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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Mother Daughter Exchange Club - Mother Daughter Exchange Club 22

Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 18:37:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jan None <>
Subject: Mother Daughter Exchange Club 22 (lesbian/incest, oral, anal, F/F, g/FFF)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a young
girl and older women. If this type of content offends
you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:

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Mother Daughter Exchange Club 22

       My name is Nicole, and I am the daughter of a
true feminine lesbian. Mother was a beautiful Dutch
blonde named Hanna. She had been a confirmed
lesbian from the time she was a teenager. Her
parents saw to it that she had a steady income that
allowed her to live on the interest of investments, so
there was no need for her to work. She did chose to
work the minimum number of years required to insure
health insurance for the rest of her life. During
those years, she decided that she wanted a daughter.

       She sought out a female gynecologist that
helped her select a sperm donor that would be most
likely to produce a female with looks and intellect to
her liking. I can't say for myself that she got
everything she was looking for. She did get a blonde
female. I can only hope that she was pleased with my
intellectual abilities.

       She did her best to see that I did well in school.
I found it interesting that she didn't flaunt her
sexual activities in front of me. She had several long
time women friends, but she deliberately refrained
from allowing me to see her showing excessive
displays of emotions with her lady friends. Some of
them were attractive women, but there was always
some that looked a little mannish to me.

       Being a curious girl I wanted to find out what
went on between her lady friends after I was sent to
bed. Unfortunately my curiosity was not satisfied
until I was 10-years-old.

       By the time I was 10-years-old I had learned
enough about sex to know what a lesbian was, and
suspected that mother was one, but had no way of
knowing for sure, and I couldn't just ask her.

       One afternoon I was going to the Cineplex with
a girlfriend to watch a popular movie, and we were
going to her home, so that I could sleep over with
her. Everything was going fine, we got fast food
before going to the movie, but afterwards we got into
an argument. She didn't like Cyndi Lauper or Deborah
Harry and I loved them. It didn't end well.

       I caught the bus home. I had my own key and
let myself in. I was about to announce that I was
home, when I heard some strange noises coming from
the family room. I simply dropped my book bag with
my nightgown, hairbrush, and toothbrush and
followed the sound.

       When I reached the entrance to the family
room the sight that greeted me shocked me, and
confirmed my suspicions.

       Mom was in the arms of one of her butch
looking women friends, named Dawn. I suspected
that she spelled it Don. She was a heavy set woman
about forty-five, short cropped brown hair. If it
were not for the 46-G sized tits she looked more like
a man than a woman. When I entered, both of them
were naked. I had always thought my mother was
beautiful. I had always admired her figure and looks.

       My mother was thirty-eight at the time. I had
seen her exiting the bathroom after showering many
times and knew what she looked like naked. She still
had the figure of a college girl. Her shoulder length
blonde hair was streaked with lighter highlights, but
her roots were darker. She was about five-feet
seven, a 38-D-24-36 and her breasts were firm
creamy orbs with plump mauve nipples, with very little
areolas. Mother trimmed and shaved her pubic hair
into just a small patch on her vulva. Of course I
couldn't see much of her pussy, because the woman
had her head between my mother's legs.

       The look on my mother's face went from ecstasy
to horror in the flash of a moment, when she saw me
standing in the doorway. I'm sure that my face
reflected my shock as well.

       Mother shoved the woman away, and the woman
called out, "You BITCH!"

       Mother said, "Nicole, baby, I'm sorry, you were
never supposed to see this!"

       The woman turned to see me. She looked
puzzled as if she didn't know if she should cover up
her nakedness or be indignant for being interrupted.
It was obvious that she recognized me, because we
had seen each other many times. Her response was
to face me, in all her naked glory, and challenge me,

       Being challenged by a woman who looks like an
East German Female Olympic Shot-putter frightened
me. I froze in my tracks.

