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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Seducing Mother And Daughter

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 12:15:11 -0700
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Subject: Seducing Mother and Daughter (lesbian /incest, F/Fg)


This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts between a woman and a mother and
daughter. If this type of content offends you or you are
under the age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be
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Seducing Mother and Daughter

       Julie was a quiet secretary for an invest house in
London. She was divorced from her husband and making
a living for herself and her eleven-year old daughter. The
two of them lived in a small flat on the outskirts of the city.
So she used the underground to get to work every day.

The work was not physically demanding. She could
handle all of the typing required as well as route the
telephone messages. She was personable to all of the
clients. She put them at ease while they waited but most
of them were just faces to her. She knew enough about
them from their files that she could ask about their
families and how their business was going.

       The one enigma was the older woman that came in
now and then to check on her investments. She was a
woman in her fifties. Her hair was cropped rather short
and it looked as if she slept on her back the way it was
matted. Her hair was a light brown and her jowls sagged
as if gravity was pulling her face down like the jowls of a
bulldog. She was taller than Julie and heaver by far. She
just looked like a no-nonsense kind of woman.

       Julie knew she had money but she knew very little
else. She had no idea if she had been married or anything.
She was quick witted and rather flirtatious. The woman
was always joking about taking her to dinner.

       Julie never thought of herself as attractive because
she carried around to much extra weight. She had a round
chin, blue eyes and blonde hair with dark roots. Her hair
naturally hung down at least to her breasts. She was vain
enough to keep her fingernail manicured. The polish
natural and the cuticles were painted white along with the
tips. She had ample breasts that showed plenty of
cleavage when she dressed up for parties. She still had
traces of freckles across her nose.

       Late one winter afternoon the woman came in and
by the time she had conducted her business with her
broker it was already getting dark. Julie was getting ready
to leave for home when Jane came out. They were waiting
for the elevator and Jane invited her to accompany her for

       Julie was about to brush her off when she suddenly
had a change of heart. Just looking at the woman in the
gray tweed business suit and the navy blue blouse she was
somehow put in mind of her of her mother in drag, all the
woman needed was tailored slacks to make her look like
one of the old dykes she had seen pictures of in
magazines from the sixties. She wondered if this thick
necked woman might actually be a dyke.

       On the elevator she agreed to tea and as the door
opened on the ground floor Jane held her arm until the
door closed and the elevator descended into the basement
parking lot. She led Julie to a late model Rolls Royce and
opened the passenger door to the dark colored car. Then
she went around to the driver's side and got in.

       Julie was duly impressed. She surely had money if
she could afford such a car. She pulled the Rolls out of the
parking lot and turned down the street. Julie didn't even
ask where she was taking her. The car quietly sped to an
exclusive section of town before she pulled into an
underground parking lot. The guard took one look at her
and gave her a polite smile as he pushed the button that
lifted the drop gate to allow her access. She pulled her car
into a parking stall with her name on it.

       They entered the elevator lobby and Jane held out
her arm like a man would in a silent jester indicating that
Julie was expected to slip her arm through Jane's. She
was asking Julie about her daughter as they walked. Julie
was proud of her and fished in her purse for pictures. Jane
commented on what a sweet and charming girl she
appeared to be. Julie of course beamed with pride.

       When the elevator arrived Julie thought she was
going to push the lobby button to take her to a hotel
restaurant but Jane pushed a button that took them to the
top floor. Then Julie figured it was going to be a restaurant
with a commanding view of the city.

       When the doors opened they exited into a lobby that
was all white and chromed steel. She swiped a card over
an electronic scanner. The door opened and Jane led her
through the portal. She called out, "Maggie we have

       A woman came into the room dressed in a
concretive maids gray uniform with a starched white
apron. She asked, "Would madam and your guest care for
something to drink?"

       Jane said, "Yes dear. We will have tea in the library."

       Jane led Julie to a library that looked more like an
art museum. The view out of the window of the city park
at night was awe inspiring. She was showing Julie around
when the maid entered the room carrying a silver tray with
cups, sugar bowl, creamer tea pot and a plate filled with
sweet cakes and breads. She sat it on a table where she
knew the two women would be sitting and excused herself
as she left the room.

