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Nifty - Lesbian - Young Friends - First Love

Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 21:38:59 +0100
From: susan kendrick <>
Subject: First Love

This fictional story describes explicit consensual sex between teenage
girls. If you are likely to find this subject offensive, or if you are not
old enough to read such material where you live then do not read any

You are welcome to keep a copy of this on your computer for your own
enjoyment but do not re-publish or distribute it in any form without the
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First Love - by Susie XX

I was on a girls' night out a few weeks ago and the subject came up of
first loves. Several of the girls gave their stories of their first
boyfriends and the embarrassing or romantic things that happened on their
first dates. It came to my turn and I hesitated, trying to decide whether I
should tell them the real story of my first love or whether I should tell
them of my first romance with a boy. They are two distinctly separate
things believe me but in the end I told the boy story as this fitted the
expectations of the slightly tipsy girls.

My real first love preceded the boy by over a year. It started on a holiday
with my parents when I was just 14. We were staying at a dreary caravan
park near Poole on the south coast of England. It was the hot, dry summer
of 1992 and the grass about the camp was scorched and the normally muddy
fields were cracked and parched.

The evenings remained warm so that our coats and jumpers never left the
caravan all fortnight. Even the nights were warm enough for us not to want
duvets or covers, perhaps just a sheet to preserve some modesty. All in all
very un-British weather which was good as most of my friends were heading
to Spain or France with their parents, and at least I got a comparable tan.

My younger brother, at 10, spent all day, every day at a club run for the
children and we saw very little of him except at mealtimes. Mum and Dad
just wanted to laze on the beach all day getting darker and darker
brown. For me though, it was a little boring. I was too old really for the
children's club, although technically at 14 I could have gone, but I was
through puberty and felt more a teenage girl rather than a child. There was
a disco in the evenings for those 16 and over but I seemed to be at the
awkward age group that just wasn't catered for at all.

By the third day I'd had enough of the beach and one more day laying on a
sun-bed all day and taking occasional dips in the sea was too boring to
contemplate. So I told my parents I wanted to go for an all-day horse trek
that was available at a discount to residents. They gave me 20 which was
enough for the ride and to buy a meal, ice creams etc on the way. Mum and I
had a disagreement about what I should wear, she saying I needed jeans, but
I insisted on a sun-dress as it was too hot for jeans. She said "Well,
don't blame me if your thighs get chapped and your bum is sore!'

On their way to the beach my parents took me to the stables where there was
already a queue of 7 or 8 other girls waiting for the trek, but there were
plenty of horses being readied in the yard. I arranged to meet Mum and Dad
at the caravan at about 4.00pm when we were due to get back. They got in
the car and headed for their usual place on the beach. The girl in front of
me in the queue was slightly older, probably nearer 15 than 14 but chatted
excitedly about the horses. Like me, she had never ridden before and was
bubbling with excitement at the prospect. We watched as some were being
very frisky, one rearing up onto its back legs and tossing its head from
side to side. I said to the girl "I hope I don't get that one!"

"Me neither!" she answered turning to look at me for the first time and
laughing. "My name's Melanie but call me Mel, everyone does."

"OK hi Mel, I'm Tina, its short for Christina but don't dare call me that,
I hate it!" She was a pretty girl with long, fair, curly hair tied up with
a scrunchy. My hair was also long but straight and quite deep ginger in
colour, almost red, and it hung down to the middle of my back. The stable
girls came over to the queue and led the first 6 girls over to where the
horses were being saddled. We watched them being helped into the saddles,
shown how to hold the reins and so on and we squirmed with anticipation
that it would be our turn soon. There were now 5 of us waiting but then the
stable girl came back and we were told there were only 6 horses going out
today. Many of the horses were just not liking the heat or the hard ground
and were playing up so they weren't going out. The horses were already
being unsaddled and we were all desperately disappointed and wandered sadly
out the yard.

Some of the girls ran back towards the camp but Melanie and I sat on the
verge by the road. She was crying a little and I put my arm round her to
comfort her. "Don't worry" I told her, "We could try again another day
maybe. It would be hot anyway sitting on a horse in this heat all day."

"What are you going to do now?" she asked, "Are you going to find your

"I haven't really thought about it. I don't think I could face another day
sitting on the beach. What about you?"

