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Nifty - Lesbian - Romance - The Picture

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Subject: The Picture

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The Picture

By Papergirl

Kassie Winkel wipes the sweat of her brow as she packs her camera in its
case and slugs it over her shoulder. Picking up her laptop and some
paperwork she wonders how the judge can stand the heat in this old

Kassie is the court/crime reporter from the local paper and just
finished sitting the entire day in an uncomfortable bench covering a
story about a local murder case. Slowly she walks towards the exit of
city hall as she sees a policewoman standing at the door waving at her.

"Hey Kassie, hold on a moment"

Terry is Kassies best friend. They have known each other since they were
Seven years old. They lived in the same street, went to the same
schools and for a brief time were lovers in college. The affair did not
last long as they found out that they were meant to be friends and not

Kassie stopped in her tracks waiting for Terry to catch up. Kassie
notices how everyone, male and female, was watching her friend. She
cannot help but smile and agree with them that her friend is one hot
woman in her uniform.

"Are you going out to Chelsea's tonight?" Terry asks, after she gives
her friend a quick hug.

"I don't know Terry, I have to go to the paper, write my story and edit
it for tomorrow's paper. I think that is going to take me a while."

The almost six foot woman slings her arm around Kassie.

"Aww, common Kas, you haven't been out at all in at least 6 months since
you and Jeanne broke up. It is time for you to get out of that house
and back into the real world girl!"

Kassie wonders; has it really been that long since Jeanne left her, so
unsuspected, for another woman? Sadness overcomes her and she leans a
little bit into the woman who still has her arm around her. Kassie
removes herself from her friend and sighs heavily.

"Ok, you win! I will come to the bar tonight but don't expect me to be
there before 10:00 PM I still have a lot of work to do."

"All right! See you tonight then!" As they each go their way.

* * *

Kassie hits the ENTER button and stretches her tired muscles. She looks
at the clock on her computer screen and realizes it is almost 9:00 pm.
She looks around and sees that most of her colleagues are still bend
over their computers trying to make their 11:30 PM deadline. All she
has to wait for is the OK from her editor that her work is done and she
can go home. She stands up and walks to her boss's office and sticks
her head around the corner.

"Jeff, I finished the story could you read it real quick and OK it so I
can go home?"

"I am already reading it, and so far so good. Just go home girl; if
there is anything that needs to be done I am sure I can handle it! Oh
and Kassie, could you check your email please? One of the reporters
just called in sick and I need some one to cover the anti-war rally
tomorrow morning and you are the only one who is off."

"Sure Jeff, I don't have any plans for tomorrow. Is all the info in the

"Thanks Kassie! You are a lifesaver. I send it all to you already in the
email if you have any questions I will be here till about midnight,

"OK, see you Monday"

Kassie walks to her desk, grabs her stuff and just when she has all her
arms full and is ready to walk to her car her cell phone rings. She
drops her coat on a chair and fishes for her cell phone. The caller ID
says that it's Terry.

"Hi Terry, what's up?"

"I am just reminding you to come to the bar tonight, I have a surprise
for you!"

Kassie groans as she nearly had forgotten her promise earlier today.

"I am sorry Terr, I know I promised to come but I have worked all day
and most of the evening. I am still at the office right now and I am
just too tired to go out tonight. Can I take a rain check?"

Kassie hears a loud sigh at the other end of the call.

"Are you sure you don't have a bit of time to come here I have a girl
who is dying to meet you!"

Now it is Kassie's time to sigh. Although she loves her friend dearly
she is not in the mood for any blind date that Terry is setting her up

"Sorry hon, I am really pooped out and I have another assignment in the
morning, I just found out about, so I really have to get some sleep."

"Alright then, but you are missing a great opportunity Kass. This girl
is perfect for you!"

"You always say that about every girl you set me up with"

"This time I mean it!"

Kassie laughs at her friends' enthusiasm and after a couple "goodbyes"
and "talk to you later" she hangs up the phone.

