bed for awhile.
I-I didn't mean ..."

Gwen couldn't believe it. She thought she had been making love to
her girlfriend, but it was ... her daughter! No wonder her pussy had
been so tight.

"Kimberly!! Honey! Why didn't you say something?!?"

Kim stared at her mother for a moment, her dark beautiful eyes
luminous in the darkness. "I-I don't know why. I don't! I'm sorry,
I'm so, so sorry."

"It's all right, honey. It's all right. I wasn't your fault."

Gwen frowned. Actually, it was her daughter's fault but she wasn't
going to place the blame on the girl. Truth be told, the fact that she
had been fucking her own daughter didn't repulse her as much as she
knew it should have. Despite everything, Gwen couldn't deny it had
been the most pleasurable experience in a long, long time.

"Kimberly," Gwen started. "What happened was a misunderstanding.
Ok? We'll just keep this between us. Do you understand?"

Kimberly nodded, her eyes locked on her mothers. Gwen released a
deep breath.

"Good. Ok. This is good." the woman said, nervously patting Kimberly's
shoulder as she tried to keep her eyes away from the girl's naked body.
"That's exactly what we'll do. Forget it ever happened. Exactly. It
NEVER happened."

Gwen rose from the bed and grabbed a robe from a nearby chair,
wrapping it around herself.

"You-you stay here, Kim." she told her daughter. "I'll sleep on the

"No, Mom ... this is your bed."

"It's ok, Sweetie. You stay here. Get some sleep. I'll see you in the

Before Kim could say another word, Gwen quickly left the bedroom.
Once she was in the livingroom, she sat down heavily on the couch. She
still couldn't believe what had just happened. How could she not have
known it wasn't Elise she was fucking? How?!?

Then a disturbing thought crept into her mind. Maybe, on some
unconscious level, she had known it wasn't Elise. Gwen's brow
furrowed. No, it wasn't possible. Okay so her daughter was beautiful,
but she had never, ever, not in a million years, entertained the
thought of fucking her. Had she?

Gwen shook her head. She didn't want to think about this right now.
What she needed was an aspirin and some sleep. Maybe she'd wake up
tomorrow and this would have all been a dream.


Kimberly closed her eyes as she stood under the warm stream of water
of the shower. She sighed deeply and tried to change her thoughts
from swirling around what had happened the night before. That day at
school had been an especially terrible experience with the
distracting emotions plaguing her. Even her favorite teacher Mrs.
Collins had commented on her lack of usual concentration in class.
Pushing her head under the water, Kimberly let it beat against her

After standing motionless in her own thoughts for a long while, she
reached over to the shower's wall and pressed the nozzle that
dispensed the soap. Kimberly rubbed it between her hands and began
washing her breasts. She moaned softly as she moved her soapy palms
over her nipples. The nubs quickly hardened and she felt the familiar
tingle deep in her young pussy. Licking her lips, the girl slid one
of her hands down her wet body. Her fingers slid over the wet hairs
of her cunt and she shuddered as the tip of her finger grazed her
clit. However, the water streaming down her body soon became too
distracting. Kimberly quickly stopped the shower water and toweled

Running briskly down the hall and into her bedroom, Kimberly abruptly
stopped and frowned when she noted the state of disarray her room was
in. She always hated an untidy room but could never seem to keep
things neat and tidy. Pushing a pile of clothes off her bed and, with
a soft sigh, fell back onto it. She laid silently for a few moments as
she let the remaining droplets of water dry on her naked body. Suddenly
she felt a tingle again and her mind was filled with thoughts sex. The
girl closed her eyes and slowly slipped her hands over her body.

"What's wrong with me?" she wondered silently. "Why can't I stop
thinking about the other night?"

Kimberly had always loved her mother. She was loving, energetic, and
funny. It had never ever occurred to Kimberly to think of Gwen in
any other way than as her mother, but everything had changed when
Gwen had crawled into bed and fucked her thinking it was her friend
Elise. And OH the way she had fucked her! Kimberly wasn't naive, she
knew her mother and Elise were having sex. She had heard the sounds
of passion once or twice in the middle of the night. But she had
never imagined they had made love THAT way, with such wild passion.
The things her mother had said, thinking she was Elise. Kimberly
moaned as she fondled her breasts, moving her slender hips up and down
on the bed, stimulating a subtle fucking motion as she imagined
her mother's hands on her body once again. She pinched her nipples,
her breath starting to become ragged, soft sighs spilling from her
trembling lips. Pulling the taut nubs away from her breast, she
squeezed them harder, panting rhythmically as she felt the beginnings
of an orgasm. Moving one hand up to her face, she licked two digits
before sliding it back down her body to her pussy. Her slim legs
fell apart as she opened her thighs. Slowly she slipped her
moistened fingers along her cunt while her other hand continued to
squeeze and pulp her breast. She slid her fingers over her swollen
lips and moved her palm onto her stiffening clit. The back of the
girl's head dug deep into her pillow as she slipped her two fingers
inside herself. She began wriggling them in circles, twisting and
thrusting them within her tight walls, the palm of her hand steadily
massaging her burning clit. Kimberly's hips rose and fell on the bed
as she fucked herself. Sweat began to pour down her face and pooled
in the hollows of her neck. She moved her fingers faster, closing her
eyes while she imagined she was back in her mother's bed. She
envisioned Gwen pressing her hard against the damp sheets as her
fingers thrust deeper into her. Kimberly moaned as her orgasm rose
to consume her. A scream escaped her lips ...

