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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Myrtle Mom And Me

Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 09:14:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: curious <>
Subject: Myrtle, Mom and Me

I kept getting e-mails to write about fucking my mom and so I've done so.
Please keep sending me requests to write about my life and if I continue to
get enough of them I will continue to do this. Kissing my nylon stockings
for all you wonderful readers

Myrtle, Mom, and Me

When I sat down to write this story I wasn't sure how to begin telling you
all about Myrtle, Mom, and Me. I've received more than a few requests from
readers to write about the night I was forced by Myrtle Jean Simms to fuck
my own mother but how does someone write about doing that? How do you
rationally discuss something as irrational as engaging in an incestuous
relationship with your own mom?

What is really sickening about fucking my own mother is I liked it! There I
said it finally. I liked it! Yes I did and okay so I'm a sicko for
admitting this and for most people in this country they would automatically
say I'm going to burn in hell and suffer eternal damnation for fucking my
mom and enjoying it. But hey the one redeeming item concerning the burning
in hell thing is I'm not a fucking Christian. So if I'm not Christian and I
don't believe in a Christian hell, how then can someone say I'm going to
end up there? As for the sicko part, well I don't really have an answer for
that other than to say to each their own concerning what one identifies as
pleasure or prevision. It's a lame thing to make a point on but it is
actually a valid point to make. Oh it doesn't justify anything or what
happened but it would be dishonest to say that what Myrtle made me do to my
own mother sexually is something I should find disgusting and shameful. Oh
alright the shameful feelings do exist but only when I'm not horny! Good
thing for me that I'm horny nearly all of time.

I do feel ashamed of what happened between my mother and me at times but
more often than not when I think back about what Myrtle made me do to my
mom I always end up honestly admitting that I loved being forced to fuck
her. For the life of me whenever I'm between lovers, men or women, when I'm
so worked up for sex and not getting any, when I'm so horny that the front
of nylon panties just get soaked through and through with my hot pussy
juices. What I'll do is I'll make sure my son and daughter...oh I forgot
I've never mentioned that I have two kids did I...well I do. My son is a
handsome young man currently enrolled in college here in Rapid City. His
dad Kevin, the jerk, was my first husband. Our son was born in 1989 when I
was 22 years old. Adam is a great kid and he has been a joy in my life and
I'm so proud of him. His dad and I divorced in 1991. My second husband,
Don, is the father of my daughter Dakota. Don and I divorced in 2004 after
I caught the bastard at home one night in our bed with another woman.

My daughter Dakota is 14 years old and she is the spitting image of
me. It's her friend Lexi, I mentioned her in my other story, that I'm
currently carrying on with, okay I'll say it, I'm fucking little Lexi. Oh
god Lexi is so hot, so sweet and so wonderful. Just mentioning her name
gets me wet down there. Since May when I first posted my story about
Myrtle, Lexi and I have been carrying on a very, very, wicked and nasty
illegal sexual affair with each other. Oh shoot, I didn't want to mention
it or write about it but I find this writing about my life and the things
I've done so cathartic that I'll admit that since I've been seeing Lexi,
well she and I have finally gotten my daughter Dakota involved with our
illicit affair. Yes that means that I've crossed a second taboo line
now. Not only have I fucked my own mother, but now I have also gotten
involved sexually with my own daughter. Look I hadn't planned on it
happening, I never considered it happening, and honestly I never desired a
sexual relationship with Dakota. But earlier this month, déjà vu, what
happened to me as a little girl has now come full circle and on Saturday
August 1, 2009 here in my own home in Rapid City, I had forced lesbian
nylon stocking sex with my own daughter.

It's so strange. Like Myrtle did with my mom, little hot sexy Lexi forced
Dakota to fuck me after she tied me up in my bedroom and I lay helpless on
my bed. I never suspected Lexi to force Dakota into joining in with us. In
fact if Dakota hadn't returned home so unexpectedly that night my illegal
affair with Lexi might have remained our little secret. But Dakota's plans
to be away that night, she and group of her friend's had gone into the
hills for a weekend camping trip, were spoiled due a severe unexpected
thunderstorm that rolled in over the weekend. The chaperones for the trip,
John and Cindy, were concerned about safety so they gathered the girls up
and returned to town. When Dakota came into the house...oh hell that's
another story, and one I do want to write about but not now.

Like I was saying, fucking my mom was wrong but to be honest here when I'm
alone at night; when I feel horny and get so worked up that I just soak the
front of my panties through and through, on nights like that what I do is
I'll wait until Dakota goes to bed. Bedtime in my house is mandatory and my
little girl may be 14 now but she knows she has to be in bed by 10pm. So
I'll wait until I know she's sleeping then I'll take a nice soapy shower. I
like being clean when I have sex or when I masturbate. After I've dried
myself off what I'll do is I'll fix myself up all pretty. I'll go to my
dresser, take out a pair of my chocolate colored reinforced heel and toe
nylon stockings, my black or red satin and lace garter belt, and if I want
too I might put on a white or black colored chemise or even my dark blue
bustier. Then once I'm dressed I'll go into my bedroom closet and from its
place on my closet shelf I'll get out my old photo album. Since I'm single
again I don't have a need to hide my special picture album from a curious
husband anymore so I keep my special album hidden by simply hiding it in
plane site. Once I have it in hand I just go over to my bed, and from the
nightstand I'll take out my precious little dildo, lie down on my bed and
with just my nightstand light on I'll recline back on my headboard and with
my stocking legs spread apart, my little dildo ready to go. When I'm all
settled in I'll open up my album and begin to slowly page through it.

As I stare down at the Polaroid photos Myrtle took of me fucking mom, and
at photos mom and I took of us having sex with each other. I get to
remember those nights I spent with her and I can relive how we fucked each
other and how nasty we were with each other. It never takes me long to work
myself up into a raging exploding state of lust and excitement as I stare
lovingly at all my dirty nasty pictures. I get so horny, so hot, and feel
so wicked that I can give myself multiple orgasms viewing my photo
album. Every time I get it out for some wicked naughty fun I always end up
soaking my bed sheets and staining my mattress with my cum. Whenever I
indulge myself like this with my special photo album I like to capture
squirts of my own hot juices in my hand and lick it off pretending that its
mom's pussy juices I'm taking in my mouth and swallowing down. Heck I've
often gotten so worked up taking these magical trips of mine down memory
lane that I've been worried on more than one delicious occasion that I've
actually woken Dakota a few times. Before this month I was convinced that
my daughter never suspected I played with myself like this. I suppose that
due to my own naiveté I deluded myself into believing Dakota may have heard
me over the years but she never came to check and see what all the moaning
and whimpering was about. I guess I just wanted to believe that my daughter
would never learn just how nasty her mom gets with herself in her
bedroom. I swear on my honor that it never ever crossed my mind that Dakota
might hear me pleasuring myself at night or that she might actually get up
out of bed and pad softly over to my bedroom door and peek in to see what I
was doing. I'd always believed that my little private moments in my room at
night were my little secret but I know better now. When little Lexi brought
her into my bedroom and forced her to fuck me, one of the loveliest,
sweetest, things my little Dakota said to me just before she knelt down
between my spread bound nylon stocking legs was how often she'd heard me
fucking myself at night and how much she wished and fantasized about
walking in on me and coming to my bed so she could join me and make love to
me. Oh my little baby is...oh but I'm getting off topic again.

