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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Mother Love

Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 11:04:44 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Mother Love (lesbian/Incet, oral, anal, g/F)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a
daughter and her mother and other women. If this
type of content offends you or you are under the
age of 18 do not read it.

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Mother Love

       I can't even remember when my mother started
playing with me. We lived in a small town of no more
than 4,000 people. My father was a heavy
equipment operator. He operated road grader and
other road building machines like paving machines.
My mother worked in the local grocery store as a
checker. We certainly were not rich by any means.
I was an only child so we lived in a small two bedroom
with a single bathroom.

       Whenever Mamma would put me to bed at night
she would always kiss me and slip her hand under the
covers to rub me between my legs. It always felt
good. One hot summer's night when Mamma came
into my bedroom she was totally naked. (I know now
that Mamma was at least 35 pounds overweight.) I
thought she was the most beautiful woman in the

       I thought she was a tall woman at the time, but
she was no more than five-foot four. Her hair was
cut rather short for easy care. Her breasts were
large and ponderous with rather large areolas and
rubbery nipples. (I was told that she had breast fed
me. I don't remember that.) Her lower tummy was
lumpy and had a nasty scar. I had been delivered
caesarean section. (For some reason they had to
remove her womb, as a result she could never have
another child.) Her pubic area was covered with a
dark tangle of hair. I always wished I had hair down
there like hers.

       This evening before she sat on my bed to give
me that goodnight kiss she pulled back the covers.
All I had on was a thin nightgown, which was like a
long T-shirt. She pulled the hem up to expose my
naked little pussy. While she was kissing me on the
mouth she placed her hand on my pussy and rubbed
me like she always did, only this time her middle
finger slipped in the crack and played with that little
nub. It felt wonderful. She forced her tongue
between my teeth. It virtually took my breath away.
I didn't know what to do. I lay there feeling like my
skin was crawling up and down my body. Eventually
Mamma stood up and sucked her fingers as she left
the room and closed the door behind her. I lay
there breathing hard, while I wondered why I felt
like there was something missing.

       The next night when she came in to kiss me
goodnight I was ready for the kiss. When she
leaned over me to kiss me I couldn't resist taking
hold of her tit. Mamma didn't resist. I felt her tit
while she kissed me and rubbed my clit. Before she
left my bedroom she had leaned over me and let one
of those ponderous tits dangle over my mouth. I
knew what she wanted and took hold of it with both
hands while I sucked on the nipple. Every night we
would do the same thing. Slowly the games produced
stronger feelings in my body. I was only in the third
grade the first time I had a feeling like my breath
was being taken way and I actually passed out for a
short time. Mamma told me that I had my first
climax. Our games went on nightly the rest of that

       I think I was typical of most girls my age. I
knew very little of what was going on within my
family until my world came crashing down around me.
Apparently my father had knocked up a local
eighteen-year-old waitress in the local restaurant.
Overnight everything changed. He crossed the state
line where he could get a quickie divorce. I was
eventually told he had to establish a residence in
that state by renting a motel room, and changed his
mailing address, before he could get a divorce. As
soon as he had the paper in hand he married that
teenager. (She must have been a sight, seven
months pregnant with a cheap bouquet clutched in
her fist, exchanging I do's.)

       That left mother and me in the house. It was
a little harder making ends meet but not much. He
had wasted a lot of his income, drinking and
gambling. After his departure Mamma moved me
into her bed. We would take turns playing with each
other's pussy. I sucked on her breasts too. I found
it comforting and erotic smelling her perfume and
even the odor of her pussy. I played with her clit
and marveled at the way she could not hold still
while I played with the moist, rubbery, yet stiff
lump of flesh. I found the opening of her vagina and
inserted a finger, followed by another. Eventually I
actually had my whole hand on her cunt up to the
wrist. She grabbed my forearm and started pulling
my arm in and out of her cunt. The way she carried
on I knew she was enjoying what I was doing. She
called out in a horse whisper, "Vicki Fist-fuck

       From that night on I fist fucked her every
night after sucking tit and pussy. Mamma played
with me too, but she deliberately would not break my
hymen. She told me that she wanted me to remain a
virgin a little longer. The only time I was banished
to my own bedroom was when Mamma would have

       I suspected that when her friend from the
grocery story came for visits that she was doing the
same things she did with me to her. Of course I was
jealous of her. There was no mistaking my rude
behavior towards her. Her name was Ruby.

