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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Nasty Aunt

Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 14:56:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jan None <>
Subject: Nasty Aunt (lesbian/adult youth, oral anal, g/F, g/F...g...)


This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a young
girl with her aunt and other women and girls. If this
type of content offends you or you are under the
age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:

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Nasty Aunt

       I grew up knowing that I had been an accident.
By that I mean that I had not been the result of a
planned pregnancy. My parents even named me
Omega, because that is the last letter in the Greek
alphabet. My older brother and sister were twenty-
two and twenty years respectively. Mom and Dad
were forty-two and forty-seven respectively. My
brother and sister were married and had children
before I entered school.

       It was a struggle on both of my parents to
raise an energetic child. They were at a point in
their lives when couples are normally thinking about
retirement, as I was approaching puberty. I was
constantly being told to turn down the volume of my
music. They went to bed early, so they did allow me
to stay up, as long as I went to bed at a reasonable
hour. Both of them were up early. They didn't like
it when I was reluctant about getting up in the
morning and getting ready for school.

       My mother had a younger sister by five years.
She lived in the City, and wrote an advice column for
a large newspaper, and her column was syndicated
under a nom-de-plume. Very few people knew her
real name was Evelyn Brooks. It was always a cause
for celebration when she came for a visit. She had a
natural wit, which livened up any room. She also
dressed very fashionably. When our family went out
to dinner or out in public she always drew favorable
attention, and admiring glances from both males and

       When I was a budding eleven-year-old my
parents allowed me to visit my aunt. It was a
thrilling adventure to fly by myself all the way to
New York City for the first time. When I entered
the lobby of Kennedy Airport, I was overwhelmed by
the size, and was almost ready to panic until Evelyn
approached me. She took my luggage claim check,
and led me to the carousel to retrieve my luggage. I
was like an owl, spinning my head trying to see
everything as our cab took us into what I thought
was town. It turned out that she lived in Queens
Borough. It was a remodeled old private home. It
had been a three bedroom home that she had
converted into a two bedroom. One of the bedrooms
had been converted into a huge walk-in closet. The
remaining bedroom was appointed with everything
necessary for extended stays. The closet even had
a full length mirror, and an adjoining bathroom.

       I simply dropped my bags on the floor, before
my aunt took me out for dinner. She took me to a
little Italian family restaurant. Everything about
the place filled me with images of the restaurant in
the movie Godfather part one. The smell of tomato
sauce, cheese, garlic, and wine filled the place.
Evelyn ordered us Manicotti with salad. When we
were finished she ordered us cannolis and capaccino,
before we returned home.

       Upon getting home Evelyn invited me to join
her in her room while she prepared for bed. We
passed through the house on the way to her
bedroom. I was very impressed with her home and
bedroom. It looked like a home from a Hollywood
movie. Her bed overpowered the bedroom. It was a
queen sized bed with a four poster head and foot
boards that were elaborately carved. The tops of
the seven foot posts were carved like pine cones. It
was a very tall bed. There was a very large vanity
dresser with side mirrors that could be tilted to any
angle, a padded brass vanity chair in front of it.
There was an armoire and chest of drawers too.
There was also a mirrored-door walk in closet.
Evelyn looked like a regal queen in the room.

       She may have only been five years younger
than my mom, but she looked much younger. She
was a natural blonde with gray eyes. Unlike my
mother's full figure, Evelyn's figure was as good as
an actress', but too full to be a fashion model. I
suspect that she was 36-C, 24, 38 on a five-foot
four frame. As she removed her clothes and hung
them up to air out, I was envious of her body. As
for myself, my body was just starting to change.
My hips were still as narrow as most girls my age.
My breasts were just starting to swell. I was only a
33-A, 20, 33 and less than five feet tall. I was
enraptured with the smell of her perfume filling the

       Evelyn proceeded to remove her clothes, while
I struggled to sit on top of her bed. The sight of
her body being exposed was very erotic to me. Her
breasts hardly sagged at all when she removed her
brassiere. She sat down on the brass vanity chair to
remove her self-supporting stockings and black
pumps. It was like watching a striptease
performance the way she lifted her legs one at a
time, pointing her toes towards the ceiling as she
rolled the stockings and removed her shoes. She
draped her stockings over the vanity mirror to air
out too, before she slipped on a black nylon
nightgown, which allowed me to see everything
through the translucent material. She reached
under the gown to take hold of the pretty lace
panties and pulled them down. As she stepped out of
her panties, and dropped them on the floor, I saw
her crotch through the nightgown. She was hairless
down there.

