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Nifty - Transgender - By Authors - Phyllis Wood - Changes In My Life

Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 15:33:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Phyllis Wood
Subject: Changes in My Life TG magic

Changes in My Life
Selections from my journal
Copyright 1991, 2005 Phyllis Wood
(TG - Magic)

This is a work of fiction. This's my story and I'm sticking to it! Anyone
reading this younger than eighteen years old, please remove your eyes at
your earliest inconvenience. Anyone wishing to repost this to any FREE
story archive is encouraged to do so on the condition of this header
remaining its integral part.

June 1
I heard from a friend that there is a sorceress on the Maine coast who
can make a potion that will change a man to a woman. Its something I've
always wanted to try, so I told my friends I'm off on vacation and try to
find her. It turns out my friend's information was accurate. After a long
drive on a dirt road, I ended up at a small cabin on a gorgeous bay. I
knocked on the door. A woman opened it. She appeared to be 4' 8", thin
with thick black hair that went down to the floor. She appeared to be in
her late 30's. She asked me in and after asking me if I wanted a cup of
coffee, tea or a can of Coke she asked me what brought me here to her

"I heard you could sell me a potion to change my sex."

"Why would you want to do such a thing?"

"It is something I've always wanted to try and I thought it would be a
lot of fun."

I suppose I had it coming when she told me I deserved what I got. It
cost me $2,000. She told me something about the potion while she led me
into her kitchen. It needs raw oyster, human placenta, mother's milk,
menstrual blood, rose petals, sugar and spice, and one human hair of my
height. She told me my timing couldn't have been better. It needed to be
done by the full moon and if the sex change is to be male to female it can
only be done by a woman.

"My brother handles the reverse spell."

I sat at the table sipping my Coke and talked about the spell. She
said she had just delivered a baby girl to a couple from Boston that
afternoon and had all the ingredients on hand. It didn't seem to take
long, she basically put all the raw ingredients in a blender, said some
words I couldn't understand over the stuff and poured it into two
containers. One she sealed with wax, the other she told me to drink up.

"May I ask a few questions first."

"Yes, three".

"OK, How long will it take, how long will it last, and what is the
sealed bottle for?"

"Good questions. It takes about eight hours and usually happens while
you are asleep. It lasts one lunar month and happens by itself, meaning on
the next full moon you will revert to male again. And lastly, should you
desire to (if it's been fun) you have one more shot at being female, but
this time it will be permanent. You have to wait one full lunar month
after becoming male again before you can again become female. If you take
it while you are female you become neuter with no sex organs or desire. If
you try at less than the required month it will have no effect. You can
take it any time after the one month male time period, but only on a full
moon. Also, one helpful footnote, your birth certificate and drivers
license will change with you when you make the final change. Everyone and
everything will continue to remember your maleness unless you tell them of
your change. By the way, what will you call yourself in your new form?"

"I suppose Sara will do. By the way, are the motels I passed a few
miles back any good?"

"You've already asked your three questions, now drink up."

So, as the evening sun set behind me and the moon rose over the ocean,
I drank up. It didn't taste as bad as I expected. Tasted a lot like a
woman's pussy. I thanked her, picked up the other bottle and walked
towards the van.

As I left, she said "Good luck, you'll need it. A woman's life is a
lot harder than you think."

I thought a lot about that comment as I drove down the road. Thinking
about the coming change made me horny. I got an incredible erection just
thinking about it. I found a campsite on a bay and checked in. I set up
camp, had dinner, and rearranged my van for sleeping. I've tried jerking
off for the last hour but I can't come. I'm so horny it's incredible but
still can't come. So frustrating. Let's hope tomorrow is better. Haven't
noticed any changes yet.

June 2
I woke up this morning still extremely horny. Had the weirdest dreams
last night but nothing I can remember. I naturally reached down to stroke
my penis and I came completely awake with a start. It wasn't there!
Instead I felt the slippery cunt I'd always wanted. My nipples asked to be
pinched and rubbed. I threw off my sleeping bag and tried to get a good
look at myself. Wow what beautiful breasts. The next thing I noticed was
that my beard, mustache, chest and back hair had fallen out. I grabbed a
mirror and took a good look at myself. My hips were wider, my breasts were
mid sized and firm, and my prick was gone. As I looked at myself I decided
that although I wasn't stunningly gorgeous, I was quite pretty. Just
looking at myself reminded me how horny I was.

I began by rubbing and caressing my new breasts and nipples. MMMM
felt so wonderful. I've made love to women many times before but this was
the first time the breasts were my own. Now I knew what they were trying
to tell me. I caressed myself as they'd told me to caress them and then
continued by caressing and stroking my body all over from head to toe. I
then began caressing my breasts, so new to me and so large. I made a mental
note that I'll have to take my measurements when I get the chance so I can
go into town for some new clothes. All I had brought on my trip were
jeans, T-shirts, and cut-offs. I wondered if I could get into the jeans
and cut-offs with my larger hips.

I continued caressing my breasts, around the base and then up to the
nipples. My already slick cunt seemed to be oozing but I didn't want to
touch myself there yet for fear I'd come too soon. Next I caressed my belly
and rubbed where I knew my ovaries were, gently but firmly, then my thighs.
Oh god I felt so sensual and aroused and just plain horny. Then I got out
a mirror and looked at my new pussy. Not much pubic hair and rather large
lips of both kinds. It was indeed so slippery I was oozing into a puddle
on the mattress. I spread my legs as far as they would go and rubbed just
above my clit. It wasn't long at all before I came. So different from
when I was male. Instead of rising from the tip and base of my prick, it
was much deeper inside, and rather that 3-5 contractions and its over, it
seemed to last longer. When it ended there seemed to be a thread that lead
to another and then another orgasm.
After the third, the need to be penetrated became overwhelming. My
fingers just weren't enough. I remembered that there was an old
girlfriend's dildo in the glove compartment. Within moments it was in my
grasp. I looked at it in a new and very different light. Rather than
something to take my place, it's sole purpose was to pleasure ME. I set it
between my feet and slowly started to sit down on it. Just the tip against
my clit felt great. As more went into me, it was heavenly. I got to the
point where there was some pressure and some pain. It scared me at first
and then I realized I was a virgin as a female. I sat down quickly. There
was a sharp pain and then ecstasy. Two thrusts and I came again. I kept
thrusting up and down on it while caressing and pinching my nipples. I
don't even know how many times I came, but I realized I was moaning and
almost screaming as I came and came again. Finally I couldn't take any

I decided I needed to pee. I found the ladies room. It dawned on me that
I wouldn't be able to stand to take a pee. I went into a stall, took off
my shorts and panties and let loose. It felt weird, almost as if it were
coming out of my ass. I found that it didn't matter if my legs were closed
either (unless I squeezed). I also noticed that it all came out quicker
that out of my penis. The hole must be bigger. I found it a bit
disgusting that my pubic hair had beads of piss in it.

I remembered that when I got to the campsite, they had mentioned a
clothes optional beach. I put on my cutoffs (tight in the hips) and a
T-shirt (tight in the chest) I have never worn undershorts and of course
didn't have a bra. I decided I didn't really need one. It turns out my
measurements are 36C, 24, 35. I am still the same height, but my hair is
thicker than it was yesterday.

The beach is really pretty. There is a small stream about 20 feet
across that drops 10' into a pool maybe 30 feet across and 10' deep crystal
clear water. From there it flows over another 10' drop into the ocean. The
beach below is mostly rocks as is common in most of Maine.

I stripped and jumped into the pool. The water made my nipples stiff
and hard. They are a bit bigger than pencil erasers and the aureoles are
about 50 cent piece size. I lay on a flat rock to get some sun. After
awhile a couple came and swam awhile and then lay on their blanket. I
pretended to sleep. After awhile they began caressing each other and
making love. I watched with concealed interest. After a few minutes I
became aroused enough that I had to touch myself. I was about to come when
I they noticed me watching them.

"Hi, I'm Nikki and this is Ben. Would you like to join us?"

It was a weird feeling. They both aroused me very much but I wasn't
sure which more. I started by kissing the man. Something I'd never done
before. I was surprised by how much his beard tickled my face. Then I
went down and started to lick his penis as I used to like mine done. I
licked up the sides and then nibbled on the edge and top and then engulfed
as much of him as I could. I was surprised that I could swallow it all. I
did have to keep swallowing when it was all the way down my throat but I
knew it would feel great for him. It didn't take long for him to come down
my throat. The first spurt I didn't even have a chance to taste. It just
went straight to my stomach. The next three I relished with delight. His
sperm was even better tasting than I remembered mine being. I kissed Nikki
to share his come with her.

I lay back and asked Nikki to sit on my face. She was sweet and salty
and very slippery. I noticed her pussy was shaved. What a turn on to see
her lips oozing with juices and no hair in the way.

"Watching you suck my man had made me unbelievably horny."

I licked and sucked her pussy until she came. I opened my eyes just in
time to see Ben's cock slide by my nose and into her cunt from behind.
Wow! I'd never seen sex from so close. I licked them both and caressed
her breasts. Just watching his prick sliding into her and hearing her moan
and grunt with pleasure kept me aroused. She came again and again. When he
finally came into her I could feel his sperm throbbing through his penis.
I licked them both clean.

The taste and aroma of his come and her honey was salty, heady, musky
and made me melt with pleasure all at the same time. Yow! After he'd
pulled out I kept sucking on her vagina and licking her clitoris to get the
remaining come. She began sucking on me. I'd never thought being eaten
could feel so great. Her tongue began by licking my thighs and then around
my lips exploring the folds she found there. When I got close to coming
she moved to my clit and drank as much of my nectar as she could. At this
point I lay back and enjoyed as her tongue dove deep into my vagina, felt
like a small prick. She then licked along the side of my clit and I came
again. She had to hold me down as she ate me so I wouldn't squirm away.
My womb and vagina kept contracting as I came and came and came.

After what seemed like forever (and not long enough) I couldn't take
any more and yelled "Stop, Please, I can't take any more."

She rolled off me and I lay curled up in a ball as my contractions
continued for a couple minutes more. When they ended, I lay back and held
their hands and thanked them for thinking of me and letting me share this

"Why don't you up to our cabin for a shower and lunch." said Ben.

We shared a shower and soaped each other's bodies. I especially
enjoyed it when Nikki soaped my breasts and swirled her fingers around my
nipples. Ben hugged me from behind. I felt his semi hard penis slide
between my thighs. I stroked the front as if it were my own, as I had done
for so many years. I teased him a little by letting him stroke it back and
forth between my lips but didn't let him inside my cunt. I wanted to save
that for later. The stroking of his cock against my clit along with the
caressing of my breasts and nipples was enough to make me come again.
Again I marveled at the female body and what it is capable of.

We rinsed and then Nikki and I made sandwiches. Their "cabin" was
really a nicely done summer home with lots of windows and couches, very
pretty and with a gorgeous view. We sat around the living room looking at
the surf crash on the rocks below while we talked of this and that. I
asked if they had any kids. They said no, Ben was sterile and Nikki was
looking for a surrogate father. They asked me if I knew anyone willing. I
told her my brother (me) would be in town next month. He'd be perfect. My
vacation would be over then, so he would have to visit without me.
Besides, my brother and I have always been competitive. I don't think I
could take the competition.

Nikki said that sounded like a wonderful idea. In the meantime why
not take our drinks outside, take a nap on the deck and catch some sun.

When I woke it took me a minute to remember everything that had
happened in the last day and that I was now a woman. I lay back in the
afternoon sun and remembered this morning. I found myself caressing my
breasts without realizing I had been doing it. Nikki opened an eye and
noticed me. She had been caressing her nipples also. She closed her eyes
and continued for awhile and seemed to have a small orgasm. I wondered how
she did it without touching her cunt.

We decided that it would be fun to go into town and do some shopping.
I really did need some new clothes not only because of my change, but
shorts and T-shirt aren't enough for Maine's evening chill. Ben decided to
stay home and read.

We talked a lot this evening about our childhood. (I've never referred
to myself as a "boy" or "he" only "me myself and I" so remembering to
change to "girl" or "her" wasn't really a problem.

We talked about what our interests were; camping, hiking, canoeing,
reading, traveling, etc. It seems we have much in common. It didn't take
me long to really fall in love with her. It seemed so absurd. Yesterday I
was male and didn't love anyone. Now I'm female and in love with another

We got to Freeport around 3:00 and started in the mini-malls with the
expensive shops. Such gorgeous clothes. I'd always wanted to wear them. I
once even got a skirt when I was in high school and wore it around the
neighborhood late at night. Now I could wear them all. The thrill of
seeing myself in the mirror as a mature sexy attractive woman wearing such
beautiful dresses and skirts really turned me on. I decided I needed some
panties to keep from ruining the dresses.

At one point we were in the changing room together trying things on.
It was very tight in there. Without meaning to my arm brushed her
breast. She jumped a bit and giggled that it had tickled her. I gently
reached out and caressed her breast and circled it with my fingers and then
the other. She lay back against the wall and moaned in pleasure. After a
few minutes I continued on to the rest of her body. Then I licked her
breast for a moment and kissed her long and hard on the lips. I rubbed my
leg between hers and my crotch against her thigh with a passion that
wouldn't quit until we'd both reached our climax. We tried to stifle our
moans of passion but weren't successful.

It was clear we were making love cause someone knocked on our door and
said "could you two keep it down in there."

We burst into giggles and dressed as quickly as we could. As we were
leaving the dressing room we heard moans of passion from another room. We
squeezed each other's hand and paid for our clothes.

The girl at the cash register commented "You made quite a stir in
there." and winked at us.

I blew her a kiss as we left. As we were leaving we heard moans of
climax coming from the dressing room. I gave the cashier a glance and
noticed her hand was under her skirt. I looked at Nikki and she at me. We
went back to the cashier and asked if she needed any help (as we caressed
her hair). She said thanks but no thanks, her girlfriend would be here any
minute and she could take care of it. We walked out hand in hand and
indeed a lovely young woman walked in and greeted the cashier. They
disappeared into the office.

