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Nifty - Transgender - Authoritarian - Sissy Cuckold Club - Sissy Cuckold Club 1

Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 01:14:55 +0530
From: Shashi Kala <>
Subject: sissy cuckold club

All characters in this story are fictitious and any resemblance of these
characters to any other character or person, living or dead is purely

Plot: A married couple go to a club which specializes in cuckoldry,
sissification. The husbands are put up through humiliating situations and
tasks for the amusement of the members. Extreme humiliation and sex scenes
in the story.

Part 1: How it started

Sissy Cuckold Club:

The limo stopped in front of a huge mansion. Edward and Bella made their
way to the door and rang the bell. The door opened and they were greeted by
a tall maid wearing a maid's uniform which seemed very small for her size.
She curtsied and escorted them into an office and asked them to wait,
"Please wait here madam and Mistress Rebecca will be right with you." She
curtsied again and left the room.

"Bella, I am not having a good feeling about this." Edward's voice was
close to shivering. He didn't like the club's name in the least, the Sissy
Cuckold Club. He looked at his wife who stared back at him firmly. "Don't
cry like a girl, you promised to make me happy by signing up in this club.
In fact Rebecca is my friend and she said that her marriage and many others
marriage has been wonderful from the time she started this club."

The waiting couple didn't have to wait for long. Rebecca strode into the
room and hugged Bella tightly. She went and sat on her chair and looked at
Edward keenly. "Welcome to SCC, I hope Jesse was in his best behavior when
he escorted you to the office."

"We didn't meet Jesse from the time we came to the club." Bella responded
and looked at her questioningly.

"Oh dear, you haven't seen Jesse from the time we graduated right." She
dialed a number, "Jesse, come to my office immediately and bring two
glasses of red wine."

Edward and Bella were surprised at her commanding way of calling her
husband. Rebecca did look classy in her perfectly fitted pant suit. Her
hair was loose but her makeup was very minimal and professional.

The door opened slowly and the tall maid who escorted them inside came in
with 2 glasses of wine. She offered the wine to Rebecca and Rebecca and
stood in one corner obediently. "Meet my husband, Jesse. He works as my
maid these days" Rebecca said and waited for Bella to react.

Edward held Bella's hand and stared at Jesse open mouthed. "I will be
damned, I could never have guessed that he is Jesse; for that matter, I
could have never guessed that he is a male. He looks so submissive and
girly." Bella exclaimed with a shocked expression.

"Haha, Jesse is no longer a male in our relationship. He is my maid and my
club's head waitress. Just look at him, his head lowered and his short
outfit." Rebecca smiled. "Edward, what do you think of this?"

Edward was at loss of words at that moment. He was staring at Jesse and
turned towards Rebecca. "Please let's go from here. I don't want to end up
like him in a dress." He asked Bella pleadingly. He sounded pathetic
begging like that. Rebecca chuckled at his classmate of one time begging
his wife.

"Now listen to me, you promised me to go through with this so don't back
off now." Bella was firm and meant business.

"Rebecca, let us test Edward and his potential to be accepted in this
club. That is mandatory as per our policies. The results will determine if
Edward will be inducted into the stud category or the cuck category"
Rebecca said clearly ignoring Edward.

"See dear, you will be tested. Maybe the whole thing will turn the other
way round and your results come positive for the induction into the stud
section." The sarcasm in Bella's voice was loud and clear.

"Take Edward to the test room and fetch Mistress Dr. Rachel to conduct the
tests. And make him comfortable." Rebecca motioned to Jesse to take Edward
away. "We will finish off with the paper work now."

Jesse curtsied to both the ladies and took Edward by his hand and took him
into a small room. "Please Edward, I request you to strip naked and take
your seat." Jesse didn't lift his head from the time they met at the front

"What the heck is happening here Jesse, and for goodness sake lift your
head and answer me." Edward almost shouted at his college classmate. "It's
a standard procedure and I am not allowed to look at the visitors until the
end of the test. I can look at the faces of cucks and must never look at
the faces of studs or mistresses unless said specifically as a mark of
respect and submission. So until you get categorized, I cannot take a
decision." Jesse explained still looking at the Edward's feet.