"Well mine have gone on a boat trip somewhere and have probably already
left. I hate boats anyway. Shall we see what else is going on at the camp?"

"Yes I suppose we could. Or else we could get a bus along to that leisure
park with all the flume tubes and stuff"

"Oh wow yes, that looks really cool." We walked back to the camp entrance
and looked at the bus timetable. There was one due in 15 minutes so we ran
to our respective caravans, stuffed our swimming costumes and towels in a
bag and ran back to the bus stop. We stood there panting and of course the
bus was 7 minutes late so we needn't have run. Finally we arrived at the
leisure park about 11.00am, paid our entrance fee at the pool and went into
the changing rooms. The area was filled with mums drying young girls and
kids running around. We shared a changing cubicle and stripped off our sun
dresses and underclothes and rummaged in the bags for our costumes. As we
straightened up I looked at her naked body for the first time.

She was gorgeous. Her breasts were small like mine; probably a B cup, and
her nipples were standing out firm with the sudden exposure to cool air. My
eyes went down to her bush which, like her hair, was fair and curly and
gave the impression it wasn't very thick. She had trimmed it to a nice
neat triangle. Mine was a horrible bright ginger and hadn't grown beyond a
neat tuft so didn't need trimming to the panty line yet. I suddenly became
a bit embarrassed looking at her like this but when I looked at her face
her eyes were taking in my body too and her mouth gaped open. I think she
must have felt me looking at her and looked up quickly. We both laughed at
our blushing faces.

"Wow, you're gorgeous," she said softly.

"Mmmm you too, sorry if I stared though."

"Me too, but actually I don't mind you looking if you want to. It's kind of

"OK thanks, and you are welcome to look too but I think we'd better get our
cossies on and get in the water."

We shared a locker and played on the flume tubes for about two hours before
we decided to fill our tummies with some food. We showered with our
costumes on to get the chlorine smell off, then got our towels and clothes
out of the locker and went in the same cubicle as before. (I recognised the
graffiti!) After drying our hair and arms we both slipped our wet costumes
off and wrung them out a bit. We were facing each other while we towelled
ourselves and were quite openly watching each other as we dried our breasts
and between our legs. She put one foot up on the seat to dry her leg and I
caught a glimpse of her labia. She saw me looking, smiled and deliberately
opened her legs more which opened the lips slightly to reveal the pink area
beneath. She looked down at my groin area as if to say can I see yours?

I put one foot up too and opened my legs while I dried them. Once again her
mouth dropped open. I brought both hands to the top of my thigh and using
my two thumbs I pulled my labia apart, giving her an unrestricted view of
my vulva. She put down her towel and opened herself up too. "God you're
beautiful" I whispered and then mouthed "can I touch?" She smiled, nodded
and reached over and took one of my hands, folding all but my index and
middle fingers and placing those two between her legs, slipping and dipping
below her lips onto the warmth of her smooth vulva. Reaching back a little
I could feel the dip of her vaginal entrance and slid my fingers in just a
centimetre or two to the first knuckle. There was a warm wet feeling in
there that seemed to invite me further in but like me her hymen was there
at the entrance warning me off. I again let my fingers slide up her folds
to where there was loose skin that I could pull towards me, and moving my
fingers apart I could see the shiny pink pearl of her clit. I touched it
gently and she recoiled away from me with the electric shock it must have
sent through her. This left me holding up two glistening fingers which we
both giggled about. I put them into my mouth to see how it tasted, smacked
my lips and smiled to say I liked the taste and then wiped my fingers on my

She held out two fingers of her own and looked down then up into my eyes
again, raising her eyebrows quizzically in another silent question. I
nodded and guided her fingers deep in my slit as she had done with me. The
feeling was indescribable and I put my hand over hers to press them against
me harder. She moved closer to me until our breasts bumped together and I
opened my eyes to see her face just inches from mine. Our lips seemed to be
drawn together and finally met in a gentle soft kiss. Just then someone
rattled the door and we both jumped violently and she snatched her fingers
away from my pussy. "Are you going to be long?" a disembodied voice
called. "N-no just a few minutes" said Melanie, finding her voice quicker
than me. We dressed in a big hurry, realising we had been there ages.

