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Nifty - Transgender - By Authors - Bill - Sissy Boy Neighbor - Sissy Boy Neighbor 3

Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 14:41:47 -0800 (PST)
From: Bill <>
Subject: My Sissy-Boy Neighbor Part 3 (b/b, b/t)

Note: This is the continuation of the story about my adventures
with Freddy - my 13-year-old classmate in the 7th grade... and
a total sissy-boy.

My Sissy-Boy Neighbor Part 3 (b/b, b/t)

As Freddy and I walked slowly back to our neighborhood, my
mind was filled with conflicting emotions. My sexual education
had just taken another major leap forward as Freddy had
penetrated my tight asshole with a slender vibrating sex-toy
while he jacked me off, sending me to the most intense orgasm
ever. And Freddy had made me put on a pair of silk girls'
panties - just like ones he was wearing - and I surprised myself
with how erotic they made me feel. And then we were discovered
by a handsome 16-year-old farm boy named Clem. Freddy and I
licked and sucked his 7" cock at the same time before he fucked
Freddy's ass while I watched and jacked myself off.

Everything was moving too fast! Sure it was exciting. And sure
I loved every new sexual experience that my short acquaintance
with Freddy had brought me. But now another person knew about
my "queer" activities - another person who might tell others and
make me the object of harassment by bullies at school. And Clem
had told us to come back to the old abandoned barn the next day
after school, and to be wearing nothing but those panties when
he showed up. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to. What if
he wanted to fuck me with his thick 7" cock as he had done to
Freddy? It would probably kill me!

"Freddy, what do you think would happen if I didn't go back to
the barn tomorrow?" I asked as we walked.

"Billy, you gotta go! It's so exciting!" he gushed. After a pause
he added "And besides, you know I can make you go... you don't
want me to show those pictures that my sister took yesterday,
do you? You'll go."

"But if Clem wants to fuck me... I don't know if I could do that.
He was too big for me to even suck!" I whined.

"Well, you know that vibrator I gave you? Use it on your `pussy'
tonight. It's a beginner's model, but it'll help stretch your love-hole
and get you used to it.... I LOVE being fucked, and Clem's big
beautiful tool was just HEAVENLY!" said Freddy with a dreamy
look in his eyes.

That night I decided to do what Freddy suggested. With my
door securely locked and my radio turned on to cover any noise,
I stripped naked and looked at myself in the full-length mirror
on the back of the door. I was a 5'1", skinny 12-year-old with a
head of short brown hair, but not another hair on my entire body.
I had broad shoulders, but no muscles to speak of. As I looked
at my reflection, I ran my hands over my body, sending tingling
sensations through me. Rubbing my hands over my crotch, playing
with my penis and ballsack, made my dick spring to life and it
quickly rose to its full 4". I stroked it sensuously for a minute,
then turned around and bent over. Spreading my ass cheeks, I
looked back through my legs at the mirror's reflection of the
clenched circle of nerves and muscle. Getting a glob of vaseline
on my finger, I began massaging the taboo hole, rubbing my
finger back and forth as I watched.

Then I stood up and walked over to the bed, spreading some
vaseline on the smooth plastic vibrator that Freddy had given me.
I positioned myself with my lower back resting on two pillows
and my legs pulled back all the way, held in place by my elbows.
In that position, my ass was pointing straight up and visible if I
craned my neck. As I brought the tip of the sex-toy to my
exposed hole, a little tremor ran through my body. Oh, YES!
I twisted the base of the toy, and the vibrator buzzed like an
angry bee. Rubbing the probe all around the outside of my hole,
I let the marvelous sensations rush through my body. Flexing
the anal muscle out, I brought the object inside me, watching
as my boycock twitched and pulsed without being touched.
As I started to masturbate with my right hand, I began fucking
my ass with the toy held in my left. I plunged and withdrew the
slippery tool in long strokes, and my whole body shivered with
intense sexual pleasure. For variety, I twisted it in a circular
motion or moved the tip slowly over the inside of the dark
secret chamber.

I closed my eyes and my brain created images that danced in a
kaleidoscope of shifting erotic scenes behind my eyelids. I imagined
myself being fucked in the ass... by Freddy... by Clem... even by
Freddy's lesbian sister with her strap-on dildo! I imagined myself
on my knees taking it from behind while I sucked another boy's
cock. I feverishly imagined sex scenes with boys I had known
before my family moved, as well as with the boys at my new
school who I barely knew at all. I saw myself naked in the boys'
restroom as multiple hands felt my raging boner and probed fingers
into my ass... on my hands and knees on the tile floor, I was being
fucked in the ass and fucked in the mouth as schoolmates stood
around me jacking off and shooting cum onto my face and body.
My mind raced through incredible sexual fantasies as my body
rode a wave of intense lust.... The hyper-stimulation of my ass
and cock drove me inexorably toward the reward I so desperately
craved... the release of orgasm.

