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Nifty - Transgender - Authoritarian - Sissy Cuckold Club - Sissy Cuckold Club 2

Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 12:55:27 +0530
From: Shashi Kala <>
Subject: Sissy Cuckold Club 2

All characters in this story are fictitious and any resemblance of these
characters to any other character or person, living or dead is purely

Plot: continuation from part 1. In this chapter Edward is counseled to
accept his role in the Sissy cuckold club.

Part 2: Counseling Session

Edward entered the doctor's room again. He stripped naked and stood before
her. She was going through some papers and ignored him for a long time
making him wait. She looked at him finally and started the counseling.

"Quit covering your cock with your hands. I want you to stand with your
right leg bent a little. Keep one of your hands on your hip and leave your
other hand limp near your wrists. Poke out your butt in the air and pout
your lips." Her instructions were precise and Edward did as told.

"Are you a real man?"

"I am a male Dr. Rachel."

"Then what do you call him?" the doctor pointed to a muscular black man
with a huge semi hard cock.

Edward lowered his head and mumbled, "He is a male too."

"This counseling session will help you accept your role in life,
Edward. Let me tell you how things work in animal kingdom. There is always
an alpha dog and a beta dog. The beta dog lowers itself to the ground with
its butt in the air whenever a alpha dog growls or barks. It doesn't even
look straight into the alpha dog's face. Do you know why?"

"I've seen it but I don't know why." Edward replied sheepishly. He was
responding and that made him more humiliated.

"It's because the beta dog's job is to pay respect. And so is your job to
respect real men. That excuse for a cock hanging between your legs
shouldn't be considered a cock. It's just a miniature model of a real
cock. So tell me, are you even a male?"

Edward hung his head in shame and didn't answer. "This will earn 10 strokes
of cane on your bottom" the doctor's voice was serious.

"I am not a male?" Edward asked questioningly.

"No, you are not a male nor you are a female."

Edward looked confused for a second. His face suddenly showed some
expression as if he understood the point that Dr. Rachel was driving
home. "I am a sissy" he whispered.

"I knew you will see the truth, most sissies do. It's deep down in your
heart which you cover up with this false act of masculinity. Most white
bois like you are sissies deep down."

"Lets do a small experiment now. I will give you a huge black dildo. You
will keep it in your mouth and keep sucking it while playing with
yourself." She gave Edward a huge black dildo.

He knelt down and started sucking the dildo and inserted his finger into
his asshole.

"See what I mean, I said play with yourself and your mind made you finger
your asshole instead of stroking your cock in the presence of a huge black
dildo. By the way did you also notice that your cock is got hard as soon as
your finger entered your butthole?"

Edward was shocked at her reasoning.

"Now let me give you a fuck doll and a black dildo and see what you do."
Dr. Rachel gave him the fuck doll with huge boobs and waited for his

Edward thought for a while and started stroking his cock before the fuck
doll remembering her words in the last experiment.

Dr. Rachel laughed loudly. "This happens nearly every time. Whenever I
conduct this second experiment white sissies like you start stroking their
cock because I said so instead of fucking the doll. I hope you also realize
that you do this in the presence of a black dildo. You white bois don't
want to compete for a woman in the presence of a black man."

"Lets go to the next step of your counseling. You remember the dog story
right. Tell me what you must do when you encounter a real man?"

"I have to bend down and pay respect?" Edward waited for the doctor's

"That's cute, but that is really tiring to bend before every real man so we
in this club have devised a cuck rule which says that a cuck is not allowed
to look at the face unless specifically asked. This should be followed even
while having a conversation and this rule extends to all the mistresses
too. Even your wife"

Edward swallowed hard and imagined talking to Bella and looking at her feet
like a girl who is punished. He wanted to run away from that place but his
erect cock was betraying his thoughts.

Edward was looking intently at the pictures showing muscular well hung
black men and he was told to hold the black cock in his right hand.

"Doctor, am I gay."

"No silly, you are a sissy who just accepted his role among real men and

At that same moment, Bella entered the test room and heard what Dr. Rachel

"So you are a sissy who accepted his role." Bella smiled.

"Hello Bella, your husband's initial counseling is over. And I must ask you
to refer to him in female pronouns which suits well to his image."
Dr. Rachel shook hands with Bella.

"Thank you doctor. I will keep that in mind."

Edward's gaze involuntarily went to his wife's feet instead of her face. He
cupped his hands before him like a good maid and didn't dare to raise his

"I liked counseling your husband. She was a fast learner and a true sissy
breed. There is one thing that this club mandates every wife. You have to
choose a place for piercing on your husband's face. Please be careful as to
not sabotage his job with your decision"

"Wow, I get to choose that." Bella screamed with excitement. "She signed
the papers for waitressing job at the club along with Jesse so she can
resign her previous job."

Edward looked at is wife stunned. He couldn't believe that he would stay in
this club every weekend instead of just selected weekends and he signed for
it willingly.

"I want her to get her nose pierced with a tiny silver nose stud." Bella
said cheerfully clapping her hands with glee.

Dr. Bella immediately got to action. She dabbed alcohol on Edward's nose
and pierced his right nostril and cleaned it with some alcohol. Edward
sobbed quietly with his head hung and his gaze on his wife's feet.

Dr. Rachel then called for Jesse and told him to take Edward to the Cuck
Room and get him cleaned and presentable for the club activities.

Edward curtsied both the women much to the amusement of Bella and walked
away briskly to the cuck room. Jesse never left his hand go and led him
into a huge pink room with few beds and lots of racks, few full length
mirrors and two bathrooms. There were already few men seated in the room
chatting. "Welcome to cuck room"; they all said in unison.

Coming up - Part 3: The cuck room

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Nifty - Transgender - Authoritarian - Sissy Cuckold Club - Sissy Cuckold Club 2