We continued down the street buying clothes and making love in the
dressing rooms. I ended up with four pairs of Levi's jeans, Levi's skirt,
some long sleeve blouses, eight dresses in paisley, Banana Republic, plaid
etc. and some skirts. I also got two pair of leotards (blue and black), a
one piece bathing suit (green and black) a string bikini in satin blue a
sports bra and two others a negligee and some long sleeveless shirts that
pass as mini skirts.

We dropped our clothes off in the car. Nikki said she needed to use
the bathroom. I quickly discovered a few things. One, humans are
creatures of habit. I almost went into the men's room. Two, in many ways
I still think like a man, i.e. a bathroom is a place to take a piss nothing
more. I was soon set straight. Nikki pulled me away from the men's room
and asked where I was going. I blushed and gave a little scream in real

It still felt strange to pee sitting down with my legs closed and not
have to worry about my cock spraying out of the bowl.

I pulled myself together and was about to leave the ladies room when I
noticed Nikki primping herself. She looked at me with a questioning look.

"I don't usually do much to myself. I never got into the practice. I
only have a brother no sisters and my mother doesn't use make-up much."

She said "Allow me." She brushed my hair and then tried lipstick on
me and a little rouge.

I wouldn't let her try much. I have to admit I did look a lot better.
My plain simple face was almost stunning. She made herself up and we
looked at ourselves. I couldn't believe how horny the sight of me made

We decided to stay in town and go out to dinner. We went to the car
to get some clothes and then changed. I put on a Banana Republic beige
dress and a green sweater, no panties or bra. Nikki put on a paisley dress
and white sweater. As we walked down the first street we turned quite a
few yuppie heads and go a couple of wolf whistles. Found a wonderful
restaurant and had lobster and champagne. We caressed each other under the
table between courses but stopped before we went too far.

On the way back to the car we passed a sex shop. I couldn't resist.
I had to go in. Nikki was a bit leery at first but followed me in. The
man at the counter leered at me. He gave me the creeps.

We found some toys I'd always wanted to try; a two headed dildo, plug
in vibrator, two radio controlled vibrators and a pair of Ben-Wa balls. As
I bought them I got an idea that made my pussy wet. After I paid for
everything I unwrapped the ben-wa balls, squatted and raised my dress,
looked the man in the eye and inserted the balls into my cunt.

He started to come around the counter. I grabbed Nikki by the hand
and ran. We went two or three blocks and broke out laughing.

"I can't believe you did that, you could have been raped."

"I hadn't considered that but it was something that I'd always wanted to

I pulled her close, kissed her. "It touched me that you care."

We were in a small park and I told her how excited running with the
balls in my cunt had made me.

She said "I love it when you use those words."

I said "Make me come."

We hugged and kissed for a long time. I find that as a woman I'm not
in such a rush anymore. I truly enjoy hugging and kissing and being close
more than I used to. She hugged me and caressed my breasts while I kept
squeezing my legs together and came without even touching my cunt.

She said "You really were horny weren't you."

"You better believe it. Being with you makes me very horny."

I squeezed tighter against her and came again. "

"Please lick me down there." she asked.

I was only too happy to oblige. Her hairless pussy was leaking rivers
of nectar down her thighs. I licked her clean and then separated her lips.
I couldn't see a thing but she smelled and tasted heavenly. I lay down and
pulled her on top of my face. She rubbed her pussy against my nose. I
could tell she was getting close as she went faster and faster and her
breath became short. All at once a river of come squirted into my mouth
and kept flowing and flowing. I didn't have much choice but to keep
swallowing as I sucked her clit.

After awhile she stopped, got off me and kissed my face clean. I just
lay there, looked at the stars and told her how much I loved her and that
I'd never loved anyone in my life.

"I love you to." She said.

On the way back to the car I decided if I was going to get laid I
needed some protection. Nikki reminded me that Ben was sterile.

I said "I just wanted to make sure and besides what if we invite
another man. Pills and diaphragms require a doctor's appointment so I
guess I'll use a sponge and some jelly. I hope it works."

We got home well after midnight and Ben was already asleep. I must
have come over 100 times today. I don't know if I can take this much sex.
Must be the novelty.

June 3
I dreamed that I'd changed into a woman and this man with a huge penis
wanted to fuck me and I wanted him to. I woke up and realized I was indeed
a woman and all the memories of yesterday came flooding back to me. I
opened my eyes and noticed Nikki was laying face down as I was and Ben was
fucking her from the rear. I reached out and held her hand. She squeezed
it tight as she came. She softly told me she also loved him very much and
wanted me to enjoy him as much as she does. I nodded and said OK. With
that she squeezed her vagina muscles very hard and Ben popped out.

He exclaimed "Hey, what's going on!"

"Make love to Sara instead."

"I'd love to."

He told me to relax and started giving me a back rub. Nikki caressed
my face and said this will feel wonderful. After awhile he reached under
my legs and then back up to my buns. As he squeezed them and kneaded them I
could feel my pussy become wetter and wetter. Finally he repositioned
himself. I felt his penis at the entrance to my cunt. Slowly but
persistently he pushed his way inside me. He felt so huge, bigger than the
dildo or ben-wa balls. I felt so full. He made me even more aroused. I
spread my legs to allow deeper access. I imagined how his cock fucking my
pussy looked. He started very slowly at first. I could feel his cock enter
and then withdraw. I felt my cunt lips get dragged in and out with his
cock as he fucked me. It all felt so new and wonderful. Nikki held my
hand as I came for the first time with a man inside me.

She smiled, kissed me and said "I told you you'd like it."

Ben kept stroking into me. As he became more and more aroused he
increased his speed. I came a couple more times tying my womb in knots
with contractions as he did so. Finally Ben's strokes became uneven and
his cock felt even harder inside me than ever. I felt him twitch and then
shoot off deep inside me sending me off into another orgasm. He lay on top
of me and rested. I noticed I'd drawn blood from Nikki's hand. I licked
it clean and kissed her. It felt strange to feel Ben's cock gradually
shrink inside me twitching every once in a while and finally fall out. I
felt kind of sticky so Ben offered to lick me clean.

I offered my cunt to him as he licked me.

"Turn around so I can lick you to."

Yum! I could taste our come on his prick. His tongue was beginning
to send me through the roof. I felt another tongue and then something enter
my cunt. I thrust against it. I soon realized it was the double headed
dildo I got last night. Nikki and I were fucking each other. Meanwhile
Ben's prick grew longer and harder in my mouth. As I continued to suck on
him he continued to lick and suck on my clitoris and Nikki with so much
stimulation I soon felt my womb tighten in knots and then release in
contraction after contraction as my cunt gripped the dildo. Ben was
fucking my mouth going all the way down my throat.

I'm truly amazed he could go so far. I find the only time a man can
go all the way down my throat is when I'm about to come and I'm not
thinking about it.

As it was Nikki and Ben were sending me into a long continuous orgasm.
I could barely breath with his cock down my throat. I felt his prick start
to twitch and by pulling his ass tight he was all the way down my throat.
He shoved even deeper and spurted down my throat and kept twitching. I
swallowed compulsively and wished he had more. I felt so alive and glad I
was a woman as he came down my throat and Nikki continued to fuck me to
orgasm. We'd all come several times so we showered and had breakfast.

After, Nikki and I went for a jog on the beach. I honestly don't know
how women do it. I'm not large breasted (36C) but even with a sports bra
my tits jiggled enough to break my rhythm. It took awhile to find a rhythm
my tits liked but my legs didn't agree. Also after a couple miles my tits
hurt from the bouncing. Maybe I need a tighter bra. Nikki complained of
the same problem.

"You know Sara I can tell you didn't have any sisters because you
walked and run like a guy." (I suppose such things are hard to hide.)

"I find it interesting you have hiking boots, running shoes, sandals,
and flats but no heels."

Didn't surprise me, I hate them. Even as a man I disliked them on
women, so unnatural. We walked the three miles back along the path above
the rocky shore and beach. It was a surprising hot day for Maine so we lay
on a flat rock and soaked up the sun.

"Do you think anyone would notice if I took off my shorts and top?"
"Not likely."

So I did, Nikki followed. Felt wonderful to have the breeze caress my
breasts and pubic hair.

Nikki and I talked a lot on the walk. Found out she and Ben worked for
a computer firm in Boston and they were on a two-week vacation. They had
just come up three days ago. She invited me to come live with them. (They
had talked it over this morning while I was in the shower.)

"I have to think about it and at best won't be able to move in for a
couple of months. I had some business to attend to when my vacation was
over. I thought I'd travel for a couple weeks when you go back to Boston.
In the mean time I'd certainly enjoy your company."

We spent the afternoon laying in the sun and swimming in a large tidal
pool where the waves and current weren't as strong and where getting out
was easier. I tried diving but found nude diving hurt my breasts even more
than had hurt my balls a few weeks ago. It was kind of neat to see my
nipples pucker up and watch my breasts float and bobble in the water. The
water also felt good between my legs.
When we go home (yes it felt like home now.) we found that Ben had
rigged a wicker chair from the ceiling. When we looked we found that the
chair had a hole in the seat. Just the thought of the possibilities made my
cunt twitch. But we were hungry so I said lets save it for after
dinner. The anticipation will make it even better.

June 4
Nikki and I were sitting in the Jacuzzi sipping our wine and watching
the sun set over the hills and watching and listening to the waves crash on
the rocks below and the gulls calling to each other. It was a warm evening
and such sensual sights and sounds made me mellow and receptive.

She began by caressing my toes, it almost tickled. She caressed further
up my legs and then began using her toes to caress my thighs and crotch.
In response I sank deeper into the water and spread my legs to give her
greater access to my cunt. As I became more and more aroused I stroked and
tweaked her breasts with my toes. It was when her toe got tangled in my
pubic hair (and I jumped) that she decided to shave me. She got out of the

"Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back." she said.

I was certainly horny and somewhat curious as to what she had in store
for me. So I lay back in the bubbling water and caressed my breasts and
nipples and let the water tease my pussy. She came back a few minutes
later with a bag of stuff. By this time I was almost ready to come.

She commented to me. "Can't keep your hands off yourself can you."

"Not after you tease me and leave me hanging. You're such a cunt
teaser, Kiss the girls and make then cry!"

With that she kissed me full on the lips and gave me a big hug and the
suckled on my nipples. My hand beat faster on my clit just as I started to
come she pulled my hand away and said "None of that. You can't come just
yet. I've got a surprise for you."

My cunt was swollen and twitching, my nipples as hard as little
pebbles. Almost anything would push me over the edge. I whimpered in
frustration and begged her to make me come.

Her response was "Not just yet."

She told me to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi. I did. She reached
into the bag and pulled out a pair of scissors. I reached for the hair on
my head and said in shock "NO!"

"Not that silly, this hair."

She proceeded to trim my pubic hair as close as possible. As she did
so, she couldn't help but touch my swollen lips and clit. As she did so I
came and quivered and pulled her mouth to my nipples. When I stopped we
both apologized and both said no need to. She then reached into her bag
and pulled out a can of shaving cream and a razor. I was a bit
apprehensive at first. I've never been fond of shaving and knew how much
the stubble would itch and told her so.

"I'd be happy to shave my pussy every few days so and besides your
pussy hair is much softer than your boyfriend's beard."

I agreed and lay back on the edge of the Jacuzzi. She started with my
lips because she said she always gets very horny doing this and her hands
would be shaking too much by the end to do such a delicate job. I must
admit, for the most part it felt exquisite as she tugged gently on my lips
and shaved them smooth. I came several times as she accidentally touched
my clit.

By the time she got to my mound she was indeed shaking. She splashed
my cunt with water from the Jacuzzi and then proceeded to lick me and suck
me and drive me insane with lust. Then she handed me a mirror so I could
see myself.

My vulva was puffy and swollen with lust and my clit throbbed with my
latest orgasm. With no pussy hair I seemed so young and innocent like a
young girl (but I felt so horny - even after several orgasms I could barely
stand it). I asked her to sit on my face so I could return the favor.

June 5
When I woke this morning Nikki was licking and sucking my cunt. Her
tongue felt soft and fresh over my newly shaven pussy. I spread my legs
wide and pulled her head closer into me. MMM, I opened my eyes and looked
up to her shaven cunt inches from my face. She was swaying from side to
side. Her pussy lips were thick and swollen and her vagina was dripping
nectar. I reached up and licked the nectar from her lips as she continued
to lick me. I caressed her buns and stuck my tongue and then my finger as
far into her as I could. She pressed her box against my nose and fucked my
nose as my tongue flicked across her clit.

She stopped sucking my clit for a moment as she rubbed herself
furiously against my nose and came. I drank and drank of her nectar. I
wanted to come to so I rolled her over and we switched positions. I began
rubbing my clit against her chin as she licked into me. All at once I felt
something big enter my cunt. It had to be Ben. Nikki continued to lick me
as I got fucked. I imagined what it looked like from so close; my hot
steamy shaven cunt being filled by a hard throbbing cock.

I came as the image filled my mind and as he filled my cunt. Soon
after my vagina stopped throbbing in orgasm, I felt him lose control and
squirt his come into me. I squeezed and his come oozed out of me only to
be licked clean by Nikki.

Ben pulled out of me a minute later. Nikki licked him clean and then
went back to licking his come from my cunt. The thought of her eating his
come mixed with mine sent me over the edge again. When she finished, I
sucked hard on her clit, flicked my tongue over it until she came again. We
all rested and looked out the window at the rising sun reflecting on the
crashing waves and our bodies.

Its been three days now since I became a woman and I'm still amazed and
excited by the fact. It seems I'm horny constantly. I can't go anywhere
without remembering and thinking about my new body. When I walk down the
street I wear no panties or bra and feel so naughty and sensual. My
breasts jiggle and I'm sure everyone is looking at me. When I feel my
nipples rubbing against my blouse as I walk, I can't help but feel them
stiffen with excitement.

This afternoon we drove around the countryside. Without thinking
about it, I looked at Nikki's eyes and noticed she was watching me caress
my own breasts through my blouse. Also without thinking about it I'd put
my feet against the dash board and my skirt had slid up to my thighs. As
we drove around the back roads of Maine, I rubbed myself to a slow easy

When I looked up, Ben looked over at me.

"If you keep this up I'll never be able to drive."

