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Nifty - Transgender - By Authors - Bill - Sissy Boy Neighbor - Sissy Boy Neighbor 6

Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 13:25:08 -0800 (PST)
From: Bill <>
Subject: My Sissy-Boy Neighbor, Part 6

My Sissy-Boy Neighbor, Part 6 (The Lost Episode)

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's been two years(!) since I posted Part 5 of
this story. In response to all the people who have written to ask
"what happens next?", here's the concluding part. Just so you
know, there's a major dose of transvestism throughout the story
and some imagined transgender content as well.]

It was the next-to-last day of school before summer break, and I
was looking forward to the months of freedom that lay ahead.
Freddy and I would be together, away from the homophobia of
middle-school culture, having all the time in the world to
explore the exciting things that two horny boys can do together.
It amazes me even now how quickly I had gone from a naive kid on
the cusp of puberty to being a sex-hungry cocksucker with a
budding fetish for servicing athletic older boys... all before my
13th birthday. My mentor in the ways of deviant sexuality was
Freddy Simmons -- Freddy the Faggot to our classmates in the 7th
grade -- 6 months older than me, totally "out", and with a not-
so-secret fondness cross-dressing. For some reason, Freddy had
fallen deeply in love with me and had gradually convinced me to
fall for him as well. At first, I was puzzled by his two
contradictory impulses -- the desire for romantic love with just
one boy -- me! -- and the compulsion for promiscuous, submissive
sex with other boys. But gradually he helped me realize that my
own innermost desires were surprisingly similar to his.

During recess that day, we went to an isolated end of the
athletic fields to talk, even holding hands discretely. When we
saw two boys walking toward us, we immediately pulled apart. One
of the boys was Bobby Bartlett. He was the handsome and self-
confident 14-year-old farm boy who only a week before had fucked
me -- the only time I had ever taken a cock up my ass. The other
was the husky and somewhat dim-witted athlete I had sucked off in
the woods back of school a few days later. I didn't even know his
name! Freddy whispered to me that he was Mike Wilson.

"Hey girls" said Bobby with a sly grin. "Some of the 8th graders
on the lacrosse team are having a party at Mike's house tomorrow
night to celebrate the end of school. His parent won't be there."

"Yeah" said Mike; "And I... uh... we, like, want you two to

"Mmmmm" cooed Freddy sarcastically; "I just love to cum.... So
Bobby, darling; I guess you want the same sort of action as at
the basketball team's party, hmmmm? Billy and I will be the
entertainment? Or, should I say, the party favors?"

"Yeah; sure. EXACTLY like that time... except times-two," said
Bobby, eyeballing me.

Freddy had told me about the time, a few months ago, that he had
gone to a party at Mike's house and given blow-jobs to each of
the eight boys; several more than once. My dick perked up as I
thought about Freddy and me on our knees... and all those 8th
grade jocks with their pants down, waiting to feed us their hard
teenage cocks.

After school, Freddy and I avoided the bus, where there was sure
to be taunting and harassment. Instead, we walked the 2 miles
home along a trail through the woods... hand-in-hand when we
could see that nobody else was around. It was a beautiful late-
spring Carolina day, and we decided to stop at our "secret spot"
-- a clearing at the top of a rise. Putting down our book packs,
we slid into each other's arms and softly kissed.

"Mmmm, Billy," murmured Freddy; "I'm so lucky to have you in my
life." His hands slid up underneath my teeshirt and stroked my
back as we hugged.

"Yeah, Freddy... it's great to finally be alone with you," I
whispered, and then ran the tip of my tongue into his ear.

Freddy shuddered with pleasure and we kissed deeper, our tongues
coming together in a sloppy, passionate exchange. We were both
instantly horny and Freddy pulled my teeshirt off as I reached
down and pressed my hand on his crotch, feeling the stiffness
within. His hand came to my pants immediately, and we groped each
other as we continued to kiss hungrily.

"Freddy... let's get naked and lie down together. OK?"

"Oh, yes! Billy, I just get so horny when we make out!"

I kicked off my shoes and peeled down my jeans and boxers,
proudly revealing my boyish erection. My cock was only a bit over
4 inches long, but was in the midst of that early-puberty growth
spurt where it seemed to grow a little plumper each time it got
stiff, and my balls were becoming noticeably fuller and lower
hanging. Freddy pulled his khakis off, pausing to let me admire
the ultra-feminine panties he was wearing... lacy black silk. His
6-inch circumcised cock made a prominent ridge that pushed up
against the skinny waistband. He let his slender erection spring
free as he pulled the panties off. We tumbled together onto the
grassy ground, holding each other close, humping our crotches
together, our mouths locked in a kiss, our hands all over each
other's bodies.

I wanted his cock in my mouth. Wanted to taste Freddy's male
flesh, stiff and warm, and worship it with my lips and tongue. I
kissed my way down to Freddy's hairless chest. The tip of my
tongue toyed with each small tan nipple. Then further down to
kiss and lick his belly as I lay between his spread legs

Freddy lay still, taking in the sensations I was bringing him.
His hands gently caressed my hair as my face moved down farther.
And then I was there... my face nuzzling his cock and loose ball
sack. Only a smattering of hairs decorated the base of his
beautifully slender penis. I inhaled deeply, loving the smell of
rich teenage musk mixing with the perfumey soap-scent lingering
from his morning shower.

Then I licked my lips and wrapped them around the delicate glans.
GOD! This felt so erotic! The warmth, the smoothness... the
shudder that ran through his body. My tongue swirled around as
Freddy moaned with pleasure. Down the shaft, taking more of his
cock and desiring it all.... I was concentrating on my technique,
giving Freddie the best sucking that I could, knowing that I
still had a lot to learn. I was especially proud of how I had
learned to take his boner into my throat. I took a deep breath,
and then let the slender cockhead lodge in my gullet as my lips
pressed down onto his meager pubic hair.

"Billy! Oh, Billy! Oh God, that's so good!" Freddy gasped. Then I
felt him twisting his body around beneath me. "Bring yourself
around on top of me so I can do you too!"

Alright! I loved to do 69 with Freddy. He was a fantastic
cocksucker. But when I positioned my crotch above his face, he
brought his hands to my ass cheeks, spread them apart, and his
tongue went right for my asshole.

"I just love to lick your pussy. Is that ok, Billy?"