       Jane picked up the pot and poured two cups of tea.
She asked Julie if she would like cream and sugar. She let
Julie sweeten her own tea to taste as she observed what
she did. She sweetened her own tea to her taste as well.

       Julie looked over the top of her cup and asked Julie,
"As long as I have known you I know very little about you.
With most of our clients I know as much about them as
their ministers do."

       Jane chuckled, "I'm a rather boring woman. What
would you like to know about me?"

       Julie said, "For starters I don't even know if you are
married. I knew you had money but never suspected you
live like this."

       Jane chuckled again. "I have never been married. I
was fortunate enough to be born into old money. Julie
wondered why she didn't dress more fashionably but was
not about to be rude enough to ask that question. She
was finding the collections on the walls very interesting.
Someone must have had a connection with India in the
past. The room was decorated with Indian artifacts that
ranged from carved wooden panels to real elephant foot
umbrella holders. Much of the art work was Indian erotica.
At first glance much of it looked like men mounting and
going down on women but when she looked closer they
were pictures of numerous women engaged in various acts
of sex with each other. The ones that looked like men
were women dressed like men. Some were wearing huge
artificial cocks strapped to their bodies. If she had any
doubts about the sexual orientation of her host they were
removed by the art she displayed on her walls.

       Jane saw where her eyes were looking and she said,
"I thought you knew. My great-great-grandfather was in
the diplomatic service and amassed not only a fortune but
a large collection of artifacts. I personally prefer the
lesbian erotica as you can see. Is that a problem for you?"

       Julie looked to her eyes and only saw a charming
matronly looking woman. She smiled and said, "I didn't
know but I have no problem with your life style."

       Jane asked, "Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

       Julie said, "In all truthfulness I did play around as a
girl with some relatives and neighborhood girls when I was
quite young. My last experience would have been when I
was sixteen I guess."

       Jane asked, "I would consider renewing your
education dear? I'm sure I could teach you things your
teenaged friends never thought of."

       Julie had been straight for so many years she had all
but forgotten how much she enjoyed those times when
she indulged in playful sex with her peers. She reflected
on Jane's offer and found that she was stimulated by the
thought of having sex with a woman old enough to be her
mother and even reminded her of her mother. "If you
would be gentle with me and not laugh at my fumbling
ways I can't think of anything I would rather be doing right

       Jane pulled Julie close to her and kissed her on the
mouth. "Don't worry dear I will be gentle and very
understanding. I want this to be an evening you will
always remember." she said as she ground her mouth into
Julie's and when she came up for air Julie saw that her
lipstick was smeared all over her face from nose to chin
and from cheek to cheek. Jane started to undress Julie
but Julie held her blouse closed as she said, "What about
your maid?"

       Jane smiled "My maid will not disturb us as long as I
don't call for her on the intercom". With that she pulled
Julie's hands away and continued removing her clothes.
She admired the size of Julie's breasts when they were
exposed. She played with them before finishing the
removal of Julie's skirt and panties. When she had her
naked she stepped back to admire her figure. Julie's
nipples were erect and the dark brown pubic hair that
formed a tight inverted triangle between her legs was
visibly damp.

       She continued taking in the sight of her conquest as
she began removing her own clothes. She removed the
tweed jacket and turned the skirt around her waist so that
she could unbutton and unzip it. Julie noted that she wore
a full white slip under the navy blue blouse. Jane
unbuttoned the blouse including the sleeves and let it fall
before pulling the white slip over her head and tossing it

       Julie was becoming very excited at the sight of Jane
in her matching silk bra and panties. They were massive
to cover her large body and her breasts had to be larger
than double D's. The shoulder straps were cutting into her
round shoulders until she unhooked them and reached
behind her back to unhook the bra. When the massive
cups fell away the breasts had stitch marks where
material had been folded and sewn together to give the
bra added strength. The heavy bags had large mauve
areolas and nipples as big around as her index fingertips.

       Jane stepped out of the pile of clothes on the floor
and kicked off her practical shoes. Julie saw that her thick
legs and sagging abdomen almost hid her vulva. The thick
brown hair in that area formed an inverted triangle against
the creamy white skin.

