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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Mother Seduction

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 00:14:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jan None <>
Subject: Mother Seduction (lesbian/adult youth, oeal anal.F/f)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts between an woman
and teenage girls. If this type of content offends
you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:

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Mother Seduction


       I thought of myself as a straight woman, even
after my husband abandoned me and our daughter.
Our standard of living was reduced substantially,
because I had to work to support the two of us. I
did everything I could to give my daughter
everything her classmates had. Friends complained
that I spoiled Maxine far too much.

       We had to live in a depressed neighborhood,
because I could not afford an apartment in a better
neighborhood. Just the same I managed to keep
Maxine in a private school. The tuition was a killer,
but at least the school uniforms didn't require me
having to buy a large wardrobe for her. She was a
good girl, and never gave me any trouble.

       She appreciated what I did for her. She
worked hard to get good grades in school. She was
always in the top three percent of her class. I was
very proud of her. She even got a part time job
after school to help add to our income and then she
entered high school.

       We didn't really fit in with our neighbors,
because we were of English extraction. We were
dirty blondes, with light dusting of freckles across
our noses, and shoulders. Nature and genetics
endowed us with good figures, with curves in the
right places. I knew that Maxine would draw the
attention of boys soon enough. For the time being
she was safely ensconced in an all-girls school. That
did not mean living in the neighborhood we lived in
didn't make me nervous.

       In the predominantly Hispanic neighborhood,
the Mexican boys flirted with her whenever they
saw her outdoors. They made me nervous as hell.
The girls reminded me of Snooki from Jersey Shore.
They were all dark skinned, short in stature, with
bouffant hairdos. Their hair was either brunette or
black naturally, but many of them changed the color
of their hair almost as often as they changed shoes.
Their language was rude and profane. Their mothers
were not any better. I did my best to avoid getting
trapped into a conversation with any of them.

       She had developed a reputation of being a cold
stuck up bitch around the neighborhood. Not that
the reputation bothered her at all.

       She hardly even noticed the children of her
neighbors. She didn't appreciate the Pachuca look
that was popular among the local girls. She thought
the way they applied their lipstick was cheap looking.
The way they dressed was more appropriate for
streetwalkers, but there was one girl that was even
more disturbing than the rest.

       She bothered me more because she was so
obviously a lesbian dyke. I found it disconcerting
that a girl so young should be so rebellious against all
social norms. It is one thing to have sex with other
females, but another thing to be so obvious about
her sexual preference. The way she dressed
bothered me the most. She cropped her hair almost
close enough to be military. From what I could see
of her body she had elaborate tattoos. She dressed
more like a boy than a girl. I did notice the way she
looked at me, and it made me nervous. There was
just something disturbing about the way she looked
at me. It was so creepy the way she looked like she
was undressing me with her eyes.

       I did develop some friendships with some of
the families that were my neighbors. Maxine and I
often had dinner at the homes of our neighbors. We
had been to a number of First Communion,
Confirmation, and Quinceanera parties, but the
family across the street with the teenage dyke
frightened me.

       Then my daughter was selected to go on a
weeklong school trip to actually stay on an island to
study marine life. They would live in barracks and
get to skin dive in the bay. I would have the house
to myself for the first time in years. I got to go
out with the single women I worked with. I enjoyed
the shopping and company.

       I had seen the young dyke kissing and feeling
up her girlfriends before, but one evening when I got
home late I saw a car parked across the street. At
first I figured the girl's mother had been on a date.
I knew her mother was divorced too. When another
car approached the headlights lit up the interior of
the car, and I saw that the girl was sitting on the
passenger side of the car, and she was making out
with an older woman. I could make out that the
woman was a Caucasian, and the girl was kissing her
and taking turns feeling and sucking on the woman's
breasts. It disturbed me, at the same time I found
the sight erotic. I found it hard to tear myself
away from the exhibition, but when the girl turned
her head and saw me standing on my porch, I opened
my door and entered.

       The next afternoon when I got home from
work, my thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell.
When I opened the door I was surprised to see the
little dyke standing there with a book bag in hand.