Like I've already written about Myrtle Jean Simms turned me into her hot
little lesbian nylon stocking whore the weekend I spent at her house. One
of the best things she forced me to endure as we fucked each other during
my first weekend at her house was listening to her describe to me how she
fucked my mom. I remember how deliciously nasty it felt when she tied me up
and as she touched me, kissed me, licked me, probed me, spanked me, fucked
me with a strap on and took pictures of me, she never stopped telling me
how she did those very same things to my mom. I remember gasping out loud
in pure pleasure as she told me how much of a slutty whore she said my mom
was. I loved how dirty talking she could be with me and hearing her tell me
about her and mom, listening to her just heap verbal abuse on me calling me
her little whore, her nasty nylon slut, a fucking little Indian girl cunt
bitch, oh wow did I like that stuff. When she compared me to mom, saying I
was like her, that I was only good for fucking, I loved every dirty word
she said. When Myrtle forced me to look at her sex pictures showing her
fucking mom, abusing her sexually, tying her up and inserting dildos into
her mouth, her soaking pussy, and deep into her ass, god those pictures of
mom's abuse were powerfully fantastic to look at. The emotion I saw on
mom's face, the sight of her in those pictures wearing stockings and
submitting so brazenly to being sexually dominated by Myrtle, her
expressions of lust, fear, humiliation, and loving joy at being so basely
used have never left me. Mom's complete and utter submission to Myrtle, her
total willingness to be her nylon stocking lesbian sex slave was all there
in her dirty pictures. During my weekend at Myrtle's that fucking woman
delighted in forcing me to tell her how much I wanted to fuck my mom. Every
time she made me tell her that I wanted to fuck my own mommy I would
experience a massive muscle tightening shudder throughout my pelvis, one
that made my little asshole pucker and my pussy throb. When she forced me
to look at her dirty pictures of mom she made me kiss them and tell her
that I wanted to be like my mommy and be Myrtle's little Indian girl fuck

The night she came and got me is a night I'll never forget. Like I said
before it was several weeks after my weekend at Myrtle's. I know it was a
Friday and dad was gone for the weekend. I don't remember the why's and
where but he was gone. That day mom and I had done our usual things, she
went to work and I went to school. Since my weekend at Myrtle's I had begun
to see my mom through a different set of eyes. Oftentimes during the day or
evening instead of seeing mom as mom so to speak I began catching myself
observing her as a very sexual, very beautiful, and very desirable woman. I
started to really notice her body and caught myself several times staring
at her nylon clad legs admiring the curve of her calf, the delicate shape
of her tiny feet, or the firm roundness of her ass underneath her
skirt. Mom was a looker. She had a very shapely body and the cut of her
dress blouses and dresses emphasized her shape and figure. She had nice
very firm breasts that required little support from her bras. I guess I
just never saw my mom as a sexually desirable woman before that period in
my life, but since Myrtle and I were sneaking around and carrying on with
each other my perception of mom had changed dramatically.

Myrtle's sexual control over me was increasing and growing more and more
controlling every time she and I managed to go off and be alone with each
other. Twice she told mom and dad she wanted to take me shopping as an
excuse to get me away from home so she could be alone with me. Instead of
shopping she drove us to her place. Since it wasn't out of the ordinary for
girls to spend an entire day shopping, still isn't by the way, going over
to her house for sex instead of shopping was a no brainer. Another time
because her son was home she and I went for drive up in the hills. On some
back road well off the beaten trail she pulled her car over and we had sex
in the back seat. On that day I learned two things about fucking in the
back seat of a car. One, when it's two pussy munching nylon lesbians
tearing it off the back seat of car isn't the most comfortable place to
be. Two, having sex in a car should be a last resort for choosing a
location to fuck. Although I loved being bent over the front seat by Myrtle
while she tongued my little pussy out and fingered my asshole. I was
terrified we were going to be caught by someone passing by. So although I
loved how she simply took me I didn't have the best orgasm.

Other than those three times Myrtle and I couldn't get away for a sexual
rendezvous. Heck there are only so many excuses one can concoct for
sneaking off with an underage minor so she can sexually abuse her. So
between those three trysts the only other thing Myrtle and me could dare do
was take advantage of any opportunities which presented themselves to use
moments alone with each other and steal kisses and feels from one
another. Most of the time we ended up secretly in each other arms whenever
Myrtle came over to our house. I have to admit that I really liked doing
this because it was just so exciting. At first we only did it in my bedroom
behind my closed door. The thing she made me do during those hurried
moments alone was pussy kiss her. Pussy kisses meant getting down on my
knees in front of her. Once down she would pull up the hem of her skirt or
dress and then she would hook a finger into her panties and move them to
one side. She would thrust her pelvis out into my anxious face and as I
held her tightly by her nylon stocking clad thighs I would lean forward and
kiss her hot moist pussy as deeply as I could. Oh gosh pussy kisses for
Myrtle were a staple of our encounters. Licking her, tasting her like that,
forced to kneel in front of her like a little whore, just so I could make
her feel good for less than 30 seconds, ummm I loved to give her stolen
pussy kisses. But before I could pull my head back and stand back up she
made sure I also gently placed and brushed my lips across her stocking
tops. God I miss pussy kissing. One evening at home after dinner, oh about
a week before Myrtle drug me into mom's room, dad was in the bathroom
taking a shower. Mom was sitting in the living room and I was coming down
our hallway heading towards the kitchen to get something to drink before
going to bed. Just before I got to the end of hall where it opened into the
living room and dining room Myrtle suddenly came around the
corner. Stifling a surprised gasp I stopped short and smiled at her as mom
continued talking to her. Taking a step into me Myrtle grabbed me and
pressed me up tight against the wall. Seeing the wicked glint she had I
felt her turn me so my back was against the wall and making no resistance
at all I caught my breath as I felt her right stocking clad leg push
between my own. Oh god mom was just around the corner rambling on and
totally oblivious to what was happening and I heard Myrtle mutter a muted
grunt as she lifted her high heeled foot off the floor and pressed her
thigh tightly against my pussy. Then before I could react she kissed me
long, deep, and hard, jamming her hot tongue inside my mouth, swirling it
around and around. I felt her grab my little breasts and massage them,
squeezing me hard and instantly making my tiny nipples pop erect. I was so
instantly horny that frankly I didn't care one bit if mom or dad saw
us. All I could do was give in to her and accept what she was doing and
enjoy it.