I treated her to a burger and we wandered outside into the sun still
drinking our Cokes. There was a multi-screen cinema there and we wandered
over to see what was on. "We don't really have time to see a film do we?"
she asked.

"No I have to be back by 4.00pm and its gone two already. Anyway it's too
nice to be in a cinema. Shall we walk back to the camp?"

"Wa-alk? God its miles!" Melanie almost choked on her Coke.

"`It's only about 2 miles, we'll be there in an hour." Reluctantly she
nodded and we held hands to cross the busy A road. There was a footpath the
other side that led in the direction of the caravan park which we thought
would cut off a big chunk of the distance and we still held hands as we
walked along. "Wow, that was sexy what we did back there wasn't it!" she
said, obviously referring to the changing room incident.

"Yes, was it ever! We were both getting a bit wet I think."

"A bit?!! I was soaked. I still am too; it just keeps on leaking whenever I
think about it."

"Oooh, can I feel?"

"Not here sexy, it's too open. Let's find somewhere a bit more private and
you can have a feel I promise. I get to feel you too though!"

We giggled, feeling very naughty, and skipped along still holding
hands. The path kept getting further from the road and after crossing a
stile it went through a field of bright yellow flowered rape seed crop. The
crop was taller than us, and although the path was a good metre across at
the bottom and nicely clear to walk, the tops almost came together to form
an arch. It was quite spooky but it was nice to get out of the hot sun for
a while. We ran through the arched corridor for a long way but it seemed
to go on for ever. We stopped for breath. I looked both ways along the path
but we seemed to be the only people in the county of Dorset out walking
that hot afternoon. "Hey, it doesn't come much more private than this" I
said with my eyebrows raised in a sexy look.

She knew exactly what I wanted. "Oh go on then you sexy girl". She stood
invitingly with her feet a little apart. I slid my hand up her thigh until
I felt her panties and slid the flat of my hand over her crotch. I felt the
dampness in the material below her vagina.

"Feel inside the panties, it's even wetter there!" she encouraged. I put my
finger under the material and it was sticky with her wetness. I pushed my
knuckle upwards through her lips into her vagina and could feel it still
oozing out of her. "Ooh Tina that feels so good, don't stop."

"Oh wow this is so erotic. Let me get to you properly." I pulled her
towards me and slid my hands over her bottom until I found the elastic of
her knickers and tucked my thumbs inside, drawing them over her cheeks and
letting them fall down her legs. She bent down and lifting each leg in
turn pulled the wet panties off her feet and tucked them into her swimming
bag with her towel and costume. "God if my mum could see me now she'd give
me such a smacking!" she remarked.

I pulled her to me again and slipped my hand underneath her body opening
her labia. I covered my fingers in her juices and smeared them over her
smooth vulva and pressed one finger each side of her hard little clit. She
put her hands round my neck and held on for dear life while I circled her
clit. I only did this a few minutes when she started kissing my face until
she found my mouth and kissed me hard pressing her tongue into it. She
breathed hard as she broke the kiss and her face was red and contorted, her
eyes wide and wild. "Christ Tina I'm going to cum!" Her vulva pressed down
on me in waves of pleasure and she threw her head back as she went over
into a massive orgasm and yet more wetness ran from her onto my hand. Her
knees just buckled suddenly and she fell backwards, her hands around my
neck pulling me with her. We fell into the crop, bending the woody plants
back and snapping some with loud cracks but they broke our fall.

"My god Mel, that must have been a hell of an orgasm!" I laughed. I had
been masturbating for some time and had reached orgasms before but nothing
as intense as she had apparently just achieved. Her eyes were glazed and I
don't think she could speak but she nodded weakly. "The farmer's going to
kill us if he sees his crop!" I said and she managed a laugh. She still had
her hands round my neck and pulled me in for more kisses. Slowly she got
her senses functioning again and said "Right Tina, my sweet, now it's your