       She barked out an order, "EITHER GET

       Her language shocked me; I turned and
ran to my room crying. I sprawled out on top
of my bed crying like a baby. I'm not sure how
long it was before I heard the front door
close, and heard the sound of a car pulling out
of the driveway. Shortly after that I heard
fingernails tapping on my bedroom door.
Mother's voice pleaded, "Honey, may I come
in? I need to talk to you!"

       I spit out, "The door's not locked!"

       Mother tentatively opened the door and
came in slowly. She was fully dressed as she
approached my bed. She sat on the side of my
bed and placed her hand on my back. "Honey, I
didn't want you to find out about me like this!"

       I turned my head to look at her face as I
said, "I suspected that you were a lesbian for
a long time, I just never pictured you doing the
things I have seen in dirty pictures."

       Mom said, "I know it is a lot for you to
understand. I didn't deliberately start out to
be a lesbian. I even dated boys and men as a
young girl, but I always felt empty after
having sex with them. I had sex with some
males that were just as good at oral sex as any
woman, but did not feel the same as I did when
I had sex with girls and women."

       I asked, "If you didn't like sex with men,
how did you have me?"

       Mom paused, "A doctor friend of mine
helped me ensure that I would have a girl when
she artificially inseminated me. I didn't want
to raise a boy. I wanted to wait a few more
years before having this talk with you."

       "Does this mean that I'm going to be a

       "No, baby, you can make up your own mind
if you're going to straight or gay. I don't care
what you want to be! I love you, regardless. I
hope you can love me, no matter what!"

       I was full of mixed emotions, but I knew I
loved my mother regardless of her sexual
preferences. I sat up and hugged her tightly,
and kissed her on the mouth. Mother returned
my kiss. Before I knew what was happening we
were sticking our tongues into each other's
mouth, and sucking on them. My nose was right
alongside of her nose. I felt her breath on my
cheek, and I actually smelled and tasted
Dawn's pussy juice all over Mom's face.

       It was obvious that my mother had been
sucking the pussy of Dawn. My head was
spinning as our passionate kiss made my body
respond. I felt a tingling deep in my pussy.
There was no stopping now.

       I had always admired my mother's tits,
now I felt compelled to place my hand on her
left tit and squeeze it. Mother had on a simple
black strapless cocktail dress. It was obvious
that she didn't have on a bra under the dress.
I pulled the front of her dress down to expose
both of her tits. I had always wondered how
long it would be before I had tits like her. We
were continuing to kiss while I continued to
feel her tits.

       Mother also started feeling my flat chest.
I couldn't believe how stimulating it was to
have her large hands rubbing my sensitive
nipples. I had always looked at the little nibs
as useless things until that moment.

       Mother started taking my clothes off of
me. I couldn't let go of her tits while she
undressed me. It didn't take long for her to
get my T-shirt off of me. The tennis shoes,
socks came off before she could pull my jeans
down my legs and my panties were removed
with the jeans. When I was naked Mother ran
her hands all over my body. I still had not let
go of her tits.

       Mother bent over me and started licking
and kissing my body from head to toe. When
she sucked on my toes and licked the bottoms
of my feet it tickled, but it still made my pussy
tingle. Everything she was doing to me was
taking my breath away. I couldn't believe it
when she parted my legs and crouched
between them like a Muslim at prayers. Only
her head was not resting on a prayer rug. Her
head was resting on my bald little pussy.

       I couldn't believe that Mother was
actually licking my pussy and sucking the flesh
into her mouth. Touching my clit had always
been exciting, but that couldn't compare to the
feelings Mother was inducing in me. For some
reason I couldn't cum. It was as if I was right
on the edge of an orgasm, but something was
holding me back. I was clinging to her hair
with both hands and making all kinds of animal
sounds. Mother was doing everything she
could to make me cum, but it was not until she
slipped her right hand between my legs and
touched my asshole that I screamed and
blacked out.