A little later, we all had to pee. We hadn't seen much in the way of
restrooms for quite a few miles so we pulled off the road. Now that I had
no pussy fur, I wanted to see what it was like to pee standing up. I
spread my legs a little and let go, Nikki did the same. I pulled up my
skirt so she could see my pee come out, she did like wise. I almost came
as I watched her. When we finished she asked if I had any TP.

Ben said "Let me do the honors." and knelt down and licked us both dry.
We both came in turn.

"I didn't realize you were into golden showers", he said.

"I'd never thought about it until now."

I've also noticed that as I continue as a woman, my constant excitement
has influenced the amount of "come" I produce when I orgasm. Even from the
first day it was quite a flow, now it squirts out in streams (and its not
pee!) It makes me wonder how the trend will continue.

This evening Nikki and Ben went off to visit some friends. I decided to
stand on the balcony, watch the sun go down, make love to myself and enjoy
the waves, the gulls, the setting sun, and Mozart. I set up a full length
mirror and began by caressing my breasts and arms, then moved down to my
belly where I knew my womb is and then to where my ovaries are. I
continued caressing my thighs, and inner legs. As I caressed each I
reveled in being a woman. I'm so slender and sensuous, so much more
beautiful than I was as a man. I caressed my breasts some more then to my
vulva, so naked, so sensuous, almost as innocent as a girl but my lips
belie an eagerness that won't wait. My palm covers my vulva and I gently
sway and caress myself to the music. My orgasm builds. The sun has almost
set and the crashing waves blend with my heartbeat. My other hand pulls
and twists my breast. I came in crashing waves. I can't stand up any more
and fall to my knees. My cunt squirts gush after gush of slippery nectar.
I paint my body with it like a sensuous perfume. I caress myself from head
to toe and come again. As I cool down, I thank the goddess for the wild
beauty around me and thank the goddess for myself.

I went in and drew a bath.

I lay in the tub with bubbles everywhere. I looked up at the ferns and
wood beams. Such a beautiful place. I noticed a soap on a rope hanging
from a peg. It brought back memories of a girlfriend from a few years ago.
We had been in a tub very similar to this. She had opened a new box of
soap on a rope. She caressed her body with it until she was all lathered
up. She caressed her breasts and then did something that shocked me at the
time. She slowly, gently slipped the bar of soap into her cunt. The bar
was 3" x 2" x 5" long. It surprised me that it fit. At first she moaned
and pulled her nipples, then she gently pulled the soap out and reinserted
it. After a couple of times she gasped and shook as she came.

She gently pulled the soap out and continued to bathe as if nothing
had happened. Watching her had aroused me to the point of coming and
squirting all over her breasts. Thinking about it this eve set me on fire.
I had to try for myself. Basically I followed in her footsteps. I
caressed my already aroused body with the soap and then gently inserted it
into my cunt. I was surprised at how easily it went in. and how incredibly
full it made me feel. I squeezed my vagina around the bar and it popped
out. I played a game and fucked myself with it, pulling it out and pushing
it in. At last I couldn't stand it any more. I pushed it in as far as it
would go and rubbed my clit until I shook with orgasm. As she did, I
pulled it out, swirled my fingers inside me to wash out some of the soap
and continued with my bath.

What a Day!

June 6
Every day for the past week I've looked out from the balcony over the
bay toward the islands. It was time to explore. I went into town to a
kayak shop to rent one for the week. Silly me I'd left mine at home.
Nikki and Ben had no interest in kayaking so I decided to explore on
my own. I started in the creek neat the house. It flows across a clam
flat toward the bay and sunny calm sea. The tide was going out. When I
got to water that was deep enough I tried a few Eskimo rolls to get some
practice and get the feel of the boat. I found being a woman has some
advantages and some disadvantages. My arms and shoulders didn't seem to be
as strong or give me the power they had when I was male, but on the other
hand, my balance was lower so it was easier at the end of the roll.

With that over I got out my map of the islands, took off my bikini top
so I could catch the sun and paddled off into the waves. The map said the
islands were uninhabited (as of 1971) so I didn't worry much about being
seen. Except for a few power boats further out I didn't see anyone.

Such beautiful coastline. I watched cormorants and eider ducks play
ion the waves. Every once in awhile I saw a seal on one of the rocks but
didn't get too close. By early afternoon I was getting hungry. I paddled
up onto a small island (maybe 200 acres) to have lunch and take a leak. As
I ate I watched the waves and marveled at the clean beauty around me. I
found a warm flat rock sheltered from the breeze and took a nap.

I woke to see a woman looking down at me from a few feet away. I sat up
quickly and reached for my towel to cover my nakedness. She held up her
hand and said "No need to." I noticed she was wearing an unbuttoned
peasant blouse, a thin Indian skirt no panties, no bra. The breeze
occasionally blew the blouse to the side exposing her breast. I looked up
at her and asked "Who are you and where are you from.

"My name is Jessica and I live here. This island belongs to a woman's
commune and I'm one of nine who live here year round."

"Wow, What do you do for a living in the winter?"

"Mostly we're writers, poets artists, and musicians."

We talked about ourselves and learned of each other for the better part
of an afternoon.

I was still laying face up on my blanket and she was on her side, back
to the sun as we talked. I still had nothing on and her blouse was
fluttering in the breeze. As we talked, I glanced from her face to her
breasts. She seemed to be in her 20's, thin, her breasts were rather small
probably a B cup. As she talked I became enchanted with her face; her
lips, her eyes, her hair. Without thinking about it I reached up, pulled
her gently to me and kissed her. At first there was a look of surprise and
then passion. From the way she caressed me and kissed me I knew she'd
loved women before. Her lips were so soft and yet so demanding.

Her breasts pressed against mine. We kissed for what seemed like
hours; gently, firmly, passionately and playfully. As a man I would have
been impatient to fuck. But now, as a woman, I found kissing was as
important as fucking. Jessica tweaked my nipple and brought my thoughts
back to her. She tweaked my nipples again and again rolling them between
her fingers and caressing my breasts until I couldn't stand it any more.
My cunt needed attending to. I pulled her on top of me and began arching
my cunt to her. As she settled onto me I began rubbing my cunt against her
thigh and she rubbed her cunt through her skirt on mine.

"Wait my skirt!" She pulled it up around her waist and we continued
where we left off. Pure heaven. I hugged her to me tightly my breasts
pressing against hers. Our lips and tongues passionately entwined and our
cunts wet and slippery with excitement and lust. A few moments later I
felt myself start to come.

"MMM, you're so sexy you're making me come." I told her and then I
couldn't say any more as my orgasm took me.

"Yes, come with me." She said.

Her's lasted a little more than mine. I could still feel my womb
flutter in aftershocks as I felt her body contract and spasm against mine.
We hugged each other tightly and looked at each other's eyes. I hugged her
again and told her she's wonderful. We talked a little more and she asked

"Why don't you paddle your boat around the bend and join us for

"I've got to get back, people are expecting me and might be worried I
drowned if I'm not back by dark."

"Why don't you call, we have a phone here."

I agreed, but first I had to wash off in the waves. The rocks were a
bit slippery but the waves were cold and refreshing. I dried off, pulled
on my denim shorts, and a T-shirt, packed my lunch stuff and bathing suit
and paddled toward the peninsula. Once out in the waves, I rested a minute
and considered what had just happened and remember the feeling of her warm
touch. What a wonderful day so far. I paddled around the bend and realized
there was a perfect cove. As I looked closer, I saw a converted fishing
boat, a pier, a small boat yard to pull the boats out of the water for the
winter. It made sense. How else would they get the building materials for
the house, huge garden, food, fuel, etc., etc. from the mainland. The
nearest harbor had to be twenty miles by sea. The house although new was
built in Victorian style, and was built by the women.

Jessica met me at the dock. I pulled my kayak out of the water and was
met by several other women. Jessica introduced me to all of them:

Ginny 5'6" thin, long brown hair athletic, writer,
and carpenter, and plumber.
Patty 6'1" medium build, curly black hair, writer mother
of: Gin 3

Nashma 5'6" Arab, weaver, beautiful black hair to the
Christine 5'6" Hispanic? potter, poet

Carol 4'9" artist, fisherwoman, (she was out lobstering)
Lynn 6'0" Thin long hair, fisherwoman, weaver, very
pretty (out lobstering with Carol)

Judie 5'10" older, writer, Jane of all trades mother of:
and Suzanne 4, Pam 3, and Jody (Jo) 2
Jean 5'2" short light blond hair, thin gorgeous,
cabinet maker

Jessica 5'10" writer, long blond hair, bluegreen eyes

They all asked questions about me, (It was a bit intimidating) I found
that for the most part they were divided in pairs of lovers, Jessica odd
woman out, but did share with others frequently. Everyone was happy and no
one got bored with her love life that way.

We went up the hill. The showed me the barn/studio where the crafts
were done: pottery, spinning, weaving, cabinet making etc. They said
keeping the clay out of everything was quite a task. The kiln was in a
separate building. Also there is a shed for 30 sheep and some chickens.
There are fields for the sheep and a large garden. Of course there are
several dogs (Heinz 57) and cats.

Inside the house:
First floor: Kitchen, dining room, living room, den, play room, bath,
3 bedrooms.
Upstairs: 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.
Attached to the back is an extensive library of eclectic taste.

They all showed me the tower, a stone building built on an outcrop of
rock on the highest point on the island. It stands 100' high (plus 100'
from the hill elevation) total 200' from the sea. I had wondered what it
could be, now I know. It was quarried from the mainland and salvaged from
an abandoned railroad bridge.

We sat on the parapet and watched the sunset and talked of this and
that. We generally got to know each other better.

As the sun sank beneath the horizon Jessica hugged me, gave me a
wonderful kiss and said "You're welcome to stay as long as you want. The
others already agreed. In the meantime I'm sure Judie and Jean have dinner
ready by now and you have to call your friends."

When we got back to the house I called. Nikki and Ben said they were
beginning to wonder about me and wished me a good time.

I was amazed at the sophistication of the den. They have a dish antenna
outside to pick up the world's news if they want it. They said it wasn't
often used. Each of the writers also has her own computer and the one in
the den has a modem and an up-link to a satellite. I was impressed. I
asked who the electrician was. They said Carol. She also keeps the two
boats running. They said they needed the electronic equipment to keep in
contact with their publishers.

Jessie and I showered together and I borrowed one of her dresses.
Dinner was simple yet elegant. Carol and Lynn came home just in time. The
meal was mostly vegetarian, (They consume eggs, milk and fish.) lots of
fruit and vegetables from their farm and various seafood. They said
they're tired of lobster but I'm welcome to all I want.

After dinner we sat around the living room sipping champagne (opened for
the occasion) while they read some of their writings. Most of it was very
good. They also informed me that the plates, furniture, carpets, and more
were all hand made by them.

The high light of the evening was when Ginny and Patti read some of
their love stories and poems to each other. Such powerful erotic and
sensual images. When Patti finished a particularly moving poem I realized
my fingers had been caressing my breasts. I looked up and several couples
were passionately making love.

Jessie pulled up my dress as she looked into my eyes. I saw that look
of lust and passion I knew I'd come to know so well. We reached for each
other. I pulled her close and passionately kissed her. She pushed me back
until I was on the carpet staring up into her eyes. Her passion was

"I want you!" I heard her say.

Her breasts spilled out of her open blouse and I noticed her dress was
way up around her hips. Her naked pussy rubbed against my thigh. She was
already slippery and wet. I realized that my pussy was also wet and that
I'd been rubbing my pussy against her thigh in return. I closed my eyes to
enjoy the pleasure. I later opened them again and saw the look of lust on
her face as she came against my thigh. It gave me a thrill to realize that
it was I who excited her so. I closed my eyes again and began to come.
Someone grasped my nipples and squeezed them sending me over the edge
again. I couldn't stay still as I pressed my cunt against Jessie's leg
straining to get even closer.

As I slowed down to catch my breath I smelled the heady aroma of pussy.
I looked up in time to see someone sit on my face. I stuck my tongue out
to lick her while I still had the chance. As I expected, she sat full on
my face. I suckled on her clit and swirled my tongue around it at first
gently and the faster with more and more force. I fucked her vagina with
my nose and continued licking. As she began to come I had to hold her down
to keep from bouncing to hard against me. When she came I couldn't even
breath. My nose was up under her cunt and her nectar began to squirt into
my nose and mouth. I nearly drowned but I didn't stop until she finished.
When she did, I cleaned my nose and continued where I left off. Her stream
of come was almost continuous now. I drank and drank as if it were honey.
At last she couldn't take any more and rolled off.

The others clapped and cheered. I blushed a little and then shared
another glass of champagne. Jessie gave me a kiss and a hug. The room had
the pungent aroma of sex. We sat and talked awhile about this and that and
sipped champagne. I told them about my teaching carrier and by hobbies
that include photography, kayaking, glass blowing, pottery, writing and
Jane of all trades.

They were very supportive and urged me to join them. This was clearly
a group of women who loved each other and cared about each other. I
thought to myself. I could live here. I'd love to love here. We talked
into the wee hours of the morning.

Jessie said "You can have your own room if you want but I'd be honored
if you'd share my bed."

"I'm honored you asked me."

I noticed we were watching each other as we slowly undressed for each
other. Before I got into bed I brushed my hair and felt again how sensual
my new body is. My breasts jiggled gently as I brushed my hair. Jessie
came over to brush my hair. I stepped closer so our nipples touched
sending an electric shock straight to my cunt. At last she put down her
brush and kissed me very tenderly on the lips. I hugged her to me and
kissed her more passionately. I felt her leg slide between my thighs and
felt her stiff clit rub against my thigh. In doing so her thigh rubbed my
clit. We were both passionate but tender and took our time. The rush to
orgasm had been satiated earlier this eve. This time was more loving.

After awhile I could feel her tense as her climax neared. I pulled
her on top of me onto the bed. I repositioned a little and wrapped my legs
around her legs so her cunt ground against mine. Within moments her belly
rippled with orgasm. Her breasts shook and she gasped in lust. Watching
her come and knowing I had given her that pleasure fueled my own orgasm.
It was my turn to feel my womb flutter inside me and feel the contractions
of love flow through me.

Jessie lay on top of me for a few minutes before giving me a gentle
nudge with her pelvis. It shot tingles of pleasure up my spine.

"Want to again?" she asked.

