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Nifty - Lesbian - Young Friends - Natalya And Lilly - Natalya And Lilly 1

Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2004 12:43:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: chelsea stone <>
Subject: Natalya & Lilly

This story contains a sexual encounter between a young girl of 11 and her
best friend also 11. If you're offended by the content then go no
further... This is a work of fiction. All names are of pure fantasy. This
story is about young love.

Natalya was at the tender age of 11 and lived with her mother. Her
father died when she was 3. Natalya was a pretty girl, slim, long blond
hair and green eyes. When she looked at you, it felt as if she were
looking into your soul. Natalya's mom, Sue, was a very rich lady. She
bought this very elegant estate where she and her daughter could live and
enjoy life in a total private way. So private that Natalya grew up feeling
rather out of place wearing clothes. Every day she would walk around naked
and her mother knew her daughter was growing into a very pretty lady.

There was something else sue noticed about her daughter. Natalya was
getting more and more interested in sex. More that once Sue had caught her
daughter in the act of masturbating. Sue was very happy for her daughter
because this meant her daughter was happy and learning about herself. One
morning Natalya was lying out at the pool and Sue went out to join her.
Both mother and daughter were naked. Natalya was lying there having this
wonderful dream. A dream about girls. A dream about her best friend Lilly.
Lilly was 11 and her best friend, but Natalya was now feeling more for
Lilly. She wanted Lilly in a sexual way. Natalya's dream deepened and her
hand sought out her bare slit. Sliding her fingers along her slit she
whimpered as her fingers found her clit. Natalya !!! her mother said, if
you must then go in your room.. Sorry mom, Natalya said. I just cant help
it. I'm sorry.. I did not know you were there. I have been having these
strange dreams and cant help myself. Sue looked at her daughter and asked,
what dreams. Mom , I am in love.. In love with Lilly.. Sue thought about
that for a moment. She thought about her love affair in school when she was
young with another girl. Looking at her daughter Sue smiled and said, it's
ok baby. It's perfectly normal and it is not wrong. She went on to tell
her daughter about her affair with a girl when she was young.

Natalya lay there listening to her mother and then asked, but mom I want
to touch her, kiss her. I can't help it mom. It's ok baby. All this time
during their talk Natalya was touching her pussy. She no longer cared.
She was so tingly down there that she had to stop the itch. Sue whispered
to her daughter, my baby, my baby, you're so pretty. Go on baby mommy
understands. With that Natalya spread her legs and exposed her wet slit to
her mom's eyes. Her finger slid into her wet little hole as her other hand
found her clit. She was close to Cumming. She whimpered and it hit
her. Her Cumming hit her hard and she felt her cum seep from her little
pussy. After she just lay there spent and a tear came to her eye.
Lilly. Ohhhh she loved her.. Would Lilly love her ?

                            End part 1
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Nifty - Lesbian - Young Friends - Natalya And Lilly - Natalya And Lilly 1