I leaned forward and looked up and down the footpath, but couldn't hear or
see anyone anywhere near so I laid back into the plants again while she
stood a little bit unsteadily and pulled off my panties in one quick
movement. She smelt at the wet crotch of the flimsy garment and smiled
before tucking it in her bag with hers. She held my legs apart and she
knelt between them, her face no more than 6 inches from my pussy. "Oh wow,
you are just so beautiful down there" she said. She brought both her hands
to me, holding my inner lips wide apart with one hand and repeating what I
had done to her a few minutes earlier, making my clit wet and pulling the
rubbery flesh in tight circles round it. The stimulation was too great for
me to last long and the orgasm was building rapidly inside me. To my
surprise she leant her head towards me and licked rapidly on my exposed
clit. This sent me spinning into the wildest, most intense feelings I had
ever experienced. My back arched and Melanie had a job to keep her mouth on
my clit. The feelings were too strong and I cried out with a mix of
pleasure and pain to relieve the pressure in my body, and then I blacked

I awoke to Melanie shaking me saying "Wake up Tina there's people coming."
Adrenalin started to flow as I struggled back into the world. She held my
hands, pulling me forward, and I struggled up holding on to her as my head
started to spin again. I looked down the path between the yellow crop, and
indeed there were two people walking towards us from the same direction we
had come, still a long way off fortunately. We grabbed our bags and walked
the opposite direction, slowly at first but faster as I the strength
returned to my legs. We started sniggering as we put distance between us
and the couple, and soon were laughing loudly at our crazy
antics. Eventually we got to a stile and then could see the caravan park
over a grassy field. The footpath led by a corner of the park but the
fencing had a well worn gap that we squeezed through.

It was now 3.30pm, and we walked through the rows of similar-looking
caravans searching for either of ours. We found hers first and she let us
in with the key from her bag. It was stifling hot inside like walking into
an oven, and we went round opening all the windows. We sat down on the L
shaped sofa in the lounge and cuddled each other then kissed deeply. "God
Tina I love you!" she whispered.

"I love you too Mel, you're really great. Where did you learn to do that?"


"You know, what you did with your tongue on me."

"I think I read about it in a teen magazine as to what boys do to their
girlfriends when they have oral sex and I just wanted to try it. Was it

"Good doesn't even come close, it nearly blew my head off!" We both

"Yes I noticed you had a little orgasm!"

"Little?!!!" We laughed loudly.

"I thought I'd killed you for a moment; you went out like a light. Then I
saw that couple on the path and I couldn't wake you to start with. I was
pulling your dress down to make you respectable and was going to say you'd

"Well next time I'm going to do that to you and see how you like it! There
will be a next time won't there?"

"There'd better be!"

"I'd love to do it again, now actually, but your parents will be back any
minute and I'd better be getting back anyway. Are you going to the ballroom
later? No doubt my parents will go and play bingo. I'll have to look after
little Peter."

"Yes my parents normally spend the whole evening there too. Maybe we can
sneak away to the caravan for a while!" I kissed her goodbye and ran back
to my caravan. My parents were already there. I told them about the horses
and what we had been doing all day (the leisure park I mean, not the other
stuff!) and they didn't seem worried. In fact they were pleased I'd found a
friend to go out and about with as they thought I was getting a little bit
bored with the beach. Mum made us some dinner and we took turns showering
for the evening and it was only then I found I wasn't wearing any
knickers. I remembered Melanie had put them in her bag earlier. With only a
short summer dress on I hoped I hadn't been giving my parents any glimpses
of my bits. We went to our rooms to change for the evening but I decided to
keep the same dress on as it was another warm night.

As predicted, my parents wanted to go across to bingo, so we went and sat
at the side of the ballroom. Dad got his usual pint of beer, a G&T for mum,
and soft drinks and crisps for Peter and me. The place soon filled up and
the bingo tickets went on sale. I was too young to play this so was pleased
when Mel and her family came in. She had changed and looked stunning in a
short blue skirt and white top. I grabbed her as they passed and introduced
her to Mum & Dad as my new friend and we made room for the 3 of them at our
table. The entertainment staff collected all the younger children,
including Peter, to watch cartoons and Melanie and I said we were going to
play the fruit machines while the bingo was on.

I wanted to kiss her and I could tell she was hot for me as well but there
seemed to be people everywhere that night. "Let's go back and tell them
we're going for a walk." said Melanie, to which I agreed, knowing just
where she wanted to go, and practically dragged her along by her hand. Our
parents were playing bingo and just shushed us and waved us away, but at
least they couldn't say we didn't tell them.