       Ruby was a little older than my mom. They
looked enough alike to be sisters. She was not
married though. I resented her coming over because
I knew that I would not be sleeping with Mamma
that night.

       One afternoon Mamma had called to tell me
she was working an extra shift because a clerk had
called in sick. I was disappointed to be left alone. I
was busy doing my homework when the doorbell rang.
When I answered the door I was disappointed to see
that it was Ruby. I reluctantly allowed her to enter
the house.

       Ruby followed me into the living room. I had
been watching the television while doing my
homework. She sat down in a comfortable chair and
told me that she had been asked to keep me
company with my mother working late. I was a little
rude when I told her I didn't need a babysitter. She
tried to assure me that she wasn't my babysitter.
Then she asked, "What have I ever done to you, that
you hate me so much?"

       I was more than a little surly when I said,
"When you spend the night I don't get to sleep with

       There was a pause before Ruby fully
understood the implications of the comment. "Are
you telling me what I think you're saying?"

       I blurted out, "If you're not here I get to play
with mother!"

       Ruby got up and moved to the couch to sit next
to me. "Honey I never intended to come between
you and your mother!"

       She placed her arm around me. I tried to
shrug off her arm, but she held me fast. She tried
to kiss me on the mouth, but I resisted by shaking
my head. Ruby grabbed a hand full of my hair on
the back of my head and held my head still as she
kissed me on the mouth. I could feel her breath
coming out of her nose on my cheek. I could smell
the odor of stale cigarettes. (Ruby was a smoker.)
I didn't like the smell or taste of her mouth. There
was very little I could do to stop her. When I
surrendered and stopped resisting, she stuck her
tongue into my mouth. It only took a few moments
before I didn't even notice the taste or smell. Ruby
placed her free hand on the front of my blouse.

       My chest was almost as flat as a boy's my age.
My nipples were very sensitive though. Her fingers
rubbing against the blouse and the slip underneath
was turning me on, no matter how much I resented
her. I was actually sweating by that time. Just
when I was starting to enjoy the kiss and stimulation
of my nipples, she let that hand slide down my body
and pulled the hem of my school skirt up around my
waist and started rubbing the crotch of my panties.

       My panties were soaking wet. I didn't make an
effort to stop her from touching me or stop her
from kissing me. I felt her slide her hand up and
push her fingers and hand under the waistband of
my panties. Her long warm finger sought out the
little opening of my pussy. She toyed with my clit
for a little while. That took my breath away. Then
she sought out the opening of my vagina. When she
touched my hymen I winced in pain. She withdrew
her finger and returned to playing with my clit. She
decided to undress me eventually.

       When all of my clothes were shed, she moved
down the bed between my legs. She blew her cool
breath on my naked little pussy. (Mother had never
done that to me before.) Ruby started licking my
pussy. That was a big shock to me. I couldn't
believe that anyone would actually want to put their
mouth on the place where a person actually peed out
off. Also I had never felt anything like it before.

       Ruby was surprised when I actually had an
orgasm. She told me that normally girls my age were
not able to cum. The youngest she had heard of was
11-years-old. After I recovered she sat up and
started taking off her clothes. I did my part to
help her because I wanted see if she looked like
Mamma naked.

       She was just about as overweight as Mamma.
Her hair was a little darker and a lot darker between
her legs. The biggest difference was not even the
size of her breasts it was the size and color of her
areolas and nipples. They were not much larger than
my own and the color was just a little pinker than
her skin. When I saw her breasts I took hold of
both of them in my hands. I sucked on them in turn
while playing with the other one. Ruby enjoyed
everything I was doing until she was ready to have
me play with her pussy.