       The woman's body smelled of lavender as she lifted
her big breasts in her hands and rubbed them. The only
things she had on was a single strand of pearls and nylons
with latex tops that cut into her thighs. She stood there
with her legs spread and rubbed her cunt as Julie stared in
awe. Her own cunt was throbbing in excitement and

       It had been so long since the last time Julie had put
her mouth on a pussy. She was not sure what she should
do. Jane sat her down on the ornately carved wooden
chair with the straight back and spread her legs as she
leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth again. Her
massive breasts were swinging like the utter on a cow.
They were rubbing on Julie's lap as she worked her way
down Julie's body so that she could suck on her breasts.

       Julie instinctually spread her legs, giving Jane access
to her vulva. The old dyke took full advantage of the gift
and went down on her. "Your cunt is sweet and wet for me
darling. Let me tongue fuck you until you beg me to stop."
Then she began sucking and licking her pussy like no one
had ever done before. Julie had to admit the woman was
ringing her bell. She had never experienced a climax like
this woman had induced in her. Suddenly her cunt
became the center of her universe and her whole body
was given over to pleasure.

       When Julie regained her composure she sat their
looking at the older women with a new understanding of
what it meant to be a woman. She watched as Jane sat
back on her heels and she wiped her face with the back of
her hand. Then Jane sat back on her butt and pulled her
legs around in front of her and spread them wide. She
placed her right hand on her vulva and rubbed her crotch
in a lewd gesture without taking her eyes off of Julie's.

       Julie knew what Jane wanted and she slid off of the
sofa she was sitting on. She went to her knees and
crawled on her hands and knees like a dog. She put her
face between the plump thighs and sniffed at the wet
meat of the older woman's cunt. She felt the tingle as the
pubic hairs touched her cheeks. She was turning her head
from side to side even before her face came in contact
with the woman's waiting slit.

       The smell was turning her on but she placed she
arms over her thighs so that she could continued to work
her way up the older woman's body. She sniffed at Jane's
face because even though she had wiped her face it still
smelled of her pussy. She kissed the woman on the
mouth. She used tongue and her spittle ran down the
woman's round chin and dripped onto her breasts. Julie
licked her way down the chin and licked the woman's
neck. She felt the blood pumping through her neck as she
slowly worked her way down the middle of her chest.
When her face was between the large breasts she could
smell the lavender perfume strongly. She placed her
hands on the outside of each breast and pulled them in
over her ears. As she pulled her head up the breasts
closed in so they her nipples were practically touching.
Julie opened her mouth and practically swallowed them
before she sucked on them so hard that blood came
almost to the surface. They changed from her normal
mauve color to a blood engorged purple. Julie started
sliding backwards as she ran her lips and tongue down the
center of the older woman's body. As she approached the
pubic hair Julie could smell her cunt again.

       As her tongue combed through the dark brown hair
a couple of hairs broke off and they stuck to her tongue.
She could not swallow them or cough them up. She had to
lift her head and cough and scrape her tongue with a
fingernail to get rid of the offending hairs. She spit and
dribbled saliva all over the pubic hair below her mouth and
then licked the hair until they were matted to her flesh.

       The stimulation of her vagina was enough for Jane's
sexual organ to become engorged with blood. Normally
her clitoris was hooded by her labia but when it was
stimulated it doubled in size and protruded beyond her
labia lips. There was just a hint of the smell of urine on
the flesh and hair, which she lost as soon as she had
licked her hair. As Julie whipped her tongue back and
forth she was shaking her head. She never knew she was
capable of doing such a thing. It was causing her to have
a feeling in the pit of her stomach that made her want to
make the older woman climax. She would have shoved
her whole face in the woman's gaping hole if possible.

       When Jane did climax she grabbed Julie by her hair
and ground her head against her cunt. She enjoyed the
feeling of control over the younger woman. She wondered
if she could control her enough to make her into a sex
slave. When she let go of Julie's head the woman sat back
to catch her breathe.

       Julie could not believe she had just done what she
had. The sticky moisture and smell however reaffirmed
that she had done it. She was confronting her guilty
feelings when she remembered Aly.