* * *

Kassie opens her front door and stumbles over a pile of mail that has
gathered in the doorway. She dumps her coat, laptop and keys on the
couch, grabs the stack of mail and walks to the kitchen. Her
two-year-old cat greets her with loud purring as she puts some food in
her dish and refreshes the cats water bowl. She pets the cat while
going through her mail. Nothing but bills and advertisements in the
whole stack and shoves the stack of papers to the other side of the
table joining the rest of paperwork that has a "to do" label. She grabs
a frozen dinner out of the freezer and throws it in the microwave.
Waiting on her dinner to be done she wonders if she is sure she does
not want to go out tonight. Kassie must admit to herself that she is
becoming a bit of a hermit and ponders to give Terry a call that she is
coming anyway. But as soon as it enters her mind the microwave beeps
and all the thoughts about going out are gone.

While eating her dinner she opens her laptop and starts reading the
email from the paper about the assignment she has to do tomorrow
morning. Although Kassie mostly writes the court and criminal reports;
now and then she gets general assignments she has to do. Kassie puts
the info about the assignment in her PDA, closes her computer, and
throws away her finished dinner remains and heads to bed.

* * *

It's 7:30 am and the alarm goes off and groggily she pushes the snooze
button. She feels something jump on top of her and she opens one eye to
see her kitty trying to get her attention.

"Alright, Mss Priss, I am getting up already!"

With a load groan she half stumbles out of bed and heads off to the
bathroom to relieve herself and take a quick shower. After a half an
hour and dripping wet she appears in the bedroom to see what she could
wear today. According to the weather forecasts it is going to be very
warm so she decides on a tank top and some jeans shorts. Standing in
front of the mirror she looks at herself deciding that she looks pretty
good. Looking at her watch and realizing its getting time to go she
grabs her PDA, a notebook and her camera bag and is on her way to the
other side of the city.

About an hour and a half later Kassie find herself looking for the woman
she is suppose to meet but the streets are already so busy that she has
trouble finding the right person. She asks around and shortly she
locates the woman in front of the local diner.

"Hi, my name is Terry Winkel from the Montanian, you must be Mrs

"Yes, but please call me Kathy! I already have a booth in the diner
shall we go in" \ The two women walk inside the establishment and sit
down. Kathy orders something to drink from the waitress that appeared
while Kassie sets her camera bag next to her and grabs her little
notebook and pen out of it.

About an hour later Kassie looks at her watch and realizes that the
rally starts in about an hour and as the coordinator Kathy needs to be
going. They say goodbye to each other and as Kathy leaves the waitress
appears with the bill.

"Could you tell me were your restrooms are?" Kassie asks the waitress.

"Just go to the back and then the second door to the right Hon" The
waitress replied.

Kassie walks to the bathroom and realizes that she forgot her camera bag
on the seat. She quickly turns around and to her horror she discovers
that her bag is gone. Doubting herself where she has put the bag she
asks the waitress if she has seen it. Together they search for the lost
item but it is nowhere in sight.

Now slightly panicking Kassie looks everywhere in the diner and then
runs outside like she is still going to catch the thief that stole her
bag. She looks left and right and sees a block away some police
officers and runs towards them. She realizes as one of them turns
around that it is her friend Terry.

"Terry, you have to help me some one stole my camera bag!" Kassie says
with panic in her voice.

"Easy Kassie, Where did you last have it?"

"In the diner, I was just going to the bathroom and I was stupid enough
to leave it on the bench. When I returned it was gone!"

Terry walks with Kassie to the diner and wrote all the info down and
tells Kassie that she will write a report but that the chances were
slim to none that she would get it back.

* * *

Obviously not in a good mood after what happened Kassie goes home and
just when she gets in the door her cell phone rings; its Terry!

"Kassie, You have some good luck girl! We have your camera bag and by
the looks of it everything is still in there! Some one found it in the
street at the ralley and brought it into the precinct about a half an
hour ago! You know what? I am off duty in about an hour, I can run by
your house and drop it off if you want to!"

"That would be so great Terry! Yeeeeeeehaaaw I am so happy! See you in
an hour!" Kassie screams of joy and does a little dance around the
kitchen table.

* * *

About an hour later the doorbell rings and Kassie flies to the door and
hugs her friend who hands over the bag to Kassie.

"Here you go girl! I am sorry but I cannot come in, I have an
appointment in 20 minutes and I am already late!"

"I owe you one girl! Thanks so much bringing my bag by. I call you
later, ok?

Kassie gives her friend a big hug and looks as Terry climbs back into
her patrol car with a big smile and waves. After the door closes Kassie
immediately goes through her bag to see if there is anything missing
but as luck has it she can see everything is just fine.