I brought the tip of the vibrator to that special place inside my
ass that I had only discovered the previous day, and it send me
into a virtual convulsion. Just when I thought I couldn't stand it
any longer, the wave of tension crested and crashed, flooding
my body with unbelievable pleasure. Three small spurts of fluid
shot from my dick, the first hitting my face, the second two
right into my open mouth as I curled my body even more so my
spasming cock was positioned directly above my head. I kept
the vibrator buzzing inside my ass, continuing to send chills
through my body and my now-spent penis, until finally I removed
it and drifted to sleep, exhausted.

The next day at school, Freddy whispered to me in the hall as
we went to different third-period math classes: "Meet me in the
second-floor boys' room 15 minutes after class starts." I didn't
have a chance to ask why, as he popped into his classroom.
When my watch showed the passage of 13 minutes after class
began, I asked to be excused and made my way upstairs to the
little-used toilets. As I entered the door, Freddy was facing a
urinal, apparently taking a pee. Seeing me come in, he turned
around, displaying his 6" erection standing up proud from his
crotch. His jeans were open, and his cock and balls were
resting on the lacy waistband of his black silk panties.

"Hi Billy! Lets get inside the toilet stall! Oooo, Billy; I want
to hold you and kiss you so much!!" he giggled.

"Jeez, Freddy. I don't think we oughta be doing this at SCHOOL!"
I said in a loud whisper, looking under the doors of the stalls to
make sure no one else was there.

"Oh, Billy! Hardly anyone comes up here during class. We'll
be done real soon; I promise!"

As the toilet stall door closed behind us, Freddy slipped his
arms around me and we kissed. My nervousness eased as our
tongues came together in a slippery erotic dance and Freddy's
hand rubbed the front of my pants. As I sucked Freddy's tongue,
I stroked his long slender boner, instantly reminded of how
much I now loved and craved the feel of another boy's hard cock.

"Mmmm" he purred. "Let's rub our cocks together." And he
quickly undid my pants and pulled them down. Then he paused.
"Billy! How come you're not wearing your panties? Remember
what Clem said. You're gonna be there, aren't you?"

"Freddy; I've got gym today! I can't be seen wearing them!
But yeah; I'll be there. I got the panties in my backpack."
Freddy smiled and pulled down my boxers, exposing my
rigid boycock. As we continued to tongue-kiss, we stroked
each other's cocks with growing passion.

Just then, the door swung open and we froze. The sound of
footsteps and a boy's voice tunelessly mumbling a current
rock song echoed in our ears. Freddy whispered in my ear,
almost inaudibly, "Stand up on the toilet seat so there's only
one pair of feet showing." As noiselessly as I could, I climbed
up. The off-tune singing continued, now accompanied by the
sound of pee splashing into the urinal. I was breathing easier
and my heartbeat was slowing, when suddenly I felt Freddy's
lips on my penis! He was starting to suck me off while the other
kid was still in the boys' room! I tried to push him away, but
his hands held tight to my ass cheeks as his lips slid up and
down my cock and his tongue lapped at the shaft of my stiffy.
I struggled to keep from groaning out loud and also to keep
from falling off the toilet seat and giving us away. Finally, there
was a flush of the urinal, a splash of water in the sink, the sound
of footsteps, and the door swinging open. Only then did Freddy's
mouth leave my boner.

"Freddy!!" I hissed. "We almost got caught!"

"But we didn't... and it was soooo exciting, don't you think?
Now hop down and put your beautiful tool in my pussy. You
still haven't fucked me yet, and I'm so hot for you, my boycunt
is just on fire."

I couldn't believe this. After almost getting caught, Freddy
wanted me to FUCK him... right there in a toilet stall of the
boys' room! But there I was, my 4" prick stiff as a board, and
Freddy was pulling his panties off and spreading some lube on
his asshole from a small plastic bottle. Bending at the waist
and flexing his knees a bit, he brought his hands back to his
ass cheeks and pulled them apart. With a pleading look in
his eyes, he said "Oh Billy! Hurry! I need you so much! Fuck
my sissy-boy ass!"

