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Nifty - Lesbian - Sf Fantasy - Alien Sensations

Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 16:20:53 EDT
Subject: Alien Sensations

Alien Sensations
Colleen Thomas (5-2-03)

The howl and shriek of the band onstage reminded her of
several tomcats fighting over a bitch in heat. The three
musicians were Andorran and making great use of their extra
appendages to cover their strange instruments. Upon
inspection, the instruments were unfamiliar to her and she
wondered if perhaps another musical fad had come and gone
while she was on the voyage here. The singer was Cathrachan
and her fur was dyed a color that hurt Jaan's eyes. She had no
idea what kind of music it was, but it definitely wasn't
Terran. Not that this was a big surprise to her, Station
Liberty was out near the galactic rim and they rarely saw
Terrans here. She tolerated the bizarre and cacophonous music,
but preferred the Vivaldi or Mozart she listened to on her
long flight in. The bar was packed and as far as she had seen
she was the only human in the place. This was normal too and
she could not remember the last time she had seen another
human. She was actually looking forward to this next run, all
the way to Earth. It would be good to see home again, although
home was a strange concept to her now.

Jaan was an oddity in a lot of ways. She was one of a handful
of full-blooded human flyers. Most Terrans never left Earth
and why should they? At the epicenter of a vast galactic
empire they could get anything they wanted without ever
leaving home. With the laws so biased in their favor and the
income of each human supplemented by the Terran Authority they
enjoyed a standard of living that was unrivaled. Except for
the valiant men and women of the Space Corps and the few
planetary officials, humans were rare outside the immediate
vicinity of Earth. The human body didn't take well to space
travel and only the hardiest souls volunteered for the corps.
It was only by serving your five years of compulsory duty to
the Authority that you could earn full citizenship, however.
By this means the Authority kept enough humans to staff the
mighty battle fleets. Career officers were uncommon however;
most humans did their five years and returned to their
homeworlds, never giving space another thought.

Spacefareing humans were uncommon but flyers were even more
rare. Flyers were a breed apart, a close-knit brotherhood of
the few beings that piloted the vast faster than light
starships that held the empire's trade networks together. It
took a rare being to enter cryogenic sleep and still have the
necessary brain wave activity to control the titanic ships.
Most flyers were of an avian race called the Vertuzi, who
hailed from a planet in the Vodrux system. For some reason not
yet understood by scientists the gift manifested itself more
often in a race that was born with the power of flight. Yet
even among them the "gift" occurred only in about one tenth of
the population. Among humans the number was about one in every
billion. The "gift" was a latent psychic ability, which
allowed the possessor to remain at least semi-aware of their
surroundings even in Cryogenic suspension.

Jaan was nearly one thousand nine hundred years old, but most
of that time had been spent in cryogenic sleep. The years
passed unnoticed while her sleeping form hurtled through the
void. A single trip to the Rim took nearly fifty-five years
and she was only ageing for a few months of that time. Two
months on average, from station to jump point, fifty-four
years in transit, and another two months inbound. It was a
lonely existence, you almost never saw the same people twice.
The old stories of the pilot with a girl in every port were
romanticized bunk. Even in the stations where the life span of
the local population was more than the hundred and ten-year
minimum between jumps that length of time seemed to kill
passion and often even memory.

Jaan could have had a lover in any port she stopped in.
Banging a Terran was an accomplishment to be bragged about in
many quarters of the empire. Some of the wealthiest
prostitutes in galactic history were Terrans who chose to
follow the oldest profession. In fact, Jaan had been
approached on her first flight out by a wealthy madam. Jaan
was attractive enough to get noticed even when in a Terran
port. She was five foot three inches and one hundred and
nineteen pounds, with light blonde hair and striking blue
eyes. Her bust was small and her build very petite, but even
in dull gray coveralls she got propositions on the rare trips

She almost always politely declined because, for her, sex
demanded intimacy and that was a trap. She loved the stars and
she knew she would never be happy tied to one man or one
place. She never let people in and always kept her distance,
erecting inner barriers that were impossible to scale. The
time between visits was just too much to overcome, and sex for
the sake of sex had always left her feeling cheap and used. On
the other hand, falling in love terrified her because that
meant leaving the stars and she knew in her deepest soul she
would always be a flyer.

Liberty was an old station, built before researchers had
learned that cramped quarters and lack of recreational
facilities lead to bloody rebellions and madness. The
station's amenities were spartan and the huge bar was an
addition to the original. They had tried to get the old
station up to snuff with today's more modern facilites, but
the effect here was random and not overwhelmingly successful.

Liberty floated above the gas giant Porserpina V. Down there
in the maelstrom over four hundred individual platforms mined
the gas called Rebiline. This highly ionized gas, once it was
refined, formed the main fuel of the current generation of FTL
drives and as such was worth its weight in credits.

Life on the platforms was brutal in the extreme. The howling
winds never fell below gale force and often reached extremes
that were beyond belief. Six months was the standard tour on
most of the platforms. Six long months in an envirosuit,
busting your hump in twelve-hour shifts with no days off. At
one time the standard was a year, but it quickly became
evident that such a long shift brought insanity. With one
tour's pay a miner could live like a king for a year as long
as he or she stayed out of the galactic core, where only
Terrans could afford to live. Most of the beings in the bar
were miners, whooping it up and waiting for a slow inter
system freighter that would take them back to Daggerhelm, the
only habitable planet in the system or enjoying one last fling
before they took a drop ship down to begin another stint on
the platforms. For those who were leaving it would be food,
drugs, sex, and whatever other perversions their hearts
desired, until the money ran out. Then another six months of

Most of them were Cathrachan, a humanoid race covered in red
fur and prone to be volatile. Jaan had witnessed barroom
brawls of epic proportions when drunken Cathrachans started
arguing, usually over something trivial. There were at least
fifty other races represented in the bar and Jaan observed
them with detached interest. In one corner a male Volluskan
sat drinking heavily and rubbing his crotch. He was eyeing her
and Jaan made sure she showed no interest. The Volluskans were
a large race, which hailed from a high G world in the Askade
system. Incredibly strong, they were valued as enforcers in
organized crime, heavy laborers by the Corporations and shock
troops by the various colonial armies. The males were highly
territorial and aggressive and often fought for nothing more
than the pleasure of it. They were also constantly horny and
emitted a strong pheromone that drove the females of many
species into heat. Due to their immense size, the results were
often fatal for the unfortunate woman who fell under one's
spell. The females emitted a similar pheromone, but
interestingly enough it too seemed to affect the females of
other races, rather than the males.

A pair of ethereally lean Andromidans moved about the place
along with several other varieties of "working girl". The
smarter ones were surgically altered to be able to accommodate
most any race. On a station like Liberty, where females were
extremely rare and the males had credits burning their
pockets, they could make a fortune in less than a year. As
Jaan watched, the two of them sidled up to the Volluskan.
After a few words were exchanged they all rose and left. Jaan
remembered the smooth madam and her pitch so many years ago.
Jaan had been naive and had almost agreed to give it a try.

"There but for the grace of God go I," she said to herself and
finished her drink in a single swallow.

"And where is that hunny?" a deep, gravely voice responded.

Jaan turned to find herself staring at the largest bust she
had ever seen. Each of the giant mammarys had to be larger
than her head and the semi erect nipples looked to be as large
as her thumb. A black shimmery top was stretched tightly over
them, but it seemed to be straining to hold them in. The
woman's face was flat, all sharp angles and very manly with
thin lips and a cleft chin. Volluskan women were a breastman's
fantasy come true, but if you liked anything else feminine you
were better off with an Andromidan male. Her skin was deepest
blue, but her eyes and hair were a dark green. The effect was

"Nowhere," Jaan said looking back into her cup. She could feel
a slight buzz in the back of her head and a very mild arousal.
She recognized the effect all to well, the alien was aroused
and Jaan was getting a dose of her pheromones. If it had been
a male she would have fled immediately, or taken one of the
pills she kept in her jacket pocket. Since it was a female and
she posed no threat Jaan did neither, it was mildly pleasant
and she had not been really aroused in a long time.

"You're a Terran aren't you?"


"And a flyer?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"When a Terran makes stationfall I generally know,"

"You're a miner?" Jaan asked. The woman sat back on her bar
stool and smiled crookedly. Her legs were impossibly long and
so heavily muscled Jaan could see the individual muscles
moving under the tight black pants she wore. Her waist was
slim, leading to her massive breasts and heavily muscled arms.
She was elementally powerful, but even in that power she was
all woman.

"I am a jack of all trades. I worked a tour on one of the
platforms, mostly for kicks and to support my...habits"

"Habits?' Jaan asked distractedly. The buzz in her head was
stronger and the mild arousal she felt was growing. Jaan had
learned much of the Volluskans in her time making the run from
Triumveral, their homeworld to Beta six in the inner core. The
spacefareing part of the race was sexually advanced and very
promiscuous. Males tended to "fuck anything that moved" while
the females were known as the easiest lays in the universe.
They were an aggressive race and also very hedonistic, seeking
pleasure in all its forms. As they became more interested in a
particular partner the level of pheromones they exuded rose
and it was common knowledge that a Volluskan actively seeking
after a particular being was almost always successful.

They were banned from the inner core by the Authority because
the males were far too large for a Terran female to
accommodate. That was the stated reason anyway. Jaan had
always felt it was more Terran males being threatened by an
alien race that could have their pick of mates. Volluskans
were known to use almost any drug, try almost anything in
their pursuit of pleasure. Despite this they were a practical
race, not controlled by their urges, but not hindered by
inhibition of any kind. Strangely, within their own closed
society on Triumveral they were actually very traditional and
practiced monogamy. No researcher had yet found an explanation
for the sudden psychological change in them when exposed to
other cultures.

The rising level of excitement told Jaan that this one was
setting her cap for her or was interested in someone around
them. Jaan was tempted to reach for the foil packet she always
carried, it contained a neural blocker that would render the
alien's pheromones useless, but her head was slightly cloudy
and her hand seemed to hesitate even though she was urging it

"Mmmm, yes, I have some rather expensive...indulgences,"

"Like?" Jaan asked distractedly.

"Women. I have set out to sample the bedroom prowess of every
sentient race. Considering the rather.prudish nature. of so
many races it is a game that requires a good deal of credit,
some charm, and a bit of luck. Also I suppose my looks are
against me,"

"I think you look fine, for a girl who is into other girls
that is," Jaan said. While she did not swing that way herself,
Jaan did find a certain rugged beauty in the alien's face now
that she looked. Or was that the pheromones? She was getting
giddy and knew she should put an end to this before she got
into real trouble.

"You seem...sincere. Even the ladies I have paid for the
privilege have never been able to say that without out
betraying their real feelings,"

"I am sincere, I mean you aren't beautiful by any stretch of
the word, but if I were into girls I would be happy to be seen
with you. You have great strength, not just physical, but also
inner strength. And you are wise and kind. I have a good feel
for people and these things I know about you, though I could
not tell you how I know them,"

"What is your name little one?" the Volluskan said as she

"Jaan Martinique,"

"I am called Tuverlate RiskNeche, but most call me Tuvie,"

"Pleased," Jaan said as she felt a blush rise to her face. Her
nipples were hard and she felt her pussy lubricating, she had
not experienced lust like this and she knew she was in
trouble. The alien smiled warmly and then turned to the
barkeeper and ordered another drink for herself and one for
Jaan. When the drinks arrived Tuvie sipped hers, eyed Jaan
appreciatively and then sighed.

