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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - My Daughter And I

Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 20:45:07 -0400
From: Jenny Cumslut <>
Subject: My Daughter and I

The following story is a complete work of fiction. The characters don't
exist and the events didn't happen. The author does not condone any of the
behaviors depicted in the story actually being done in real life. The

story contains sex between adults and minors and incest. If any of
this offends you, go do something else. If it is illegal to view this
material in your jurisdiction, close and delete the file immediately.
(G^F, anal, exhib, voy, inc, fist)

My Daughter and I

I know I shouldn't be looking at her but, I can't help myself. My
daughter is just so fucking hot. My name is Kayla and I am 30 yrs old. I am
5'4 and have long straight brown hair, brown eyes, 32D tits, tight stomach
and a perfect ass. I was 16 yrs. old in high school when I had my
daughter. I was... I guess I should say, am a big slut. I slept around a
lot in school with students and teachers so, I am not sure who Brooke's
daddy is, don't really care either.

Brooke is now 14 and is a fucking knock out. She is only 4'11" and
very slender with silky smooth skin and beautiful legs. She has long
straight blonde hair, 32C tits and a very small ass. Brooke is not as
outgoing as I was in school, she is quiet and only has a few girlfriends
and no boys that I know of, complete opposite of her slutty mom.
       It was a hot sunny summer day and the two of us were laying out
back by the pool. Brooke was wearing a small purple bikini that was not to
modest but not to slutty either. The bottoms were small but covered what
needed to be covered and the top was your average bikini top that covered a
2" area around the nipple but left enough of her tits to hang out the sides
for all to enjoy.

       Me, on the other hand, being the slut that I am was wearing a super
small bikini. The bottom was not much bigger than an eye patch that barely
covered my cunt and my top was basically two pasties with string attached
to them which covered only my nipples. I have never been bashful about how
I dressed around my daughter.

So, there I was lying on my chair watching Brooke swimming in the
pool. As she was walking up the steps to get out, I caught a glimpse of her
ass as she pulled the bikini bottoms out of her ass crack. I had a sudden
itch to rub my pussy. Then as she was walking towards me to lie in her
chair I saw her wet bikini clung to her pussy lips showing me a perfect
camel toe. She must have huge pussy lips because the camel toe was bulging
out. How I never noticed my daughter's body before is beyond me but, I
definitely notice it now. Especially her rock hard nipples poking through
her top.

For the rest of the day all I could thing about was Brooke's body,
specifically her pussy. During dinner she was still wearing her bikini and
I could not help but to stare at her body through the entire meal. She had
to notice I was looking. I must have had drool running down my chin and was
unable to concentrate enough to carry on a simple conversation. I don't
know what had gotten into me. I have always been attracted to and fooled
around with women as much as men but I have never looked at my daughter or
any girl as young as Brooke before. I suddenly could not stop thinking of
her 14 yr. old body and my pussy has been dripping all day.

After dinner I couldn't take it anymore and excused myself from the
table as she began to clean up the dishes. I quickly went to my room ripped
off my shorts and panties and began to rub and finger fuck my soaking wet
cunt. I had an orgasm within 30 seconds of touching myself and had 3 more
in 5 minutes. The entire time I was masturbating I was thinking of what
Brooke's pussy tasted like as I ran my tongue up and down her huge pussy
lips. When I was done my hand was soaked, my bed sheets were soaked and my
entire body was shaking from exhaustion like I just ran a marathon!

While I was putting on a fresh pair of panties after cleaning myself
up, Brooke walked in on me. She had to be able to smell the aroma of sex in
the room and must have known that I just fucked myself. I began to blush
just thinking of what she must be thinking. Flustered and with a shaky
voice I asked "what do you need honey?" With a quick sniff of the air and a
puzzled look she asked as she looked at my naked body "what are you doing
in here?" Blushing even more I snapped in a guilty voice "nothing... just
changing! What do you need?" "Whatever. I was just wondering if we are
going to watch that movie tonight" "yeah... just give me a minute and I
will be right down. Go make the popcorn and get the movie ready" "Ok, Mom"

Dressed in my red panties and a teddy and Brooke in her white boy
shorts and small thin white T-shirt and braless, we sat side by side
snuggled up on the couch with a little blanket covering us up. I don't even
know what we watched. The movie was the last thing on my mind. With my body
still shaking and my pussy still tingling from my after dinner finger fuck,
all I wanted to do was rip the clothes off Brooke's body and rape her. But,
I controlled myself as best I could. Until, she leaned into me and rested
her head on my right tit. I wrapped my right arm around her and rested my
hand on her right hip. As the movie played I found myself slowly caressing
her hip with my finger tips and then began to boldly move my hand up and
down the side of her stomach. As time passed and Brooke didn't say anything
about me rubbing her side I kept sliding my hand up higher and higher until
I was almost touching the side of her breast. Meanwhile, under the blanket,
my left hand was lightly rubbing my throbbing and swollen clit. I was
trying not to make any big moves that she could see. After a while, when
she was half asleep, I got real bold and began to let my finger slide down
her boy shorts tracing the crease between her lower abdomen and her upper
thigh, moving my fingers closer and closer to her crotch. I stopped short
of actually going all the way for fear of her realizing what I was
doing. Thinking she was asleep I began to let the fingers on my left hand
begin to rub deeper into my pussy. My cunt was soaked again and my middle
finger had no problem sliding up and down in between my wet lips parting
them. Without any resistance my middle finger and ring finger slipped right
into my loose hole. Soon I was finger fucking myself and cumming all over
my hand while my right hand was fondling my sleeping daughter lying up
against me. As I rubbed Brooke's body and really got into my fantasy I got
carried away and I really began to go to town fucking my cunt. My hand was
slamming in and out fast and hard. The palm of my hand was making slapping
noises as it smacked against my swollen clit. There was so much juice
flowing out of my pussy, it sounded like my fingers were splashing in a
bucket of water. All I was thinking of was running my tongue up and down
and deep into Brooke's virgin cunt and sucking on those huge lips. "OMG I'm
about to cum!... Ooohhh yeaah... O' fuck yeah O'yeah O' my god!"