       Ruby started pushing me down towards her
pussy. I did want to compare her pussy with
Mamma's, but was unsure if I could actually do what
she had done to me. I actually did crouch on my
knees, with my butt up in the air. I could tell that
she didn't shave like those models in 'Playboy'. It
may be friction of her thighs but there was no hair
on any part of her body other than her vulva. I
could see that her labia dangled below her pussy like
the edge of a doily on an end table. When I parted
her labia I could see that stiff ridge ending in her
hooded clitoris. I could not help comparing it with
the little boy's dicks I had seen. It did remind me of
a little penis. When I spread her vagina it reminded
me of pictures I had seen of cameras going down a
person's throat, all red and pink with irregular
bumps. I could see where pee came out of her body.
I can't explain it, but the smell was a heady erotic
attraction to me. I was drawn to her pussy. I had
my nose buried in her hole before I stuck out my
tongue. I was down crotched over between her legs
lapping at her wet pussy when I heard the front
door creaking as it opened. I knew that we had been
caught. Fear overtook me. I tried to sit up, but
Ruby was holding my head down.

       Then I felt a cold hand on my ass. I knew it
was not Ruby. I could see the pants leg behind me
by looking under me. I knew it was Mamma. It came
as a shock when I felt a long finger penetrate my
asshole. The other hand cupped my pussy while I
continued sucking Ruby's pussy. I don't remember
which one of us had an orgasm first. I felt slimy
juice fill my mouth as Ruby climaxed. I know that
when I came I was shaking my ass so much that I'm
sure her fingernail scratched the inside of my colon.

       Mamma shed her work clothes in record time.
The next thing I felt was Mamma's body behind me
thrusting my butt, forcing my face harder against
Ruby's pussy. I thought I was going to be

       When she relented and allowed me to sit up, I
turned around and asked her, "Why didn't you ever
show me about the taste of pussies?"

       Mamma smiled, "I didn't think you were old
enough to appreciate that. I was afraid it would
scare you away from me."

       I pushed her over onto her side next to Ruby.
I crawled over their legs and got between her legs
before I dove in and started sucking her pussy.
Before I was finished I checked out her cunt. The
ridge above her clit was not anywhere as long as
Ruby's. When I started licking her pussy I could not
detect any difference from her friend's.

       We eventually adjourned to the bedroom. It
was a sleepless night of continuous sex. I couldn't
believe what took place. Early the next morning I
fell asleep between the two women. When I woke up
both women were not in the room. I had a headache.
I went to the bathroom, took a couple of aspirins,
and brushed my teeth, before taking a shower.
When I was dry I returned to the bedroom to look
for my clothes before I remembered they were in
the living room. The bedroom smelled of women's
pussy. It should have made me nauseated like the
smell of Mamma's used sanitary napkin bucket made
me feel, but the stale smell reminded me of the
taste of their pussies.

       I felt a little rebellious and went looking for
Mom and Ruby without putting on my clothes. When
I entered the small kitchen I found them sitting at
the dining table drinking coffee. Ruby had a
cigarette in her hand and a cloud of gray smoke
around her head and clinging to her hair. All they
had on was a couple of Mom's old dressing gowns.
They were both so old that they were thin enough
that they were unintentually almost transparent.
They had not bathed yet and smelled of stale
perfume and sweat along with the odor of their

       Mamma placed her hand on my butt and asked,
"Good morning Honey. Would you like breakfast?"


       "What would you like?"

       "Rice Krispies"

       "Wouldn't you prefer eggs and toast?'

       "No...just a big bowl of cereal!"

       She got up without arguing and opened the
fridge and pulled out a half gallon of milk. She got
the cereal and bowl out and sprinkled some sugar
over it before she poured a little too much milk.
There was that famous 'snap, crackle, pop' as she
placed the bowl in front of me along with a soup
spoon. I thanked her and started shoveling the
cereal into my mouth.

       Ruby took a big drag on her cigarette before
asking, "What would you like to do today, Vicki?"

       I looked up and wiped a little milk from my chin
with the back of my hand. "I see no reason to stop
the games from last night, just because the sun
came up!"

       Ruby let out a big belly laugh, "Come along with
me, you horny little thing!" With that she stood up
and snuffed out her cigarette as she took my hand
and led me back to the bedroom. Mamma stayed
behind to clean up.