"I think perhaps you should take the pill you have been
reaching for. While I find you attractive and had planned too
try to bed you, I think I am more interested now in getting to
know you," she said seriously. When Jaan began to splutter the
alien laughed loudly.

"How do I know it's there? I am not a novice little one, I
know they are standard issue to flyers,"

With a trembling hand Jaan took out the pill and mechanically
swallowed it with a sip of her drink. Her head cleared almost
instantly as the powerful drug flowed directly to her brain.
She was still mildly aroused, but nothing like the mind
clouding lust she had felt just moments earlier. Jaan had
always been careful around Volluskans and she wondered why she
had played with fire here. A lack of caution wasn't like her
at all. Even without the chemicals clouding her mind, she was
still taken with the alien's rugged beauty. Maybe I do find
her attractive, she thought to herself.

"Would you care to move this conversation to one of the
booths?" Tuvie asked in that rough voice. Jaan found herself
nodding and following the big alien without any real
conception of what was happening. It would be several minutes
before the drug fully returned her mind to normal. Once seated
in a secluded booth Tuvie turned her attention back to the
small Terran. They both sipped their drinks quietly for a
short time. Tuvie waited until Jaan's eyes ceased to be
dilated before she spoke.

"Now that you are thinking a little more clearly, how do you
know I am kind? Or wise? Or strong?"

"I have some latent psychic ability. Nothing strong enough to
warrant further training, but I have always been able to form
impressions of people. I know when I am being lied to, or when
someone is not trustworthy, and with certain people I get a
deeper reading"

"Certain people?" Tuvie asked as she arched an eyebrow. Jaan
colored furiously and looked away.

"People I find attractive, usually," Jaan said without looking

"Oh!" Tuvie exclaimed.

"Have you been with many women?" Jaan asked shyly. Even
without the effect of the pheromones she was aroused and not
sure what to blame it on.

"Many? That depends on your definition. There are thirteen
hundred and forty two sentient races. Of those only four
hundred have a physiology that would allow me to enjoy
conjugal relations. Of those I have sampled one hundred and
eighty three. By your standards that is probably a great many,
but by ours I am practically a virgin. I never liked the males
of my species, and being considered rather on the ugly side I
never got much attention from them. I have never formed an
attachment to anyone and all my trysts have been one-time
affairs. I am sure you know our reputation for philandering if
we leave the homeworld, most of my race are far more
experienced than I am in terms of number of lovers, but none
is so experienced in variety I don't think,"

"Do you have a favorite?"

"How can I have a favorite? I am not even half way through the
possibilities yet," she replied laughing.


Tuvie laughed again and seemed to relax. She told Jaan of her
adventures, of the places she had seen and the things she had
done. At first Jaan only listened, but over time she found
herself opening up to this strange woman. Jaan told her about
the many ports of call, the long days alone on the outbound
and inbound flights, when she had nothing to do and no one to
talk to. Her fear of commitment, the loneliness her life
engendered, even her secret hopes and dreams. After a while
Tuvie spoke no more, but listened as Jaan poured her heart
out. At last the torrent of words dried up and they sat in an
awkward silence.

The band was on break and the music was being piped in from
the booth. The dance floor was full and Jaan noticed the two
Andromidans were back and dancing. She wondered just how long
she had been sitting here talking with Tuvie. One of the
Andromidans was moving rather stiffly and Tuvie couldn't
resist a comment.

"Looks like she was fucked till she walks bowlegged doesn't
it?" she observed. Jaan blushed several shades of scarlet and
nodded, which caused the big alien to chuckle.

"Little one, I wish to ask a favor," Tuvie said.


"Can you tell me again that you don't find me ugly? I would
like to hear it when you aren't sexed up," Tuvie said as she
leaned close and looked intently into Jaan's eyes.

Jaan looked at her closely. Her face was not pretty, nor was
she exotic, but Jaan could see the strength in her, the power
that rippled just beneath her deep blue skin. Jaan found
herself wondering what it would be like to be wrapped in her
arms, held against that massive chest and protected from the
world by that strength. Beautiful? No she would never be that,
but attractive? Without a doubt she was, one just had to know
how to look.

"I think you look fine. If I were into girls, I would have no
problems being with you," Jaan said slowly. Tuvie watched her
carefully then nodded ever so slightly and sat back.

"Thank you," she said at last.

"Your welcome," Jaan said.

"Are you sure you aren't into girls?"

"Yes," Jaan said, almost too quickly.

"Pity," the tall alien said.

"Why do you ask?" Jaan asked. She was curious and feeling
something she had never felt before. She knew the pill would
be wearing off soon, but she didn't feel that powerful
arousal, just a strange tingling in her body, almost like it
was awakening for the first time.

Tuvie leaned forward, until her face was only inches from
Jaan's. Her dark eyes flashed and held Jaan's. Jaan could
smell her breath; see the intensity in her eyes and her lips
as she spoke.

"Well, I was hoping to take you back to my room and fuck you
until you can't walk," she said. The words were spoken slowly
and each word carefully enunciated. Jaan felt a knife of
desire twist in her tummy with each word. She could only stare
dumbly as the big woman's hand snaked across the table and her
index finger trailed sensuously along the inside of Jaan's

"I have a nice strap on and I can make you scream with
pleasure. How long has it been little one? How long have you
gone without someone reducing you to a quivering mass of
jelly? No man can do you like I will. Once you have had me
between your legs you won't even think about men again. Are
you sure you wouldn't like to try it? I would love to be your

Jaan's mouth gaped open and she tried to speak, but no words
would come. For all her worldliness no proposition for sex had
ever been presented to her in quite such a way. Each word
seemed to turn the knife in her stomach, cranking up the knot
of desire she felt. Jaan had always been aloof and on the shy
side. Because of this men had approached her with flattery or
soft promises. Now she was faced with someone taking the less
gentle, more demanding approach, the one she had only dreamed
of someone taking in the long dreams of Cryosleep.

Those dreams were so strange and more like memories than
dreams. They carried a reality and immediacy that put normal
dreams to shame. The space corps classes recommended flyers
take an anti psychotic drug before making the jump. Many
flyers refused to do so because it interfered with their
ability to control the great vessels, which added to the myth
that you had to be insane to be a good flyer. Tales of flyers
awaking from the long sleep permanently and psychotically
insane were numerous, although the exact incidence of such
occurrences was a closely guarded secret. That was why the
procedures for entering the long inbound runs demanded that a
flyer make contact with the station before he or she engaged
their sub light engines. In the systems close to the Earth it
was a capital offense not to do so. Any ship that engaged the
sublight drives without authorization would be boarded by
marines and the pilot summarily executed. The Authority lived
in fear of the devastation a psycho flyer could cause by
engaging the FTL drives near a planet.

Jaan did not take the drugs. Her dreams in the long sleep had
never been nightmares, but had always been sweet dreams of a
home and a husband with picket fences, a flower garden and
children. Or they had been torrid dreams of sex with an unseen
lover who physically dominated her and took pleasure from her
at will, even as she took pleasure in her submission. These
dreams never caused her any problems upon waking and so she
chose to forgo the drugs and to dream away the years in

Tuvie's words returned to her mind those torrid dreams, but
now her lover wore a face and Jaan shivered when she realized
the large Volluskan could easily be her dream lover. Did she
dare even think of giving into the heat building in her body
now? Could she deal with the possibility that she was
attracted to women rather than men? Did it really matter? In
her transient existence, where the people you met at a station
were usually long dead before you returned did anything

The choice before her boiled down to spending a night with
this strange woman in her "cube" or spending it alone in the
deluxe accommodations provided for flyers. For tomorrow?
Preflight checks as the last of the gas was loaded and the FTL
engines fueled. After that another night on station and then
the long outbound journey. Would she return here? Eventually
she might, flyers went where needed, only a few had set routes
they traveled. As a Terran citizen she had the power to get a
set route, but she never used it. She stayed in the pool with
the rest of the regular flyers; content to go where the winds
of fate blew.

Now those winds seemed to be blowing her into Tuvie's arms.
Was it time to fight them? Some small recess in her mind
thought so, but her body was saying follow them. She felt a
tightening in her stomach that seemed to dip towards her
suddenly damp pussy. Jaan squeezed her thighs together and
felt the sensation of her lips sliding against one another.

Tuvie's finger continued to gently trace along her arm, moving
up to the edge of her sleeve. The Volluskan's voice had
lowered to a deeper rumble that was very seductive and seemed
to promise undreamed of delights.

"You know you want it. I can see it in your eyes. It's written
all over your pretty face. Won't you come with me, Jaan?"

Jaan could only nod her head. Even then the motion was jerky
and almost mechanical. She could feel her arousal rising again
and felt certain the pill had worn off, but she no longer
cared. When Tuvie stood up Jaan realized for the first time
just how large the alien woman was. She was at least eight
feet tall. Her hands were huge and Jaan's disappeared into the
big Volluskan's when Tuvie offered to help her rise. Tuvie
pulled her gently to her feet, but Jaan found she was having
trouble waking from her semi trance. She had to look up to see
the bottom of the big woman's breasts. The whole moment took
on a surreal quality, as if she were watching someone else
rather than actually living the moment.

Rather than lead her the big alien simply scooped her up into
her arms and made her way through the crowded bar. Jaan was
conscious of the stares and the whispers and laughter. While
they brought a fierce blush to her cheeks they also fueled her
growing desire. The knowledge that everyone there knew she was
being taken back to Tuvie's room, and knew that she was going
to get fucked seemed to send the level of arousal she felt off
the scales. She buried her head in Tuvie's shoulder and held

The big alien carried Jaan effortlessly down the maze of
corridors and lifts before she finally closed the door on her
own cube and gently placed the terran on the floor. As soon as
Jaan's feet hit the deck Tuvie released her and stepped back.

She gave her an appraising stare and then said, "Make yourself
at home," before walking into the tiny bathroom. The cube was
standard for older stations, a double bed with a headboard
built into the wall that acted as shelf space. Single
nightstand with two drawers and a lamp, a big holoscreen
entertainment unit on one wall and a tacky sofa with metal
ends and coffee table bolted to the deck on the other.
Gunmetal gray bulkheads, on which a picture of Titan hung,
formed the walls. Thoroughly depressing, Jaan thought. The
entertainment units were another of the stations attempts to
make the place more tolerable for long-term residents. Like
most of the others it was a half measure that fell short of
the mark by several degrees.

Tuvie exited the bathroom and Jaan felt her tummy tighten and
a knot of desire twist in her gut. The big Volluskan lay down
on the bed on her back and just watched Jaan. The Terran girl
felt the buzz in her head from the pheromones now; the neural
blocker had completely worn off.