When she broke our kiss I nearly gasped out loud and probably would have if
she hadn't covered my mouth with the palm of her hand. "Shhh," she
whispered, and then she placed her lips against my ear. "I want you to do a
very naughty and nasty thing sweetie," she said and I felt the tip of her
moist tongue trail softly against my earlobe. "Tomorrow when you get home
from school I want you to sneak into your mom's bedroom." Speaking ever so
softly in my ear I felt her slide her hand down across my tummy and bring
it to rest on top of my little pussy. "Get into her dresser drawer honey
and steal a pair of her nylon stockings, brown ones," she told me and I
felt her dig her fingers into my mound. "Then go to their bed and
underneath it is a small black briefcase. It's your dad's. Get the case out
and look at all the dirty pictures inside. It's your daddy's nasty pictures
of your mom," she whispered and I felt myself spreading my legs apart
trying to open myself up to her probing fingers. What she was telling me to
do as she fondled me between my legs was so hot and nasty that I held my
eyes tightly closed and had to really concentrate on making myself not cry
out because I was so hot and worked up. "I want you to get your dad's nasty
pictures out and put on your mommies nylon stockings. Then I want you to
lie down on their bed and fuck yourself for me," she breathed. "Fuck
yourself good and hard and make your little pussy cum honey." Myrtle's
voice was so commanding, so powerful, that all I could do was nod my head
to show her I understood what she wanted me to do and that I would do
it. "Do it honey," she continued. "Do it and then when we're alone you can
tell me how sweet and nasty it was to diddle yourself over your mom and
dad's nasty pictures."

Well I did do what Myrtle wanted. In fact I did it the first chance I
got. It took me the whole rest of week before I got my chance but I snuck
into mom and dad's bedroom and I went to mom's dresser and rummaged around
her panty drawer shifting through all her wonderful hosiery until I found a
beautiful stunning pair of town taupe colored reinforced heel and toe
stockings. My god mom had fantastic taste in nylons. Her stockings were so
lovely and spectacular that as an adult I've had a hard time trying to find
the kinds of stockings mom wore. Thank god for the internet now because
frankly ordering nylon stockings on line is the only way I can get the kind
of nylons mom had.

I spent quite some time on mom and dad's bed masturbating over their nasty
naughty sex pictures. When I put mom's stockings on I literally felt faint
at first as I marveled at how soft, silky, and smooth they were. And the
way they made my little feet and legs look, sweet lord I don't have words
to describe it. Mom's nylons highlighted every curve in my legs. The darker
reinforced toe and heel accented the arch in my foot and I couldn't stop
looking at myself. God I was completely lost in another world that day. I
took one of her garter belts to hold her stockings up and I simply gasped
out loud at how deliciously sensual they felt on my legs as I went over to
mom and dad's bed. I knelt down on the floor and nearly tumbled into the
bed mattress as the shock of mom's stockings moving along my legs and feet
stunned me nearly senseless. I couldn't believe how stimulating her
stockings were across my skin. Instantly I felt my pussy swell and I began
leaking precum out of me as I rummaged under their bed searching for the
briefcase Myrtle said was lying under there. Finding it I got up and onto
their bed and opened it.

"Holy cow!" I whispered as I stared down at several envelopes stuffed full
of pictures dad had taken of him and mom having sex, and other pictures
showing mom posing and masturbating for him. I lost all sense of time going
through the pictures. I was so excited looking at them and marveling at how
beautiful mom looked in her nylon stockings as she serviced dad in so many
different positions. God dad had pictures showing him mounting her the old
fashion missionary way with mom's beautiful nylon stocking clad legs
wrapped around his waist pulling him into her, or sticking up in the air as
he pounded away at her. I saw pictures of her down on her hands and knees
being taken by dad from behind, pictures of her being mouthed fucked by
him, and numerous pictures showing her bound tightly with rope as dad
fucked her. Oh gosh she was absolutely gorgeous in those bondage
photographs. I was enthralled at how the white rope dad used to tie her up
with, how it accented the color of her delicious stockings. Seeing her
delicate feet forced together by the rope binding her ankles made my pussy
throb. And my god it was so stimulating seeing her stocking thighs bound
together that I literally felt tears forming in my eyes as I stared at her
in those pictures. In some she just lay bound stretched across their bed
with her wrists and elbows tied behind her. In others dad took pictures of
her sucking his cock, or he photographed himself fucking her from
behind. But in all of those nasty pictures of his mom was looking, always
looking directly into the camera. In the other pictures where he hadn't
tied her up his photographs of mom and him showed her sucking his cock,
jacking him off, and numerous wonderful photos of him cumming on her
face. I got so horny and worked up just looking at all of his dirty sex
pictures that I actually experienced a completely spontaneous orgasm. Oh
god was it pleasurable to have that happen. One minute I was holding a
picture showing mom all tied up as dad fucked her and the next thing I know
I was experiencing a full body shudder as I came heavily onto their bed
spread. I remember I had been rubbing my stocking clad legs together when
that happened and I nearly fainted as I cried out in pure pleasure.

After that experience I set out to really have myself a good time. Taking
several of the pictures I spread them out across mom and dad's bed and I
positioned myself on my hands and knees over them. Holding myself upright
with my left arm I reached down between my legs and began to stroke and rub
my pussy with my right hand. As I let my eyes travel across the photographs
beneath me, taking in the images of mom servicing dad, posing for him and
fucking herself for him with a large dildo I made myself cum so hard
masturbating over them that I squirted my orgasm across the top of their
bed and onto their headboard. That climax was so powerful and intense that
I actually collapsed and lay curled up into a tight ball gasping for air.