Without taking my mouth off his stiff cock, I mumbled my emphatic
consent and shifted a bit so that he had total access to the
puckered entrance of my "pussy" (although I was always a little
embarrassed every time Freddy used that term for a boy's
asshole). But the feeling of his tongue aggressively lapping the
bundle of pleasure nerves at that secret spot was assaulting my
senses and driving me wild with lust. At first, I forgot all
about sucking Freddy.... My brain was paralyzed by the sensation
of his tongue cork-screwing into my anus. I opened by circle of
muscle to him, feeling the tip of his tongue probe deeper. I
pushed my ass into his face, and his tongue kept surging forward.
Agh! It was incredibly intense. When I finally realized that I
wasn't holding up my end of things, I attacked Freddy's boner
with renewed passion and determination, sliding my lips up and
down his slender pole, taking him deep each time.

We had been working each other over in deliriously erotic
athleticism for several minutes, totally lost in mutual lust,
when suddenly my brain told me to pay attention to the world
beyond our two naked thrashing bodies. I listened, and clearly
heard the sound of voices not too far away.

"Freddy!" I hissed in a low voice. "Somebody's coming; we need to
get dressed. Quick!" After a flurry of flying clothes and forced-
on sneakers, we sat there on the ground, breathing hard and
listening closely. I could hear the sounds of feet trudging
through the forest, and the voices of at least two children. I
poked my head above the undergrowth and looked around. There were
two boys - maybe 10 years old - about 150 feet away from us, and
moving our way.

"Let's lay low til they pass by."

We waited for a few minutes, hunkered down and silent but
snuggling together, until we no longer heard the rustling of feet
moving across the forest floor. Figuring they had moved past us,
we stood up slowly. And there were the young boys, right at the
base of the hill, no more than 50 feet away. And Freddy and I
were both thrilled by what we saw. They stood face to face. The
slightly bigger boy, a dark-haired kid, had his jeans and white
underpants around his knees, and was holding up the bottom of his
tee shirt, revealing his prepubescent cock which stood up in a
small slender erection. The other -- a blond -- was silently
fondling his friend's penis. Then, as Freddy and I watched, the
blond pulled down his own trousers and pulled up his shirt. The
dark-haired kid reached out, hooked his fingers inside the
waistband of his friend's white briefs and pulled them down,
exposing the lad's skinny boyish prick.... eagerly erect, with a
small rounded ball sack beneath. Each boy was grinning excitedly,
and they were feeling each other up... fondling each other's
boners with intense curiosity.

"This is SO exciting, Billy!" gushed Freddy in a whispered voice.
"Do you think it's their first time?"

I shrugged my shoulders as I kept my eyes focused on the sex-play
that was unfolding below us. My hand was rubbing my own rigid
cock through my pants as I strained to hear what they were saying
in excited low voices.

" ... had a deal... can't chicken out..."

"... do it for me too, right?..."

The blond boy then dropped to his knees, looked up at his friend
and smiled, then tentatively brought his tongue to the upraised
little-boy erection, licking at the miniature glans. I wished we
were nearer (or had binoculars!), so I could get a close-up of
this incredible sight.

"Let's sneak a little closer!" said Freddy, a bit too loudly. And
as I tried to shush him, he stood up and took a couple steps,
making the dry leaves and twigs crackle beneath his feet. The two
boys looked up at us in fright, so spooked that they practically
tripped over themselves in their haste to pull up their pants.
And the expressions on their faces! They were practically in

We walked down the hill toward them. Seeing their intense
embarrassment, I said, gently "Hey guys; sorry we startled you.
It's cool to do that stuff, but you might want to hide a little
better. Don't worry; we won't tell...."

Freddy cut me off. "We won't tell anybody about your fun... if
you do what we say."

The boys' expressions, which had relaxed a bit, returned to utter

"My friend and I will finish what you started. We'll suck your
cocks." The young boys looked at each other with surprise. "And
then you'll suck ours.... Deal?"

I was about to tell Freddy to leave the kids alone, but the dark-
haired one looked at his friend, shrugged, and said "I guess
so.... Deal." And the blond grinned and bobbed his head in
agreement. I had to admit, I found the prospect of this four-way
encounter exciting.

"Let's go up to the hilltop. It's a lot more hidden," said

As we walked up the hill, Freddy whispered to me "I get the
blond; he's SO pretty!"

Indeed he was, but the other boy was also incredibly appealing --
a perfect example of rambunctious prepubescent boyhood... the
look of a mischievous angel.

The boys were whispering to themselves too, in excited tones.
When we reached the spot where Freddy and I had been -- a grassy
clearing surrounded by undergrowth -- Freddy told the boys to
stand side-by-side, and we knelt down at their feet. I looked
over at Freddy as he was pulling down the blond's elastic-waist
khaki shorts. I followed his example, popping the snap on my
kid's short pants and sliding them down his slender legs. I
looked up at the dark-haired boy, and he had the cutest
expression of excited anticipation as he looked down into my
eyes. I rubbed the front of his white briefs, feeling his penis
stiffen beneath the soft cotton material. Two of my fingers
snaked into the fly-front of the underpants, touching the small
rod within, and a chill of pleasure ran through me. I reached for
the waist-band of the briefs and gently eased them down the boy's
hips, revealing the pristine boyish erection, inches from my
face. I fingered it, entranced with its absolute stiffness. Then
my fingertips explored the small, loose bag of silky flesh
holding his marble-sized balls. Perfect!

I glanced to the side, just in time to see Freddy's lips sliding
down the blond boy's 3-inch stiffy. My eyes shifted up, and I saw
that the dark-haired kid was also staring at his friend's dick
being worked over by Freddy's mouth. Then he looked down at me.

"Do it just like that" he said to me in a soft, hopeful voice.
And to emphasize his desire, his hands came to my head and gently
pulled me toward his crotch. My hands reached around to grasp his
slender ass cheeks... soft as a baby's skin. Then my lips
enveloped the small red cockhead of the boy's circumcised penis,
and my tongue danced all around it. As my mouth slid down the
finger-sized erection, I reflected how each of the cocks I had
sucked in my life -- four of them, all in the past few weeks --
were larger than my own. Now this smaller one. So different from
sucking an older boy. Different, but no less erotic.

My lips pressed against the base of the boy-cock, and I suctioned
the trapped penis like a toddler sucking his thumb... my tongue
gliding up and down along it and pressing it against the roof of
my mouth. The kid moaned deeply as his hands tightened on my head
and his hips thrust forward. The sound of high-pitched squeals of
delight from the other boy caused me to look over at Freddy. His
mouth was moving swiftly in a vigorous up-and-down motion, and I
decided to match him. I began sucking as hard and fast as I could
along the shaft, tightening my hold on the boy's ass. Now the
high-pitched gasps of delight were in stereo as Freddy and I gave
the youngsters blow jobs that they would remember for a lifetime.

First the blond, then my boy, began to orgasm. Their moans and
squeals sounded almost like vocalizations of pain, but I knew
better. The lad's legs were trembling as his stiff little boner
jumped and throbbed on my tongue, and his hands practically
crushed my face against his soft belly.