       I wasn't sure if I was awake or not. I felt
Mother lying on top of me and kissing my eyes.
When I opened my eyes, I was looking right
into her eyes. She had a big smile on her face.
She said, "That is why I love sex with women,

       It took me a little while to recover, but
when my heart stopped pounding I had to show
Mother how much I loved her too.

       Mother sat up for me and turned her back
to me, so that I could unfasten the hook and
pull the zipper down. She had to stand up
before I could help her pull the dress down.
She stepped out of her high heeled pumps at
the same time she stepped out of the dress.
All she had on was tiny lace panties. I rolled
them down her legs and they were only a little
ball in my hand after she stepped out of them.
I couldn't resist smelling the little ball in my
hand. They smelled of her perfume and her
pussy juice. There was even a sweet smell of
her asshole clinging to them.

       Mother turned to face me and she spread
her legs at the same time she placed her hand
on her pussy and rubbed it before getting back
on the bed with me. We were on our knees
while we hugged and kissed again.

       Mother eventually moved her body to the
head of my bed, with her back against the
headboard. She spread her legs and bent
them so that her heels were almost resting
against her butt. I pressed my body against
her and massaged one tit while sucking on the
other. I didn't stop sucking on her tits until
both had large red marks on them.

       Mother let me know what she wanted by
placing her hands on top of my head and
pressing down. I slid down her body until my
face was tight in front of her pussy. Rubbing
my face against her little patch of short
cropped pubic hair was almost like rubbing my
face against a hairbrush.

       I was enthralled with the smell of her
pussy. I had never been that close to a pussy
before. I placed my fingers on her exposed
labia minor and parted them, so that I could
inspect an adult pussy. I was fascinated to see
that there was a ridge down the middle of her
pussy where her labia minor joined to hood her
clitoris. Her clit was virtually vibrating. I
spread her pussy until her vagina was wide
open. I was able to see her puckered urethra
and the edge that was where her hymen had
been, and deep into her vagina I was able to
see the bulge of her cervix. I licked her pussy
from her perineum to her clit. I actually
sucked the mucus from her pussy.

       Mom gripped me by the head and rubbed
my face all over her pussy. I spent a lot of
time trying to swallow everything she was
producing in her cunt. At times she was
smashing my face into her cunt so hard that I
couldn't breathe. I had to struggle to catch
my breath. Eventually she gripped my head so
tightly that I couldn't move my head, but her
legs started quivering. There was no doubt
that she was cumming.

       When it was over we clung to each other
and kissed for a long time. We lay there with
my head resting between her tits while we
talked about our feelings.

       Mother assured me that she never loved
me more than she did at that moment. I also
assured her that I loved her more than anyone.

       We eventually had to get up to get
something to eat. We didn't bother getting
dressed to prepare dinner. We talked nonstop
while we prepared the meal, ate it, and cleaned
up afterwards. We returned to her bedroom
to spend the evening making love to each other
all over again. By the time we went to sleep I
can say that I knew every blemish on her body
from her tits to her butt. There was a mole on
the outside of her right tit, and there was a
large brown mole on the crease of her left leg
with two small little moles flanking it like
moons around a planet. We did discuss what
we were going to do after that night.

       Mother suggested that I would like to
have a date with her best friend, Brandi. We
were cuddling on her bed naked as Mother
picked up the phone and called Brandi.

       The conversation went something like this
from what I heard, "Hello, yes it's Hanna! I
just brought Nicole out! Of course, I was just
thinking that you would enjoy coming over
tomorrow for a taste! Sure, by all means bring
her along! Bye, we will see you in the morning!"

       I knew that Brandi was mother's best
friend. I had always thought she was very
pretty. She was one of the women I had
always suspected Mother was having sex with.
But I didn't know who she was bringing with
her. All Mother would tell me was that she
was bringing Jodi with her, but wouldn't tell me
anything more about her.