Suddenly, as my hand slammed even harder and deeper into my dripping
wet hole. "WTF Mom! Are you seriously fucking yourself right in front of
me!" Brooke yelled, ripping the blanket off me as she jumped up off the
couch and then stood looking down at me. Yanked out of my fantasy right on
the verge of cumming, I was immediately in full blown panic mode. I
couldn't even speak. Brooke just caught me masturbating with her face only
inches from my cunt. "I'm sor... sorry baby.... I didn't...." "I can't
believe you. You were actually fucking yourself with me lying on your
chest! What the hell is wrong with you?! Your my fucking mother!..." Even
as she was yelling at me and even though I was in panic mode, my pussy was
still twitching and cumming all over my panties and the couch.

As I was crying and trying to mutter out some kind of excuse;
Brooke, while incoherently ranting, was staring at my soaking wet panties
as my pussy was still pumping out creamy cum. Not even knowing what she was
saying anymore she stopped yelling and just stood there staring at my
panties pulled to the side of my pussy and watched me cum. She just
watched, as more and more cum oozed out of my cunt, ran down my swollen
lips, over my asshole and landed on the cushion. I wanted to stop cumming
and standup to leave but, I was frozen there with my legs spread open for
her to see. Mostly I wanted to run and hide but part of me was getting
turned on even more with her standing there watching me cum. After I was
done, Brooke moved her eyes away from my pussy, looked at me and simply
said "REALLY!" Then walked out and went to her room.

When she was gone I cried and bitched at myself "What the fuck was I
thinking! How the hell am I going to explain this to my daughter!"

       After getting up I too headed back to my room. Once there I pulled
off my panties and only then realized how much I came. They were completely
soaked and covered in cream. I had never cum that much at once. Before
throwing them into the hamper I raised them to my nose and inhaled the
sweet smell of my cum then eagerly licked all my cream off the panties. I
bet this is what Brooke's cum tastes like I thought to myself as I cleaned
them off. Jesus Christ! I am still thinking of her even though Brooke just
caught me fucking myself! What the hell IS wrong with me!

       After putting on a fresh pair of pajama pants I walked over to
Brooke's room to try and explain things. Afraid she would not open her
door, I didn't knock, I just opened it and walked in. She was on the webcam
with her friend Janet and snapped at me to get out. "please baby, let me
explain." Telling Janet to hold on, she said to me "How can you explain
that!?" "Listen i fell asleep during the movie and was dreaming of some
guy.... I didn't realize I was masturbating. I promise! I thought I was
just having a good dream. Then when you jumped up you woke me up... I must
have been on the edge of cumming because even though you were yelling at me
I couldn't stop cumming. I really am sorry. I wasn't doing anything pervy
with you I swear... I was just dreaming of some guy with a big...." "MOM!"
"Sorry, well you know what I mean. Can you forgive me baby?" "I
guess... but, I am still mad. That was gross and fucked up to wake up with
my faces inches away from your crotch as you played with yourself." "It
won't happen again... see you in the morning. Love you". "Love you too

       Walking out of her room I wished I could be a fly on the wall and
listen to what she was telling her friend Janet. The two of them are
inseparable and have been friends since they have been 6 yrs. Old. I knew
she would tell her everything that had just happened.


       "Ok, I'm back. She went back to her room." (Janet)"So, tell me from
the beginning again what happened?" "My mom and I were lying on the couch
watching some dumb movie we rented. I fell asleep with my head on my mom's
chest. At some point I began to wake up. There was a slapping noise that I
was hearing in my sleep and then the slapping got harder and I began to
wake up. When I did it took a minute to realize what I was seeing.... HOLY
FUCK Janet! I realized my mom was finger fucking herself right there with
my face inches away from her vag! Who the fuck does that shit with their
daughter sleeping on them?!" "What did you do or say when you woke up?" "I
jumped up and began yelling... I don't even remember what I was yelling. I
was just ranting like a mad person at her. She was crying trying to say she
was sorry. But, whatever." "Did you see anything?" "Yeah, I saw
everything!" "Tell me Brooke! What did your mom's pussy look like? I want
to know all the details." "Well, She was wearing red lacy panties
and... why do you want to know this?" "Because your mom is hot and I want
to know... so tell me." "Okay.... She was wearing red lacy panties and a
teddy and" "Wait. What were you wearing?" "Really?" "Yes Really!" " I was
wearing what I have on now, my white boy shorts that you like and a small
thin white T-shirt... so, as I was yelling and she was crying I noticed
that her pussy was dripping. As I looked closer at it I realized that Mom
was still cumming. There was cum just running out of her like a river. I
couldn't even speak anymore. All I could do was stare." "What did her pussy
look like?" "Like mine. big dark meaty lips. But hers were more open. Her
pussy was a gapping hole. Not sure if that's because she just fucked
herself or if its from all the cock she has had." "Your mom is a pretty big
slut isn't she" "Yeah, and she doesn't even hide it from me. Isn't that
fucked up?"