       She got up and found her purse. She rummaged
through it until she found her cell phone. She flipped it
open and found her home number on the speed dial.
While she waited for the phone to ring and Aly to answer
Jane got up and stood behind Julie because she wondered
who she was calling.

"Hello...Honey I was held up at work. Did you make
yourself dinner? I will get home as soon as I can. If I'm
late be sure you do your homework and brush your teeth
before bed."

       Jane reached under Julie's arms and cupped both
tits as Julie closed her phone. Aly heard her mother's
voice say "You nasty bitch!" before the line went dead.
She wondered it she really heard that. She hung up the
phone and returned to her homework without giving it
much more thought.

       Jane asked, "Who was that Honey?"

       Julie turned her head as if she was about to say that
it was none of her business but her face changed as she
said, "That was my daughter. I forgot to tell her I would be
late getting home."

       Jane was very interested at the thought that she had
a daughter but didn't want to press her luck. She
continued to massage one breast while she ran the other
hand down the front of Julie's body. She was kissing her
neck as she worked her hand between Julie's legs. Julie
turned her head enough to be able to kiss Jane on the
mouth. They stood there in the middle of the room until
Julie had a second climax. When they parted Julie said, "I
better get home."

       She started picking up her clothes and getting
dressed. Jane said I will drive you home and she started
getting dressed too. Jane was very interested in meeting
Julie's daughter. She didn't say anything about it on the
drive to her home though. What she did talk about was
her desire to get together with Julie again.

       Julie was quiet but when Jane asked about meeting
again she knew that she wanted to have sex with this
woman too. She directed her to her home and Jane got
out of the car to walk her to her door in hopes of meeting
her daughter.

       Aly heard the car and the sound of heels on the
pavement and opened the door to great her mother. She
saw the car at the curb and was impressed. When the two
of them were in their modest home she hugged and
kissed her mother's cheek.

       Julie had forgotten that she had not washed her
face. Aly smelled the strange odor on her mother's face
but was not sure what it was. For a second she thought
she had smelled her own cunt. She rejected the idea that
it was her mother's odor.

       When they separated Julie introduced Aly to Jane
and told her that she was an investor at work and that she
had been kind enough to bring her home.

       Aly held out her hand to the grandmotherly looking
woman. Jane pulled her into her arms and hugged her like
an old friend. Aly smelled her lavender perfume and
thought it was appropriate on a woman her age. She also
got that faint whiff of mucky odor of pussy again. It
bothered her because it made her horny.

       Jane was taking in the innocent beauty of this young
girl. She looked like she was about ten or eleven years
old. The girl's hair was cut into a pageboy with bangs and
it was a natural blonde color but her roots were darker.
The large blue eyes looked so innocent. She felt an
immediate attraction to her but didn't want to seem too
randy. She disengaged from her and stood back and told
Julie what a lovely daughter she had. Julie thanked her for
bringing her home and they hugged one more time before
Jane turned to leave.

       Mother and daughter had some small talk about
their days before they agreed it was time for bed. Both of
them had some thinking to do that night. Aly could not put
her finger on just why the smell of a couple of women
would make her so horny. Julie on the other hand knew
exactly what was making her so horny.

       She was thinking about what Julie had introduced
her to that evening. She could picture everything that had
happened. She could think of nothing else. She felt no
guilt about what she had done. She found herself pulling
up her nightgown and rubbing her pussy with the heel of
her hand until she exhausted herself.

       The alarm woke her up and her day started all over
again. She had to rush to get ready and get Aly up in time
for school. The day was typical but she was thinking about
Jane. Would she call? Would she go out with her again?
Why had she selected her to make love too?

       Every time the phone rang her heart skipped a beat.
As the day's work was coming to an end she figured that
Jane was not going to call. Then late in the day the phone
rang and she picked it up and gave the typical business
greeting. She did not expect to hear a female voice. It was
Jane and she was inviting her to dinner. Julie agreed and
as soon as the day was over she put the phone on the
answering machine and picked up her coat as she headed
for the underground. She had written down the address
where she was to meet Jane.

       It looked like a nice restaurant and when she was
asked if she had a reservation she told the girl that she
was with Jane's party the girl gave her a warm smile and
asked her to follow her to Jane's favorite table.