       I had seen my mother's unshaven pussy several
times, and knew what most women's pussies looked
like. Aunt Evelyn's pussy was different from any
pussy I had seen, because her labia minora dangled
well below her labia majora, and I was amazed to see
that her clit stuck out beyond her labia like a little
penis. I was fascinated by the sight of her pussy,
and stared at it so long that Evelyn couldn't help

       She smiled at me, and lifted the front of her
gown, while she used her right hand to stimulate her
clit. She placed her index finger on the left side of
her vulva and her middle finger on the right side.
When she pressed her fingers against her pubic bone
her clitoris popped out. She explained that her clit
was very sensitive. The friction of her panties, and
simply walking was enough to cause her to have
orgasms at some embarrassing moments. She also
admitted that she masturbated several times a day.

       I blushed because I had discovered the
pleasures of masturbation a couple of years before,
but I had been too embarrassed about the subject
to ever discuss it with anyone. It also embarrassed
me that my aunt was flaunting her sexual activity.
Watching her play with herself had a strange
fascination for me. It stimulated me so much that I
could hardly breathe. I wanted to play with myself,
but could not bring myself to do it in front of
anyone, let alone someone so close to my mother.

       Evelyn asked, "Omega, why don't you sleep with
me tonight?"

       I innocently said, "I have to go get my

       She said, "I'm sure I have a nightgown small
enough to fit you in my armoire."

       With that she turned to her armoire and
opened the doors and pulled out the top drawer, and
rummaged through the cluttered mess until she
found what she was looking for. It was just a little
ball of transparent baby blue material. When she
took in both hands and shook it out and held it in
front of me, for my approval, I saw that it was a
baby doll nightgown. I suspected that on her it
would have hardly covered much more than her
waist. I knew that on me it would probably reach my
thighs, but I also know that it was be just as
transparent on me as Evelyn's nightgown was. She
encouraged me to put it on.

       I relented, and took the gown around the bed
to the other side, and started taking my clothes off.
I was still wearing the clothes I had traveled in.
After I removed my blouse and skirt I crossed my
arms, bent over and grabbed the bottom of my full
slip to pull it up over my head. It clung to my back,
because of perspiration, as I polled it up and over my
head. I quickly pulled the baby doll nightgown down
over my head. As soon as I had it covering my body,
I shook my head to get my hair to fall back into its
natural location. I was a little embarrassed by the
panties I had on. They seemed to be a little childish
to me now. They had the print of Disney's Ariel
from the 'Little Mermaid' on them.

       While I had been changing clothes Evelyn had
been turning down the bed. She had folded the bed
spread down to the foot of the bed, along with the
blankets. It was a warm night, so sheets were all
that was necessary. She folded down the top sheet
on my side of the bed, while she got under the sheet
on her side of the bed. I struggled to get on top of
the bed. I covered my body with the sheet as
quickly as possible. I was embarrassed by the
transparency of the nightgown. Evelyn turned the
bright ceiling light off. The room was changed into
a pink glow by soft red nightlight. I thought she
looked lovely in the soft light. She pulled me close
to her body, before kissing me softly on the cheek.

       She spoke to me very softly, "Have you ever
experimented with your girlfriends about kissing?"

       I had kissed some girlfriends on the mouth in
an attempt to find out what it would be like to kiss
boys like they do in the movies. I sheepishly
admitted that I had with my best friend. Upon that
admission she kissed me on the mouth.

       The kiss turned into something very exciting.
She placed her long fingers on my cheek while she
kissed me. Before long, she was sticking her tongue
into my mouth. It was all very exciting to me. At
one point she sealed my mouth and nose with her
mouth and cheek, before sucking the air right out of
my lungs. Then she filled my lungs with the air from
her lungs. My heart was pounding in my chest like a
bass drum. While that was going on she moved her
hand down my body. It tickled when her fingers
touched my ribs. I couldn't help reacting to the
touch. Her hand continued down the outside of my
thigh, and then came back up the inside of my thigh,
bringing along the bottom of the nightgown. When
her hand reached the junction of the inside of my
leg with the bulge of my vulva, I quivered
uncontrollably. I tried to lie still, but squirreled
around on the fresh sheets.

       When Evelyn moved her body down the bed,
along with the top sheet, I watched her almost like
watching her doing these things to another body, as
if it was not even my body. She pushed the baby
doll up under my arms, and ran her hands all over my
body. When her fingers touched my nipples it
tickled like ants walking on my skin. I held my
breath when she moved her hands down my sides to
the elastic waistband of my panties. She placed her
mouth right on the tight fitting mound of material
stretched over my vulva. She was making my panties
wet with her tongue. She even seemed to enjoy the
graphics on my panties, before she pulled then down.
She removed them from my feet and tossed them
aside. Evelyn used both hands to spread my little
pussy open, and blew her cool breath into the
opening before she covered my vulva with her mouth.
She used her tongue to stimulate my little clitoris.