       I knew Brandi had a very sexy figure.
She had breasts just as firm as Mother's. She
was a brunet with long hair and blue eyes. Of
all of Mother's girlfriends, I thought she was
the prettiest one and I liked her the most.
When I suspected that Mother was a lesbian,
I could appreciate Mother's attraction to her.

       The next morning Mother and I bathed
together for a long time. We bathed each
other and kissed wildly while we felt each
other up in the tub. We took a lot of time
selecting what clothes we were going to wear.
Neither of us opted to wear shoes. I selected
a baby blue tube top and silk running shorts
without panties. Mother deliberately selected
a thin nylon dress that didn't hide anything.
Her magnificent breasts were clearly visible
though the dress and her pubic mound was also
clearly visible. You could see the triangle of
pubic hair and the dangling inner labia.

       My heart pounded when I heard the
doorbell. I was startled enough that I jumped
a little. Mother went to the door and
welcomed Brandi and Jodi to our home. From
where I was sitting, I couldn't see the foyer.
I heard Brandi's voice and recognized it, but I
couldn't hear anything Jodi said, if she said
anything at all.

       When Mother led them into the living
room I was surprised to see a girl not much
older than me sandwiched between Mother and
Brandi. The girl was obviously Brandi's
daughter. She was dressed like a Catholic
school girl. Mary Jane shoes, white knee
socks, a pleated gray and blue plaid skirt,
white blouse that looked almost like a man's
dress shirt, narrow blue tie, and a blue blazer
with a gold crest on the pocket. Her brunet
hair was pulled back into a ponytail, with bangs.
She also had a couple of strips of her dark
hair on either side of her face that came down
in front of her ears and curled under her jaw.

       As for Brandi, she was as stunning as
ever. She had on a summer dress like nothing
I had ever seen before. It was a pale yellow
thing with a belt around the waist and two
strips of material that went up to cover most
of her ample breasts that tied behind her
neck. The pleated skirt only covered about
half of her thighs. She had on nylons just
dark enough that you knew she had on nylons,
and her feet were in two inch soled pumps with
five inch heels with red soles. I just knew
those shoes were expensive.

       I stood up to greet and meet them.
There were the phantom kisses and hugs. I
could feel Jodi's tits through the jacket, and
Brandi's tits were impossible to miss. As large
as they were, they didn't sag at all. They felt
too good to be real. I learned that Jodi was
twelve and a half years old. She had come in
her school clothes because she knew that
Mother would be turned on by them.

       Brandi insisted that I sit next to her on
the couch, while Mother took Jodi by the hand
and pulled her over to the big overstuffed
recliner facing the couch and made Jodi sit on
her lap. It felt strange looking at my Mother
making out with a teenager so boldly.

       Mom was swapping spit with her and
feeling her up. Right in front of me she
removed Jodi's jacket and unbuttoned Jodi's
blouse. She managed to take the blouse off,
while leaving the tie on. I was impressed with
the size of Jodi's breasts. They were
somewhere between a B and a C size. There
was just something about the translucent
quality of her alabaster flesh against the
mauve looking brown areolas the size of most
coasters, capped with large nipples for such a
young girl. I was paying so much attention to
what Mother was doing to Jodi that I hardly
noticed that Brandi already had me just about

       After all she only had to pull the tube top
over my head to have me naked to the waist.
As I said before, my breasts had not started
to develop, but my nipples were very sensitive.
Brandi was driving me crazy with her fingers.

       Mother unfastened the back of Jodi's
skirt and pulled the zipper down. Jodi had to
shift her weight to her feet, to allow Mother
to pull her skirt down her legs. I was sure the
nuns would never approve of the thong panties
she had on. They were thin lacy black things
with just a narrow strap running up the crack
of her ass. In fact the strap was lost between
the cheeks of her butt until it appeared above
the crack of her ass to form a little black
triangle where it attached to the strap well
below her waist. The little embroidered
butterfly didn't do much to hide the little
patch of dark pubic hair on her Mons Pubis. I
was practically ready to demand Mother to pull
Jodi's thong off, so I could see her pussy.
Mother did slip her hand into the little triangle
covering her pussy. I could see her slipping a
finger into the girl's pussy and diddling that
little clit. They were still swapping spit.