My sweet Jesus did I ever have fun that day. Afterwards when I finished
getting myself off on mom and dad's nasty pictures twice more I reluctantly
climbed off their bed. My whole body was trembling as I stumbled over to
mom's vanity and sat down in her vanity chair to catch my breath and regain
control of myself. I felt completely sated and physically and emotionally I
was exhausted by what I'd done. Yet every time I moved my legs or feet even
the slightest bit mom's beautiful nylon stockings sent waves of deliciously
sweet tingling sensations directly up into my sweet young pussy. Across
from mom's vanity mounted on her bedroom wall was a full length mirror and
I found myself staring at my reflection in it. Remember I was only 13 years
old back then and although my body wasn't fully mature I was still in
possession of nice budding womanly figure. Naked except for mom's stockings
and garter belt I admired how pretty I looked in her things and so I began
to pose for myself. I did several different things such as standing up and
twirling around, or I used mom's chair as a prop to rest my pretty stocking
feet on, or climbed up on it to drape myself over it and look back over my
should to stare at my naked ass and pussy. I also ended up masturbating
again as I spread my legs apart resting them up and over the arm rests. I
watched myself in the mirror stroking and fingering my little pussy and I
listened to myself as I called out my wicked and sinful desires to have my
mommy kiss, lick, and suck my swollen little pussy. One of the nicest
things I did, well nice for me that is with all things being relative, was
I fantasized about what it would be like to suddenly have mom walk in on me
and see me being so wickedly wanton in her nylon stockings. Would she find
me sexy? Would she like me like that, wearing her nylons and being so nasty
with myself? My fantasy was mom would love to find her wicked naughty
little girl like that. She would love to find me wearing her nylons. What I
imagined her doing was what Myrtle had done to me. She would come in and
see me like that and it would make her angry to find me that way. She would
see her daughter being so wicked that she would be forced to punish me for
it and in her anger she would force me to fuck her. She would spank me and
cuss on me. She would be mean and all powerful and as the site of me being
so wicked in her nylons excited her I imagined my mom sexually assaulting
me. Oh god did I make myself cum again as I fantasized about me and mom
wearing nylon stockings and fucking and sucking each other. It was so
exciting to fantasize about her that I came again and then I actually did
pass out.

How long I blacked out for I don't know. But when I came to I was slumped
down in mom's vanity chair and frankly my head was spinning as I slowly
regained my senses. I was a wreck and I knew it. Emotionally I found it
distressful to end my naughty time in mom and dad's room. I didn't want to
bring that special time to an end but all good things must come to an
end. Forcing myself to get up and clean up any evidence of what I had done
in their bed and on mom's chair. I gathered up all of my parent's lovely
nasty pictures and returned them to the briefcase. Replacing it under the
bed where I found it I set about wiping up my little girl cum from their
bedspread and wiped off their headboard. The seat on mom's vanity chair
however wasn't so easy to clean. My little girl cum stained the cover and
although I scrubbed it hard the cum stain couldn't be completely
removed. Knowing mom would see it but unable to do anything about it I
returned her chair to its position in front of her vanity. As for mom's
nylon stockings and her garter belt. Well I those I kept. I did what Myrtle
commanded me to do and I stole them and hid them away in my bedroom
underneath my mattress. I hated to take mom's nylons off but as I slide
them slowly down my legs and off my feet I promised myself from the bottom
of my heart that I would put them on and play with myself again on the
first chance I got.

That evening during dinner is when dad announced that he would be going out
of town the following day. Like I said already I don't remember the why or
where, I just remember he was gone. Anyway the next day after I hugged dad
goodbye and basically just had an ordinary day. Remember earlier I wrote
that it was déjà vu my experience with Lexi bringing my daughter Dakota
into my bedroom and forcing her to fuck me. Well it wasn't just getting
forced fucked by my daughter that was déjà vu it was also the weather
outside. I've written how Dakota was out camping and due to an unexpected
thunderstorm her camping trip was cut short and her and her girl friends
were returned home. Well the night Myrtle forced me to fuck mom the weather
outside was just as bad. A raging thunderstorm hit town that night. Early
in the evening it began raining really hard outside. As the local news and
weather came on severe thunderstorm warnings were being broadcast over and
over again and at some point in the evening our phone rang and mom went to
answer it. When she finished the call that's when she told me that Myrtle
would be coming over to spend the night with us as she was a bit scared and
nervous of the bad weather front that was building up. So mom said Myrtle
would be joining us for dinner and in all likelihood spending the night
with us if the weather didn't die down. Hearing the news that she would be
coming over was exciting for me because I was thinking that there would
surely be a time or two during the evening before I had to go bed where
Myrtle and I would get a few minutes alone with each other and I would be
able to tell her about my time in mom and dad's room and that I'd done as
she asked, I'd stolen a pair of mom's nylon stockings and was hiding them
in my bedroom. Of course it also pleased me to think that at some point in
the evening I would also be able to give my mature nylon stocking lover a
nice, deep, wonderful pussy kiss. But after she arrived at our place and we
had dinner. Well honestly, nothing happened between us. Myrtle and I were
never alone and if I'm recalling it right, I do think I was getting angry
at her because it did seem like she was more or less ignoring me. When mom
finally sent me to bed I admit I was really feeling pissed off. Not once
during the entire evening, even when mom used the bathroom, not once did
Myrtle come see me or try to molest me. I was so mad that when I did go to
bed I just tossed and turned for a time and just listened to the storm
outside. It was raining really, really, hard and the wind was blowing
strong and driving the rain. Lighting flashes were crisscrossing the sky
like crazy and there was a constant rumbling and cracking of thunder. On
more than one occasion you could hear the sky sizzle over our house as
lighting shot overhead and when the thunderclap following the lighting went
off some of them were so loud and strong they actually rattled the
windows. God it was a hell of a storm and usually I'm never afraid of
thunderstorms, in fact I enjoy them and when they hit at night as I go to
bed I love to just lie there in bed and fall asleep listening to the rain
and thunder going off. But that night I have to admit that I was feeling
scared because the power of this particular storm was an amazing thing to
experience. To help me deal with the anxiousness I felt that night due to
the storm before I got into bed I turned on a small lamp I had on my
dresser and draped a thin t-shirt over its shade to dull the light it
cast. I did so in order to make my little lamp into a nightlight of
sorts. Once I did this I undressed, donned my nighty and climbed into bed.