       She said, "Hi Ma' name is Kiki. I live
across the street would you please help me with my
homework? My mother hardly speaks English, and
has never been any help with my school studies."

       How could I refuse such a plea? I invited her
in, and directed her to the dinette table. I turned
on the light to brighten the area. She pulled a
couple of books from her bag and a three ring binder
along with some pencils. I sat down in a chair along
side of her while she showed me her homework.
Sitting so close to her, my nose was assailed by the
smell of stale cigarette smoke clinging to her
clothing and body. Even her hair reeked of the odor.
It took me a little time to become accustomed to
the smell. She and I read the chapters assigned and
I quickly guided her through the written assignment.
She turned out to be a bright girl. Her problem was
a lack of understanding of grammar and a little
difficulty spelling. When we finished that
assignment she started on her math. She had
trouble working problems. I had to show her how to
break down the words to the elements and arrange
them into a math problem she could recognize. It
took a couple of hours to help her. When we were
finished she wanted to talk to me.

       She asked me where my daughter was, and I
told her that she was on a school field trip. She had
a lot of personal questions about my personal life. I
could have found her questions almost rudely
personal, but I felt that they were actually innocent
questions from a curious girl.

       The first question I asked her was about her
name. She told me that her given name was Carina,
but everyone calls her Kiki.

       I also felt the need to ask her why she wanted
to dress like a boy. She told me that she hated
males. She would rather compete with them. She
told me that guys would let her play sports with
them but never asked her for dates, which was fine
with her. She had been raped by her father as a
child. Eventually her mother caught him and kicked
him out. Their priest defended her father, because
the church disapproves of divorce. He tried to
convince my mother to forgive him, and wanted my
father to seek help for his unnatural desires. While
he was seeking therapy from the priest, he was still
fucking her. The priest also counseled her. He was
telling her that it was a woman's duty to please men.
He was fucking her too. In time my mother could
not dismiss my complaints, when I showed her cum in
my pussy. We have lived alone ever since.

       I wanted to cry after listening to her story.
Now I understood her hatred of males. Then I
asked her about her relationship with girls. She
beamed that she enjoyed making love to girls. She
told me that when she gets to make love to a girl,
they would come back for more, even if they didn't
want anyone knowing they got off having sex with

       Then she mentioned having seen me the other
night while she was in a car with another woman. I
felt uncomfortable discussing her relationship with
women. She was not shy about her sex life at all.
She told me that she knows several older women
that she dates regularly. After our discussion she
thanked me for my help and asked if she could get
help in the future. I assured her that I would help
her anytime she needed help. She hugged me and
pressed her cheek against mine before making her

       I thought about her story that night. I found
her candid story erotic. Sleep would not come until
I masturbated several times.

       The next day about the same time the doorbell
rang, and it was Kiki again. She thanked me for the
help last night, and assured me that she got A's for
both assignments. She had her bag in hand, and
asked if I would help her again. I assured her that I

       We set up shop on the dinette table again. It
took another couple of hours to complete her
homework again. When we finished we talked again.

       I asked her if she would like something to eat
and drink. She accepted, so I made us toasted
cheese sandwiches and poured milk for the two of
us. We continued our discussion while we ate. She
proudly described how she made love to girls and
women. I doubted that adult women would allow a
teenage girl to dominate them the way she
described. But it was very erotic just the same. I
could feel my body responding with hot flashes. My
pussy itched, and it was hard not to scratch it in
front of this girl.

       Just as we were about to say our goodbyes,
Kiki hugged me again. This time a little harder, and
rather than the cheek kiss, she pressed her lips
against mine.

       There was a moment of panic, and stiff
resistance. I wanted to push her away, but could
not bring myself to do so. When I gave up, and
didn't resist her anymore she became bolder.

       Kiki pressed her mouth against mine harder,
and forced her tongue into my mouth. I
surrendered and let out a moan as she kissed me.
She must have felt empowered, because she placed
her right hand on my left breast.

       That was too much for me. I tried to remove
her hand from my breast, but she turned out to be
stronger than I would have thought. She continued
to squeeze my tit firmly. I surrendered to her
desire. She struggled to free my breast from my
clothes. When she got it out of my dress, she
started sucking on my nipple.

