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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Stripper Sisters

Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 08:45:12 -0800 (PST)
From: August <>
Subject: Stripper Sisters

My name is Lisa. I'm 19 years old, and I'm a
stripper. I perform under the name Lesa, and I've
been working at a club since the week I turned 18.
I'm a student too, but dancing pays the bills. I'm a
good student, so I should have a future when I'm too
old for this, like 24.

For now, though, I'm having a blast. I love the
power I have over men when I show my cunt, ass hole
and tits. I get really big tips. I especially love
giving lap dances, which pay the most. I love it when
I make the guys cum in their pants. If it's a new
guy, I tell him that it's my first time doing it. Guys
are such suckers!

I have a sister named Carrie who is 13 years old.
She doesn't look like it, as she is 5ft. 10 and has
size C tits. Our mom threw her out of the house when
she she discovered pot in her room. I told her she
could live with me in my condo and smoke out any time
she wanted, as long as she kept her grades up. It's
been two months, and so far she's lived up to the
deal. She is on the honor roll in her junior high
school. She was envious of my stripping, and I had a
feeling that she was going to follow in my footsteps

One Thursday night, Carrie was in the shower, and
I really had to take a piss badly. I knocked on the
door, and told her I was coming in. I came in, pulled
my jeans and panties down, and sat on the bowl. I let
out my piss, wiped, and flushed the toilet. I forgot
that it makes the shower water cold. "Shit!" she
exclaimed. She pulled open the shower curtain, and I
couldn't believe my eyes. She looked like a full
grown woman. I knew she was tall and had big tits,
but her pussy was very furry too.

"I'm sorry," I said, as I pulled up my pants.
"Okay bitch. I'll let you get away with it this
time," she said, as we both laughed. "Carrie," I
said, "you have an amazing body." "Why thank you
ma'am," she said, as she cupped her tits in her hand
and pushed them out, posing for me.

I said, "It's too bad you're so young, as you
could do big business at the club." "So why don't I
use my fake i.d.?" she responded. "It works when I
buy beer for the gang." I didn't like her drinking,
but it seemed like a good idea. She could bring some
income into the home, and we could spend some quality
time together.

For the next week, I taught her everything I knew
about dancing. I showed her the best ways to show off
all her girl parts and how to give lap dances. She
was a quick study and a natural.

On the next Wednesday, I suggested, "You really
should shave your bush. Ironically, it's so you'll
look younger." "So why don't you do it to me?" she
said. "I'm sure you have plenty of experience with
it." She walked into the bathroom, pulled down her
shorts and panties, and sat on the bathtub. I took
the shaving cream, and spread it all over her
generous growth. I then took a razor and shaved her

"Lisa," she cooed. "Do you want to touch my
pussy?" I felt as if I wanted to touch her and eat
her out, but I didn't think it was a good idea. "Just
come to the club with me tomorrow," I said, changing
the subject.

It was a Thursday afternoon after her school was
done, and I knew it wouldn't be too busy. The club
owner was there, and he fell for her fake i.d. hook,
line, and sinker. He said she could go to work that
day, which was unusual. He must have really liked
what he saw, even with her clothes on.

There were five other girls working that day, and
they went up first. Then I went up, and she watched
me perform. I told the d.j. to play Muddy Waters' "I
Just Want To Make Love To You," and Liz Phair's
"Flower." There were about seven guys in the
audience. They always got as close to the stage as
they were legally allowed to. They always had a
glazed-over zombie look in their eyes. It used to
frighten me, but now I'm used to it.

Then Carrie went up, using the stage name Alyssa.
Her music was The Sugarcubes' "Birthday" and the Meat
Puppets' "Sexy Music." I couldn't believe how good
she was. The guys looked really turned on as she
showed off her young body. I was a proud teacher.

When she got off stage, I gave her a kiss on the
lips. Then one guy said, "Hey, kiss some more,
chicks." I just dismissed him, but then Carrie gave
me a deep French kiss. I Frenched her back. We
kissed for about five minutes, to great applause and

She gave eleven lap dances that day. I hardly
ever have that many in an afternoon. She was really
good at rubbing her body against their hard-ons. I
bet those guys would have a heart attack if they knew
her real age.

That night, we went home to celebrate. I let her
drink some wine, and she lit up a joint. She took a
drag and passed it to me. After about twenty minutes
of this, I said, "You really turned those guys on. I
bet more than a few of them came from your lap
dances." She then said, "What about you? Were you
turned on too?" I was quite stoned and drunk, and my
guard was down. I gave her another French kiss, and
she returned the favor.

She then puled her panties down and said, "Sis,
eat my pussy out." "Only if you eat mine," I said,
and I took off my bottoms. We got into a 69, and ate
each other until we made each other cum. Then I stuck
my tongue in her ass and ate it out, and she did the
same for me. Then I pulled off my t-shirt and bra,
and she sucked my nipples. She took off the rest of
her clothes, and I sucked hers.

"I have something special for you!" I promised.
I got up and walked into my bedroom, making sure she
got a good look at my ass. I went into my dresser
drawer and found my vibrating strap on. I then, um,
strapped it on. When I walked out, her eyes opened up
hugely. "So," I said. "Are you ready to get fucked?"
She then begged, "Yes sister, fuck me. Fuck me with
your big, hard vibrating cock!" I couldn't believe
it. I was about to fuck my own baby sister.

I switched on the noisy vibrator button. With
her on her back, I started to penetrate her pussy. I
felt a little resistance, as she still had her hymen
intact. I proceeded to enter her, and her cherry
broke as I saw the blood coming out. She was smiling,
so I don't think she was in too much pain. I soon saw
her body shaking as she came.

She then said, "Okay sis, it's my turn." I took
off the strap-on, and she put it on. "Lie on our
belly," she commanded. Was she going to fuck me in
the ass? Pretty soon I had the answer. I felt the
dildo slide into my ass cheeks and deep into my ass.
She took her hands and put them around my neck,
choking me as she fucked me. Where did she learn how
to do that, I wondered? Pretty soon, I came, and came
hard. I even squirted all over the carpet. She took
out the dildo, and started licking it all over. I
then joined her licking it, and our lips met in a

"Wow, that was incredible," I said. "From all
that drinking, I have to take a major piss." Then she
pleaded, "Oh please, piss on me!" She was full of
surprises. "Well okay." I then asked her to lie down
on her back. I stood up over her and let loose all my
drunken piss all over her body. "Okay, it's my turn."
We then switched positions, and she did the same to
me. We probably should have done this in the
bathroom, but we were too wasted to care.

From that point on, we always worked together,
giving kissing shows to the audience, and pleasuring
each other at night. I love my sister!

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Nifty - Lesbian - Incest - Stripper Sisters