She grabs her digital camera out of the bag and boots up her laptop. She
is relieved that everything seems ok and hooks the camera to the
computer to download the pictures from the day. She wants to write the
article as soon as possible so she can have the rest of the day off.

Browsing through the pictures trying to find the best one for the
article her eye catches a picture she is sure she has not taken
herself. It's the last one on the disk. It is a picture of a gorgeous
woman. The woman has long wavy brown hair, the most electrifying grey
eyes and a body to dream about. It looks like she is working at a photo
shop as she is reaching for a camera bag on the top shelf.

Kassie wonders who took this picture and who this woman was. Could it be
that this is the woman who stole her bag or maybe found it? That still
no explanation why anyone would take this picture.

Kassie hooks up her printer and prints out the intriguing image of the
woman and tries to concentrate on her article. Some how she cannot
focus on her work and often her eyes drift to the picture of the
strange woman on her kitchen table.

Kassie is trying to sleep for over an hour now tossing and turning the
entire time. Suddenly she realises that the restless energy she has
been feeling all evening and night was nothing but sexual desire. She
was horny, hornier than she had ever been. Her hand slid down her belly
into her pyjama pants and slowly she began to rub herself. She moaned
as one of her most powerful orgasms she ever had in her life rocked her
body and all she could think about was the woman in the picture looking
at her with those grey eyes.

* * *

A little beam of sunlight peaks through the curtains and hits Kassie on
the nose. Slowly she opens her eyes and stretches herself. It is Sunday
morning and with a half open eye she looks at the alarm clock and sees
that it is almost 9:00 am. Today is her day off and most of the time
she sleeps on those days till noon. Wondering why she is already awake
her thoughts go back to the picture of the woman with the grey eyes.

She knows she is not able to go to sleep anymore so she slings her legs
out of bed and starts her morning routine. After about an hour she
finds herself sitting at the kitchen wondering what she should do
today. After running a few options through her head her eye falls onto
the picture and then she realizes she wants to try to find this woman.

With the picture in her hand she walks into the same diner and sees the
waitress she remembered from Yesterday.

"Hi, I was wondering if I could ask you a question?"

"Sure hon, I see that you found your bag" The waitress points at the
camera bag Kassie has over her shoulder.

"Yes, Some one found it outside on the street and brought it to the
police station."

"You are lucky hon! Most of the time people aren't that honest!"

"I know I was very lucky! But like I said I wonder if you could tell me
if you have ever seen this woman before"

Kassie takes the picture out of her bag and shows it to the waitress.

"I am sorry hon, I don't think I have ever seen her around here. I think
I would remember such a pretty girl"

A little disappointed Kassie takes the picture from the waitress.

"Thanks for looking! If you do see her here give me a call will you?"
She hands the woman her business card.

"I surely will Hon!" the waitress puts the card in her apron. "Have a
nice day now!"

Kassie leaves the diner and stands on the street looking left and right.
She is not very familiar with this neighbourhood and wonders what she
should do now. She cannot go on and ask people on the street if they
had ever seen this woman. She wonders a bit around and than has an
idea! The woman obviously works in some photo or camera shop so she
could look up all the shops in town in a phonebook. How many of them
could there be anyway.

Quickly she walks to a phone booth and starts to look in the yellow
pages for any store that has something to do with photography.
Disappointed she looks at the long list before her There are more
stores like that than she would have imagined. She sighs and takes her
notebook and starts copying addresses and phone numbers.

* * *

Kassie looks at her watch, its almost 6:00 PM and most stores are going
to be closing pretty soon. Her feet hurt from all the walking and the
list of stores is getting smaller.

"I might have time for one more" She thinks to herself and looks at the
list. Camera Obscura, on 25 W. Granite Street looks like it is not too
far away, Kassie thinks, while looking on the map. She crosses the
street and walks a couple of blocks and finds Granite Street. Half way
down the block there is a small shop with a sign "Camera Obscura" above
the door. Kassie grabs the doorknob and opens the door.

A little buzzer sounds as she steps into the store that seems empty of
any human being.

"I'll be right there," A female voice calls.

The owner of the voice comes around a big curtain and asks: "Can I help
y....." She stops dead in her tracks and her mouth falls open as she
looks at Kassie.