"Oh, MOM!"

She fucked herself until the last quivering wave of her orgasm
finally died away. The girl's head flopped to the side as her
eyelids fluttered.

"Kim? Kimmy? Are you alright?"

Kimberly quickly sat up, her breath sharp in her throat as her damp
hair flowed down her back. Her mother was at the door! She must have
heard her scream. "Damn," she thought to herself as she clutched a
pillow to her chest.

*Knock, Knock* "Kimmy? You ok? I heard you yell."

Kimberly nervously looked around the room, "Um, Yes! I'm fine. I-I
was just taking a nap. I uh, had a really hard day at school."

"I guess you had a bad dream. Are you sure you're ok?" Gwen said
leaning closer to the closed bedroom door.

"Yeah, it was a pretty bad dream."

The two stayed frozen in awkward silence for what seemed like an
eternity before Gwen asked, "Do - Do you want to talk about it?"

"Um, No No. I'm fine! Really! Just a bad dream. So uh, yeah. I'm ok."

"Well, ok." Gwen said. She hesitated for a moment, then walked
back down the hallway into the kitchen.

Kimberly closed her eyes and banged the back of her head against the
headboard. She remembered her mother's words about forgetting what had
happened. All she needed to do was keep her mouth shut and never think
of what they had done again. Unfortunately, all she could think about
was having her mother fuck her again.


"What was wrong with her?" Elise said straightening the blanket on the

"Nothing, just a bad dream."

"She's been having a lot of those lately. I've heard her yelling almost
every night. Maybe she should see a shrink."

"Kim's fine, Elise." Gwen snapped.

"Okay, Okay!" Elise said waving her hand. "Forget I mentioned it."

Removing her robe, Gwen climbed into bed next to the petite
brunette. Running her hand down Elise's arm and kissing her ear.

"So ..." Gwen smiled.

"So? So what?" Elise said coldly.

"I thought we could ..." The older blonde motioned to her nightstand.

"Enough Gwen." Elise snapped. "I'm not in the mood let alone going
to let you stick that thing in my ass."

Gwen's smile vanished and she slumped back to her corner of the bed.
"Why do you have to talk like that?"

"Talk like what? Like I don't want to be your whore? Like I don't want
you to try your sick sexual fantasies on me?"

"Fine, forget it." Gwen sighed. "Let's just go to sleep then."

Elise stayed silent as Gwen leaned over to switch off the light
beside the bed.


Through a crack in the door Kimberly exhaled quietly.

"Elise is treating Mom so badly lately." The girl thought to herself.
"What I wouldn't give to feel the way I felt that night."

The teenager carefully pulled the door closed, trying not to make a
sound. With the thought of that brief night of passion between her and
her mother still fresh in her mind, she silently crept back down the
hall to her own bedroom.


The thought of her actions weighed heavily on Gwen's mind for the
next two weeks. She was consumed by her guilt and yet she felt a twinge
of lust growing inside her. It was also obvious that what had happened
between them had affected her daughter ... the girl had been acting as
strangely as she had.

Elise had been coming around less and less lately but Gwen was too
distracted to notice or even to care.

Gwen wandered into Kimberly room for a moment and sat on the bed.
She picked up a framed photograph at Kim's bedside and stared at it. It
was an old photo of herself and her daughter smiling and hugging. Those
were better times when things seemed simpler. Kim's father was during
the time of sexual confusion ... when it was just easier to ignore her
feelings for women and do what society wanted of her. In hindsight she
wouldn't have changed a thing because on a certain level she had loved
Richard and mourned for years after his death. More importantly that
union had brought her Kimberly and her daughter was the most important
thing in her life.

"What are these feelings I'm having now?" Gwen struggled with the
thoughts swirling in her brain. "Why is this happening?"

"Mom?" a voice from behind startled her.


"Um . Hi, Mom." Kim's blue eyes gazed anxiously into her mother's.

"What are you doing home?"

"It's Saturday, Mom." Kimberly tone was confused. "Saturday?"

"Oh! Right! I'm sorry, Honey. I forgot." Gwen wiped her hands on her hips.
They suddenly felt damp.

Swallowing hard as she stared at her daughter, noticing her slender yet
feminine form. Kimberly's eyes were large with thick lashes, her mouth
wide and full, the lower lip plump enough that suddenly Gwen found
herself wondering what it would be like to suck on it.

At that thought, a fire raced through her middle. She quickly drew her
gaze from Kimberly's mouth back to her eyes. Immediately she noticed
the troubled look on her daughter's face staring back at her.

"What's wrong, Mom?"

"What? Nothing, Sweetie. Nothing's wrong." Gwen replied.

Kimberly moved closer. Gwen noticed the tight pink shirt and blue
jeans she was wearing and how they showed every curve of her young
body. The body which she had fucked, and she realized, wanted to fuck
again so badly it was driving her insane.