       It was in a secluded booth and the table was set for
two. She sat down facing the room so she would see
anyone approaching. She ordered a cocktail while she
waited and remembered to call Aly and tell her she would
be late again tonight. She was sipping her drink when she
saw Jane enter. When their eyes met she gave her a warm
welcoming smile.

       They had a nice dinner and chatted about casual
things until they finished eating and Jane reached across
the table and took hold of Julie's hand. "Shall we leave
because I want to take you home and make love to you?"

       Julie gave a quick look around the room to see if
anyone had seen Jane take her hand or heard her
comment. She sheepishly grinned and nodded her head.
"I can hardly wait to be with you Jane." Jane paid the bill
and the two lovers headed for the car park.

       This time when they arrived at Jane's home there
was no maid there to disturb Julie. Jane took her directly
to the bedroom where she demanded that Julie get
undressed. When Julie didn't move fast enough she
impatiently started helping her disrobe. When she was
naked began taking off her own clothes. She made Julie
help undress her and when she was naked also she kissed
Julie with her tongue as she felt her breasts. Just when
Julie was starting to enjoy the feeling Jane used her index
fingers and thumbs to take hold of her nipples and she
pinched them at the same time she twisted them. She
forced Julie to her knees as she straddled her head and
forced her to suck her pussy.

       Julie went to work mouthing her cunt with everything
she had in her. Finally Jane stopped pinching her nipples
and placed her hands on the back of Julie's head and
ground her head into her pussy. Julie could not help but
notice the discoloration of the inside of Jane's thighs
where her thick thighs constantly rubbed together. Just
when Jane started cumming Jane felt fluid dripping from
her vagina.

       When Jane's orgasm was finished Julie thought she
would be allowed to get up but instead Jane held her
mouth over her cunt and started piss in her mouth.
"You're my special cunt slut Julie and I want to mark you."
Julie had to swallow quickly to keep from choking on the
flow of warm piss. Even so some leaked from her mouth
and dripped from her chin to fall on her breasts. She
would have thought such a disgusting act would have
made her sick to her stomach but for some reason she
found that being degraded by Jane very erotic. "I am your
slut Jane. Do what ever you wish with me." She moaned

       Then Jane turned her back to her and bent over at
the waist and parted her ample behind with her hands.
She told Julie to lick her bum so she closed her eyes and
did as she was told. She would have never believed that
the smell of another person's asshole would turn her on so
much. She licked and tongued her asshole like a dutiful
slave. As her reward Jane masturbated Julie with a
massager that had her bumping her butt up off of the
floor. She would have done anything Jane asked. When it
was time for her to leave she regretted having to go. She
eventually had to go home and Jane drove her there. She
was very charming when she said her goodbyes to both
Julie and Aly.

       For the next three months Julie was spending every
free moment with Jane. Every meeting was an exploration
of the erotic domination. Jane showily introduced her to
spanking and restraints. When she would immobilize Julie
on a bed or chair she would endure the exquisite torture of
having her erogenous zone teased and used over and over.
She was even subjected to not only performing oral sex on
Jane but also doing it in front of the maid and performing
all kinds of oral act on the maid.

       She would refuse her nothing. Jane was careful
enough to never leave bruise or abrasions on Julie's body.
Just the same when she would get home and take a bath.
Julie and Aly had never stopped each other from coming
into the bathroom with the other was using it. Aly was
concerned about the amount of time her mother was
spending with her friend. She hardly had time to even talk
to her anymore so she walked into the bathroom one
evening and saw how red her body was. Julie passed it off
as just the result of the hot water.

       Aly didn't believe her and made an effort to walk in
on her while she was undressing and saw her body all red
looking before she got a chance to get in the tub. When
she was confronted Julie could not bring herself to admit
that she was becoming a submissive sex slave to a
woman. She tried to come up with a convincing lie. She
did not manage to placate her daughter and had to resort
to the adult barking at her daughter that it was none of her

       There was a quiet moment before Aly backed down
and left the room. She wondered what her mother was
doing that would cause her body to be so red. Julie felt
like a heel shouting at her daughter like that but she didn't
want to admit to her daughter that she was a lesbian sex
slave to a woman old enough to Aly's grandmother.