       The way she was stimulating my pussy was
enough to make me so excited that I even lost
control of my bladder. I thought she would be mad
at me for pissing in her mouth. On the contrary she
swallowed the pee and continued licking my pussy.
She was inducing feelings in me that I had never
experienced from masturbating myself. I am not
sure it I had a climax or not, but I eventually passed
out for a short time.

       When I woke up Evelyn was cradling my head
against one of her breasts. She was lying against
her pillows on her back, and I was lying on top of her
with my legs between hers. Her nipple was pressing
against my ear. I looked up at her lovely face, as
she bent over, and kissed my mouth again. I could
smell the odor of my own pussy all over her face. I
felt warmth all over my body, and wished the kiss
would never end. Of course it did end eventually.
When she removed her mouth I turned my head and
took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked as hard as I
could on her nipple. I knew enough about the facts
of life to know that she could not produce milk
without having had a baby, but that didn't stop me
from trying. I was also disappointed that I didn't
get to remove her nightgown. Apparently she had
removed it before taking me into her arms. While I
was sucking on her nipple, I turned my body slightly.
When I settled down between her legs I felt her
stiff clitoris pressing against my soft lower belly.

       When I became aware of what was poking me,
I placed my right hand down there. I had not seen a
lot of pussies before, but I was sure most women
didn't have clitorises like hers. The base was thick.
I had seen little boy's penises while their diapers
were being changed, and marveled at how much her
clit looked like their little penises. I took hold of
the flesh with my fingers and thumb. She let out a
soft moan when I squeezed it.

       Having experienced her eating my pussy, I knew
what was expected of me. I moved down her body
until I was between her legs. I don't know how she
removed her pubic hair. I imagined she shaved it off
or used some sort of chemical to do the job. I had
never heard of a bikini wax before. When I ran my
fingers over her vulva I accepted that her skin was
as smooth as my own without question. Her pussy
had an aroma I was to learn not that uncommon. I
tentatively licked the flesh of her swollen vulva.
When I actually licked that swollen clitoris she let
out a yelp and started bucking her hips around like a
captured wild alley cat. I thought I had hurt her,
and pulled my head back. Evelyn grabbed the back
of my head with both hands and pulled my head back
against her pussy. She demanded, "Eat my pussy

       That was all of the encouragement I needed. I
started lapping at her swollen clit for all I was
worth. I had to hang on, because she was bucking
around like a wild animal. When she relaxed after
having a climax, she held my head against her wet
pussy, and demanded that I keep eating. She had at
least three climaxes before she pulled me bodily up
her body, and covered my wet face with kisses.

       It was very comforting lying on top of her soft
breasts. I could feel her breathing and the beat of
her heart. I drifted off to sleep very pleased with
myself. I was dreaming about how much we had
pleased each other.

       In the morning the sound of water running
woke me up. Evelyn's side of the bed was empty, but
still warm. I lay there thinking about how much my
life had changed. In one night I had changed from
an innocent girl into an experienced pussy lover. I
could smell Evelyn's pussy all over my hands. I could
smell her odor any time I put my hands near my
face. That excited me so much, that I just had to
start playing with my pussy.

       I was so occupied with pleasing myself that I
hardly noticed that the water had stopped running
and was replaced with the buzz of a pistol hair drier.
When she came out of the bathroom still fussing
with her hair, I was still masturbating. She smiled
and winked at me as she approached the bed.
"Honey...when you're finished, get cleaned up we have
things to do today."

       I was a little embarrassed that I couldn't stop
masturbating when she entered the room. I was
just too close to getting off. Evelyn tweaked one of
my nipples. That was all it took to get me off. As
soon as I recovered I sat up. As I headed for the
bathroom Evelyn patted me on my butt. She told me
to hurry up and get dressed, so we can go to town.
By the time I emerged from the bathroom Evelyn
was already dressed and was finishing up putting on
her makeup. I had to go to the guestroom to get
dressed. I put on my best dress, because Evelyn had
looked so formal dressed in a simple black dress with
dark stockings and black three inch pumps. When I
was dressed I found my aunt in the kitchen making
toast and coffee. After we were finished we took
the bus to the train station that took us into

       It was a grand adventure for me. It was the
first time I had ever been on a train that went
underground. I had only seen the underground in
movies, so I was not prepared for the smells. There
was the smell of urine and the smell of electricity,
along with the musty damp smell of dust. The
graffiti on everything inside the cars of the train
made me uncomfortable. I couldn't bring myself to
look any young hoodlum-looking males in the eye.
Aunt Evelyn stood up and led me from the train
when we reached the fifth Avenue station. When
we got above ground it was like walking down a man
made canyon. The tall buildings shaded the street.
Walking across town was an adventure too. The
sidewalks were crowded with people, which seemed
like they were all in a hurry. I was fascinated by all
of the window displays. We made our way to the
Metropolitan Museum of Art.