"There IS something wrong." Kimberly said as she moved closer and sat
on the desk in front of Gwen. She reached over and put her hand on
her mother's arm. "You've been avoiding be all week."

Gwen carefully moved her arm from under Kim's hand. Sitting back,
she tried to adopt a nonchalant manner but still felt her heart
thumping loudly in her chest. She realized that she was alone with her
daughter, and she was staring back at her with something in her young
eyes that made Gwen's throat grow tight.

"Mom, we need to talk about ... about everything."

Gwen looked up at her, but her gaze soon slid down to the outline of
her daughter's breasts under her shirt. They rose and fell as she
breathed, and they looked so firm and cute that all she could think of
was how much she wanted to touch them. She wanted to feel the warm
flesh in her hands.

"Everything?" Gwen finally managed to say.

"Mom, was this about ... about what happened with us? The other night?"
Kimberly asked, her question drawing Gwen's attention away from her

"What? No! Of course not. That was nothing. I mean, it was something,
but I . I don't know."

Kimberly sighed and hung her head. Gwen immediately felt a hot
sensation in the back of her head. This had to be as hard for her
daughter as it was for her.

Gwen's throat tightened even more, her heart beating hard when
Kimberly approached her. They both remained silent, the tension
in the room threatening to explode at any minute.

Kimberly slowly licked her lips, tilting her head as she turned to face
her mother. "Mom?"

"Yes, Kimmy?"

"About what happened? About what we did?"

Gwen tried to swallow. "What about it?"

"Are you ... are you mad at me?"

"No, no, no Sweetie. Nothing was your fault. I LOVE you."

Kimberly moved closer, close enough that Gwen could smell the sweet
perfume she was wearing.

"Mommy?" she whispered.

"Yes, Honey?" Gwen tried to swallow again but her throat was so
tight by now she thought she would choke instead.

Kimberly reached out and caressed her shoulder, her then moving up and
lingering on her mother's neck.

"Do you want me?" Kimberly asked, staring down at her mother with her
large blue eyes.

Gwen looked up at her. Her mind was screaming at her to not do what
she was thinking of doing. Instead, she felt her arms reached out and
encircle Kimberly's slender waist. Gwen pulled her daughter towards
her and nestled her face between her small breasts.

"Oh yes. Oh yes, baby. I want you. I want to so much."

Kimberly sighed as her mother nuzzled her breasts. Gwen moved her
hands down her daughter's waist and onto her taut buttocks, rubbing
them slowly. Kimberly fisted her hands in Gwen's hair, her eyes
blissfully closed as her mother slowly rubbed her face between her


Gwen fumbled for a moment with Kimberly's shirt, she slowly removed
the garment from her daughter's torso. She could hardly breathe as she
watched her daughter's firm, creamy breasts and their light pink
aureoles appear before her eyes. Kimberly assisted by holding her arms
over her head as her mother undressed her. Soon she felt her mother's
fingers on the front of her jeans, her hands trembling so much she
couldn't unclasp the button. Kimberly smiled and reached down to take
off her jeans. Soon she was sliding the jeans down around her slim
waist, revealing her young curves of her hips and her smooth, lean

"No underwear?" Gwen said with a raised eyebrow.

Kimberly's cheeks flushed, "I, um, I guess it was wishful thinking."

A laugh escaped Gwen lips. "You naughty girl."

Kimberly smiled at her, and then moved around the desk to ease herself
into her mother's lap. Slipping her arms around Gwen's neck,
Kimberly leaned down and gently captured her mother's mouth with her
own. Gwen groaned, sliding her arms around the teenager's warm,
naked back. Their lips pressed urgently against each other, as Kimberly
felt her mother's long agile tongue pushing into her mouth. The girl
responded by sending her tongue deep into her mother's mouth, excitedly
sharing the wet heat of their forbidden kiss. Gwen caressed the bare
skin of her daughter's back and shoulders, the soft lines of her waist,
her hips, the warm smoothness of her taut buttocks.

Kimberly broke the kiss, gasping as she did so. Gwen looked up at the
girl's face and at her kiss-swollen lips. The desire smoldered in her
beautiful sparkling eyes. At that moment, the woman willingly gave herself
up to whatever repercussions she would have to suffer for what she was
about to do. She was going to make love to this beautiful girl, she didn't
care that it was her daughter. She wanted Kimberly with ever fiber of her
being. Gwen lowered her head and gently explored the pinkish peaks of
her young breasts, her mouth sliding wetly over the nipples. They hardened
quickly under the attention, and Gwen reveled in how firm they were. She
drew on of Kimberly's pink tips into her mouth, sucking it hard as she
rubbed it against the roof of her mouth.

Kimberly squirmed in the tight embrace of her mother's arms. Gwen's lips
were latched around her right breast, sucking it deep in her mouth.
Tendrils of pleasure twisted from her nipple and deep into her pussy. The
teenager threaded her trembling fingers through her mother's dark blonde
hair, fisting the strands tightly. The illicit aspect of her own mother
sucking on her breasts made it extremely thrilling. Kimberly watched as her
mother moved her mouth over to her other breast and began sucking. Gwen
kneaded the flesh between her lips, moaning at the silkiness of her
daughter's skin, the hardness of the nipple on her tongue. Reaching over,
Gwen took the girl's free breast in her hand, pinching and tugging on
the now puffy nipple.