"I'd love to."

This time we came sooner than we had before. I have to say in
embarrassment that I fell asleep even before she rolled off me while she
was still kissing me afterward.

June 7
I woke up to me breasts being caressed. It took me a while to remember
where I was, who I was with and how I'd gotten these beautiful breasts. I
caressed Jessie's hair. She looked down at me and said "Oh, you're awake."

"Yes, what a wonderful way to wake up. Sorry I fell asleep in your arms
last night. So tacky, I feel so embarrassed."

"No need to, it sometimes happens to me."

"What time is it?"

"Almost noon, and its pouring outside. What would you say to spending a
few days here with us?"

"You mean with you."

"Yes with me. Don't be frightened but I think I'm falling in love with

"It may seem strange but I'm more comfortable here than I've ever been
in my life. Just let me call my friends and tell them I'll be here for a
few days."

I called. They said they'd miss me and looked forward to my return.

Jessie and I took a shower together, dressed (She let me wear a white
dress with blue flowers. I love her taste in clothes. I'm so glad we're
the same size.) We sat in up in the widow's walk and watched the waves and
rain pound the rocks below. So beautiful, I wished I'd brought my camera.
I told Jessie more about my photography. Mostly it's just a hobby but many
of them come out well.

I told her I'd bring them up sometime for her to see. Everyone of the
commune works to provide her share of the income and upkeep. She was
wondering if I could continue what I did for a living on an island on the
coast of Maine. We discussed that and many other things this afternoon
including this journal writing. It took me awhile to catch up from

The storm raged on. Rain swept the rocky coast. Waves thundered on the
rocks below. I thought about my wish and how it had changes my life in the
past few days. Not only had it improved my sex life but opened new
opportunities and closed others. I knew that for at least the next two
months my life would be in turmoil. I have about three weeks as a female,
then another month as male again and after that? Who knows. As a male I'd
been rather lonely. As they say, men trade love for sex and women trade
sex for love. As a man I'd been a bit of a cad, telling women I loved them
so I could get laid. I didn't stop to think what the woman felt. Now, as a
woman myself, I have some empathy for them. I hoped I wouldn't be dumped
as I had dumped other women. But I knew better. If I fell in love with a
man I knew what I'd face. I also knew it would be difficult to adjust to
teaching as a woman. The Persona I've been able to project as a man took a
long time to develop. I knew where my weak points were and had found ways
to shore them up. As a woman I would be seen in a completely different
light. Teens are VERY good at finding weak spots. I'm sure it would take
awhile for me to develop that edge and to reestablish the shield against
the kids. Also, did I want to go back to that life or choose a life as
part of a commune of women. One thing did occur to me. If we had to I
could teach our children or perhaps open a school nearby. In the meantime
I could always expand my hobbies and go into glass blowing and photography
full time. I also considered that if I brought all my books here we might
have to put up an addition to the library with a bedroom above for my

I looked up and noticed Jessie looking at me.

"You've been staring at the rain for a long time."

"I suppose I have."

"Is anything wrong?"

"No, this is all very right. I've just been thinking of all the things
I'd leave and what would change and considering details. I've decided to
take you up on your offer and stay here. I will have to go back home for a
few months or so to straighten things out, pack, sell my house in Boston,

"I'll miss you when you're gone."

"I don't have to leave just yet. I still have three weeks of vacation I
plan on enjoying with you. I also have friends on the mainland I'd like to
visit every once in awhile."

"Are they lovers?"

"Yes, its the couple I called on the phone, man and wife, They're really
very nice."

"You're Bi? I didn't realize you like men."

"Yes I do. They're not as nice or as much fun as a woman but every once
in awhile I enjoy a stiff prick up my cunt. Besides, at some point in my
life I'd like to have children."

"Yes you do need a man for that." said Jessie.

Jessie continued, "I've thought of having kids but the thought of having
sex with a man terrifies me. I've never had sex with a man. I grew up in
a house with lesbian mothers. All my sisters loved each other and shared
sex. It seemed so natural to continue."

"Its not as bad as you might think. Have you used a dildo? Good! Its
very much the same except men are more rough and tend to sweat more than
women. The full feeling you get can be exquisite though. My brother's
vacation is in a few weeks. Maybe you can have sex with him while I'm
gone. I know for a fact he can be very good."

"You had sex with your brother?"

"You can say that, its probably no worse than having sex with your

"Weren't you afraid of getting pregnant?"

"That's what rubbers are for silly."

"Patti has a strap on dildo, maybe you could fuck me as if you were a

"Sure, but only if you do me to."

At that Jessie ran down stairs and returned a few minutes later with a
strap on dildo. I found it amusing. Here I was, a woman, who was a man,
pretending I was a man to make love to a woman. How ironic.

"Here it is."

"Tell you what, its a little chilly up here. Why don't we move down to
your bedroom."

I held her close as we went down stairs. When we got to her room I shut
the door, kissed her gently on the lips and said "From now on I'll act as
my brother acted toward me. First I want you to do a slow strip for me, not
too fast."

She did a little dance and slowly unzipped her dress a little at a time.
I started getting wet just thinking about what was going to happen. A
minute or so later her dress dropped to the floor revealing her panties and
bra (I didn't remember her putting them on.) She slowly pulled her bra
strap down and unsnapped it. Her firm breasts jiggled free.

"Good, now stroke them and caress them and lick them and tease yourself.
Good, now slip your hand in your panties and finger yourself."

I noticed her panties were already wet. I strapped on the dildo and
pulled on my T shirt and shorts over it and spoke to her.

"Yes, your sexy body has made horny. See how hard you've made me?
Come, unbutton my shorts."

She did so and the dildo popped out.

"Feels much better. Now lick it gently."

Her tongue tentatively came out and touched it.

"Now lick it some more. Now put it in your mouth."

She did and looked up at me.

"You're doing wonderfully, it feels great! Let me kiss you."

I picked her up and caressed her body with gentle strokes and kisses. I
started from her toes and worked to her ears teasing her and avoiding her
breasts and panties. I especially had fun licking her thighs.

"Please let me lick it more." she said "How do you deep throat?"

"Its not very hard. First get in a 69 position, you on top. Gently put
more and more of it in your throat until its all gone. Make sure you
protect your teeth with your lips so you don't scratch me."

She did very well. She looked so sensual as she did so. She almost
seemed to choke at one point but it slid the rest of the way down. As she
did so, I caressed her breasts and suckled on her clit. As I gently fucked
her throat, a thought ran through my mind. I can't wait till I'm a
man. This would feel great if it were a real cock. I could tell she was
getting close.

She pulled off me and said. "Fuck me Please!"

I rolled on top of her. Her cunt was swollen and dripping with lust. I
gently inserted the tip and then thrust deep into her.

She gasped in pleasure. "My god this feels great!"

She wrapped her legs around me as I thrust into her. Fortunately the
dildo also rubbed me. I told her to look between her legs. She did so.
She could see the penis slide in and out pulling her lips in and out along
with it. I went slowly at first. The dildo made me horny as well. I
could see the lust building in her eyes.

"Fuck me faster!"

I needed it too. She started first. I watched her belly ripple in
orgasm. I suckled her nipples as she came.

She yelled "Keep going!" in a hoarse voice.

So I did. I watched my prick sink in and pull out from her. It almost
felt as if it were mine. I came soon after and started to slow down. She
rolled me over and sat down on my prick and thrust it into her up and down
as fast as she could. I massaged her breasts rather forcefully as she came
again and again. I came once more. After she slowed down I asked what she
thought of it.

All she said was "Great! Is this what you're brother is like?"


"Bring him on!"

June 9
The last couple of days have been wonderful. I've fallen hopelessly in
love with Jessie and I'm starting to come to terms with myself as a woman.

Yesterday, the weather was as stormy as the day before. The wind
whistled around the eves and the waves crashed on shore. It was a good day
to stay inside and make love. Jessie and I spent the day making love and
planning the future. Most of the time we started off snuggling and
caressing each other's faces and hair and holding each other close, breast
to breast enjoying the closeness. Often I just hugged her tightly as we
cried with joy. As often as not, I felt her leg between mine. As she
pressed her cunt against my leg, her leg pressed against my cunt. One
orgasm led to another and yet another.

Our loving was slow and unhurried. We enjoyed the closeness as much or
more than the sex.

We had our lunch brought up to us. As she sat Indian style eating her
sandwich, her breasts were firm and round. I looked down and saw her cunny
still wet and slick from our love making. The lips were open and inviting,
begging to be loved and filled. Her secretions continued to ooze from her
cunt and drip onto the carpet. I giggled a little, she asked what it was.
I told her. She suggested I look down, as my cunny was just as hot.

"You look good enough to eat." she said.

"Sit on my face." I said.

She did. Her cunt settled over my face and her musky aroma once again
aroused my love and my lust. I looked at her beautiful dripping cunt, took
a deep breath and took my time licking her lips and sucking her nectar from
her cunt and suckling her clit. She moaned and cried out in ecstasy. I
pulled her close and continued. She ground her cunny onto my face and my
chin. She came again. I'm not sure how many times she came but I was
still enjoying myself when she stopped.

She got off me and turned around to kiss me. I reached up and pulled
her close. She licked my face clean of her juices and said it was my turn.

The bed was already soaked from my excretions. I sat up, straddled her
face and gently sat down on her face. I noticed as I did so that she took
a deep whiff of my heady aroma before she began. I nearly jumped up when
her tongue first touched me. The feeling was exquisite.

The rest of the day and into the evening we enjoyed each other's company
in similar fashion, talking about this 'n that 'n everything interrupted
only by love making of the finest kind.

June 10
Finally sunshine at last! Jessie and I lay out on the dock soaking in
the sun. Nude sunbathing is the norm here. I was glad to hear that. Even
as a male I hated bathing suits, as a woman I dislike them even more. The
girls played on a nearby beach supervised by us all. Later, when the girls
had gone into the house to clean up for supper, Jessie and I made love on
the dock. We took an icy dip in the small harbor before going in for
dinner ourselves.

What a great day. I can't express how much I love Jessie!

June 23
Nikki got tickets to see the Grateful Dead. I decided to wear a tie
dye T-shirt that came just past my ass cheeks. I considered a bra and
panties for a minute and then decided against them. I felt sexy and
adventurous this evening. It felt so daring to be so open. If I spread my
legs or bent over people could see all of me exposed to view.

Touched my sex constantly on the way to the concert. Just being so
exposed made me a bit horny. We got to the outdoor concert and as usual
for the Dead, there were all sorts of people there and it was sold out.
Just before the band started, Nikki met two friends of hers; twin brothers,
Phil and Don from the next town. We chatted for awhile, they talked of old
times. I just listened. When the band began to play we all stood up to
get a better view and danced to the music. A few minutes into the first
song, I felt hands on my waist. I looked around to see Don.

He smiled and said "I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all, feels nice."

We danced slowly together for awhile with Don at my back. A little
later I felt his hands move up to my breasts and begin to caress them.
Felt good. I ground my butt against his crotch and felt his prick stiffen.
I teased him some more as he stroked and caressed my nipples. He nibbled
my neck and my ear lobes also, sent shivers down my spine. All this
attention was making me wet. I reached down and unzipped his fly. His
prick sprang out into my crotch. I stroked it a few times. It throbbed in
my hand. He moaned in my ear. I leaned forward a little, lifted myself on
tip toes and guided him into me. I rocked up and down on my tip toes to
help lubricate him but he slid in easily. It felt exquisite. I heard him
whisper in my ear.

"Oh, baby you feel hot."

I answered "Go easy hon, I want this to last awhile, let me do all the

With that I leaned forward some and rocked back and forth ever so
slowly. I looked over to Nikki to see how she was doing. There was a look
of bliss in her eyes. I noticed she was slowly riding Phil's cock. I
reached for her hand and then held Don's hand as I rode him. He filled me
so well. I pictured his cock gliding between my lips into my cunt. The
thought made me horny as hell. I reached between my legs and touched
myself to the music. Felt almost as if I was being fucked by the sound. I
came as the song ended. I stopped for a minute until the next song began.
Don hugged me tight and nibbled my ear some more. I squeezed my cunt
muscles to tease him a little.

"Keep it up babe, you'll make me come just by doing that."

So I did. All of a sudden he began thrusting into me and I felt his
come squirt into me. As the next song began, I kept squeezing until he
stopped. At this point I heard Nikki gasp as she came and saw her bite her
lip to keep from screaming. I wanted Don to stay inside me but he got limp
and fell out. Nikki said she had to go pee.

When we got there the line was huge. Nikki looked at me and told me she
really had to pee bad and didn't think she could wait. I suggested we do
it behind the ladies room in a dark corner.

"What if someone sees."

"No one will have to if we do it standing up."

We went around back. It was well lit back there too.

"I got to go." she said.

"Just hold my hand, we'll do it together. It's not as if we'll get our
skirts wet, this T-shirt barely covers my cunt as it is."


"I guess so."

We held hands but at first nothing came out. After a minute or so it
started flowing. We found if we put our butts against the wall and leaned
forward a little it just flowed down the wall and didn't maker much noise.

It felt good. We ended up giggling at the situation. Then she commented
"We don't have any toilet paper, how will we wipe?"

"Air dry."

I pulled her as we walked around the corner we met three women coming
the other way. One spoke to me.

"I guess you couldn't wait for the line either."

I answered "Nope, we left our mark on the wall."

Nikki pulled me back to the blanket. As I walked I could feel come and
pee dribbling down my leg. When we got back to the blanket I quietly wiped
myself off on a dry corner.

After awhile we got tired of standing and sat down. I crossed my legs
and exposed a view of my cunt to any who wanted to look. I surreptitiously
played with my clit as I listened to the music. After a minute Don offered
his helping hand. I sat on his hand while I teased my pussy. Didn't take
long to come.

I felt him harden again and asked him to pull it out. He did. I sat
hard on it and pumped for all I was worth, bouncing up and down to the
music. I looked around and saw a few other couples having sex in various
positions. We'd started a mini orgy. I was amazed at how long Don
lasted. I came dozens of times before I felt him spurt into me. When he
grew soft inside me we switched positions to 69 and licked each other off.

