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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Mother Daughter Exchange Club - Mother Daughter Exchange Club 1

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 13:09:29 -0800 (PST)
From: Jan None <>
Subject: Mother Daughter Exchange Club (lesbian/incest, oral, anal, g/gF, g/F)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts of incest
between a girl and women. If this type of content
offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not
read it.

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Mother Daughter Exchange Club

       My first introduction to the "Mother Daughter
Exchange Club" came about as a result of a bitter
divorce. My daughter and I were forced to move
into a rather small two bedroom house because of
the loss of a substantial amount of my husband's

       My daughter's name is Kaylin and my name is
Kathleen. Yes we are Irish Americans with red hair.
Of course my hair is more auburn now. Both of us
have pretty good figures. Men are attracted to the
fact that we were endowed with 34-C and 36-D
measurements respectively. Of course after s
bitter divorce I didn't have much use for males. I
simply spent my time working as a dental assistant as
many hours as possible, coming home to cook and
wash before bed. My social calendar was rather

       Kaylin quickly established a friendship with a
local girl that was also in her seventh grade class.
My daughter had just turned twelve-years-old, and
her new girlfriend was almost thirteen-years-old.
She was a sweet looking little brunette, named
Beverly. I was comfortable with the two of them
entertaining themselves in our apartment while I was
at work. I was liberal enough to know that they
would experiment with drinking and smoking. I
figured it was all part of growing up. After all I had
smoked with my girlfriends, because we thought we
looked more grown up holding cigarettes like the old
movie stars like Betty Davis. We also snuck some of
our parents booze. We all drank enough to throw up
a few times before we learned our limits.

       One afternoon when I got home early, I
thought no one was home, and headed for the
bathroom without making a fuss. The way the
apartment was laid out the bathroom was located in
the back between the two bedrooms. As I passed
the bedroom doors I heard a moan coming from my
daughter's bedroom. Thinking she might be sick I
tested the door handle, and found it unlocked.
When I opened it a little I was a little surprised to
see Kaylin between her new girlfriend's legs, sucking
her pussy like a pro. I didn't want to make a scene,
so I backed up and closed the door. I left the
apartment to think about what I had seen.

       I walked to the corner coffee shop and had a
couple of cups of coffee before returning home.
The girls were in the living room drinking cokes like a
couple of little angels. I was mildly amused by their
supposed innocence. I didn't want to confront them,
so I didn't say anything.

       A couple of days later Beverly's mother
dropped by on my day off. She was anxious to
establish a friendship with me. We were sharing a
pot of coffee. We had talked to each other a few
times, at least enough to know that we had both
been through bitter divorces. Her name was Carol.
There was no denying that Beverly was her daughter.
They looked so much alike. There were only about
twenty pounds and some age lines separating them.

       While we were chatting at the small dining
table, and drinking our coffee the subject of sex
was the main topic of conversation. We complained
about our worthless husbands until we exhausted
every way to complain about the assholes. I finally
felt I should mention what I had seen my daughter
doing to her daughter.

       I told her that I hated to bring up the subject,
because I didn't know how she would feel about what
I had seen the girls doing. She leaned close across
the table as if she expected me to reveal some sort
of dark secret. I told her that I had witnessed my
daughter sucking her daughter's pussy. She did not
seem all that concerned. I told her that I suspected
that they were just a couple of normal young girls
exploring their desires. I also feared if I
confronted them that it would just traumatize their

       Carol said, "That sounds reasonable to me.
How did it make you feel seeing your daughter
sucking pussy?"

       I admitted that I had to drink a couple of cups
of coffee to get my own hormones calmed down. It
reminded me of one of those old VHS porn videos of
women sucking cunts!"

       Carol reached across the table and felt one of
my soft round D sized tits. Boy was I surprised by
her bold move. She said, "If you are of a mind I
would be happy to do the same thing to you!"

       I had not thought about sex in months until
seeing my daughter sucking cunt. I was horny
enough to even fuck my ex. I had fucked around
with some girlfriends in my youth, but had been the
dutiful wife for years. I sure was not about to
throw cold water on Carol's advances. She moved
closer and kissed me on the lips while continuing to
massage my breasts. She moved her chair next to
mine so that she could slip her hand inside my blouse
and bra. She pulled both of my tits out of my bra
and opened my blouse, so that my tits were hanging
out. She played with them and started sucking on

       I started feeling up her breasts too. It didn't
take me long to have her tits out. I hadn't kissed a
female and played with tits like that since I was
sixteen. Before long we both had our hands on each
other's cunts. We pulled each other's panties aside
and got a little stinky finger. It felt so good to have
someone playing with my cunt until I came.