       I studied the way Ruby's butt jiggled as she
walked on the way back to the bedroom. She pulled
the blanket and sheet back. I could see the dried
stains on the sheet from last night. When I lay
down I could still smell the body odor on my mother
and Ruby clinging to the sheet. This morning Ruby
must have felt particularly randy. She got on the
bed facing in the opposite direction and mounted by
head like a horse. She reached between her legs to
spread the lips of her pussy and spread her labia
over my face like a gas mask. She ground her pussy
into my mouth, forcing me to catch a breath
whenever I could. There were times when I smelled
her asshole. At first I thought that was too nasty
for words but eventually I got used to the worm

       Ruby eventually leaned over and started lapping
at my pussy. While we were doing that Mamma came
into the room. She sat on the bed and while I
watched from between Ruby's legs she started
stuffing plastic balls attached together by some
sort of plastic string into Ruby's asshole. I could not
believe that my mother could actually force those
balls into her asshole because each one of the five
balls was almost the size of a tennis ball. Mamma
pulled the first one out but Ruby was able to
actually expel the rest on her own. While she was
doing that mother was putting on a strange looking
thing. It was at least ten-inches long and was
definitely a phallic looking rubber thing that she
strapped on with Velcro straps. She got behind
Ruby on her knees and forced that monster into
Ruby's asshole.

       From my vantage point I was looking up at
them. I could see that monster going in and out of
Ruby's asshole. On the outward strokes her
sphincter clung to the shaft and looked like her
asshole was about to be turned inside out. At the
same time on the backward strokes the base of the
dildo was pulled away a little and I could see
Mamma's pussy. Her clitoris was being stimulated by
the pressure of the bumping. It was sticking out
from between her labia. I was mesmerized by the
sight above my head. I hardly noticed that every
inward thrust forced Ruby's head away from my own
pussy. Her tongue was being pulled away from my
pussy. One the backward pull Ruby's tongue would
stab at my little clit.

       When Ruby went into convulsions and collapsed
on top of me I felt like I was being smothered. Her
sweat was all over my body. I even got to lick the
juice dripping from her pussy while my mother pulled
that tool out of her ass. We rearranged our bodies
so that I was lying between the two of them.

       I asked Mamma about her fucking me like that.
She told me that I was too young for that yet
because doing so could damage my reproductive
system. That could very possibly make it impossible
for me to have babies.

       If Mamma couldn't fuck me yet I asked if I
could fuck her. She helped me strap the dildo onto
my body. (It was a good thing the straps were
Velcro.) I was almost too small to attach the straps
tight enough to keep the thing in place. Ruby helped
prepare Mamma. We placed a firm pillow half way
down the bed. Mamma positioned herself on her
back with her butt resting on the pillow that
elevated her butt up enough that it gave me access
to either hole. I deliberately chose to stick the
thing in her pussy. It was not until I had it all the
way inside her that I thought about where Mamma
had that thing before I stuck it in her. It was too
late now to worry about what I had done.

       Mamma didn't seem to care. She was bucking
her hips up and down to meet every thrust. At one
point the dildo came popping out of her pussy. When
I shoved my hips forward again the head of the
dildo had slipped downward and the thing stabbed
her even lower. I didn't know at the time that the
dildo was being shoved into her asshole. She let out
a loud prolonged moan. It was not until I pulled back
and looked down between our bodies that I saw
where the dildo had entered her. I could tell that as
uncomfortable as the thing must have been, my
mother loved it. I just continued fucking her.