"So Brooke, was seeing your mom fucking herself really all that
gross?" "No, not really. I did kinda like looking at her open pussy. It was
so big I couldn't stop looking at it. And she cums so much. It was unreal
how much cream was running out of her pussy. You should have seen it." "Do
you believe her story Brooke? Or do you think she was getting dirty with
you?" "Not sure. She is a pretty big slut so, she could have been dreaming
of some well hung guy. But, earlier today I caught her staring at my crotch
as I got out of the pool. Then during dinner she was just blankly looking
at me as if she was fantasizing about something. And after dinner I walked
in on her changing and it smelled like she just fucked herself in her
room. So, it wouldn't surprise me if she was thinking of me when she
masturbated on the couch."

"Let me see your tits Brooke. I want to look at them while I
masturbate thinking of you and your mom together." Brooke then pulled off
her T-shirt revealing her tits to Janet and then began to pinch her nipples
and rub her tits. "Do you like looking at my big nipples?" "Yes. But, I
like sucking on them even more!" "Take your shirt off Janet. I want to see
your tits too." Janet raised her hand, licking it clean then slowly, to
tease Brooke removed her pink tank top showing Brooke her best friends 14
yr. old tits. She has firm 32b tits with large nipples also, which look
hard enough to cut glass.

Brooke then stood up and turned her back to the webcam and slowly
pulled down her boy shorts in a very erotic way teasing Janet as she bared
her perfectly smooth ass. When her panties hit the floor Brooke spread her
legs apart leaned forward and balanced her weight on the seat of the chair
with her left hand as her right hand reached down and began to play with
her pussy. "OMG! That's it baby show me your pussy... slide your fingers in
and fuck yourself! O'yeah that's it!" Brooke was watching Janet cumming on
the screen as she watched Brooke finger herself on camera. Brooke was
moaning loader as she began to fucker herself faster "is this what you want
Janet? You like watching me play with my cunt sliding my fingers in between
my big meaty pussy lips? I bet you want to slid your tongue up and down my
big lips and in and out of my wet pussy don't you baby?" "Fuck yes!" Brooke
was slamming her hand in and out of her teen twat hard and fast and was
grunting as she was cumming on her fingers as she called out Janet's
name. As she finished climaxing and turned to face the camera again Janet
could see her creamy cum dripping down her inner thighs as she stood there
talking dirty with her legs spread apart to show Janet her dripping cunt.

If my mom only new how much of a pussy slut I was she would be
shocked. "What time do you want me to come over on Friday Brooke? I can't
wait to abuse that ass of yours!" "Uhm, I can't wait for that either plus I
have a surprise for you too. Well, my Mom has a date with some guy that's
supposed to pick her up around 8:30 so, why don't you come over anytime
after that. She will probably go back to his place to fuck so, she won't
get back until early Saturday morning. This means we can be as load as we
want all night! LOL" "I can't wait! See you Friday."


The next day all I could think of was Brooke, I couldn't take it
anymore. My cunt has been dripping all day at work and my pants had a
visible wet spot. I couldn't concentrate on anything except my daughter's
very young very hot 14 year old body. I decided that was it! I was going to
taste her pussy so, I made a plan. Later that night while we watched TV
after dinner, I slipped some sleeping pills into her glass of fruit
punch. I made a decision today that I was going to rape my own daughter in
her sleep. I figured that was the only way I was going to be able to
satisfy my desire for her. Just this one time I told myself. I just need to
know what she tastes like!

It wasn't too long before Brooke started to yawn. "I'm really tired
for some reason Mom. I am going to go to bed early. See you in the morning,
Love you." "Love you too, good night."

I waited about 45 minutes before I headed up to her room to check on
her. Every minute felt like an hour. My pussy was drenched and I rubbed
myself the entire time just waiting to give her enough time to pass
out. Standing outside her bedroom door I lightly knocked and waited to hear
a response... nothing. I knocked again a little harder and again nothing. I
slowly opened the door and peered into her room and saw she was out cold
under her cover lying on her stomach. As I walked further into the room I
called out her name "Brooke, are you awake baby?" She didn't answer so, I
spoke up and not quite yelling said it again. She didn't even
move. Stepping over her t-shirt and pajama pants I moved next to her bed
and I placed my hand on her shoulder and shook her slightly "baby wake
up..." She didn't even budge. Brooke just laid there deep in sleep almost
snoring as she breathed.

I began pulling the cover back and down towards the foot of the bed
revealing her perfectly tan teen body. Letting the cover hang over the foot
board I ran my left hand up her leg and over her smooth ass as my right
hand rubbed my pussy through the thin fabric of my pajama pants. The only
thing she was still wearing was her white panties with pink lace from
Victoria's Secret. My nipples got rock hard as I continued running my hand
all over her young body. I suddenly quivered with excitement, I stepped
back and admired Brooke as I pushed my pajama pants down past my small hips
letting them fall around my ankles then stepped out of them as I removed my
black sports bra.