Since I knew Myrtle and mom were lovers I was fully aware that she and her
were going to be fucking each other that night and that really did piss me
off. Look 13 year old girls are, and I was, irrational creatures. Life
centers around us and little young girls like I was back then really only
have one concern and that is being the center of attention. So you can
imagine how totally pissed off I was feeling. As I lay there in my bed
tossing and turning I sat up several times and nearly got out of bed just
so I could march out of my bedroom and show Myrtle how upset at her I
felt. I imagined going out into the kitchen pretending to get something to
drink and picturing how haunty and disdainful I'd be towards her if she
tried to talk to me or catch my attention. I saw myself brushing the bitch
off, ignoring her, and giving her my best steely gaze, all in an effort to
show her how displeased I was with her. Oh I thought of so many things to
let her know how mad I was but all of that was just my imagination. I
eventually fell into a fitful sleep. I remember glancing over towards my
bedroom door and seeing light leaking in underneath it which told me mom
and Myrtle were still up by the time I finally dropped off. I couldn't have
been sleeping for too long because I snapped completely awake when I felt a
pair of hands cup my buttocks and slowly slide up along my sides.

"Is my precious little baby awake?" Myrtle said as she dropped down to sit
on my mattress next to me. "Are you awake honey?" Of course I was
awake. But I just laid there as I felt her slide her hands across my back
and onto my shoulders. "Come on honey," she said. "Get up and come with
me," and I was caught by surprise when she grabbed the back of my hair and
balling her hand into a fist she grabbed a handful of my hair and jerked my
head up and backwards. I cried out in pain as she pulled hard twisting my
head to one side. Damn it hurt getting my hair pulled and I scramble up
from my bed reaching up to grab onto the back of her hand trying to ease
the pressure of how hard she was pulling me. Have you ever wondered why
girls pull each other's hair when we get into fight? We do it for two
reasons. First it hurts like hell, but second it's a great way to control
someone. Try it some time. Let someone pull your hair and the first thing
you'll realize as they pull whichever direction they pull it that's the
direction your body will follow. You either go that way or honey you lose a
handful of hair. Since Myrtle had me by the hair I got my little 13 year
old ass hauled right off of my bed by her. I started screaming at her and I
remember kicking my legs and feet trying to break loose from her but she
had me so tight that when I hit the floor I ended up being pulled backwards
into an upright sitting position in front of her.

"You little whore," she said to me and I could hear the anger in her
voice. "Who the fuck do you think you are!" and to add emphasize to her
words she jerked on my hair again and I screamed and began to cry. "You
think you're such hot shit don't you," and I felt her grab one of my wrists
with her free hand and pry one of my hands free. Overpowering me she lifted
my arm away and like a wrestler on TV she twisted my arm and brought it
around my back, bending it behind me. "You little shit," she called me and
she knelt down on one knee behind me, jerking my head backwards until she
had me looking directly up at my bedroom ceiling. "You think you can get
away with ignoring your Auntie!" she said. "You think you can walk around
blowing me off pretending I don't fucking exist. Is that what you think you
can do to me you little bitch!" Outside kind of like in a Hollywood movie a
loud powerful thunderclap went off and I screamed. I was scared, scared,
sacred, because Myrtle was really hurting me pulling on my hair and
twisting on my arm.

"You dirty little Indian cunt," she said. "You think I didn't notice how
you were behaving tonight," and she twisted her hand and I screamed again
because it hurt so badly. "Get up you dirty little slut. Get fucking up,"
and I to scramble to my feet. "Fucking whore," Myrtle called and releasing
my hair finally she let go of my other arm and she spun me around to
face. For the first time I realized she was nearly naked. As a flash of
lighting went off outside I saw she was standing in front of me wearing
high heels, black nylon stockings, a black leather garter belt and nothing
else. "It's happening tonight my little cunt," she said and she shoved me
back and down onto the edge of my bed. "You're mine bitch," and there was
steel in her voice. Before I could protect myself I felt my head snap
sideways as Myrtle slapped me hard across the face and I tipped over onto
my side.

"You little cunt you walked around me all night like I was nothing," she
said and she hit me again. I tried to protect myself by throwing up my arms
to block her but I was to slow and I slapped across the face again. The
pain was terrific and I nearly fell off my bed but she stepped into me and
prevented me from falling. "Little bitch," and grabbing me by my shoulder,
digging her fingers in deep, she forced me to sit back upright on my
bed. Crying, tears blinding me, I sat up and in front of me Myrtle stooped
down and grabbed something from my bed and threw a small plastic bundle
onto my lap.

"It's time to get you ready you little Indian cunt," and she ordered me to
put my hands and arms down and pick up the bundle she'd thrown at me. "Put
those on bitch," she commanded and through touch and seeing through my
tears I realized the little plastic bundle on my lap held nylons in
it. Still crying and absolutely terrified she was going to hit me again I
tore open the plastic and spilled out onto my lap a pair of nylon
stockings, a garter belt, and a pair of lace gloves.

"Wait," I heard her call and immediately I noticed the harshness in her
voice was gone. She sat down next to me and draping one arm across my
shoulders she put her other arm around me and as we had done so often when
we snuck away to have sex, she pulled me into her and began to coo softly
to me, rubbing and stroking me, holding me, and hushing me so I would stop
crying and calm down. Feeling her naked breast press against my arm as she
pulled me into her I couldn't believe how one moment she had attacked me
with unadulterated violence and the next she was smothering me with
kindness. Hearing her coo to me I tried hard to stop sobbing and I
collapsed into her and it took me awhile to get myself under control. Once
I stopped crying and wiped my eyes dry I tipped my head up to look at

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

"I know," she said back to me in a soft voice. "But honey you mustn't ever
do that to me again," she said. "Never ignore me baby."

"I promise," I said.

"Okay sweetie," she said and very lightly, gently, but firmly she bent down
and planted a full kiss on my mouth. When she broke off our kiss she told
me to fix myself up and put on the wonderful pair of nylon stockings she'd
brought with her into my room. It didn't take me long to comply with her
wishes. Using several Kleenex I wiped my face, eyes, nose, and mouth off. I
brushed out my hair and grimaced several times as I pulled the brush
through the hair on the back of my head because my scalp remained very
tender. As I rushed to clean myself up and make myself presentable, Myrtle
remained sitting on the edge of my bed. She crossed her stocking legs as
she watched me clean up. "Take off you night shirt," she said and I did
letting the garment fall from my shoulders and pool around my ankles and
feet. "And take those little girl panties off," she added and again I do
so. Naked I turned to face her and then went to her and stood in front of
her. "It's time to dress like a real woman," she said and she uncrossed her
beautiful stocking legs. "These are my stockings," she said as she picked
up the stockings and handed them to me, placing them in my hands. "I want
you put them on and wear them for me honey because tonight," she breathed,
"tonight we are going to have some real fun with each other."