       Brandi slipped her hand up the large
opening of my silk track shorts to play with my
pussy. I didn't even have panties on, so she
was able to stroke my wet pussy all she
wanted. Brandi picked me up bodily and laid me
on the couch, with my head resting on the
overstuffed armrest. She pulled the track
shorts off of my body, leaving me as naked as
a new born baby. I was able to keep my eyes
on what Mother was doing to Jodi while Brandi
sucked my nipples and ate my pussy. I was no
longer a sexual virgin, so I came quickly and

       While Brandi was sucking my pussy,
mother had sat Jodi on the arm of the chair,
and was eating her pussy like mad.

       When Jodi and I recovered it was our
turn to undress the women. I was very
impressed with the shape of Brandi's tits.
They did look like they must have implants in
them. I checked every place for scars where
they had been inserted. Her areolas were too
perfect, but there were no scars under her
breasts or under her arms. Her tits had to be
real. I put my face between them and used my
hands to press them against the sides of my
head while I smelled her perfumed flesh and
licked her breast bone. I slapped my face with
those melons, and sucked on her nipples until
she begged me to go down on her.

       How could I refuse her anything after
making me cum so many times? She turned her
body around so that her head was resting on
the opposite armrest, and she had her inside
leg bent and resting on the cushion, while the
other foot was resting on the floor. Here I
was on the second day of my coming out, I was
about to taste my second pussy.

       As much as her pussy looked, smelled and
tasted like Mother's, it also was different too.
I licked her like a starving dog would. I even
got bold enough to lift her butt up enough to
stick a finger up her ass, and lick her asshole.
Brandi must have liked that, because she
actually squirted cum all over my bangs.

       We rested and talked about all kinds of
ways to enjoy sex with women. We also
interrupted the sex long enough to have
refreshments. There was something so
refreshing to drink strong and sweetened hot
coffee. It left an after taste that opened my
palate for future tastes of pussy, because
Mother and Brandi wanted to watch Jodi and I
making love to each other.

       Our mothers sat in that big chair
together and finger fucked each other while
they watched Jodi and I eating each other's
pussy. I spent a lot of time sucking on Jodi's
small tits, and rimmed her asshole just as long.
Jodi demonstrated her skill at eating pussies
and assholes too. It was late by the time
Brandi took Jodi home, so that we could get
some rest before having to get up for school.
We did promise to repeat the party soon.

       Brandi had also discussed the fact that
she and Jodi belonged to a Mother Daughter
Exchange Club. She explained that members
would get together like we had just done.
Afterwards the mothers would exchange
daughters for as much as a week. That way
each girl could learn new ways to please their
mothers. The sex with a new woman would
ensure that the sex would never get boring.
When the girls returned home the sex with
their mothers would be all the more exciting.

       When Brandi and Jodi got dressed and
went home, Mother and I went to bed to
discuss the prospect of joining the club. Mom
told me as long as she had known Brandi, she
never knew about her and Jodi belonging to
such a club. Mother admitted that she had
made love to both Brandi and Jodi several

       When I got home from school the next
day we discussed joining the club and we
agreed that it would be fun. She called Brandi
and asked about joining the club. Brandi set up
a meeting with several of the mothers that
could sponsor our admittance to the club. It
was agreed that we would meet these women
the following weekend.

       The following day Mother got a call from
Dawn wanting to get together for a date. In
the past Mother had always arranged to date
Dawn when I would not be around long enough
for them to have all of the sex they wanted.
This time she simply invited her to come over
right away.

       Mother didn't tell Dawn anything about
me. She had me get undressed and pulled the
blankets off of her bed, so that I could lie on
the bed with a string of large plastic beads
stuffed in my pussy and asshole.