Outside, we started walking up between the lines of caravans and Melanie
dropped a bombshell. "My mum knows about us!"

"WHAT? What do you mean?" I gasped.

"Well before I could stop her she pulled my towel out of my bag to hang it
up to dry and two pairs of panties fell out. She picked them up before I
could get to them, felt that they were damp and sniffed them!"

"Oh my god!"

"Exactly! Well she looked at me with a serious look then sent Dad to the
shop for something we didn't really want and we had a chat. I tried to tell
her we were in a rush at the swimming pool and the panties had fallen in
the water so I shoved them in my bag. She told me not to lie to her. She
knows the difference between chlorine water and what it was that had made
them wet! She knew damn well what we'd been doing and I had to tell her the
truth. She actually said she didn't mind. Lots of girls experiment with
other girls she said and she'd rather I did that than have unprotected sex
with boys here."

"Shit, did she tell your dad?"

"No, and I don't think she will."

"Oh fuck, we've left her talking to my mum now. I hope she doesn't mention
it. Mum will go potty!"

"I'm sure she won't. Don't worry. So what do you fancy doing now?"

"Well, now you come to mention it I feel like getting you naked and
spending the night making love with you!"

"What, after me nearly killing you earlier?"

"You bet! That's just made me sooooo horny for more!"

"Well, it just so happens my caravan is just round the next corner. I don't
know about all night but you can get me naked for an hour or so if you

"Mmmm, I want!!!!!" We looked at each other then started running. She
reached the caravan just ahead of me but took an age trying to make the key
work. She was standing on the top step and I put my hand up the back of her
skirt and played with her bottom which only made it more difficult for
her. She then remembered the key was for the other door so we scrambled
along and got in this time.

The curtains were all drawn so at last I had her alone with no fear of
interruption. Her parents wouldn't get back until the bar closed! She
locked the door then turned to me. We came together slowly and put our arms
round each other. We kissed gently at first, letting our tongues play
together and then locked our mouths together tightly for several minutes
feeling our faces become as one. Another pair of knickers was getting wet;
probably two pairs if she was the same. Our breasts were pushing together
and I felt her nipples stiffening against me and was pretty sure she must
be feeling mine too. She put her hand between our breasts cupping mine,
squeezing it and stroking to the nipple. As our kiss finally ended I felt
both her boobs too. I had already noticed she was not wearing a bra
(actually within 3 seconds of seeing her in the ballroom!) and they were
heavenly to touch. I pulled her top over her head and her breasts bounced
briefly and settled. I held her breasts again, fondling them in my hands
and feeling the firm yet soft texture like soft rubber.

Melanie meanwhile struggled with the zip of my dress but once she got it
down my dress fell to my feet and I kicked it away. I looked for a zip on
her skirt while she unclipped my bra, but after feeling both sides I
realised that it just had elastic on the waist and I pulled in down over
her hips and off. She kicked this away too onto a chair and we stood there
in just our panties. We came together quickly and kissed some more,
jiggling our breasts together. I felt my panties being tugged down and did
the same to her and we pressed our mounds together, feeling our hair
mingling. "Let's get on my bed quick" she said a bit hoarsely, "I need

Unwilling to let each other go we inched rather awkwardly along by the
kitchen area and went in the second door to her bedroom. It was small, like
they always are, but there were two single beds with a narrow aisle between
them. We fell onto the first bed and lay there for a little while kissing
and touching each others' nude body all over. I cupped her breasts, gently
at first and she put her hands on mine making me squeeze them harder. She
closed her eyes and I continued manipulating them one way then the other,
pushing them together and then pulling and pinching her nipples. It seemed
the rougher I was with them the more she moaned with pleasure.

Then she was sitting up and seemed to be studying my breasts before
reaching out with trembling hands and brushing my nipples with her
fingertips. "They wont break you know" I joked. She smiled at me and her
eyes were shining.

"Oh Tina they are so beautiful, like a model, just so perfect. I don't want
to disturb the shape."