Kassie cannot believe this. She stares straight into the grey eyes of
the woman who is been haunting her since she saw the picture.

The woman regains her pose and with a big grin she says: "So I see you
found me"

Not recovering that fast Kassie tries to answer.

"yes, I.... eeh, well, ...." She stutters while her thoughts race a
million miles a minute.

"I can explain it all" The woman says mysteriously. "Do you want to
come into the back for a cup of tea?"

Kassie nods still not trusting her voice to answer the woman without
stumbling over her words.

"Let me close the store first"

The woman walks to the door and changes the sign to -Sorry we're
closed- and turns the lock.

"I am so glad you came" the woman says with a soft voice. She takes
Kassies hand and looks her straight in the eye. "My name is Suzy"

Kassie looks at the woman who is holding her hand and wonders if this is
all a dream but then she realizes that she is softly being pulled to
the back of the store.

Behind the curtain is a small room that has a couch and a small kitchen
at one end and a bed in the far corner. A couple of chairs and a
dinning room table are cluttered with books and pictures.

"Have a seat" Suzy says pointing to the couch. "I will make us a cup of

Kassie's eyes are following the woman walking to the kitchen and getting
the kettle on the little furnace. Feeling a bit uncomfortable and
anxious Kassie looks at the coffee table and picks up a book about
photography and start leaving through the book.

After a couple of minutes she felt the couch next to her sag as Suzy put
two mugs with tea on the table in front of them.

"What are you studying so intently?" the woman next to her whispered in
her ear.

Kassie shivered, feeling goose bumps rise on her neck and shoulders as
the woman's warm breath engulfed her sensitive ear.

" a book about photography," Kassie replied in a throaty voice she
barely recognized as her own.

"Mmm, and what does it say?"

"N...n...nothing really."

"Then why are you studying it so intently?" she asked as she traced a
finger along Kassie's bare arm.

The contact sent shivers through her and this time her whole body seemed
to react with goose bumps.

Kassie turned her head towards the woman and tries to think of a reply.


That is all she could say before she feels the full lips of her mystery
woman land softly on her own. Any attempt at rational thought
disappeared in the whirlwind of emotions. The woman's tongue grazed her
lips, not demanding anything, but a sweet invitation. Kassie closed her
eyes tightly, tilted her head back and tried to let go and enjoy the
moment. Her lips parted and Suzy's soft tongue slipped between them.

Suzy broke the kiss, raining small kisses on Kassie's nose, eyelids and
cheeks, before tracing down her neck to the hollow between her
collarbones. From there, Suzy began an agonizingly slow ascent, up the
Kassie's neck, along the line of her jaw, to her ear. Here she gently
nipped the sensitive lobe and exhaled warm breathes until she was

Kassie's skin felt like it was on fire and she no longer had any control
over her muscles. The book she had been holding felt softly on the
floor as she felt the hands of Suzy slowly disappearing under her
t-shirt. Their lips found each other again and the kiss deepened while
Kassie felt Suzy's hands slide over her sensitive breasts. Kassie
moaned quietly as she felt her nipples react to the light feathery
touch of fingertips as they rhythmically caressed the swollen orbs.

Suddenly she felt that the roaming fingers left her skin as the woman
leaned a little back breaking the kiss. Kassie couldn't help but feel a
bit confused without those magical lips and those warm hands on her
skin. She slowly opened her eyes and looked longing into the grey eyes
of the woman she just met.

"Come with me!" Her voice was deeper, husky and seductive at once as
Suzy again took Kassie's hand and let her to the bed. Soft but firm she
pushes Kassie onto the bed and kneels in front of her.

"Ever since I saw your picture in the newspaper column I dreamed of the
day that I would have you here in my arms."

She leaned forward and her hands grabbed the hem of the t-shirt Kassie
had on. Slowly she pushes the fabric up kissing every inch of the skin
that was revealed to the cold air of the room. Kassie felt how the
fabric was pulled over her head and tried to help her by raising her
arms. Suzy suddenly stopped pushing the shirt up as her mouth was now
at the same height as the swollen orbs that were restraining against
the silk black material of the bra Kassie was wearing.