       We spent the morning wondering through the
rooms displaying their collection of art. In almost
every room art students were sitting on the floor or
benches with sketchpads in hand copying the works
of masters. Evelyn was very knowledgeable about
the artists. She was able to tell me a lot about the
history of the artists and the paintings and
sculptures. She deliberately spent a lot of time
talking about erotic art. The eighteenth century
portraits of women were interesting, because she
was able to tell me about the plump women in the
paintings being the mistresses of powerful men that
had paid to have portraits of them made with their
breasts exposed to hang in their city retreats and
miniatures to put in the pocket watches. There were
also some paintings of plump nude women reclining on
beds as if they were sleeping with strings of pearls
lying all over their bodies. Evelyn explained how
women used the pearls to masturbate each other
and themselves. I found them very stimulating. I
was standing in front of my aunt while she told me
about the paintings. She placed her arms around me,
and when she placed her hand on my crotch I almost
panicked. I looked around to see if anyone was
watching. I was only slightly relieved to see that at
the moment there was no one near us. We moved on
to other rooms that contained art from other

       The art of Persian Harems were very erotic.
The young women lounging around in the nude,
bathing and playing musical instruments while they
engaged in all manner of lesbian activities were very
stimulating. While we were studying such a painting,
Evelyn was behind me again, and she lifted the back
of my dress while sticking her right hand down inside
my panties. She toyed with my asshole, and reached
under me to stick her fingers into my pussy. I was
as nervous as I had ever been anticipating being
caught cheating by a teacher. I was casting my eyes
around, fearing that someone would see what my
aunt was doing to me. I was nervously shifting my
weight back and forth from right to left foot. That
just added to my sexual stimulation. I even had a
climax standing there that was so strong that I fell
against her body. She had to support my body.
When she withdrew her hand from my panties and
pulled my dress back down she had her head next to
my cheek while she smelled her fingers and sucked
them. As we moved from one erotic room to the
next, as soon as we were in a secluded corner she
started playing with me all over. I must have had a
half-dozen climaxes before she announced that it
was time for lunch.

       I cast nervous looks at everyone we passed. I
wondered if they suspected what we had been doing.
As we approached the exit I saw an attractive black
women sitting behind a desk that had a circular
arrangement of television monitors. The thought
that she may have witnessed what Evelyn had been
doing to me, made me break out in a sweat. The
women flashed us a big toothy white smile. I feared
she was going to stop us, but all she did was wave at
us, and stick one of her lone fingers into her mouth.
I knew instantly that she had seen what Evelyn had
been doing.

       My aunt pulled out her cell-phone and quickly
selected a number on her friends list. She said,
"Hello...Yes...I'm in town. Would you like to have
brunch with me and my adorable niece? Good, meet
us at the club!" With that she put her phone back in
her purse, and led me back across town. She turned
a couple of corners before entering the lobby of a
building. It was an old building, but well kept. The
wood had darkened with age, but was polished to a
high sheen. Evelyn flashed a card to the clerk as we
made our way do a dining room. She told the maitre-
d' that she would like a table for three. She
explained that she was expecting a friend. When he
asked the name, she told him that the woman would
ask for the table for Evelyn Hatch. The man wrote
down her name on his book and took a quick look
around before selecting a secluded table near a wall
painted like a Venice canal. As soon as we were
seated a young man dressed in a white waist jacket
gave us menus and asked us if he could bring us
something from the bar. Evelyn told him to bring me
a Shirley Temple and bring her a Manhattan.

       She read the menu. When the waiter returned
with our drinks she ordered a light lunch for the two
of us. She also told the waiter that she was
expecting a guest, so make that three orders. We
were on our second drinks when a lovely woman that
looked to be between 45 and 50 years old came in,
the maitre-d' led the woman to our table. After
seating her, Evelyn introduced me to her. The
woman's name was Agnes. I was attracted to her
immediately. She was a very attractive looking
Greek lady. She had long dark hair with the bluest
eyes I had ever seen, and a nose that was very regal.
Her lips were naturally full with a very pronounced
cupids bow. She was dressed very smartly with a
matching wide brimmed hat that was rakishly cocked
to the right side of her head. We had a pleasant
brunch while Agnes learned all about me, and I was
told all about how my aunt had become the best
friend of Agnes.