"Turn around," Tuvie said while making a twirling motion with
her fingers. Jaan blushed, but did a slow pirouette. Tuvie
made a sound, somewhere between a growl and a purr.

"Remove the jumper," she said when Jaan's finished her slow
turn. The big alien's hand had slipped between her thighs and
was massaging her pussy through her tight pants. Jaan blushed
again, but felt the desire in her rising to a fever pitch. She
quickly shed the jumper and stood there in only a thin t-shirt
and white cotton panties. Tuvie was looking at her curiously
and then began to laugh.

Jaan had always been proud of her looks, but in the face of
the alien's laughter she felt very self conscious, her arms
covered her breasts and she wished to just run away. Tuvie
reached for the remote control unit of the entertainment unit
and dialed in something.

"Forgive me little one, I do not laugh at you," she said as
the screen flared to life. Jaan watched as several shots of
terran women appeared. They were pin ups from men's magazines
and Jaan had seen many of them before in lockers, lounges and
in the pilot's compartments of inter system freighters which
she often moved about for the company while waiting for her
own ship to be loaded. She was still stinging from the
laughter as shot after shot of women in garters and stockings,
teddies, camisoles and corsets flashed by. All of it was
commercial softcore porn, but Jaan felt she was as attractive
as most of the models. Suddenly something dawned on her and
she turned back to find Tuvie still chuckling to herself.

"You were laughing at my underwear?"

"No, laughing at myself. I have never been with a terran
woman; my only experience with them is from pictures and
movies. I had just assumed you all wore such. fascinating
things beneath your jumpers," she said while a grin rippled
across her features.

"It's called lingerie and many terran women do wear such
things day in and day out. Much of what you have seen is worn
strictly for the effect it has on males and is quickly

"Do you wear such...garments?"

"On occasion, but very rarely. They are not as comfortable as
what I have on now nor are they as functional,"

"Pity, I would love to see you in some...Lingerie?"

Jaan laughed, the sting was gone, replaced with wonder at the
misconceptions the different races had of each other. She
found her excitement had returned, as well as a deeper
curiosity about her new friend. The ice was effectively broken
and she sat on the end of the bed. Jaan asked about her
childhood, her life, a million questions which the Volluskan
woman seemed to try to answer seriously. Often Tuvie countered
with questions of her own. When the torrent of questions faded
away they sat in a long silence, with each lost in her own

They had a great deal in common for people of two different
races and cultures. Both were socially isolated and while not
exactly outcasts, they were both more comfortable away from
the societies that had raised them. There were other
similarities of interest and personality. Jaan realized now
why she was so comfortable with Tuvie.

"So now what?" Jaan asked curiously. Tuvie looked at her
seriously and seemed to take a long time considering her

"I'm not sure little one. It was my intent to bring you here
and fuck you silly. So many times it has been thus, I seduce a
woman, have mad passionate sex and don't even remember her
name later. Many times I have had no interest in her at all,
save her race. I do not suppose you realize it, but among my
own race I am considered quite ugly. Bouncing from place to
place in the galaxy, seducing women of every race has been my
way of compensating for it. In all my adventures no one has
ever looked at me and said I was attractive and meant it. No
one has ever asked about my past, my hopes, my dreams. You are
the first to take an interest in me that goes beyond sex or
money. While I still am nearly mad with the desire to take
you, it is a desire to take you for my own and frankly that
scares me,"


"Many reasons. You are a flyer, after today I will probably
never see you again. I have always wanted someone of my own,
but have never dared to dream it was possible. I fear letting
those feelings out, only to find you gone tomorrow. I have
suffered so much, cultivated a callousness to hide my feelings
and now they are escaping. You have the potential to cause me
so much pain,"

"I don't want to hurt you," Jaan said.

"What do you want?" Tuvie said with a lopsided grin.

"Well, you had mentioned fucking my brains out," Jaan said
with a coquettish smile. The big alien laughed and then said,
"For someone not into girls, you seem to be quite ready,"

Jaan looked at her seriously. She considered what she was
saying before deciding that she meant it.

"I'm attracted to you. I am not sure if it is physical so much
as...spiritual? If that's the right word. I feel a connection
with you that I have never felt before with anyone. I am also
very curious as to how this is going to work. I am not as
prudish, or as naive as you may think, but I am on unfamiliar

"Well, I feel the same as you do, something beyond just lust.
We will leave that for later, right now I am dying to fuck
you. As to the how.." Tuvie rose slowly and opened the second
drawer to her nightstand. She brought out a large bundle
wrapped in a shimery purple cloth. It was about two feet long
and looked very much like a bedroll from the holo vid
western's Jaan had watched as a child. Tuvie placed it on the
bed and untied the gold sashes that held it together. She
rolled the bundle on the bed before Jaan's wide eyes.

The inside was filled with clear plastic pockets of varying
sizes and every one held a toy of some description. Jaan was
far from naive and had never been prudish, but the collection
brought a blush to her cheeks. She recognized the harness for
what it was and a few of the toys were vaguely penis like, but
some were outlandish in the extreme. One pocket was devoted to
an immense phallus made of grayish green latex. Over a foot
and a half long and easily six inches in girth - she shivered
just looking at it.

"Volluskan" Tuvie said as she slid the huge phallus out of its
pocket. "Now you see why we are banned from the inner core.
This one is only medium sized compared to many of the males of
my race,"

She replaced the huge dildo back in its pocket and watched as
Jaan eyed the various implements.

"Don't hesitate to ask. It's not complete, but it is probably
the most versatile collection in the universe," Tuvie said
suppressing a grin as Jaan blushed again.

Jaan pointed to a strange looking toy. It was about five
inches long and resembled a deflated balloon.

"Trebothan," Tuvie said.

"How does it work?"

Tuvie laughed. "I can show you better than I can tell you,"
she said as she stood and wiggled out of the tight pants. Jaan
stared at the tall alien as her pants slid down her thighs and
calves, clinging tenaciously to the silky blue skin. Once she
had them off Jaan's eyes glided up the impossibly long,
heavily muscled legs to the juncture of her thighs. Tuvie's
pussy was very plump, with prominent outer lips. Her mound was
also very fleshy and completely bald, but Jaan could not tell
if that was from shaving or natural.

Jaan had grown up in a boarding school. She had seen naked
girls before, but she had never paid much attention beyond the
comparing of bodies as puberty hit that was common in such
settings. For the first time she found herself watching a
woman disrobe with an interest that grew by the moment. Jaan
actually felt a pang of dissapointment when Tuvie did not
remove her top, but stepped into the harness and expertly
buckled it around her hips. The harness consisted of a mesh
web of black fibers that buckled over each hip. A strap ran
from back to front with a large triangle of some solid
material that covered her pussy from view. This pad had a
strange device at the center, which consisted of three metal
studs set in an oval of rubber. Almost like the connector for
electricity in some of the old stations, Jaan thought.

Tuvie took the toy from its pouch and pressed it firmly
against the oval, then deftly turned it half a rotation
counter clockwise. There was a clicking sound as it locked
down on the harness.

"Trebothan men have it easy. They just insert their things
into the woman and then wait. Blood vessel are closed off and
the member begins to swell, like this," Tuvie said. As she
spoke the small toy began to expand. Like a balloon it grew
longer and thicker as the seconds passed.

"Once it fills the woman completely she will orgasm, the
resultant contraction will cause the male to orgasm. The blood
begins to flow again and as soon as it is small enough to
remove the male wanders off. It's actually pretty boring,"
Tuvie said as she removed the now shriveled toy.

"And this one?" Jaan asked, indicating a toy that seemed to be
composed of fifteen to twenty rubber tentacles.

"Vulrith," Tuvie said, taking the toy and attaching it with
another deft twist of her hand. As soon as it was attached
Jaan could discern the quiet hum of a small motor and the
tentacles began to wave around.

"The Vul are really asexual. Sex is totally outward. Each has
a set of these and they press them together. The tentacles or
whatever you want to call them, caress each other and in the
process each gets a copy of the other's genetic material. Sex
for pleasure is unknown to them. Interestingly, Vul can make a
small fortune as gigolos. Apparently the feel of those
tentacles going crazy inside a woman is profound and so they
are in high demand with the more degenerate ladies of the
inner core"

Jaan was beginning to really get excited. She knew some of it
was Tuvie's pheromones, but she was beginning to admit to
herself that a lot of it was just plain old "I need it now"
lust. The fact that she was getting so aroused by another
woman probably would have troubled her if it weren't for the
buzz she was feeling. Deep down she knew she would have to
deal with the fallout of that in the morning, but right now
she was just too horny to care.

"Which one are we going to use?" Jaan asked.

"I am not sure," Tuvie said with a laugh. "I have never been
with a terran, I am not exactly sure what you can comfortably

Jaan looked again at the strange assortment of toys. There was
nothing like the small vibe she kept in the drawer under her
bed on ship. The closest she could see to a man was the
Volluskan, but the sheer size of it was too much for her to
even contemplate. Jaan finally decided she would have to try
the pink one. It was about nine inches long and maybe two
around, but covered in multiple ridges and knobs so that it
was actually much wider in places. She removed it from its
pocket and felt the weight of it and the slightly warm
material from which it was fashioned. Jaan looked
questioningly at Tuvie.

"Arborean" Tuvie said simply.

"I've never heard of them,"

"They are a very strange race, found in several systems out on
the galactic rim. They are huge; in fact the average male
dwarfs me. So does the average female come to think of it.
They engage in sex pretty much as terrans do, but due to their
size it's always standing up. They weigh so much that they
cannot lie down and hope to get back up again, plus the weight
of one on another would be fatal,"

Jaan was still holding the strange phallus when Tuvie gently
removed it from her hand and attached it to the harness. She
rolled up the case with the rest of the toys and placed it on
the floor. The big alien sat back on the bed and took both of
Jaan's hands in her own.

"Enough talk, I didn't bring you here for a class in
Xenophisiology and that isn't what you came for, is it?" Tuvie
said. Her voice sank lower, to that sexy whisper as she
finished the sentence and Jaan felt a lump in her throat. She
couldn't speak and only managed to shake her head with an
effort of will.

Tuvie pulled Jaan bodily forward. She found herself crushed
against the soft pillows of the alien's breasts and was
shocked to realize just how strong Tuvie was. The alien lifted
her up until her thin lips could reach Jaan's. Jaan had to
twist her body around to get comfortable and ended up with her
legs straddling Tuvie's waist, just under her ponderous
breasts. Tuvie's lips were softer than silk and tasted faintly
of whatever liquor she had been drinking. Her tongue probed at
Jaan's lips and when they parted slightly slithered into her
mouth. Slithered was perhaps an accurate description and
Jaan's eyes got wide as she felt that tongue explore her
mouth. It was warm and slippery, but rough too and it seemed
to be impossibly long, at one time caressing her tonsils and
seconds later outlining each tooth. The word prehensile came
to her mind but the meaning of the word was lost in a shock of
sensation when Tuvie's large hands cupped her ass and

Tuvie's hands were warm and easily covered her whole ass. Jaan
was delighted by the tenderness with which they massaged her
cheeks. She knew Tuvie was incredibly strong and the fact that
she could be so gentle seemed incongruous. Tuvie continued to
gently massage her cheeks through the thin cotton panties
while her tongue ravaged Jaan's mouth. Jaan felt the two large
mounds of the alien's breasts beneath her tummy and the
electric contact of the alien's skin on her inner thighs.