June 26
Woke up in the middle of the night. My pussy was wet for some reason.
I reached for a Kleenex to wipe myself dry. As I did so I noticed the
wetness was black under the moonlight coming through the window. I stared
at it for a few seconds wondering what it could be. A whiff told me it was
blood. A flicker of dread went through me as I wondered what could be
wrong with me, I then realized it had to be my period. Yuck! I went into
the bathroom to wipe myself off and find some tampons. I can't believe
women put up with this mess every month. I'm glad I keep my pussy shaven.
So much easier to clean. I crawled back into bed and hoped I didn't mess
up the sheets.

When I woke, Ben and Nikki were doing 69, she on top. I watched for
awhile pretending to be asleep. After awhile they both came. Nikki sucked
most of it into her mouth but didn't swallow. She kissed Ben and exchanged
his come. Made me so horny I had to finger myself. I was just about to
come when Ben noticed I was awake. He was about to thrust his again hard
cock into my cunt when he noticed the string hanging out.

He gently tugged it. I knew he wanted to fuck me, I felt very horny but
was embarrassed about the blood.

"Please don't, my period started, it'll be so messy."

"Don't worry about it Sara, I don't mind the blood. In fact it's rather
erotic and very feminine."

With that he uncorked me like a bottle of wine and he took me laying
face down. I continued rubbing my clit and squeezing my nipples while he
fucked me. At first I was a bit dry from the tampon but things got
slippery soon enough. I can't believe how horny I felt. Not since the
first week of being female had I been so. I came four or five times before
he finally came. His cock, thick and hard, throbbed inside me and finally
spurted his semen. We'd been fucking so hard and breathing so fast we both
broke up laughing until we were sore from laughing too hard. Nikki who had
been watching and fingering herself, had tried to suppress her giggles the
whole time joined us in laughter. I asked her to sit on my face so she
could come as well. She was very wet and slippery from her excitement.

I'd always wondered about a woman's cunt, the sweet secret soft silky
folds filled with slippery aromatic honey. A pearl of love waiting to be
sucked. I licked around her lips first and then closer and closer to her
pearl. Finally I sucked on it as I would her nipple. Soon I could feel
her vagina contract around my tongue. Her body quivered in lust. Her
fluid squirted into my mouth. I drank some, the rest I held in my mouth to
feed to her as she had done to Ben with his sperm. We shared her come and
hugged and kissed for a long while.

We took our usual shower together. I inserted another tampon and went
out onto the deck. I have to admit I was somewhat afraid I'd leak blood
and make a mess. Around noon I swam awhile, so far no leaks. I'm so glad
this is a private limited access beach. Its so much nicer to be able to
swim and sun bathe nude.

Dinner of teriyaki chicken, rice and snow peas served with saki. As
Nikki and I cleaned the dishes Ben came up behind her, gave her a hug,
inserted his cock and started fucking her. (Yes we were still nude.) She
moaned in pleasure and bent over for more easy access. I crawled beneath
her and suckled her nipples and caressed her pussy as he fucked her. Soon
after, her breathing increased as she began to come. As she did so I
nipped her nipples. She screamed a little and yelled "Harder!" so I did.
She kept thrusting back against him as she continued to come.

Finally I saw his cock throb and swell. He pulled out of her as he
began spurting. I grabbed his cock and sucked the sperm from his cock.
When he finished I told Nikki to stay there while I licked her pussy clean.
(I don't think she could have moved she was so relaxed.) I love the taste
of come and pussy, such a wonderful texture, taste and aroma. We relaxed a
few minutes and watched the sun set and the moonrise. I realized I hadn't
worn clothes all day.

I wanted to be alone so I walked the beach and looked at the moon and
sea. I found a flat rock and sat thinking about the past month. I
wondered about the next year, what would happen and thanked the goddess for
giving me a chance to be a woman.

I hadn't come while we were in the kitchen and was still horny. I lay
back against the rock, still warm from the sun, and caressed first my
breasts feeling their fullness, wondering if I'd ever suckle a child. They
are so firm and round, so sensitive to the caressing breeze. Then I
caressed down to my abdomen where my ovaries and uterus are, infertile for
the first time. I looked down at my shaven pussy. So child like yet my
lips were so full and engorged with pleasure. I pulled them aside and
looked at my vaginal opening and my clit. So much potential pleasure and
so much potential pain.

I'd found a piece of quartzite on my walk. It was remarkably penis
shaped, about seven inches long, two inches thick and very smooth from all
the waves. I tasted it. It was kind of salty. I removed the tampon and
inserted it into my vagina. I felt as if I were making love to the earth,
to the sea, and to the moon. It slowly slid all the way inside me. I felt
very full and slowly pushed it out again. It came out scarlet and slippery
with blood. I took it and rubbed some of my blood on my breasts, my womb,
my hands and my forehead and then licked it clean. I lay back on the rock
and fucked myself with it until I came in waves and waves of pleasure and
ecstasy. I again thanked the goddess and lay back on the rock.

I soon fell asleep, the stone still inside me. I couldn't have slept
long, but I dreamed I was the goddess and I was in a big field. A stag
came out of the woods and saw me. At first I was afraid as he came
charging toward me. He knocked me over and I then realized he was erect.
I got on my hands and knees so he could mount me. At first he licked my
cunt with his huge tongue. A shiver of lust went up my spine but I was
still somewhat afraid of what he'd do. Suddenly he mounted me. His hooves
just missed my hands. He felt so heavy I could hardly stay up, but it was
his penis that almost overwhelmed me. I felt a pain of fullness I'd never
felt before. The pain quickly gave way to pleasure. He fucked my cunt
quickly and furiously. I felt so stretched and so incredibly full. He
came inside me and I felt his sperm spill out and run down my leg. He
tried to pull out but couldn't until I'd come. He didn't have long to
wait. I gasped and felt my cunt squeeze tightly around him and then
relaxed. He pulled out of me and an instant later was gone.

Then I dreamed I was huge with child and then I was suckling a baby girl
at my breast.

I woke with a start. The moon hadn't moved much so I couldn't have been
asleep long. I washed off in the waves and walked home, the stone still in
my cunt. At home I took a shower to wash off the salt, put on a pad and
panties and went to sleep in the guest bed this time instead if Nikki and

June 27
I woke, peed, had breakfast, dressed and was half way to the store
before I remembered I still had the stone up my cunt. It felt sort of warm
and heavy inside me. Got groceries, and a few used books. I went home and
spent the afternoon on the beach. This evening I went back to the flat
rock. For some reason I felt I had to go through the ritual. I washed the
rock in the sea, inserted it into my vagina and expelled it with my vaginal
muscles. I took it and rubbed some of my blood on my breast, my womb, my
hands and my forehead, then licked it clean and reinserted it. I lay back
on the rock and fucked myself with it until I came. I dreamed of the stag
and being mounted by him. Thinking back I still remember the fullness of
him filling my cunt. This time the dream ended with a vision of making
love with Jessie while a young woman I knew was my daughter looked on.

June 28 Full Moon
Still have my period. Won't it ever end? Spent the day paddling my
kayak. Glad I haven't had any cramps like other women, including Nikki,
complained of. Around noon I felt a heaviness in my vagina and remembered
the stone was still there. I lay back and absorbed the sun and waves. At
that moment it hit me. If I was going to change back to male, it might be
a good idea to do it someplace where I wasn't known.

When I got back to the house, Nikki and Ben weren't home. I packed,
waited awhile to say good-bye but they must have gone for the evening.

Just before sunset I walked back to the rock and began my ritual again.
When I expelled the stone from me I noticed it was almost clean. I touched
myself with my blood and licked it clean. Again I dreamt of the stag. It
ended with a vision of a gathering of many friends and family all sharing
my love.

This time I pulled the stone from me, I kissed it and placed it in a
leather bag and put it around my neck.

As I walked toward the van, I thought of the stag fucking me and of his
penis filling my cunt. My breasts felt heavy and I noticed I was very
horny. I left a note for Ben and Nikki so they would know when, where, and
why I left and when I would probably see them next. I drove to a town a
few hours away. The more I drove, the more aroused I became. At first it
was unconscious, then it was deliberate, and then it was very frustrating.
I found a motel and masturbated in earnest. I was extremely horny and
aroused but I couldn't come. I couldn't come! I wanted to come so badly I
broke down and cried and cried and finally cried myself to sleep.

June 29
I felt strange. I woke a little more and noticed I had a raging
hard-on. I woke up with a start and realized I was again male. I assessed
the change. My beard had a month's growth, my hair was a bit longer, my
pubic hair was still shaven and my cock wanted to be touched. It felt
strange to not have breasts any more. I looked at my cock. There but for
the grace of a chromosome! It was already oozing pre-come. I thought of
the past month and stroked myself. I thought of Nikki and Ben and Jessie
and the others.

I came so soon it surprised me. My come squirted all over my belly
and some of my face. Yum, still tasted great. I used my finger to help
lick myself clean. For once I stayed hard. I looked at my cock with
pleasure both from how it felt as I stroked it but also how it had felt to
suck and be fucked by a cock. The veins seemed to bulge and I felt my
balls rise as I came again. I squirted into my hand so it would be easier
to drink. MMM, I may spend this month gay. Then again maybe not. There
are too many women I want to make love to.

I showered and dressed. I put the stone and pouch in my pack along with
the last potion. I looked for some pants and a T-shirt. I realized almost
all my clothes were for a woman. At the bottom I found some Levi's and a
T-shirt. They didn't quite fit but they were passable. They all bulged in
all the wrong places.

Breakfast at McD's, went into the ladies room. How embarrassing. I
decided I should spend some time getting used to myself as a man and spent
the rest of the day playing with the kayak.

July 2
I drove up to Nikki and Ben's house this evening. It's been almost a
week since I saw them last. I don't know how they will react to me, a
supposed stranger even though I've known them intimately for almost a
month. The fact that my body is once again male is somewhat confusing to
me. I truly enjoyed being a woman despite the drawbacks. I really just
can't wait until the end of the month when I can take the other potion. I
thought back to this afternoon and the trouble I almost got into when
without thinking about it, I went into a ladies room at McDonald's and
didn't even realize there was a problem until I sat down and realized I
have a penis. No one was there at the time so I pulled my pants up and
beat a hasty retreat to the men's room. It felt weird to be standing up to
piss, but also convenient, I kept expecting the piss to dribble down my

I knocked on the door. Ben and Nikki opened it together. It was all I
could do to keep from rushing in to give them a big hug. Instead I
introduced myself as Jim, Sara's brother. I told them that she'd told me
all about them. Ben and Nikki invited me in. They asked me what I wanted
to drink. I asked for a Bass ale. Nikki commented that I seem to have the
same taste in beer as Sara. I answered that we probably do we grew up
together and spend a lot of time together.

I broke the ice a little by saying "Sara tells me that Ben is
infertile and that you two would like to have a baby. Sara said I would
fit the bill in this respect."

Ben answered that "Yes, that is indeed the case. Nikki and I have
wanted a baby for quite some time but haven't been able to get her or
anyone else pregnant. Perhaps you could do the honors. You are as welcome
as your sister. Stay as long as you like. Our house is yours."

I thanked them, and told them I appreciate their offer, but that in any
event, I couldn't stay for longer than two or three weeks. My job in
California wouldn't let me stay any longer. Nikki informed us that dinner
was almost ready. She showed me to my room. The one I'd had before as
Sara. It was as if I'd never left except there wasn't a picture of me as a

Dinner was excellent. I've always loved lobster and its been rather
cheap this year. During dinner we talked about this and that but mostly
about me and what I know about Sara. It got a bit sticky sometimes trying
to distinguish two separate personalities. The claim that we were
fraternal twins did make things a lot easier.

As dinner progressed, Nikki put her foot on my crotch and started
caressing my prick with her toes. As she ate, she would lick her food and
suck on it as if it were a prick. So sensual. I felt a hand and realized
it was Ben's.

He said "Shall we move to the bedroom?"

I just croaked "I'd love to."

As we walked to the bedroom, Nikki kissed me and started to unbutton my

Ben commented, "Sara says you like men to."

I answered "I've never had sex with a man but I've always wanted to try
it. Sara said you go both ways."

He answered, "I think we all do."

He kissed me. He felt just as sexy and sensual to me as when I'd been a
woman. Nikki unbuckled my belt and took off my pants while I continued to
kiss Ben. Yum, At this point I wanted to pull him on top of me and fuck
me. I wanted his cock deep in my cunt and then remembered I didn't have a

I still said "I wanted you to fuck me. I need you inside me. I want
to get fucked by you."

I stepped out of my pants, (He stepped out of his.) and lay down on the
bed. I reached up and pulled him on top of me. I continued kissing him. I
wanted him so badly my cock was throbbing. My phantom cunt opened wide for
him as I spread my legs wide for him to enter me. I felt Nikki spread
something slippery on my ass and thought to myself "I guess my ass will
have to do."

I know from my time as a woman that it would feel just as good as if it
were in my cunt. He pushed gently at first. He felt so big. It hurt a
bit but I pushed against him. All of a sudden his head was past my
sphincter. The pain subsided and he pushed slowly into me filling me even
more than I'd remembered. He sat up on his knees so he wouldn't crush my
balls. I was wild with lust.

"Oh, fuck me, Fuck me hard!, fuck me deeper, Oh Yes!"

He did so, I wrapped my legs around his back to pull him deeper into
me. Nikki took my prick into her mouth and caressed my nipples as he
fucked me. She licked and caressed my prick as I imagined it was my clit.
Ben kept thrusting into me. I was on the verge of coming when I felt Ben's
cock get even firmer inside my ass. I could feel his come fill me. The
wonderful feeling of his coming inside me set me off. Within moments I shot
off into Nikki's mouth. She moaned and swallowed and got almost all of it.
She licked me clean and then straddled my face and sat down on my nose. I
knew she was horny and from the looks of her swollen, dripping, pussy it
wouldn't take much to set her off. I felt Ben's cock start to grow soft
inside me and then grow harder again as he watched his wife get sucked by
another man. She came within a minute. I continued sucking her to a
continuous orgasm as he fucked me again. Wow! such a great feeling of
being fucked by someone like Ben.

I asked Nikki when she was most likely to conceive. She told me
sometime between tomorrow and the next three days. I told her I'd be
honored to be the father of her child.