       While we recovered she told me, "There is a
group of local women around here that have formed
a club. W called it "The Mother Daughter Exchange
Club. Would you be interested in joining our club?"

       I looked at her for a moment while I absorbed
what she was saying, "Are you telling me that you
and your friends exchange your daughters to have
sex with them?"

       Carol smiled, "That is exactly what we do!"

       Carol's little brunette was such a hot little
number that the very prospect of eating that little
dark pussy was enough to make my pussy tingle. I
said, "It sounds nice if I get to sleep with Beverly
first. I just don't know how Kaylin would take to
sleeping with older women. It's one thing for her to
suck the pussy of a girl her age, but would she like
to have sex with a woman our age?"

       Carol said, "Why don't we see if Kaylin would be
willing to get in bed with me? I can see to it that
Beverly is otherwise entertained for an evening!"

       It was agreed that I would bring Kaylin over to
Carol's that evening. When Kaylin got home from
school I suggested that we visit Carol that evening.
She asked if Beverly would be there. I told her that
I was not sure, but she might be. She was ready to
go right away. I on the other hand had to change
from my green scrubs. I selected the sexiest outfit
I owned. The panties were just little black lace
things that would fit in a pill box. I selected dark
self supporting nylons with lace spandex tops. My
simple black dress was the only other thing I put on.
I let my hair down and put on fresh makeup.

       When we rang Carol's doorbell, she answered
the door dressed like she was also going to a party.
She had on a tight fitting dress in green that was
strapless, so it was obvious that she didn't have a
bra on either. Her four inch pumps matched her
dress. When she greeted us with kisses, I couldn't
resist feeling her butt.

       Kaylin asked, "Is Beverly home?"

       Carol said, "I'm sorry honey, she is earning a
little babysitting money tonight. I doubt if she will
be home before midnight."

       Kaylin was obviously disappointed. I suspected
that she had wanted to retreat to her bedroom
where they would play with each other.

       I told Kaylin that I had brought her along
because I wanted her to get to know Carol. Carol
said, "I have something in my bedroom that I want
to show you!"

       We made our way into Carol's bedroom. Their
apartment looked very much like ours. The cheap
AKIA furniture was even similar. When we entered
the bedroom I noticed several pictures of other
women with their daughters. I doubted if Kaylin
noticed them. Carol pulled my daughter to her bed
and sat down next to her. I sat on the other side.

       Carol said, "Your mother told me about seeing
you being intimate with my daughter the other day!"

       There was a look of panic on my daughter's
face. Carol placed her hand on Kaylin's knee. "Don't
worry honey...we are not going to reproach you for
natural feelings. I just want to see if I can make
you feel comfortable with your feelings."

       With that she took hold of my daughter's hand
and placed it on her left tit. She held her hand until
Kaylin started squeezing her tit. Carol said, "Why
don't you kiss your mother while you feel my tit?"

       Kaylin looked like she had just been slapped on
the face. Carol took hold of my daughter's face and
turned her head until I was able to press my lips
against her lips. Carol was also nibbling on her neck.

       The look on Kaylin's face was one like a trapped
animal. Carol reached across Kaylin's body and felt
one of my tits. Carol simply pulled down the front of
her dress exposing her ample breasts. She placed
Kaylin's hand on her tits again. She asked her,
"Don't they feel nice?"

       Kaylin sheepishly admitted that they did feel
nice. Carol announced, "Your mother's feel even
nicer!" With that she removed her hand from her
breast and placed it on mine. I was almost
breathless while tongue kissing her, as Kaylin was
feeling my breast. She tried to clamp her knees
together when Carol forced her hand between her
legs. Kaylin almost smashed my tit when Carol stuck
her fingers into her wet pussy.

       At twelve years old she had very little pubic
hair, and her pubic hair was a strawberry pink color.
We forced her back across the bed so that we could
get at her pussy. We each wrapped our legs around
hers as we set about sucking her nipples, while we
stimulated her little wet pussy. I lay there
witnessing Carol going down on my daughter, and
sucking her pussy until Kaylin was a quivering mass of

       We allowed Kaylin to lie there by herself while
she recovered. Carol led me from the room and
suggested that it might be less embarrassing for
Kaylin if I went home.

       I found my clothes and got dressed. I was
struggling with my feelings as I walked across the
street back to my apartment. I opened the door and
headed directly to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet
while reliving my bladder. Afterwards I washed the
makeup off of my face and brushed my teeth.
When I headed back to my bedroom I noticed the
pink glow of my night light under the bottom of the
bedroom door.

       I opened my door expecting to find a burglar
rummaging around in my belongings. I was holding
my breath as I peeked into the room. What greeted
my sight was Beverly reclining on top of my bed,
totally naked. She was lying on one side facing me
with one leg bent and her head resting on one arm. I
asked, "How did you get in here?"