Tuvie was apparently getting into it as well. Jaan felt the
buzz in her head and remotely realized Tuvie was sending off
really strong pheromones. Jaan began to kiss back, trying to
force her tongue into the alien's mouth, but the Volluskan was
not about to let up and relinquish the initiative. Tuvie's
hands slipped up, over her hips and gripped the thin t-shirt.
She pulled it over Jaan's head, waiting until the material was
pushed against their chins to break the kiss. Jaan did not see
what she did with the shirt. As soon as it was over her head,
even before her hair fell back into place Tuvie's lips were at
the nape of her neck. Sucking, licking and occasionally
nipping the soft skin. Jaan's mind was clouded with lust, a
need so strong she thought it would blast her mind. Every
sensation seemed to be unbearable and she found herself
frantically humping against Tuvie's tummy.

Tuvie rolled over suddenly and Jaan found herself lying on her
back with the alien's weight upon her. Tuvie's hands slipped
inside her panties and peeled them down her legs as she knee
walked back off the bed. Jaan was surprised to feel how wet
she was and at the shockingly strong aroma of her arousal.
Tuvie held the damp garment up to her nose and inhaled deeply.
When she tossed the panties aside her eyes were burning with
an unholy flame.

She caught each of Jaan's ankles and dragged her to the edge
of the bed. She then knelt, but still held Jaan's legs aloft.
Tuvie smiled at her and then kissed Jaan's ankle just below
the bone. She kissed her way down the inside of Jaan's leg,
leaving a trail of fire that sent the small human into
convulsions. Jaan could not seem to control her body, she
jerked and twisted with each caress. Every sense she had was
in overdrive now and her skin felt like it was hyper
sensitive. In a detached way she realized it had to be the
pheromones. She knew this kind of raw sexuality was just not
possible with someone she barely even knew. When Tuvie's
tongue made contact with her inner thigh Jaan shrieked. She
could see now where a woman would go to bed with a male of
this race, consequences be damned, she was thrumming with

She managed to open her eyes and look up just in time to see
Tuvie's face descend to her pussy. The first contact of
Tuvie's tongue on her slick lips tore a shuddering moan from
Jaan that was unlike any sound she had ever made before. She
felt Tuvie's tongue glide down her lips and back up, not
pressing between them, but teasing them. Jaan clenched the
bedspread tightly in her hands and chewed on her lower lip.
That tongue was driving her insane. It was soft but rough,
slippery and yet sticky and seemed to know exactly where to
dart to next to provoke the most response. When Tuvie slipped
it between her lips to caress her inner folds Jaan felt an
orgasm rip through her.

White-hot sparks shot off in her brain as the contractions
sent waves of pleasure through her small body. She cried out
again and again, the sounds reverberating around the small
cube and mixing until it sounded like a heavenly chorus.
Throughout the whole thing Tuvie's tongue never ceased it's
ministrations. Jaan came back to earth to find her body still
thrumming with energy and Tuvie's tongue still driving her to

In the next minute Jaan was able to think a little more
clearly. The orgasm was shocking in many ways. First and
foremost was that it had hit her with practically no warning.
She had always had trouble achieving climax and there was a
long build up to it usually. Often she would hang on the edge
for so long she would give up on it, the experience becoming
more like work than pleasure. On top of it's sudden onset the
violence of the damn breaking was outside her experience. No
previous orgasm had ever felt so good that it demanded she cry
out, but this one had. The most curious thing was the
aftermath. Jaan was not multi orgasmic. When she did achieve
one it was followed by a delicious relaxation and drowsiness.
She had never even been tempted to continue with her vibe
after one and none of the men she had slept with had ever made
it to one, much less past that.

This was totally different. Even now she was loosing the
battle to keep her mind free of the pervading lust she felt.
The orgasm had not diminished it in the least, if anything it
had fed the desire she felt. That incredible tongue probing
the entrance to her body snapped her mind away from the more
coherent thoughts. Jaan groaned when Tuvie thrust her tongue
deeply into the human's tight channel. She felt again the
strange sense that it was impossibly long and moved in ways
that were inexplicable. Here, in her most intimate of places
it seemed to be a living thing, totally removed from the owner
and totally capable of touching every part of her being.

A second orgasm tore through her body with as little preamble
as the first. Raw waves of pleasure pulsed outward from her
center and deluged her mind with shattering power. Jaan found
herself transported to some otherworldly realm on the waves,
following their whim without protest. Her mind seemed to
fracture, flying off in several directions at once, leaving
her barely conscious of her surroundings. When the pieces
returned and she was able to make sense of things she found
herself still moaning and not one bit less aroused. Tuvie's
tongue was still wiggling inside of her and Jaan quickly found
her arousal level going through the roof again.

Tuvie ceased what she was doing and raised herself up on her
knees. She looked down at Jaan and then meaningfully down her
body. Jaan followed Tuvie's eyes to see the sex toy bobbing
between her legs. She became aware of an aching gulf between
her legs, one that cried out to be filled. She wanted that
cock, no wanted was too tame a word; she desperately needed to
be filled. At that moment anything would have been acceptable,
the need was so great that no consequence could possibly
matter. Her whole world was the here and now and she needed to
be fucked like she had never needed anything before in her

"Please," she gasped.

The big alien smiled crookedly and reached down with her left
hand to gently spread Jaan's slick lips. With her right she
grasped the toy and lined the tip up with Jaan's entrance and
then thrust forward. Jaan was very wet and ready, but the cock
was so wide and so strangely shaped that it took a few more
thrusts before it sank all the way into her tight pussy.

"Ohhhh...God!" Jaan moaned. This was heaven. Nothing should feel
this good. Jaan seemed to be able to feel every ridge and bump
on the toy. It was so good, but it wasn't enough. She needed
more. Her pussy was crying out for more.

Jaan began to rock her hips, forcing herself against Tuvie's
pelvis. Each little movement made the toy inside her shift and
it sent sparks of pleasure into her system. Still it wasn't

"Oh God, Please, I'm on fire," she gasped.

"Please what?" Tuvie purred.

"Fuck me...Please"

Tuvie laughed musically and jogged her hips once causing Jaan
to gasp. She held very still after that and eyed the small
woman spread out before her. She was so small and delicate.
Tuvie really wanted nothing more than to fuck her till she
passed out, but she held back. She was not as susceptible to
her own pheromones as the human obviously was and unlike so
many of her race, she did care about her partner. Damn, this
is one hot woman, she thought. Her tight little body was
covered in a sheen of sweat and her tiny nipples were standing
at attention. Her legs were splayed wide and Tuvie marveled at
the light blonde fuzz that covered her mound. Delicate pink
lips were spread wide around the toy and Tuvie was impressed
that such a small woman had taken the big cock without any
sign of pain. She gently touched the soft pubic curls and was
about to withdraw when Jaan's eyes fluttered open. Her face
was masked with lust and her eyes seemed feverish.

"Fuck me," she hissed.

"Babe, I want to tear you up, but I don't know. You are so
small and I get pretty wild. If you ask again I am going to
loose control, so back off now or prepare to get it like you
have never gotten it before,"

The soft voice and genuine concern in the tone seemed to cut
through the raw lust. Jaan shook her head to clear it. She
looked up and saw the concern on the alien's face and the
indecision. Her rational mind, which seemed to have been
paralyzed, suddenly came to life. Here, in this single moment,
time seemed to slow. Her rational mind presented all of its
arguments and they seemed utterly trivial.

"Don't stop," Jaan whispered. With those words she gave in to
the lust she felt and damned the consequences.

"You asked for it," Tuvie said in a voice thick with desire.
She leaned forward then and for a moment Jaan panicked as she
found the world blotted out by Tuvie's titanic breasts. She
felt the alien's big hands slide around her and suddenly the
world was filled with motion she did not expect. A yelp was
torn from her throat as Tuvie stood up, while holding Jaan
tightly to her body. Jaan's weight pulled her down on the
cock, driving it so deeply into her hot tunnel that she felt
it hit the very depths. Her legs wound around Tuvie's waist

Tuvie turned and walked to the wall. With each step Jaan found
herself making little barking noises as the big dildo moved
within her. She had never been so thoroughly penetrated and
even in her state of near blinding lust it caused a little
thrill of fear about what was next. Tuvie stood near the wall
and then leaned forward until her head was pressed against it.
Jaan's shoulders and head also rested on the wall. Tuvie's
hands slid to the little terran's hips and then she held Jaan
very still.

"Put your hands on my shoulders" she grunted. Jaan tried to
comply, but she could not reach over or around the domes of
Tuvie's breasts.

"I can't," she panted. The words sounded wrong, breathless and

"On my arms then,"

Jaan managed to get her hands on Tuvie's biceps. The skin was
still soft as silk, but she could feel the corded muscles
underneath. The feeling of raw power in those arms sent a
chill up her spine.

Tuvie planted her feet and then rocked her hips back. Her
hands held Jaan firmly in place so that the toy slid out of
her, dragging along her insides and producing sensations that
were hard to describe. Before Jaan could really assimilate
them Tuvie drove her hips forward. The initial force of that
driving lunge pushed the air from Jaan's lungs. The toy was
sliding back out before she managed to breath again and
slammed back into her before she could speak. The ridges and
nubs now caressed her inner walls in a very sensuous manner.
The ridges seemed to be caressing her insides like tiny
fingers. The driving rhythm Tuvie took up was fantastic and
Jaan felt another monster orgasm begin.

The dildo crashed into her again and again with a power that
was unreal and a tempo that exceeded anything she had ever
imagined. Her inner muscles contracted onto it, trying to hold
it inside as the over whelming bursts of pleasure shot to her
brain. Jaan screamed out in ecstasy. She had never been a very
vocal person in bed, but this orgasm would settle for nothing
less than a scream. Her vocal pleasure seemed to drive Tuvie
to even more exertion and the dildo became a blur as it sawed
in and out. Jaan whimpered when her mind finally began to
function again. The room was filled with the sounds of their
lovemaking, the liquid squishing as the fat dildo drove into
her and withdrew and the rhythmic slop of Tuvie's hips on the
backs of Jaan's thighs. These sounds were soon eclipsed by her
moans and the incoherent babbling that preceded another mind
shattering orgasm.

After an eternity of pounding Jaan felt a slight change in the
motion. She realized Tuvie was now pulling her hips in to meet
the thrusts and then pushing her back again. With her back to
the wall and her arms holding Tuvie's arms she was literally
"swinging" back and forth in time to the thrusts. Jaan came
again and again, quickly loosing count of the number of
orgasms. Tuvie was like a machine, some kind of fantastic
orgasm machine that seemed like it would never stop.