First Myrtle motioned for me to turn around in front of her. Facing my
dresser I raised my arms up and out of the way as she placed her garter
belt around my waist. The belt was made of soft black leather lined with a
silky material and cut rather wide so it hung low across my tummy. Instead
of hooking together it actually had a small silver buckle sewn into the
material. The adjustment strap had several eye holes and it took her only a
moment to insert the strap into the buckle and pull it snug on my
hips. Once she finished buckling the garter belt together Myrtle slide it
back and forth on me until is sat right around my waist. I got a shiver or
two as I felt the garter straps bounce on my thighs and ass cheeks as she
did this. Once she was satisfied with the fit she told me to sit down next
to her and then she handed me her nylon stockings. Oh what can I say about
how wonderful it was to be allowed to put a pair of Myrtle's nylon
stockings on my legs. Since my little lamp was on my room wasn't totally
dark and there was enough light coming from it for me to see her
stockings. The pair she wanted me to put on were like all her others. They
were reinforced heel and toe nylons and colored a dark chocolate brown. The
reinforcements were extra dark and as I began to put the first one on and
slide it over my foot I marveled at the delicate softness of the material
and how due to the reinforcements on the heel and toe they highlighted the
arch and shape of my little feet. My god Myrtle's stockings were just like
the pair I'd stolen from mom. They were fantastically soft and felt
heavenly on my naked skin. When I pulled the stocking up over my ankle and
calf, and then finally up along my thigh, I heard myself making these
little continuous mewing sounds. It was unbelievably stimulating to feel
her nylon stocking on my leg. Without care or thought I lifted my leg up
and out in front of me. I wanted to look at myself as I had done when I put
on my mom's stockings and as I pointed my toes I made little circles in the
air with my foot and became spellbound by the sight of my little foot all
snug and encased in real nylons.

"Oh sweetie," Myrtle whispered. "You're so pretty. Stop now and clip the
welt in place and put the other one on."

Hurriedly I complied with directions and I quickly clip the garter onto the
stocking welt and immediately grabbed the other stocking and pulled it up
onto my leg. Once it was clip onto the garter Myrtle had me stand up with
my back to her and I felt her clipping the back garters in place. Well I
shouldn't have to write it but I will, as she clipped on the garters I have
to say my little girl pussy was literally dripping precum and pussy
juice. I was so excited and horny. When I felt her bush her lips across my
naked little round ass I gasped and spit out in a rush telling her I'd done
as she asked me to. I'd snuck into mom and dad's bedroom and stole a pair
of mom's nylon stockings. "I did it Auntie," I told her. "I did what you
wanted me to. I took a pair of mommy's nylons and put them on. I got real
nasty with myself Auntie, honest I did. I got into all of dad's dirty
pictures and I made myself cum looking at them."

"Oh honey I'm so proud of you," she replied. "Did you steal her hose like I

"Yes Auntie," I said and I turned around to face her. "I have them
underneath my mattress."

"Have you put them on again and played with your pussy?"

"No not yet," I replied in a rather small voice.

"Okay honey," she said and then she smiled up at me. "Now sweetie," she
said. "Now we're going to play and you are going to have the time of your
life honey," and she stood up next to me. She reached out and grabbed me by
my arms and then she turned me towards my bedroom doorway which I noticed
for the very first time was wide open. "But first one more treat for
Myrtle," she said and where it came from, where she'd placed it I'll never
know but I felt her release my arms. Like magic I looked at what Myrtle was
holding and I saw she held a black leather studded dog collar which she put
around my throat and clipped closed. Then as I was reaching up with my
hands to touch the collar she brought out a thin leather leash and snapped
to the large metal ring on front of the collar. With a smile on her face
she looked at me and said "it's time for some nasty, naughty fun little
one," and without another word she turned and began walking towards my open
bedroom door. Like a prisoner, a very willing one, I meekly followed her
out of my room and into the hallway. I must admit I was feeling all excited
and scared at the same time and honestly I was confused by being led out of
my bedroom. Where were we going? But I never spoke that question out
loud. I simply followed her and even when I realized that she was leading
me over to mom and dad's bedroom and I felt a cold dread coming over me, I
kept myself quiet and meek.

Mom and dad's bedroom door was wide open. Inside a light was on. As Myrtle
brought me to their open door I remember how my mind was racing. Oh god mom
was in there. I just knew it. Myrtle had always forced me to tell her how
much I wanted to fuck my mommy when she fucked me and now at that moment in
my young life I realized that she was actually going to make me do it. She
was taking me into mom's bedroom and she was going to force me fuck
her. She was going to make me fuck my own mom and honestly as I stepped
into the doorway of her bedroom all I could think of was; "Oh my god my
pussy is so hot it's throbbing!"

From the doorway I instantly saw mom and our eyes locked with each
others. God I couldn't believe this was happening to me and suddenly I felt
so self conscious, nervous, and honestly an overwhelming sense of shame and
humiliation came over me and I felt tears well up in my eyes as I looked at
mom. As I felt my leash tighten, pulling me into the room, I absolutely
hated Myrtle at that moment. This dirty fucking nasty white woman, someone
I considered my auntie, my relative, my friend, this lewd mature vulgar
white bitch was perversely debasing both mom and I and for what? For her
own perverted sexual pleasure! What a complete fool I'd been. What a stupid
little girl I'd been thinking that she loved me and I loved her. What an
idiot I'd been. She'd raped me, degraded me, humiliated me, fucked my like
her little whore and forced me to give her my body and allow her to use me
sexually in any manner that brought her pleasure. She'd taken complete
advantage of me and somehow made me love her, made me give my body and soul
to her, and made me ache for her touch. She'd raped me at her home and when
I should have fought her, when I should have hated her, instead I ended up
believing I was in love with her. As I was brought over to mom I wanted to
hang my head in shame but my body, my fucking little 13 year old body
betrayed me.

Mom was sitting on her vanity chair, the same chair whose cushion I had
stained with my own little girl cum when I'd played with myself and gave
myself a delicious orgasm as I fantasized about fucking her while wearing
her nylon stockings and garter belt. Mom's mouth was covered with white
tape. Her arms and wrists were bound behind the back of the chair. Her
stocking clad thighs were bound together and her ankles were crossed and
bound together as well. Her breasts were naked and her nipples, those
wonderful nipples were hard and erect. Around her waist she wore a fabulous
wide cut cream colored lacy garter belt which perfectly matched her dark
brown reinforced heel and toe stockings. As I looked at her I could see her
full growth of delicate pussy hair and as Myrtle led me up to her and
ordered me to stand in front her I saw her struggle against her bonds and
heard her whimper and moan behind the tape covering her mouth. She shook
her head back and forth and I saw tears in her eyes but never, not once,
did she break eye contact with me. As she struggled against her bonds she
lifted her oh so pretty stocking clad feet off the floor and thrust her
long luscious legs out in front of her and I marveled at how pretty her
perfectly shaped feet were in her nylons. The sound of her muffled cries
touched me in manner I've never been fully able to describe to myself let
alone any of you readers. But her moaning whimpers chilled me and caused me
to shudder. Hearing her make those muffled stifled noises behind her gagged
mouth caused goose bumps to pop up all over me and deep within my little
pussy I felt a powerful tingling sensation that began as just the most
delightful kind of tickle but quickly built up to a powerful throbbing
rhythmic pulse that made my pussy swell with excitement and lust.