       Beverly said sweetly, "Kaylin gave me her key!"

       For the first time I realized that the girls had
deliberately set me up for my seduction. I
confronted her, "The two of you planned all of this!"

       Beverly said, "We made sure you saw us. We
expected you to confront us about our actions, but
when you didn't my mother befriended you. If you
hadn't brought up our actions she would have. I had
invited Kaylin into our "Mother Daughter Exchange
Cub" in hopes of bringing you into our club too.

       I said, "What a devious little tart you are!"

       Beverly face light up with a big smile, "I
wanted to get in your panties the day I saw you
moving into the neighborhood. Mom also wanted to
get a taste of Kaylin!"

       I proceeded to peel off my clothes under the
watchful eyes of Beverly. I found her to be a very
sexy young girl. Her developing breasts can be
described as pear shaped. The developing breasts
were beginning to swell and her areolas were mauve
mounds, almost as large as her creamy breasts,
perched proudly on top of her breasts. Just seeing
her naked breasts was enough to make my mouth
water. The rest of her body was also just as mouth

       She was slender enough that I could almost
count her ribs. Her navel was a deep indentation
with a belly button piercing jewel dangling from it.
Her strong thighs framed her pubic mound. Being a
brunette her pubic hair was in stark contrast to her
creamy white skin. The hairs were straight and
pointed towards the opening of her sweet little cunt.
I was sure that when I spread her open that I would
find little labia lips begging to be sucked.

       As I stepped out of my panties and mounted
the bed, Beverly reached up and placed her hand on
the back of my neck. She pulled my head down
towards hers, so that she could kiss me passionately.
She was the most wanton little girl I had ever met.
She forced her tongue into my mouth while she clung
to my neck with one hand and took hold of one of my
large breasts with the other. She squeezed so hard
that it almost hurt. We spent a long time feeling
and sucking each other's beasts. Beverly was the
first one to go down, and she sucked my pussy until I
had one of the strongest, body shaking, climaxes I
had ever had. As soon as I recovered I set about
sucking her little cunt as hard as I could. Beverly
was clinging to my hair with both hands, while I
sucked her off.

       I was one hell of a satisfied woman, but
Beverly was still full of lust. She rolled me over onto
my tummy. She set about parting the cheeks of my
butt and licking the valley of my butt. I reacted like
she had touched my asshole with a stun gun when
she licked my actual asshole. I couldn't believe she
was actually tongue fucking my asshole. I could not
believe such a sweet, innocent looking girl could be so
wantonly nasty. That night I found out just how
naive I was.

       Before we fell asleep she had even peed in my
mouth and all over my body. We wallowed in our
wantonness late into the morning hours. We were
soaking wet with sweat my fingers and body smelled
of her pussy juices and the sweet aroma of her
asshole. We had sat on each other's face, trying to
smother each other with our cunts and assholes.

       We were asleep in each other's arms in the
morning when Carol and Kaylin woke us up. I had
never woken up before with a hangover from sex.
Both of us were both starved to death. We made
breakfast and spent the morning talking about the
sexual rush we had experienced.

       Carol and Beverly told us all about the other
mothers and daughters in the club. They invited us
to a party planned for the next weekend. For the
rest of the week if I wasn't sucking my daughter's
pussy, Beverly was feeding me her pussy. When
Friday night finally arrived, Beverly and Carol led us
to the home of the woman hosting the party.

       I couldn't believe the way we were welcomed
into the club. I swear that every woman and girl
kissed and felt up Kaylin and me. The host was a
surprisingly young looking woman to be the mother
of four girls ranging in age from 15 to 3. The most
interesting thing about her was not only the size of
her breasts, but the fact that she was still
lactating. The front of her dress was wet with
leaking milk shortly after the party got started.
Kaylin and I both got to taste her milk. Kaylin
wound up spending the weekend with her. I didn't
have to worry about being left out of the action.

       Before the party broke up a charming looking
young girl that I learned was a fifteen-years-old,
named Janet, latched onto me. She insisted on
walking me home along with her younger sister,
named Joyce. Joyce turned out to be ten-years-old.
The girls turned out to be even nastier than Beverly
if that were possible. These two girls wanted sex
every waking moment for two days and nights.
When they finally got dressed and went home I fell
asleep right away. I slept ten hours straight. I
didn't even know when Kaylin came home.

       We talked about it the next evening when we
got home. Kaylin told me all about having sex with
that woman. She recounted about not only drinking
her milk, but how the woman milked her own breasts
to spray milk all over the front of her body before
lapping up her own milk from her body.

       One by one we traded partners with every
mother and daughter in the club, but that is another

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