Sweat dripped from Jaan's ass to mingle with her juices on the
floor beneath them. The muscles in her legs and arms were
cramping. Countless orgasms had reduced her to a quivering
mass of frayed nerve endings. Tuvie showed no sign of letting
up and Jaan wondered if she might not just die this way. A
twinge in her pussy announced the arrival of another orgasm
and this one carried Jaan away on a red tide of pleasure into
sweet oblivion. The last thing she remembered was a feral
scream of pleasure that she could not imagine coming from her


Jaan rose quietly and dressed. Tuvie was still sleeping and
still wearing the harness and her shirt. Jaan listened to her
steady breathing for a minute before quietly opening the hatch
and leaving. She made a note of the cube number so she could
find it again before moving off down the corridor. Walking was
slightly difficult and Jaan realized she was using a shuffling
gait that put less stress on her abused pussy. Jaan smiled
when she realized the big alien had really fucked her till she
walked bowlegged. She bumped into the large male Volluskan she
had seen the night before. He leered at her and Jaan blushed
profusely. She felt uneasy knowing that by now the entire
station knew what had passed between her and Tuvie the night
before. She dodged past the big male and headed for the lift,
but her mind took her back to the cube the night before and
the mind blowing sex. She had never experienced anything like
it and now she had to deal with the ramifications of that wild

She found a lift and took it up towards the flight deck. The
easiest thing would be to call it an aberration based on her
loneliness or to write it off as the effect of the Volluskan
pheromones. While she admitted that either explanation was a
comfort she also acknowledged that neither was the truth. She
was not sure she was ready to deal with the truth. The
feelings were deep and jumbled, working through them would be
difficult for her and she knew she had very little time. She
would depart in two days or less and before then she would
have to deal with it, or ignore it. The lift stopped and the
hydraulics hissed as the door opened. The flight deck was
huge, cavernous and filled with thousands of beings running
here and there involved in the monumental task of loading and
unloading over a dozen freighters.

Her ship, Artemis III, was in one of the two slips for FTL
freighters. The second slip was empty. A station like Liberty
did most of it's shipping in system, having two of the big FTL
freighters at a time was a rarity. She dodged the blue suited
longshoremen and red suited lift operators as she made her way
through restricted zones towards her ship.

Jaan stopped at the small office of the harbormaster and
checked on her ship. It was only half loaded, but the harried
secretary assured her she would be ready to go by her
departure time. She made her way up the long sloping ramp to
the command cabin of her ship. Once she stepped through the
hatch the great buzz of activity gave way to the silence of
the cabin.

Jaan had spent the better part of her life in this small space
and the suite of rooms behind it. On one wall there was the
great padded command chair. Two large banks of displays sat
silent and dark before it, dominated by the huge view screen.
These banks of displays would not come alive until the ship
was towed free of the station. Only when the large ion engines
came online would the multitude of lights and indicators wink
to life. On the other wall was the deeply padded Cryo-tank
where she slept the long years of flight away. Next to that
was the empty pedestal where a second couch could be
installed. Some flyers had a second installed for emergencies,
others so they could bring a mate along on the flight. Some
even made a few extra creds on the side by transporting people
illegally. No one ever checked the cockpits because flyers
were notoriously temperamental and had a very strong union. In
general it wasn't worth the aggravation unless the authorities
were very sure and the need dire. Jaan had never had a
passenger and saw no reason for a second couch. The odds were
very good that she would not survive a malfunction of her
primary chamber anyway.

Jaan walked past the chair and through the small hatchway into
the other rooms. To the left was the small galley where she
prepared her meals. To the right was the head, complete with
bath and shower. Most ships did not come with such amenities,
but she was terran and so her living quarters were outfitted
better than the average flyer's. Down the short hallway was
her bedroom. Here a large bed dominated one wall, on the other
was a large tri-d video entertainment unit. The back wall was
shelves and wall units. On the shelves were her few
possessions. Books, records, mementos from the various
stations and worlds she had visited, an old guitar she had
taught herself how to play and the rare photograph of her
family and friends. A metal wardrobe and some built in drawers
held her clothes. She sat heavily on the bed and in the
brooding silence her thoughts seemed to come at random.

For the first time she realized she had very little to show
for a life as long and varied as hers had been. She was rich
of course, fabulously wealthy by any definition. The Authority
paid each terran citizen a monthly stipend from the huge
amount they earned in taxes and fees on trade. Jaan had been
collecting hers for over a thousand years and had never spent
a credit of it. She was so well paid as a flyer that she had
never had too, in fact she banked most of her flight pay as
well. Still, she had money but nothing real to show for it.
She had always been good at saving, always for someday, for
that time after she was done flying and wanted to settle down.

The small cabin seemed lonely and forlorn. Funny how I never
saw it that way before, she thought. That line of thought took
her back to Tuvie and last night. Just remembering sent her
skin tingling. God, that was how a girl was supposed to feel
after sex! she thought. There was more to it than that of
course, there had been real feelings. Caring and concern, much
less love had been completely absent from her other
experiences. This had been so different, so much more
powerful, and so entirely different from casual sex. She
glanced around again and wondered if sharing it with someone
would make the room seem less lonely. Could she do that? There
was so much involved. Would Tuvie even be interested? So many
questions with so few answers and so little time to plot the
right course.

Jaan sat for over an hour debating the pros and cons of the
action she contemplated. When she stood up her pretty face was
set and determined. She opened the drawers and selected a few
items, which she tossed into the small overnight bag she
usually carried when she took a shore leave. She opened the
wardrobe and selected a dress and the only pair of high heels
that she owned. She put these in the bag too and put it over
her shoulder, grabbing her small makeup bag and stuffing it
into the overnight bag as well when she passed the head.

Once in the cockpit she traced her finger along the back of
the command chair as she passed by it. The cockpit was silent,
but not so brooding as when she entered. The second pedestal
seemed forlorn and she stared at it as her hand lingered on
the leather of the chair. She stopped in the hatch and looked
back once.

Jaan made her way to the harbormaster's office again. When she
explained what she wanted done he proved to be stubborn and
intractable. She knew it was short notice, but it wasn't half
the problem he made it out to be. When he became angry and
flatly refused to accommodate her wishes, Jaan did something
she had never done before. She took advantage of her rights as
a Terran.

She walked out of the office and took a lift to the upper
level of the station, where the station commander kept his
offices. Flashing her Terran identity papers got her past the
secretary and flashing them a second time got her the station
commander's undivided attention. A complaint from a Terran
citizen about how she was treated on his station could
conceivably cost him his head and would definitely cost him
his command. By the time she left, Jaan had been assured that
everything would be taken care of too her satisfaction and
that there was absolutely no need to place a call to the
Planetary Governor's office on Daggerhelm.

Jaan felt slightly guilty for having done it, but she also
felt good too. Knowing that she had so strongly felt the need
to go through with this gave her some confidence that she was
doing the right thing for herself. If it was right for Tuvie
remained to be seen, but at least Jaan was taking the steps to
present the option. That was quite an accomplishment for her.

Her next stop was a floor down, on the administrative level.
After a few minutes scanning the directory she found the
office she was looking for. A single Andorran woman sat behind
the desk, each hand busy. She looked up and smiled wanly.

"May I help you?"

"I would like to fill out a spousal agreement form,"

"Of course," she said opening a file cabinet and fetching a
standard form, she placed it before her and looked up again
then hesitated.

"Are you a Terran citizen?"


"Oh, I can't help you then. Let me call my supervisor,"

After a short wait a harried looking Cathargan emerged from an
inner office. He took Jaan's papers and sat at a terminal.

"This will take a while Miss. I have to call planetside and
make sure you are a registered citizen, and get confirmation
on your status. I will also have to fill out several forms for
you and your prospective husband to sign. If there is no hurry
I can have everything ready for you when we open in the
morning and will have them delivered to your room,"

"That will be fine," Jaan said. He handed her several forms
and indicated where she needed to sign.

"These forms just authorize me to access your records and
begin the process. Before you go let me make sure, you want a
spousal agreement and not a contract of servitude, is that

"Yes," Jaan said. She did not believe in slavery, which was
what a contract of servitude amounted to. It was however, a
firmly entrenched tradition and those who entered into such
contracts did so for the life of comparative luxury the inner
core offered. In her mind the price was too high, but she had
never lived on one of the hive worlds and she understood life
there was worse than death.

After Jaan had signed she left and went to her room. She had
not realized how tired she was. Well, tired wasn't really the
word was it? More like contentedly indolent. She took a quick
shower and then collapsed on the bed. In moments she was


Jaan stood hesitantly outside the hatch to Cube 5143. Her
dreams had been chaotic, filled with the big Volluskan and
fragmented memories of their night together. She had awakened
with achingly hard nipples and decidedly damp panties. This
only added to the growing feeling she had that she was doing
the right thing in going back, but here outside Tuvie's door
her courage had failed her. Now she stood and stared at the
door with profound indecision. She had never been bold and
here in this long empty corridor she was once again falling
prey to her own insecurities.

Without warning the door slid open and Tuvie stood there
before her. The big Volluskan wore a gray jumper that zipped
up the front. The zipper was done up enough to be decent, but
revealed a daring amount of her abundant cleavage. Jaan
realized that she had never seen Tuvie's breasts. She wanted
to correct that oversight, but first she had to find her voice
and that was proving difficult.

"Jaan? I didn't expect to see you again," Tuvie said.
Something in her voice was strange and Jaan looked up and
right into her eyes. If the eyes were the mirrors to the soul,
as the old saying went then Jaan could have been staring into
her own eyes. She saw the fear, desire, uncertainty in her own
soul mirrored in the big Volluskan's. Somehow knowing she
wasn't the only one in a state of confusion made her feel

"Tuvie, I am sorry I left without waking you, but I needed
some time,"

"It's all right, I needed some time too, why don't you come

Once they were inside Jaan sat on the sofa and Tuvie on the
bed. The silence soon became awkward and they both started to
speak at once.

"Jaan I..."

"Tuvie I..."

They both stopped as abruptly as they started and then both
were seized with a fit of the giggles. When the laughter
subsided Tuvie smiled and Jaan smiled back.

"We are both adults, I suppose we should stop acting like
schoolgirls and just talk," Jaan said.

"Schoolgirls?" Tuvie said.

"Earth expression, for adolescents," Jaan said.

"Ah," Tuvie said. Jaan licked her lips nervously then screwed
up her courage and hesitantly spoke.

"Tuvie, last night was.. incredible. I have never felt
anything like it,"

"So you have come back for more?"

"No...Well yes...maybe...Oh shit, I don't know,"

"You didn't come back for a repeat performance?"

"No, not as such...I...There is more to it than that!"


"The sex was great Tuvie...Oh, who am I kidding, it was better
than great, it was phenomenal, but I wouldn't have come back
if it was just about the sex,"

"Then what?" Tuvie asked. Jaan sighed and walked over to sit
don on the bed next to the Volluskan.

"Tuvie, do you feel anything for me? I mean beyond wanting to
take me to bed?"

"You're talking about love aren't you?" the alien asked in a
very subdued tone of voice.

"No...Well, I don't know. Love is such a strong word and it
takes time to grow. Unless you believe in love at first

"Or love at first fuck?" Tuvie added with a grin. Jaan blushed
lowered her head. Tuvie took her chin in her fingers and
lifted her face until they were staring into each other's

"You do mean love," Tuvie said simply.

