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Nifty - Transgender - Magic ScFi - Trade - Trade 1

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 02:35:50 -0800
Subject: TRADE PART 1


Part one: Dissorientation

The night had begun normally enough; a quiet evening alone with my
girlfriend, Vanessa. We inevitably ended making love languidly in the
bedroom. She was beatiful, and I smiled at her, looking into her eyes as we
moved in unison. We rolled around so that she was on top, her dark and
curly hair falling over her face. I took a second to admire her athletic
body with its pert tits and well-formed abs. I slid my hands over her
smooth, curved hips as she positioned herself over my cock. She guided my
organ towards her pussy as she lowered her body down. I felt myself slide
into her wet slit effortlessly. Soon I was fully engulfed in her again, and
she began grinding into me. I thrust my hips up to meet her pace as she
rode me expertly.

I closed my eyes, sighing deeply as her tempo sped up. My breathing became
ragged and desperate and a light sweat was breaking out on my forhead. I
felt the pleasure growing inside me. I wave of euphoria swept over me,
momentarilly making me sensless. I felt a deep sense of fullfilment deep
inside my lower body as I bucks my hips harder against my lover. I felt a
hard, hot, electric exctasy sliding deeper and deeper into me. I felt my
chest jiggling and sliding as the sensual joy increased. I let out a short
moan and spread my legs wider.

It was then that things clicked in my head and I realised something was

First of all I noticed that my legs were spread wide and raised up. Second
of all I didn't feel Vanessa's weight on top of me. Third of all my moan
had come out souding high-pitched and soft. Most importantly, however, I
became aware that the pleasure I was feeling was not the sensation of
having my girlfriend riding my dick, but was coming from something that ws
slinding in and out of MY body. Confused as all hell, my eyes snapped open.

What I saw did nothing to ease my confusion. I looked down and saw
something I had never expected to see in my life; I saw large breasts
boucning on my chest, and past them I saw a narrow waist and a small patch
of hair. Benieth that patch of hair was a pink, wet pussy that had a slick
cock pumping in and out of it. I looked up to see a man I didn't recognise
panting and pumping, his eyes shut. It made no sense to me at all, but I
realised that I had not only become a woman, but a woman who was in the
middle of getting fucked.

I might have paniced and tried to get away if I wasn't so distracted by the
fact that everything felt so good. As it was, my sudden bewilderment only
made me give myself over to the sensations I was feeling. I felt a
explosion of energy building up inside me, and I closed my eyes again and
tried to consentrate on what I assumed was a oncoming orgasm. The feeling
grew rapidly ( i guessed whoever I had become was clsoe to cumming when I
arrived.) as I pounded back against my lover, feeling a kind if pleasure I
had never felt before. Then, just as I though I was going to errupt, I felt
the man on top of me tense up and thrust deeply into me. His cock twitched
inside me and a spurt of cum shot into my body.

I was on the verge of a intense orgasm, but my pleasure started to subside
as my partner emptied his seed into my belly. I felt the warm goo fill my
canal as he collapsed on top of me. When he was done jizzing into me his
dick began to shrink, and as I felt his sweaty form crushing me, it popped
out of me. As soon as his penis fell out of my crotch I felt all the cum he
had deposted leak ou and run down my ass. I felt as dirty and awkward as
was humanly possible. I tried to think of something to say to him, but
nothing came into my head.

Eventually he rolled off me and started to catch his breath. "Um," I said,
hearing a soft voice speaking my words, "I'm just going to the bathroom to
clean up." My unfamiliar lover respoded, "Sure thing, babe." and rolled
over. I got clumsilly off the bed and tried to regain my balence as I stood
up. Everything felt weird in this body and I made my way cautiously to out
of the room. I felt my sizable tits jiggle with each step as I walked down
the hall. I managed to find the bathroom without too much embarasment and
locked myself inside. I turned on the light and looked in the mirror.

Gasping, I recognised the face I saw there. I had become Lori, an old
friend on mine. I saw her wide, dark green eyes and her sensual lips. Her
choppy, reddish hair sat ruffled on my head. I looked at her toned arms and
curvy body with it's wide hips and shaply legs. Her fairly large breasts
rested on my chest and her milky skin reflected the bright lights of the
bathroom. I then realised that I did know the man in the bedroom, I had met
him a few times. It was Lori's husband, Kurt. I remembered her telling me
about how their marriage wasn't working out, I co$uld see why now.

All these things I realised. but the most important thing was still lost to
me; how did this happen?

"Are you coming back to bed, babe?" I heard Kurt call from the other
room. I froze, wondering what to do. Telling him I wasn't his wife but a
man that just woke up in her body being fucked seemed like a really awkward
this to say and explain. It was two in the morning and any excuse to leave
gracfully or try and call Lori would be equally uncomfortable. I didn't see
any option but to play along for the night and try and figure things out
while my 'husband' was at work in the morning. I told him I would be right
there. Remembering the stickty mess oozing down my thigh, I wiped off the
cum with a wet facecloth.

Still nude, I walked back to the bedroom. Thankfully Kurt looked like he
was already falling asleep. I crawled under the covers, avoiding the damp
spot on the bed. I cringed as he snuggled up to me, his cold cock nestle
between my ass cheeks. I pretended to sleep, but really I was too
uncomfortable laying like that and too scared that he might wake up and
want more attention. At one point I held my breath as I felt his cock
twitch and get hard against my backside. He didn't wake up though, so I
just stared into the darkness trying to think. What distubed me most of all
was that my frustration at being cheated out of a orgam made me
occasionally anticipate further sexual encouters in a almost hopful way.

Eventually I must have drifted off into a tense sleep...

To be continued...

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Nifty - Transgender - Magic ScFi - Trade - Trade 1