"Now we do it to you! Show me your stiffy, ok?" said the cocky
dark-haired lad as he pulled up his pants. I grinned at Freddy,
as the four of us changed positions... Freddy and me standing,
the two youngsters on their knees before us.

I unbuttoned my tight jeans and pushed them down my thighs. My
erect penis pushed out against my paisley boxers, and the boy
slowly brought his hand up to it. Glancing over at Freddy, I saw
that his khakis and silk panties were around his knees, and the
cute little blond was just staring at the 6-inch cock with a look
of awe on his face. He had undoubtedly never seen one so big. But
my more modest-sized erection aroused only intense excitement in
the boy kneeling at my feet, as he eagerly pulled down my boxers
and ran his hands all over my penis and ball-sack, feeling me up.

"Go ahead... suck it," I said gently. He didn't need to be told
twice, as he brought his mouth to my cockhead... licked it a few
times... then took it tenderly into his small mouth. He must have
done this before.... Either that or he was a natural-born
cocksucker! His tongue lapped all around my tingling glans and
probed into the piss-slit. And the sound he was making in his
throat -- it was like he was eating the richest candy bar he'd
ever tasted... a satisfied sighing that was like sweet music in
my ears. When his lips began moving up and down the shaft, I was
positive he'd done this before. He didn't take me into his
throat, but he was working over the top two or three inches like
a pro. My fingers caressed his shaggy hair, and he looked up into
my eyes as he sucked -- God, he looked angelic!

Freddy was not having it nearly as good as me. The little blond
was very tentative... hesitant to do much more than kiss and lick
at the near-adult-sized erection. But I couldn't concern myself
with that; I was well on my way to a great orgasm, courtesy of a
10-year-old boy.

My breathing became increasingly ragged as the pressure in my
loins kept building and building. I was babbling my pleasure,
urging the boy on:

"Yeah!... Suck it!... Oh, God! YES!... Oh!... OH!... I'm
gonna.... Uh! Here it cums!"

The sweet release of sexual climax swirled through me, and I
didn't even think that the boy might not want a load of semen in
his mouth. Indeed, he was immediately coughing and spitting onto
the ground."

"Hey! What's the idea of peeing in my mouth?" he whined.

"That's not pee; it's cum!" I said, and tried to figure out how
to explain. Then Freddy came to my rescue.

"Here; I'll show you. Watch." he said. Pulling away from the
little boy who was doing such an inadequate job of sucking him,
Freddy began jacking his cock in his right hand. "Hold my balls
in your hand, cutie," he said to the blond; "that's where the
juice is made." Both boys (and me!) were staring at the
demonstration, as the 13-year-old's hand flew up and down the
shaft as the kid fondled his ball-sack.

"Mmmm... yeah! I gettin' close. It's gonna shoot! Oh, yeah...
squeeze my balls harder!" Freddy's hand stroked even faster and
he closed his eyes. "Oh... oh... OH, YES!" And a string of cum
shot out right past the blond boy's face. Freddie caught the
second and third pulses in a puddle on his hand and held them out
for the boys to see. "Tastes good, doesn't it Billy!" And he held
his hand up to my face.

I grinned and lapped the fluid off his palm and fingers and
smacked my lips. "Yep! Nothing better," I said.

"Wow!" said the two boys in unison.

After I had fastened my pants, I said "Well; see ya around kids."

Freddy added "Maybe we can do this again sometime... ok?"

"Yeah; maybe," said the scruffy dark-haired angel, whose name I
never learned.

As we walked along, nearing our homes, Freddie suggested I spend
the following night at his house. We could hang out together
before the party and his sister could drive us to Mike's house
and bring us back home, since Mike lived a couple miles away from
our neighborhood. I instantly agreed, excited about the party
with the 8th grade jocks and eager to spend the night in Freddy's
bed afterward.

"This'll be so great, Billy.... And I've got a surprise for you
when you come over." My curiosity and nagging couldn't get Freddy
to tell me what he had in mind, so I gave up. After looking
around to check that nobody was watching, we tenderly kissed
goodbye -- right there among the trees that separated my yard
from his.

As I lay in bed that night, my brain swirled with thoughts of the
incredible sexual awakening I had gone through in recent weeks. I
drifted off to sleep, my hands inside my pajama pants, tenderly
caressing my erection and my balls... sort of like the way I had
held a teddy bear at night when I was a little boy.

And the dream I had that night.... Man! What a dream! Of course I
don't really remember all of it. But like most dreams, it
included a bizarre combination of elements from assorted memories
and fantasies lingering in my subconscious.

It started with me standing in front of a full-length mirror in a
bedroom. Not my room... more like my cousin Emily's. She's two
years older than me and lived up north in the same town as my
grandparents. We stayed at her house whenever we visited at
Christmastime, and she loved showing me her very feminine
bedroom, with a canopy bed and frills everywhere. Anyway, in the
dream I'm alone in the room, and wearing... well, I was wearing
a satin baby-doll nighty... the kind that doesn't even cover a
girl's panties. (Cousin Emily had made a point of letting me see
her wearing one -- I think she was flirting.) This being a dream,
it seemed perfectly normal that I was a pretty girl admiring
herself in the mirror, twirling around, pushing my hands up
underneath my... uh, well... you see, I had tits. Real ones. But
not a woman's pillow-shaped breasts; more like the budding tits
of a 13-year-old girl... cone-shaped and firm. I teased the
nipples, ultra-sensitive and tingling, brushing the smooth
material of the nighty against the stiff nubs.

And then my hands slid down beneath the hem of the nighty to my
silk panties and I rubbed the bulge in front. Ah... there was the
familiar feeling of my stiff cock. I pulled the panties down in
front, admiring my thoroughly androgynous body in the mirror. My
penis was small... about like it had been a year or so before...
or like the immature erections of the boys I'd seen earlier that
day in the woods. And my tiny balls were in a tight sack the size
of a walnut shell, pulled up close beneath my boy-boner. But it
all seemed totally natural, and my body glowed with pleasure.

Then into the dream stepped Bobby Bartlett -- climbing in the
bedroom window! There he was... the 14-year-old stud whose real-
life embodiment produced in me a strange combination of fear and
lust. He was standing in the bedroom, smiling knowingly and
peeling off his teeshirt to show off the handsome musculature of
his lean torso.

"Hey gorgeous. You're lookin' mighty sexy tonight. Come on and
give your boyfriend a kiss."