       When Dawn arrived Mother closed the
door and started kissing her. She undressed
Dawn right there in the foyer.

       Dawn asked where I was, but Mother
didn't answer her as she hooked her finger in
Dawn's pussy, and led her to the master
bedroom. When Dawn saw me lying on the bed
with the beads swelling out my cunt and
asshole she exclaimed, "HOLY SHIT!!!"

       Mother pushed her towards the bed.
When Dawn mounted the bed I could smell the
aroma of soap. She smelled very clean,
without perfume. As I had observed before
she looked more like a man than a woman, she
just had watermelon sized tits and no cock
between her legs. She also didn't shave any
body hair. There was a thick dark patch of
hair under her arms that was visible sticking
out from under her fat arms alongside her
flabby tits. The pubic hair on her Mons Pubis
was thick and ran down her legs to join her
hairy legs. When I saw her butt I discovered
that there were plenty of hairs ringing her
asshole. And the flesh of her puckered
asshole was dark brown, as was the labia minor.

       Dawn let out a gravelly chuckle as she
mounted the bed with Mother right behind
her. Dawn took delight in pulling on the string
attached to the large beads stuffed in my cunt
and ass. She didn't pull them out; just pulled
them out enough that my vagina and asshole
had to stretch out very large, and when she
released the string, my asshole and cunt would
suck the beads back in and out of sight.

       Dawn mounted my head facing my crotch.
She ground her pussy into my face and mouth.
I had to struggle to catch my breath when-
ever she moved far enough down to my chin
enough to clear my nose. But from there I
could smell her hairy asshole. When she
rocked back covering my nose with her asshole,
I could breathe through my nose again, only
this time I smelled the musky aroma of her
moist cunt.

       While that was going on Mother was
standing straddle of my body, presenting her
pussy to Dawn to suck on. Mother fucked
Dawn's face until she came, then she squatted
over my legs, and pulled the three large beads
out of my ass before pulling the three beads
out of my cunt. I was squirting cum all over
the place.

       Dawn pushed Mother away brutally, so
that she could bend over, and suck my cunt
dry. Dawn must have cum too. I could taste
and feel her juice in my mouth. That night
Mother and Dawn put on strap-on dildos. I
couldn't believe it when Mother lay on her back
and had me straddle her, so that she could
insert the dildo into my pussy. Then Dawn
straddled my ass and inserted her dildo into
my asshole. It was mind blowing to have a
heavy woman fucking my asshole while every
thrust downward drove my pussy down onto
Mother's dildo. With every withdrawal my
body lifted up a little too. I was being fucked
in both my asshole and cunt at the same time.
By the time they got off fucking me I had lost
count of the number of times I had cum. As
much as I enjoyed the fucking, I was

       The two of them bathed me very tenderly
and put me to bed with a fresh nightgown. I
was sleep before Dawn left. I'm sure the two
of them continued fucking each other after I
was asleep.

       Brandi called to inform us that she would
pick us up early Saturday morning. Mother and
I selected our best attire the night before to
put on in the morning. Both of us were up long
before we had to be. We made breakfast and
bathed very carefully before dressing. We
were waiting impatiently by the time Brandi

       It was only a half hour drive to the
neighboring town to meet the three women
that were going to judge if Mother and I were
acceptable candidates to be members of the
Mother Daughter Exchange Club.

       Brandi took us to the private home of one
of the three women. When we pulled into the
driveway that had two cars in front of ours, a
distinguished looking woman came out to greet

       I swear she looked like my grammar
school principal. She was even dressed in a
stylish business suit. She approached us and
hugged us as she kissed our cheeks. After the
introductions she escorted us into the house.
We entered an elegant drawing room. There
were two large couches facing each other with
a marble fireplace to the left large enough to
stand in. To the right was a bigger than life oil
portraiture of a regal looking woman, with a lot
of jewelry on her body, and nothing else. Her
breasts were fully exposed and her pubic bush
was proudly displayed. Obviously the woman
was very proud of her beauty.