Suzy let go of the t-shirt and left Kassie with her hands behind her
back still in the shirt pushing her breasts out even further. Suzy's
tongue lightly touched the left nipple through the fabric and a slight
moan escaped Kassie's mouth. Her hands now free she began to trace the
right breast and pinching the nipple slightly with her fingertips while
her mouth sucked a little on the left nipple.

Suzy reached behind Kassie and released the bra and let it fall into
Kassie lap. Her fingers were now caressing the silky skin that was
revealed and her mouth and tongue were dancing over the sensitive
breasts. Kassie mewled in pleasure as Suzy continued to massage the
sensitive orbs, her mouth alternating between them. Sometimes she
pulled hard, at others she just flicked her tongue over them,
occasionally she would nip the stiff nipples, but it was always gentle
and sent only spikes of pleasure and no pain, although Suzy continued
to yelp in surprise each time.

Kassie stood up and threw off her shorts, her tank top and undid her
laces on her boots She leaned over a heavily breathing Kassie who
could not believe how pretty the now naked woman in front of her was.
Suzy leaned over and kissed her deeply on the mouth while pressing
Kassie down on her back on the bed Suzy started to lick her chin and
traced with her tongue down to her breasts down her tummy. Kassie's
back arched and her breathing became laboured. She was making small
sounds, sighs, moans, cooing. Sounds she had never made before during
lovemaking. Eventually Suzy's mouth started working down her flat
tummy, pausing at her navel and then lower.

Kassie finally found the ability to move and struggled out of her shirt
that was still holding her hands captive. Suzy's tongue was discovering
the depths of Kassie's belly button as she felt Kassie's hands stroking
her hair. She looked up for a second and smiled at the sight of Kassie
face full of anticipation. Her mouth descended down Kassie's body
further until it had reached Kassies pants. Suxy's fingers slowly
slipped under the waistband of Kassie's shorts as her fingertips
lightly touched Kassie's Mound. The sensation was powerful, and
unexpected. Kassie threw her head back and her legs clenched.

Suzy smiled as she climb between Kassie's legs and slowly undid the
button and the fly. Grabbing the waistband she pulled in one stroke the
pants and panties down. Still sitting in between Kassie's legs who were
now slightly spread she bend down and inhaled the musky smell of
Kassie's arousal. Suzy extended her tongue out to the place where the
outer lips came together and gave a slow lick as it brushed lightly
against the clit.

"Oh god!" Kassie exclaimed.

"Relax, baby, it only gets better from here," Suzy whispered.

Kassie nodded, still unable to speak and let her head fall back on the
pillow. She tried to calm her head and just concentrate on the
sensations. Suzy kept up the slow teasing and licking until Kassie's
back was fully arched and her hands were helplessly grasping handfuls
of the comforter.

Kassie's breathing had become shallow she pushed her tongue between
Kassie's now gaping lips and began to lick her inner folds. Kassie
moaned loudly, as the sensations became even more intense and
pleasurable. She had never in her live experienced the heights of
arousal she was now experiencing as she felt her lovers tongue go even
deeper into her. Suzy picked up a faster pace and with the tip of her
tongue she now targeted every nerve cell she could find making Kassie
back arch so just her shoulder blades were touching the bed. Tension
was mounting in her body to the point that she was to pass out. A deep
growl escaped her mouth as Suzy at the right moment put her lips around
Kassie's clit and sucked it in deeply.

Kassie's primal cry blended into shuddering moans as her orgasm rocked
through her. Muscles clenched and released as rainbows of color
exploded in her mind. Shocks of pleasure that seemed to roll in upon
each other, overlap, and ripple away, only to be overshadowed by the
next crashing wave.

Eventually the spasms died away until she was only rocked by an
occasional aftershock. Slowly her mind returned to earth as she felt
her lover holding her tight. Kassie turned her head towards the woman
next to her and slowly kissed her on the lips.

"Did you enjoy it" the sultry woman asked soft.

"hmmmm " was the only thing Kassie could utter but the smile on her face
left no doubt that she had enjoyed it very much.

As Kassie turned onto her side facing her lover she let her hands roam
over the naked body. With a feathery touch she was tracing every curve
of Suzy who was now moaning and shivered a bit caused by this sensual
touch of the fingertips. Kassie's fingers were tracing the delicate
lines of the face, the nose, the mouth and down to the chin descending
towards the now erect nipples of the breasts.