Shit! Yeah, I wanted to do it.... I'd never done this before, and
I'd watched with lust as Freddy was fucked twice in the last
two days. I wanted it a LOT. Pressing up against Freddy's
upraised ass, I humped against him, my 4" boner sliding up
and down along his lubed crack. I thrilled at the sensation
of pumping my stiff penis against my classmate's hot ass.
Then I positioned my cock at the entrance of his hole and
pushed. My hard boyish cock slid in, hugged by Freddy's
anal muscle. It was almost like I was being sucked into my
friend's body. I groaned with pleasure as I pushed in all the
way. Energy rushed through my body, along with the exhilaration
of knowing that I was fucking someone for the first time.
My body knew what to do instinctively as my hips pulled
back slightly and pushed back into Freddy's well-lubed ass.

"Oh, Billy! YES! Oh, my beautiful lover... fuck my pussy... oh;
it's so good! Ohhh, YES!" Freddy's hands pressed against the
stall wall as his ass pushed back against me on every in-stroke.
I reached around his body and grasped his 6" cock, feeling it
throb in my hand. I started to jack Freddy off, vigorously, as
I kept up the urgent rhythm of shallow fuck strokes into his ass.
(I popped out one time, but Freddy's hand immediately reached
between his legs to guide me back into the warmth of his fuckhole.)

"Oh, God, Freddy! This is so good! Uhhh! YEAH!" My body
slapped against his ass in piston strokes as my hand rode up
and down his cock.

"Billy! Yes! Do me! Make me cum! Fuck me! Oh, you're
so good! I love you, Billy!" My mind and body were on fire
with lust. I pressed my chest on his back, my right hand jacking
him fast and hard while my left slid over his slender chest and belly.

"Oh, Freddy! I... I love you! I love you Freddy!" Maybe it was
my lust talking as I fucked toward my onrushing orgasm, but I
said it nonetheless... and I felt it too... a feeling of the merging
of our bodies and spirits... two human beings united in
overpowering mutual pleasure. As I said these words, Freddy's
cock exploded in urgent spurts of spunk, spraying against the
metal wall of the toilet stall and dripping down my fingers.
The throes of my own orgasm were intensified by the rhythmic
spasms of Freddy's anal muscle, making me moan uncontrollably
from the sexual intensity.

We were motionless at last with, though I was breathing
heavily and my heart was pounding in my chest. As my
shrinking cock slid out of Freddy's lubed ass, I finally came
to my senses. Shit! I wouldn't even have known if someone
had come in the boy's room! And I had no idea how long I
had been missing from class. I quickly pulled myself together,
but paused long enough to kiss Freddy one last time, and
headed back to class. As I entered the room, I know I was
blushing. To make matters worse, one boy discretely pumped
his partially-clenched fist near his crotch in the universal
jack-off sign, causing a chorus of giggles from the classmates
who'd seen him do it.

At lunch that day, I sat across from Freddy at the "loser's table"
with several other kids who didn't fit into any other group.
You know; the kids who were ugly or really shy; who
weren't jocks, or preps, or punks, or brains. I was there
because I was shy and a "new kid", having transferred only
four weeks before when my family moved to North Carolina
from up north. I joked to myself that maybe no one acknowledged
my existence - except for Freddy - because I was short and I
passed under their radar. There wasn't much conversation at
the table; everyone was in some way a misfit lacking in social
skills. All except for Freddy, of course, who kept up a
flamboyant running monologue in his stereotypical queer
manner, whether anyone was listening or not.

As we ate, I felt his foot nudge mine, then rub against my leg.
He was playing footsie with me, which was kind of amusing
and enjoyable, but I prayed no one else would notice it.
Then I felt his shoeless foot in my lap, rubbing against my
crotch. I scooted my chair in closer to the table. I must have
been getting crazy... but I unobtrusively unzipped my pants
and drew my boner through the fly of my boxers. I caressed
Freddy's foot and ankle with my hands as his sock-covered
toes tickled my stiff dick. All the while, Freddy kept up his
sissy-voiced commentary about anything that came into his
mind... except, thank God, what he was doing with his foot.

I had gym as my next-to-last period. Freddy had long ago
gotten a doctor's note that said he never had to take gym.
Well, I actually enjoyed it. We were playing softball that
week, and it turned out everyone was equally mediocre and
a number were worse than me. At the end of the period,
as I was walking off the field, the lacrosse team was walking
on. (The good athletes were all on the "real" teams - lacrosse,
baseball, track. The rest of us took gym.) Suddenly, one of
the lacrosse players, a handsome looking jock dressed in full
gear with his jersey cut short to reveal a muscled abdomen,
called out to me.