       I had not been in a sexual relationship in years.
My body responded quickly. My pussy felt like it was
leaking juice right away. I felt sweat trickle down
the middle of my spine until it was absorbed by my
panties and clothes. Her assault was so enjoyable
that I relaxed. If my arm had not been around her
shoulders, it would have simply fallen to my side.

       Kiki freed my other breast, so that she could
feel and suck on both of my breasts. It was so
enjoyable to have her play with my breasts that I
lovingly stroked her coarse hair while she suckled on
my flesh. Every now and then she would interrupt
her sucking on my tits to kiss my mouth again. She
would cling to one of my breasts with one hand while
kissing me. One of those times when she was kissing
me, she slid the hand that had been squeezing my tit
down my body. She rubbed my pussy through my
clothes. I spread my legs to allow her better access
to my crotch. Just when I was getting turned on,
she lifted her hand. I let out a disappointed sigh.
She reached down to place her hand on my nylon
clad knee, and slowly slid her hand up the inside of
my thigh pushing my dress up until her hand went
from silken covered thigh to bare flesh.

       I don't even know how to describe the thrill of
my skin crawling as her fingers ran up my soft inner
thigh. When her fingers touched the nylon panties I
had on, she felt just how wet I was, because juices
had seeped through the thin material. She stroked
my pussy, while continuing to kiss me. I didn't even
resist when she slid her fingers up to the waistband
of my low-rider panties, and shoved them down into
my panties. She rubbed my mons pubis until my
pubic hair was wet as much from sweat as my juice.
My body jerked uncontrollably when her finger
touched my clitoris. She finger fucked me until I
came, while still kissing me. She was not about to let
me rest.

       While my chest was still heaving, she slid to
the floor in front of me. She pulled my panties down
my legs and free of my pumps. She placed her hands
on my inner thighs, and spread my legs. She sat on
her knees, studying my pussy for a long time. Her
breath was driving me crazy. I pleaded with her to
kiss my pussy. She looked up at me teasingly before
she leaned in and kissed my pussy. She lapped at my
cunt like a wild animal. She swabbed me from my
asshole to my clit. The feelings her tongue induced
in my asshole was as exciting as her tongue in my
vagina. This time when I climaxed, I actually
blacked out for a short time. My body quivered

       I regretted her leaving me that evening. I
kissed her goodnight as she left my house. I was
unaware that I was standing in the doorway with my
clothes in disarray. My breasts were hanging out.
Sleep was hard coming that night. I was reproaching
myself for allowing Kiki to seduce me. There was
guilt because I was old enough to be her mother, but
the pleasure was undeniable. I jilled myself until
sleep overcame me.

       I even had a slight sexual hangover in the
morning, when the alarm roused me from a sound
sleep. I was distracted all day at work. I debated if
I should allow Kiki in my house again. I gave up and
rationalized my desire over guilt by telling myself
that I was helping her with her homework.

       That evening I stood behind her while she did
her homework, and rubbed her shoulders. When she
was finished, I ran my hands down her body to feel
her breasts. No matter how much she tried to hide
her breasts they were nicely shaped. Kiki had to
take charge.

       She led me to my bedroom, where she
undressed me. When I was totally naked, she made
me lay on top of my bed, while she undressed.

       When she was totally naked, I admired her
body. She actually did have a slender body, and well
developed under all of those baggy male clothes.
The other thing was the way she was tattooed. She
had a floral design starting on the back of her left
shoulder and the green leaves and colorful flowers
wrapped around her rib cage with a green vine
winding its way into her pubic hair. Her nipples were
pierced and there was stainless steel bolts through
them. The bolts were holding on chrome like
sunbursts, like the one Janet Jackson had flashed at
the super bowl game, when she had that famous
costume malfunction!

       I found the way she decorated her body both
repulsive and erotic at the same time. She mounted
the bed, and started making love to me. There was a
lot of breast sucking, finger fucking, anal licking, and
pussy eating. I did it to her too. Of course I had to
unscrew the bolts to remove the tit jewelry before I
could suck her tits. She stayed until late at night.