"You silly, they're just like yours, I want you to touch, they want you to
feel them, need you to squeeze them to make me feel good. Let me help
you. Just like at the pool I held her hands and moved them against my boobs
overcoming the resistance of her reluctance. I held her hands and moved
them over the soft skin and pressing them in, forcing her to mould them in
her palms. I took my hands off hers and returned them to her nipples. She
suddenly leaned forward and kissed my right nipple, looked up at me as if
for approval and when I nodded she licked at the nipple then sucked them
into her mouth together with my small aureole and as much of the flesh as
she could take. I could feel her licking rapidly at the nipple with her
tongue inside her warm mouth, sending waves of tingling through my
body. She repeated it with the other nipple, rolling the first between her
fingers as she did so to keep the erect look she had created. New feelings
were flowing through me seemingly headed for my vagina where I could feel
the warm juices filling me demanding for the first time some form of
penetration that I couldn't supply.

I moved on top of her and she opened her legs wide and put her feet on my
back. I could feel her hot wet pussy on my lower stomach moving against
me. She was also feeling the advanced needs and desires of a woman from the
still developing body of a girl. I slid down her pausing to suck her
nipples till they were like little bullets. She was moaning "Do me, do me,
I'm so near." I knew exactly what she wanted and moved down her more,
kissing her stomach and cruelly making her wait for relief. She pushed my
head downwards insistently and I knew she was inwardly screaming for my
mouth on her clit. I felt her soft hair against my cheek and I nuzzled
against it before licking over the mound and into the sweet valley between
her legs.

There was the most delicious smell of arousal, the same as I tasted on my
fingers earlier and similar to the smell I got when masturbating myself. I
held my face a few inches away from her vulva which was fully exposed with
her legs wide apart. There were fine hairs over her parted outer labia with
small particles of moisture clinging to them. She was moving herself up and
down in anticipation and more secretions were squeezing from her vagina. I
dipped my head down and plunged my tongue at her vagina, licking up the
drops that were about to run into her bum crease and then putting it right
into her as far as her hymen would allow till my nose was flattened against
her vulva. My mouth seemed to be full of her wetness and the tangy-sweet
taste was driving me wild. I licked a large glob of her honey onto her clit
which was swollen and darker pink than before. Her inner labia were thick
and red and she was literally crying out for me to lick her clit. I put my
lips all round the clit area and sucked it and her bottom came right off
the sheets forcing me to raise my head. I lashed her clit with my tongue as
she had done to me. I could see her squeezing her boobs really hard as her
orgasm hit. She was thrashing about now and it was a difficult job to keep
my mouth on her and I replaced it with my fingers, keeping the moment going
for as long as I could. Another stream of her liquid ran out of her as
another orgasm hit even before the first had completely faded and I licked
at her clit eagerly until her body relaxed. Her bottom sank back to the
sheet, which had a saucer-sized wet patch underneath her and several
rivulets of moisture were still running down the back of her thighs.

I crawled back over her and her hands were still squeezing at her nipples.
Her eyes had tears in them as she grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me
down to kiss her. Her juices were spread over my face and Melanie licked
over my cheeks and chin, cleaning me a little. "Shit, Tina." She said
eventually, "Are you sure you haven't done that before? It was fucking

"Fucking amazing eh?" said a loud voice from the door. We both nearly
jumped out of our skin and I rolled off Mel, slithering onto the floor with
a bump. Melanie slammed her legs together and covered her boobs as I
struggled to get up. It was Melanie's mum. Talk about being caught in the
act! I picked myself up and sat down on the other bed with nothing to hand
that I could cover myself with. "Well, it's just as well it's me that came
looking for you not your Dad! I had an idea I'd find you here. If you're
looking for your clothes they're all over the lounge." I was suddenly aware
of the small room smelling of a musky scent and her mum waved her hand in
front of her nose as if the smell offended her.

"Mum what the hell are you doing here?" asked Melanie in an embarrassed

"You mean apart from finding my daughter and her friend shagging?"

I thought Id better say something. "Hey I'm really sorry; I'm so
embarrassed I don't know what to say." Some use that was, I thought, but I
was lost for words.