Kimberly threw her head back, whimpering as she twisted in her mother's
arms, her golden hair tumbling down her naked back. As her mother continued
to suck hungrily on her breasts, the teenager slowly rocked her hips,
rubbing her young cunt against her mother's lap. Gwen groaned as she
felt her daughter's hips pulsing against her. Even through the fabric of
her skirt she could feel the heat and wet of Kimberly's sweet young pussy,
and she longed to sink her tongue deep into it. Releasing her Kimberly's
breasts, Gwen grabbed the back of her daughter's neck, pulling her eat
closer to her mouth.

"I want to fuck you, Kimmy." She whispered.

"Yes! Oh please, yes," Kimberly whispered back, rubbing herself frantically
against her mother's lap. "Fuck me, Mom. Fuck me!"

"Oh sweetie," Gwen groaned as her daughter's breasts and cunt slid
eagerly against her lap. "You're going to make me cum right now."

Kimberly laughed softly. "Come? I want you fuck me. Please, Mommy. Touch
me. Fuck me like you said. Fuck me."

For a moment, even as Gwen's heart thudded at such profane and slutty
words coming out of her daughter' mouth, she also felt a twinge of unease.
But as soon as Kimberly reached between their squirming bodies and rubbed
her aching pussy, she forgot all her misgivings.

"Are you going to fuck me?" Kimberly whispered passionately in her mother's
ear. "What are you going to do? Tell me, show me."

With these words from her daughter, Gwen reached up and pressed two
fingers against the entrance of Kimberly's pussy. Gwen looked into the
girl's face, at the features that were expectant and almost crazed with
lust, and tried again to make herself stop. The teenager eased closer and
Gwen's digits were slowly swallowed up by the hot, tight velvet sheath
of Kimberly's cunt. The two moaned together and Gwen finally let go of
her last linger inhibitions.

"Mmmm, there. You like that, Sweetheart?" Gwen whispered.

"Ahhhh, yesssss." Kimberly hissed. She slowly began to rock her hips back
and forth, her young pussy clutching and clenching her mother's finger.
With her free hand, Gwen grabbed Kimberly's buttocks, gripping a cheek
as the teenager shamelessly drove herself up and down. With her breasts
jiggling wildly, Kimberly's breath began coming in sharp gasps. "Mmmm, oh
Mom. Oh Mom . I've wanted this for so long."

Gwen watched as her daughter undulated and gyrated her hips against her
hand. Her slender body was well toned from her dance training, and she had
a suppleness about her pelvis that would rival even the most seasoned
belly-dancer. Gwen could feel her daughter's soft warm breasts rubbing
against her own, the sweat pouring down her body and onto her blouse, their
bodies searing and melding together.

"Oh Mom, I feel my pussy. My pussyeee!"

"You're going to come, baby. You're going to come!"

Kimberly moved faster, her hips becoming a blur against her mother's
fingers. Gwen used her free hand to squeeze the girl's hip in an attempt
to steady her. She watched as Kimberly moved her breasts closer to her

"Suck them," Kimberly begged, rubbing her hard, pink nipples across
Gwen's lips. "Suck them, suck them!"

Gwen opened her mouth and quickly drew one of the small breasts into her
mouth. She swirled her tongue around its plump fullness, grazing the
puckered nipple with the edge of her teeth.

Kimberly threw her head back and yelled. "Yes! I like that. Do it again!"

Gwen went one step further and lightly nipped her daughter's nipple.
Kimberly shuddered and thrashed in her mother's arms, her cunt clutching
Gwen's fingers even tighter. The girl trembled in her orgasmic
fulfillment, incomprehensible words of lust spilling from her mouth, her
breast seeming to swell in Gwen's mouth. Then she bucked again as
another orgasm ripped through her body.

"Oh Mom! Oh Mommy! Yes!" she screamed.

Gwen released her daughter's breast with a moist popping sound as
Kimberly's head fell forward. The teenager stared down at her mother, her
long hair tangled and sticking to her sweat-coated shoulders. Gwen
looked into the girl's eyes and noticed they seemed almost vacant from her
orgasms. Kimberly's pink lips were pouty and wet, her breasts still
swollen, rising and falling as she drew in each harsh breath.

Then, Kimberly slowly leaned down, her breath hot against her mother's
neck, and whispered in Gwen's ear. "Let me taste your pussy, Mom."

The passion driven mother gazed at her daughter, her dark eyes sultry,
scorching, burning. Gwen took one of her daughter's hands and guided it
down her body until Kimberly could feel the heat and the succulence of the
satin crevice. Gwen widened her thighs, giving her daughter, access to
the moist petals of her cunt lips. Groaning as Kimberly probed the opening
of her pussy, Gwen could feel the girl stroking the slippery wetness of
her excitement.

"Mom," Kimberly cried as she fondled the soft, delicate lips, one of her
fingers darting into the hot slick flesh of her mother's slit.

Quickly removing her hand from her mother's pussy and sliding down,
Kimberly put her hands on Gwen's taut, slender legs. Gently but
forcefully the girl spread apart her mother's thighs and moved her head
between them. Immediately her tongue lapped along the inflamed lips of
Gwen's silken slit.