Goosebumps covered Suzy's entire body and her senses were on overload.
Soft moans were escaping her lips every time Kassie hit an erotic spot
on her body what made Kassie hang around that particular place a bit
longer being encouraged by those sounds.

Her fingers went down her lover's body more and more until they found
the soft curly hair that was hiding the pink inner lips. Kassie softly
began to stroke the outer lips of her woman and with every stroke she
went a little in between them to lubricate her fingertips. With every
stroke that went deeper a shock of pleasure went through the body of
Suzy who now had her eyes clenched shut and was rolling her head from
left to right in pure ecstasy.

Suddenly Kassie took two fingers and curled them deep inside of Suzy who
opened her eyes wide and groaned deeply. Kassie took the right nipple
of Suzy's breast in her mouth and started sucking in the same rhythm
she pushed her fingers into her deeper and deeper with every stroke.
Curling her fingers a bit more upward she touched the G-spot deep
inside her lover who arched her back and yelled something incoherently.
Kassie held a steady rhythm with her fingers and with her mouth until
Suzy could not stand it any longer.

"Please Kassie Make me come...PLEASE."

Listening to her lovers pleads she fucked her a little faster with her
fingers as her thumb lightly touched Suzy's clit with every in stroke
and as she felt the muscles of the woman underneath her start to tense
up she sucked the nipple hard into her mouth and put more pleasure on
the clit and she felt the woman underneath her arch her back high in
the air and for a second stop breathing just to let out a inhumanly
cry. Kassie felt her lovers inside squeezing against the invasion of
her fingers and she kept fucking her with her fingers. How long it went
on Suzy would never know. As orgasm blended into orgasm she lost all
track of time and all count of how many she had experienced. She
couldn't stand the pleasure any longer and her mind simply shut down,
carrying her off to a restful place where all was dark and quiet.

Slowly Suzy opens her eyes as she is dimly aware that some one is
holding her.

"Are you OK?" She hears a voice saying.

Slowly coming back to the real world she awakens.

"I am more then OK!" She answers with a raspy voice.

The moaning and the screaming had taken its toll on her vocal cords. She
tries to sit up feeling still a bit weak from all the muscle activity.
She gives a big smile and places her hand behind Kassie head and pulls
her into her to kiss her deeply and tenderly.

Still recovering in the afterglow of their passion Suzy turns to Kassie
and gives her a quick kiss.

"Get dressed Kassie we have an appointment"

Kassie looks puzzled. "An appointment?? With who and where and ...."

"Enough with the questions, do you trust me? "Suzy asks her with a
serious look in her eyes.

"I trust you." Kassie answers "But I am still curious."

"Do you like me?" Suzy also asks.

"I like you very much!" Kassie answers with a big grin.

Suzy bounces out of the bed with a laugh and throws Kassie's clothes
towards her.

"Common let's hurry! They are waiting for us!"

Both women tried to freshen up a bit and put on their clothed. They are
a bit wrinkled but they are able to be presentable and after about a
half an hour they are locking the door of the store behind them and
walking hand in hand down the street.

After a short walk they stop in front of a door. Kassie looks surprised
as she recognises the door as her friend Terry's house. Puzzled she
looks at Suzy who has the biggest grin on her face. They rang the
doorbell and in seconds Terry opens the door.

"Come in girls, I was waiting for you two"

"You have some explaining to do Missy!!" Kassie says while she pokes her
old friend.

"Yes, I know. Why don't you sit down and I will explain it."

They all sit down and Terry takes a deep breath and starts talking:

" As you know you didn't come to the bar on Friday. Suzy here has had
her eye on you for a long time but after Jeanne you became such a
hermit we never thought you would crawl out from under your rock. So
after you ditched us in the bar we came up with a plan to lure you out.
I knew you were going to that anti war flick on Saturday and I had to
be there also."

Terry took another deep breath.

" I have to confess that I was the one who took your bag. We made the
picture of Suzy and then gave your camera back to you under false
pretences. Well I knew you would be interested by the mystery of the
stranger in the picture and the rest you know. I told you I found a
girl who would be perfect for you, didn't I?"

"You did!" Kassie said still in awe over the elaborate plan they had
come up with.

Kassie looks at both woman and smiles. I have the best friend in the
world she thinks as she looks at Terry but I will get her back for

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