       My aunt had met Agnes at a party hosted by a
common friend. Everyone at the party was either a
lesbian or a gay male. When they were introduced
to each other there was an immediate attraction.
They had talked while holding drinks before they
danced with each other. While they were rubbing
their bodies against each other, they kissed. They
left the party right away. Agnes had a lovely rent
controlled loft up town. They became very close
friends that evening. The only thing that prevented
them from becoming lifelong lovers was the fact
that they both were attracted to young girls. Agnes
works in the advertising industry where she has
access to young girls that are all too willing to give
their bodies for career advancement, and mothers
that push them into sex for their own desire to have
a daughter make it big. Apparently my aunt had
enjoyed many an evening in the company of young
girls at Agnes' home.

       I was getting one hell of an education. We
made our way to Agnes' loft after brunch. Along the
way Agnes had made a call to someone. Shortly
after we arrived at her building we rode up a freight
elevator that had been rebuilt to be more attractive.
When we reached the third floor, I was
overwhelmed by the spacious living quarters. She
turned on a sound system that filled every room with
soft mood music. After she showed me every room,
there was a buzz. Agnes pressed a button that
allowed the person to come up the elevator.

       The woman that exited the elevator was a
short little straw haired blonde that spoke with a
thick Romanian accent. She had two sweet looking
skinny girls in tow. They were both natural blondes.
The taller girl looked like she was more that twelve
years old, but not fully developed. The younger girl
looked even younger than me. She carried herself
far more mature than her years though.

       The girls and I were allowed to have cokes with
some whisky in them while the adults had several
mixed drinks. It did not take much encouragement
to get the girls to remove their clothes. The women
sat on comfortable couches while the girls got
undressed. I followed the girls' lead. When Evelyn
stood up and unzipped the side of her dress, and
pulled it over her head I discovered all she had on
was self supporting nylons and heels. The older girl
was fascinated with my aunt's clit. They settled
down on the couch with the girl on her lap. They
were kissing while the girl played with her clit. I was
a little jealous.

       Agnes pulled me down onto her lap. While she
kissed me on the mouth she was toying with my
pussy. The other woman had her baby sit on her lap
while she played with her little pussy. The women
came up with a game where the three of us girls
sucked each other's pussy while on a coffee table
for the amusement of the adult women. Eventually
the women took us in hand where they retired to
private rooms where they could fuck each of us in
private. Agnes was a very skillful lover. She sucked
me off a couple of times before she introduced me
to her collection of butt plugs and dildos. I couldn't
believe that she was actually able to stick a pretty
large butt plug up my ass while stuffing a dildo
larger than any male organ I had ever seen into my
pussy. I was exhausted by the time she left me
lying on the bed.

       I was covered in sweat. When the door opened
a cool draft made me look, as the Romanian woman
entered. She was naked, and her breasts sagged
considerably, and her pubic hair was a dark brown.
She came in, and sat on my face. My face was
covered with her wet pussy. I smelled her cunt. As
she rocked back and forth she was rubbing her
asshole across my mouth and nose too. I would have
never suspected how much being used like that would
turn me on. The woman was also reaching down and
finger fucking me. When she was finished using me
and left, she was replaced by the older daughter and
her little sister.

       The older girl came in smoking a cigarette while
she had her free hand around the waist of her little
sister. The two girls did things to me that was
wildly exciting. The baby girl sat on my face, like
her mother had. Only her asshole was a much
smaller little pink opening. I had to struggle to get
my tongue into her asshole. The older sister ate my
pussy. She would fill her lungs with cigarette smoke
and blow it into my pussy. I had no idea that all of
the women had entered the room while the little girl
was sitting on my face.

       The first time I was aware of their presence
was when they stared moaning. I struggled to turn
my head. I saw the three women standing there
naked while they masturbated each other.

       The sex lasted well into the evening. Eventually
we had to get dressed and return home. Evelyn
cautioned me to never discuss anything that we did
with anyone. We were so tired by the time we got
home, we just got undressed and went to bed.

       The next day we stayed home, and we sucked
pussy and ate assholes all day. I sucked her breasts
like a baby, and she actually stuck her nipples into
my pussy. By the time I had to return home I was
broken hearted about leaving my aunt.

       I had to introduce my best friend to oral sex
right away. She became a willing participant in
lesbian sex. When we babysat for younger girls we
soon had a stable of young girls that enjoyed oral
sex too.

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