Standing there naked with my feet slightly apart, staring at my
unconscious daughter as I rubbed my clit, I thought to myself "are you sure
you want to do this... there is no turning back once you do." Pausing for
a second, then as if talking to someone in the room, I verbally answered
"YES. I need to know what she feels like, what she smells like and what she
tastes like." Still speaking out loud "I promise this will be the last time
I molest my daughter." Even though I knew deep down that I was lying to
myself and that this would only be the beginning.

Walking back to the bed, I reached out and lightly slipped my
fingers under her panties and began to slowly slide them down her legs
until I was able to slip them over her gorgeous feet. I then climbed up on
top of her, straddled her thighs and leaned forward resting my firm 32D
tits onto Brookes back. I placed my arms along her sides cupping the sides
of her tits with my hands. While I inhaled the smell of strawberries from
her hair I gently kissed the edge of her ear. The entire time, I was
grinding my pussy against her ass bringing myself closer to orgasm. As I
continued to kiss my way down her soft neck to the tops of her shoulders,
my pussy twitched and my thighs contracted around her hips as I
came. Moaning, almost grunting as I came, into the nape of her neck. Then I
began to kiss and lick my way down to the middle of her back kissing every
inch of her. As my tongue made its way to the top of her ass crack I began
to taste my own cum, eating it all out from between her ass cheeks.
Continuing to lick my way down her crack, when my tongue reached her
asshole I stopped for a moment and inhaled a deep breath enjoying the smell
of my daughter's dirty ass. Not able to hold off any longer, I drove my
tongue deep into her pretty pink shit hole. I licked her ass like there was
no tomorrow and began to slide my tongue in and out of her tight little
hole. I was in heaven! I began to really tongue fuck my little girl hard
until eventually I was able to slide my entire pink lick stick deep into
her ass. Each time I pulled my tongue out, her asshole would be gapping a
little bigger and stay open just a little longer.

Soon I set my eyes on my main goal, her sweat teenage twat with
those huge dark meaty lips! I got up off the bed and rolled Brooke over
onto her back and spun her sideways across the bed. With her arms lying off
to her sides and her legs dangling off the edge of the bed, I spread her
legs real wide opening up her cunt for me to see. Dropping to my knees I
placed my head between her legs and began kissing her inner thighs working
my way up to my daughter's young cunt. Inserting my tongue back into her
still semi gapping asshole I licked her shit tube for a moment then began
to run my tongue up over her taint to the bottom edge of her lips,
continuing up parting her pussy lips until I reached her rather large clit,
just like mine. I was so horny I felt like I was getting high just from the
smell of my daughter's juicy pussy. I eagerly sucked her marble sized clit
into my mouth and began to suck and nibble on it as I rubbed my own swollen
clit. Every few minutes I would stop sucking and start fucking her cunt
with my tongue lapping up all of her juices. As I fucked and sucked
Brooke's twat I was ramming 4 fingers in and out of my own cunt cumming all
over my hand.

Her pussy tasted as sweat as her strawberry scented hair smells. I
couldn't bring myself to stop eating her out. But, eventually I had to
stop. Not because I was done but, because I couldn't move my tongue
anymore. I licked and fucked the life right out of it. Still needing to get
off and not wanting to stop molesting my 14 yr. old daughter, I spun her
back on the bed length wise, lifted her right leg and pushed her knee
towards her tits. I straddled her other leg and slid my pussy up until it
was directly on top of Brooke's pussy then relaxed her right leg letting it
drape over my shoulder. Like a mad woman I began to rub our huge meaty lips
together. Grinding and bumping our cunts off each other I was cumming all
over Brooke's cunt. As I rode my daughter like a little girl on a rocking
horse I squeezed her 32C tits, lightly pinching and twisting her big
nipples. While I was cumming on her I realized that she was also breathing
heavy. As I continued grinding our cunts Brooke's breathing really got
heavy and she began to moan. For a moment I thought she was going to wake
up. By this point I didn't care if she did, I was on the verge of cumming
again as I watched my little girl cum as well. "That's it baby cum for
mommy... fuck yeah Brooke... cum on mommy's cunt". As we were both cumming
I heard Brooke moan "oh Janet... that's it baby, don't stop!"

When I finished abusing my daughter, I rolled off the bed in
exhaustion. Thinking of what Brooke just said, I whispered to myself "are
Brooke and Janet having sex? Is Brooke a lesbian? Or is she just
fantasizing about Janet or girls? Or is it just the sleeping pills

Dripping with sweat and cum I got to my feet and realized what a
mess I made of Brooke and her bed. She was also covered not only with a lot
of mine and her cum but, also with my sweat as well as hers. She was all
wet and so were the bed sheets. Not knowing how to clean up I decided to
roll her back onto her stomach and I placed her hand between her legs
slipping a few of her fingers into her pussy. Then I covered her back
up. Remembering I forgot to put her panties back on I just laid them on top
of her pajama bottoms hoping she will just think she took them off when she
stripped down for bed.

Although I'm ashamed and angry, that I gave into my desire to rape
my little girl. I still feel satisfied and relieved that I got to taste her
pussy and ass. I knew what I did was wrong but as I closed her bedroom door
and headed back to my room I felt good... really good! As I lied in bed
trying to fall asleep thinking of what I just did, I quietly said out loud
just so I could hear myself admit it "I like young girls... I love young


It was about 8:30 Friday night and thru the front window I could see
my date was walking up to the front door. Just as he was about to ring the
doorbell, Brooke opened it before he got the chance. His eyes opened wide
as he got his first glance of her standing there dripping wet in her bikini
with her hard nipples poking out. I was standing in the hallway behind
Brooke as he introduced himself to her. As he did I noticed his dick
getting hard in his khaki pants while he talked to my daughter. It didn't
look that big I thought slightly disappointed but, I would find out later
anyway as I always did.