       When Julie told Jane about Aly seeing her body and
questioning her about why her flesh was so red and having
to yell at her to stop the questions. Jane thought about it
and it turned her on. She spent the next few days thinking
about the good looking blonde with the Page Boy hair cut.

       When she told Julie that she wanted to seduce Aly
Julie at first reacted with indignation but the more she
thought about it the more the idea turned her on too.
When she sat across the supper table she stared at Aly
with a different eye.

       Aly was started suspect that her mother was having
a lesbian relationship with the older woman. She only had
vague idea what that meant however. Her knowledge was
limited to playground gossip and sleepovers with
girlfriends. She listened to everything but never
mentioned what she suspected about her own mother.
>From the information she was getting she could not
believe her mother would be so depraved as to actually
perform the acts her friends attributed to lesbians. Surely
her mother would never put her mouth on another
woman's vagina.

       Jane invited Julie to bring Aly with her for a weekend
stay. Julie tried to keep telling herself that it was going to
be an innocent weekend but she knew that Jane had
designs on Aly.

       Jane had Julie sleep in her bedroom and gave Aly
the extra bedroom. After they were in bed Jane used her
strap-on dildo to fuck Julie until Julie was exhausted from
one climax after another that left her as limp as a rag.
Then Jane told Julie that she wanted to seduce Aly.

       Julie had known that the woman was attracted to
her daughter and knew that she would not stop her from
seducing her daughter. She only made a token attempt to
dissuade her dominate love by pleading that her daughter
was so young but she knew her daughters youthful
innocence was a turn on to the older woman.

       In the morning Aly woke up and needed to drain her
bladder and went to the bathroom and relieved herself.
Then she went to the master bedroom to tell her mother
that she was hungry. When she opened the bedroom door
the sight that greeted her was more than a shock to her.

       Jane was sitting up in bed smoking a cigarette. Her
legs were spread wide. Her mother had her back to her as
she lay between the older woman's legs and her head was
shaking and she was making animal sounds. Her
mother's body was naked and she could see her puckered
brown asshole and her pink gapping vulva between her
legs. She may not have seen what her mother was doing
to her friend's pussy but she knew that she must be using
her mouth to excite the woman. She backed out of the
room and closed the door behind herself.

       Jane had seen everything and continued holding
Julie's head between her legs as she closed her legs tightly
against Julie's ears and bucked her hips up against her
mouth as she climaxed as she thought of the look on the
girl's face. When she was finished she snuffed out her
cigarette butt and slapped Julie's butt as she
complemented her on her ability to satisfy her. "Oh my
sweet little slut, you make this old dyke feel twenty years
younger when you suck me off that way."

       She suggested that they get up and make breakfast.
They only put on bathrobes as they went to the kitchen
and started preparing the meal.

       Aly had retreated to her bedroom and struggled with
her feelings about what she had seen. The smell of
brewing coffee and the smell of frying bacon told her that
the women were up so she got dressed and made her way
to the kitchen. She ate in silence not knowing what to say.
He could not look her mother in the eyes and the look on
Jane's face was disturbing too.

       After the meal was finished Julie did the dishes as
Jane went to make the beds. Aly knew that she had been
seen by Jane and followed her to ask about what she had

       Jane was thrilled that the girl was following her. She
made the bed quickly and went to Aly's bedroom and was
making her bed when Aly worked up the nerve to ask her
about what she had seen.

       Jane stood up faced her and said, "What you saw
this morning was your mother having sex with me."

       Aly asked, "Is my mother a lesbian?"

       Jane asked, "Where did you hear that word?"

       Aly said, "Girls at school talk about sex all of the
time and they call women that have sex with other women

       Jane approached the girl and hugged her as she
responded, "It is true that women that love other women
are referred to as lesbians. Does it bother you that your
mother loves other women?"

       Aly paused before answering, "I'm not sure about
that. Does that mean I am a lesbian too?"

       Jane chuckled, "Honey just because your mother is a
lesbian does not mean you are one. The only way you will
know if you want to be a lesbian is to try it for yourself."