Gwen moaned deep in her throat as Kimberly lightly, lightly, ever so
lightly, flicked the tip of her tongue over the sensitive lips of the
labia. The girl licked gently, moving her mouth over the opening between
the delicate and swollen petals. She jabbed every now and then at throbbing
button of her mother's clit.

The older blonde bit her lip, feeling her breath coming in a heated,
gasping rhythm. Whenever Elise went down on her, though she never failed to
bring her to a climax, it was nowhere near the feeling her daughter was
currently giving her. Kimberly was sampling her, taking her precious time
to appreciate the nuances of her mother's taste, texture, and scent. The
girl's tongue slipped and slithered, slowly, carefully along her mother's
sex. The feeling was both tantalizing and tormenting at the same time.

Just then, Gwen came to a sudden realization. This wasn't Elise or even
some young lover she had taken into her bed. This was her daughter, her
Kimmy, her little blonde head moving between her thighs, her tongue was
licking her burning cunt. The same opening which the woman had given birth
to the girl was now being used as an object of extreme lust. Gwen
quickly shook her head as the guilt and shame surged through her.

"What am I doing?" she thought to herself. "What kind of mother am I?"

"Kimmy ... Kimmy." She murmured, squirming against the bed. The back of the
woman's head dug deep into the pillows as she arched her spine. For a
moment Gwen tried to pull away but Kimberly almost instantly grabbed her
thighs and held her still, her eager mouth still enveloping the woman's

"Oh ... Oh God." Gwen cried.

Kimberly's tongue pushed deeper into her mother's cunt, lapping and licking
at the wetness flowing out. Gwen cried out again and shoved her fingers
through the soft thickness of her daughter's blonde hair. Instead of
pulling away like her mind was screaming for her to do, she pushed her hips
even harder against the girl's face ... succumbing to her desire. The girl
responded by darting her tongue over Gwen's clitoris, lightly jabbing it
with the tip and stroking it with the inside of her lips. Kimberly sucked
on it, scrubbing her tongue slowly over the tender, aching nub ...
mirroring the attentions her mother had given her previously. Gwen
threaded her trembling fingers through her daughter's hair, rubbing her
hands against the scalp.

"Oh! Oh yes, Kimmy! Oh yes! Don't stop, Sweetheart! Please don't stop!"

Gwen could feel she was on the verge of an orgasm and she ached and
yearned for that sweet culmination even despite of who was taking her
there. The woman moved her hands from Kimberly's head and back up her body,
rubbing her palms over her stiff nipples. She took each of the nubs between
her fingers, tugging and pulling on them. She them moved her legs,
adjusting them so they were lying on her daughter's shoulders. Gwen
heard her daughter groan, still moving her mouth up and down the woman's
cunt as she licked faster and faster. The lapping sounds she made,
accompanied by both of their feverish moans turned Gwen on in a way that
shamed and thrilled her. The woman pinched her own nipples harder, her
pelvis shuddering as she arched her back again.

"Oh. OH! I'm going to cum, Sweetie. I - I, Oh God! I'm going to come!!"
Gwen panted.

Kimberly's tongue spearded through Gwen's softly yielding pussy lips.
Licking and sucking now, the girl buried her face in her mother's steaming
sex. Her tongue lashed like whip across Gwen's tiny, erect clit.

"NO! I ..." Gwen screamed, her body quivering and shuddering with the
wrenching convulsions of an extreme orgasm. The woman's mind seemed to
explode as she swallowed up, her hips bucking madly against the mattress of
the bed.

Kimberly held firmly onto her mother with all her young strength, feeling
the older woman writing and twisting against the bunched up sheets. Then,
as Gwen's orgasm began to slowly die away, the girl pulled away from
between her legs. Her eyes dazed, heart thudding in her chest, Gwen
watcher as her daughter moved up her body and face her.

"Are ... are you alright, Mom?" Kimberly asked, her lips still glimmering.

Gwen nodded, unable to speak but yet hearing the gentle concern in her
daughter's eyes and voice. Kimberly kissed her mother's cheek and then
buried her face against her mother's neck.

"I'm sorry, Mom," Kimberly whispered. "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have done

Gwen put her arms around the girl, comforting her the way she used to
when she was smaller. "Don't be, Sweetheart. Don't be sorry at all."

Kimberly moved her lips against her mother's neck, her breath warm and
heavy. Gwen closed her eyes, trying to will herself not to desire her
own daughter.

"You tasted so good," the girl whispered, her voice throbbing with passion.
"I couldn't stop! ... and, and you're so beautiful, Mom. So beautiful. And
what you just did there ..." Kimberly kissed her mother softly on the neck.
"It made me feel so good to know I had done that to you."

Gwen swallowed hard as she felt Kimberly's kisses moving along her
collarbone, over her shoulder and down her chest. Her mind was almost
screaming to push her off. She knew she should have pushed her away ... but
she didn't. She couldn't.

Instead, she slowly closed her eyes as the girl rubbed her lips over her
hardened nipples. Gwen sighed as the girl pulled the nubs into her mouth
and went from one aching tip to the other, gently licking and kissing them.