As I stepped up behind Brooke who was still standing in the door, I
said "Hi Jake, I am ready to go". Taking a second to realize I was talking
to him he slowly took his eyes off of Brooke and turned to me, smiled and
said "you look great Kayla". "Thanks". As we walked back to his car I saw
Janet walking up the driveway. I could see her look me up and down checking
me out as she grinned walking towards me. Suddenly blushing, as I said hi
to her realizing Brooke most likely told her every detail about the other
night. "Hi Misses K. I came over to play with Brooke tonight" she said
winking at me. Stumbling over my words I finally said "That's fine. Have
fun and I will see you two girls later". Just to tease Misses K. Janet
replied "ok, we are probably just going to go skinny dipping in the pool in
the moon light. Have fun on your date." Jake suddenly coughed as he looked
at the girls while he opened the car door for me. I noticed his cock
stiffen again as Janet told us their plans for the evening.

As Kalya and Jake drove off, Janet and Brooke hugged and kissed each
other as Janet entered the house. Once their tongues met, Janet slid her
hands down the back off Brooke's wet bikini bottoms and squeezed her ass
cheeks as she slipped her tongue deeper into Brooke's mouth. "Did you
really want to go skinny dipping tonight or were you just teasing my mom
and her date?" "Well, I was just teasing them but, it does turn me on to be
naked outside for your neighbors to see." Brooke just grinned saying "Okay"
and removed her bikini. Janet also began undressing right there in the
hallway and left a trail off her clothes... a small trail as there wasn't
much to take off, as they walked out to the kidney shaped pool which was
softly illuminated with blue lights. Jumping in and splashing each other
the two girls began to make out in the middle of the pool as they treaded
water while running their hands up and down each other's bodies. Janet once
again grabbed Brooke's ass with both hands pulling her in tight up against
her pressing their tits together. While moaning into each other's mouths,
Janet slipped her middle finger into Brookes little pink asshole. Brooke
moaned a little loader with pleasure then pulled her head back and asked
"So, what else did you have in mind for tonight other than teasing my
neighbors?" "A lot more of this and then some..." Janet said as she


During her dinner with Jake, Kayla kept wondering how big his cock
was. "So how old is your daughter Kayla?" "she is 14 and so is her friend
Janet." I told him. I had realized that almost the entire night, Jake kept
mentioning Brooke in some way or another. He seemed to be more interested
in her and Janet than in me. I couldn't blame him thought, what guy
wouldn't think about two naked 14 year old girls in my pool. Even though I
was curious about Jakes cock I was also wondering what the girls were doing
at home. My date with Jake wasn't going that great. He's not a bad guy but
it seems that neither of us could stop thing about Brooke. And even though
I was thinking of Brooke, I wasn't crazy about the idea that that is what
he was thinking about. I knew he was fantasizing about fucking her and a
big part of me was turned on thinking about her getting stuffed by some
guys fat cock while I watched. However, right now I was feeling jealous and
I didn't want to share my daughter's pussy with anyone.

Not really wanting the date to continue nor did I want to end up at
his place. I told him it was getting late and I should be getting
home. "it's only 10 O'clock, I thought maybe we could go get a beer or
something" he replied. I knew "something" meant "go fuck" and normally I
would be all over it but tonight I was more interested to see what Brooke
and Janet were doing.

As we pulled into my driveway I could see the pool lights were off
so, the girls must be watching TV or upstairs in Brooke's room I
thought. "Well thanks for dinner Jake." "Anytime Kayla. Next time maybe I
can take you and Brooke out." He can't even say good bye without mentioning
her. Looking down I could see his cock getting hard again as he said
Brooke's name. "you really like my daughter don't you?" "Taken off guard
and not sure how to answer, Jake replied "she is a lovely girl and I
wouldn't mind getting to know her." "Cut the shit Jake" I said with a
little laugh. You want to fuck my little girl don't you?" He started to
make excuses and deny his lust for my daughter. Pushing aside my jealousy
for Brooke and accepting the fact that she is a very desirable girl. I
placed my hand on his crotch and began to rub his already hard cock thru
his khakis. "Common Jake.... You can tell me the truth. All night you have
wondered what she looks like naked haven't you?" Shyly he said yes. "you
have been fantasizing about sliding your cock in and out of her young
little cunt haven't you?" "Yes". "...And shooting your load into her sweat
little 14 yr. old mouth and watching as she swallows every last drop as she
licks your cum off the tip of your dick. Haven't you?" "Yes! Kayla I want
to fuck you and your daughter at the same time. Can we do that?"