"Hey! Your name's Billy, right?"

"Yeah; that's right" I said, surprised he knew my name.

"You're a friend of Freddy the Faggot, aren't you?"

Oh, God! "Uh... well... he's my neighbor...."

"In Mill Crick?" he asked, with a big smile on his face.

"Uhhhhhh... well, yeah."

"Thought so. See ya around." And he headed off to practice
after giving me a knowing wink.

Jeez! What was THAT all about? And then I remember
where I'd seen the boy. He was one of the three 8th grade
bullies who'd pulled down Freddy's pants and underwear
in the boys' restroom several weeks before, while a half-dozen
others (me included) looked on. It had happened just after
I'd transferred to this school, and at the time made me worry
that it might happen to me. And now this! What did that
8th grade jock know about me?

After school let out, Freddy and I hiked to the old barn on
the abandoned farm. Clem, the 16-year-old farm boy, wasn't
there yet. I was still sorta conflicted about being here... excited
by Clem's powerful masculine sexuality, but a bit scared by it too.
Freddy unnecessarily reiterated Clem's instructions that we be
dressed only in the flimsy black silk panties. I got out the pair
that Freddy had given me the day before, here in this barn.
Just feeling the smooth sensuous material in my hand started
getting me aroused. Freddy was already stripping down as I
removed my shirt, my shoes and socks, my pants, and finally
my boxers. As I slipped the panties up my hips and brought
them into contact with my stiffening penis, an erotic chill ran
through me and I smiled knowingly at Freddy. Then the realization
hit me: deep down I must be almost as much of a sissy faggot
as Freddy! I guess I was meant to be here, waiting for this
macho guy to come and make me suck his cock... or even
take his cock in my virgin asshole. After all, here I was, naked
except for girl's panties, rubbing my barely pubescent boner...
I was actually getting excited about the idea of being a slut
for Clem... allowing him to use my body to satisfy his lust.
And then, as Freddy wrapped his slender arms around me,
all I could think about was how pretty Freddy's body and
face were... how much I wanted to hug and kiss him... and
how hot it made me when our two silk-covered erections
slid against each other.

As we kissed, our hands wandered over each other's bodies
and our hips ground together in adolescent urgency. The words
escaped my mouth without passing through the filter of my
conscious brain... "I love you, Freddy. I love you so much!"
And then... suddenly...

"Well, I'll be!! Big brother, you sure as hell were right about
that new kid!" It was the 8th grade lacrosse player, still
dressed in his cut-off practice jersey, athletic shorts, and long
athletic socks. Standing next to him was Clem, dressed in
sweat-pants and a high school teeshirt. I was really stupid
not to notice the family resemblance when I'd seen the
younger brother only an hour and a half ago.

Freddy, for some reason, seemed delighted that the 8th
grader - one of his tormenters! - was there. "Ooooo... Bobby!
What a yummy surprise!"

Clem looked from the two of us, clad in girl's panties and still
holding hands, over to his brother. "Hey little brother. You
didn't tell me that you and Blondie were friends!"

"Hell, Clem! Just `cause my cock has made the acquaintance
of his mouth don't mean we're friends!" And then looking over
at Freddy, Bobby said "Hey Faggot Boy. How long's the new
kid been your girlfriend? I thought you only got off on giving
blow jobs to 8th grade jocks."

"Well, Bobby darling" said Freddy in his best sissy-boy voice,
"you would know what gets me off just about as well as anyone,
wouldn't you? I remember you were the first in line when I
sucked the whole basketball team in Mike Wilson's basement
that time. And we've had `dates' in the second floor boys'
room about... oh, five times, haven't we?"

Bobby blushed slightly, defensive about the way this information
was phrased. "I can fuck your mouth any time I want, you
faggot cocksucker, and it don't make it a `date'."

"OK, honey; if you say so" said Freddy in a honeyed voice;
"I'm just glad you came along. We'll have a scrumptious party!"
as he spoke, Clem and Bobby were pulling off their pants.
Both wore jockstraps... and pouch of each jockstrap was full of
masculine equipment in the prime of adolescence.

"Well, Bobby," said Clem, rubbing the front of his jock;
"which of these sissy-boys do you want to have service you?"

To be continued.

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Nifty - Transgender - By Authors - Bill - Sissy Boy Neighbor - Sissy Boy Neighbor 3