       Ruby had moved around so that she was facing
me while mounting Mamma's head. She was grinding
her pussy against Mamma's face. She leaned
towards me and took hold of my shoulders and
started kissing me on the mouth. Before long her
tongue was struggling with my tongue. It was
thrilling to be fucking my mother while her lover was
kissing me passionately and force feeding Mamma
her pussy. It was very heady knowing I was fucking
my mother's ass just like she had done to Ruby.
Mamma was eventually a whimpering mass of jelly as
she experienced an orgasm while struggling to
breathe with her mouth covered and her nose was
covered most of the time. It was a glorious day of

       I was told repeatedly not to tell anyone what
went on in our home. I did follow their instructions
to the letter. I didn't tell my best friend, Ashley,
about what went on at home. Ashley and I had been
in school with each other all the way from our
preschool days. We lived only a couple of blocks
from each other. I liked her more than any other
classmates. We didn't look anything alike. Where
my family tends to be plumper Ashley was a very
slender girl, with much darker hair. I felt protective
of her. If anyone picked on her I was there to
defend her in a flash. We had never even talked
about sex until we were in fifth grade.

       We were ten-years-old when the school year
started. That year we had a nice looking young
teacher, named Ms. Wheeler. I don't know how old
she was but she was much younger than any teacher
we had ever had before. She dressed much more
fashionably than any teacher we had ever had
before. Every boy in the classroom had a crush on
her. I was no exception. One afternoon while
Ashley and I were talking while eating our lunch I
commented about how much I would love to see Ms.
Wheeler naked. Ashley admitted that she would love
to kiss her. Having brought up the subject we
continued discussing sex.

       I asked Ashley if she had ever actually had sex
with anyone. Ashley blushed and whispered that she
had only kissed one boy before but had a lot of sex
with an older girl before. I just had to hear all
about it.

       Ashley told me that her babysitter had been
playing with her pussy. It was obvious she had more
to tell but was waiting to see how I would react. I
told her that my mother's best friend had let me
suck her tits and play with her pussy. That was all
she needed to know. She told me how her babysitter
and taught her all about sucking pussy. I was so
horny I suggested that we go to the bathroom.

       Inside the girl's room we went to the farthest
stall and closed the door behind us. I had her stand
in front of me while I sat on the toilet. I pulled her
panties down and looked at her hairless pussy before
I started sucking her pussy.

       We didn't have a lot of time to do it. I pulled
down my panties and had her kneel between my legs
to suck my pussy a little. When we heard the door
open she sat on my lap until the girl left the
bathroom. We had to pull our panties up to get back
to class when the bell rang. After school we headed
for her home.

       When we were in her bedroom we started
kissing and feeling each other up. She expressed
concern about her mother catching us. I told her
that I would make arrangements for us to have my
house to ourselves soon.

       I told Mamma about Ashley and asked her if I
could bring her home and invite her to spend the
night. Mother was amenable and offered to allow us
the space to play. She didn't want to shock her with
our relationship too soon.

       The next day at school I suggested that she
come home with me. I assured her that Mamma
would be at work. We would have the house to
ourselves the rest of day. When we got home we
headed for my room and shed our clothes. We
started kissing and feeling up each other before I
mounted her head to toe so that we could suck each
other's pussy. We were having a great time. I was
surprised to discover that Ashley's hymen was
broken. She told me that her babysitter had broken
it with her finger.

       I had to ask my mother about that later that
night when we were cuddling in each other's arms. I
had told her about everything we had done to each
other that day. She offered to take mine with her
finger. That night she broke my hymen with her
finger and sucked up all of the watery blood

       Ashley and I would meet at my house after
school for fun and games regularly after that. We
were so horny that we were still making it a habit of
slipping off to the farthest bathroom to suck pussy
during lunch break every day. It was only a matter
of time before Ms. Wheeler got suspicious about our

       One day when we were hiding out in our
favorite toilet stall and I was sucking Ashley's pussy
the door opened. There was no way I could deny
what I was doing to Ashley. She told us to get
dressed and return to class. She told us that we
would have to stay after school. Both of us were
scared to death that we were in trouble and the rest
of the day was terrible. We were both sweating as
we anticipated the punishment we would be
subjected to.

       There was a lot of tension after school as the
other students scrambled for the exit. We sat at
our desks slowly putting away our books. We sat
side by side in separate rows. Ms. Wheeler casually
walked between the rows and sat on the back of a
desk in front of ours.

       I don't know if she had deliberately sat that
way. All I know is that the way she was sitting on
the desk in front of me with her feet on the seat of
the desk gave me an unobstructed view up her dress
between her legs.