Not answering him, I leaned over his lap pulled the handle on the
seat letting it recline all the way back. I lowered my face into his crotch
and began to nibble on his dick thru the fabric of his pants as I began to
undo his belt. Lifting my head I looked him in the eyes while I unbutton
his pants and lowered his zipper and told him "imagine this is Brooke's
mouth wrapped around your cock... say her name as I suck you off." With an
audible gulp he replied alright. He leaned his head back as I reached into
his pants and pulled out his cock. It was bigger than I thought it would
be. Although it was only about 6 inches long but, it was very fat. I
barely wrapped my hand around his shaft and the head of his dick was so fat
I almost could not get it into my mouth. I realized I had been thinking
about what his cock looked like all night that I was actually salivating
knowing that I was about to suck it. Opening wide I slid the tip of his
dick into my mouth and rolled my tongue around the head. His piss slit was
rather large and I let my tongue slide into it as I sucked his
dick. Grabbing the back of my head he moaned "that's it Brooke tongue my
piss hole. Fuck yeah you little slut!" Then he forced my head down,
ramming his cock deeper down my throat. I licked his hairless balls while I
gagged on his dick. Lifting my head I began to bob up and down on his
shaft. With a lot of drool running down his balls I sucked hard and fast as
he called out my daughter's name. "That's it Brooke! Don't stop! Fuck yeah
baby I'm gonna cum!" As I was coming up on his shaft he pulled his cock out
of my mouth and shot a huge load of cum right into it. Shot after shot hit
the back of my throat, then my lips, then my cheeks and forehead. By the
time he was done spraying his load I had cum all over my face. As it
dripped down on to his cock I licked it all up not wasting one drop.

While he put his dick back in his pants and lifted his seat he said
"you never answered my question Kayla." Still swallowing cum that I was
wiping off my face I asked "what question?" "Can I fuck you and your
daughter at the same time?" Smiling and patting his dick I just said "Maybe


(9:00 pm)

Brooke was sitting on the edge of the pool with Janet's face buried
in her pussy. She noticed while Janet was licking her huge swollen clit
that the neighbor boy Tommy, who was only 12, was standing in front of his
kitchen window. Brooke could tell he was naked but couldn't see below his
waist because of the flower rack, and it looked like he was jerking
off. Brooke blew him a kiss as she began to cum in Janet's mouth. Grabbing
Janet's head with both hands she shoved her pussy harder into her mouth as
she was cumming. Looking over at Tommy she watched as he tensed up as he
was obviously blowing his load. "Are you ready to go up to my room baby?"
Brooke asked. "What are you going to do to me up in your room?" "You'll
see" Brooke replied as she kissed Janet on the lips tasting her own pussy
juice. As the girls got up and began walking back to the house they looked
over and saw Tommy turn and walk towards the kitchen counter. When he
turned the girls were able to see his young and still very hard cock and
they both let out a gasp as they realized that little Tommy wasn't so
little. Even from their distance they could tell his dick was at least 10
inches long if not longer. But then they really gasped as they saw Tommy's
naked Mom get up off her knees still wiping his cum off her face.

"Did you see that Janet" "Yeah I saw it. I can't believe his mother
just sucked his dick as he watched us." "I know and she's not even hiding
it she just sucked off her little boy in front of the window for us to
see!" "You have to admit Brooke that is kind of hot. How awesome would it
be if your mother fucked you? You said yourself you liked looking at her
gapping pussy as it was cumming." As Janet was going on about how she would
love to watch Brooke and her mom fuck each other, Brooke was thinking to
herself that she was kind of turned on the other night watching her mom
cum. She was slowly realizing that she was attracted to her mom. Brooke
noticed Janet was talking to her. " much of a turn on would it be to
eat your mom's pussy?" Brooke didn't answer her but, grinned as her pussy
tingled just thinking about it. "Forget about my mom, lets go upstairs so I
can show you my surprise". Janet smiled as she cupped Brooke's firm ass
while walking into the house all excited to see what her surprise is.

As we stood in the hallway upstairs making out and groping each
other's small, smooth and tight ass cheeks, I said to Janet "you know how
much we love to stuff each other's assholes with big things" "yeah" she
replied grinning and licking her lips. "Well, I found something that will
stretch us open really good." Janet squeezed my ass tighter as she smiled
and began to push me towards my room. I stopped her and told her that it
wasn't in my room. Then I grabbed her hand and lead her into my mom's room.

I pushed Janet onto the bed and told her to wait while I get
it. Janet watched as I walked over to Mom's closet opened the double doors
and knelt down on my knees. I reach in and moved a basket full of old
clothes, putting them to the side then I picked up a blanket that was laid
over a foot locker covering it up. I looked back at Janet and asked "are
you ready baby?" Janet just nodded with a big grin. Grinning myself I
pulled the foot locker out into the room and put it at Janet's feet. As I
looked at Janet I opened the locker and watch her eyes pop open as she saw
the monster strap on that was lying on top of all the other sex toys. She
slid off the bed and knelt next to me as I picked up the 12" long 3" thick
black monster dildo. Licking her lips and rubbing her pussy, all she said
was "who gets it first?". We both wanted to get fucked by it so we decided
that whoever could fist their pussy first gets to be fucked by the black
monster first.

Quickly we both sat on our asses and faced each other with our legs
bent at the knees and our pussies less than a foot apart. Staring at each
other we both spit on our hand and began to rub our pussies slipping as
many fingers in as quickly as possible. It wasn't too hard since we were
both dripping wet. With no problem at all she slipped three fingers into
her cunt right away. I had two in but was fucking myself trying to stretch
my pussy. A few moments later I also had three fingers deep in my cunt
pumping away. We both got the forth finger in at the same time and we
locked eyes as we both began to cum as we fingered our own cunts racing to
see who could get their entire fist in first. Janet began to push her thumb
in but was having trouble getting the meat of her thumb past her pussy
lips. As she was trying to stretch her cunt to accept her fist, I slipped
the tip of my thumb into my wet pussy and was able to fuck myself a few
times getting my fist in deeper with each thrust. Then just before Janet, I
shoved my entire fist wrist deep in to my teen twat. Two seconds later
Janet's hand disappeared into her bald pretty little cunt also.