"What else do you want to do to me, Mommy?" Kimberly cooed. "I know you
have something in mind."

"Kimmy, honey, we should stop here ---"

Kimberly put one of her slender fingers against her mother's lips. "Please,
Mom, I want you to. I want this so badly. I've even dreamt about loving
you, fantasized about it."

Gwen looked into her daughter's glittering blue eyes and stuggled to
catch her breath. Still trembling from her last orgasm and shivering from
the aftershocks deep within her womb.

"Please? Please do whatever you want to me. I want to make you feel good.
That's all I want, Mommy. I just want to make you feel good."

"You do, Honey. You've made me feel SO good. But we've got to stop this
before ... before we go too far."

"Don't you love me?" Kimberly whimpered.

Gwen stared at her daughter, surprise in her own blue eyes. "Of course I
love you, Sweetheart. But this ..." and she looked down at the girl's naked
sweat-glistened body, at the traces of love juice still on her mouth. "This
is wrong."

Kimberly tilted her head. "Don't you want to do something else to me?" she
asked, her voice low and sultry. The girl rubbed her mother's thigh slowly.

"Yes, baby, I do ... but ..." Gwen said turning her head away.

Kimberly reached out and moved her mother's face to hers. She looked at her
mother and noticed her face was twisted with a cross between between
anticipation and guilt.

Kimberly tilted her head and smiled coyly as she continued to look directly
at her mother. "Would Elise ever let you do whatever you wanted to her?"

A knowing look came into Gwen's eyes and she sat up straighter. "Is that
was this is about?" she asked. "Are you mad at Elise about something? Are
you trying to get back at her by doing all this?"

Kimberly's eyes widened and she drew back as if her mother had hit her.
Upon seeing the expression on her daughter's face, she reached over and
took the girl's hand.

"I'm sorry, Honey. I shouldn't have said that."

"I'm not mad at Elise," Kimberly said in a low, soft voice. "I'm not with
you right now in this bed because of her. I love you, Mom."

Gwen cupped the girl's face, stroking her cheek. "And I love you too, so
much. But we can't ---"

"I know. I know we shouldn't be doing this. I KNOW it's wrong. But I can't
help it. It's what I want. That first time ... when you thought I was Elise
... It was like, it was ... I'd never felt anything like it."

"But you should have said something."

Kimberly looked down and lowered her head, cheeks hot. "I know. But I think
I wanted it ... I've wanted it for awhile. It feels so good with you, and
... and I don't know, I just feel safe with you. I know you won't hurt me."

"Of course I wouldn't hurt you, Baby. But we can't do this anymore. We
can't. This has to stop."

Kimberly sighed. Then eased herself up behind her mother, her smooth taut
thighs rubbing against the older woman's buttocks. She slide her arms
around the woman's neck.

"You're right, Mom. You're right. But please ... keep making love to me. Do
what you want to do ... do what you've been thinking ... what I've been
thinking. Even if it's just one more time." Then, licking her own lips, the
girl wriggled her hips lasciviously against her behind. "I've never been
fucked in the butt." She said shyly.

Gwen's eyes widened. "Kimmy!"

The girl pressed her young breasts against her mother's back. "I know we
can't take my virginity ... not yet. But I want to know what it feels like
to have someone inside of me there, and I want it to be you ... because I
know you won't hurt me."

Gwen laid in stunned silence for a moment. Kimberly waited patiently,
her heart beating hard. She knew her mother was right. She knew they had to
stop but she couldn't let this go ... not yet. She wanted her mother to
make her come again, she wanted her mother to let go of whatever was
haunting her. She wanted to feel her mother make love to her in all the
exciting ways that Elise had probably denied her. Then she moaned softly,
getting wet just thinking about it.

"We'll go to my room," Gwen finally said. Kimberly could hear the barely
suppressed lust in her mother's voice. "But, after that ... no more, Honey.
After this it stops."

"Sure, Mom." Kimberly said smiling. "After this, we'll stop."

She hugged her mother's neck and then leapt off the bed. Gwen stood and
sighed for a moment as she watched her daughter run off stark naked down
the hall. Gwen allowed herself a smile and followed the girl's lead.


Gwen laid naked on her back on her own king size bed as she waited for
Kim to come out of the bathroom. The girl had always been fastidious when
it came to being fresh and clean ... and this time it was for another romp
in the sack. Thinking of this again, the woman closed her eyes and groaned.

"What the Hell am I doing?" Gwen asked herself. "I'm lying her naked.
Not waiting for Elise or even some anonymous trollop ... but for my own
daughter. Kimmy! I'm waiting for Kimmy to come out of the bathroom so I can
fuck her senseless." The woman wondered if she could sink any lower and was
soon moving to get up and put her clothes back on. Suddenly, the door to
the bathroom swung open and Kimberly came back into the room.

Gwen started at her for a time. She was a sight to behold, standing as
naked as Gwen, her long blonde hair flowing across her slender
shoulders. Her young breasts peeking though the silken golden strands
showing that her nipples were now flat. The woman's mouth watered at the
though of giving the nubs a long, hard flick of her tongue to make them
stand at attention. Gwen watched as Kimberly walked over to the bed, her
blue eyes gazing sultrily into hers.