"I guess I am being silly, aren't I?" Jaan said. She was still
looking into Tuvie's eyes, and those warm orbs seemed to be
huge, taking up the entire room.

"I think you are being sweet, but I am not sure you are in
your right mind. What could you, a beautiful terran see in

"I don't know how to say it, I just know I feel it," Jaan said

"I feel it too. I just did not dare hope you returned my
feelings. Now that you are here, and say you do, I don't know
what to say,"

"Don't say anything," Jaan said as she tilted her face up and
closed her eyes. Tuvie bent and leaned forward so that their
lips could meet. This kiss was soft, with none of the burning
need she had felt last night. Jaan had taken the precaution of
a neural blocker injection. Stronger than the pills and
lasting a full twelve hours it would guarantee that what she
was feeling was real and not chemically induced. Tuvie's lips
were soft and warm and when her tongue lightly traced along
Jaan's lips they parted slightly. The Volluskan's tongue
needed no more invitation and slipped inside Jaan's warm

Jaan stroked the alien's tongue with her own as it explored
her mouth. Her mind was clear and she found that her
impressions the night before had not been wrong. The alien's
tongue was indeed able to do things that no human's tongue
could. She felt it twist and turn in her mouth, seeming to
expand and contract as well as move in unexpected ways. As the
kiss deepened Jaan felt her excitement growing, but this was a
comfortable rise in the level of arousal and not the roller
coaster ride of their first time.

Tuvie's huge hands gently stroked Jaan's arms through the
sleeves of her dress. Her own hands were resting on Tuvie's
legs and supporting her weight. Her hands spasmed on Tuvie's
legs when she felt the woman's tongue caress her tonsils. The
kiss broke and they both sat back. Neither seemed quite sure
what to say.

"You look edible in that dress," Tuvie said at last.

"Thank you,"

"I think you would look even better out of it," she said and
then smiled her crooked grin that Jaan found so endearing.

Jaan looked Tuvie dead in the face and then whispered, "I was
hoping you would feel that way,"

Jaan got shakily to her feet and offered her hands to Tuvie.
The big woman seemed to uncoil from the bed like a spring as
she rose. Jaan was stuck again by Tuvie's sheer size. If she
weren't so gentle she would be very intimidating. As it was
Jaan felt a shiver of excitement rather than fear. She turned
her back on the big alien.


She felt Tuvie's large hands fumble with the small zipper and
then down it came. She turned quickly to face the Volluskan.
Tuvie looked at her with a puzzled expression, but Jaan just
smiled and motioned for her to sit back down. She did so, but
Jaan could see she was wondering what was going on.

Jaan took a deep breath and then let the dress fall from her
shoulder to pool around her ankles. Her small firm breasts
were encased in an elegant black satin bra trimmed in royal
blue, antique lace. A garter belt of the same black satin, but
unadorned with lace held up black stockings with lace tops.
Over the garters she wore a black satin bikini brief. Jaan
held her breath and watched Tuvie closely. The Volluskan
cocked her head to one side and smiled that crooked smile.

She rose and stood before Jaan again, then reached out and
placed her hands around Jaan's chest. She moved them up until
Jaan's pert tits were held in the webbing between Tuvie's palm
and thumbs. Her thumbs then slipped over the cool satin in a
long circular pattern. Jaan's nipples responded almost
immediately and stiffened until she could see them poking out
through the cups. As Tuvie's fingers continued to circle them
Jaan bit her lower lip to keep from moaning.

Suddenly Tuvie picked her up and carried her to the bed where
she gently laid Jaan down. When she stood her hand caught the
zipper to the jumper and pulled it down. The sound was
unnaturally loud in the small room. When the zipper reached
the point just above her crotch it stopped and Tuvie peeled it
off. Jaan's eyes drank in the big Volluskan, moving upwards
from her heavily muscled legs, plump mound, flat belly and
came to rest on those two glorious orbs.

Each was about the size of a medicine ball. They were firm and
stood on their own without a hint of droop or sag. The
aureoles were as big around as coasters and the thick nipples
were easily as large as Jaan's thumb. The skin was the same
soft blue as the rest of her body, but the aureoles were an
azure blue and the rubbery nipples a deep blue, almost black.
Jaan realized she probably couldn't get more than the nipple
and a small amount of the aureole in her mouth if she tried.
It came as a mild surprise to her that she not only wanted to
try, but also intended to.

She rose to her feet and moved to the end of the bed. Tuvie
smiled and leaned down and they kissed again. This kiss was
deeper, more passionate and Tuvie took control, ravishing
Jaan's mouth with that incredible tongue. The big woman's
hands went to Jaan's ass and began to knead her cheeks. It
felt so good that Jaan moaned softly into Tuvie's mouth. A
large blunt finger slipped between her cheeks and began to
massage her quickly dampening lips through the thin satin. The
soft satin sliding against her most sensitive parts soon had
Jaan involuntarily humping Tuvie's finger. Tuvie broke the
kiss and then kissed Jaan's chin and trailed kisses down her
neck before stopping to lick the nape of her neck.

Standing on the end of the bed Jaan was still shorter than
Tuvie by a foot or more. Tuvie's lips and tongue continued on
their downward trek until Jaan felt her lover's lips brush the
lace of her bra. Jaan's nipples were stiff and sensitive
already, she rarely wore satin because it drove her mad
feeling that cool material sliding over her sensitive nips.
Now she was anticipating Tuvie removing her bra, or at least
pulling it out of the way, but the big alien surprised her.
Tuvie's mouth enveloped most of her satin covered breast,
which caused her to gasp. Tuvie's tongue curled and rolled
around her stiff nipple, quickly soaking the delicate fabric.
Jaan had never felt anything like it, her poor nipple strained
against the wet fabric and that magic tongue danced over it
driving her to groan. Tuvie's hand pulled the satin panties to
one side and a stiffened finger probed her tunnel.

Tuvie's fingers were thick and when it began to press inward
Jaan groaned. Her pussy was still very sore from the previous
night and without the screaming lust of Tuvie's pheromones
driving her to lubricate like a faucet it was a more difficult
entry. Jaan was a small girl and not very experienced and
Tuvie's fingers were easily longer and thicker than her small
vibe. After a few experimental probes her finger slowly sank
into Jaan until her palm settled against Jaan's cheeks. Jaan
arched her back and Tuvie opened her mouth fully, taking
Jaan's entire breast into that warm, wet cavern. She felt her
nipple bump against the back of Tuvie's mouth and had to look

Tuvie's lips were pressed against her bare skin, the entire
cup and Jaan's whole breast out of sight. Tuvie drew back,
keeping her lips tight and dragging along the entirety of
Jaan's breast until only her nipple was left inside, held
lightly between the Volluskan's teeth. Jaan had only moments
before Tuvie's tongue began to dance over her nipple again,
working the poor nub of flesh until Jaan was grunting and
moaning. Tuvie's finger continued slowly fucking her with long
deep strokes.

When Tuvie moved to the other breast Jaan looked down again to
find her left breast covered in wet satin and her nipple
poking out to a degree she had never thought possible. In
moments her hips began to buck, thrusting back on Tuvie's
finger as the alien gave Jaan's right nipple her mouth's
undivided attention. Jaan felt her legs beginning to get weak
and knew she was approaching orgasm. She did not know if the
alien just knew exactly how to touch her, if there was some
psychic connection between them or if she was just still
sensitive from the night before, but in any case she was
undoubtedly about to cum if she did not stop the stimulation.
It took an effort of will, but Jaan managed to gently
disengaged herself from the big alien. Tuvie stood to her full
height and looked inquisitively into the small human's face.

"Is there something wrong?"

"No...I just."

"You just?"

"It's just that last night, you made me feel so good and I
didn't do anything for you. I don't even think you came,"

"I did, but if you would like to pleasure me...Be my guest," she
said as she stepped back and held her arms down with her hands
turned out in an open invitation.

Jaan stepped tentatively forward until she was on the edge of
the bed again. Tuvie was watching her curiously and Jaan felt
silly and awkward. She reached out hesitantly and stroked
Tuvie's left breast. The skin was warm and silky smooth and
glided under her fingers in a very sensuous way. Emboldened
she dropped her hands and cupped each of the huge orbs. They
were heavy and a curious blend of soft and firm that excited
her senses. She squeezed gently and felt the resilient flesh
give, but spring back when she released the tension. Her hands
now circled Tuvie's magnificent breasts, gently stroking and
exploring. Jaan noticed the large aureoles begin to draw in
and pucker as the nipples started to extend. Jaan's hands
moved to them, but were barely large enough to cover the
puckered aureoles.

Tuvie moaned softly and the sexy sound reverberated around the
room, much as Jaan's cries had the night before. The small
woman was beyond noticing particular acoustical effects now,
her mouth was watering as she leaned her head forward and let
her hand slide away from Tuvie's right nipple. Jaan's lips
parted and she took the long rubbery nipple into her mouth.
The nipple filled her mouth and Jaan applied a soft suction.
Her tongue rolled around the nipple and her small hands began
to squeeze. Tuvie's hand twined in her hair and pulled her
face tightly into the generous mound. Jaan lost track of time
as she suckled on Tuvie's breasts. Occasionally the big alien
would pull her head from one nipple with a soft plopping sound
only to redirect her mouth to the other. Jaan tried to take as
much of Tuvie's tit into her mouth as she could, but she could
not even envelope the whole aureole.

Tuvie eventually pushed Jaan back a few steps. The alien was
breathing hard and her movements were a little shaky. When she
calmed herself she caught Jaan under her armpits and lifted
her from the bed to deposit her on the deck. Tuvie bent to
kiss her once and then jumped on the bed and scooted back till
her head rested on the pile of pillows. She spread her long
legs wide and looked at Jaan with a smirk on her face.

So it came down to this. Jaan stared down at Tuvie, from her
long muscular legs to her glistening pussy. Jaan knew this was
the threshold and if she crossed it there would be no turning
back. No pheromones, no aching need, no excuses. Jaan
hesitated all of a second before she clamored onto the bed and
settled herself between Tuvie's thighs. She rested her elbows
on Tuvie's hips and looked up her body to see her face. Tuvie
laughed deeply at the questioning look on her face.

"You haven't a clue what to do now do you?" she said though a
chuckle. The words were filled with mirth and no rancor, but
even then Jaan colored furiously. She wondered what she had
gotten herself into. After a few moments of silence Tuvie
smiled the warmest smile Jaan had ever seen.

"I'm just like you Jaan, only on a larger scale. What feels
good to you, feels good to me too. Just imagine what you like
and what makes you feel good and do it to me, or if you are
not ready we can try something else,"

"Jaan looked down at the big alien's wet pussy. The slick blue
lips gaped open slightly to reveal a deeper blue color to the
inner folds. Her fat mound seemed even more pronounced up
close and Jaan could smell her delicate musk. She looked up

"Will you tell me how to get started?" she asked.