Oh, MAN! I was Bobby's girlfriend! And he was taking me in his
strong arms... pressing his mouth to mine... french kissing me
as his hands slipped under my nighty and he fondled my teenage

The total unreality of my dream didn't make it any less erotic.
In fact, I was swept along by a swirling wave of lust as Bobby
pulled the nighty over my head and pushed me -- almost roughly --
onto the bed. I lay on my back, wearing only the flimsiest silk
panties, watching Bobby strip off his jeans and boxers. I was
vamping for him, writhing on the bed, playing with my tits. My
legs dangled over the side of the bed, and I spread them wide,
sliding my hands sensuously down my body to rub my cock through
the skimpy bikini panties.

While the erection on my dream-self was smaller than reality,
Bobby's was bigger -- much bigger. Ten inches and thick, with a
dark red mushroom head.

"You want it, don't ya Brenda," he said as he slowly jacked the
giant cock (Brenda was the name Freddie had made up for me the
time he talked me into dressing in girls' clothing!) "You're
gonna be a little slut for your man, aren't you, baby?"

"Yes, darling! I want you so much! You know how I love it when
you fuck me. Pull down my panties, lover. My pussy is so wet for

God! I was like a parody of a nympho, but I was incredibly
aroused. Bobby stood between my spread legs and ran his hands
over my feminine body. Then he slipped his fingers into the
waistband of the panties and pulled them down my hairless legs,
exposing my rigid penis.

"Spread 'em for me, baby. Here it comes."

"Oh YES, Bobby! Give it to me!"

I held my legs up and apart. Then his strong hands pulled at my
thighs, sliding my body several inches across the bed so my ass
extended over the edge. His hands reached down to cup my breasts
again and roughly pinch my sensitive nipples. My hand grasped his
massive erection, aiming it toward my throbbing asshole. I held
my breath as his cock slid into me... easily and smoothly... into
an orifice that was much more a woman's cunt than a boy's
asshole. I had guided Bobby's cock into a hot wet slit, with
engorged lips of pink flesh unfolding like pornographic flower
petals. Yes, I had an actual pussy where my anus should have
been, dripping with juice and glowing hot with lust. My mind must
have dredged the image from the lesbian porn magazine that Freddy
had borrowed from his dyke sister, with pictures of women getting
their pussies eaten out and penetrated by dildos. I'd certainly
never seen a woman's genitals any other place.

Bobby's rigid erection slid into my body to the hilt, like the
proverbial hot knife in soft butter. (Totally unlike the time in
real life when Bobby had fucked my virgin ass!) All 10 inches of
his man-meat pushed into my slutty, slippery cunt as Bobby
squeezed my tits in his hands. He leaned into me, pushing my
knees back against my shoulders, as he started pumping his hips,
fucking his thick cock hard and fast into my ass. Each time Bobby
thrust into me, I felt totally dominated... yet totally secure...
eager to take him into my body ever deeper... moaning and cooing
as the intense pleasure washed over me.

I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him
down onto me, between my bent-back legs, his smooth muscular
chest brushing against my firm tits... our mouths crushing
together. I was Bobby's girlfriend and I was giving him my body,
utterly surrendering to him, as he continued to thrust into me
with unbridled masculine lust. His belly pressed and slid against
my little penis -- like it was an oversized clit! -- and each
thrust caused the pressure of impending orgasm to build, stronger
and stronger in my loins.

"Fuck me, Bobby! Oh, God! Do me! It's so good!"

"Yeah, baby. Your pussy is so hot and wet! Tell me how much you
want my cock, Brenda. Tell how much you love your man."

"Bobby! Give it to me hard! Yes... like that! Oh, Bobby! Bobby,
I'm gonna cum! Do me faster! Yeah, lover! Harder! Oh, God...
Bobby! I love you! I love you so much, Bobby!"

And then....

Then I found myself alone in my bed, in my REAL bedroom,
breathing hard and covered with sweat, feeling utterly blissful
and exhilarated. It was pitch dark and I could hear the low buzz
of insect noise outside in the humid Carolina night. Both my
hands were inside my pajama pants -- my right hand gripping my
cock as it pulsed the last drops of sticky cum into my pajamas.
Two fingers of my left hand were knuckle-deep inside my anus,
slippery with my internal juices. I was struggling to sort out
which of my perceptions were real and which had only been a part
of my incredible wet dream.

I had actually been telling Bobby that I loved him?!... Bobby? He
was incredibly sexy alright, but he was also the biggest bully in
our middle school. After all, he was the instigator when he and
three of his friends stripped me naked in the boys' bathroom at
school in front of a dozen gawking schoolmates -- and then opened
the bathroom door to put me on display to everyone in the crowded
hallway. My subconscious was IN LOVE with him? But as I lay there
in the middle of the night, I knew that my lust for Bobby burned
strong and bright. I couldn't help thinking excitedly about
taking his stiff penis in my mouth, and I knew that I was craving
the feeling of his cock fucking me in the ass.

The next day at school -- the last day of the school year -- I
kept fantasizing about the party that night. I would be a sex
slut for Bobby... and who knows how many other boys. I talked to
Freddy a couple of times, and he just kept saying that I should
get over to his house an hour early so we could "plan for our
show"... whatever that meant.

I hadn't told my parents about the party... just that I was
spending the night at Freddy's and maybe we'd go out to a movie
or something. I didn't want them finding out anything about my
secret life. After dinner that evening, I packed a duffle with my
sleeping bag and pajamas (yeah; right!) and put in some clothes
that I thought would look cool at the party. I kissed Mom and
sprinted over to Freddy's house. His parents had gone out for the
evening and his older sister Lizzie opened the door. She was as
much a butch lesbian as Freddy was a sissy queer.

"Come on in, cute-stuff. Big event tonight, huh? Shit, man! You
and Freddie sure do walk on the wild side."

I blushed and didn't have any snappy come-back. Lizzie told me
that Freddy was in his bedroom and for me to go back there. She
groped my ass and laughed as I walked by, causing me to blush
even more. When I got back to Freddy's room, I opened the door to
find him wearing a short silk robe, with a Chinese or Japanese
design. His hair was perfectly styled -- for a teenage girl --
and he was putting on makeup!

"Freddy!! What are you doing?! What about the party at Mike's

"Surely I told you, Billy," he said disingenuously. "We're
supposed to be done up as girls when we go over, just like I was
for the basketball team last winter. I guess they like to pretend
that we're a couple of slutty girls so they don't have to admit
that boys are sexy. But I have a yummy surprise for you.... We'll
be matching cheerleaders. Look on the bed."

Sure enough; on Freddy's bed were two matching girls' cheerleader
outfits from the high school. I'd seen the squad a couple of
times that spring, and their outfits were famous for how much
skin they revealed. The shortest of skirts, and tops that were
brief enough to leave a wide swath of bare flesh at the midriff.
There were also white cotton panties and a dark red bra lying
atop the smaller of the two outfits.

"But... but...."