       Ms. Wheeler had very nice looking legs. She
had on self-supporting nylons. I could see her white
inner thighs right up to her panty covered pussy.
They were so transparent that I could see the crack
in her pussy through the material. I did not notice
any darkness like I could see through my mother's
and Ruby's panties. I looked at Ashley to see if she
noticed the same thing I did. Ashley gave me a look
that told me she was seeing the same thing. Ms.
Wheeler sat there deliberately swinging her legs
back and forth, just in case we had not noticed,
before she started talking.

       "The two of you shouldn't be doing things to
each other at school! If you had been caught by
anybody else you would have been in a lot of

       Ashley and I looked at each other. (Was there
a ray of hope that we were not in trouble?) Ms.
Wheeler said, "I think you should go home with me
to discuss your behavior. Do you need to call home
to tell your parents that you have to stay after
school?" She was pulling out her cell-phone as she
asked the question.

       I said, "My mother is at work. I don't have to
call home."

       Ashley said, "I go home with Vicki after school
every day."

       Ms. Wheeler gave us a knowing smile. "Why
don't you follow me out to my car then?"

       Ashley and I gathered up our book packs and
allowed her to gather up her belongings and close up
the classroom. When we got to the parking lot we
headed directly for her car. We had seen her
leaving enough times to know her car. It was a small
Japanese import. We were small enough to wedge
ourselves into the passenger seat together. (It was
a small town with only one deputy sheriff. He knew
everyone and rarely ever stopped anyone for ignoring
seat belts laws or underage drivers.) She drove us
out of town.

       I had never known where she lived before. She
pulled unto the driveway of a ranch. It was
obviously a horse ranch. There was a big house with
several barns behind it. There were stables with
adjacent pens made of galvanized steel rails. There
was a large pasture covered in green alfalfa ready
for harvesting. We could see a variety of horses
milling around. Ms. Wheeler drove past the stables
to a row of little buildings that must have been
housing for work hands. Ms. Wheeler explained, "A
friend of mine allows me to rent one of the cabins
and stable my horse here!"

       Ashley and I were both impressed that our
teacher had her own horse. We got out of her car
and made our way into the cabin. It was small but
clean. It was obvious that the cabin consisted of
one large room adjacent to a small kitchen and dining
area, bathroom in back next to a single bedroom. It
was shaded by an old tree just to the south. I
noticed that her dining table was cluttered with
homework to be graded. The living room was
decorated with things related to horses. The coffee
table had an ashtray shaped like a horseshoe. Even
the area rug on the floor looked like a saddle
blanket. The furniture looked like it was made from
fence posts, with colorful Mexican blankets seat
cushions. There was a hat rack by the door with
several hats on it. There was an old worn straw hat
a couple of baseball caps and a couple of new
western hats. One was black with a silver hatband;
the other was beige western hat with an Indian
beaded hatband. There was even a bridle hanging
there. The reins were tied up to keep them off the
floor. Ms. Wheeler dropped her briefcase on top of
the homework and said, "Let me get comfortable
before we talk! Do either of you need to use the

       We both thanked her and said we were fine.

       She headed for the bedroom. From where we
were sitting, we could not see if she closed the
bedroom door. Ashley and I were frightened enough
not to be talkative while Ms. Wheeler emerged from
the bedroom dressed in a simple halter top made out
of red handkerchiefs and tan shorts. For the first
time I noticed that she had a nice tan. She came
into the room and sat down in the chair facing us.

       "I think we need to talk about your behavior
today. If you continue using the girl's bathroom to
indulge in sex you are going to get in serious

       I couldn't help but notice that she was not
reproaching us for our behavior.

       "Girls...I am not going to tell you not to have
sex with each other, just be a little more discreet
about you conduct. If you can't keep your hands off
of each other until after school we will have to find
a place where you can do it without the prospect of
someone walking in on you."

       Ashley and I looked at each other.

       "Girls I would like the two of you to tell me
about who taught you about sex. Ashley would go

       Ashley took a deep breath before she told her
about her babysitter. When it was my turn I grew
bold enough to admit that mother had masturbated
me as far back as I could remember. Then I told
her about mother's friend Ruby being the first
person to suck my pussy.