       I became concerned that her mother would get
upset with her staying so late at my house. I
insisted on her calling home and assuring her mother
that she would be home soon. I don't know what she
said to her mother on my phone because she was
speaking Spanish. When she hung up she said that
she could spend the night with me.

       We made love until we just had to get some
sleep. She got up early and I made breakfast for
her. She loved cereal and toast. She told me that
breakfast at her home usually consisted of a
breakfast burrito and coffee. She ran across the
street to change clothes before going to school.

       Kiki was at my house every evening after that.
She would even bring changes of clothes, so that she
didn't need to go home before school. I didn't even
notice how much she had taken charge of our love
making. I just enjoyed the way she made love to me.

       I was so enamored with her that I had
forgotten that one of the mother's of one of my
daughter's classmates had agreed to drop Maxine
off on their way home. It was a late Sunday
afternoon and Kiki and I were in my bedroom, naked
and she was actually fist fucking me, when the front
door opened.

       Maxine dropped her duffle bag and called out
that she was home.

       I panicked, and tried to get up. Kiki swung her
body behind me. She wrapped her legs around my
waist and reached under my arm to grasp one of my
tits hard. She had her other hand on my pussy,
when Maxine entered my bedroom.

       Maxine recoiled in shock when she saw what
was going on. The first words out of her mouth
were, " could you?"

       Kiki said, "Come in!" When she didn't move Kiki
said, "Come here...I said!"

       Maxine approached the bed sheepishly.

       Kiki said, "Have a seat!"

       Maxine stood there looking at my naked
breasts with Kiki's brown hand grasping my creamy
white breast.

       Kiki demanded, "Bitch, have a seat on the bed!"

       Maxine turned her body and sat on the edge of
the bed next to me.

       Kiki asked, "Have you ever felt a woman's tit
before?" At the same time she grabbed Maxine's
wrist and pulled her hand to the tit she had been
squeezing. Maxine tentatively ran her fingertips
over the swell of my breast. Kiki insisted that
Maxine go ahead and see how nice my tit feels.

       Maxine wrapped her hand around my breasts.
I couldn't look my daughter in the eye. I was
ashamed that she had caught me in a compromising
situation with another girl her age. Just the same I
didn't even think about resisting Kiki.

       Kiki had her head just behind our heads as she
placed her hand on the back of Maxine's head, and
pulled her head down to my breast. Maxine opened
her mouth and started sucking on my tit. Kiki
disengaged her body from mine so that she could get
off of the bed. She started undressing Maxine,
while my daughter started playing with my pussy,
still sucking my nipple. I started stroking my
daughter's long blonde hair. After Kiki got Maxine
undressed, Kiki forced the two of us to lie back on
the bed with Maxine on top.

       The two of them started sucking my tits. Kiki
forced Maxine to get down between my legs. For
the first time in my life my daughter was sucking my
pussy. Kiki had us perform a mutual oral sexual act
on each other while she watched us 69 each other.
We even made a little daisy chain with each of us
sucking pussy and licking assholes. It was an
exhausting night of sex. The next day I got the
girls up, fed them and took them to school.

       When Maxine got home that night we were shy
about talking to each other for awhile, before we
admitted that we had loved what we did to each
other the night before. We agreed to sleep with
each other from then on.

       Kiki didn't come over that night; she did call to
make sure we were okay with each other though.
She waited until the following weekend to bring her
mother over with a Mexican dinner for the four of
us. We consumed plenty of wine with the dinner.
We were very relaxed. It was a little difficult to
communicate with Kiki's mother because of the
language barrier. Kiki had to translate for us.

       There was no mistaking her facial expression
when she talked about men. Kiki invited Maxine to
sit with her mother, while she came over and sat on
my lap. There was no need to talk the rest of the
evening. I watched Maxine sucking on those big
brown tits while Kiki was undressing me and sucking
on my flesh. I was surprised when Kiki's mother
produced a strap-on dildo that she put on to fuck my
daughter. Kiki had one of her own that she put on
to fuck me with.

       Maxine and I became regular sex fiends. When
we were not fucking each other, we were being
introduced to a large number of women and girls by
Kiki and her mother.

I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have a
story you would like told, please send your mail to
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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Mother Seduction