"I win!" I shouted at Janet gloating as I leaned back on my left arm
as I continued to slowly fist fuck myself. Janet, who was also still fist
deep in her cunt looked at me and made a fake pouting face as I told her I
get fucked first. After we both caught our breath I told her to stand up so
I could slip the strap-on on. She stood in front of me and I grabbed the
monster dildo and had her step into the straps, then as I slid it up her
legs I had to stop while I licked her beautiful bald pussy for a few

Once it was on and adjusted she grabbed my head saying "now suck my
big black dick you fucking slut!" Smiling I opened wide as she tried to
shove the massive rubber cock into my mouth. With my hands wrapped around
the shaft and my lips wrapped around the head I was only able to get 2" of
it in. While I licked and sucked on the cock head as she face fucked me I
slipped the thumb of my right hand up Janet's ass. She moaned with pleasure
as I shoved my thumb in and out of her little pink hole.

As I was sucking on Janet's big black dick, she looked down into my
mom's toy chest and saw a ball gag with a leash attached to it and a bunch
of restraints. Janet picked up the ball gag and put it in my mouth pulling
the nylon cord and leash behind my head securing the gag in place. With a
red rubber ball gag in my mouth I looked up at Janet as she walked over to
the bed and pushed all the pillows onto the floor. She then grabbed my
leash and pulled me up telling me to get on all fours in the middle of the
bed. As I climbed up onto the king size bed Janet smacked my ass with a
leather flogger she found in Mom's toy box. Then she tied restraints to my
wrists and knees then tied the four loose ends to the corner posts of the
head board. She also then tied straps around my ankles and secured them to
the corner posts of the foot board. So there I was on my knees and elbows
with my ass in the air and my knees and arms spread apart. "Your Mom has
some really cool toys in here Brooke" Janet said as she attached clips to
each of my pussy lips which had two inch chains with weights hanging from
them. I could feel my pussy lips being pulled down opening up my cunt as
they swung around.

We had never played like this before so all of this domination and
pain stuff was new to us both and we were enjoying it. Once I was gagged,
strapped, secured and clipped Janet got behind me and ran her fingers
through my open pussy lips as she began to smack my unobstructed asshole
with the leather flogger. Each time she smacked me I would wince in
pain. In minutes my cunt was dripping a steady flow of pussy juice all over
my Mom's bed spread. Janet then leaned forward and began to lick my cunt
running her tongue up and down between my lips then over my asshole. Soon
she was only focused on my shitter, sliding her tongue deep into my 14 yr
old ass. Clenching the bed spread and moaning loudly into my gag, I could
feel the weights of the pussy clips swing back and forth as I was cumming
on Janet's face as she licked my cunt and tongued fucked my ass.


I was walking up to the house smiling as I was still licking some of
Jakes cum off of my hand as I watched him pull out of my driveway. It was
quiet as I entered the house, there was no one down stairs and I could see
all the lights were off out by the pool. I called up the steps for Brooke
but, got no reply. I figured the girls were gossiping online with their
friends or watching some movie. As I walked up the steps I could hear some
noises but could not quite make them out. When I got to the top of the
steps I could clearly tell the noise was coming from my room. Moving slowly
so I didn't make the floor squeak I walked up to my bedroom door. The door
was wide open and I froze in my footsteps when I saw the two girls. I
quickly stepped back behind the edge of the door frame so they didn't see
me and stripped off all of my clothes. Standing there naked I peered around
the door and watched as Janet was tongue fucking my baby girl's ass. After
adjusting to the shock of seeing the two girls I noticed my toy box opened
in the middle of the floor then I gasped a little as I saw my monster black
dildo dangling between Janet's legs as she was licking Brooke's cunt.

My bedroom door is directly at the end of my bed so looking into the
room I could only see Janet's back (and nice small ass). I could see Brooke
through the reflection of my dresser mirror but, her head was turned so I
couldn't see her face.

Fingering my own cunt, I watched as Janet grabbed the tube of anal
lube that was sitting next to Brooke's leg. As she opened the tube and
generously applied it to Brooke's perfect little pink asshole I heard Janet
ask "Is my little slut ready to get fucked in her ass with my
BIG....BLACK....DICK?!" Brooke could only nod her head and moan a yes with
the ball gag in her mouth.

As Janet stood on the bed and squatted down, I could see as she slid
the long black cock up and down Brooke's ass crack then slapped the heavy
shaft hard against her young cunt. I was rubbing my cunt hard as I watched
Janet begin to push the toy into my daughters little hole and I could hear
Brooke begin to wince in pain as she felt the large cock enter her
asshole. She began to wiggle round as Janet got the very tip into her
friend's shithole. Janet then grabbed the hair on the back of Brooke's head
yanked back and yelled at her to stay the fuck still. "I bet your mom
doesn't complain when getting stuffed by this huge cock!" I had two fingers
in my dripping cunt and two fingers from my other hand deep in my ass as I
watched Janet dominate my little girl and squirted a little cum as I heard
Janet say my name.