As mom continued to struggle on her chair I became mesmerized by the sight
of her. She was absolutely stunning, gorgeously beautiful, and appeared so
utterly feminine and womanly to my eyes. Her helplessness in front of me,
her inability to prevent what was going to happen between her and I as
Myrtle watched us get so disgustingly nasty and perverse with each other,
thinking of that literally made me pant like a dog standing in front of
her. As I continued to stare at her stocking legs and feet watching and
drinking in how she moved them as she struggled all I could honestly feel
at that moment was an overpowering sexual desire to fall to my knees in
front of her and with gentle reverence and anxious nervousness reach out
and take her stocking feet in my trembling hands. I badly wanted to kiss
her nylons and brush my young lips along the soles of her feet. I wanted to
press my face into them, to part them and feel how soft and delicate I knew
it would be as I slide them across my cheeks as I drank in the smell of the
stockings. I wanted to trail my fingertips all over her legs and slowly
palm her stockings in my hands and whimper with pleasure as I fondled her
stocking legs. I wanted to shove her feet between my own trembling thighs
and slowly, softly, yet urgently brush my swollen little pussy along her
stockings. Not for an instant did I want her to stop her muted gagged
protests as I touched her legs, kissed them, and licked ever so lightly her
wonderful silky smooth stockings. I wanted to kiss, lick, and brush my way
up her legs until I finally reached her pussy and then once I was there I
would kiss her with my lips and tongue while I ground my mouth into her
giving to her the most deeply passionate pussy kiss I could give, pussy
kissing her as I did Myrtle.

All that anger and disgust I had felt towards Myrtle evaporated and
disappeared as I stood in front of my bound and gagged mother. I saw her
helplessness on display in front of me and I saw her only as the most
sexually desirable passionate woman I'd ever seen in my young life. My mom
wasn't my mom anymore, she was but she was also something else. From the
corner of my eye I caught my reflection in her wall mirror and I couldn't
help but look towards the wall and there in her mirror I saw us both. Lord
help me but the sight of the two us reflected in mirror was so totally
stimulating that I felt myself stiffen. I was spellbound. I could see
myself, mom, and there in the background stood Myrtle. The sight of the
three of us wearing nylon stockings for each other, the sight of us
reflected in the mirror took my breath away. We three looked so sexually
erotic to me. I could see all of us had hard erect nipples and that is when
it hit me, when the truth of the matter finally dawned on me. Mom was as
horny, excited, and as turned on as either I or Myrtle was at what was
about to happen between her and me, and all three of us. The realization of
that insight shocked me to the core of my being.

"She wants this even more than you or I do," Myrtle said as if she'd read
my mind. "Now kneel down honey. Get on your hands and knees in front of
your wicked sinful mommy," and without hesitation, remorse, or guilt, I
obeyed her. Knowing the time had come where I would live and experience my
perverse sexual fantasy of fucking my mom, of rubbing my stockings on hers
and feeling her against me as we made love to each other as only a woman
can fuck another woman I went down to my hands and knees in front of her
and without regrets I went to my mother and slowly I began to kiss her
nylon stocking clad legs. Hearing Myrtle encourage me on as I tasted mom's
nylons I missed her stepping over to mom and didn't see her remove the tape
from her mouth. As I kissed, licked and smelled mom's stockings I heard
Myrtle speaking.

"Isn't your little girl just wonderful June?" she said as she kissed mom
passionately on the mouth. Since I was on my hands and knees when Myrtle
moved to straddle mom and rest herself in her lap she deliberately brushed
her stocking clad leg against my side as she swung her leg over us. "Now my
nasty Lakota fuck bitch," she said to mom as she broke their kiss and
adjusted herself on her lap. "Now June I'm going to make your nasty naughty
little girl do a wicked thing," and she began kissing mom again, breaking
apart from her only to speak as she described what she wanted me to
do. "She's going to put that delicious hot little tongue of her deep into
my pussy June. Your daughter is going to tongue my wet pussy so hard and
deep that I'm going to shoot my hot juices into her mouth honey." As she
said those things to mom that's what I did I raised myself up to reach her
and without a care in the world I buried my face into the cleft of Myrtle's
spread ass cheeks and hungrily began to suck and tongue her hot wet pussy
out. Between my legs lay mom's nylon stocking clad legs and as I had
earlier imagined doing I began to rub my little soaking wet pussy along up
and down on her stockings. It felt so go tongue fucking and sucking Myrtle
as I rubbed myself on mom's nylons I just groaned out loud in pure

"Oh June she's such a little pussy slut," Myrtle said to mom. "She's so
good at tonguing out a woman's pussy that I can't wait until I make her
fuck yours with her tongue. Won't you just love it June. Won't you just
love it when your sweet little girl, you own daughter tongue fucks you like
a wanton little cunt," and I nearly fainted as I heard mom answer her with
a deep throaty hesitant yes.

"Oh baby she's good at this," Myrtle said as I continued to tongue fuck
her. "But now June I'm going to make your little slut of a daughter tongue
fuck my ass honey. She's going to stick that hot little snake deep into my
ass and I'm going to love it and tell you how good it feels to have her in
there. You'll like that won't you June. You'll like it and want me to tell
you how good your little baby is at tongue fucking my ass don't you?"

Again I listened to mom answer her with a yes as I began to tongue Myrtle's
ass. As I struggled to probe her, to stick my tongue into her dirty ass as
far as I could I couldn't help myself and so I turned my head slightly so I
could see myself in mom's wall mirror. The sight of me on my knees tongue
fucking Myrtle's ass while I rubbed my dripping wet pussy on mom's stocking
clad legs was so stimulating, so exciting to see, so utterly mind blowing
that I began my first orgasm of the night. Oh lord was it fantastic to cum
like that. I came so hard that I shot my cum in a long spraying stream. Yet
even as I came hard I retained enough presence of mind to make sure I
didn't get any of my cum, well as little as possible I should say, onto
mom's stockings. I actually collapsed from my orgasm. I couldn't help it. I
still remember how it felt as my tongued popped out of Myrtle's asshole and
back into my mouth as I keeled over onto my side and lay gasping for
breath. I could hear mom repeating over and over the word "oh" as I panted
and held tightly onto my throbbing pussy.