"Of course, but relax. This is supposed to be fun, not
something you are getting graded on. If you just let go I
think you will do fine with a minimum of coaching. Start by
just touching me,"

Jaan nodded and resettled herself so her hands were free and
her weight was supported on her elbows. She very carefully
traced her index finger along Tuvie's lips. The skin was
marvelously silky and by the time Jaan had finished the first
trip down one and up the other her finger was coated in
Tuvie's juices. Jaan noticed that Tuvie's juices were
different from her own. Hers were slippery, but also thick and
left a sticky feeling. Tuvie's were like olive oil. So fine
and light that there seemed to be absolutely no friction as
Jaan continued to explore. After a short time her movements
became bolder and surer as she remembered what previous lovers
had done to her that had felt good.

"Use your mouth now, you already have me wet and ready,"

Jaan looked at Tuvie's pussy dubiously. She had never given
oral sex to anyone and was pretty sure she didn't want to. The
idea of it just left her cold, but she remembered the
incredible feelings Tuvie's tongue had provoked in her. Well,
if you are going to be a lesbian, you are going to have to
learn to do it eventually, she told herself. Jaan closed her
eyes and hesitantly moved her face closer to Tuvie's hot wet
pussy. When she could feel the heat radiating on her lips she
stuck her small pink tongue out and gently flicked it over one
of Tuvie's lips. When her tongue returned to her mouth Tuvie's
flavor spread around it.

"Oh my god!" Jaan ejaculated. It was just divine. Sweeter than
anything she had ever put in her mouth but with hints of salt
and spice. There was also a subtle tang to the magic elixir
that seemed to mimic the delicate musk she was inhaling. Jaan
pressed her face back down against Tuvie's lips and forced her
tongue deeply between the pouting lips, lapping up all the
sweetness she found there. If she had known it tasted this
good Jaan would have tried oral sex long before now, she
simply could not get enough and her soft pink tongue
thoroughly scoured the silken folds of Tuvie's pussy looking
for more.

Tuvie was sighing happily and moaning occasionally. The
voracious attack of her lover's tongue was unexpected, but oh
so nice. When Jaan's finger accidentally slipped into her
entrance Tuvie started. Jaan looked up and Tuvie had to smile.
The small woman's face was glistening in the weak light,
totally coated in Tuvie's juices. Tuvie lay back and closed
her eyes and Jan's soft mouth returned to her dripping sex.
The big Alien's hands began to roughly massage her aching
tits, pinching the long nipples and rolling them between her

Jaan began to slowly move her finger in and out, but felt no
resistance at all, she added a second finger and then a third,
but still felt nothing. She wondered if Tuvie was feeling
anything at all. She found herself wishing she had planned
this better. She wanted to open the drawer to the nightstand
and retrieve the big Volluskan toy, but she did not want to
break the mood. She would damn sure feel that, Christ, it's as
long as my arm! Jaan thought.

That random thought gave Jaan an idea. While she continued to
lick and suck she curled a forth finger inside the others and
pressed in. Again she met little resistance, but Tuvie's soft
moan told her the big woman was at least feeling it now. Jaan
pushed her thumb down into her palm and then pressed forward
again, this time she met strong resistance from the ring of
muscles at Tuvie's entrance. All four fingers were buried in
the slick channel along with the tip of her thumb, but the
wide part of her palm was stuck. Jaan moved her arm down,
which slightly changed the angle and then pressed forward
again. Tuvie groaned as the muscles gave and Jaan's hand
disappeared into the alien's pussy up to the wrist. Jaan could
feel the soft walls all around her hand and thrilled when the
inner muscles spasmed. It was wet and hot, but also slippery
and soft. Jaan experimentally pushed her hand deeper into the
silken cavern and found that there was plenty of room. Tuvie
was moaning now and Jaan's tongue scrapped across something
that had not been there before. She pulled back to find the
alien's clit had become engorged and slid out past its hood.
It was nearly two inches long and very fat, with a fluted head
and was coated in her juices. Jaan slipped her mouth over it
and tightly closed her lips at the base.

She rolled her tongue around the sensitive organ, cleaning off
all of Tuvie's sweet juices. From the steady stream of moans
the big alien was making Jaan knew she was doing the right
thing and continued to swipe her tongue over it long after all
traces of flavor were gone. While she was doing this she had
been pressing deeper into the big woman's tunnel. It felt to
Jaan like her whole arm was sheathed in soft, heated silk.
Jaan opened her hand, spreading her fingers as wide as she
could in the tight confines of Tuvie's tunnel.

Tuvie's body began to spasm and the big woman's hips started
to buck and roll. Jaan tried to hang on, but it became harder
and harder as Tuvie's thrashing became more and more violent.
Jaan spread her fingers wider and Tuvie issued a sharp barking
noise and began to speak in a language Jaan did not
understand. She felt the silken sheath contract violently upon
her arm and Tuvie howled in ecstasy. Jaan rode out the storm
until the big woman relaxed and sighed deeply. She released
Tuvie's clit and removed her arm carefully from the alien's
pussy. Jaan was surprised to see her arm was wet and shiny all
the way up to her elbow.

"Are you sure this was your first time?" Tuvie asked quietly,
drawing Jaan's attention from her arm to the alien's face.


"MMMMMM, then you're a natural,"

"I am just happy you came," Jaan said with a smile.

Tuvie laughed and sat up. She pulled Jaan to her and they
kissed deeply. When the kiss broke they looked deeply into one
another's eyes. No words were exchanged for a long time, but
much passed between them in that long silence.

Tuvie released Jaan and stood. She stretched languidly and
opened the bottom drawer to the nightstand. Jaan's eyes lit up
when she removed the purple bundle and held it before her.

"I think now it's time for an encore," Tuvie said grinning
crookedly. Jaan felt her pulse quicken and nodded.


Jaan woke and stretched like a cat. Her muscles ached and her
pussy was sore, but it was a delicious kind of sore. Never in
her life had she ever been so refreshed after a night's sleep.
Tuvie moaned softly in her sleep and then tossed an arm around
Jaan's waist and pulled her closer. As nice as it felt Jaan
gently disengaged herself and rose. She dressed quickly and
then roused Tuvie.

The alien sat up, allowing her huge breasts to bounce gently
on her chest. The sight sent Jaan's mouth to watering and
pulse racing. She had to resist the temptation to just go
after them again.

"Good Morning," Jaan said.

"If you say so,"

"What's wrong?"

"You're leaving today. And we won't even have time for a
goodbye fuck," Tuvie said with a petulant little frown.

"Well, if you hadn't decided to see if you could make me pass
out again last night we might have woken up earlier" Jaan said
with a mock frown.

"Was worth it," Tuvie observed.

"Get up and get dressed, you can at least come with me to see
me off. I know your're heading out for Daggerhelm today aren't
you?" Jaan said with a smile.

"Yes," She sighed and rose. It took only a few minutes for
Tuvie to pack all her things. Jaan noted that her lover had
even less to show for her years wandering through space then
she did. They stopped off and Jaan changed into her flight
jumper and jacket before packing her bag. She noticed the
papers had been delivered and covertly slipped them into her
jacket pocket while Tuvie was admiring the room. From there
they made their way to the hanger deck. It was a hive of
activity, even this early. Jaan noticed that a second FTL ship
was berthed next to Artemis III.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye," Tuvie said. Jaan noted a
trace of regret in her voice or at least she hoped she did.

"Come see my ship. You don't have to board your flight just
yet," Jaan said. Tuvie nodded and followed her. When they
reached the guard Jaan had expected to have trouble getting
Tuvie into the restricted area. Apparently the commotion she
had caused with the harbormaster was known and the guard
passed them through without even asking for ID.

Once in the silence of the great shop's control room Tuvie
looked around. She seemed disinterested until her eyes fell
upon the glittering new Cryo-couch. Jaan had not seen it yet,
but she knew it was larger than hers by a good bit. Tuvie
turned and stared hard at her.

"What do you think?" Jaan said innocently.

"That couch is new. And it's hella big for you. What's going
on?" Tuvie said. Her eyes flashed and she was either very
excited or very mad. Jaan wasn't sure which. She had a lump in
her throat and she knew it was now or never. Rather than speak
Jaan just reached into her pocket and handed Tuvie the papers.

"What's this then?" Tuvie asked. When it became obvious Jaan
wasn't going to answer Tuvie opened them and began reading.
She looked up finally with a look in her face that was

"Is this some kind of cruel joke?" she said at last.

"No," Jaan said quietly. Something in the alien woman's tone
frightened her.

"Are you seriously asking me to consent to this?" Tuvie nearly

"If you wish," Jaan said defensively. She had no idea what was
happening, none of her dreams of this scenario had included
such anger.

"I am no one's slave!" Tuvie said and started to rip the
papers apart.

"No! Wait! It's not what you think!" Jaan shouted. Something
in her tone stopped the big alien from tearing the papers up.

"What is it then?" Tuvie said menacingly.

"It's a spousal agreement! Not a voluntary servitude
contract," Jaan said. The hurt was evident in her voice and it
seemed to make more difference than the words.

"Spousal agreement?"

"Yes. I was asking you to marry me," Jaan said in an utterly
defeated voice. She didn't understand how things could have
gone so wrong. This was totally outside of any reaction she
had imagined.

"I can't marry you, we are both women," Tuvie said, still
suspicious, but her voice had softened perceptibly. Jaan was
dumbfounded until she remembered that she was dealing with
another race, another culture.

"Under Terran law any two people can enter into a spousal
arrangement. We haven't had laws barring same sex marriages
for thousands of years," Jaan explained. Tuvie looked at her
very quizzically and then cocked her head to one side.

"So you are asking me to marry you?"

"Well, not technically. The Authority is very Xenophobic. None
of the state religions recognizes marriages of human and

"Don't play with words, you are asking me to marry you are you

"Yes," Jaan said. She hung her head and felt the tears
starting to well in her eyes. Nothing had gone right, she had
made a mess of everything.

"You wear the dress," Tuvie said quietly.

"Pardon me?' Jaan said looking up.

"You wear the dress," the big alien said with a smile.

Jaan felt so happy she thought her heart would burst from her
chest. She jumped into Tuvie's arms and the Volluskan picked
her up and held her tightly. They kissed passionately and Jaan
felt the big woman's hands cup her ass. With a lot of regret
she gently disengaged herself.

"No time for that, we have to get up to the admin offices,"

"Why?" Tuvie asked.

"You have to sign those in front of a witness,"

"Do you have a dress already?"

Jaan laughed. She was only now realizing how "traditional"
Tuvie had been raised. They had a lot in common, but she
realized they also had a great deal to learn from and about
each other.

"The ceremony isn't necessary. We can just sign the papers and
it's done,"



"If I am getting married then we are having the ceremony,"

"All right, we will have a ceremony after we deliver this
load, is that all right?"

"Yes, but you wear the dress,"

"All right, I'll get a wedding dress," Jaan laughed as she
held her hands up in mock surrender.

"Delta-five-niner, you are cleared to begin preflight," the
bored voice crackled over the intercom.