We fell asleep in each other's arms. I felt some of Ben's come dribble
from my ass.

July 3
I woke up this morning as I've woken up so many mornings in bed with Ben
and Nikki. I felt the rocking motion of the bed that told me they were
fucking. I cracked open an eye and saw she was on her back and had her
legs wrapped around him as he thrust into her. Her belly rippled and her
head jerked as she came. She noticed I was awake. I reached over and
kissed her on the lips and caressed her breasts. She spasmed as another
orgasm rippled through her body. When she finished she suggested to Ben
that he fuck me and that I could fuck her.

At that he pulled out of her with a pop. His huge veined penis so
slippery with her juice looked so tasty I wanted to reach over and lick it
but I knew it would interrupt the flow. My prick was already hard from
watching them fuck and seeing her come. I climbed onto Nikki and slowly
inserted my cock. Felt smooth, silky and hot. I thrust in and out slowly
for a few strokes. Then I felt a sloppy finger on my ass as Ben put some
of Nikki's come on it. When he felt I was good and slippery he gently put
his prick against my ass. I stopped thrusting for a moment while he pushed
into me. It burned for a minute as his huge cock filled me up but then the
pain faded to pure pleasure. He gently thrust in and out of me as I had
just done with Nikki. It felt wonderful to get fucked.

I resumed fucking Nikki. As I did so I realized I was also fucking
myself onto Ben. As I pulled out of her, I pushed him into me. Wow! What
an erotic concept. I was lost in pleasure. It felt like my whole crotch
was being pleasured. I hadn't had this much pleasure since I got fucked by
two men as a woman. Nikki came a couple of times. Her tight cunt gripped
my cock like a warm hand. Ben continued for awhile but as he had started
before I had he came next. I felt his thrusting into me become erratic and
his breath was hot and heavy on my back. He reached around me and caressed
my nipples and Nikki's and come into me. I felt his hot sperm fill my
buns. Sent me over the edge. I went faster and faster and felt my sperm
shoot out of me into her. My coming sent her over the edge again. We lay
still for a minute as we cooled off and shriveled up. Ben popped out of me
and soon after Nikki rolled out from under me.

July 6
Called Jessie to tell her I was in town. Asked if she would like to
visit for awhile. I rented a cabin overlooking the bay. She said she'd
love to spend a few days with me. I picked her up at the dock at 5. So
good to see her. I've missed her these last two weeks. Had to play it as
though we'd never met and everything I knew came from "my sister".

I took her to a nearby vegetarian restaurant and treated her to dinner.
We spent ages talking about this and that. It really did help that I'd
fallen in love with her as a woman and got to know her well before I met
her as a man or I'd never have gotten past step one. I told her a lot
about myself and confirmed much of what "my sister, Sara" had told her
about me. I told her lots of what "Sara" had told me about her also. As
time went on and desert came and went it seemed she wasn't so afraid of me
as she was at 5:00. She started to believe me when I said I wasn't going
to push her into sex.

If all she wanted was an acquaintance that was OK. I had as long as
she needed to accept me. After dinner, we went for a walk through town to
the lighthouse and watched the sun go down. There were a few times when
she called me Sara and quickly apologized when she realized it was a man
walking beside her. We continued talking as we watched the waves crash on
the rocks below. We talked a lot about Sara and her love for her. Jessie
told me about wanting to have a child that they could both raise as their
own. Jessie commented that although she had never made love to a man, she
was willing to give it a try. She said her period was pretty regular and
she would ovulate between today and day after tomorrow. That would give us
three days together. I told her it would be a privilege and an honor to be
the father of her child. I reassured her that I didn't want children of my
own and would have enough contact through Sara.

She hugged me and said "You don't know how much this means to us. I
hope we can find some way to repay you."

I told her "Spending the next three days with you is payment enough."

"Hold me" she said "the evening is getting chilly."

So I sat behind her on the grass and snuggled awhile and talked some
more and watched the stars come out.

"I begin to see why some women prefer men. You make me feel so safe and
warm here."

She turned around and kissed me, just a peck at first, then a longer
kiss. I started off gently at first then kissed her long and hard, much as
I did as a woman (just the way she loved it).

"Wow, you kiss just as good as Sara but scratchier."

"Sorry about the scratchy"

"Kiss me again."

So I did. I lost track of how long we embraced and kissed. At last she
said "Lets go back to your cabin so we can do this right."

She snuggled against me as we drove back to the cabin. When we got
there, I offered her a cup of hot cocoa knowing she would accept. We
snuggled spoons, she in front of me. I caressed her as I knew she enjoyed
it. It didn't take long before she purred in my ear.

"Your sister taught you well. You've made me very horny."

"I hoped I would."

"Take your pants off so I can see it. Till now I've only seen

I did a slow strip tease Chippendale style until I was nude before her.

"Can I play with it?"

"Of course."

I lay on the bed beside her. I wasn't completely hard yet. At first
she was hesitant to touch me there and pulled away a few times before
grasping it firmly. "It feels so soft and silky, so different from the
rest of your body."

Sara tells me a man's penis is tougher than it looks and doesn't mind
some abuse."

"She's right within limits. They're tough to break but easy to scratch
on nails and teeth."

"Can I lick it?"


Again she was tentative at first; just the tip of her tongue. The shock
of it caused it to twitch.

"It moved!"

"Of course, its almost as if it has a mind of its own."

I showed her what muscle control I have of it. We spent the next few
minutes playing with my prick like a pair of teenagers. After awhile her
licks became more and more passionate until she began to suck more than
lick. She did a wonderful job swirling her tongue around my prick. I
could tell she was becoming excited by it.

Sure enough she stopped for a moment and said "Lick me please."

She pulled off her top in one easy motion (sure enough she was braless)
and pulled off her skirt just as easily. At that she sat on my face and
began sucking on me again. I was somewhat surprised when I felt her chin
on my pubic bone. I could feel her throat swallowing around my prick. I
knew I couldn't last long if she kept this up. I looked up and saw a
wonderful sight. Her shaven pussy dripping with desire and lust inches
from my nose. It smelled heavenly. She thrust her hips down as I licked
up around her pussy lips, mm. I wrapped my arms around her hips and pulled
her down on me and filled her cunt with my tongue and fucked her with it.
It didn't take long for either of us to come.

She came first, I had to hold her tight to keep her from bucking off
me. She stopped sucking me for a minute so she could breath, then went
faster fucking me with her throat. I thrust up into her and came, shooting
gobs of sperm down her throat. She loved it and swallowed most of it, then
licked the rest off me. I went back to licking her and fucking her with my
tongue. She sat up on her knees and rode my face while I licked her.

"God you lick my pussy just like Sara. Your two must have practiced
some since you left."

"Does it show?"

She gasped and convulsed for a second orgasm. I drank her come as it
spurted from her pussy; thick sweet nectar.

She didn't say much as she rose to her third and fourth orgasm. Her
whole bottom was slippery with nectar (as was my face). I'm so much in
love with her I could lick and suck her forever. After her fourth she
stopped and asked how long it took to get hard again. I told her if she
licked it some more it should be hard in a matter of minutes. She played
with my prick again for awhile.

"You know your sperm didn't taste as bad as I expected. Almost as good
as pussy nectar."

"I'll agree to that, you taste wonderful."

"I know I do. Let me lick my juice off your face, MMMM."

Having her lick my face and knowing she was licking her own nectar made
me hard again. She was straddling my hips as she licked my face. She
started to sit down on my lap and was pleasantly surprised as my prick
entered her vagina.

"Oh, what's that!"

"Just my prick."

"Felt so big."

"It is, you made me horny again. Have a seat."

"I think I will."

With that she slowly impaled herself on my prick.

"MMMM, Fills me even better than my dildo."

"And you're so hot and tight. Best I've ever had."

"Yes, Fuck me."

"Love to fuck you. Sit on me, let me fill you up."

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! I'm coming, feels so different with you
inside me. Oh yes! Come in me baby. Yes don't stop, I can go for another.
Oh, Oh, Oh, You feel so good inside me."
I felt her cunt grip my prick and squeeze me as she came. Feeling her
come sent me over the edge. I came inside her for what seemed like
forever. She kept riding me even after I came for one last orgasm.

I caressed and squeezed her nipples as she gasped and shook. When she
stopped, she sat down hard on my prick and caressed my face and chest.

"Wow" she said, "That was better than I'd expected. You sure know how
to fuck don't you."

"It's one of my favorite past times."

We snuggled awhile, she fell asleep with me still in her.

July 7
When I woke this morning, Jessie was licking my cock. Her pussy was
inches from my face. I knew it would smell pungent from fucking last
night, but the aroma was making me horny aside from the excellent tongue
work. I reached up and licked her vagina and separated the matted lips.
Yum. I licked between her folds and sucked her clit. Her nectar flowed as
fast as I could drink it. Her clit stood out like a hard eraser. I licked
around it and sucked it. I could tell she was about to come when she
turned around and sat on my cock.

"I want your come, I need your come! Fuck me, Oh yes, fuck me. I'm
coming, Yes, Yes!"

Her cunt grasped my cock and squeezed like a hot hand. I couldn't help
but come into her.

"Oh yes fill me up, give me your seed, I can feel it, yes, YES."

She came again. We both stopped and looked into each other's eyes
although we didn't separate.

She said to me; "I think I love you very much, but I can only be with
you today and tomorrow. I've made a commitment to my friends and your
sister. I know I'll probably never find another cock like yours to enjoy
so I'd like to spend these two days fucking and sucking all day long and
all night. I want to love you until we can't take any more. Think of it as
a honeymoon we'll never get a chance to have."

She bent over and kissed me passionately. Her breasts brushed my
chest. I caressed them gently. I felt my cock still inside her begin to
harden again. She moaned and thrust against me.

July 17
I sat at the nude beach at Touro thinking of my life as a woman. I
remembered making love to Ben specifically how hard his prick was. I
remembered how wonderful it felt to lick and suck it, how soft it felt on
my tongue, salty, and a little musty. I remembered the feel of him
thrusting his cock down my throat and the feel of his come spurting into
the back of my mouth and swallowing as fast as I could to try to keep up
with his load.

I remembered the time a little later when Ben fucked me. I pulled him
down to me and kissed him gently on the lips and then more firmly as my
lust for him increased. His cock expanded and grew hard against my thigh.
Feeling his manhood grow and knowing his lust for me was increasing made my
lust stronger. He repositioned himself so his cock barely entered me. I
could feel him inside me. I needed him to fill me. I thrust up to him and
tightened my cunt muscles around him. He remained still while I fucked
myself on his cock thrusting up to him. I felt great but I wanted to go
faster. I rolled on top of him and rode him faster and faster impaling
myself on his hard cock. I remembered rubbing my nipples and squeezing my
breasts until I started to come. My cunt clutched his cock squeezing him
again and again. At last I calmed down somewhat. I sat on him and rested.
His hard cock still in my cunt.

I began to ride up and down slowly and gently. I could feel him fill
me with his hard cock and then leave me open and empty as I raised myself
up. He reached up and caressed my nipples in time with my movements up and
down his cock. I was slowly rising toward another orgasm when he asked if
I'd ever been fucked in the ass. I told him no but I'd love to try, what
do I do?

He told me to lift myself up.

His cock made a popping sound as I rose above him. He reached between
my legs and spread some of my copious slippery fluid around my anus. He
gently slipped a finger inside my butt while rubbing the heel of his hand
against my clit. I felt myself grow closer to orgasm and told him if he
kept it up I wouldn't need his cock for me to come.

He said sit back gently. I did. I felt his cock against my anal
opening. I pushed gently. I was so hot from fucking him that I was fairly
relaxed already. I sat down slowly. It burned a little at first. I felt
the head go in and it didn't hurt as much. I slowly settled until my butt
touched his balls. Goddess I felt so full. Slowly, oh so slowly I fucked
myself on his cock. He felt so good inside me. His breathing began to
increase and I could tell he was going to come.

"Come inside me Ben, My ass feels so full with you inside me."

He rolled me over on my back. I raised my legs and wrapped them around

"Fuck me Ben, Fuck me, Fuck me, You feel so good."

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his cock thrust into my

A few strokes later I felt his cock throb inside my butt. I squeezed
rhythmically as he came inside me. Our efforts sent me over the edge and I
came. (Again in my memory but also in reality.) As I started to spurt onto
my belly I felt a mouth on my cock. At first I was startled but at that
point I didn't care. I continued to come as this mouth sucked me dry.
When I stopped, I opened my eyes and looked up into a pair of blue eyes.
The man introduced himself as Dave and his brother Paul. They both looked
a lot like David Bowie. Dave told me they had been watching me and noticed
my arousal. They had watched me fantasize, rub my breasts and stroke my
cock. It seems I had made them horny as hell.

As I approached orgasm, they had decided to give me a helping hand. (No
one else was around to interrupt.)

I thanked them and they invited me over to their house for the afternoon
and maybe some love making.

I told them it would be a pleasure.

Their house was only a few minutes away. We took a shower together to
wash off the sand and salt. We soaped and lathered each other. I licked
Dave's cock for a few minutes and then we adjourned to the bedroom. We sat
around the king size bed, beer in hand and talked about ourselves. The more
we talked, the more I liked these two. I told them my fantasy on the beach
about sucking Ben and the fucking him and finally fucking in the ass. I
went into great detail and was now very hard again.

I looked at their cocks and saw how hard I'd made them also. Dave
reached over and kissed me on the lips. I thought he'd never get to it. I
wanted him so badly. I lay back on the bed and he followed me. My fantasy
easily accommodated. In my mind I was Sara again fucking this gorgeous
hunk of a man.

"Fuck me Dave, I want you inside me."

I licked my fingers and lubricated the area under my balls to my ass.
I raised my ass and spread my legs to him. His cock was already dripping
pre-come. I looked into his blue masculine eyes and told him to be
careful, I hadn't done this in awhile. I felt the tip of his cock against
my ass. Mm, his pre-come made my butt more slippery, and then he gently
pressed harder. I pressed up to meet him. Oh, so big. It burned at first.
I hissed a little and then relaxed some more and then he entered me. He
stopped for a minute until I got used to his size. I kissed him deeply and
wrapped my legs around his butt as he fucked me. I felt so full as his
cock filled my ass.