"You think she's done June," Myrtle said to mom as she climbed off her
lap. "You think the little cunt is finished?" Mom said nothing in reply and
I opened my eyes and we stared at each other as Myrtle stepped away from
her and disappeared from my line of sight.

"Did you like it mommy," I asked hesitantly. I wanted mom to tell me she'd
enjoyed what just happened and I desperately wanted to hear her tell me
this. While I lay there in front of her on the floor suddenly Myrtle stood
in front of me and I heard her ordering me up to my hands and knees.

"Get up my little Indian girl slut," she commanded and instantly I obeyed
her. "Turn sideways you little bitch. I want your mommy to see every moment
of what I'm going to do to you next." Like a good girl I did as she wanted
and never taking my eyes of mom who remained tied and bound tightly up I
spread my legs apart and felt it as Myrtle knelt down between my legs

"Now watch this," she said and I knew she was addressing mom. "I'm going to
ass fuck your daughter June, and I'm going to do it in front of you. Look
at her June. Look at your nasty little girl wearing my nylon stockings and
my garter belt. I made her put them on June. I went into her bedroom and I
made her put these lovely nylons on for me. And you what June? She loved
doing it. She loved it June because I've been fucking this little cunt
behind your back for quite some time baby. Yeah I've been fucking her just
like I've been fucking you. She's become you honey. She's my little nylon
stocking whore just like you are. And now tonight you're going to watch me
ass fuck her June. You're going to watch me ass fuck your little precious
girl right in front of you. And while I'm doing it baby I'm going to make
you beg me to fuck her good and hard. I'm going to make you beg me to fuck
her and then I'm going to make you beg to fuck her yourself. You'll like
that won't you June. You'll love begging to ass fuck your own nylon
stocking wearing little girl, won't you?"

"Yes Myrtle," came mom's whispered reply. "I'll beg you Myrtle. I'll beg
you to fuck my little girl and then to please you I'll beg you to let me
fuck her," and as I looked at her, looked at mom, I saw in her eyes a
quality of passion I've never seen in anyone else. It was as if I saw into
her soul and I saw love there, lust for me, and love for me as Myrtle
pressed her strap on dildo up tight against my little asshole. Then as I
continued to gaze into mom's eyes Myrtle chuckled and without any pretense
of trying to be gentle she thrust hard into me, ramming her strap on deep
into my tight little ass, forcing it in without stopping, without caring if
it hurt or not. And I screamed out loud in pain and pleasure as she drove
her dildo up into my ass until her own wet dripping pussy lay pressed
tightly against my own. Oh my lord did Myrtle ass fuck me that night in
front of my mom. She literally attacked me and raped me on the floor as mom

Over and over again she slammed her dildo into my ass. She called me awful
names and she spanked me hard on my naked ass cheeks as she pumped into
me. From her chair I heard mom telling me to take it. Telling me to take my
ass fucking like a real woman and I melted into a state of utter lust and
pleasure as I listened to mom tell me how pretty it looked to her to see me
down on my hands and knees wearing nylon stockings and a garter belt as I
was being fucked up the ass by a real woman.

"Take it honey," she said to me. "Take it all the way in. Love it baby
girl. Love it as you get ass fucked nice and hard by your auntie Myrtle. Oh
god honey you look so pretty in your stockings. You look so pretty. I want
to fuck you too," she said and behind me I heard Myrtle order her to keep
talking nasty to me. "Oh baby you're so pretty," and mom began to beg
Myrtle to let her go, to untie her so she could fuck me also and after
making her beg for a bit she did just that. Unhooking the strap on from her
legs and waist, she left the dildo inside my ass and got up untie
mom. Releasing her she made her get behind me and she fixed the strap on
onto her and then she did the most unexpected thing.

"Tell her," she said to me. "Tell your whore of a mom what I made you
do. Tell her how I made you steal a pair of her beautiful nylon stockings
and put them on so you could be all nasty and wicked with yourself on her
bed as you got into her and your dad's dirty pictures and made yourself cum
all over this room. Tell her bitch. Tell her!"

"I took a pair of you stockings mom," I said between gasps and moans as mom
began to drive into me from behind. "I got into your dresser and stole a
pair of your stockings and put them on." Oh Jesus I was so excited and hot
I felt myself building towards another massive climax. "I got out the dirty
pictures of you and daddy and then I played with myself..."

"Tell her you were wearing her stockings," Myrtle ordered.

"I was wearing your stockings mommy," I breathed. "I was wearing your
nylons and played with myself and looked at your pictures until I came
mommy. I came all over your bed," I said and between my legs my pussy began
to pulse and throb as my climax approached. "I came over your pictures
mommy. I came good and hard and then I sat on your chair and I did it again
mommy. I did it again while I looked at myself being nasty in your mirror."

"Oh you nasty little witch," mom groaned as she continued to fuck my ass.
"I was pretending mommy," I gasped and the first wave of my little girl
orgasm began to take me. "I was pretending you caught me being nasty mom. I
was pretending you caught me and you fucked me because that's what I wanted
mommy. I wanted you to fuck me. To fuck me like a whore and fuck me like
daddy was fucking you in your nasty pictures. I wanted you to fuck me
wearing your nylons. Fuck me mommy. Oh god fuck me!" And I exploded.

That night in mom's bedroom I was forced to fuck my own mother by Ms Myrtle
Jean Simms and people I fucking loved every delicious wicked minute of
it. Oh the things mom and I did to each other which Myrtle took pictures of
were so amazing and so wanton that I just break down and cry at times
because those memories of Myrtle, Mom, and Me, are so precious.

Yeah I fucked my own mother, forced to fuck her, but honestly people. How
can you call it forced if you enjoy it so much?

Well that's my story. Oh I could write about the sex we had, describe how I
fucked mom with Myrtle's strap on or how she fucked me but I guess I just
don't want to share that. As with Myrtle I became a nylon stocking whore
for my mom for awhile and ladies and gentlemen, I loved every minute of my
incestuous relationship with her and wouldn't and won't ever change a
single thing that happened between us. Mom and I became nylon stocking
wearing lesbian lovers for a time and honey I got the pictures to prove
it. So it's time to close.

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