The girl crawled onto the bed and over to her mother, moving into Gwen's
waiting arms and rubbing her eager body lustfully against the woman's.

"Mom, before we do anything else, would you lick my pussy like you did that

"Kimberly, are you sur ..."

The girl covered her mother's mouth with hers, stopping the words. Kimberly
kissed her mother, and kissed her wantonly. Her long nimble tongue probed
Gwen's mouth, her moist, full lips moving feverishly. Gwen groaned
and returned her daughter's kiss, her arms holding the girl tight as their
tongues mated fiercely.

As they continued to kiss, Gwen slowly moved her hands down Kim's body
and eased it between her warm, firm thighs. She slid her hand over the
girl's sex and fingered her slit. Kimberly broke their kiss and moved her
mouth over to her mother's ear.

"MMmmmmmm yes, Mom. Yes." Kim hissed. "I like that. Yes, fuck me. Fuck me
with your hand."

Gwen moved two of her fingers to the girl's slit causing Kimberly to
buck her hips. Gwen continued sliding her fingers against her daughter's
burning crevice, closing her eyes and feeling the heat of Kimberly's tight,
succulent pussy.

"Yes, Mom! Faster. Faster!" Kimberly gasped.

The girl's cunt pulsed hard around Gwen's fingers as she orgasmed, her
pelvis shuddering. The woman continued to rub Kimberly with her hand until
the girl collapsed against the mattress. Gwen watched as the girl drew
in deep, long gasps of air, her young chest rising and falling as she did.

Gwen pulled her hand away from her daughter's cunt. Then she rubbed her
pussy-moistened palm over her own taut belly as she leaned down and took
one of Kimberly's nipples in her mouth. Gwen licked it slowly,
delighting in the feel of the stiff, long, enticingly erect nub against her

Kimberly rubbed her mother's back, lightly scrapping her nails against the
smooth skin. "I love it when you suck my breasts, Mom." Kim murmured. "I
just love it."

"I love it too." Gwen thought as she moved to her daughter's other young
breast, pulling it deep inside her mouth. She feasted on Kim's breasts for
a time and then pulled away, looking down on at the girl. Kimberly's hair
was spread all across the bed, her blue eyes were staring hotly up at her.
The girl moved her hands up her mother's chest, along her shoulders, than
around Gwen's neck.

"Lick my pussy, Mom."

"Kim ..." Gwen began, intending to scold her about her language.

"Don't you like it when I talk like that?"

"I ... no ... yes. I don't know."

Kimberly tilted her head. "Why not?"

"Why not? Because you're my daughter. That's why."

"Oh come'on Mom, I'm not a kid anymore."

Gwen looked down at her daughter's naked, nubile body and nodded.
"That's for sure."

Kimberly smiled up at her mother. "Don't be so scared, Mom. It's just you
and me. I want this, you want this. No one has to know. Come'on."

Gwen stared down at Kimberly, trying to determine when her sweet little
girl has turned into such a raving sex maniac. She shook her head as she
continued to gaze down at her daughter. It was if she was nothing but raw,
animal sexuality, coupled with sweet girlish innocence. It was an
intoxicating combination.

"Ok, Sweetheart. Let's give it a try." Gwen said as she slid down the
girl's body and pushed apart Kimberly's legs. She moved her head between
the girl's thighs and looked up at her for a few seconds before going
completely down.

"Yes. YES! Lick my pussy. Lick that little pussy." Kim whispered eagerly,
her blue eyes gazing lustfully at her mother.

Gwen grabbed Kim's hips and pulled her daughter's cunt hard against her
face. She shoved her tongue inside her daughter and licked at her pussy
until her cheeks and jaw were soaked with sweet stickiness. The woman
tongued and sucked until Kim had climaxed, again and again and again. Then,
finally, Gwen was no longer able to get the image of Kim's firm, pale
ass cheeks and she pulled away from her daughter's cunt.

"Lay on you stomach, Baby." Gwen almost growled.

Kimberly instantly flipped around and eagerly lifted her buttocks. "Mmmmmm,
yes! Fuck my ass."

Gwen swallowed hard, finding herself both aroused and disturbed by her
daughter's whorish words. But, as she looked down at Kim on the bed, the
girl's hips raised in the air and her perfect little ass waiting for her,
the woman set aside her misgivings. Reaching over to her nightstand,
Gwen pulled out a strap-on harness and lube bottle.

"I knew it! I knew you had something like that." Kimberly chirped.

"Shhhh, honey." Gwen chided.

The girl watched over her shoulder as Gwen had attached the apparatus
around her waist. The pink shaft was small enough for a beginner but still
large enough to send the girl's mind racing.

Gwen gripped Kim's firm round buttocks with both hands, squeezing and
kneading them. Then, heart pounding in her chest, blood rushing through her
veins, Gwen slowly spread apart the smooth cheeks and stared down at the
puckered rosy anus. The woman leaned down and put her mouth on the cleft of
her daughter's ass and jabbed the opening with the tip of her tongue.

"MOM!" Kimberly screamed.