"You know those fake titties that I put in my bra? The ones that
look so incredibly realistic? I got some for you too! Lizzie got
them for me at a shop downtown. Yours are smaller than mine,
because I know you're still shy about dressing up."

"Freddy! I... I can't go to the party in that!" But as I stared
at the sexy clothing, a battle was brewing between my innate
shyness and my churning libido.

"Oh, come on, Billy. You know you can't wait to try it on. It'll
be great!"

"Well... maybe I could try it on when we get back here tonight.
It might be kinda... you know...."

Talk about conflicted feelings! After my dream of the previous
night, I had been thinking a lot about dressing up with Freddy
again... though I had certainly not intended to do it in front of
anybody else. But there was the sexy cheerleader uniform and the
lingerie, tempting me. I could feel the eroticism rising up
within me at the thought of playing this role -- being the
ultimate sissy, transformed from a barely-pubescent boy into a
cheerleader... the classic icon of sexy femininity.

Freddy came around behind me and wrapped his arms around my body,
kissing the back of my neck... slowly unbuttoning my shirt and
undoing my pants as he spoke in my ear between kisses.

"Lizzie's girlfriend is on the cheerleading squad at the high
school. A real lipstick-lesbian. She's just my size," he giggled
as one hand massaged my bare chest and the other reached into my
underpants. He began stroking my cock lightly with his fingertips
and it stiffened in an instant. "And she asked another
cheerleader to lend her this one -- it'll be a perfect fit for

As I continued to stare at the dress and the underwear, Freddy
gently masturbated me with deft strokes, knowing exactly how to
melt my will.

"Please, Billy?.... Pretty please?" He was breathing the words
right in my ear, and my resistance to this insane idea was
crumbling. "Bobby will be expecting us to be dressed up and
girlish. We can't disappoint him."

I turned around to face Freddy, and my heart was melted by his
expression of puppy-dog hopefulness.

"Well... I guess I could at least try it on.... But I'm not
promising I'll wear it to the party!"

"Oh, Billy! This'll be so exciting and sexy!" And as he wrapped
his arms around me, his robe came open, revealing the skimpy
dark-red bra he was wearing... filled out with the life-like gel
inserts that even had firm nubs in the front to simulate nipples.
Our bodies pressed close together and my chest rubbed against
Freddy's realistic tits. Our erections sought each other out --
his practically bursting out of his thin cotton panties; mine
sticking out of the fly of my boxer shorts.

"Feel my breasts, Billy," he murmured. "Don't you want to have
them too?"

My hand came up to the sexy little nylon bra, and my fingers
squeezed the softness within. I moaned as an erotic chill rushed
through my body, and I knew in my heart that I would do it.... I
would be a girl that night at the party.

"Let's get dressed up, Billy. We have a lot to do," said Freddy
softly, giving me one last deep kiss that entwined our tongues

Freddy shrugged off his silk robe and stood before me in his
panties and bra, his hair and make-up done perfectly. He was so
beautiful! I stripped naked, my erection standing up proudly from
my hairless crotch. Freddy couldn't resist giving it a few
playful strokes before handing me the panties. They were rather
uncharacteristically plain... at least for Freddy. Soft white
cotton, not so different from the white briefs I used to wear as
a younger boy, but without the fly in front. They were also
skimpier than jockies, though not bikini-style as Freddy often
wore. As I pulled them up my thighs and over my stiff penis, they
felt so snug... and the bulge of my cock looked so sexy! I just
couldn't resist rubbing the front of the panties while looking at
my image in the full-length mirror on the wall.

Then Freddy picked up the bra. Like his it was subtly edged with
lace, with thin straps and a plunging neckline, the material
almost sheer. Just the kind that a sexy young teenage girl would
like. But as he slid it onto my shoulders and hooked the clasp
behind my back, I looked at my reflection and was unhappy. The
loose, empty material of the cups looked slightly ridiculous. But
when he got the jiggling discs of flesh-tone silicone and slid
them into each side, I felt an intense rush of pleasure. It was
pure sissy-lust! I brought my hands up to my chest -- just as I
had in my dream -- pushing my new breasts up from beneath, then
cupping and squeezing them, pretending that the stiff nipples
were really mine. I closed my eyes and drank in the incredible
sensations.... I felt so feminine, yet my cock throbbed with the
urgent masculine lust of an adolescent boy.

When I opened my eyes again, Freddy was smiling at me so
lovingly. And he was fondling his own breast with one hand, while
the other rubbed his cock through his panties.

"Can we bring my real clothes along?" I asked; "just in case I
chicken out?"

"Sure, honey. Now let's do your hair and make-up; OK?" he said,
leading me over to his mirrored vanity table. Freddy worked
quickly and expertly. A decade of being allowed by his parents to
dress up as a girl (though officially restricted to doing so only
his own room) had made him an accomplished make-up artist. As I
looked in the mirror, with Freddy hovering around me, my face was
being transformed -- incredibly sultry eyes, highlighted
cheekbones, pouting sexy red lips. And my shaggy blond hair was
swept back with a skillful application of an electric curling
iron and hair spray. Freddy started calling me "Brenda", just
like night the previous week when he had talked me into wearing
girls' clothing. In return I called him "Felicia", his female

"Oh, Brenda! You look so yummy! Just like Madonna in her short-
hair phase... Now, let's get dressed."

We stepped into the red and white pleated skirts -- a perfect fit
on both of us. Likewise the tops, with short sleeves and a wide,
deep neckline that hooked in the front and showed a bit of the
lacy top edge of the bra. My entire tummy was exposed, as the top
ended just below the bra. I admired my image in the wall mirror.
Damn! I really WAS a pretty girl! More "cute" than "beautiful",
but very far removed from what I had been only 20 minutes ago --
an ordinary-looking boy just short of his 13th birthday.

Freddy and I were dressed identically, and we both jumped around
and twirled just like real cheerleaders. And every time we
twirled, the skirt would rise up to display our panties. We still
had some time before we needed to leave for the party, so we
practiced various cheerleader-style dances while Freddy's boombox
played a custom tape of Freddy's favorite post-disco dance-pop...
songs by Culture Club and Prince and Madonna and Cyndi Lauper and
Duran Duran and Donna Summer and Michael Jackson. (This was the
mid-1980's, remember.)

By the time Freddy said we should leave for the party, the
adrenaline flowing through my body was sufficient to overcome any
lingering dread of venturing out of Freddy's bedroom, dressed as
a girl cheerleader. Freddy's matter-of-fact attitude and his
sister's amiable encouragement kept me from losing my nerve as we
got into the car (inside the garage, thank God!) and drove off in
the dark. A pair of my shorts and a tee-shirt were in Freddy's
stylish purse... my fall-back.