"Roger Liberty, initiating preflight," Jaan replied in a
businesslike voice. She punched in the intricate series of
buttons that brought the big ion engines online. Jaan looked
over her shoulder when the door that separated the pilot's
compartment from her living quarters slid open. Her mouth hung
open and she had to blink hard to make sure she wasn't seeing
things. The big alien was stripped naked and approaching her.
Well naked wasn't quite right, Jaan thought. She did have on a
thick pair of grav boots and she was wearing her harness, with
the strange Vulrith toy attached. The grav boots caused her to
smile. It was true that you could kill the gravity in an FTL
ship, but unlike the in system freighters they were equipped
with artificial gravity generators.

She turned her attention reluctantly back to the screen and
controls. Moving a big ship like this one took a lot of
concentration. The green lights were showing on all eight of
the ion engines when she felt Tuvie lean on the back of the
command chair.

"What's with the boots?" Jaan asked without turning around.

The alien's big hands dropped to her shoulders and began to
deeply massage.

"Mmmmmmm," Jaan sighed and leaned forward slightly. Her eyes
closed tightly and she shivered, Tuvie's hands felt so good
and Jaan had not taken the neural blocker today.

"Delta-five-niner, you're drifting, correct to One-four-five
degrees, over" the voice jerked her head back to the ships
controls. She quickly adjusted the ships course with her
lateral thrusters.

"Correction to One-four-five, over" Jaan called. Her voice
sounded a little tight in her ears.


Tuvie had been leaning over the chair and studying the control
panel. Jaan could feel her heavy breasts on the back of her

"What does this button do?" the asked pointing at a red button
under a plastic guard.

"It kills the arti-grav," Jaan said distractedly. On her
screen three tugs were coming up and this was the most
delicate part of leaving a station. Her mind was filled with
vector numbers, course and speed corrections and other data
the screens were displaying. If she had not been she might
have seen the mischievous smile that crossed Tuvie's face.

"Five-niner, we have three tugs moving to docking positions,
do you have them?"

"Roger, Liberty, three on manual,"

Tuvie's hands returned to the chair and Jaan gave her a look
when she popped open the safety belt, but Tuvie merely
disengaged the safety belt from around Jaan's shoulders and

"What the hell?"

Tuvie only grinned and with surprising speed flipped up the
cover and killed the grav generators. Jaan grabbed the
emergency bar that ran along the front of the control panel.
She heard the solid thudding sound of Tuvie's boot magnets
activating and snapping her back to the deck. Jaan's body
floated upwards until she was almost perpendicular to the

"Five-niner, how bout that uplink?"

Jaan reached across the console to key the auto uplink to the
tugs. Tuvie meanwhile was busy removing Jaan's boots. She had
no time to argue, the uplinks were being established and each
required a manual code on her part to send the information.
She was typing out the last one with one hand when she felt
her socks coming off.

"Are you out of your mind?" she said looking back over her
shoulder. Tuvie merely smiled and then reached under Jaan's
body and slowly unzipped the front of her jumper. Jaan's angry
words were cut off by the radio.

"Delta-five-niner, this is Orion-three uplink established, can
you confirm? Over,"

"R..roger, Orion, uplink established at twenty-four-thirty-
seven and twenty-six seconds," Jaan stammered.

"Roger five-niner, prepare to go over to inertial guidance,"

"Roger," Jaan replied. Tuvie had her jumper unzipped fully and
was tugging it down her body. Jaan tried to stop her, but
Tuvie had all the advantage. When it came off one arm Jaan
refused to let go of the rail with her other, but Tuvie
started to tickler her and Jaan had no choice but to let go.
After that she tried holding her thighs tightly together but
in no time her jumper was floating in the cabin with her boots
socks and panties.

Jaan was holding onto the rail with both hands now and Tuvie
pried her legs apart. Jaan gave up then.

"Wait a moment," she said and then reached back and felt
around the chair. She found the button on the armrest and
depressed it. She heard the hydraulics hiss as the arms folded
in and the back collapsed. The chair sank into the floor and a
metal grate slid home over the hole.

"Thank you, love" Tuvie said happily.

"I am going to get you for this," Jaan said.

"Oh, I expect you to. In fact, I will be gravely disappointed
if you don't" Tuvie replied with a good natured chuckle.

Jaan felt her lower body inclined and then felt the soft skin
of Tuvie's cheeks on her thighs. When the alien's wickedly
delightful tongue began to play over her lips Jaan gasped and
almost lost her hold on the railing.

"Five-niner, can you bring the number one engine online and
channel power, you're a bit over weight, over"

Jaan reached out with a shaking hand and pressed the auto
ignite on number one. The light flared red, then blinking
yellow and finally green. Tuvie's tongue and the strong
pheromones were driving her mad and she had great difficulty
in dispersing the power to the tugs. Once it was done she
keyed the mike to respond. At that exact moment Tuvie thrust
her tongue deep into Jaan's seething pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh," Jaan moaned into the open mike.

"Can you repeat five-niner? Your message was garbled,"

"Power rerouted," Jan managed to sound normal, but cast a
dirty look over her shoulder at the big alien. Tuvie stopped
what she was doing and grinned. She lowered Jaan's body and
began inserting the many tentacles of the toy. Jaan tried to
twist and squirm away, but she knew before she started it was
no use.

"Roger five-niner, we will be leaving the station's field in
fifteen ticks on my mark. Three, two, one, mark,"

"Mark," Jaan breathed into the mike.

Now that they were totally in the care of the tugs she could
relax. She started to say something, but Tuvie activated the
toy then. The tentacles began to stiffen inside Jaan and then
started to move. The sensation was unbelievable, like fifteen
miniature cocks all fucking her at once. Sliding, moving,
pressing against her interior walls.

"Oh My God!"

"Changing our tune now aren't we?" Tuvie called.

Jaan was past answering, the multitude of motions insider her
body, coupled with the strong pheromones Tuvie was putting out
now had driven rational thought from her mind. She could only
ride the wave of sensation that was sweeping her along now.
Tuvie's large finger pressed against her anus, not trying to
seek entry, but rubbing in a circular motion that seemed a
counter point to the wild wiggling in her soaked pussy. Jaan
gasped and panted, like a fish out of water she was forced to
take in great gulps of air.

How long that went on Jaan could not tell but after some
indeterminable period of time Tuvie spoke.

"Ready for the surprise?"

Jaan could not answer but she felt the strange things inside
her begin to stiffen and twine about each other. In an instant
they had become a long and very wide dildo. Interlocked, as
they were the tentacles created a strange, convoluted
exterior. Jaan could feel it inside of her and realized it
would be like the first toy, not even and smooth, but
deliciously uneven as it moved in and out of her.

Tuvie slowly drew back and Jaan thrilled to fell her muscles
trying to hold onto the uneven toy as it slid out. Tuvie
pushed it back in slowly and Jaan could feel every ripple on
the surface. She groaned as Tuvie withdrew and thrust back
with more power.

"Too much?" the big alien asked.

"No, just go easy," Jaan said between clenched teeth.

Tuvie seemed to understand and for a while her steady motion
was as gentle as Jaan could have wished. As her body adjusted
and her desire rose Tuvie's thrusts became stronger and she
began to add a rolling motion of her hips to the rhythm. Jaan
was in heaven. The flow of sensation was so strong and what's
more it just felt right, like she had been born to be here, in
this moment, with this woman. She gave herself to it
completely and found a level of bliss that was far beyond even
the most powerful orgasm could bring on it's own.

As the big alien began to really drive into her Jaan felt her
inner muscled clamp down on the toy inside her. That was the
first indication of a powerful climax that rocked her small
frame. The world seemed to shudder with the force of it.

"Delta-Five-niner, do you read?" the voice called. Jaan
haltingly reached for the mike, she wondered how long the tug
had been calling.

"Five-niner, over" she managed in a husky whisper.

"Are you a go to switch over to internal guidance?"

Jaan panicked. The shuddering she had felt had not been a part
of her orgasm, but had been the ship crossing out of the
station's gravity field. Now the tugs were ready to turn her
over to her own guidance and she hadn't even warmed up the
computer. She released the safety bar and her hands flew over
the control panel. Tuvie seemed oblivious, but she tightened
her grip on the little human's hips, which allowed Jaan to use
both hands on the controls. What she did not do was stop
driving the wicked cock into Jaan with more and more powerful

Jaan was chewing furiously on her lower lip and trying without
much success to ignore the wonderful sensations the wicked toy
made as it sawed in and out. The engines came online and the
computer came up about the time her second orgasm rocked her.
Jaan fought through the pleasure and activated the ships
stabilizers and thrusters. She gave in then and let the
pleasure take her as they came up. When the contractions had
diminished to aftershocks and the pleasure calmed from nearly
unbearable to just soft ripples, she reached for the mike.

"Orion, this is Five-niner, internal guidance is a go,"

"Roger, Five-niner, pleasant voyage, turning you back over to
Liberty control, Orion out," the voice replied. Did she detect
laughter in that voice? She couldn't be sure.

"Oh, Five-niner?"

"Go ahead Orion,"

"Before I turn you back over to Liberty, you might want to
kill your video and go audio only. Thanks for the show, Orion
out," he said with a chuckle. Jaan turned several shades of
red as she hurriedly disabled the video link.

"Delt-Five-niner, this is Liberty Control, do you copy?"

"Copy, Liberty,"

"You are cleared for outbound, god speed, Liberty out,"

"Delta-fiver-niner out, and thanks," she said.

Jaan was still mortally embarrassed about the video, but she
was also more turned on than she could stand.

"Now that you have made me the system's newest porn star, how
bout we turn the gravity back on and take this to the
bedroom?" Jaan said. Tuvie laughed deeply, but only began to
thrust into her lover faster.

"I think not, at least not yet, this is too much fun,"

Jaan smiled faintly and relaxed, giving herself to the moment.


Much later, Jaan lay curled up in the crook of Tuvie's massive
arm. The deep vibrations of the ion engines provided a lazy
background noise that Jaan had always found relaxing. She was
drifting of to sleep when Tuvie spoke.

"I forgot to ask baby, where are we heading?"

"Earth," Jaan replied in a dreamy voice.

"I can't go to Earth! Volluskans are banned on pain of death!"
Tuvie cried with alarm in her voice. The big woman's head
turned this way and that, as if seeking some means of escape.
Jaan laughed softly.

"You can go anywhere in the universe, you are married to a
Terran. In case I forgot to mention it, when you signed those
papers you also became a Terran citizen,"

"I...I'm a citizen?"

"Of course silly," Jaan said.

"A full citizen?"

"As long as we are together you enjoy all the rights of a
Terran," Jaan said happily.

"And when did you plan on telling me this?" Tuvie asked as she
reached down between Jaan's legs and gently stroked her still
damp lips.

"Mmmmmmmmm, eventually,"

"Eventually? I cannot wait to see Earth! I have heard so much
about it!"

Jaan spread her legs, tossing one over Tuvie's thigh.

"Don't get impatient, we have three more months before we even
enter FTL,"

"Oh really? And what shall we do in that three months?" Tuvie
said as her finger slipped into Jaan's silken passage. Jaan
looked up into her lover's eyes and sighed contentedly.

"I am sure you will think of something,"


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