       There were two other women sitting on
the couches as we entered, and they stood up
for the introductions. There were the hugs
and kisses, before we were invited to sit
facing them. Brandi joined the three women
on the couch facing us. There was a large,
sturdy, square, low table between the couches.

       The woman that had greeted us was
obviously in charge of the proceedings. She
acknowledged Brandi as our sponsor. She said,
"We have to ask if both mother and daughter
are truly ready to share each other with all
club members?"

       Mother said, "Brandi introduced Nicole
and me to the pleasures of sharing our
daughters with other women."

       The woman cast her eyes on me, "Nicole,
this is a big step for a girl as young as you.
Normally the girls that become members are
teenagers that have been sexually active for
enough years to have come to grips with their
lesbianism. Are you sure that you are
comfortable with the idea of having sex with
older women of all ages?"

       I looked her directly in the eye before
responding, "My mother has been a lesbian
since she was a young teen, and has continued
fucking a variety of women all of my life. I
suspected that she was sleeping with them
long before I even discovered what a lesbian
was. Brandi was the first woman I had sex
with after Mother brought me out after I
walked in on her being tongue fucked by one of
her butch women friends. That woman came
over three nights ago, and both Mother and
Dawn made love to me! Dawn is the kind of
woman that dresses like a man, cuts her hair
like a man. She is a portly woman that looks
like a man except for her huge tits and hairy

       The four women got up and left the room
to discuss our prospects of becoming members
of the club. Mother and I sat there checking
out the lavish furnishings in the room. It
almost felt like the lobby of a classy hotel.
When the four women returned there was no
expression on their faces to give away what
their decision was. Even Brandi's expression
was neutral.

       The spokeswoman said, "Before we commit
to an answer we would like to see if the two of
you truly want to join our club. We would like
the two of you to get undressed, and get on
this table and demonstrate you willingness to
perform any sexual acts the four of us

       I didn't need or have a bra or slip on
under my dress, but I did have panty hose on
with very tight and small panties on over the
hose. I had on Mary Jane shoes. I was out of
my clothes much faster than Mom. When I
was down to the pantyhose, one of the women
stopped me from taking them off. She had me
lay down on the table with my crotch facing
her. She reached out and took hold of the
crotch of the hose with both hands and
stretched them until the crotch of the hose
split open. My little hairless pussy was
exposed. The woman probed the depths of my
vagina with her fingers.

       While that was going on, Mother was
finishing getting undressed after all she had
to remove a slip, girdle bra, panties stocking
and heels before she was totally naked. As
soon as she was totally naked, she was told to
sit on the edge of the table next to me. Two
of the women, one of which was the
spokeswoman, spread my mother's legs. They
each grasped one of mother's tits and felt
them, at the same time they each stuck
fingers into her pussy. The spokeswoman
wanted to take charge, so she could actually
fist fuck my mother. It was obvious that my
mother was no stranger to being fist fucked.

       The two of us were dragged to the middle
of the table and a woman sat on each of our
faces. They didn't have panties on under their
dresses. The other women each sported a
strap-on under their dress, and mounted us
like men to fuck us. I was the darling of the
women, because as young as I was they were
able to fuck me with their dildos. Mother and
I ate all four pussies and our pussies and
assholes were eaten and fucked. We were
thoroughly exhausted by that time, but well
pleased with our adventure regardless of being
accepted into the club.

       We were sprawled out on the table
covered in sweat as the spokeswoman gave us a
big smile and announced that we had been
accepted as members of the club.

       There were a lot of tears, giggles, kisses
as we hugged the women. As Brandi drove us
home she told us all about how to contact
other members. Mother and I couldn't wait to
meet a mother and daughter to party with, but
that is another story.

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