He stopped for a minute and I looked up questioning. He said Paul
wanted to get into the act.

"I'm sorry Paul I'd almost forgotten you."

Dave sat up straight while Paul lay over me and we assumed a 69
position. I looked up at Paul's cock inches from my nose. It looked so
soft and silky yet so firm. I pulled him onto me and I sucked him; just
the tip at first and then more and more of him until my lips had engulfed
all of him. His cock was partly down my throat. I had to keep swallowing
to keep from getting sick. Meanwhile, Paul continued to suck my cock while
Dave filled my ass.

Once things settled down a little, Dave and Paul began to fuck me from
both ends. One in my butt, the other in my throat. At first they fucked me
very very slowly, almost a tease. Oh god the sensual feel of their cocks
entering me oh so slowly and filling me and then withdrawing made me want
to scream. They gradually picked up the pace as their lust grew. I pulled
them into me helping them thrust into me. My own arousal and lust
increased as well. Dave began to come first. I could feel his thrusting
into me become uneven. Then his cock twitched inside me as he filled me
with come.

A moment or so later Paul stopped licking me as his cock throbbed on my
tongue and gush after gush of sperm squirted down my throat and on my
tongue. I swallowed as fast as I could and got most of it. Paul and Dave
continued to thrust into me slowly again enjoying the last few strokes
before they began to soften. Paul resumed sucking my cock as I fucked his
mouth. My orgasm finally rocked me and my come filled Paul's mouth and he
drank his fill.

We slowly untangled ourselves, crawled to each other and passionately
kissed. I could taste my come on Paul's lips. It seemed such a shame that
men can't come as often or as continuously as women do. We hugged each
other and took a nap. As we did so, I tasted the come still on my lips and
felt Dave's come dribbling from my still relaxed ass.

July 27
It's been awhile since I've written in this journal. According to my
count I should be able to change back to a woman again. I think I could
have yesterday but I wanted to make sure. Can't wait to return to being a
woman. In fact a couple of times I wanted to have a cock inside me so
badly I went to a gay bar and found a man to love me. Licking his cock was
heavenly and I felt so full as he fucked my ass. I could feel him shoot up
into me. I wished he was coming into my cunt. Feeling his cock shoot into
me sent me over the edge. I shot a load onto his chest. I licked him off
while he licked his come out of my ass.

Just thinking of all this made me aroused. I figure I may as well jerk
off now before I take the second potion. I'm sure it will make me very
frustrated for the next twenty-four hours. All I need is my dildo. I
suppose it'll be my last time as a man.

Yes, I want to be a woman. If I'm careful I hope I won't get raped,
hopefully I can get work without too much sex discrimination.

Took the potion four hours ago. I'm so horny I could shoot myself.
Can't come, can't sleep. My whole body tingles as if I'd been fucking for
hours without coming, especially my nipples and cock.

Can't wait to move in with Jessie. During the last two weeks I took the
opportunity to sell my house, $250,000, put half in an IRA the rest is for
building an addition to the island house for my books and bedroom.

July 28 Dreamed a man met me on a hike through a forest. Seemed like late
August. I was eating lunch when he chanced along. He asked if he could
join me. I said sure. We talked some about the trail, civilization, this
and that.

He asked "Aren't you afraid of hiking alone so far from other people."

I answered him with, "A little I suppose, I hadn't really thought about

We talked some more and commented that it seemed he was hiking to the
same campsite I was and would I mind if he joined me. I was a bit put off,
but he seemed nice enough so I said OK.

The hike was a lot of fun. It was rather strenuous. He offered me his
help a few times and as chance would have it I offered him mine a few
times. We got to the campsite around 4:00 and had about three hours of
sunlight left. We found a lean-to hut so we didn't have to set up a tent.
At the bottom of a short path was a ten foot waterfall and pool that looked
deep enough to swim in. I wanted to swim desperately but hadn't brought a
bathing suit. The man must have had the same idea because we both said at

"Would you mind if.." We then continued "I went skinny dipping?"

He said "I promise not to look."

I answered "Don't worry about it, we're both grown adults."

At that we went to opposite sides of a bush and undressed and jumped in
without looking at each other.

The water was great; cool and refreshing but not too cold. We swam for
awhile and went under the falls. He looked sexy without his clothes. It
made me daring. I climbed out and sat on a rock and watched him dive. He
looked so handsome I asked if I could take a few pictures. He said only if
he could take some of me. I commented we should get double prints so we'd
both have copies. Our pictures started off artsy enough but soon I asked
for a photo of him aroused.

He commented "I'll need some help with that."

So, I gently grasped his penis and licked the tip and then the sides.
Within moments he was stiff as a board. I took a few more pictures.
Seeing his sexy body and talking with him had put me very much at ease. I
knew I was probably ovulating this weekend. Jessie's girl is almost two.
It's time I had a child of my own. Thinking about this was making me very
aroused indeed as I continued to lick him. When I'd made my decision to
let him fuck me I stopped and led him by the penis to the lean-to, picking
up our clothes as we walked.

He slipped his arm around my waist as we walked and kissed me. I
stopped for a moment to return the kiss. The moment continued for minutes
that seemed like eternity. I could feel my pussy nectar flow from my
shaven pussy lips and down my leg. He caressed my breasts and then ran a
finger between my pussy lips. I moaned and felt a shiver down my body. I
wanted to mate. I wanted to get pregnant. I desperately wanted to get
laid. He picked me up and carried me to the hut. I was amazed he could
carry my 6' 1" body up the hill.

I whispered in his ear "I want you." and began nibbling on his ear.

He lay me down gently on the mattress and I pulled him to me. I kissed
him and spread my legs as wide as they'd go. He barely touched me with his
body as he suckled my nipples and caressed my hair. I put my legs around
him to pull him closer. I felt his cock touch the entrance to my vagina.
He teased me a little and refused to put it in at first. Then he put the
tip in me. I thrust against him. He responded by sinking deeply into me.
He waited a minute and began thrusting his firm cock into me.
"I want you, come in me, make me come."

He answered "Don't worry, my love, we can spend all night."

I squeezed my nipples as I came the first time and kept moaning to him
"Oh yes, fuck me, Fuck me!"

Within moments he lost all control. I could feel him come inside me as
my cunt continued to grasp him rhythmically milking his seed. What an
intensely erotic feeling. I came a second time and a third. Finally he
grew soft and we fell asleep.

When I awoke I realized it was a dream and I realized I had just come a
couple of times. MMM what a wonderful way to begin a new life.

Note: August, three years later
Reading these old entries I find this dream was a premonition. It all
came true. I'm now mother of twin girls, Joan and Sandel. I love them
both deeply. I never could have realized how erotic suckling my daughters
could be and how much I love Jessie and the others. Looking back, I'm so
glad I became a woman.

July 28 cont.
Although I'd come in my sleep, I was still very aroused. I took the
mirror off the door and set it on the floor against the wall and pulled a
couple of cushions from the couch and lay in front of the mirror. I took
the time to look at and admire my new body. My dark brown hair came down
to my breasts now. My breasts are full and beautifully shaped with no sag
whatsoever. My body is firm and taught. I'm glad I kept up with my
exercises. My pubic hair has grown back. I let my finger tips stroke and
caress my new curves. I marveled at my new breasts the skin so soft and
silky. I caressed around my nipples, then the inside of my thighs and
shook my hair across my breasts. Shivers went down my spine. I gently
parted my pubic fur, thick and soft. Underneath, my lips appeared pink and
swollen with lust. Sticking up like a mini penis was my clit begging for
attention. I gently caressed the outside of my cunt running my fingers
through the fur and petting it, pulling it, and teasing it. I loved
playing with it. After a while I parted it again and ran my finger in to
the second joint then up across my clit. A shudder of joy went through
me. Yow! it felt good. I licked the pussy nectar from my finger inhaling
the aroma as I did so.

I looked at the mirror at this beautiful woman who wanted love and sex.
This morning I would love myself to satisfaction. I looked at my face
flushed and hot. My chest heaved for breath and my cunt wept with
pleasure. I gently dipped my two middle fingers into my cunt to bring out
more of my slippery fluid and slowly, gently stroked my clit between my
fingers. I could feel a fullness inside me like a dam about to break. My
clit and lips throbbed with need.

I reached for the stone phallus I'd found on the beach over a month ago.
So hard and enduring and so creamy white. I played with it at first, I
licked the head and sucked it for a minute or two anticipating the
pleasure. I slid it between my legs rubbing the head up and down my slit.
I jerked involuntarily as it rubbed over my clit. It felt so good I teased
myself some more. Soon I needed more, I didn't want to hold out any
longer. My whole body begged to get fucked. Slowly at first, I inserted
it deep into me. I felt so full. It had a hardness unmatched by any man.
I stopped for a moment feeling it inside me. I squeezed my muscles around
it and then began thrusting it into me, in and out, faster and faster.
Within a couple of minutes I began coming. I kept thrusting so fast I
could hardly think. My body was shaking and coming around the stone
phallus for what seemed like forever. Finally I had enough.

I stopped and felt my cunt still contracting around the stone. I
looked back in the mirror. This lustful very satisfied woman looked back
at me. The stone phallus between my leg still twitched with my last few

I lay back against the cushions and absentmindedly ran my fingers
through the perspiration between my breasts. As I lay back looking at the
ceiling and enjoying the glow I felt, the cock between my legs began to
soften. At first I thought nothing of it. All cocks soften after they
come. Then I thought 'but not stone cocks' I looked between my legs and
before my eyes the creamy white stone phallus melted into what must have
been a gallon of sperm. At first I was grossed out and then very aroused.
I immediately scooped up the come and spread it all over my body from head
to toe and rubbed myself off to one more quick feverish orgasm.

Exhausted I lay back on the cushion and felt a little sad. I realized
that the stone had been a potent symbol of my manhood, a required symbol
for my change back to manhood. Now that I would be a woman for the rest of
my life, my stone phallus has dissolved into the pool of semen that would
never be. I thought about it for awhile and it hit home that this wasn't a
game any more. This was forever. I'd have to put up with sexual
harassment, lower pay, maybe rape and hopefully (but also scary) the pain
of child birth. I got up to take a shower and wash off the last vestiges of
my manhood.

Back to the island, my island now, my home. Moved some of my stuff into
Jessie's room, the rest into the wonderful new library they build for me
while I was gone. Its two floors, built of stone, separate from the rest
of the house. It holds all my books with extra room for a study; a library
everyone can use. A gorgeous view as well.

I told the others of "my brother's" death in a car crash last week
(7/22). Jessie took it especially hard. I think she fell in love with
him. After all, he is the only man she has ever made love with. We held
each other close and cried a bit for what each lost.

Later, she said "Make love to me as you would to a man."

I replied "I'm willing to love you any way you want."

I lay back on the bed, she followed me down and slowly unbuttoned my
dress. I helped her remove it and lay nude under her gaze. As usual, I'd
worn nothing underneath. She said she would be back in a moment. I took
the opportunity to caress my breasts and thighs and was soon wet in
anticipation. She returned wearing denim shorts and a T-shirt and her hair
was tied back. I rolled toward her and said

"You look handsome this afternoon. Care to join me for a romp in the
I quickly unbuttoned her shorts and grasped at her cock. It was a
great simulation of some famous porn star's tool. It was huge! I grasped
it firmly in my fingers, reached down and began to stroke it.

I looked into her/his eyes as "he" gently lay me on my back on the bed.
As I pulled him to me I felt his cock at the entrance of my cunt. I was
dripping with lust. The cock slid back and forth across my cunt without
entering and as it rubbed my clit, jolts of pleasure surged through me.
This continued for a few more strokes, then I begged him to put it into me.
He stopped a moment while I repositioned it, then he gently but steadily
impaled me with the huge cock. It was much bigger than any I'd had before.
MMM! I felt so stretched, so full. I could feel it against my cervix.

"Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

I felt my womb and cunt get more and more tense as my orgasm approached
and then, yes, there! I convulsed as my orgasm took me.

I looked up into his eyes, kissed him passionately, hugged him to me and
continued to fuck against him in time with that magnificent prick. I
wanted it in me. I wanted to come again and again and again. My cunt and
body tensed for another orgasm, yes! By now I was coming almost
continuously. So full, so hard, so stretched. I looked up into his eyes
and noticed he was coming to. His face was contorted in pleasure (did mine
look like that as I came? I suppose so.)

I fucked his cock to match his strokes, harder and harder as the cock
rubbed her clit. Finally "he" came with his own orgasm just before I came
yet again. After his first orgasm, he kept on and soon came for his second
and third in quick succession. I'd lost track of my orgasms when he
finally stopped fucking me and hugged me to him/her.

I gasped into his/her ear "Oh wow! That was wonderful, you feel so huge
inside me."

"Is that really how it feels to be a man?"

"Well sort of, a man feels more pleasure at the tip than at the base of
his cock but there's not much we can do about that. Also, a man only comes
once, then his cock gets soft for ten to fifteen minutes before hardening
again for another fuck, but wow, its great to have a cock that never gets
soft. From my point of view it's better than the real thing. From your
point of view nothing will be quite as good as the real thing."

"I want to see what its like to be a man for awhile. I wonder what its
like to pee with one of these things."

"I suppose we could rig it up so you could pee through it, or more
likely a soft one like it. No guy has a hard-on all the time."

"I suppose you're right. Wish I could wear one of these for a month
though, maybe I could wear one of these all the time, wrap my breasts and
dress as a guy. Do you think I could pass myself off as a guy?"

"I suppose it could be done, there's a lot more to being a guy than
clothes. There's custom, practice, attitude, all sorts of things you would
never think about."

It took a while but we finally came up with a rubber cock with a tube in
it connected to vaginal cup designed to let women pee standing up with her
clothes on. Mostly it's used by wilderness hikers in the winter, mountains
or tundra; places where the cold, wind or bugs make it a really bad idea to
expose your butt. I tried it first to make sure it worked. It's a bit
strange to hold my cock and not feel it as I stroke it, but it'll do.

I find it ironic I am a woman who used to be a man and now Jessie wants
to try being a man. No way am I going to tell her about the sorceress. I
want to love her as a woman.