After Janet let go of Brooke's hair, Brooke laid her head back down
but this time facing the mirror. I could see her biting down on the ball
gag as Janet pushed the thick black cock deeper into her ass. Brooke's eyes
were closed tightly as she tried to take the pain of her ass getting
stretched apart. No longer hiding, I was standing in the middle of the
doorway in plain view as I furiously fucked both my holes as I watched the
young girls on my bed.

Spitting on her fake cock to lube it up a little more, Janet grabbed
the shaft just behind the head with her right hand and squeezed Brooke's
left ass cheek with her other as she said "are you ready for more you
fucking slut?" Brooke opened her eyes and looked back at Janet grunting and
nodding "yes!" As she was turning her head to bury her face back into the
mattress, she caught a glimpse of me in the mirror, standing watching in
the doorway. An instant look of horror and fear swept a crossed her face as
she made eye contact with her mother. In that very same moment Janet pushed
hard shoving the huge black cock deeper into my daughter's ass. Brooke
began to buck and pull on the straps trying to get free grunting loud as
she began to get fucked harder. Our eyes never parted as Janet kept fucking
Brooke, oblivious to the fact that I was standing only feet behind her. As
Brooke squirmed and moaned grunting unintelligible words trying to stop
Janet, Janet kept going thinking she was enjoying getting fucked. Tears
began to run down Brooke's face as she was helpless to stop the onslaught
of thrusts from Janet as I stood watching.

Even though, she was crying from the humiliation of getting caught
and not being able to stop Janet. I could see in her face the slutty
satisfaction as she felt the head of the large toy slip into her ass. With
the tears slowing down Brooke began to moan a little more with each small
thrust as Janet worked the 12" cock deeper into her ass.

Reaching behind me I worked my entire fist into my gapping
asshole. I was so horny and turned on that I felt like I couldn't get
enough stuffed up my ass as I watched my little girl get anally fucked with
my strap-on by her best friend. Still wanting more in my ass I grabbed an
8" cock that was 3" thick out of the toy box and shoved it deep and hard
into my hungry anal cunt.

Brooke was now moaning in pleasure as Janet was ramming the 12"
monster balls deep into to her teenage asshole. I could tell that she was
not only enjoying getting fucked by Janet but, was also getting off seeing
her mother watch as she took a large cock up her ass by her
girlfriend. Janet was slamming away at Brooke's ass with full length
thrusts. Soon she was pulling the cock out all the way letting her friend's
asshole gape open.

I couldn't believe the size of Brooke's gape each time Janet pulled
out, it was huge. Not able to hold back any longer I walked up to the bed,
reached between Janet's legs and shoved three fingers into Brooke's
cunt. Brooke came on the spot as soon as she felt my fingers touch her twat
and squirted her girl cum all over my hand. Janet on the other hand
freaked out, screamed and fell off the bed ripping the rubber dick out of
Brooke's ass, realizing for the first time that I was in the room. After a
real quick look to see if she was ok I turned back to Brooke's ass and
rammed my tongue as deep as I could into her shithole licking and tongue
fucking my daughter's ass as fast and as deep as I could.

Realizing what was going on, Janet got back up on the bed looked at
me for a second, smiled then squatted back down on Brooke's ass as I
removed my tongue so she could go back to fucking our little girl.

Brooke began grunting again as Janet shoved the big black cock back
into her gapping ass and resumed fucking her like a dirty whore.

I walked around the bed and climbed up wiggling myself between the
headboard and Brooke's face. Brooke knew what I wanted and even though her
head was shaking no I could tell her eyes were saying yes. Janet saw Brooke
was reluctant and grabbed her hair again yanking it back. As her head was
pulled back I removed her gag and simply said "it's okay baby.... You know
you want to". Janet then barked "eat your mother's cunt!"

Sitting in front of Brooke and with the fat 8" cock still buried in
my ass, I grabbed the back of my daughter's head and gently but firmly
guided her cute little mouth to my dripping wet cunt. Although she was
reluctant at first, Brooke didn't waste any time and began to lick my pussy
and suck on my swollen clit as if she were eating out her best
friend. Grinding the large cock in my ass as Brooke ate my pussy and as I
watched Janet fucking my little girl, it's no surprise I was cumming in no
time. Looking down at Brooke I could see her lapping up all the sweat cum
that was dripping out of her mother's gapping cunt.

Janet was now cumming herself as she was still ramming the black
cock in and out of Brooke's stretched ass as she watched her girlfriend
licking her own mother's cunt. Tired from all the fucking Janet pulled the
dildo out of her friends gaping shithole and began to lick up all the shit
juice that was dripping from Brooke's ass.

Soon, we untied Brooke from the straps and the three of us laid in
the bed together; Brooke on my left and Janet on my right each of them
lightly rubbing my pussy and licking my nipples while rubbing their young
pussies on my thighs as we caught our breath. I looked at my daughter and
said "So, you are a slut like your Mom, aren't you?". "Kind of.... I have
only been with Janet but, we fuck every chance we get. We love to stuff
things up are asses. So, I guess you can say we are anal whores." "You are
definitely anal whores and from now on the three of us are going to be
fucking and sucking a lot! And there are a few men I am going to have the
two of you meet. I want to watch as the two of you get ass fucked by my
boyfriends and sometimes by men I don't even know! OK?" They both just
smiled at me kissed each other then went back to sucking my nipples.

"I think it's Janet's turn to get fucked by the big black cock, don't you
Brooke?" Brooke grind and happily grabbed the strap-on as I began to tie
Janet up the same way Brooke was tied....


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