Kim twisted as her mother licked and probed her anus with her tongue. The
girl had never felt anything like it. It felt so good and so nasty, but she
definitely liked it. A sharp but pleasurable sensation moved from her
buttocks to her pussy as Gwen continued to tongue the cleft of her ass,
bathing it in saliva. Then the girl felt her mother move a finger inside
her. Kimberly clenched her hands, feeling some pain but then only pleasure
as her mother eased her finger in and out of the girl's ass.

"Oh ... Oh Mom! That feels so good." Kim murmured.

Gwen worked a second finger inside and Kimberly loosed up where at first
she had been too tense. The girl felt her mother take the fingers out of
her and move away.

"You see, Mom. You can do anything to me. I want you too. Elise would never
let you do what you want. But I will."

Kimberly still wasn't entirely sure how something like this wouldn't hurt
terribly, but she trusted her mother. She loved and adored Gwen and knew
she wouldn't be hurt. The girl watched as Gwen leaned over and griped
the small bottle of lube.

"What's that, Mom?"

Gwen looked over at her daughter. "Oh ... just some oil."


The woman nodded as she poured some of the clear liquid onto her hand, then
lathered it on the pink dildo attached to her crotch. "It going to make it
less painful for you."

Gwen leaned over and rubbed some of the lube on the cleft of Kimberly's
anus. The girl shivered at the sensation of the cool, slick liquid on her
skin. Once she was done, Gwen put the bottle back in the nightstand.
Then she turned and grabbed Kim by the waist and turned her on her back.

"What? What are you doing? I thought we were going to ..."

"We are, Sweetie." Gwen cooed. "But I want to see your pretty face when
I do it."

Kimberly stared up at her mother and smiled. Gwen looked down at her,
and for a moment she felt uneasy. The woman's eyes seemed to be looked
through Kim ... and the girl noticed that her mother seemed to be gazing
off somewhere.

"Mom? Are you okay?"

Gwen's eyes refocused on the girl. "This is the last time, Honey." She
said, her voice firm. "I mean it."

"Mmmhmm." Kimberly sighed.

Gwen moved to grab the girl's legs and pushed them up against her
shoulders. Kimberly felt the plastic shaft press against her anus ... and
then slowly, slowly ... Gwen pushed inside.

Kimberly stared up at her mother as she felt the dildo enter her ass, going
deeper and deeper. At first it felt like something was invading her and
there was a moment of pain. The girl winced and Gwen stopped.

"You want me to pull out, Sweetie?"

"No, no." Kim quickly shook her head. "I just need a second."

She closed her eyes and used all her concentration to try and ease the
tight, stressed muscles around her anus. Slowly, they softened and Gwen
felt herself slide inside the girl further until she was completely

"Oh, you're so good Kimmy."

Kim smiled up at her mother. Gwen returned the smile and then slowly
proceeded to buck her hips. She began to move faster and faster. Kimberly
gasped, struggling for breath. It felt so good! Different from getting her
pussy licked but no less pleasurable.

The girl reached down and licking her lips, rubbed her clit. The nub was
hard and erect and aching. Gwen nodded and kept thrusting into her

"That's it, Baby girl. Do what makes you feel good. I'll help you."

Gwen buried the plastic cock deeper into Kimberly's firm ass. She was so
tight and the movement caused beads of sweat to begin popping out of her
body. The woman prayed she wasn't hurting her daughter, but she was out of
control now. Nothing she had ever imagined was as hot as fucking her
beautiful, sexy daughter in the ass.

Kimberly rubbed her clit faster, feeling the plastic shaft humping wildly
at her ass. "Mom was right." She thought, moments before an orgasm exploded
inside her.

Gwen's mind suddenly went blank, still thrusting within the tight walls
of Kim's ass as she pressed on deeper and deeper. Then, when the woman felt
her daughter climaxing, her young buttocks shuddering against the bed,
Gwen let out an earth-shattering scream ... orgasming from the friction
against her pussy.

Kim stiffened at the hard, animal thrust and screamed as well. Her body
shook with still another orgasm and the two of them bucked wildly against
each other in a wild, passionate frenzy of sexual release. Both crying out
slurred words of satiated lust.

With a deep, chest throbbing groan, Gwen collapsed on top of Kim. Both
their bodies were drenched with perspiration. The two slid wetly against
each other as they struggled for breath and for sanity. Gwen slowly
pulled the pink shaft out of the girl's ass and fell next to her on the

Kimberly pulled in a lungful of humid, sex-scented air as he heart labored
in her chest. She swallowed hard, then turned to look at her mother.

Gwen's eyes were closed and her breasts rose and fell rapidly. Kim let her
gaze travel to the plastic dildo still strapped to her mother. The strap-on
which had given her so much pleasure, so forbidden, that Elise had so
foolishly rejected.

"What are we going to do, Mom?" Kimberly asked innocently.

Gwen opened her eyes and looked over at her daughter. "I don't know,
Sweetheart. I can't say for sure."

Kimberly nodded. "All I know is, I don't want to stop."

"I know." Gwen turned on her side and looked over at Kim. "I don't think
I can stop either."

Kim stared at her mother. She could see in her eyes that she meant it.
They both looked deeply into each other's eyes for a moment and then kissed.
Opening their mouths and entangling their tongues passionately as they
tasted each other once more.


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