Jessie cut her hair in a man's style and wears men's clothes. She could
pass as a 19 year old guy but no way an older man. Her voice is too high,
no facial hair and her figure remains at best androgynous.

We decided to travel around New England for a while as husband and wife
on our honeymoon. Which I guess it is sort of.

It's been a wonderful honeymoon. I got to see all sorts of tourist
attractions from Maine to Chicago and south to Tennessee. Jessica's idea
of passing as a man "Justin" was a wonderful idea. I'm sure two lesbians
would have had all sorts of trouble and harassment while as two newly weds
we got the royal treatment.

We also took the opportunity to fuck every chance we got. A couple of
times even out in the open. Once in a park at sunset, me on top. Another
time I got laid over a hood of a car from the rear. Wow! much better than
I expected. I know there were others furtively watching from a distance.
The flaccid penis is very easily switched to the enormous stiff cock by a
quick trip to the men's room. Rubbing the hard cock through "his" jeans
always makes me wet between my legs. I kissed him hard on his lips and
sucked his tongue into my mouth while I ground my cunt on the log between
his legs. Then he rolled me over and kept pressing the cock against my
cunt. While he kissed me intensely, I pulled up my dress and unzipped his
zipper and pulled out the cock (rather difficult as there is very little

Jessie "Justin" was so aroused by this time from the cock rubbing
against her clit that she was as frantic with lust as I was.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard" was all I could say.

The cock plunged into my cunt while my legs wrapped around his back to
pull him deeper. The cock, so huge and hard was exquisite. I came almost
immediately; my cunt contracted and spasmed around the cock. I hugged
Justin to me as I came again. I could tell Justin was getting close also.
I rolled us over so I was on top. I fucked myself furiously on the cock
impaling myself over and over. It was difficult to tell who was male or
female as we both took pleasure from this artificial cock. Justin even
took the opportunity to rub my breasts as they swayed and jiggled from my
movements. I'm not sure how many times I came, but I think she came three
or four times. Finally, I lay on top of him and rested with the cock still
in me. It was a bit strange not feeling it soften and slip out as cocks
usually do. I pulled myself off, wiped it clean with a T-shirt and zipped
it back in his pants.

We drove off as a couple of lovers fucked nearby.

The time in the parking lot was almost as good. We'd been to a
bar/dance club. "Justin" and I spent the night dancing and drinking beers.
He used the men's room a number of times. At first Jessie was hesitant
about using the men's room and be discovered. After a while, she had to
pee so badly she didn't care. Later, she said there were several men
waiting in line and she was really nervous something would go wrong and
would pee her pants but the cock worked wonderfully and no one seemed to
care or notice. When she got back she was bubbling with excitement about
not having to pee sitting down "Especially considering how disgusting the
men's room is. Yech!!!"

I told her "Don't feel bad, in some men's rooms the men just stand
around an old bath tub that's been converted to a multi person urinal."

She was even more disgusted by that but kissed me hard and went on to
tell me how excited she was to be in her new persona. We danced any number
of dances from modern to swing. She has become better at taking the lead.
I still have a hard time following. "He" ended up spinning me around and
around so many times I was dizzy and had to follow his lead to keep from
falling over.

We had a few more beers after to cool us down. By closing time we both
had a good buzz on. Justin and I found a table in the corner and we spent
the last half hour kissing. His hand was even in my blouse caressing my

All too soon, the lights came on with the usual admonition "Closing
time! - You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."

Arm in arm, we walked out to our car where we continued our kissing and
caressing. After most of the cars had gone, I sank to my knees, unzipped
"his" jeans, pulled out his soft cock and replaced it with the hard one and
sucked it for a few minutes. It wasn't hard to pretend it was real.
Justin got impatient and told me to bend over the car hood. I did so and
quickly looked around. I didn't see anyone watching. He flipped my skirt
up and caressed my naked buns. My cunt was already dripping from his
wonderful caresses. I fingered my cunt and helped guide him as he entered
me from behind. I was instantly filled with that huge cock. I grunted and
moaned in pleasure. Justin did the same. His strokes were fast and
furious as my hand vibrated over my clit. I couldn't help moaning and
crying out as my orgasms hit me. I felt him come as I did.

I turned around by lifting my leg and laying back on the car hood and
then I hugged him as he impaled me to another orgasm. I came again and
again and lay back as he came again. I felt the cool night air on my
steamy cunt as he pulled his cock from me with a loud slurping sound. I
knelt down, licked him clean and replaced the soft cock. So much pleasure,
wish it could go on forever.

The last couple of days Jessie has been sick to her stomach when she got
up in the morning. I asked the obvious: if she was pregnant. She seemed
sad and teary eyed.

"I don't know, I guess so. Your brother and I made love during my most
fertile time of the month and I missed my last period. I should have my
next on the 18th - Saturday. I don't want to be pregnant. I'm having too
much fun as a man, but I am glad I got pregnant by your brother before he
died. Oh, I don't know, I was just getting used to it."

"Come here, let me give you a hug. You know you can be Justin for at
least another month or two."

"Yeah, I suppose we could, but it wouldn't be the same knowing I was

"You can still pass as a guy all the way home. Its a two day drive if
we hustle, or a week if we take our time."

"Yeah, why don't we take our time."

Later on, I got a home pregnancy test. She used it in the men's room at
the Gulf station using her fake cock. Talk about a contradiction. Either
way it came out positive. We are going to be parents. I was standing in
the parking lot jumping up and down with joy holding the pink stick in my
hand. Others caught on and congratulated me for being a mommy to be. I
laughed and giggled for quite some time. They all thought it was my
hormones or happiness. I giggled long after we were in the car and Justin
drove off.

"What's so funny, you've been giggling for fifteen miles."

"You're the one who's pregnant and everyone thinks its me. You're the
first pregnant man I've ever met. I think its great, What fair turn about.
What if men could get pregnant. Imagine some executive type; suit, tie,
briefcase, only instead of a beer belly, he is going to have a kid.
Wouldn't it be great to see a man ask for maternity leave."

She started giggling as well. It went on like this for hours as we

This morning "Justin" made love to me for the last time for awhile.
"He" was very slow and caring and took lots of time with me. I'm so glad
to be a woman and multi-orgasmic. We both came who knows how many times.
At last with "his" cock still hard inside me, Jessie said she just doesn't
feel very masculine any more. She took off her breast bands and cock
harness and lay next to me and kissed me.

"I feel like a woman now, a mother, I want this baby, your baby to I
guess, since its your blood and you got us together."

The thought ran through my mind that she'll never know just how much I
really had to do with the pregnancy. I hugged her close. Her naked body
against mine felt so wonderful, so right. I couldn't imagine it any other

After a while I suggested we share a shower. I spent half the time
caressing her breasts and kissing her and fingering her clit. She came a
couple more times in my arms, this time as a woman.

As we walked out of the motel she commented how good it feels to wear a
thin cotton dress with nothing under it. Jeans are so hot on a sticky
August day. Men should lighten up and start wearing dresses too. I
agreed, my dress has nothing under it and it felt heavenly.

We got back to Maine late this eve. Tomorrow Carol will come over with
the boat. Can't wait to tell them all the news.

"Justin" reappeared just long enough for us to register at the B&B in
Rockland as husband and wife and again for breakfast. In between, we sent
the night on the balcony making passionate love.

A great homecoming. There were joyous congratulations all around. We
spent much of the day discussing the trip, the weather, fishing etc.
Tomorrow truly starts a new era for me as wife and my new life here with my
new friends.

I think I've adjusted to living on an island off the Maine coast fairly
well. Jessie conceived July 6 during our "honeymoon" and is now seven
months pregnant. I've taken over the role as daycare mother for the
children. I also spend my evenings at my furnace blowing glass or in my
library reading. This is a great place for friendship and relaxation.

It's been cold and stormy for the past several days. No one really
wants to go out. Made love to Jessie last night but she is feeling
uncomfortable from the pregnancy and didn't really enjoy it.

I was sitting in the window drinking a hot mug of mint tea when Jessie
came over, took my hand, kissed it and said "Come, I have a surprise."

She led me to the playroom. I noticed Judie and Jenn nude in a
passionate embrace. I stopped short, didn't want to interrupt them. At
that moment they separated and Jenn said "Come over and join us."

Jessie told me to enjoy myself while she watched. Judie got up and
walked over to me. She kissed me; just a peck at first but then as I
responded to her, she became more passionate. She kissed and caressed my
face and neck. I felt another pair of hands from behind unbutton my dress.
It all felt so wonderful. My dress slipped to the floor, I stepped out of
it. They continued to caress my nude body. Judy made love to my face,
Jenn made love to my breasts and belly. I felt Judie's leg slide between
mine. Without thinking I began rubbing my sex against her thigh. I
realized she was doing the same against mine. I heard and felt her moan
and quiver in orgasm. I hugged her close and caressed her back while she
came against my thigh. I licked and kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear
while her breasts heaved against mine.

We gently sank to the carpet, me on top. As we did so, I repositioned
myself so both my legs were astride hers. Jessie had shown me how to make
love this way and it was still novel to me; cunt to cunt, clit to clit. I
fucked her and she fucked back with equal force and pleasure. We both got
very wet.

I could feel my cunt become so slippery I was dripping onto her. Jenn
helped out by kneading my buns and caressing my cunt. Every once in a
while I felt her insert a finger into my cunt. My need was becoming more
fanatic as I felt my orgasm begin. My womb began to contract, I was almost
on the edge and then, YES!, there it was. My vagina spasmed around Jenn's
finger. When I stopped I noticed my cunt felt full. I asked how many
fingers Jenn had in my cunt.

"Three", she said.

"Feels great."

Judie asked to sit on my face so I could lick her cunt. We switched
positions. I bent my head down and gazed at her engorged cunt shiny with
her come. She smelled wonderful, hot and musky and very sexy. I licked
her thighs first and then her outer lips. I saved the best for last. My
tongue separated the folds of her lips and licked them clean. Then I put
my mouth over her opening and sucked the come from her cunt. MMM, sweet and
a bit salty; heaven on earth. I drank mouthful after mouthful of her
nectar. I suckled her clit and she came again producing even more come.
She went from one orgasm to another.

Finally, after several minutes she said "Enough, I can't take any more,
let me do you."

She shook and quivered for a few minutes while she calmed down. As she
did so, I toyed with her cunt. All I could smell was her sex. It made me
so horny! Jenn was caressing my cunt and playing with my lips and sliding
a finger or two or three into my vagina.

"MMM Jenn, that feels good, fuck me, oh yes fuck me."

Judie pulled me down to her and began licking my pussy and drinking my
nectar. It only took a few minutes for me to come, sending volumes of come
into her sucking mouth.

Jenn continued to fuck me even after I came. I slowed to relax and gasp
for breath when I felt the most wonderful outrageous sensation. Jenn
slowed her pace a bit. She continued to fuck me with her fingers and then
all of a sudden something huge entered me. I was unbelievably stuffed!
She bunched all her fingers and thumb together and with a bit of rotation
slid her entire hand up my cunt. I've never been so full. I grunted in
pleasure and came and came. My whole insides seemed to be contracting. It
felt like she was caressing my cervix.

"Oh goddess I'm so full, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! I gasped. I grunted
in ecstasy and continued to come.

I guess I passed out. The next thing I remember was lying in a ball, my
cunt still contracting in an orgasm that seemed to go on forever.

"I take it you liked that." she said.

My cunt slowly stopped contracting. I reached up and pulled her to me.
I kissed her with all my love and gave her a great hug. I asked to give
her the same pleasure.
"Thought you'd never ask." was all she said.

We kissed a bit longer. Then I kissed her neck and breasts and belly
and finally her shaven cunt slippery with need. I slowly licked her lips,
parting them and licking them clean.

"Fuck me" she said, "fuck me, make me come."

I slowly inserted a couple of fingers, then three. "Yes, more, go for
it, fist me."

I held my fingers and thumb together and slowly slid them deeper and
deeper. All of a sudden my wrist sank completely into her.

"Yes, yes, Fuck me, oh yes!"

She started rocking back and forth against my hand and fist. I could
feel her cervix with my finger tips. I gently massaged it while rotating
my hand back and forth inside her and then clenching my hand into a fist.

"Oh yes, yes, I'm coming, coming!"

I felt her cunt tighten around my fist. It was so tight it hurt my
hand. I continued none-the-less. She continued to come for what seemed
like several minutes. Finally she lay forward on her belly and exclaimed

I withdrew my hand with a loud pop. Jenn rolled over on her back,
reached up and pulled me to her and hugged me. together we licked my hand
clean while Julie licked our cunts clean.

Jessie came over and the four of us hugged and cried with joy, love and

Jessie's in labor. Carol went for the midwife. When she came into
the room I recognized her instantly. She was the sorceress who gave me the
potion. Turned out her name is Indigo. She looked at me quizzically for a
few moments and then went about her business. Jessie delivered a girl
after seven hour of labor (7# 6oz named Emerald).

Things went extremely well. I'm tickled pink. I get to be father as
well as second mother. As Indigo left she shook my hand and in a quiet
voice wished me a happy father's day and said I'd be next. The comments
sent a shiver down my spine in a combination of dread and elation. I'm not
sure which was greater.

5/21 two years later
My turn to be in labor. My pregnancy wasn't nearly as easy as Jessie's.
From my second to fifth month I was nauseous most of the time with a lot of
morning sickness. By the eighth and ninth months I felt awkward, clumsy, my
back hurt, and I couldn't eat much. Glad its over.

Gave birth to twin girls Joan and Sandel; 6#, 8oz each. What a
horrendous experience. Labor was 28 hours. At least it was natural birth.
Indigo came to help. Glad she was there. The first time she was alone
with me (after nineteen hours) she said "Told you being a woman was no

"I get the point."

I don't remember much of what happened other than looking at twin faces
and hearing that they were OK.

Indigo stopped by a few days later. I commented to her that maybe life
as a woman is a lot harder than a man's, but it has definite rewards and
nodded to my daughters.

I thanked her for being there and sticking by me.

"Any time you need it. Women have survived through the ages by sticking
close and working together."

I've found suckling is a strange sensation. It hurt at first as my
uterus contracted. Now it is one of the most pleasurable things

Glad I have my "family" to help me out or I'd never get any sleep.


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