In a few minutes, we were pulling up to a house not unlike mine
or Freddy's -- fairly large and expensive, set on a big lot in
semi-rural suburbia. My heart was racing as we stood at the door
and Freddy rang the bell. He looked over at me, and it seemed he
could tell that the most primitive impulses of my brain were
starting to signal the "flee mode".

"Billy! Like this." And he struck a sexy pose with a hand on his
waist and his hip thrust to the side. His expression registered a
pouting feminine sensuality. I tried my best to do the same.

"Perfect!" he said.

The door was opened. It was Mike, holding what looked like a
glass of red wine and with a glassy look in his eyes. He starred
at us for a moment, slack-jawed, as if in semi-shock. He was
blushing! I also saw how his eyes scanned down our bodies and he
was looked at me and Freddy -- with lust!

"Hi Mike, darling!" cooed Freddy. "Aren't you gonna let Brenda
and me in?"

" F...Freddy? Jeez! I didn't recognize you guys at first. Damn!
God DAMN!"

I couldn't help but smile. Mike just stood there dumbly as Freddy
slid around him and I followed. As we came into the house, we
could hear where the party was -- down in the basement rec room.
Music was playing. Loud. Joan Jett was singing "I Love Rock and
Roll". And the smell of pot smoke wafted up. Freddy just sashayed
his way down the steps. As we entered the rec room, I saw five
more hunky 8th graders in cut-off jeans or athletic shorts; all
wearing their lacrosse team jerseys, standing around or sitting
on the comfortable-looking furniture. These were my school's jock
elite... the most physically mature, alpha-male 14-year-olds. Two
of them were sitting on a low-slung leather sofa with Bobby... a
marijuana joint passing among the three of them. Bobby took a
drag on the fat hand-rolled cigarette and held his breath for a
few moments as he looked us over.

"Well, well..." he called out, as a cloud of smoke escaped from
his mouth. "The chicks are here at last. And lookin' right nice,
I must say!" He passed the joint to another boy, who sucked in a
lungful of intoxicating smoke. "You girls need to catch up on
refreshments... you want some good weed or some Killer Koolaid?"

"Billy... have you ever smoked grass?" whispered Freddy. I shook
my head from side to side. I was totally naive about drugs. "Ever
gotten drunk?" Again I shook my head. I'd tried a few sips of
beer, and was given a small glass of wine at Thanksgiving and
Christmas dinners, but never enough to get tipsy. "We'll pass,
sweetie," said Freddy as we walked past Bobby.

As the Joan Jett song concluded, the next song on the tape was
"Jump (For My Love)" by the Pointer Sisters. Freddy pulled me by
the hand to the center of the room to show off our dance
routines. As we started shaking out booties and moving really
sexy, and I felt totally exhilarated. The embarrassment at being
seen in girls' clothing was being drowned out by sheer excitement
and sexual energy.

When the tape segued into a ZZ Top tune, Freddy and I just kept
right on dancing, being joined by Mike and the other two half-
drunk teenagers. Bobby and his smoking friends kept passing the
joint and looking on with bemused expressions (though their eyes
betrayed a growing lust).

The tape ended after that track, and Freddy and I were all smiles
as we hugged each other. Bobby got up and walked over to us.

"Lookin' fine, Freddy. You really outdid yourself this time," he
said. "Oh, I forgot. You want us to call you some chick name,
don't you. Something like... Faggetta, right?"

That got a laugh from the other boys.

"No. Felicia," said Freddy, icily.

"Yeah; that's right.... Felicia the fellatio queen, " he joked.
"And you, sugar-lips," he said, looking at me. "What'll we call
you?" And as he said it, Bobby grabbed my wrist and pulled me
into his arms.

I was startled by the brazenness of this strong and handsome
teenager, but my heart skipped a beat from the thrill of feeling
his hands on me.

"I'm... you can call me... Brenda," I said with shy femininity.
My naturally high voice, which wouldn't crack for another 6
months, gave no hint that I wasn't the girl that I appeared to

"Brenda, huh?.... I like that." His hand slid down the front of
my mini-skirt and underneath the hem. The other hand reached
around my shoulder and felt up one of my fake tits. "You're a
cute little bitch, Brenda. We're gonna have some fun with you
tonight. Cheerleaders have a reputation of being real sluts, ya
know. We already know much Fre... I mean Felicia... loves to suck
off guys like me. How 'bout you? You ready to service our cocks?
You gonna put out for your boyfriend Bobby?"

God! This was so much like the previous night's wet dream that I
started to wonder whether I wasn't STILL dreaming! As he spoke,
his fingertips stroked along my rigid penis, trapped beneath the
tight panties. His voice was so smooth, so insinuating. His touch
was gentle, yet controlling. His face was so close to mine....
The electricity between us made me felt as if he was about to
kiss me!

"I'll be your girlfriend, Bobby," I said, blushing. "I'll do
whatever you want."

"That's what I like to hear! How 'bout you kneel down and give me
a little sample."

I didn't hesitate. I dropped to my knees, and my hands went to
Bobby's jeans, undoing the metal button and tugging at the
zipper. I pulled his cut-offs all the way down to his ankles,
and he stepped out of them. The waistband of his boxers was low
enough to reveal the top of his dark patch of public hair, and I
hastened to pull them off too. He held up his jersey and there it
was -- his 6-inch cock, dark tan in color, with a perfectly
proportioned reddish glans atop... nearly man-sized in thickness.

"Come on, Brenda baby. Give it a little suck."

My mouth was drawn to Bobby's erection as if I were hypnotized.
There was just no way I could stop myself from wrapping my lips
around his smooth warm cockhead... even with all those other boys
looking on. My lipstick-painted lips slid down the shaft as my
tongue worked energetically all around his sex-flesh. I felt his
strong hands wrap around my head and begin applying a steady
pressure, forcing my mouth down. He may have though I would gag,
but I knew I would be able to take him deep, and I willed my
throat to accept the soft, flared head of his boner... all the
way in. As my lips pressed against his pubic hair, a low moan of
pleasure filled my ears. Bobby was loving it, and my whole being
glowed with satisfaction in my ability to please him so

Holding his dangling ball-sack tenderly in one hand, I rubbed my
other hand along the front of my panties. My mouth rose half-way
up the shaft, I took a breath, and then plunged back down,
eliciting another grunt of pure lust from the hunky teenager.