"Look, it's OK both of you, I'm not annoyed. I knew you two had become
friendly with each other, I hadn't realised just how friendly! Really I'm
not angry, but maybe you two should get your clothes back on then we'll
chat. And wash yourself Mel" We padded by her as she stood in the
doorway. "Oh Tina," she called after me, "You'd better wash your face too,
you stink."

The door next to Melanie's room led into a small shower-room and I washed
my face in the sink with some soap on my hands. Melanie came in with me and
washed her underneath with a flannel. "I'm really sorry Tina; they never
come back like this." She looked like she was going to cry so I hugged her
and said it would be OK. We went back to the lounge and gathered our
scattered clothing. We were soon dressed again but my panties were damp
still. Her mum gave us a few minutes then came and sat down with us.

"Look girls", she said, "Don't feel bad. I got up to all sorts of things at
your age with girls so I can't get all mad at you for doing things too. I'm
a little surprised you got so intimate so quickly but, hey, it's a
different age now"

"Thanks Mum, I really didn't think you'd come back this quick."


"Yes sorry. So why did you come back, just to catch us?"

"No sweetheart, of course not. I suspected you would both come back here to
canoodle a bit and I was going to make sure you weren't disturbed. But
something happened. We had a little win at bingo for once. About 180
pounds. It's not that much but we thought we'd all go to a club in Poole
and make a night of it. Your parents too Tina."

"But Peter's too young to take into a club." I protested.

"Well so are you two, I'm afraid, where we are going. Your mum wants you to
take Peter and put him to bed and stay there with him." I must have looked
disappointed. My pussy still needed to be taken care of but it looks as
though it would be a hand job tonight. "We thought Melanie could stay with
you too for tonight," she continued and Tina's mum and dad will stay in our
caravan when they get back so as not to disturb you in the early hours."

That was more like it!!!! "OK" we both agreed a little too
enthusiastically. "Come on Tina let's collect Peter from the ballroom."

"Hey, hold on a moment" said her mum, pushing us back in our seats. "I know
what you two are going to get up to, and I don't mind. Just a few ground
rules first OK?" We both nodded, wondering what this was about. "Well,
first, you wait till Peter's asleep before getting frisky. Second, if you
use your parent's bed (which I bet you will) you must make it again in the
morning, and oh yes, for heaven's sake lay on a towel or you'll leave
stains like the one in Mel's bed right now!" Mel blushed to her roots and
hung her head. "Oh don't worry, it's natural. I daresay there will be
stains already but don't add yours. And finally, no love bites! OK?"

After getting our agreement to the rules she gave both our backsides a slap
as we ran out and followed us back to the ballroom. "Wow your mum is so
cool" I said, "I thought we were dead for sure. And now we can really get
naked all night!" So, yes, I got my return bout with Melanie and I even
managed to stay conscious this time! Peter was a pest and wouldn't go to
sleep for ages but once he was, we stripped off our nighties and knickers
and spent most of the night cuddling, kissing and exploring each others
bodies, making love until our pussies were too tender to even touch. By the
time Peter woke up we up getting breakfast with the double bed made and a
certain towel hanging on pegs outside the caravan, drying in the sun. And
not a hickey in sight!

We had a wonderful time the rest of the week, snatching our love at every
opportunity. My mum did catch on later with a little prompting from
Melanie's mum but my dad never did know. Mel's family were leaving on the
Saturday while we were there for another week. There were tantrums from
Melanie when she realised and she pleaded over and over to be allowed to
stay on with us. My parents didn't mind and eventually her parents
reluctantly gave in to the pressure. My room had bunk beds and technically
Melanie slept in the top bunk. Of course, most of the time we shared my
narrow bed until we heard my parents stirring in the morning, then she
quickly climbed the wooden ladder to the top and Dad would find two little
innocent angels `asleep' when he brought in a cup of tea.

Melanie lived some 60 miles away in Bath and her parents collected her from
our house when we got home. We kept in touch by letters, and more recently
by email, all the time and we missed each other terribly. But, well, boys
started to look more interesting and before I knew it we were both dating
boys. Melanie and I still mail each other regularly with all the news, but
we've only met up once since that holiday. We did nothing more than kiss
but the old fondness was still there.

So that was it, my first love. Perhaps it was as well I stuck to the story
of my first date with a boy.


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