Edward stripped naked and sat on the chair. The room was extremely cold and
he started to shiver a little. He checked out the room which had pictures
of sexy naked girls on one side and pictures of naked, muscular, tall men
on the other side. He noticed that the men in the pictures had huge cocks,
cocks with sizes not less than 8 inches.

"Welcome to SCC, you must be Edward." Dr. Rachel came into the room and sat
and smiled at Edward. She seemed very friendly. "So Edward, please stand up
so that Jesse here can measure your height, weight and your cock size. "

Edward stood up and Jesse came close and took the measurements. Edward was
55kgs, at 5.5 feet. Edward stepped back as Jesse took hold of his cock to
start stroking it to measure the size. "Don't be surprised Edward, just
consider this as an experiment." Dr. Rachel spoke from behind.

Edward tried to relax but he couldn't get hard. His cock stayed
soft. Dr. Rachel smiled and pointed Edward towards pictures of naked girls
on the wall. His cock slowly started to grow hard and reached his full
length. Jesse knelt before Edward and took the measurement and noted it
down on a notepad. Dr. Rachel then proceeded to point Edward towards
pictures of naked men on the wall. Edward's cock started to stir little and
soon reached its full length.

Dr. Rachel smirked at Edward who turned red with shame. She sat on her
chair and wrote down some points on her notepad. "Why did you get hard
looking at men with huge cocks?" she asked suddenly.

Edward was taken aback by that question. He lowered his head and whispered,
"I don't know"

"What do you think was extraordinary with the pictures on both the walls?"

"The girls are very sexy and the men were huge." Edward couldn't believe
the answers he was giving.

"Do you know the size of your cock?"

"I don't know, maybe 6 inches"

"Haha, overstated and funny; it was a mere 3.5 inches when it is completely

"Don't be ashamed Edward, its normal in many cultures for a smaller male to
admire bigger males. It sort of makes them submissive at the very sight of
real men. This is projected in many ways. The smaller men get aroused
sometimes. Sometimes they pee at the sight of bigger men. You know like a
beta dog pissing with its tail between its legs when an alpha dog towers
before it."

"You are what we call a sissy. A pure breed I can say." Dr. Rachel laughed
at her own joke.

"You see, sissies like you need counseling for your own good. Sign some
papers and come back to my room for some sessions. We have such sessions
twice every week." Dr. Rachel wrote a fairly long report in her notepad.

The explanation blew Edward to an extent that a tear trickled down his eye
due to the humiliation which was heaped on him.

Dr. Rachel kept smiling at Edward. She got up and patted his head, told
Edward to take him back to the office room. Jesse gave his clothes back to
him which he wore immediately, took the notepad from Dr. Rachel and walked
towards the office. Jesse looked into Edward's eyes and consoled
him. "Welcome to the club Edward. Welcome to the cuck category."

Edward entered the office room and found Bella laughing and talking to
Rebecca. "Well, aren't you a beta male." she giggled and continued signing
some papers.

"I officially declare you the cuck of our club, Sissy Cuckold club. Sign
here and you will be sent off for induction process." Rebecca passed him
some papers.

"I read them sissy, you just sign wherever your name is typed" Bella said
strictly. Edward was hurt when his own wife called him a sissy. He signed
the papers which made him literally a submissive employee of the club.

"Now off you go, both of you to Mistress Dr. Rachel. After Edward's
counseling, you can bring Edward and the other cucks to the common room
when the club activities begin, as usual. I want Edward to be extra decked
up for his first day.

Edward followed Jesse amidst giggles from his wife. He knew his humiliation
has just begun in Sissy Cuckold Club.

Coming up - Part 2: Counseling Session

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Nifty - Transgender - Authoritarian - Sissy Cuckold Club - Sissy Cuckold Club 1