"Christ! This little bitch sucks cock like a pro!" gasped Bobby.
Grabbing my hair and pulling my mouth away from his glistening
cock. "Much as I'd like to let you keep going, we need to get
down to the game," he said. "Hey guys, remember how we did it at
the basketball team's party?" Bobby said with a grin. "High card
goes first. But since we have two hot sluts this time, I guess we
need to modify it a little. Hey Mike... toss me that deck of
cards." Bobby set about pulling six cards from the deck -- the
Queen, King, and Ace in both Hearts and Clubs. He shuffled them a
bit and held them out. "Pick a card, gentlemen. The suit tells
which girl you get... Clubs for the beautiful Fe-li-cia," he
said, stretching out the syllables in an exaggerated manner. "And
Hearts for the adorable little Brrrrr-en-da," his voice dropping
to a mockingly near-whisper.

The other boys laughed and joked about this lottery for Freddy's
and my sexual services as they each took a card. Bobby took his
card first, and as he held up the Ace of Hearts for all to see,
he gave me a wink (leading me to believe that he knew exactly
which card he was getting). Two other boys -- their names were
Kevin and Jerry -- had my cards as well.

"I guess I might as well lead things off," Bobby said with a
grin. "So, Brenda darlin', how 'bout you get back to what you
started, with those pretty lips wrapped around my cock."

Almost instinctively, I dropped to my knees in front of Bobby,
ready to resume my oral worship of his still-rigid cock. The rest
of the boys were forming a circle around us to watch the action.
Bobby pulled off his shirt and was now completely naked -- his
body a model of adolescent perfection.

"Alright you wimps; everyone strip down. Come on! Ain't like we
never saw each others' boners... with those strip poker games and
circle jerks we used to do a while back." In a minute, everyone
was as nude as Bobby.... All except for Freddy and me, of course.

I had never felt so sexually aroused! This was the ultimate
manifestation of my most powerful fantasies... to be on my knees,
surrounded by teenagers with hard bodies and hard cocks, and I
was ready to be their submissive slut.

Just as my mouth was coming down on Bobby's rigid penis, he
stopped me... grabbing my hair and tilting my face up to look
into his dangerous dark eyes.

"Let's get a little more creative here, Brenda, darlin'. You know
that porno tape where Linda Lovelace gets face-fucked by that guy
with the huge cock?"

Well, actually I'd never seen ANY porno tapes. But the other boys
were shouting out "Yeah! Deep Throat!... That was such a cool
flick!... Yeah! Do him like that!"

Bobby led me to the leather sofa where he had been sitting a few
minutes before and positioned me so I was lying with head hanging
over the low armrest on the side. I let him control me as he
wished... totally subservient to his will. He flipped my
cheerleader skirt up to fully reveal my panties... and the 4-inch
ridge that pressed out against the soft white cotton material in
front. I could feel the eyes of the boys standing around the
sofa, staring down at me.

As I lay there with my head dangling backwards, Bobby leaned down
with his crotch at my face... his ball-sack bouncing against my
forehead, and I knew that he was about to feed his stiff penis
into my throat.

The Rolling Stones song "Start Me Up" began blaring from the
stereo as Bobby pointed his erection downward with his thumb,
positioning the cockhead at my lips. A drop of pre-cum was
forming at the slit, and my tongue greedily tasted it.

"Here it come, bitch... ready or not." I actually wasn't exactly
sure whether I was ready, but I intended to do the best I could.
The cockhead penetrated my lips, pushing forward in rhythmic
mini-thrusts... in time to the beat of the music!

("... if you start me up I'll never stop...")

I was determined to be Bobby's sissy-slut, and I ran my tongue
all around the head and shaft as it slowly entered my oral

("... I've been running hot... You got me ticking gonna blow my

When his cockhead pushed against my throat, I gagged and felt the
bile rising up from my belly. Bobby backed off a half inch. Thank
God he wasn't going to rape my throat! But I knew that my
personal comfort wasn't on Bobby's mind. He was in this for his
own pleasure and gave me only a few seconds to prepare for
another attempt.

("... if you like it you can slide it up, slide it up...")

"You can do it, baby. Open up for your Bobby." And this time, as
he pushed his cock forward, my throat opened for it, and he kept
on going until the base of his cock pressed against my lips. His
scrotum was rolling around on my face, and I was looking up at
his asshole. My mouth and throat belonged to Bobby as he began to
fuck me in long strokes. I felt a sense of pride... not to
mention sexual excitement... at being his whore.

And then I felt a hand fondling my panty-covered penis... was it
Bobby's? I couldn't see anything except Bobby's balls and inner

"Go ahead," said Bobby to someone else. "Pull those panties off
so you can feel him up proper. Better yet, just rip them open!
Yeah... like that."

All of a sudden I felt fingers ripping apart the thin material of
my sissy underpants, totally exposing my throbbing erection. I
felt someone sit beside me on the sofa and I pulled my legs up to
give him room. Then a hand was directly stroking my penis as
Bobby's cock fucked my throat even faster... thrusting deep and
pulling back so his cock-ridge was at my lips, then thrusting
again. I was in a dream-world. My consciousness revolved around
only three things: the warm piston that was churning through my
mouth and into my throat, the growing pleasure in my crotch, and
the music blaring in my eardrums.

("... Never stop, never stop, never, never, never stop...")

Bobby was grunting, thrusting... humping my face in the build-up
to orgasm.

("... you'd make a dead man cum...")

"Oh, shit!... Yeah!... SHIT! Here it cums!" Bobby stopped
thrusting as his orgasm hit.

He kept his 6-inch cock lodged all the way in my throat, spasming
and pulsing... shooting a load of hot semen directly into my
gullet. I couldn't breath while he was in me that deep, and I was
becoming light-headed. But finally he pulled out, and for the
first time in several minutes I became aware of what was
happening in the rest of the room. I looked up as my senses
returned to a semblance of normality. Next to me on the sofa,
holding my penis in his hand, sat an 8th grade jock whose name I
didn't even know. And there was Freddy, leaning down and bobbing
his head at the boy's crotch, giving him the blow-job of his
life. The muscular youth's hips were straining up and his head
was thrown back, eyes shut... a look of total ecstatic pleasure
on his face. After several deep dives down the length of the
adolescent stalk, Freddy's red lips stayed at the top of the
boy's cock, sucking and slurping... his head thrashing around,
his mouth twisting like the wringer of a washing machine around
the sensitive ridge of the boy's cockhead.

Freddy was standing with his legs spread as he leaned over to
suck the youth. His ass was lifted high and swaying in an erotic
dance, his panties only half-covered by his skirt.

The boy who had drawn the King of Clubs -- making him next in
line to be serviced by Freddy -- decided not to wait his turn.