       Aly asked, "Would you teach me?"

       Jane almost climaxed at the question from the
innocent child."

       She kissed the girl on the mouth and as she pulled
her head away she hugged the girl tightly against her
breasts. The girl's head was resting between the massive
breasts. She smelled the lavender perfume and was
comforted by the warmth.

       Jane placed her hands on her back and pressed the
girl to her body. She started undress the girl. As she
worked at getting the blouse, skirt, slip and panties off of
the girl her own robe opened up as the sash cord slid away
to expose her naked body.

       The girl was fascinated by the woman's body. She
was a heavy woman like her own grandmother. The
breasts were very large and they sagged almost to her
waist. She didn't know the name of the darker skin
around the nipples but they were very large too. Her waist
was thick and hung over her crotch. The thighs were thick
too. Her body was so round that it almost hid her crotch.
The dark hair was pressed into a small triangle. Aly took it
all in.

       When she was as naked Jane let her own robe fall
from her shoulders and she picked up the girl and placed
her on the bed. She knelt by the bed and kissed the girl's
sweet mouth. She was thrilled at the idea of kissing the
mouth of the girl. Her mouth was so small that her tongue
filled it and the girl had to breathe through her nose.

       Jane introduced the girl to the thrill of having
another person play with her nipples and suck on them.
Aly could not resist reaching for the breasts of the older
woman. Each breast was larger than her-own head. They
felt soft and they were warm. She could feel the nipples
pressed against the palms of her hands.

       When the woman placed her hand on the bulge of
the girl's vulva the girl could not believe the thrill that ran
through her body. "Do you like to touch yourself here
dear?" Jane inquired.

       "Yes ma'am" she confessed as she stroked the back
of the head of the older woman that was stimulating her
so much. "I even put my finger inside sometimes."

       Julie finished the dishes and went looking for her
lover and daughter. The master bedroom was empty and
the bed made. When she opened the door to the guest
room she stood there looking at her baby laying on the bed
naked and Jane kneeling naked with her mouth covering
her daughter's pussy. She was torn between a mother's
instinct to protect her young and her own desire to seduce
this beautiful young thing.

       Aly had a look of sexual bliss on her face and her
eyes were glazed over. Aly saw her mother but she was
too carried away with her sexual thrill to react to being
caught in a sexual act.

       Jane could not make up her mind about attacking
Jane or fleeing the room. She just stood there watching
her lover sucking the hairless pussy of her daughter as the
child thrashed and moaned.

       Jane finally moved her body around so that she
could get onto the bed and straddle the girls head. She
had to arch her body to place her pussy over the girl's
mouth and still keep her mouth on the sweet pussy. As
she adjusted her body she saw Julie standing in the
doorway. She winked at her and Julie leaned against the
door frame and watched.

       Aly had never seen a pussy this closely. She could
smell the odor of urine in the tangled hairs as they were
lowered to her face. The labia protruded beyond her crack.
It looked like the fleshy meat that protruded beyond an
open clamshell. She could smell the almost fishy odor of
the flesh and as the cunt was lowered to her mouth in this
position she was looking at the woman's asshole and saw
the dark skin of her sphincter and the hairs that trailed
between her legs to ring the hole. She didn't know what
she should do but after the meat covered her mouth she
started licking the wet flesh. By the time Jane climaxed
Aly's bangs were soaking wet and plastered to her

       Jane looked up and saw Julie standing in the
doorways and she motioned for her to come to her. She
had Julie remove her own robe and sit on the bed with her
legs laced through Aly's so that she could move her pussy
right up against her daughter's pussy so that Jane could
bath both cunts with her mouth and tongue.

       In time Jane dismounted and had Julie turn around
so she could lay next to her daughter so that they could
kiss while Jane stuck all four fingers of her right hand into
Julie's pussy and she put her index finger into Aly's pussy.
She was breaking the girl's hymen and her thumbs were
being slammed into both clits with every stroke. Jane fully
intended to lap up all of the virgin blood when she finished
finger fucking the two of them. All of the possible
permutations were running through her mind as she finger
fucked mother and daughter. Of all of the past love
affaires she had been involved in this was surely the most
erotic of them all.

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