       Ms. Wheeler must have enjoyed my confession
because she was rubbing her breast with one hand
and her crotch with the other hand. Ashley had
never heard about my relationship with my mother

       I could see it in her eyes that she was shocked
to learn that my mother knew what we were doing in
my bedroom when she came over and during the
nights she would come over for sleepovers.

       Ms. Wheeler asked, "Would the two of you like
to come out here and ride horses?"

       We were both thrilled at the idea of riding
horses. We both assured her that we would love

       Ms. Wheeler went on, "The women that stable
horses here with my friend enjoy riding horses
bareback and naked. They would love to ride with
you. We have miles of trails where we can ride
undisturbed by prying eyes."

       I don't know what Ashley was thinking, but I
was thrilled at the idea of riding horses naked with
other naked women. From what she was saying
these women would also be interested in sex with
young girls like us.

       Ms. Wheeler said, "When we are here both of
you can call me Mistress Gail!"

       There was something about the way she said
that, that implied we didn't have a choice.

       "Would the two of you like to show me how you
make love to each other?"

       Ashley was shy, but I was thrilled at the idea.
I nodded my head affirmatively. When I put my
arm around Ashley she didn't resist. I shed Ashley's
clothes along with my own. When we were both
naked I forced Ashley to lie back on the cushions
and lied on top of her so that I could kiss her on the
mouth while I felt her up. I played with her nipples
before moving my hand between her legs and rubbed
her little vulva. I could not help looking over at
Mistress Gail.

       Gail had pulled the knot on the halter between
her tits, releasing those magnificent tits. I could
see just how large her areolas were, while she played
with them. Before I went down on Ashley to suck on
her pussy Gail had pulled the large leg of her shorts
aside to play with her own pussy. I could see that
her pussy was as devoid of hair as Ashley and mine

       I wondered why she didn't have any hair, after
all Mamma and Ruby both had plenty of hair. I
assumed all women had hair down there.

       While I was kneeling between Ashley's legs
sucking her pussy Gail got up and came around the
coffee table and placed her hands on my butt. She
parted my cheeks and I felt her breath on my
asshole before she licked it. She also felt my pussy
with her hand.

       Eventually she separated us and sat down
between us. She pulled Ashley up and fed her one of
those beautiful tits. While Ashley sucked on one she
felt the other one with her hand. Mistress Gail took
hold of the back of my neck and forced me down
onto the floor between her legs. She pulled the leg
of her shorts aside. I knew what she wanted. I
dove in and started licking her pussy. There was a
little stubble on her vulva. I figured out that she
shaved her pussy. She was already wet down there.
Her pussy had a rather long ridge down the middle
of the opening ending in her clit. The labia were thin
and didn't protrude beyond the fold. While I was
sucking her pussy my face was being covered with
her juice. It seemed like a long time before Gail
started bucking in a long orgasm.

       When it was over we talked about what we
could do in the future. It was agreed that she
needed to meet Mamma and Ruth. She promised
that we would meet her friend and we could pick any
horse we wanted to ride the next time. Eventually
we had to get dressed and Mistress Gail drove us
home. She dropped Ashley off first before taking
me home.

       Mamma was home and Ruby was there too.
When I introduced her to them Mistress Gail boldly
kissed them on the mouth knowingly and let her hand
feel their tits and down to their crotches.

       Ruby was all for it. She started feeling up
Mistress Gail. Ruby unfastened her slacks and pulled
them down along with her panties. Then she placed
her hands on Mistress Gail's shoulders letting her
know that she wanted her to go down on her.

       Mamma and I watched while my teacher sucked
on Ruby's hairy pussy and stuck her finger up Ruby's
asshole. After that there was a lot of discussion
about the ranch and what kinds of fun that we could
indulge in out there.

       Ruby knew enough lesbians in town to have
heard rumors about the ranch. Mamma was not that
interested in riding horses but the prospect of
having sex with a lot of other women turned her on.
Before Gail went home we had agreed to visit the
ranch that weekend.

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