"I think I'll give the bitch a cornhole fuck... right now!" And
he used his fingers to tear a gaping hole in Freddy's panties,
matching the rip in mine. "Hey Mike... got any vaseline?" he
asked the host of the party. The half-drunk husky teenager ran
off and brought back a jar. In a moment, the other boy was lubing
up his stiff adolescent cock and positioning it at Freddy's ass.
With a lunge, he penetrated Freddy's ass, eliciting a grunt from
my boyfriend, who continued to administer an energetic blow job.
As I watched, Freddy was penetrated by teenage cock at both ends.
Sitting close to him on the sofa, it was hard to believe that
this beautiful, sexy creature was a boy and not a pretty female

Bobby, who was clearly getting into his role as the organizer of
this boy-orgy, decided that the erotic scene was not complete
until I was in the same position as Freddy -- sucking one boy and
being fucked by another. He told me to stand up and directed
Kevin, who had drawn the King of Hearts, to sit down... then he
pressed my head down to suck the boy's stiff penis. Jerry, who
was holding the Jack of Hearts, positioned himself to slide his
cock up my ass. Meanwhile, Bobby and Mike stood behind the sofa
watching. Bobby lit up another joint and passed it to the
already-drunk Mike.

I was swirling my tongue around Kevin's stiff penis when I felt
the probing at my asshole. My panties were still on, but they
were in tatters, just like Freddy's. A vaseline-covered erection
was being positioned to enter me, and my body tensed. Then I
remembered that I needed to flex my ass muscle open, and did so
just as Jerry's slender 14-year-old cock pushed into my anus.

God! It stung something awful! But I focused my mind on sucking
the boy sitting in front of me and tried to block out the hot
pain radiating from my stretched asshole. 'You can do it, Billy,'
I said to myself. 'Stay with it... concentrate... and it'll start
feeling better.' And sure enough, only a minute or so after my
anal muscle was reamed open, the pain had magically transformed
into warm pleasure... just as it happened when Bobby fucked me
the previous week. I glanced over at Freddy, and our eyes met. We
were really doing it! Doing this incredible thing... together.
Even though we both had our mouths stuffed with boy-meat, it was
like we could communicate our mutual bond of love, just with our

I could see that Freddy was just about to get a mouthful of cum,
and I went to work in earnest. I wasn't just tolerating my
submissive service to these two boys who I didn't even know... I
was LOVING it! My mouth sucked up and down on Kevin's 6-inch
shaft... my tongue moved with sensual intensity... I squeezed the
boy's drawn-up ball-sack firmly, confident that I was going to
make him orgasm with an intensity that would blow his mind. And
at the other end, I clenched my anal muscle around the phallus
that was ramming into me at an increasingly faster pace. I was
going to get two loads of cum at the same time! I reached a hand
down to my own cock and began stroking with firm fast jerks.

Multiple groans of lust echoed throughout the basement rec room,
mingling with the slurping and muffled pleasure-sounds from
Freddy's mouth and mine.

"Yeah! Do it! Faster! Come on guys; fuck those sissy-boys!" It
was Bobby shouting out encouragement. "C'mon girls! Suck those
cocks! Take 'em all the way! Let's see you drink some cum!"

I was totally into it... a total nympho slut... raising up my ass
to be fucked, taking another cock deep into my throat, and
jacking myself off with urgent intensity.

And then it happened. Cum erupted into my mouth, and I gulped it
down, still sucking as I swallowed. And only seconds later, my
own orgasm hit, and spasms of pleasure ripped through me. Some of
those spasms were in my anal muscles, and Jerry gave one final
gasp of lust before his cock throbbed pulses of semen into my
rectum. The atmosphere was as thick with eroticism as with
marijuana smoke, and I was totally overwhelmed!

When at last I disengaged from Kevin and Jerry, I looked over at
Freddy, who had finished sucking the one boy and was taking the
last few fuck-strokes from the other stud. A dribble of cum
rolled down the corner of Freddy's mouth, and I leaned over and
licked it off.

"I love you, Billy," he whispered, as the boy behind him grunted
with the animal lust of orgasm.

But sitting there... coming down from my sexual high... I began
feeling increasingly awkward about the way I was dressed. For
some reason, what had felt so good while I was sexually aroused,
now felt embarrassing when I was no longer horny. I wondered what
was going to happen now.

"Hey! Dudes!" said Bobby. "Our buddy Mike still hasn't had his
turn yet.... But you know what? Ol' Mikey looks like he's not
entirely with us right now."

Indeed, the short, muscular 8th grader was suffering the effects
of too much marijuana on top of too much alcohol. He was sitting
on the floor, his back propped against a chair... naked, but with
his penis deflated to a soft thumb-length nub.

"Mike! Hey Mikey!" said Bobby. "Your turn for some sex, dude."

Freddy got up and walked over to the zonked out boy. Straddling
Mike's thighs, Freddy vigorously jacked the teenager's cock until
it was stiff, then coated it with saliva, and began feeding it
into his dilated asshole.

This should have been arousing for me... watching Freddy ride
Mike's cock, his cheerleader dress flopping all around. But for
some reason, it wasn't. More than anything, I wanted to get out
of my own cheerleader costume. I got up and fished my shorts and
shirt out of Freddy's pocketbook and headed up the stairs in
search of a place to wash the makeup off my face.

In a hallway bathroom on the main floor of the house, I stripped
off the top, the padded bra, the miniskirt, and the panties. When
I pulled on the boys' shorts I suddenly felt more... more
"right". As I was washing my face, I suddenly became aware of
someone standing in the doorway. It was Bobby! And he was still

"You're not my little sissy cheerleader anymore, huh?"

"Sorry Bobby. I just didn't want to play the game any more. Maybe
that's not the real me."

"Yeah; that's Freddy's thing, but you seem different." And to my
surprise, Bobby came over to me, handed me a towel to dry my
face, and put his hand gently on my shoulder. He was looking at
me in the strangest way! Not with his usual sarcastic attitude,
but with almost a sadness in his eyes. "You know, Billy; you ARE
different. Different from anyone else I know, and it fucks up my
mind whenever I think about you. Sometimes I just want to...."

He didn't finish his sentence with words. Instead, he brought his
lips to mine and kissed me! Then he took me in his arms, and we
embraced... kissing deeply, our bodies crushing together.

"You tell anyone about this and I'll deny it... and then I'll
beat the shit out of you. Understand?"

I nodded my head.

"Listen Billy.... I want you. I mean.... Shit; I don't know what
I mean! But how about this: If you can keep it secret, especially
from that loudmouth Freddy, I want to get together with you
again. Just the two of us. No bullshit. I want to make love to
you. Whatta you say? Want to be my secret boyfriend this summer?"

I was speechless! All I could do was wrap my arms around his neck
and press my mouth against his as our tongues merged. Bobby took
my hand and brought it to his crotch. His erection throbbed
beneath my fingers.

"I want you now, Billy. Let's go down to Mike's bedroom and lock
the door. OK?"

"Yes. Yes, Bobby! I want you too!"

It was going to be a very interesting summer!

The End

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